Bramer Auction and Realty_ Inc by wpr1947


									                         Bramer Auction and Realty, Inc.
                                Kinkaid Toy Auction
                    Saturday, February 9, 2008 Time: 9:30 a.m.
                         Minden Fairgrounds, Minden, Ne.
Paper Mache Santa Head                                       Icy Hot Thermos
4 Knitted Strawberry Patch Dolls                             Pentax 35mm W\Case & Extra Lenses
1 Precious Moments In A Box                                  Tin Sewing Condator (Sewing Box For Little Tots)
1 Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Bear Lane 1994 In A Box                   Metal Tin
Knitted Pillow Doll                                          Magnavox Case Radio
2 Antique Doll Body Cloth W/Porcelain Arms, Head And Feet    J C Penny Video Camera W/Bag
Cabbage Patch Doll 1984 In Box                               Sanyo Boom Box
Purple Lace Doll                                             Jenny Rub Massager
Knitted Bed Doll                                             (2) Colanders
Baby Tender Love In Box Heritage Mint                        1953 Ct. Planter
Porcelain Witch Doll W/Stand Heritage Mint                   Senith Hearing
Porcelain Farm Girl W/Stand Heritage Mint                    Puppy Planter W/Squeaker
Porcelain Baby W/Stand Heritage Mint                         Sentry Hardware 1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery (Bank)
Porcelain Doll W/Pink Dress And Stand, Heritage Mint         1908 Painting And Sketch Book
Porcelain Doll W/Blue Dress And Stand, Heritage Mint         Clock Wood Horse
Porcelain Doll W/Purple Dress And Stand, Heritage Mint       Jewel Box Music Box
Porcelain Doll W/Green Dress And Stand, Heritage Mint        Decoy Game
Porcelain Doll W/Ringlets And Stand, Heritage Mint           Electric Santa
Porcelain Doll W/Blue Check Dress And Stand, Heritage Mint   Tea Strainer
Porcelain Doll W/Light Blue Dress And Stand, Heritage Mint   Kerosene Glass Fuel Tank
Porcelain Doll W/White Fur Coat And Stand, Heritage Mint     Porcelain 3” Doll
Porcelain Boy W/Stand Heritage Mint                          Johnson Bros “England” Platter
10 inch Old Doll                                             Augustine Ware 4 Rabbit Plate
Hobby Doll 10 inch                                           Augustine Ware The Hive
Eegee Doll K                                                 Johnson Baby Powder Tin
Fisher Price                                                 Brownie #8-A Folding
Uneeda Doll                                                  Nebraska 1970 National Champions Glass
Horseman Doll 1971                                           Nebraska 1971 National Champions Glass
Horseman Doll                                                Us Army Medical Dept “Wells Villa China”
Handmade Cloth Doll                                          Eneaco Stein
6 inch Doll                                                  Jan-Tan Wellsville China Coffee Cup
Miss Piggy Doll                                              Shenango China New Castle, Pa Shaving Mug
Clown Doll                                                   Crock Beer Mug Pair
Sock Monkey                                                  Wood Burning Stove Handle
Wet Baby Tender Love Mattel 1971                             Westclock Alarm Clock
Fisher Price Ideal Doll                                      Transistor Radio
Deluxe Reading’ Fisher Price                                 Crock Pitcher
4 Barbie Dolls                                               Duck Wall Paper Border
Jane West Doll                                               Oil Can
Real Live Lucy In Box                                        Sheep Shears
Porcelain Doll W/Red                                         Wood Burning Stove Handle
Porcelain Doll W/Pink Dress                                  Iron
Little Doll                                                  Old Black Glass Boor Knobs
Antique Porcelain Kidlyne 18 inch Made In Germany            Kerosene Lamp Wall Bracket
Cristing Doll                                                ERTL 1930 Chevy Truck (In Box)
Rug Doll                                                     Coors 1918 Barrel Bank
Blue Velvet Mar-Dee Creation Homemade Grandma & Grandpa      Old Electric Iron
Dolls                                                        Tongs Silver?
Monkey Hand Puppet W/Wraparound Arms                         Old Glass Light Fixture
Martha Washington 1980                                       Mustache Clipper, Old
Plastic Jester                                               Cuff Iron
6 inch Porcelain Doll                                        Cuff Iron Wood Handle Dover USA
16 inch Doll                                                 Coleman Kerosene Iron
16 inch Eye Doll                                             Iron “7”
14 inch Doll                                                 Cole Brook Dale Iron Co W/Wood Handle
Plastic Doll Buggy Late 1960’s                               Iron Base
36 inch Horseman Doll 1964                                   Electric Iron W/Wood Handle And Cord
Rocking Cradle Doll Bed Wooden 1960-1970                     Electric Iron Winpower Mfg Co Model 64ps
Lamb Chop                                                    Iron Lever Release W/Wood Handle
Monkey W/Banana                                              Coleman Kerosene Iron
Pink Dress Eye Doll Alerton, Ia. Centennial                  Iron Lever Release
Porcelain Black Doll Avon                                    Coleman Kerosene Iron
Porcelain 18 inch Jester                                     Iron Caddy
18 inch Plastic Eye Doll                                     Nebraska Cornhusker Train Limited Edition (Ho)
18 inch Porcelain                                            Rudolph’s Red Nose Express (Battery)(New Brite)
Homemade Cloth Doll                                          Rio Grande Steam Engine Set (Battery)(New Brite)
18 inch Plastic Eye Doll With Cloth Body                     Great Railroad Empire Set (Battery)(New Brite)
Kewpie Doll                                                  Gold Rush Set (Battery)(New Brite)
Annie Doll In A Box                                          Lionel Snap On Tools 80th Anniversary Train Set 1920-2000
Porcelain Sailor Doll                                        Working Steamer (027 Scale)
30 inch Doll                                         Tyco Ho Train Set Switcher Freight
24 inch Nut Cracker Marionette                       Bachmann Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone Set
Urkel Talking Doll In Box                            Amazing Bridges Architect Set
Cabbage Patch Doll Red Hair                          Ho Roundhouse In Box
Horseman 10 inch                                     Santa Fe Train (1950’s)
10 inch Rubber Doll                                  Wind Up Train Marxs Steam Engine (Works) (Tin)
12 inch Doll                                         Wind Up Train Marxs Steam Engine (Works) (Tin)
Uneeda Co. 18 inch                                   Marxs Up Tenders (Tin) (2)
Uneeda Co. 1970                                      Marxs New York Central Tenders (Tim) (2)
Porcelain Ashton Drake “Yummy”                       Marxs Sea Board Gondola (Tin) (2)
Porcelain Ashton Drake “Lil Squirt”                  Marxs Baltimore & Ohio Gondola (Tin)
Porcelain Ashton Drake “Tickles”                     Marxs New York Central Caboose (Tin)
Ty “Rocket” Blue Jay                                 Marxs Union Pacific Caboose (Tin)
Ty “Cody” Bear                                       Marxs Track And Switches
4 Uneeda Dolls                                       Push Toy Train Marxs Sea Board Engine (Tin)
Cuddly Toys Doll                                     Marxs Us Mail Car (Tin)
Homemade Cloth Embroidery Doll Knitted Dress         Marxs Overland Flyer (Tin)
Darlins Of The Month Miss January – Miss December    Atheann 40 ft Flat Bed W/Sailboat (HO) (In Box)
Crocheted Hanging Doll                               Atheann 40 ft Flat Bed W/John Deere Tractors (HO (In Box)
My First Precious Moments Baby                       Proto 2000 Heritage Steam Collection Bemouth (In Box)S
Mrs. Beezley                                         Spare Track For New Brite Trains
1972 Mattel Black 12 inch Doll                       Marxs Passenger Train UP Interconnecting (Works) W/Track
12 inch Doll W/Sleeping Eyes                         Ho Track (New) (Nickle Silver)
2-18 inch Dolls W/Sleeping Eyes And Hard Body        Ho Cork Road Bed (New) (4 Boxes)
18 inch Talking Doll                                 Lionel 1963-1964 To-62 Engine W/Rock Island Tender
18 inch Doll Mattel Eating 1971                      Hafner Chicago Wind Up Engine & 2 Cars (Tin) 1010
18 inch Doll Possible Tender Love 1969               Atlas Turn Table (In Box)
12 inch Doll                                         Hafner 1010 Engine (Tin)
10 inch Wiggles By Idea;                             Marxs B & L E Box Car (Tin)
10 inch Doll Possible Tender Love                    American Flyer Electric Steam Train Engine W/3 Cars
10 inch Doll Drinks, Hard Plastic                        With Instruction Manuel 1952
2- 8 inch Doll Make In Hong Kong                     Race Car Set
8 inch Squeaker Doll Made By The Edward Mobley Co.   Stockyard Special Battery Set
8 inch Doll W/Sleeping Eyes                          Atlas Grain Car (Ho)
Parker Brothers Flinch                               Tyco Silverstreak Caboose (HO)
Built-Rite Chinese Checkers                          Tyco Rock Island Caboose (HO)
Dollkin Magic Paper Dolls                            AHM Ore Car (HO) (In Box) (4)
Guillows North American Mustang Flying Model Kit     Tyco Silverstreak Engine (HO)
Jumbo Ring Toss                                      Unknown Santa Fe Engine (HO)
JFK Puzzle                                           Tyco Santa Fe Engine (HO)
Tiddely Winks Game                                   Unknown Santa Fe Dummy Engine (HO)
Boeing B-29 Super Fortress Mini Craft Model Kit      Tyco Illinois Central Gulf Engine (HO)
Lennon Sister                                        Tyco Rock Island Engine (HO)
4 Piece Mini Tonka Set                               Unknown Virginian (Made In Yugoslavia) (HO)
John Deere Tractor                                   Unknown Burlington Northern (Made In Italy) (HO)
Antique Chicken Pull Toy                             Bachmann Santa Fe Engine
Battery Powered Mini Boat Motor                      Unknown Santa Fe Engine (HO)
Porcelain Doll                                       Unknown Switch Engine (HO)
Miss Piggy                                           Engine Cast Electric Size Unknown
Porcelain Doll Germany 4 ft                          Tyco Switch Engine (HO)
Robot                                                Unknown Union Pacific Diesel (HO) (1960’s)
Stage Coach Wooden Wagon Kit                         Bachmann Emc Gas Electric Doodlebug Great Northern (In Box)
Electronic Talking Scooby Doo 18 inch                Atheann Union Pacific 200 Ton Crane & Tender (HO) (In Box)
Doll House W/Furniture                               Roundhouse Cover Grain Hopper (Farmers Coop York, Ne)
American Loggies                                         (HO) (In Box)
Special Tinker Toy Windlass Drive 1953               Roundhouse Cover Grain Hopper (Farmers Coop Aurora, Ne)
The Original Tinker Toy                                  (HO) (In Box)
2 Tinker Toy Sets                                    Roundhouse Cover Grain Hopper (Farmers Coop Hordville, Ne)
Oliver 1800 Tractor                                      (HO) (In Box)
John Deere 2 Row Corn Picker                         Roundhouse Cover Grain Hopper (Farmers Coop St Edwards, Ne)
John Deere Tractor W/Picker                              (HO)(In Box)
John Deere Tractor W/Loader                          Roundhouse Cover Grain Hopper (Farmers Coop Axtell, Ne)
John Deere Seeder                                        (HO) (In Box)
Tonka Mini Metal Bottom Dump Semi                    Model Power 40’ Santa Fe Gondola (HO) (In Box)
Tonka Mini Metal Cement Mix Truck                    Model Power 36’ Day Window Caboose (HO) (In Box)
Tonka Mini Metal Dump Truck                          Model Power 40’ Dupont Tanker (HO) (In Box)
Cox Ju870 Stuka Power Plane                          Model Power 40’ Santa Fe Hopper (HO) (In Box)
Tonka Dump Truck Metal                               Model Power 40’ Sugars Box Car W/ Sliding Door (HO) (In Box)
Mallard Drake And Hen Jim Beam Decanter              AHM Burlington Coal Car (HO) (In Box)
Old Electric Iron (Hotiron)                          AHM Shell Tanker (HO) (In Box)
Cuff Iron (Use On Wood Stove)                        AHM Rio Grande Box Car (HO) (In Box)
Iron (Use On Wood Stove)                             AHM Burlington Box Car W/Sliding Door (HO) (In Box)
Iron (Use On Wood Stone)                             AHM Spirit Of 76 Caboose (HO) (In Box)
Conductors Lantern (Delta)                           AHM Gp18 Dummy Engine Great Northern (HO) (In Box)
Kwik Way Iron                                        AHM Gp18 Locomotive Great Northern (HO) (In Box)
Coleman Kerosene Iron Model 47                       Atheann Butlington Engine (HO) (In Box)
Comfort Iron Self Heating                            Tyco 50’ Flat Bed W/Electric Cables (HO) (In Box)
Iron (Use On Wood Stove)                             Tyco 40’ Burlington Work Caboose (HO) (In Box)
(2) Castiron Flamingos                               Life Like Union Pacific Gondola W/Pipe (HO) (In Box)
Kerosene Pump For Kerosene Irons                     Life Like Virginia & Truckee Track Cleaning Car (HO) (In Box)
Iron (Wood Handle) (Use On Wood Stove)               Bachman Scenery Signs (HO)
Iron (Wood Handle) (Use On Wood Stove)                   Bachman Bridge N Trestle Set (HO)
Miller Stein #16931 Silent Sentinel                      Tyco Operating Log Loader (HO)
Mallard Drake (Avon) (1983)                              HO Track
Greenwinged Teal (Avon) (1984)                           Life Like Trestle Bridge (HO)
Pintail (Avon) (1984)                                    Life Like Street Ant Railroad Signs (HO)
Loon (Painted) (Composite)                               Life Like Bridge (HO)
Rudy (Unpainted) (Composite)                             Bachmans Railroad Accessories Gate & Signals (HO)
Shoveler (Unpainted) (Composite)                         Bachman Traffic Lights (HO)
Merganser (Unpainted) Composite)                         Atlas 12 Telephone Poles (HO)
Mallard (Unpainted) Composite)                           Life Like Street And Highway Signs (HO)
Canvasback (Avon) (1984)                                 HO Drive In Theater Kit
Wood Duck (Avon) (1984)                                  Atlas Picket Fence (HO)
Buff Head (Avon) (1984)                                  Ho Train Cars
Mallard Folk Art                                         Atheann F78 Power & Dummy Am Track Engine (In Box)
Crock Marbles                                            Atheann F7a Engine Union Pacific (In Box)
Swan (Unpainted) (Composite)                             Atheann F7a Burlington Northern Engine (In Box)
American Widgeon Ducks Unlimited Jim Beam (1983)         Atheann F7a Am Track Super Power Engine (In Box)
Antique View Finder                                      Atheann Gp35 C B @ O Burlington Engine (In Box)
‘The Elusive Leprechaun’ Decanter (1980)                 Atheann Gp35 Conrail Engine (In Box)
Ducks Unlimited Gadwells                                 Atheann Gp35 Dummy Conrail (In Box)
Ducks Unlimited Stein #106359 Welcome Parade (1997)      Atheann Sl Dinner Car Amtrack (In Box)
Ducks Unlimited Stein #137496 Sharing Season (1996)      Atheann Sl Vista Dome Amtrack (In Box)
(6) Flying Ducks (Wall)                                  Atheann Pulp Wood Car Southern Pacific (In Box)
Flying Pheasant                                          Atheann Pulp Wood Car C B @ Q (In Box)
Pheasant Decanter                                        Atheann Grain Car Center Flow Dow Chemicals
Wild Turkey Decanter #6                                  Bachman Box Car Erie Lachawanna
Hungover Dog Decanter                                    Bachman Caboose Sante Fe
Keg And Cup Decanter                                     Bachman Coach 47’ Old Time Union Pacific (3) (In Box)
Private Stuff Decanter                                   Bachman Coach Oldtime Combine Union Pacific (In Box
Nebraska Centennial 1867-1967 Jim Beam                   Bachman Petroleum Car Cyanamid
Jim Beam Man On Horse                                    Life Like Box Car B.A.R. (In Box
Cheyenne Wyoming 1867-1967 Jim Beam                      Life Like Box Car Bangor & Arcostook
Ezra Brooks 150 Quail (1970)                             Life Like Box Car Burlington Northern W/Sliding Door (In Box)
Naked Lady Decanter                                      Life Like Box Car R F & P
Eagle Green Glass Decanter                               Life Like Box Car Sante Fe W/Sliding Doors
Equity Superbell Clock (Alarm)                           Life Like Box Car Swift
Westclox Alarm                                           Life Like Caboose Sante Fe
Equity Alarm Clock                                       Life Like Caboose Sante Fe (In Box)
Tuxedo Tobacco Tin                                       Life Like Cattle Car W/Sliding Door CNW
Decoy Game (By Selchow & Righter Co.)                    Life Like Log Dumper Forest Lumber (In Box)
Remington Turkey Hunter Knife (One Rf)                   Model Power F2 Dummy Engine Sante Fe (In Box)
Pemington 1306 Knife (One R)                             Model Power F2 Engine Sante Fe 8 Wheel Drive (In Box)
Schrade 50t Bruin Lokback Knife                          Red Caboose Union Pacific
License Holder Nebraska                                  Red Grain Car Lee High Portland Cement
License Holder Nebraska With 1955 License                Tyco Box Car Bangor & Arcostook (In Box)
Remington 175th Anniversary Knife (One Rc 15m)           Tyco Box Car Burlington Northern
Remington Gentleman’s Knife (R5-D)                       Tyco Box Car Dairymans League
Gerber Legendary Blades Knife (07619)                    Tyco Box Car Heinz (In Box)
Harley Davidson Bear Hunter Knife                        Tyco Box Car Heinz 57
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. Collectors Edition Knife    Tyco Box Car Hersheys
Winchester Flying Snow Goose (Advertising)               Tyco Box Car New Haven
Buy A Duck Stamp Poster (Duck Stamp $5) (Advertising)    Tyco Box Car Purina Co.
Remington UMC (1918) (Advertising)                       Tyco Box Car Railbox
Ducks Unlimited Parking Sign                             Tyco Box Car Ralston Purina Co.
Remington Firearm Sign Metal (Duck Hunter In Boat)       Tyco Box Car Sante Fe
Peters Shells Sign Metal (Hunter With Dog)               Tyco Box Car Swift
Ajax Heaver Sign Metal (Flying Geese)                    Tyco Caboose Illinois Central Gulf
Jim Beam Duck Stamp Bottle (1979)(Hooded Merganser)      Tyco Caboose Union Pacific
Jim Beam Duck Stamp Bottle (1984)(Widgeon)               Tyco Caboose (In Box)
Jim Beam Duck Stamp Bottle (1978)(Ross Goode)            Tyco Cattle Car Durango
Jim Beam Duck Stamp Bottle (1980)(Green Wing Teal)       Tyco Cattle Car Sante Fe
Jim Beam Duck Stamp Bottle (1986)(Cinnamon Teal)         Tyco Coal Dumper Mckeesport Coal (In Box)
Gold Metal Birds Set Of 3 (Wall Mount)                   Tyco Flatbed Trailer A T & S F (2)
Haws Hardware Glass Picture (Advertising)                Tyco Flatbed Trailer Great Northern
Remington Portable Type Writer In Original Case          Tyco Flatbed W/3 Logs Great Northern (In Box)
ERTL Texaco Tanker In Original Box                       Tyco Flatbed Great Northern (2)
Lost Patrol (Child’s Small Book)(Very Old)               Tyco Flatbed Western Maryland (2)
Uncle Dan’s (Child’s Small Book) (Very Old)              Tyco Gondola Burlington Northern
Uncle Rays Story (Child’s Small Book) (Very Old)         Tyco Gondola Conrail
Moon Mullin Ka Yo (Child’s Small Book)(Very Old)         Tyco Gondola Peabody (In Box)
Gallants Cigar Tins (Full)                               Tyco Gondola Pine Hill Logging
Gallants Miniature Cigars Tin (Full)                     Tyco Gondola Virginian (2)
Colonial Figure Planter With Gold Trim (Made In Japan)   Tyco Gondola Union Pacific (2)
Canvasback Duck (Composite)                              Tyco Gondola Union Pacific W/Pipe
Erectors Set (1960’s)                                    Tyco Hopper Car Billboard Bethlehem
Popcorn Popper (For Open Fires)                          Tyco Hopper Car Jello
2 Rolls Duck Wall Paper Border                           Tyco Log Dumper (3)
Elephant Target W/Toy Gun                                Tyco Skid Flat Car W/3 Tractors Western Maryland (In Box)
Crow Shooting Gallery (Target)                           Tyco Tanker Gulf
Camping Knife (W/Spoon Fork Can Opener Etc)              Tyco Tanker Shell
Camping Knife (W/Spoon Fork Can Opener Etc) W/Case       Tyco Tanker Texaco
Imperial Buck Knife W/Case                                       Tyco Traveler Train Auto Loader
Opera Glass (Or Binoculars) All Metal (Made In Paris)            Tyco Bi Centennial Engine
Duck Mold Small Figurines                                        Tyco Bi Centennial Caboose
Half Gallon Crock Jug                                            Tyco 1890 Combine Car Western & Atlantic
Wind Up Metal Duck Toy                                           Tyco 1890 Combine Car Sante Fe
Miller Holiday Stein (2004) Winters Guardians (In Box)           Unknown Box Car Burlington Northern (2)
Budweiser Holiday Stein (2004) Clydesdales                       Unknown Box Car Everywhere West W/Sliding Door
Coors Stein Golden Rails #3                                      Unknown Box Car Pennsylvania W/Sliding Door
Miller Holiday Stein (2002) Package Form Home                    Unknown Caboose Sante Fe
Miller Holiday Stein (2005) 4 Seasons                            Unknown Caboose Work Train Sante Fe
Easter Egg (Paper Mache)(2 Piece)(Made In Germany)               Unknown Flat Bed United States Steel
Easter Egg (Paper Mache)(2 Piece)(Made In Germany)               Unknown Log Car
Easter Egg (Paper Mache)(2 Piece)(Made In Germany)               Model Power Transformer Model #Rl1250
Glass Easter Egg                                                 Tyco Transformer Model 899t
Avon Jewelry Decoy Duck                                          Tyco Transformer Model 899bp
Duck (Composite)                                                 Tyco Transformer Model 899v
Jack O Lantern (Paper Mache)                                     Tyco Transformer Model 899b
Jack O Lantern (Paper Mache)                                     Bachman Power Plant Model 6607
Jack O Lantern (Paper Mache)                                     Marx AC To DC Converter
American Wildlife Collection (1985)                              Eldon Selectronic Race Set
Remington Playing Cards                                          Louis March Transformer 18volt
Flying Mallard Duck Wall Plague                                  Double Dare Loop Race Set
Ceramic Duck                                                     Marx Transformer Model 709
Wood Duck                                                        Thundershot 500 Hot Wheel Set
Ne Fish And Hunt License W/Holder Oct 7, 1933                    Tyco Command Control Big Detour Neon Glow
Deer Figure                                                      Roundhouse R5-3 Diesel 2380 Series
Coors Waterfall 1995 #18833 Stein                                Atla Left Remote #850 Nickel Silver
Duck Gum Machine
Lead Duck Mallard
Lead Duck Blue Bill
Lead Duck Blue Bill                                              Auction Conducted By
Ne Game And Fish License W/Holder June 17, 1923                  Bramer Auction & Realty
Duck Sensor
Ne Fish & Hunt License W/Holder June 11, 1918
                                                                 204 East 25th Street, Suite #2
Duck Clock (Works)                                               Kearney, NE 68847
Ne License 1925 26 27 28 (Reserve $101)                          Office Phone (308) 234-6966
Ducks Unlimited Coaster                                          Ken Bramer, Auctioneer/Broker
Windup Toy Dog Bouncing Ball Made In Germany                     Cell # (308) 233-1669
Miller Ducks Unlimited Terry Redline #104813
Jim Beam Ducks Unlimited 1974-75 Mallards
Loon Box
Paper Mache Easter Rabbit
Windup Toy Chick Metal
1943 Ne Fish License Brass Carrier
1948 Ne Fish And Hunt Brass Carrier
Brass License Carrier
Civil War Photo In Metal Case
Waterfowl Series 1987 1st Edition Ducks Unlimited Stein In Box
Waterfowl Series 1988 2nd Edition Ducks Unlimited Stein In Box
Miller 2003 Freedom Spirit Stein
Coors Somewhere Near Golden Colorado Stein
Budweiser Clydesdales 2003 Olde Towne Holiday Stein
Waterfowl Series Pintail Ducks Unlimited 1990 14th Edition
Waterfowl Series Ducks Unlimited “In To The Wind” Stein
Waterfowl Of North America Ducks Unlimited
    Bert Graves Mallards Stein
Waterfowl Of North America Ducks Unlimited
    Early Flight Canvasbacks Stein
Waterfowl Of North America Ducks Unlimited Pintail Trio Stein
Waterfowl Of North America Ducks Unlimited
    Old Light House Stein
Waterfowl Series Ducks Unlimited 5th Edition Geese 1991 Stein
Waterfowl Series Ducks Unlimited Canvasback 1989 Stein
Coors 2000 Millennium Stein
Budweiser 1999 “A Century Of Holiday Tradition” Stein
Miller 2000 Winter Watch Stein
Miller 1999 December Dusk Stein
Miller Ducks Unlimited Pleasure Of Winter Stein
Budweiser 2001 Holiday At The Capitol Stein
Budweiser 2000 Holiday In The Mountains Stein
Old Cabin Still 1972 Ducks Unlimited The Continent Stein
Glass Rose Still In The Original Box
Field Bushnell Ensign Binoculars 7x25 7.1 W/Case
Panasonic FM/AM Transistor Radio
Tasco 10x50 Binoculars
Deer Rattles
Sigmateck 51 Camera
Tasco 15x45x50 Zoom 20 Scope
Marlboro Cowboy Coffee Mugs Set Of 4

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