Helicopter ambulance services play vital role in Iowa

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					                                                               SPRING 2005

Helicopter ambulance services play vital role in Iowa
Tim McClung

           hen emergency medical care is
           needed, time is a critical factor
           in saving lives.
    As a result, the past 25 years have
been marked by significant growth in the
availability and use of helicopters to
transport people needing intensive
medical care from the scene of an
accident or from general care hospitals to
trauma and tertiary care centers.
    The first helicopter ambulance
program in Iowa began at the University
of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in 1979.
Today, nearly 4,000 missions are flown
every year by helicopters serving
hospitals around the state.
    Seven Iowa hospitals provide medical
transport using specially designed air
ambulance helicopters. Iowa hospitals
with their own programs include:
   • U of I Hospitals and Clinics in
     Iowa City (Air Care)
   • Waterloo Covenant Hospital
     (Air Care)
   • Mercy Hospital in Mason City
     (Air Life)
   • Iowa Methodist Hospital in
     Des Moines (Life Flight)
   • St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids
     (Lifeguard)                               Mercy One flies over downtown Des Moines. Nearly 4000 missions are flown every year by helicopters
   • Mercy Hospital in Sioux City              serving hospitals around the state.
     (Air Care)
   • Mercy Hospital in Des Moines              Air Methods Corporation                              personnel, communications, and dispatch
     (Mercy One)                                   With the exception of St. Luke’s                 functions. This arrangement allows flight
    Additional independent and out-of-         Hospital in Cedar Rapids, all of the Iowa            crews to focus on transportation while
state hospital programs such as MED-           hospital helicopter programs have con-               medical crews focus on patient care.
FORCE in the Quad Cities area; Air Evac        tracted helicopter services with Air                     Still, the two crews typically develop a
Lifeteam in Kirksville, Mo.; and               Methods Corporation of Englewood,                    strong relationship and trust in each other.
Careflight in Sioux Falls, S.D. also           Colorado. Air Methods provides pilot and             Medical crews put a lot of trust in the
provide rapid air transport to many areas      mechanic services in accordance with Part            flight crews to get them to a destination,
of Iowa.                                       135 Federal Aviation Regulations, while
                                               their hospital partners provide medical                         Air ambulance, go to page 8
                    Director’s Corner
                    Michelle McEnany, Office of Aviation Director

                         In less than a 24-           In addition, the Iowa Department of           At the state level, the good news is
                      hour period at the tail     Transportation’s Office of Aviation           that there has been increased interest in
                      end of the Easter           strongly encourages pilots to participate     aviation this year by state legislators.
                      weekend, three              in more than the mandatory currency           And, the governor’s aviation budget
separate aircraft accidents claimed the           requirements to maintain their pilot          proposal was more than $500,000 higher
lives of six people in Iowa. Our sympathy         certificates. There are many resources: an    than last year.
is extended to the families, friends, and         occasional review with a Certified Flight         Unfortunately, it does not look like the
aviation community members that have              Instructor to hone skills, attending FAA      Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund, the sole
been affected.                                    safety seminars around the state and          source of state aviation funding for the
    In that 24-hour period, more people           excellent reading materials in books and      past three years, will be able to accommo-
were killed in aviation accidents in Iowa         on the Internet. Above all, think SAFETY      date the aviation projects this year. As this
than in all of 2004. Beautiful spring             when you fly!                                 goes to print, we are waiting to see the
weather with relatively calm winds, sunny             Turning to legislation, there have been   infrastructure bill to see how aviation will
skies and temperatures hovering around            significant events unfolding both at the      be funded this coming fiscal year.
70 degrees brought the airplanes out in           federal and state levels.                         Other good news includes House File
droves over the Easter weekend.                       In Washington, D.C., President Bush’s     519 which proposes repaying funds that
    There are nearly 1 ½ million aircraft         budget proposal cuts $600 million from        were de-appropriated in 2002. This
operations in Iowa every year. Over the           aviation’s authorized budget of $3.6          includes $360,000 for aviation hangars
decades, there has been a steady and              billion. This would have a significant        and $347,000 for airport engineering
dramatic decline in general aviation              negative impact on infrastructure funding     studies and improvement projects.
accidents and incidents. General aviation         at both commercial and general aviation           Additional bills have been introduced
is a very safe mode of transportation.            airports in our state. General aviation       that seek funding for aviation through the
Still, as with all forms of transportation,       airports eligible for federal funding could   Iowa Values Fund.
there are certain inherent risks.                 potentially lose their entitlement funding.       Aviation is a topic that requires
    Year in and year out, more than 99            Depending on who you talk to, Iowa            continuing education for decision-makers
percent of Iowa’s aircraft fly accident-and       general aviation airports could lose          and the general public. Don’t miss any
incident-free. National Transportation            anywhere from $2 million to $7 million        opportunities to educate these groups on
Safety Board (NTSB) statistics for 2004           dollars for FY2006.                           aviation and its benefits.
confirm the trend that general aviation               Commercial service airports could see         Spring is here and that means that
accidents continue to decline. At the same        their minimum primary entitlement             aviation activity is increasing tremen-
time, when a string of accidents like this        reduced from $1 million to $650,000, and      dously. Be sure to look through the
occurs, it is a wake up call to the pilot         entitlements to our two largest commer-       Calendar of Events at the back of the
community that each and every flight              cial service airports in the state could be   bulletin and try to make it to as many
must be made with safety in mind.                 reduced as much as 50 percent. Again the      aviation events as possible. There will be
    At the 2004 Iowa Aviation Conference          potential loss of funding for commercial      a lot going on throughout the spring and
in November, Rod Machado spoke to                 service airports could be as much as $6.8     summer. I would challenge everyone to
hundreds of airport operators and pilots          million.                                      make a goal of introducing aviation to
around the state and emphasized the need              In addition, a 50 percent cut in the      someone new this year. Have a great
for pilots to practice defensive flying           Essential Air Service (EAS) program,          spring!
techniques. Iowa unfortunately follows            coupled with the local community match
the national trend with the majority of           requirement, would no doubt impact
aircraft accidents ultimately being               EAS-supported commercial service to
attributed to pilot error.                        Burlington, Fort Dodge, and Mason City.
    In this edition of the Bulletin, we           EAS has been responsible for maintaining
again are printing the annual accident/           air service in Iowa’s smaller markets.
incident summary put together by the Des              Altogether, Iowa could stand to lose
Moines Flight Standards District Office.          nearly $14 million dollars through the
If you are a pilot, please be sure to review      President’s proposed aviation budget.
the 2004 summary on page six. It pro-
vides an excellent overview of accident
and incident trends in Iowa, along with
their causal factors.

2                                                                                               SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds to fly at
2005 Quad City Air Show June 25 & 26
Iowan leads Thunderbird precision flying team

          t the Quad City Air Show this
          year, one of the country’s premier
          flying teams will join that event’s
largest-ever display of military and
civilian aircraft. The show will take place
June 25 & 26, 2005, at the Davenport
Municipal Airport.
     The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will
be performing maneuvers over the skies
of Davenport, with the commanding
presence of an Iowa native who is living
proof that the sky over Iowa is not the
     Lieutenant Colonel Michael Chandler,
from Cedar Falls, is in his second season
as the commander and lead pilot of the
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. In Feb.
2004, Lt. Colonel Chandler became the
28th commander in the 51-year history of
the precision aerial demonstration team. A
father of four children, Chandler has
logged more than 3,400 hours in 19 years
of service.                                     Iowa native Lieutenant Colonel Michael Chandler of Cedar Falls will lead the U.S. Thunderbirds at the
     Lt. Colonel Chandler flies the No. 1       2005 Quad City Air Show at the Davenport Municipal Airport June 25 & 26.
jet that leads all air demonstrations, and
heads up the 130-person Air Combat
Command unit making up the
Thunderbird team. The Thunderbirds are
scheduled to showcase their skills and the
latest F-16C fighter-jet technology.
     The Quad City Air Show is one of the
largest air shows in the country. In
addition to the Thunderbirds, this year’s
impressive line-up tentatively includes the
U.S. Navy Seal Leap Frogs, the U.S. Air
Force Heritage Flight Team, the F/A-18
Super Hornet, and many additional
performers. A large number of general
aviation and military static displays, kids
activities, and great food means a great
time for the entire family.
     If you have never been to the Quad
City Air Show, put it on your calendar.
Help cheer on fellow Iowan Michael
Chandler as he leads the Thunderbirds in
one of the most exciting aerial perfor-
mances you will ever experience. You
will not be disappointed.

More Information
     For more information and the latest
list of performers and static displays at the
Quad City Air Show, visit

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                                                      3
FAA selects Lockheed Martin                                                                     Chris Blum to FAA
to operate Automated Flight                                                                     Great Lakes and
Service Stations                                                                                Central regions
                                                 General identified significant potential             AA Administrator Marion C.

       he FAA has announced it has
                                                 cost savings related to AFSS facilities.             Blakey announced in March that
        selected a team headed by
                                                 FAA spending on flight service opera-                Cecelia Hunziker, FAA Regional
        Lockheed Martin to provide
                                                 tions totaled about $500 million in fiscal     Administrator for the Chicago-based
services now offered by the agency’s
                                                 year 2003. Of these total operating costs,     Great Lakes Region, will retire effective
Automated Flight Service Stations
                                                 only $60 million was offset by federal         April 30. Blakey also announced that
(AFSS). The total evaluated cost of the
                                                 fuel taxes collected from general aviation.    Chris Blum, currently FAA Regional
five-year contract, with five additional
                                                 Additionally, many AFSS facilities             Administrator for the Central Region
option years, is $1.9 billion and represents
                                                 contain outmoded equipment, are in need        based in Kansas City, will assume
estimated savings of $2.2 billion over the
                                                 of upgraded technology and are housed in       regional administration duties for both
next ten years.
                                                 deteriorating buildings.                       Great Lakes and Central regions effective
    Approximately 2,500 FAA employees
                                                     Lockheed Martin will assume opera-         May 1.
now provide services at 58 stations in the
contiguous 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto          tions in October of this year. Incremental
Rico. Flight service specialists provide a       consolidation of the 58 current flight
                                                                                                               Chris Blum,
variety of services including weather            service stations will begin in April 2006
                                                 and is expected to result in 20 sites by the                  Regional Adminis-
briefings, in-flight radio communications,
flight planning, and search and rescue           end of March 2007. Of flight service                          trator for the FAA
support, primarily for private and non-          stations in Fort Dodge, Ia., Columbus,
                                                                                                               Central Region
airline commercial pilots. These special-        Mo., Wichita, Kan., and St. Louis, Mo., it
                                                 is anticipated that only the Columbus                         that includes Iowa
ists do not separate or control aircraft.
    Studies by the FAA and the U.S.              AFSS will remain open.                                        will also assume
Department of Transportation’s Inspector                                                        regional administration duties for
                                                                                                the Great lakes Region effective
    Fort Dodge AFSS to be affected                                                              May 1.
    Rhonda Chambers, Director, Fort Dodge Regional Airport

                        Since 1983, Fort Dodge has been home to Iowa’s only                         As FAA Regional Administrator,
                    Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS). Despite the efforts                Blum serves as the principal agency
                    of our Washington, D.C. senators and congressmen, Iowa’s                    representative with industry, the public
                    AFSS was selected as one of the 38 to close within two years.               and various governmental bodies. He will
                                                                                                direct a variety of FAA regional programs
                    The shift from FAA to Lockheed Martin operation was to
                                                                                                that are essential to the overall mission of
                    take place this October, with incremental consolidation
                                                                                                the agency in regulating safety and
                    beginning in April 2006 and ending in March 2007.
                                                                                                operating the nation’s aviation system.
                    Lockheed Martin has stated that they will offer jobs to all of
                                                                                                Together, the Great Lakes and Central
    the displaced FAA employees, with no loss in salary and with comparable                     regions include 12 states: Ohio, Michigan,
    benefits.                                                                                   Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota,
                                                                                                North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa,
        Lockheed Martin’s plan is to operate three large (HUB) sites in the East,               Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.
    Central and West: Leesburg, Va.; Fort Worth, Texas and Prescott, Ariz.                          Blum’s FAA career has spanned 35
    While their long-term vision is to operate only these three hub sites, they will            years and he has been the FAA Central
    also operate 17 other sites after the initial 38 are closed. The seventeen are as           Regional Administrator since 2001. Blum
    follows: Nashville, Tenn; Raleigh, N.C.; Islip, N.Y.; St. Petersburg, Fla.;                 also serves as the agency’s liaison to the
    Macon, Ga.; Miami, Fla.; San Juan, PR; Kankakee, Ill.; Lansing, Mich.;                      National Association of State Aviation
    Columbia, Mo.; Albuquerque, N.M.; Oakland, Calif.; San Diego, Calif.;                       Officials (NASAO). Prior to 2001, he
    Honolulu, Hawaii; Seattle, Wash. and Denver, Colo.                                          served as Air Traffic Division Manager
                                                                                                for the Great Lakes region.
        The Fort Dodge Automated Flight Service Station would like their custom-                    Blum will remain based in Kansas
    ers to know that they will remain dedicated to them right up to the day the                 City, Mo. and will divide his time
    doors close in Fort Dodge. On behalf of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport, we                 between that location and the FAA’s
    wish the very best for the Fort Dodge AFSS employees who have not only been                 Great Lakes regional offices in Des
    our neighbors for the past 22 years, but also our friends.                                  Plaines, Ill.
                                                                                                    Congratulations to Chris on his
                                                                                                expanded position in the FAA!

4                                                                                               SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
PAMA Aircraft Maintenance
Conference held in Ames

        he Midwest Regional Aircraft
        Maintenance Symposium and
        Trade Show, sponsored by the
Professional Aviation Maintenance
Association(PAMA), was held at the
Ames Gateway Center Feb. 4-5, 2005.
The event was co-sponsored by the Iowa
Department of Transportation’s Office of
Aviation, and the Des Moines Flight
Standards District Office.
    Approximately 140 aircraft mainte-
nance technicians, students and pilots
attended the two-day event, along with 24
exhibitors who displayed the latest in
parts, tooling, support materials and
technical expertise.
    At the conference, mechanics in
attendance were praised by the FAA, the
Office of Aviation, and PAMA organizers
for keeping Iowa’s aircraft in excellent    Special guest and FAA Central Region Administrator Chris Blum (right), speaks with PAMA co-organizer
flying condition. Their attendance at the   Phil Conn. Mr. Blum spoke to conference attendees about the important, yet often unrecognized,
conference to learn about the latest in     contributions of aviation maintenance technicians.
aviation maintenance was cited as an
example of the kind of effort that makes
them a critical link in the success of
Iowa’s air transportation system!

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                                                 5
    Aircraft Accidents and Incidents
    A review of 2004
        The following is a summary of what happened in Iowa in          Although not a significant factor, here is the listing of types
    2004 regarding accidents and incidents.                             of pilot certificates held:
        Every year I wish I could say there is only one cause of        Non-certificated              1
    these accidents and incidents. That way we could concentrate        Student                       1
    all our resources on that one causal factor. But it seems every     Private                       5
    year we tend to follow the national trend in accident causes.       CFI                           1
    We just need to keep working on what we’ve been doing.              Commercial                    3
    Actually we’re pretty close to that one cause when we see           ATP                           1
    nationwide over 80% of accidents and incidents continue to be
    caused by “pilot error”. When you look at the following data,       IOWA INCIDENTS
    see how many of those accidents and incidents you would             There were a total of 13 incidents in Iowa in 2004. Remem-
    attribute to pilot error.                                           ber that incidents means there were no fatal or serious injuries
                                                                        and/or less than substantial damage to the aircraft.
        In 2004, we had 12 accidents that included 4 fatalities and     CATEGORIES OF INCIDENTS
    3 serious injuries. One of the fatal accidents involved an          Personal/Pleasure    9  70%
    aerial application when the pilot struck a tree. The aircraft       Corporate/Commercial 3  23%
    was destroyed by post impact fire and the pilot was fatally         Instructional        1   7%
    injured. The other three fatalities were the result of apparent
    stall/spin accidents. Two of the fatalities occurred in the same    CAUSAL FACTORS
    accident.                                                           Gear-Up Landings            4        32%
        Here is a breakdown on the Categories of Accidents and          Landing/Takeoff             4        32%
    Causal Factors.                                                        (Loss of control)
                                                                        Mechanical                  2        15%
    CATEGORIES OF ACCIDENTS                                                (Power loss, gear problems)
    Personal/Pleasure  6   50%                                          Fuel Exhaustion             1         7%
    Instruction        3   25%                                          Taxi                        1         7%
    Corporate          2   17%                                          Struck Power Lines          1         7%
    Aerial Application 1    8%                                             (Helicopter)

                                                                            When you see “Gear-Up Landings” in causal factors,
    CAUSAL FACTORS                                                      these are not due to mechanical problems. These are situa-
    Stall/Spin                     4     32%                            tions related to “Pilot Error” where the pilot forgets to lower
    Landing/Takeoff                                                     the gear or mistakenly raises the gear after landing. Again, it
    (Loss of control)              3     25%                            happens at all pilot certificate levels and experience levels
    Instructional                  3     25%                            and is usually associated with landing at an uncontrolled
    Mechanical                     1      9%                            airport and getting “distracted” for some reason.
    Fuel Mismanagement             1      9%                                Why do we get distracted? There can be several reasons
                                                                        e.g., doing a go-around, looking for other traffic, passengers
        Usually, the leading cause of accidents in Iowa and the         interfering with our thought process, some type of problem
    nation is in the landing/takeoff phase. In Iowa, “Stall/Spin”       with the aircraft that interferes with the normal checklist
    was the largest causal factor for accidents and was also the        procedure, or anything that interrupts the “normal” proce-
    leading causal factor for fatalities. Of the four stall/spin        dures. So if this happens to you, be extra alert to situational
    accidents, one was attributed to structural icing and the other     awareness and USE YOUR CHECKLIST.
    three were a loss of control leading to the stall/spin accidents.
        Only one of the twelve accidents occurred in IFR condi-                           Until next time, have a safe flight.
    tions. So, low weather was not a factor in the majority of the                        Roger “N” Clark
    accidents.                                                                            Safety Program Manager
                                                                                          Des Moines Flight Standards District Office

6                                                                                                SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
Youth aviation camp June 12-15

         t this year’s 4-H Travel Your                                                             and math skills! Along with aviation-
         Universe camp sponsored by the                                                            related activities, participants will also
         Iowa State University Extension                                                           enjoy traditional camp programming
Service, youths ages 9-12 can take a break                                                         during the evenings.
from the summer routine and escape into                                                                Iowa 4-H Center camps are accredited
the world of aviation.                                                                             by the American Camp Association, the
    The camp will be held at the Iowa 4-H                                                          best assurance parents have of a camp’s
Center near Madrid. It is co-sponsored by                                                          commitment to a safe and nurturing
the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group, the                                                             environment for their children. The 4-H
Experimental Aircraft Association                                                                  camps are open to ALL YOUTH –
Chapter 135, Civil Air Patrol, Iowa                                                                membership in a 4-H club is not a
Department of Transportation Office of         A three-day youth aviation camp for ages 9-12       requirement – so bring a friend to share
Aviation, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots       will be held in Madrid, IA June 12-15. The camp     the experience!
Association and the Central Iowa Busi-         exposes youngsters to the world of aviation             Cost of the three-day camp is $170 for
ness Aviation Association. The camp also       through hands-on exposure to aircraft, aviation     4-H members / $190 for non-members.
receives support from the FAA through          sciences, and special activities.                       For more information, go to
educational materials provided for the                                                             www.extension.iastate.edu/4hcenter/
campers.                                                                                           summercamp, or call Traci Haselhuhn,
    At the camp, kids will interact with       helicopters, learn to fly from a real pilot,        Iowa 4-H Center, Camp Program Director
pilots, airport professionals, military        use GPS on a scavenger hunt, and explore            (tracidh@iastate.edu) at 515-795-3338.
personnel, and teaching professionals to       the universe from here to the stars. They               This camp fills up fast, so register
build and launch rockets, design and           will be able to design, build, launch and           early!
program robots, experience airplanes and       more, while learning science, technology

GAMA: GA industry makes strong recovery in 2004

    n February, the General Aviation
    Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
    reported that the general aviation                                        2003 vs. 2004
industry made a strong recovery in 2004.
Industry billings totaled $11.9 billion, the                 Shipments of Airplanes Manufactured Worldwide
third highest ever, and a 19.1 percent
increase above 2003 billings. The total                                                    2003             2004      CHANGE
number of airplanes shipped in 2004                        Pistons                         1,896           2,051          +8.2%
increased to 2,963, a 10.3 percent increase
                                                           Turboprops                        272             321        +18.0%
above the previous year.
    GAMA board chairman James E.                           Business Jets                     518             591        +14.1%
Schuster said, “bonus depreciation,                        Total Shipments                 2,686           2,963        +10.3%
coupled with the continuing growth of the
                                                           Total Billings                $9.99B          $11.9B         +19.1%
U.S. economy, helped make 2004 a
turning point for our industry. The fact
that total shipments increased indicates
that this turn-around is broadly based.
GAMA member companies believe this
bodes well for the future of general
    Shipments of piston-powered air-
planes hit a 20-year high, while shipments
of turboprop aircraft and business jets also
    For additional information, visit
GAMA’s website at www.GAMA.aero.

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                                          7
Life Flight arrives at the scene of an accident to transport a patient to a trauma center. Air ambulance programs play an
important role in medical emergencies and augmenting the capabilities of rural community hospitals.

Air ambulance, from page 1
while flight crews rely on the medical
                                                                                                                Airports serve a support role
                                                               AWOS is a lifeline for us.
crews to handle all patient care and act as                                                                         According to Lundberg, “airports
                                                                    Tom Lundberg                                around the state provide a safety blanket
spotters when landing in confined areas.
    John Heiskell manages business                             Mercy One Air Ambulance                          in case we need to set down for inclement
development and customer service for Air                                                                        weather or mechanical issues. You don’t
Methods Corporation. According to                                                                               want to land on a road or in a field in the
Heiskell, two of the Iowa programs                                                                              middle of the night. If we need to, we can
contracted though Air Methods utilize                       When talking about flying in Iowa’s                 land at an airport and transfer a patient to
helicopters that allow them to fly in                   aviation environment, Lundberg notes                    a ground transportation vehicle.”
Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions.               that Mercy One pilots constantly rely on                    Heiskell, of Air Methods, notes that
“Since helicopters can’t fly in known                   Iowa’s Automated Weather Observation                    “airports do provide needed fueling
icing, most flights over the course of a                System (AWOS) weather reporting                         services for longer trips. They also offer
year tend to be in Visual Flight Rules                  system. “AWOS is a lifeline for us. On                  the option of shooting an IFR approach to
(VFR) conditions. Still, some hospitals                 every flight, AWOS gives us the ability to              land. While airports are not used on a
prefer IFR equipment since it broadens                  obtain weather information regarding                    day-to-day basis, they certainly do
their capabilities.”                                    ceiling heights, wind conditions, and                   become important when they need to be
                                                        barometric pressure at different locations              used due to inclement weather.”
                                                        around the state. It enhances safety and                    Lundberg also notes the importance of
AWOS important to air medical                                                                                   Iowa’s system of airports to Mercy One’s
                                                        allows us to fly in instrument conditions.”
transportation services                                     Heiskell concurs with Lundberg and                  operations. “When you are on a call in the
    Tom Lundberg has been a pilot with                  adds, “I hear a lot of our pilots talk about
Mercy One in Des Moines for the past 8                  the importance of AWOS and the need to
½ years. Mercy One flies a Bell 222UT, a                expand it in some areas. AWOS is
twin engine helicopter with IFR capabili-               important to our operations and is used on
ties.                                                   a daily basis.”                                         Air ambulance, see next page

8                                                                                                               SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
Air ambulance, from previous page                    location. Bottom line, there is still a lot of       One thing that seems certain about
                                                     system growth occurring, but not in new          medical helicopter transport is it will
middle of the night, the ability to activate         programs. Nationwide, about half of these        continue to play a vital role in Iowa and
lighting systems at airports provides you            expanded programs are basing their               across the nation. These services augment
with a good visual reference and sends the           aircraft at peripheral airports rather than      the capabilities of rural community
signal to other pilots that someone else is          hospitals.”                                      hospitals and enhance the accessibility of
operating in that environment.”                          “The fastest growth in the industry at       advanced medical services to all Iowans.
                                                     this time and likely into the future             Every hour of the day the dedicated pilots,
Trends in Air Ambulance Service                      involves independent business models             mechanics, support staff and medical
    The number of air ambulance pro-                 where companies who specialize in                crews of Iowa’s air force of helicopter
grams has reached a plateau over the last            helicopter medical transport are willing to      ambulance services are ready, if and when
several years. However, Heiskell says,               take the financial risk themselves in hopes      you need them.
“many of these programs are now going                of making a profit on the service,” says
from single aircraft to multiple aircraft            Heiskell. “If hospitals feel they are
operations. The trend for established                subsidizing a service, they may be willing
programs is to expand and place addi-                to go to an independent service and let
tional helicopters into key referral                 them shoulder the financial risks. At the
markets. It makes less sense to have                 same time, many hospitals will want to
multiple aircraft based at the same                  retain control of their own program.”

                                                         Iowa Aviation
                                                     Weather Reporting Sites

Air ambulance pilots rely heavily on aviation
weather reporting sites. A combination of 54
state and federal sites bring real-time weather
conditions to pilots in the air and on the ground.

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                                             9
Iowa’s Aviation Advisory Council provides
valuable input to Office of Aviation

       he Aviation Advisory Council was        The Iowa Aviation Advisory Council held its quarterly meeting in Ames on March 10, 2005. Members
       created in response to a recommen-      from left to right include: Sam Kupresin-Carver Aero (Davenport), Bob Dickens (AOPA), Andrew Perry-
       dation from the Iowa Legislature’s      Dubuque Regional Airport, Mark Pullen-Hy Vee Flight Department, Dan Sokolowski-Storm Lake Airport
Air Service Committee in 2000.                 Commission, Kim Bakker-TSA, Bo Harris- City of Shenandoah, Bill Kyle-Charles City Municipal Airport,
    The council meets quarterly for            Chuck McDonald-IAPG, Rhonda Chambers-Fort Dodge Regional Airport, Greg Gobble-Keokuk Municipal
information exchange and to provide            Airport, Darrell Downing-Indian Hills Community College, Dave Kuykendall-Hawkeye Community College,
feedback and guidance to the Iowa              Dean Wheatley-Linn County Regional Planning Commission. Not pictured: John Balsiger-NBAA, Steve
Department of Transportation’s Office of       Black-IABA, Dick Blum-IAPG, Norm Hutcheson-Carroll Airport Commission, Chuck King-Mercy One.
Aviation as it relates to general aviation
and commercial aviation issues.
    Members of the council represent           agencies, educators and travel agencies.            have a standing seat on the council and
commercial and general aviation airports,      The composition of the council reflects             may rotate their members as desired.
aviation system users, business and            both geographical and aviation-related              Members-at-large serve two-year
economic development interests, planning       industry diversification. Associations              terms.

              Aviation Program Update
              Kay Thede, Office of Aviation

State Funding Programs                         Federal Funding                                     coming into the state, since airports are
    Applications are due in April for state       More than $33 million in federal                 using non-primary entitlement that has
funding programs, including the General        Airport Improvement Program funding                 built up over the past few years. In
Aviation Vertical Infrastructure Program,      has been released to Iowa airports so far           addition, several recipients will be
the Commercial Service Vertical Infra-         during FFY 2005. This looks to be a                 undertaking major projects, including:
structure program and the State Airport        record year for federal airport funding
Improvement Program pavement mainte-
nance and security projects. Award                Council Bluffs             $2.5 million       Continue new runway construction
decisions will be made after the legislative      Des Moines                 $3.4 million       Runway 13/31 rehabilitation
session when program funding levels will          Eastern Iowa               $5.7 million       Runway 9/27 rehabilitation
have been determined. It is anticipated that      Mason City                 $6.8 million       Runways 17/35 and 12/30 rehabilitation
the projects will be presented to the Iowa        SE Iowa Regional           $3.7 million       Runway 18/36 rehabilitation
Transportation Commission in June.                A complete listing of federal projects will be included in the next bulletin.

10                                                                                                 SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
                                                                                                            Aviation Speakers
                                                                                                                Looking for a speaker for your next
                                                                                                            event? Aviation author Paul Berge of
                                                                                                            Indianola and a squadron of other aviation
                                                                                                            speakers are available through TSA, the
                                                                                                            Transportation Speakers Association, to
                                                                                                            entertain and educate on a wide range of
                                                                                                            aviation industry topics. More informa-
                                                                                                            tion is available at www.ailerona.com, or
                                                                                                            by calling 515-961-0654.

                                                                                                            Deer case grounds two aircraft
                                                                                                                 State conservation officials announced
                                                                                                            in March they have seized two experi-
                                                                                                            mental aircraft allegedly used to chase
                                                                                                            deer during Iowa’s first shotgun season in
                                                                                                            December. Three men are charged in
                                                                                                            connection with the incident.
                                                                                                                 Department of Natural Resources
                                                                                                            officers say the craft, known as ‘powered
Chuck McDonald received special recognition for his efforts in promoting aviation in Iowa at the February   parachutes,’ were used in Benton County
IAPG Board Meeting.                                                                                         to chase deer toward hunters on the
                                                                                                            ground. Witnesses say the aircraft flew in
Chuck McDonald receives recog-                             The subdivision will cover 123 acres.
                                                                                                            a “zig-zag pattern to herd the deer” in the
nition from Iowa Aviation Promo-                       Lots will range in size from 0.9 to 2 acres
                                                                                                            area of county roads D-65 and V-37. A
                                                       and will sell for $25,000 to $40,000 each.
tion Group Board of Directors                                                                               witness describes one aircraft flying so
                                                       There will be hiking trails, picnic areas
    Chuck McDonald was presented with                                                                       low that it had to pull up hard to avoid a
                                                       and two sand beaches around the lake. “I
a plaque at the February Iowa Aviation                                                                      vehicle and a power line.
                                                       am trying to make this more upscale,”
Promotion Group board meeting, in                                                                                Hunting with use of an aircraft is
                                                       Leonard said. “I want to protect my value            illegal under federal and state laws. The
recognition of his efforts to promote                  and the home owners’ value.”
aviation in the state of Iowa. The plaque                                                                   U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is reviewing
                                                           He believes Emerald Valley will                  the case for possible prosecution. If found
reads: “Aviators rise up to recognize                  appeal to the general population of
Chuck McDonald, proving his compas-                                                                         guilty, the three men would face substan-
                                                       upscale-home buyers as well as to private            tial fines, potential loss of hunting
sion, effort, and worth in the development             pilots. He has lined up three buyers to
of the Fly Iowa Air Fair, aviation educa-                                                                   privileges and possible forfeiture of the
                                                       purchase property when the final plat is             aircraft. The Benton County Sheriff’s
tion, and inspiration of future aviators.”             approved, he said.
Congratulations, Chuck!                                                                                     office and Black Hawk County Conserva-
                                                                                                            tion Department assisted in the case.
                                                       Two airports receive Asphalt
Air park plan heads down runway-
                                                       Paving Association of Iowa                           Ned “Joey” Wicker III
development near Elkader will
                                                       awards.                                                  Ned “Joey” Wicker III, originally
include residential lots, lake and                         Each year the Asphalt Paving Associa-            from Clear Lake and later of West
landing strip                                          tion of Iowa pays special tribute to those           University Place in Texas, passed away in
Excerpts from an article by Becky Sisco, printed       involved in producing high-quality                   September 2004. His parents would like
February 17 in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald            asphalt pavements. This year, the                    to thank the Iowa aviation community for
    ELKADER, Iowa - An Elkader                         Smoothness Award for an Airport                      all of the great times and experiences Joey
couple is planning something new for                   Runway Resurfacing project was pre-                  had flying in Iowa. Joey had received his
northeast Iowa, and it looks like the idea             sented to two Iowa airports: the Osage               pilot’s license while attending college at
will fly.                                              Municipal Airport (work done by Heart-               the University of Iowa in Iowa City and
    George and Terry Leonard will                      land Asphalt, Inc. of Mason City); and the           had traveled extensively with his license.
develop an air park four miles south of                Ottumwa Industrial Airport (work done                Most recently, Joey had been working on
Elkader. The development, called Emer-                 by Norris Asphalt Paving Company of                  his helicopter license. According to his
ald Valley, will include 80 residential lots,          Ottumwa).                                            father, “Joey was a huge fan of the Iowa
a landing strip with hangars, and a 17-acre                Congratulations to both airports for             Aviation Bulletin and he was a firm
lake. Ten of the lots will offer direct                the smooth ride on the runway.                       believer in flight safety and performing
access to the landing strip, so                                                                             thorough pre-flights.” Our condolences
homeowners can fly anywhere from their                                                                      are extended to the Wicker family.

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                                                  11
                        Commercial Service Airport Update

Dubuque Regional Airport
    Twenty participants in the Young               six commercial service airports in the
Eagles program of Dubuque went for a               state are served by a single scheduled air
plane ride February 12, 2005.                      carrier. Economic development and other
    Dubuque Jet Center added a second jet          needs in southeast Iowa were discussed at
fuel tank to the fuel farm. The new tank,          a summit in Des Moines by representa-
which holds 20,000 gallons, went into              tives of Des Moines, Lee and Henry
service Feb. 1, 2005.                              counties. The regional delegation also
                                                   will attend the Washington, D.C. summit
                                                   April 20-22.
                                                       A pre-construction meeting was held
                                                   on February 17th with engineers, the
                                                   contractor and airport staff to discuss the    The Sioux Gateway Airport is using a combination
                                                   perimeter fence project expected to begin      of federal and state grants to attract an additional
                                                   in April. The $508,769 project was             carrier that will bring about needed competition
                                                   awarded to American Fence Company of           and a better alignment of business fares. When
                                                   Iowa, located in Des Moines, for new           finished, this lounge and business center will
                                                   fencing, demolition, clearing and seeding.     provide a place for frequent airport users to relax
A new 20,000 gallon jet fuel tank adds fuel            The Southeast Iowa Regional Airport        or get some work done.
capacity at the Dubuque Regional Airport.          is currently an Essential Air Service
                                                   airport. The current airline, American             Some of the components include: a
                                                   Connection (with service provided by           revenue guarantee, abatement of landing
                                                   Corporate Airlines), receives a subsidy        fees, new service marketing/advertising, a
                                                   from the U.S. DOT to provide air service       passenger survey, Website development
                                                   to Burlington. The subsidy is up for           and use of existing carrier partnering
                                                   renewal, and the U.S. DOT has requested        funds. Two particularly unique aspects
                                                   proposals from carriers interested in          include the purchase of ground support
                                                   providing this service. Three proposals        equipment and development of a frequent
                                                   were received: one from Corporate              user program.
                                                   Airlines to continue the current service of        The airport recently contracted for
A trip down memory lane. Personnel at the          three flights a day to St. Louis, a proposal   purchase of $126,000 worth of ground
Dubuque Regional Airport recently came across      from Great Lakes Aviation for three daily      support equipment, which will be deliv-
this picture depicting air service to Dubuque by   flights to St. Louis, and a proposal from      ered this spring. The airport will take
Ozark airlines in the early to mid 1960s.          Mesa Air for three daily flights to            delivery of a ground power unit, deicer,
                                                   Midway and one daily flight to Kansas          lavatory cart, aircraft tug, belt loader,
                                                   City. The U.S DOT has requested                baggage carts, baggage tug and tow bars.
Southeast Iowa Regional Airport                                                                       By offering this equipment to a new
                                                   community comments prior to making a
    The Southeast Iowa Regional Airport            decision.                                      carrier, the carrier’s risk is reduced due to
recently received notice of an Airport                                                            the cost savings – the carrier does not
Improvement Program grant from the                                                                have to go out and purchase it. Since the
Federal Aviation Administration in the             Sioux Gateway Airport/
                                                                                                  airport maintains ownership of the
amount of $3,741,946. The funds will be            Col. Bud Day Field                             equipment, it would be available to any
used for an overlay of Runway 18/36,                   Last August the U.S. Department of         subsequent carriers.
reconstruction of Taxiway C, relocation            Transportation notified the airport of a           Additionally, the airport is active in
of the Runway 18 threshold, and grading            $609,800 federal Small Community Air           recruiting vacation/charter operators to
of runway safety area. Following                   Service Development Program Grant. The         serve the market. These operators have
discussion of the results of a recent              program is designed to provide financial       been reluctant in the past to enter a market
pavement study, the projects will hope-            assistance to small communities to help        with only one airline, because of concerns
fully begin this year.                             them enhance their air service.                about ground handling; however, because
    Several meetings have been held with               The airport’s primary grant focus was      the airport owns the ground support
state legislators regarding the state’s role       to attract an additional carrier, with the     equipment and partners with the FBO, the
in air service. Commercial air service has         resulting competition expected to lower        airport now provides a de facto ground
an economic impact in Iowa, and there is           fares for business travel. This is to be       handling company and a viable alterna-
a critical need for state assistance in            accomplished by reducing a new carrier’s       tive.
fostering this important role. Since 9/11,         risk while entering the Siouxland market.                  CSA Update, go to next page

12                                                                                                SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
CSA Update, from previous page
    The airport is also nearly ready to        runways) is ¾ mile. The increased            Des Moines International Airport
unveil a frequent user program to reward       visibility requirement is primarily due to
passengers who use the airport on a            the fact that the system does not have a
routine basis. The program is similar to       Medium Intensity Approach Landing
the frequent user programs offered by          System (MALSR). The addition of the
airlines.                                      MALSR will lower the visibility require-
    The major component of the frequent        ment which will increase safety, reduce
user program is the development of a new       delays, and decrease missed approaches
lounge/business center. The airport has        and cancelled operations. Other ILS
utilized a state of Iowa Commercial            landing aids, including distance measur-
Service Vertical Infrastructure grant to       ing equipment and runway visual range
pay for a portion of the development           equipment are included in this project.
work.                                              Allegiant Air, providing non-stop
    With warm tones and lots of glass          service to Las Vegas, added flights in
looking out onto the aircraft parking          March to accommodate traffic due to
                                                                                            Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell helps
ramp, comfortable furniture and a flat         travel associated with spring break and
                                                                                            celebrate the return of non-stop service between
screen television, the new lounge/business     the UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 NASCAR
                                                                                            Des Moines and Washington, D.C. Boswell was
center is the perfect place for frequent       race. Also, Allegiant has recently in-
                                                                                            one of many Iowa politicians who endorsed filling
users to relax or get some work accom-         creased leg-room in the MD 80 aircraft it
                                                                                            the lottery slot at Reagan National Airport with the
plished prior to departure.                    uses, providing more comfort for passen-
                                                                                            Des Moines non-stop service.
                                               gers. Allegiant continues to be a strong
The Eastern Iowa Airport                       performer at the Eastern Iowa Airport.           Non-stop service to Washington, D.C.
                                                                                            from Des Moines has returned, with
    The Eastern Iowa Airport has recorded
                                               The Fort Dodge Regional Airport              Northwest’s Airlink, a 44-passenger
the highest number of January passengers
                                                   The Fort Dodge Regional Airport is       regional jet, taking off on its inaugural
in the airport’s history, with 76,231
                                               getting ready for spring clean-up and the    flight on March 1. On board the christen-
passengers counted. This breaks a record
                                               start of the summer season. This spring’s    ing flight were Congressman Leonard
set in January 1999, when the total
                                               schedule includes finishing and closing      Boswell and Congressman Tom Latham
number of passengers for the month was
                                               out last year’s Aviation Improvement         who, like other members of Iowa’s
                                               Program projects: parking lot renovation     delegation, endorsed filling the slot at
    Larry Mullendore, Airport Director,
                                               and runway extension projects.               Reagan National Airport with the Des
said the airport is off to a fantastic start
                                                   On Feb. 2, 2005, the Federal Aviation    Moines non-stop service. The flight,
for 2005. “We have confidence in our
                                               Administration awarded a 10-year, $1.9       which departs at 7:30 a.m. and returns at
incumbent air carriers and they are
                                               billion contract to Lockheed Martin Corp.    7:25 p.m., replaces the Midwest Airlines
performing for passengers. These num-
                                               to operate its 58 Automated Flight Service   non-stop flight which used a full-size jet.
bers demonstrate that.”
                                               Stations (AFSS) located throughout the       That service was initiated in 2000 and
    Air traffic at the Eastern Iowa Airport
                                               country. The contract represents an          discontinued last June.
has been steadily returning to pre 9/11
                                               estimated savings of $2.2 billion over the       Townsend Engineering, long-time
numbers, with ongoing service from the
                                               next ten years and was part of President     corporate member of the general aviation
six air carriers: American Connection,
                                               Bush’s “competitive sourcing” policy         contingent at the airport, sponsored a
American Eagle, Allegiant Air, Delta
                                               initiative. This initiative urges federal    pizza luncheon for 2nd shift field mainte-
Connection/Comair, Northwest and
                                               agencies to determine whether or not their   nance employees, in appreciation of Snow
United Express.
                                               commercial activities can be outsourced      Desk operations efforts to bring in their
    Mullendore said the airport had a
                                               to save money. Lockheed’s plan is to         Citation 10 on New Year’s Day evening.
boost from the University of Iowa football
                                               reduce the number of flight service          Ted Townsend himself thanked the staff,
team’s trip to the Capitol One Bowl in
                                               stations from 58 to 20 over the next two     saying it is good to know that there are
December. Fans flying to Orlando via
                                               years. See the article on page 4 on how      good people at the Des Moines Interna-
charter flights departed in December but
                                               this will affect the Fort Dodge AFSS.        tional Airport with his best interest in
returned in January, adding to the January
                                                                                            mind, knowing that safety is paramount.
                                                                                                The airport is moving ahead with two
    The airport has received a $1.5 million
                                                                                            key projects: 1) Runway 13/31 will be
federal grant to install an Instrument
                                                                                            closed April 18 for installation of a new
Landing System (ILS) for Runway 27.
                                                                                            runway lighting system, new runway
The minimum visibility for a fully
                                                                                            shoulders and a complete overlay of the
equipped ILS system is ½ mile. The
                                                                                            existing surface. Completion of the
current minimum visibility for Runway 27
                                                                                            project is slated for October 2005. 2)
(one of our primary instrument landing
                                                                                                        CSA Update, go to next page

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                                           13
CSA Update, from previous page
18,000 square feet will be added to the        escalators, two restrooms, space for TSA   Quad Cities International Airport
stem area of the terminal where the            locker and break rooms, and areas for          Daily non-stop service to Dallas/Ft.
security screening checkpoint is located.      training and staff. This project will be   Worth on American Eagle will begin on
Features to be added include two new           finished in time for the Thanksgiving      June 9. This schedule is specifically aimed
security lanes, a new elevator, two new        peak travel period.                        at providing good international connec-
                                                                                          tions to Mexico and South America for
                                                                                          regional corporations who do business
                                                                                          there. Political leaders in Washington,
       2005-2006                                                                          D.C., along with area corporations, were
       Iowa Airport Directory                                                             very influential in securing the new flight.
                                                                                              The Quad Cities International Airport
           The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation gener-
                                                                                          had 12 consecutive months of enplanement
       ates a new airport directory every two years. Development of the 2005-
                                                                                          records from February 2004 through
       2006 Iowa Airport Directory is underway and will soon be completed.
                                                                                          January 2005. Total annual enplanements
           Later this spring, the directory will be mailed to Iowa pilots at each
                                                                                          for 2004 were 442,737.
       public use airport. It will also be available to order on-line through the
                                                                                              The expanded non-stop service to
       Publications and Education section of iawings.com, or by calling the
                                                                                          Orlando on AirTran Airways began March
       Office of Aviation at 515-239-1875.
                                                                                          9. There are now four weekly non-stop
                                                                                          flights to the magical city every Monday,
                                                                                          Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
                                                                                              Recent upgrades to the Northwest
                                                                                          Airlink schedule have been announced.
                                                                                          They include a 69-seat Avro regional jet to
                                                                                          Minneapolis (with first class seating), and
                                                                                          three of the four flights to Detroit using
                                                                                          50-seat regional jets.

                                                                                          Mason City Municipal Airport
                                                                                              The airport recorded 15,685 enplaned
                                                                                          passengers for CY2004, an 8 percent
                                                                                          increase over the previous year, and the
                                                                                          highest number since 1998 when two
                                                                                          carriers served the airport (the enplaned
                                                                                          total that year was 15,559). These statistics
                                                                                          demonstrate that travelers are utilizing
                                                                                          their local airport for their travel needs.
                                                                                              In February, Congressman Tom
                                                                                          Latham, Senator Chuck Grassley and
                                                                                          Senator Tom Harkin announced a federal
                                                                                          Airport Improvement Program grant in the
                                                                                          amount of $6.8 million, for rehabilitation
                                                                                          of the airport’s runways 17/35 and 12/30.
                                                                                          The project also includes the relocation of
                                                                                          the localizer from the 17 runway safety
                                                                                          area, and reimbursement for land in the 30
                                                                                          runway safety area. This will bring the
                                                                                          runways up to the current Federal Aviation
                                                                                          Administration standards. This important
                                                                                          safety project is expected to be completed
                                                                                          this summer.
                                                                                              Airport Chairperson Joni Dunn and
                                                                                          Airport Manager Pam Osgood spent Feb.
                                                                                          27 – March 2 in Washington, D.C. Each
                                                                                          year, the Mason City Chamber of Com-
                                                                                          merce travels to the nation’s capital to
                                                                                          keep Iowa’s senators and congressmen
                                                                                          abreast of the aviation issues for Mason
                                                                                          City and the state.

14                                                                                        SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
Aerial applicators provide
cost-savings for highway projects

         viation contractors hired by the
         Iowa Department of Transporta-            Seed is loaded into a hopper in
         tion (DOT) performed aerial               preparation for aerial application.
seeding and fertilizing along the state’s
highways during the months of February
and March.
    This method of roadside erosion
control has been used by the DOT for
many years because of its cost-saving
benefits, vast coverage areas and success
rate. Seed is best applied in the late
winter months so that it will germinate in
the spring.
    Three aviation contractors were hired
for eight different erosion control
projects. The contractors are: Klinkenborg
Aviation of Parkersburg, Air Advantage
of Mount Pleasant, and Todd’s Flying
Services of Ankeny.
    The following aerial seeding erosion
control projects were completed.
    Dubuque County – Iowa 151 from
two miles north of Cascade to three miles
southeast of U.S. 61
    Jones County – Monticello bypass
    Mahaska County – Eddyville bypass
    Sioux/Plymouth counties – Alton
    Henry County – U.S. 218 from the
Lee County line north to approximately
five miles south of U.S. 34
    Henry County – Mount Pleasant
    Marshall County – U.S. 30 from
approximately five miles west of
Le Grand to the Mesquakie Bingo Casino
Hotel entrance
    Wapello/Jefferson counties – U.S.
34 from 1.6 miles east of Iowa 16 east to
the Fairfield bypass
    Ground crews provided support in
vehicles with amber lights parked along
the roadside at the start and finish of each   John Newton of Air Advantage in Mount Pleasant
project area. These vehicles provided          applies native grass along 63 acres of right of
visual, land-based markers to denote the       way as part of an erosion control project on the
boundaries of the project.                     new U.S. 34 bypass around the north side of
    Temporary road signs were posted in        Mount Pleasant.
the project areas indicating aerial flights
were underway. Planes flew 30 to 100           traffic volumes. Ground crews, including
feet above the ground, making several          flaggers, provided traffic control during
passes over the same area during the           the landings and take-offs.
application process. The planes would              For more information on the DOT’s
take off and land periodically to load         statewide aerial erosion control projects,
materials. Their landing sites included        contact Ole Skaar with the department’s
local airports, area landing strips, and       roadside development section at 515-239-
county roads and state highways with low       1425 or ole.skaarjr@dot.iowa.gov.

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                15
                     Aviation Calendar
Contact the activity host
for more information                      May 7, 2005                                   May 24-25, 2005
                                          Pella Tulip Time Flight Breakfast             21st Annual Central Region
April 16, 2005                            Breakfast $4 Adults, $3 children under 12     Airport Conference
Fly-in Pancake Breakfast                  FREE to pilots in command                     Overland Park Convention Center
7 am – 11 am                              Shuttle available to Tulip Festival May 5-7   Overland Park, KS
Sponsored by:                             Pella, Iowa Municipal Airport                 Info: 816-795-6616 or
ISU Flying Cyclones / Haps Air Service    Info: www.pellatuliptime.com                  www.faa.gov/arp/ace/conf2005
FREE to pilots in command                 641-628-9393 (Shane)
Airplane rides, and the Visionair                                                       June 5, 2005
EV-10 jet will be on display              May 13 – September 16, 2005                   Fly-in & Breakfast
Ames, Iowa Municipal Airport              Friday Night Cookouts                         7 am – 10:30 am
Info: 515-232-4310 (Christa)              Every Friday 5 pm – 7 pm                      Red Oak, Iowa Municipal Airport
651-261-6274 (Jacob)                      Sponsored by: Clinton Aeroclub                Info: 712-623-6523 (Howard Viner)
                                          Clinton, Iowa Municipal Airport
April 21, 2005                            Info: 563-242-3292 or                         June 5, 2005
Aviation Safety Seminar                   flycwi@clinton.net                            Fly-in Breakfast
Wings Program                                                                           7 am – 11 am
7 pm                                      May 14, 2005                                  Sponsored by:
Community Center                          Open House                                    Pilots Association of Washington
Cherokee, Iowa                            10 am – 3 pm                                  FREE to pilots in command,
Info: 1-800-728-7250 (Roger Clark)        EAA Young Eagles                              Homebuilts, Antiques and Warbirds.
roger.clark@faa.gov                       Vinton, Iowa Municipal Airport                Young Eagle Rides
                                          Info: 319-373-3971                            Washington, Iowa Municipal Airport
April 24, 2005                                                                          Info: 515-334-7473 (John Grim)
15th Annual Fly-in / Drive-in Breakfast   May 14, 2005
8 am – 12 pm                              Open House                                    June 5, 2005
Hosted by:                                Begins at 8 am                                Flight Breakfast
The University of Dubuque Flight Team     Newton, Iowa Municipal Airport                6:30 am – 10:30 am
FREE to pilots in command                 Info: 641-792-1292 (Ethan)                    FREE to all Fly-ins
Dubuque, Iowa Regional Airport                                                          Audubon, Iowa Municipal Airport
Info: 563-589-3180 (Kim Bruggenwirth)     May 15, 2005                                  Info: 712-563-3780 (Barbara Smith)
                                          Annual Fly-in Breakfast
April 25, 2005                            7 am – 12 pm                                  June 5, 2005
National Association of Priest Pilots     FREE to all Fly-ins                           Flight Breakfast
(NAPP)                                    Cherokee, Iowa Municipal Airport              7 am – 11 am
Spring Midwest Regional Meeting           Info: 712-225-2810                            Sponsored by: Optimist Club
Mason City, Iowa Airport                                                                & Denison Aviation
Info: 641-435-2070                        May 21, 2005                                  FREE to all Fly-ins
                                          Flight Breakfast / Open House                 Denison, Iowa Municipal Airport
May 1, 2005                               7 am – 1 pm                                   Info: 712-263-2781 (Barry)
Fly-In / Drive-In                         Co-Sponsored by:
7 am – 12 pm                              North Iowa Air Service                        June 11, 2005
FREE to pilots in command                 & EAA Chapter 94                              International Young Eagles Day
Sponsored by: Sac City Kiwanis            FREE to pilots in command                     At an Airport Near You – Iowa
Kite Tournament 2 pm – 4 pm               Aircraft Display & Rides in vintage           Info: 808-934-8888
Sac City, Iowa Municipal Airport          B-25 Bomber                                   Website: www.youngeagles.com
Info: 712-662-7801 (Julie Howes)          North Iowa Air Service Hangar
712-660-0414                              Mason City, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                          Info: 641-424-9366 (Todd)

16                                                                                      SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
June 12, 2005                                June 24-26, 2005                           July 4, 2005
Airshow & Flight Breakfast                   Balloons in June                           Fly-in Breakfast
7 am – 10 am Breakfast                       Friday 6 pm – Sunday 6 pm                  6 am – 10 am
10 am – 12 pm Airshow                        Fly-in Breakfast on 25th & 26th            Sponsored by: Corning Chamber
Young Eagle Event & Air Guard                5:45 am – 12 pm Breakfast                  of Commerce
Static Aircraft Display                      Clinton, Iowa Municipal Airport            Corning, Iowa Municipal Airport
Spencer, Iowa Municipal Airport              Info: www.balloonsinjune.us/pages/1/       Info: 641-322-3243
Info: 712-262-1000 (Gayle)                   index.htm
spencerairport@smunet.net                                                               July 4, 2005
                                             June 25-26, 2005                           Estherville Flight Breakfast
June 12-15, 2005                             Quad City Air Show                         7 am – 11 am
Youth Aviation Camp                          Featuring the U.S. Airforce Thunderbirds   Estherville, Iowa Municipal Airport
Ages: 9 – 12                                 with Iowa native Lieutenant Colonel        Info: 712-362-2761 (Paul)
Iowa 4-H Camp                                Michael Chandler                           estavtn@netins.net
Madrid, Iowa                                 Davenport, Iowa Airport
Registration information:                    Info: www.quadcityairshow.com              July 4, 2005
www.extension.iastate.edu/4HCenter                                                      Annual Flight Breakfast
Info: 515-964-8417 (Jay Staker)              June 26, 2005                              7 am – 11 am
                                             Fly-in                                     Paullina, Iowa Municipal Airport
June 17, 2005                                7 am – 12 pm                               Info: 712-448-2522 (Brian)
Fly-in Breakfast                             FREE to pilots in command
7 am – 12 pm                                 1st fly-in with new terminal & ramp!       July 4, 2005
Hosted by: 1040 WHO Radio                    Pocahontas, Iowa Municipal Airport         Annual Flight Breakfast
Van & Bonnie (Van’s Birthday)                Info: 712-335-4382 (Gary)                  with Pancake Man
FREE to pilots in command                                                               7 am – 10 am
Exec 1 Hangar                                June 26, 2005                              Sponsored by: Atlantic Jaycees
Ankeny, Iowa Municipal Airport               Flight Breakfast                           Featuring P-51 Mustang “Big
Info: 515-965-1020 (Jamie)                   Classic Car Show 8 am – 12 pm              Beautiful Doll”
                                             FREE to pilots in command                  Atlantic, Iowa Airport
June 18, 2005                                Eagle Grove, Iowa Municipal Airport        Info: 712-243-3056
Fly Van Buren-Keosauqua                      Info: 515-532-3459 (Ryan)
Fly-In Breakfast                                                                        July 4, 2005
6 am – 10 am                                 June 26, 2005                              Annual Flight Breakfast
FREE to all Fly-ins                          Fly-In Breakfast                           7 am – 11 am
Sponsored by: The Keosauqua                  7 am – 12 pm                               Sponsored by:
Lyons Club                                   Sponsored by: Fairmont Lions Club          Iowa Falls Windsockers EAA
Keosauqua, Iowa Municipal Airport            Fairmont, Minnesota Municipal Airport      Chapter 1324
Info: 1-800-868-7822 (Stacey)                Info: 507-235-2537 (Al)                    Iowa Falls, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                                                                        Info: 641-648-3191 (Kevin / Jane)
June 19, 2005                                June 28, 2005
Optimists’ Fly-In Breakfast                  Pilot Safety Meeting                       July 10, 2005
(Father’s Day)                               7 pm                                       Flight Breakfast
7 am – 1 pm                                  Red Oak, Iowa Municipal Airport            7 am – 10 am
FREE for Kids 6 and under                    Info: 712-623-6523 (Howard Viner)          Sponsored by:
All pilots who fly-in eat breakfast free!!                                              Rodrunner Flying Club
Maquoketa, Iowa Municipal Airport            July 3, 2005                               FREE to all Fly-ins
Info: 563-652-2484 (Brian Wagner)            Annual Fly-in / Drive-in Breakfast         Drake Airfield (2Y1)
                                             6:30 am – 11:30 am                         Radcliffe, Iowa
June 19, 2005                                Aircraft on Display                        Info: 515-899-2121 (Drake)
60th Annual Flight Breakfast                 Airplane & Helicopter rides
7 am – 11 am                                 FREE to pilots in command
Sponsored by: 8-Ball Aviation Club           Marion, Iowa Municipal Airport                                Aviation Calendar,
FREE to all Fly-ins                          Info: 319-377-0457 (Jan)                                             go to next page
Harlan, Iowa Municipal Airport               janwalton@earthlink.net
Info: 712-744-3366 (Olie Pash)

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                            17
Aviation Calendar,                       July 21-22, 2005                           August 19 - 20, 2005
from previous page                       Exploration of Aviation                    Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic
                                         Teacher Workshop                           Hadley Auditorium
July 10, 2005
                                         July 21 Clarinda, Iowa Municipal Airport   Jackaline Baldwin Dunlap
Fly-in Breakfast
                                         July 22 Council Bluffs Municipal Airport   Technology Center
7 am – 12:30 pm
                                         Registration information:                  University of Dubuque
FREE to Pilots and Co-Pilots
                                         www.aea10.k12.ia.us/profdev/               Dubuque, IA
Emmetsburg, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                         assesscurricinstruct.html#4012             Cost: $175 ($200 at the door)
Info: 712-852-3810 (Tony)
                                         Info: 515-964-8417 (Jay Staker)            Info: 563-589-3180 (Kim Bruggenwirth)
July 15-17, 2005
                                         July 21-23, 2005
Parachute Boogie
                                         ILPA-IBDA L-Birds Fly-in                   August 21, 2005
Council Bluffs, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                         Formation school, many activities          Fly-In / Drive-In Pancake Breakfast
Info: 402-203-4044 (Frank Forlini)
                                         All Warbirds are welcome                   7 am – 12 pm
                                         Keokuk, Iowa Municipal Airport             Sponsored by: EAA Chapter 368
July 16, 2005
                                         Info: 319-524-6378 or 6203 (Irv Lindner)   FREE to pilots in command
Fly-In Supper
                                                                                    Monona, Iowa Municipal Airport
4 pm – 7:30 pm
                                         July 21-24, 2005
Oelwein, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                         5th Annual Cessna 150-152 Club             August 21, 2005
Info: 319-283-5440 (George)
                                         National Fly-In                            Flight Breakfast
                                         Sponsored by: Cessna 150-152 Club          7 am – 12 pm
July 17, 2005
                                         4 Days of Friends, Food and Flying         Mapleton, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                         All aircraft are welcome                   Info: 712-882-1826 (Bill)
7 am – 11:30 am
                                         Camping available at the airport
Jetson Aviation Center
                                         Clinton, Iowa Municipal Airport            August 28, 2005
FREE to pilots in command
                                         Info: 805-461-1958 (Lori Colunga)          Fly-in Breakfast
Sioux Gateway Airport
                                         membership@cessna150-152.com               7 am – 1 pm
Sioux City, Iowa
                                                                                    Hosted by: Iowa City Sertoma Clubs
Info: 712-258-6563
                                         July 24, 2005                              Iowa City, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                         South Central Iowa Air Show                Info: 319-338-9222 (Jim)
July 17, 2005
                                         2 pm – 4 pm
Fly-In Breakfast
                                         Featuring Jimmy Franklin’s Jet Waco,       August 28, 2005
7 am - 12:30 pm
                                         Des Moines Skydivers & others              Fly-in / Drive-in / Airshow
Sponsored by: Monticello Flyers
                                         Gates open at Noon                         11 am – 4 pm
FREE to pilots in command
                                         Knoxville, Iowa Municipal Airport          FREE to pilots in command
Monticello, Iowa Regional Airport
                                         Info: 515-371-7836 Rick Leavengood         Manchester, Iowa Municipal Airport
Info: 319-465-5488
                                                                                    Info: 563-927-3636 (Marty)
                                         July 25-31, 2005
July 17, 2005
                                         EAA AirVenture Oshkosh                     August 28, 2005
Annual Fly-in / Drive-in Pancake
                                         Oshkosh, Wisconsin                         Wings, Wheels & Whistles Fly-In
                                         Info: www.airventure.org                   Iowa Aviation Museum
7 am – 12 pm
                                                                                    Greenfield, Iowa Municipal Airport
Sponsored by: Forest City Police
                                         August 7, 2004                             Omelet breakfast begins at 7:30am
Officers Assoc.
                                         Annual Fly-in Breakfast                    FREE to pilots in command.
Forest City, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                         Sponsored by: Humboldt Rotary              Picnic supper served at 4:30pm
Info: 641-581-2880
                                         7 am – Noon                                Info: 641-343-7184 (Lee Ann Nelson)
                                         Humboldt, Iowa Municipal Airport (0K7)     aviation@iowatelecom.net.
July 17, 2005
                                         Info: 515-332-1863 (Dave)
Flight Breakfast
                                         dave@groethland.com                        September 5, 2005
7 am – 1 pm
                                                                                    Labor Day Fly-in
FREE to pilots in command
                                                                                    6:30 am – 11 am
Honoring Richard Kohlhaas for
                                                                                    Sponsored by: Sky High Flyers
60 years of involvement in aviation
                                                                                    & EAA Chapter 1295
Algona, Iowa Municipal Airport
                                                                                    Sheldon, Iowa Municipal Airport
Info: 515-368-3061 (Dean)
                                                                                    Info: 712-324-4005

18                                                                                  SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN
September 2-5, 2005                   September 16-18, 2005                       November 2-3, 2005
(Labor Day Weekend)                   4th Annual Replica Fighter Assoc Fly-in     Iowa Aviation Conference
Annual Skydiving Event                Hosted by: EAA Chapter 1143                 Sheraton West Des Moines
Hosted by: Des Moines Skydivers       September 18 - Fly-in Breakfast             (Old University Park Holiday Inn)
8am – Dusk daily                      Osceola, Iowa Municipal Airport             Des Moines, Iowa
Tandem jumps available all weekend!   Info: 641-342-4230 (Gerald)                 For more information:
Bleacher seating & Food available!    gclark@mchsi.com                            Logistics or Registration
Fort Dodge, Iowa Regional Airport                                                 Call Michele at 515-239-1691
Info: 515-573-3881                    September 17, 2005                          michele.frank@dot.iowa.gov
fdairport@fortdodgeiowa.org           Burlington Airshow                          Speakers or Programming
                                      Southeast Iowa Regional Airport             Call Tim at 515-239-1689
September 10, 2005                    Burlington, Iowa                            tim.mcclung@dot.iowa.gov
Fly-In Breakfast                      Info: http://burlingtonairshow.tripod.com
7:30 am – 1:30 pm                                                                 February 3-4, 2006
Airplane rides, static displays,      October 1, 2005                             15th Annual Midwest Aviation
helicopter rides, & landing contest   Annual Billy Robinson                       Maintenance Symposium and Trade Show
Fairfield, Iowa Municipal Airport     Open House / Fly-in Breakfast               Sponsored by: Iowa Chapter of PAMA
Info: 641-472-3166 (Robert)           7 am – 11 am                                Hotel at the Gateway Center
lyons@iowatelecom.net                 Grinnell, Iowa Municipal Airport            Ames, Iowa
                                      Info: 641-236-8007                          Info: 319-295-5221 (Phil Conn)
September 10-11, 2005                 incredibill@hotmail.com                     PJConn@rockwellcollins.com
Fly Iowa 2005
Flight breakfasts, ground displays,   October 1, 2005
educational opportunities, vendors,   Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame Banquet
dance and airshows                    honoring Iowa’s sons and daughters.
Clarinda, Iowa Municipal Airport      Event speaker Paul Berge
Info: www.flyiowa.org                 4 pm Banquet
712-542-2136 (Gary Walter)            6 pm Induction (reservations required)
clarindamanager@iowatelecom.net       Adair County Fair Grounds
                                      Greenfield, Iowa
September 11, 2005                    Info: 641-343-7184 (Lee Ann Nelson)
Flight Breakfast                      aviation@iowatelecom.net.
7 am – 1 pm                           Open house at Iowa Aviation
Hosted by: Carroll Masonic Lodge      Museum at Greenfield Airport
FREE to all Fly-ins
Carroll, Iowa Municipal Airport       October 13-15, 2005
Info: 712-792-4980 (Don)              NIFA Region 5 SAFECON
caraviat@pionet.net                   Hosted by University of Dubuque

September 11-14, 2005
                                      Dubuque, Iowa Regional Airport
                                      Info: 563-589-3180 (Kim Bruggenwirth)
                                                                                    By the Numbers
National Association of State                                                       Aviation is important to Iowa!
Aviation Officials (NASAO)                                                            • There are 1.4 million aircraft
Annual Convention                                                                       operations each year in Iowa
Downtown Marriott                                                                     • 88% of all operations are from
Des Moines, Iowa                                                                        general aviation
Info: mlewis@nasao.org                                                                • 3 million airline passengers pass
                                                                                        through Iowa’s eight commer-
                                                                                        cial service airports
                                                                                      • 250 million pounds of cargo are
                                                                                        handled at Iowa airports each
                                                                                      • Aviation provides Iowa an
                                                                                        $834M annual economic impact
                                                                                      • Iowa’s aviation industry
                                                                                        provides 10,000 jobs through
                                                                                        direct and indirect employment
                                                                                      • Iowa has 111 public use airports
                                                                                      • There are 6,800 active pilots in
                                                                                        the state

SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN                                                                                          19
Iowa Aviation Bulletin
Office of Aviation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010

Address Service Requested

 Office of Aviation                                           Our Staff:
 Mission: To advocate and deliver aviation                    Michelle McEnany, Director
 support services that promote a safe,                        Office of Aviation
 comprehensive and competitive air transporta-                515-239-1659
 tion system; and, enhance economic                           michelle.mcenany@dot.iowa.gov
 development and improve quality of life for
 Iowans.                                                      Tim McClung, Marketing Manager
 The Iowa Aviation Bulletin is a
 quarterly publication of the Iowa Department of              Kay Thede, Program Manager
 Transportation. It is distributed free of charge to          515-239-1048
 pilots, aircraft owners and interested individuals or        kay.thede@dot.iowa.gov
 organizations. It is also available on the department’s
 Web site at: iawings.com.                                    Mike Marr, Airport Inspector
 The staff wishes to thank those who have provided            michael.marr@dot.iowa.gov
 information and reference materials for this
 newsletter.                                                  Allen Sells, Data Analyst
   Please direct comments, stories or story ideas, requests
   for additional copies, and mailing list inquiries to:      Michele Frank, Assistant Program Manager
   Tim McClung, Marketing Manager                             515-239-1691
   800 Lincoln Way                                            michele.frank@dot.iowa.gov
   Ames, IA 50010
   515-239-1875                                               Lynn Zook, Administrative Support
   tim.mcclung@dot.iowa.gov                                   515-239-1875
                                                                                                    PM004   3-29-05

20                                                                                                                    SPRING 2005 IOWA AVIATION BULLETIN