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Varsity M Association & Mizzou Alumni Association
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Annual Memberships                         Make check payable to the Mizzou Alumni Association or charge to:
___ $40 Individual (65 & older - $30)      q Visa   q Mastercard      q Discover
___ $60 Dual (65 & older - $45)
___ $30 Faculty/Staff (Dual $45)           Card Number ________________________________Expiration Date____/____
___ $20.00 True Tiger (Dual $30)
___ $30 New Grad (1-3 yrs) (Dual $45)      Signature __________________________________________________________
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    donation to Varsity M

               Return to: Mizzou Alumni Association, 123 Reynolds Alumni Center, Columbia, MO 65211-2100

                                                                                                  Columbia, MO 65211
                                                                                                  360 Hearnes Center
                                                                                                  University of Missouri-Columbia
                                Published three times a year for all University of Missouri-Columbia Varsity M members.

                                  VARSITY M INVITES MEMBERS
                                        TO TAILGATE
                              All Varsity M members are invited to
                              join us for our remaining tailgates that
                              begin two hours prior to each home
                              football game. As you will see on the
                              map below, our tailgate location is
         Fall 2007            located at the north entrance of the
   Volume 13 Issue 3          Hearnes Center, along the sidewalk, just
                              to the east of the Tiger Quarterback
                              Club tailgate. Look for our banners.
                                                                             Remaining Football Schedule
                              Another benefit to membership in the
                              Varsity M Association is access to our      10/20   Texas Tech        Columbia, MO
                              private parking lot located just west of    10/27   Iowa State        Columbia, MO
                              Providence Road off of Carrie Franke
                                                                          11/3    at Colorado       Boulder, CO
                              Drive. Members must display their
                              Varsity M window cling. If you are a        11/10   Texas A&M         Columbia, MO
                              member and have not received yours,         11/17   at Kansas State   Manhattan, KS
                              or have misplaced it, please email Jayson
                                                                          11/24   Kansas            Arrowhead Stadium
                              Meyer at There
                              is very limited parking so come early.

What’s Inside...

 Message from the President

     Homecoming 2007

 Homecoming Grand Marshall

   Where Are They Now

      Restore the Tiger

        Tiger Tribute

     Fall Sports Update
Message From the President                                      Varsity M Association
                                                                   Strategic Plan
                             Varsity M
                           Association                          Purpose
                                                                Uniting Mizzou Champions for Life
                           “Uniting Mizzou Champions
                                      for Life”                 Mission
                               Brad Scrivner, President
                                 Football 1989-1991
                                                                The Varsity M Association unites Mizzou varsity
                                                                letter winners into a passionate team with a life-long
Greetings Mizzou Letterwinners. On July 1st, your Varsity       commitment to each other and Mizzou Athletics
M Association (VM) successfully transitioned leadership and     through our partnership with the University of
I will be serving as your President until June 30, 2009. A      Missouri Athletic Department and the Mizzou Alumni
big “thank you” to former President, Sandi Strother. She        Association.
has been a giant in this organization, serving tirelessly to
advance your goals, represent your interests, and establish     Core Values
a firm foundation for future growth. Thanks as well to
                                                                •   Excellence
the Varsity M Board. I appreciate your time, effort, and
                                                                •   Tradition
dedication to “reunite former Mizzou student athletes in
the spirit of fellowship and cooperation.” Finally, thanks      •   Integrity
to the University of Missouri Athletic Department and           •   Teamwork
the Mizzou Alumni Association, who continue to be great         •   Pride
partners in supporting our goals.
As former athletes, you are well aware that anytime a
transition occurs, it’s an opportunity to reflect on where      1. Develop a vibrant, life-long membership base
we’ve been, where we’re going, what worked well, what              • Increase awareness and membership of both
needs improvement, and what things we should and                     current and alumni letter winners
shouldn’t be doing. As a result, the VM Board committed            • Increase participation and retention
to a strategic planning process which was facilitated by           • Increase active involvement in “giving back”
Varsity M Secretary, Nancy Hedrick. With the input of                opportunities
the VM Board and the leadership and expertise of Nancy,
this process was successfully completed and ratified on         2. Promote leadership and organizational structure for
August 25, 2007. One of the later articles in the newletter        long term stability.
summarizes the full strategic plan, but our new purpose is
                                                                   • Increase the volunteer base
“Uniting Mizzou Champions for Life.”
                                                                   • Strengthen the leadership base
I look forward to continuing the momentum of the VM                • Strengthen the structure and process
Association and will focus on three primary goals over
the next two years. First, we are going to focus our            3. Develop a solid base of sustained financial support
resources (time, money, etc.) in order to be the best at a
                                                                   • Increase membership income and individual giving
few things (those things identified as being strategic to our
association). Second, we want to develop an organizational         • Increase corporate and local businesses
structure which promotes long term success…one which                 donations and sponsorships
moves former letterwinners from a “ticket holder” to being         • Increase long term and endowment giving
“in the stands” to being “on the field.” Finally, we want
to continue to diversify our board and membership, firmly       4. Strengthen strategic partnerships to the mutual
believing that better decisions occur when multiple views          benefit of all
and life experiences are represented.                              • Continue to strengthen the relationship with the
Thanks in advance for your support and please consider                Athletic Department
how you might be able to contribute.                               • Maintain a strong relationship with the Mizzou
                                                                      Alumni Association
For Mizzou,                                                        • Pursue new strategic partnerships as appropriate

Brad Scrivner
President – Varsity M Association                                            Adopted by the Varsity M Board of Directors                                                                                on August 25, 2007
                                                                  2007 Mizzou Homecoming
                                                                       Grand Marshall

                                                                                                             Pro Football Hall of
                                                                                                             Fame member “Roger
                                                                                                             the Dodger” will serve
                                                                                                             as the 2007 Mizzou
                                                                                                             Homecoming Grand

                                                                                                             Please join your fellow
                                                                                                             Mizzou letterwinner,
                                                                                                             Rober Wehrli, in
                                                                                                             Columbia to celebrate
                                                                                                             the world’s first and
                                                                                                             grandest Homecoming

                                                                                                             The 1970 College of

    Homecoming 2007                                                                                          Education graduate
                                                                                                             earned varsity football
                                                                                                             letters in 1966, 1967
Saturday, October 20, 2007                                                                                   and 1968 and was
                                                                                                             inducted into the Pro
In 1911, the University of Missouri Director of Athletics,                                                   Football Hall of Fame
Chester Brewer, issued a call to all alumni to return                                                        on August 4, 2007.
home for the Missouri-Kansas football game. Once again,
the Varsity M Association renews the call to you as a           The St. Louis Cardinals bolstered their secondary with the
letterwinner to return home to Mizzou and celebrate             selection of cornerback Roger Wehrli in the first round of the
Homecoming with your former Tiger teammates.                    1969 draft. An All-American at Missouri, Wehrli picked off 10
                                                                passes as a senior as well as led the nation in punt returns that
Join us early on Saturday morning for the annual                year.
HOMECOMING PARADE (time to be announced). We
invite you to walk alongside our float down the streets of      Wehrli, utilizing his speed, finesse, and strength, easily made the
Columbia while we honor some MIZZOU GREATS that we              transition to the NFL and for the next 14 seasons was a steadying
have asked to be guests on our float!                           force on the Cardinals defense. His reliable and durable play at the
                                                                right cornerback position forced opposing quarterbacks to avoid
Following the parade, Varsity M members and their families      his area.
are invited to join in our largest TAILGATE of the year. Join   Wehrli earned a starting role with the Cardinals as a rookie and
us for food and drinks on the north side of the Hearnes         contributed three interceptions and led the team in punt returns.
Center.                                                         The following season, he picked off a career-high six passes - a feat
                                                                he would match in 1975 - to earn his first All-Pro and All-NFC
Finally, gather with hundreds of fellow MU letterwinners as     honors. He also was named to the first of seven Pro Bowls that
we join Marching Mizzou to welcome the team ON THE              year.
                                                                Roger set eight MU records which include the most interceptions
Mizzou Athletics has extended a special offer especially for    in a season and most in a game. He was named an all-American and
Varsity M members. Discounted tickets are available for         had the opportunity to play in all star games.
$35 each (a savings of $20 per ticket!). Contact Jayson
Meyer at or (800) 372-6822 to get         While at Mizzou, Wehrli was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta
the details on how to take advantage of this special Varsity    fraternity and the Mystical Seven senior honorary. Wehrli along
M member benefit.                                               with his wife Gayle reside in St. Charles, Missouri.
These are all events that you won’t want to miss! For more      The Varsity M Association welcomes back one of its own!!
information visit
                                       Where They Are Now
BASKETBALL                                                              FOOTBALL (continued)
Jerry A. Fowler, BS-Education (‘59), M-Education (‘66). Jerry           Harold Burnine, BS-Education (‘56). Harold, also know as
turned 80 years old in June and had a big birthday party with family    “Hank”, is semi retired after 42 years in Health Care. He was a
and friends. Two former MU Basketball players attended, Bud             letter winner in both Football and Track.
Heineman and Bob Murrey.
                                                                        Jack Frier, BS-Business Administration (‘50), lettering in Football
Howard V. Garrett, BS-Education (‘63), M-Education (‘67).               & Baseball. Jack and his wife Dotty have been married for 57
Recently Howard has become a board member with the Varsity              years. They just moved to St. Peters, MO after living in Webster
M Association. As of July 1, he also has become a member of             Groves, MO for 52 years.
the Springfield, MO/ Greene County Park Board, serving on the
recreation committee. He retired in 1997 as Principal of Poplar         SWIMMING
Bluff, MO High School. Currently he serves as a deacon at Second        Rick Kammerer, BS-Business Administration (‘80). Rick started
Baptist Church in Springfield, MO and has been on mission trips to      swimming competitively again after a 28 year hiatus. He is training
Mongolia. He has been married for 44 years to his wonderful wife        with the Rice Aquatics Masters team in Houston and recently won
Judy Kay and has three children and nine grand children. The 10th       his age group in the South Central Zone Championships in the
grandchild is on the way arriving in February of 2008.                  50 free, 100 free, and 100 back. He’s on to Nationals in August.
                                                                        Good luck, Rick!
B. D. Simon, BS-Civil Engineering (‘38). B.D. turned 91 years old       GOLF
on July 10. Mr. Simon has received the distinguished service award      Fred Mayer, Fred serves as council for the Armstrong Teasdale
from the University of Missouri Alumni Association, which is the        Law Firm in St. Louis and never misses a Mizzou Football game.
highest award given by the MAA. He also received the Bronze
Star with the United States Army for his work with the Filipino         Gary L. Stickfaden, BS-Business Administration (‘65). Gary
Guerrilla Unit. He serves as a chairman on the board for the            followed his career for 30 years with KPMG and retired to pursue
University of Missouri Engineering Advisory Council as well as on       his dream of playing professional golf. He did so for 9 years and
the Columbia College Council.                                           now he is awaiting the return of his amateur status so he can
                                                                        compete in the Senior Am Gold events. He and his wife of 44
John W. Tabash, BA-Bio Science (‘77). John is enjoying his              years, Nancy, travel to see their grandchildren quite often.
orthopedic practice. The majority of his patients are between 8-
16 years of age and they keep him young. He has been married for
21 years to his lovely wife Mary & has two great children, Julie, 18,   TRACK
and John, 16. He enjoyed his years at Mizzou and had fun playing        Dale E. Steffey, BS-Civil Engineering (‘44). Dale is now 85 years
football. He said he had a great group of teammates and coaches         old and retired. He enjoys drawing, painting, and cartoon drawing
and most importantly received a great education.                        as a hobby.

Sid Lindley, BS-Business Administration (‘51). Sid keeps in frequent    Howard W. Robertson, BS-Agriculture (‘57), lettering in
contact with Roland Oakes, who played football in ’45 - ’48. Roland     Football & Track. Howard has been with State Farm Insurance in
lives nearby and they see each other frequently for lunch.              Highland as an agent for 48 years. He has a granddaughter whom
                                                                        attends Mizzou.
Bob Orsi, BS-Recreation & Park Administration (‘74). Bob
recently retired after 32 years as the Director of Park and
Recreation with the Geneseo Community Park District. He
also retired from the IC Association of Park Districts Board of
Directors in July 2007.                                                        Thanks to Our Sponsors!
Russ Sloan, BS-Education (‘61), M-Education (‘63). Russ recently
accepted the Directorship of the Business Resources Center at
Lake-Sumter Community College in Leesburg, Florida.
Rich P Bernsen, BS-Business Administration (85’), BS-Secondary
Math Education. Rich is now retired from his teaching career of
20 years. Before that, he worked in credit & collection.
Ray Cliffe, BA-Art (‘48). Ray was involved with football as a
player, coach, & official for 64 years. He played pro football with
the St. Louis Knights in ‘53-‘54. He is in the Missouri State and St.
Louis Football Hall of Fame, as well as receiving the coveted Bob
Broeg Award in 2006. Ray also received the Don Faurot Man of
the Year Award in 2007.
                                                                                                                 Alumni Association

Early this summer, the Governing Board of the University of                  in the State of Missouri, but we cannot afford to ignore it
Missouri Alumni Association passed a resolution in favor of                  and still be true to our University’s mission and to those
restoring our official name to the University of Missouri. For many          MU serves.
years, our alumni board has been concerned with the regional             The mission of the Alumni Association is to support the best
moniker placed on our name (University of Missouri-Columbia)             interests and traditions of Missouri’s flagship university and
with the creation of the University of Missouri System.
                                                                         its alumni worldwide. In 1892 our alumni, along with fellow
We joined the For All We Call Mizzou National Campaign                   Columbians, defended the Columns from being pulled down after
Steering Committee in asking for this restoration. Since then, a         fire destroyed Academic Hall. Then they went to work right away
host of campus groups including the Jefferson Club Trustees, MU          to raise enough money to ensure the University would be rebuilt
Faculty Council, MU Staff Advisory Council, Graduate Professional        around that site. Those supporters helped “restore the roar”
Council, and MU Retirees Association have endorsed the name              when MU needed them. Our reasons to restore our name are
restoration.                                                             solid. Our University is a world-class institution with an extremely
                                                                         bright future. It is time, with your help, to Restore the Roar!
We believe there are several compelling reasons why it is time for
this change:                                                             Titus Blackmon
1. It is our historic name. Naturally, since the University              President - Mizzou Alumni Association
    of Missouri was our name for more than 120 years, our      
    campus is commonly referred to as such. Whether it is how
    we are referred to within our peer group, in the halls on
    Capitol Hill or when our Tigers take the field or court, we are
    known as the University of Missouri. We are simply asking the
    Board of Curators to allow the University to use that name
    on a daily basis.
2. Regionalism is rampant in Missouri. For many of those
    first 120 years, Missouri had one University with a statewide
    mission and name. Today, there are three universities                      Varsity M Association
                                                                                Board of Directors
    with statewide names: Truman State University (formerly
    Northeast Missouri State), Missouri State University (formerly
    Southwest Missouri State), and the soon to be Missouri
    University of Science and Technology (currently University of
    Missouri-Rolla). These three universities along with several                               Brad Scrivner, President
    others have statewide missions as well. Our flagship, public                              Carl Fudge, Vice-President
    research, land-grant university has a regional name and,                                 Lynette Morasch, Treasurer
    frankly, it is used against us in the increasing competitive world
    of higher education every day. It is time that our name once          Rich Bernsen      Nancy Hedrick   Terry Maglich     Sandi Strother
    again matches our mission.                                            George Boucher    Brock Hessing   Terri McHolland   Ray Uriarte
                                                                          Howard Garrett    Randy Jostes    Bob Meyers        Henry Wiebe
3. Now is the time. Until this point, we have respected the               Bob Gooch         Al Laffoon      Rick Penrose
    uniformity of campus identifications within the University of
    Missouri System. This year the Board of Curators granted                    Direct comments and questions about the Varsity M
    approval for the University of Missouri-Rolla to change its               Association to Brad Scrivner at
    name to Missouri University of Science and Technology
    (Missouri S&T). We believe this change opens the door to                   Questions regarding MUAA/VM membership should be
    discuss the restoration of our name, something our alumni                   directed to Jayson Meyer at
    have wanted for a long time. We didn’t start the “name game”
                                                  Tiger Tributes
Bus Entsminger                                                           Navy Veteran of
                                                                         World War II.
                 Guy H. “Bus” Entsminger, one of the stars of
                 the University of Missouri football teams of the        Sheehan served as superintendent of the Normandy School
                 1940s, died on June 30 at age 83.                       District before taking the Mizzou AD job. He was superintendent
                                                                         of schools in his hometown of Brookfield after leaving Mizzou.
                Entsminger lettered for Don Faurot’s Tigers
                in 1942, and, after a four-year hiatus serving in        Mel was a long time supporter and board member of the Varsity M
                World War II, returned to the team and lettered          Association.
                in 1946-48. He perfected Faurot’s famed “Split T”                       Information from Graham Watson of St. Louis Post-Dispatch
offense, becoming a master at the quarterback option.
                                                                         Damien Nash
Entsminger led Missouri in total offense in 1947 and guided the
                                                                                              Damien Nash passed away in his hometown
Tigers to the 1948 Gator Bowl. After college, Entsminger served
                                                                                              after playing in a charity basketball game on
invarious administrative positions at MU for 40 years, including
                                                                                              February 23, 2007. He was 24 years old.
university vice president and vice chancellor of alumni.
                                                                                              The charity event was a fundraiser to benefit
Entsminger was inducted into the MU Intercollegiate Athletics
                                                                                              the Darris Nash Find A Heart Foundation, a
Hall of Fame in 1991 and received Missouri’s distinguished alumni
                                                                                              charity which raises funds for heart transplant
award a year later.
                                                                                              research. Damien created the charity in honor
                                 Information from the Columbia Tribune
                                                                                              of his older brother, Darris, a recent heart
                                                                                              transplant recipient.
Clay Cooper, Jr.                                                         Nash, a native of St. Louis, Mo., lettered for Mizzou as a tailback in
A prominent link to Missouri’s football past,
                                                                         2003 and 2004. Nash led the Tigers in rushing in his junior season
and three sport letterwinner, was lost on June
                                                                         of 2004, rushing for 792 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging
5, 2007 when longtime assistant football coach
                                                                         4.8 yards per carry in 10 games. He also caught 25 passes out of
Clay Cooper passed away. He was 89 years old.
                                                                         the backfield for 176 yards and one touchdown.
No assistant coach in more than a century
                                                                         Nash was one of the nation’s top prep running back prospects
of MU football coached more seasons than
                                                                         out of East St. Louis High School. He racked up 1,444 yards and
Cooper. He is a Hickman High School and MU
                                                                         28 TDs as a senior there, after spending his first three years at St.
graduate who joined Don Faurot’s football staff
                                                                         Louis Riverview Gardens, where he helped lead his team to the
in 1947. He held that position for the next 29 seasons, working
                                                                         1998 Missouri Class 5A state title. Nash totaled a massive 5,395
under head coaches Faurot, Frank Broyles, Dan Devine and Al
                                                                         yards rushing and 95 total TDs in his prep days, and he also threw
                                                                         for 1,160 yards and 10 TDs, as well. He chose Mizzou over Miami,
After college, Clay coached a few years in Joplin then commanded         Fla., Nebraska and Illinois, among many other schools.
PT boats in the Pacific during World War II. After serving, he
returned to his alma mater as a football and basketball assistant        Margaret “Meggie” Malm
coach.                                                                   Former Tiger soccer player Margaret “Meggie”
During Cooper’s five decades on the football staff, 55 other MU          Malm passed away from injuries suffered in a car
assistant coaches came and went through the program. Primarily           accident in her home state of Iowa on Thursday,
a defensive backs coach, Cooper tutored some of the greatest             September 20, 2007. She was 22 years old.
players in team history, including College Football Hall of Famers       “Meggie was the ultimate teammate who embodied
Johnny Roland and Roger Wehrli.                                          everything good about life through her character,
                      Information from Dave Matter of Columbia Tribune   spirit and heart. Her family was such a big part of
                                                                         the Mizzou family and our thoughts and prayers go out to them,”
Mel Sheehan                                                              said Missouri soccer Head Coach Bryan Blitz.
                  Former University of Missouri Athletics Director       Malm played for the Tigers from 2003-06. Over her four year
                  and member of the Missouri Hall of Fame, Mel           career, she played in 74 games with 63 starts and tallied four
                  Sheehan died at his home in Brookfield, Missouri       career points mainly as a defender.
                  on July 22, 2007. He was 83.
                                                                         Notable recognitions from the University of Missouri-Columbia
                  Sheehan was a two-sport athlete from 1946-             include: Outstanding Industrial Engineering Senior, College of
                  48, becoming one of the Tigers’ greats in both         Engineering Dean’s List, Big Twelve Commissioner’s Honor Roll,
                  football and track and field.                          Academic All District 7 Soccer First Team, Mizzou 39, and Mystical
                  After graduation, Sheehan became a Big Eight           Seven Secret Society. She graduated summa cum laude with a
Conference football official from 1961-71 and later returned to          bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in May 2007 and was
be Missouri’s Athletics Director from 1972-78. He was also a US          working toward an MBA at Mizzou.
                                          Fall Sports Update
                       Playing eight games inside the state of        The men, running just the
                       Missouri in 2007, Head Coach Gary Pinkel       freshman class, took third
                       returns 15 starters from the 2006 squad        place. They will compete in
                       that finished tied for second in the Big 12    Big 12 and NCAA qualifiers as
                       North at 8-5 overall, winning eight games      they continue through their
                       for only the 10th time in school history       fall schedule.
                       and reaching the Sun Bowl. The Missouri
                                     Tigers were picked to win
                                     the Big 12 North Division
                                     title in the pre-season media    Men’s Golf:
                                     polls this year. Chase Daniel                          The men’s golf team kicked off the fall with
                                     and our two outstanding                                a rigorous travel schedule as they continue
                                     tight ends, Martin Rucker                              to compete in tournaments all over the
                                     and Chase Coffman, have led                            country. Tigers finished fourth at their
                                     the Tigers to a strong non-                            season-opening tournament at the Purdue
                                     conference record of 4-0.                              Midwest Shootout. They finished 14th in
                                                                                            the Inverness Intercollegiate in Toledo, OH
                                                                                            and finished 12th Wolf Run Intercollegiate.

The Big 12 coaches tabbed seniors Na
Yang and Tatum Ailes with Preseason                                   Women’s Golf:
All-Big 12 honors. Ailes becomes the                                  Similar to the men’s team, the women’s
first defensive player or libero in the                               team hit the road to compete against some
Big 12’s history to be named to the                                   of the top competition in the country,
preseason list. The Tigers are coming                                 as they have made several appearances
off a 2006 campaign that included a                                   at several tournaments this fall in East
seventh-consecutive birth to the NCAA                                 Lansing, MI; Manhattan, KS; Las Crucas,
Tournament. As a result, Mizzou and                                   NM; the Club at Old Hawthorne; and Las
Nebraska are now the only programs in                                 Vegas; NV. In their season-opener at the
the Big 12 Conference to have made the                                Mary Fossum Invitational, Mizzou finished
post-season every year since 2000.                                    6th.

Soccer:                                                               Swimming & Diving:
The work for many started in July, when most of the players on
                                                                                                                The Tigers prepared
Mizzou’s soccer squad came back to Columbia to start summer
                                                                                                                this summer for their
classes and play pick-up games and work out for the upcoming
                                                                                                                fall season by competing
season. Five Tiger players sharpened their skills in the Women’s
                                                                                                                in the ConocoPhillips
Professional Soccer League with St. Louis-based River Cities Futbol
                                                                                                                USA National Swimming
Club. The team began the season strongly with 7-2-1 start.
                                                                                                                Championships in
                                                                                                                Indianapolis, IN. Bennett
Cross Country:                                                                                                  Clark finished 24th in
                                      Kicking off the 2007                                                      50 meter free-style and
                                      Cross Country season,                                                     Colleen Gordon finished
                                      both the men and women          in 26th place and had her best time ever. “It was great to have
                                      took home the titles in         such a strong representation for our program at the National
                                      the 2007 Missouri Cross         Championships,” said Head Coach Brian Hoffer. “The team
                                      Country Challenge at A.L.       performed at a high level. Bennett continues to become one of the
                                      Gustin Golf Course. The         best sprinters in the country. I’m also very pleased with Colleen
                                      Missouri Cross Country          and her lifetime best swim. It was a fun week in Indianapolis.”
                                      team continued its fast
                                      start to the season at
the Vanderbilt Commodore Classic as the women’s team took
home the title narrowly escaping Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt.

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