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November 1, 2010                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 1

President’s News                             education that will last a life-time.
                                             If there is ever anything you wish to discuss (ideas,
                                             concerns, recommendations, recognitions, talents to share
SAMEACH…AND HELLO!                           and more), my e-mail box is always open
The start of the school year has flown       I want to take this opportunity to thank all the parents that
by…and with so many holidays and             have volunteered their time already in helping THA and the
things going on…this is our first official   PTSO. We couldn’t do it without you!
THA PTSO Newsletter!                         I look forward to sharing this school year with all of you. I
I would like to take this opportunity to     know that THA is an amazing place, and working together
introduce myself, my name is Gina            we can make it even better! I HOPE YOU SEE YOU AT THE
Rosen and I am the President of the THA      NEXT PTSO MEETING, Friday, Nov. 12th at 8am in the
PTSO this year. I am a semi-retired          Sebold Library. Perhaps I’ll see you before that at the PTSO
school teacher of over 30 years. My          and Israel Center sponsored lunch…A TASTE OF ISRAEL
husband, Andy, and I have three              (see below for further details)!
children: Jared, 23, Edie, 20 and Manny,
                                                        SHABBAT LUNCH HELP NEEDED!
Manny is in the 7th grade at THA. Manny
entered THA when he was in 5th                 Lunch Help: Brendan needs six parents each week to help
grade…and we’re so glad he made the             set up and serve at the Shabbat Lunches from 11:30 am to
move! THA has not only provided him          1pm most Fridays. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse
with an excellent secular education; but       into your child’s day, meet other parents, sample Brendan’s
it has given him a Jewish community and       food and help out the school. It is also lots of fun! Sign up
                                                        in the office and earn those Mitzvah points.
                                                 Or call/text/email Risa Weich at 520-440-3151;

                                  This Month At A Glance…
 ♦    Taste of Israel Lunch at THA: 12:00pm, Thursday, Nov. 4th
 ♦    Nov. 4th & 5th : Parent Teacher Conferences (early dismissal on Thursday, NO SCHOOL on
 ♦    Thurs. Nov. 11th, 11:00am-12:00pm: K-3rd Grade USA Luncheon
 ♦    Nov. 15th-Nov. 18th: Healthy Living Week
 ♦    Thurs. Nov. 18th: Student Gov’t. Karaoke Night 6-8:00pm
 ♦    Fri. Nov. 19th: Teacher In-Service NO SCHOOL
 ♦    Fri. Nov. 19th: 8th Grade El Tour de Tucson Community Service
 ♦    Tues. Nov. 23rd: All School Thanksgiving Feast and Middle School Thanksgiving Concert
      from 2:45-3:30pm
 ♦    Nov. 24th-26th: Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL
 ♦    Nov. 29th-Dec. 3rd: Book Fair
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“There are three                TASTE OF ISRAEL LUNCH…yum
                      Q: What is Israeli Food?
teachers: ` arents,
instructors, and      A: Oy, soooo DE-lish!

                      Q: Can I help set up, serve or clean up?
  - Sefer Hasidim     A: Nu? The more the better!

                      Q: Should I come hungry?
                      A: Of course, shana punim... Eat, Eat! Look how you look!

   MEETING            The Israel Center and the THA PTSO are working together to create a delicious light
                      lunch for THA families.
   IN THE SEBOLD      On Thursday, Nov. 4th at 12pm (it is an early dismissal day) some visiting Israeli
                      women/chefs will prepare some yummy Israeli foods as a light lunch in the THA
  LIBRARY AT 8AM      cafeteria. The cost of this lunch will be $10.00 per family (with $2.00 of that amount
                      going to the 8th grade Israel trip…the rest is to cover costs).
    FRIDAY,           An informative flyer/e-mail was recently sent out. Hope you all received it and will be
NOVEMBER 12H 2010     able to attend. We will also need some volunteers to help the 8th graders set up, serve
                      and quick clean-up.
     FRIDAY,          Hope to share this yummy cultural experience with you!

 JANUARY 7TH 2010                        TIKKUN OLAM UPDATE

 FEBRUARY 4TH 2010    The 6th Annual THA Tikkun Olam event this past Sunday was a resounding
                      success. There were about 330 people at the JCC celebrating 14 Tucson
     FRIDAY,          Community Rabbis. The program opened with a buffet of the favorite
  MARCH 4TH 2010      childhood foods of the Rabbis being honored. Who knew that both Rabbi
                      Billy and Rabbi Shemtov love South African Sausages and that Rabbi
      FRIDAY,         Cohon’s favorite food was chicken soup with kreplach?! Klezmerkaba
   APRIL 1ST 2010     played out in the Sculpture Garden while everyone enjoyed the delicious
                      fare. As we sat down, we were treated to a fabulous video featuring our
     FRIDAY,          THA students and the Rabbis who were honored. The featured speaker,
   MAY 6TH 2010       Daniel Gordis, spoke candidly about the mutually critical ties between
                      Israel and American Jewry. And at the end of the evening, Paul Baker,
     *FRIDAY,         THA grandparent and honorary event chair, announced that the event had
   MAY 24TH 2010      raised over $300,000! We all owe a debt of gratitude to Tikkun Olam Co-
                      chairs Deborah Baker and Susan Warmack for their incredible vision and
  *APPRECIATION       hard work, which made this event one of the best ever. When you see them
PARTY DURING LAST     around school, please thank them. Their efforts directly benefit every one
      MEETING         of our children. And we can’t forget the amazing THA office staff,
                      especially Gina Baudoin, who put in many, many hours and remained calm
                      in the face of everything. The next time you volunteer for the Shabbat
                      lunch, come look at the beautiful photos of your children that THA parent
                      David Waine put together as an exhibit at the JCC for the event. Thanks to
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                                       FYI… PASSIVE FUNDRAISING
                  eScrip. Have you signed up for eScrip yet? It is        Printer Cartridge Recycling – Do you have a
                  the largest fundraising program where                   printer? Do you work at an office that does?
                  participating merchants contribute each time you        Any used printer cartridge can be recycled.
                  make a purchase. You can sign up your Safeway           Just drop your used printer cartridge in the
                  Club cards, Macy’s card, credit cards and even          receptacle in the courtyard. (No, that is not a
                  earn THA money by shopping at Office Max,               garbage can!) This is a great way to earn
                  Eddie Bauer, Barnes and Noble and more. Visit           money for THA, as well as help our
         to sign up today. Our group              environment by recycling. Now wasn’t that
                  name is Tucson Hebrew Academy and our ID# is            easy!? If you have any questions, contact
                  6633193. If you have any questions contact              Jennifer Weisman at
                  MeMe Aguila at Last       Last year we raised
                  year we raised over $2,000!                             over $300.
                  Bashas. Do you have a club card? If so, link your       Target. Everyone shops at Target. If you
                  card to THA’s Group ID# 24568 and earn money            have a Target Credit Card or Target Visa Card,
                  for THA! If you don’t have a card, get one at the       link your card to THA and the PTSO will earn
                  register. Jot “24568” on your card right now, as a      money each time you shop! Last year we
                  reminder! But don’t worry, if you forget the            raised over $800!
                  number, a store rep will look it up for you! If you
                  participated last year, please ask the cashier to re-
                  link your card to THA’s Group ID! 24568, as last
                  year’s does not carry over to this year’s campaign.

                                 SCHOOL BEAUTIFICATION UPDATE

The PTSO’s School Beautification Committee has been busy and we want you to busy with us! And an AMAZING donor
has gifted us with a sizeable amount of money to keep us busy beautifying even more and we want you to be a part of it all!

We’re scheduling a family planting day soon and would love your help getting it going. Anyone who may be able, please bring
donations of plants, planters, flowers, small shrubs, trees or succulents, old…new…from your garden…from the nursery…anything
will help! Even those old clay planters that are just taking up space in your yards—don’t worry, we’ll be beautifying them, that’s
what we do! You may bring your donations to THA and leave them to the left of the auditorium doors.

Another exciting update: The 8th grade class wants to leave their mark! They will be designing and customizing beautiful tiles to
the risers of the stairs at the end of the courtyard. We hope to have the tiles ordered in the next month and then plan a tile party for
the 8th graders to enjoy.
Parent volunteers already have in the works two more amazing benches for our courtyard. If anyone would like to sponsor a bench in
honor of a loved one, a parent has volunteered to make a third. A plaque to honor a loved one could be added to the bench. Please let
Karen Quigley know if you’re interested.
You may have noticed cloth-covered art bulletin boards in the office. Additional cloth-covered boards will be appearing on the walls
of our school. We hope this will not only enhance the look of our communication boards, but also unify the appearance throughout
the courtyard area.

A mural is being designed and will be painted above the auditorium doors. It will be painted by the same artist who already painted
a mural in the cafeteria. The Administration and Board of Directors has come up with a theme that will depict The Bill of Rights
combined with The Ten Commandments. We eagerly await the artist’s image to be submitted for the Administration's and the
Board’s approval!
We also can’t wait for the annual Art Show of all of our students’ beautiful work in Mr. Lerner’s art class. Stay tuned for a date and
also for when we will, again, be fortunate enough to display art work at the Tucson International Airport!

If you have any questions or input with regard to the School’s Beautification, please contact Chairperson, Karen Quigley at 520-603-
0234 or
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                           RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS
The PTSO’s Random Acts of Kindness Committee is seeking volunteers to help send
birthday greetings to THA faculty and staff and help mark milestones and lifecycle events,
such as sending greeting cards to acknowledge students’ Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED, as are creative ideas for additional ways that we
can brighten the day for members of our THA family.

The value of kindness cannot be measured in human terms. An act of kindness enriches the
heart of both the giver and the receiver.
                                                                              -Br. Arockiam
Please contact: Nancy Ben-Asher Ozeri, Chairperson
phone: (520) 481-8093; email:

                        NUTRITION AND WELLNESS NEWS
                                Probiotics: Should they be in Your Diet?

Did you know that many foods you eat are alive? Yogurt and fermented milk such as Dan Active and Kefir, are
some of the most common sources of probiotics, which are also called the “good” bacteria. Probiotics are
“"Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". It
is believed that approximately 70% of your immune system is located in your gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. The
average adult is host to about 100 trillion bacteria which can weigh up to 3 lbs!

There are different strains of probiotics that have different functions in the body, but all probiotics confer
health benefits and greatly enhance your immune system. For example, probiotics have been shown to
decrease symptoms of intestinal disorders, such as lactose intolerance and diarrhea, especially when it is
secondary to antibiotic use. They improve the digestion and bioavailability of nutrients. They also reduce
inflammation in the respiratory, urogenital and gastrointestinal tracts. Studies have shown that probiotics
may also improve eczema, dental caries and respiratory infections.

It’s important for everyone to be including probiotics as a part of a healthy diet as there are several factors
that can cause imbalances in intestinal flora: diet, stress, intestinal infections, aging and medicines

Probiotics are also available as supplements. Although the most common complaint of consuming more than
the recommended amounts of probiotic supplements is gas and bloating, more trials are needed to determine
the optimal doses of specific strains. If at all possible, consume probiotics from food sources. Besides,
consuming an extra serving of active dairy products can help ensure adequate calcium intake!


A penny saved is a penny earned, and in our case, a penny more toward improving our school!
The PTSO’S Penny Fundraising Committee has researched coin funnels and cannot seem to procure one
that is reasonably priced. We are exploring alternatives, and are open to suggestions to somewhat passive
fundraising, by welcoming people’s loose change in a fun and interactive way. If anyone has any ideas and the
ability to assist us, please contact co-chairs, Karen Quigley, 520-603-0234, or Ethne Girard,
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 If you make your JETCO: Jewish Education Tax Credit Organization (formerly Cheder) contribution
 before November 15, 2010 you will be entered into a drawing to win ten free lunches at THA for one of
 your children or a semester of one free after school activity at THA.
 Another drawing will be held on December 1 for 10 more free lunches or front row seats for four at the
 THA Chanukah performance.
 One more drawing on December 15 will be for 10 more free lunches and front row seats for four at the
 THA Fiddler on the Roof performance.
 Even if you are not a raffle winner, we all win when you participate in the JETCO program this year.
 Last year, JETCO provided over $522,000 to qualified THA students with demonstrated financial need
 solely through tax credit contributions. The scholarship money from JETCO frees up funds that we would
 have to use for that purpose and allows us instead to direct them to areas of teacher salaries, student
 programs, and extracurricular activities.
 Best of all, you can contribute AT NO COST TO YOU. Every THA parent who pays taxes in Arizona
 needs to take this opportunity to support our school. We are looking for 100% participation among our
 faculty and parents. Please participate at the highest level you can. Every dollar helps. Married couples
 can contribute up to $1,000 while individuals can contribute up to $500. You do not have to have a child
 attending THA or be Jewish to participate. Anyone who pays taxes in Arizona can have their tax money
 redirected to JETCO. Please ask grandparents, relatives, neighbors, and friends to join you in
 supporting JETCO and THA.


                                     A LOOK AHEAD…
                 Dec. 1st, Weds., 5-7:00pm:      MAKE A MENORAH FAMILY NIGHT
                 Dec. 2nd-9th:                   HANUKKAH
                 Dec. 3rd, Fri., 2:45-3:30pm:    ALL SCHOOL KABBALAT SHABBAT
                 Dec. 6th, Mon., 7-8:30pm:       LOWER SCHOOL HANUKKAH
                 Dec. 10th, Fri., 6-8:00pm:      6TH & 7TH GRADE SHABBAT DINNER
                 Dec. 14th-16th (Tues-Thurs.):   MIDDLE SCHOOL MID TERM
                                             ***EARLY DISMISSAL***
                 Dec. 16 , Thurs., 6-8:00pm: MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE
                 Dec. 17th, Fri.:            6th-8th GRADE COMMUNITY SERVICE
                        th        nd
                 Dec. 18 -Jan. 2 :           ***WINTER BREAK-NO SCHOOL***

 Tune in to the next Newsletter for more exciting News and a further look ahead…

    In January, 2011, there will be a Tu'Bishvat Celebration, to which all families will be welcome!
    January 7, 2011 will be the launch party for the new and improved THA website! We will keep you posted
    for further details!

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