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					                                                               advancing women’s health through education

Volume XXXIII, NO. 2, 2005                                                  ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSORS OF GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS

                                A REVIEW
                  Career Development in Academic Medicine:
                           Your Journey to Success
                                                          William P. Metheny, PhD
                                                               Brown University
                                 Lead Editor, Career Development in Academic Medicine:Your Journey to Success

  Y        ou have chosen a career in academic
           medicine. Most likely, as a resident, you
           had a faculty mentor who encouraged you
  to pursue a career of teaching, research and
  patient care. Did your mentor give you any
                                                                                                 deal, you will need someone to provide direction
                                                                                                and support. Chapter 3’s “Finding an Academic
                                                                                                Mentor” describes the benefits of mentoring and
                                                                                                what characteristics to consider in picking a
                                                                                                mentor. Many of us will have more than one
  resources to help you make this decision and,                                                mentor, depending on our interests and priorities at
  more importantly, what resources did you have                                                each career juncture.As part of the mentoring
  to start your career?                                                                       relationship, each faculty member needs to do an
     APGO knows you and your fellow                                                           annual self-evaluation as a way to measure
  academicians need a resource to help prepare for                                            performance. Chapter 4 explains how.A new chapter
  your careers and, for this reason, has produced a                                          – Chapter 5 – was added on “Research and Grant
  second edition of Career Development in Academic                                           Writing.” It stresses the importance of finding your
  Medicine:Your Journey to Success. The revision                                             niche in a research area such that you become one of
  contains six updated and three new chapters on                                            the recognized experts, both locally and nationally, on
  mentoring, research and grant writing, faculty                                            that topic. Good negotiating will put you in a position
  promotion and tenure systems, and a final                                                to get your research supported initially and, from
  chapter on “Putting It All Together: Personal Strategies for                             there, you are on your way toward getting extramural
  Advancing Your Career.”This edition offers an easy-to-read                                                        funding.This chapter provides
  conversational style of writing, with sidebars to highlight “This book is intended to                             valuable tips and resources on
  important learning points. It is written with all specialties                                                     pursuing national grants.
  in mind, not just those pursuing an academic career in           shine a bright light on all                        Regardless of your research
  obstetrics and gynecology, and is based on research                                                               funding, it is expected that you
  evidence and the authors’ own experiences.                       aspects of academic career will publish your work –
      The book is designed to be your guide at each step in                                                         publications drive the promotion
  your career development. Frankly, many faculty stumble                                                      ”
                                                                   planning and development. process at most institutions.
  through their careers without the benefit of even a                                                               Chapter 6 discusses getting
  flashlight, learning through hard knocks that they need to carefully      published and advises us to consider various venues for presentation
  plan their time and commitments.This book is intended to shine a          and publication.A paper presented should be a paper published, but
  bright light on all aspects of academic career planning and               you will need to be tenacious to get it published somewhere. Do you
  development.As with clinical care, documentation is everything.           suffer from writing procrastination? This chapter will help you get off
  Nearly every chapter reminds us to document our accomplishments           the dime. Chapter 7 is all about documenting your career in your
  and our time commitments.                                                 curriculum vitae and teaching portfolio.These are your credentials,
     From the very first chapter, the book is strategically designed to get which will be judged by others within and outside the department.
  the reader into career launch mode.The second chapter, on                 You’ll learn what belongs in both and how to document your
  “Negotiating the Terms of Employment,” is a must read. It spells out      achievements. Chapters 8 and 9 describe the promotion and
  every detail to understanding your duties, responsibilities,              tenure process and the various ways of recognizing scholarship
  compensation and benefits, and – the good news – most of it is            for teaching, research and clinical excellence. Chapter 10 ties it
  negotiable. Once you have landed the position and negotiated the                                                       continued on following page
              Association News                                                                                                    2

        Newsletter                                                                 FYI
                                                                Late Breaking News and Items of Note
                                              APGO’s 2006 Meetings                       UMEC Medical Student
        A REFEREE Update
              Page 3                                                                     Recruitment “Playbook”
                    •                           • 2006 APGO Faculty                         The APGO Undergraduate Medical
 The People Around You, Part 2                    Development Seminar                    Education Committee (UMEC) has
             Page 4                               January 7-10, 2006                     compiled a playbook of ideas to help
                    •                             Ritz-Carlton Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ      with medical student recruitment
 “Community-Based Education                                                              into ob-gyn. Free copies are available
      Gets a Boost!”                            • 2006 CREOG & APGO                      online at – click on “For
           Page 8                                 Annual Meeting                         Clerkship Directors.”
                    •                             March 2-5, 2006
     CREOG & APGO Annual                                                                 New AAMC Faculty
     Meeting:What You May                         Grande Lakes Orlando, Orlando, FL
         Have Missed                                                                     Development E-newsletter
             Page 14                          REFEREE project                               Bring professional development to your
                    •                           The REFEREE program is coming            desktop…
   2006 Faculty Development                   soon. See Page 3 for program details.      facultydev/facultyvitae/start.htm.
      Seminar: At a Glance
             Page 21
       Let’s Hear From You!
              Page 24
                                                New Mission Statement Clearly
Joint Medical Student Initiative                  Defines APGO’s Purpose
  Promotes Interest in Ob-Gyn
            Page 26                              The APGO Council and the APGO Medical Education Foundation recently
                                               adopted a new APGO mission statement to reflect the evolution of ob-gyn and
                                               women’s health education.The statement, which embodies this evolution and
                                               defines a broader vision for APGO, reads:

                                                 The Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics promotes
                                                 excellence in women’s health care by providing optimal resources and
                                                 support to educators who inspire, instruct, develop and empower
   Association of Professors of                  women’s health care providers of tomorrow.
   Gynecology and Obstetrics
…advancing women’s health through education
   2130 Priest Bridge Drive, Suite #7
         Crofton, MD 21114                                                                  A Review continued from front page
        Phone: (410) 451-9560
         Fax: (410) 451-9568
                                                Mailed With This                            all together, reminding us that we
     Web Address:                  Newsletter…                                 need to keep an inventory of our
                                                                                            professional responsibilities and the
            Donna D.Wachter                     • Career Development                        time commitments they entail – the
          APGO Executive Director                 Order Form
                                                                                            results may surprise you!
         Pamela M. Johanssen
      APGO Communications Director
                                                • “I Love Ob-Gyn” Button                       APGO’s second edition of Career
                                                  Order Form                                Development in Academic Medicine is a
      Editor, The APGO Reporter
                                                • APGO Publications                         must resource for your career, as you
        Roberta B. Rusch, MPH                     Order Form                                plot and track your accomplishments,
            WHEO Director
                                                                                            and help other faculty as their mentor.
       William H.J. Haffner, MD
                                                • APGO Women’s Healthcare                   Order your copy today. It is a quick
                                                  Education Office
             Medical Editor                                                                 read but one that you will likely find
                                                  Competencies Order Form
         James J. Neutens, PhD                                                              yourself re-reading on a regular basis.
      Elizabeth Puscheck, MD, MS                • Request For Applications                  Best wishes for a successful career in
      UMEC News Section Co-editors                (The Ford Foundation)                     academic medicine…with this book as
                                                                                            your guide.
              Association News                                                                                                    3

             Introducing REFEREE                                                                 Are You
                       A         PGO and CREOG recently partnered to create an
                                 exciting new series of online training modules for
                                 residents and faculty.The program – Resident
                         Educators/Faculty Educators: Recommendations for Educational
                         Excellence (REFEREE) – was designed to provide faculty and
                                                                                               Wearing Your
                         residents with the instructional materials and resources needed to
                         conduct learning and assessment activities. During the past year, a
                         joint committee under the direction of Dee Fenner, MD, APGO
                         president, and Sterling Williams, MD, vice president for education
    Donna Wachter        at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
APGO Executive Director (ACOG), has worked with a task force of educational experts,
along with APGO Corporate Liaison Council member Jespersen and Associates, to
develop the first online module, titled “Providing Feedback to Your Learner.”
   The feedback module,
currently in the pilot stage, has
been previewed by over 100
residents and educators since
March 2005.The initial response
has been extremely positive and
two leading ob-gyn residency programs have asked to be the official test sites for                As part of APGO’s campaign
REFEREE, before it is officially launched at the end of the year.                              to recruit more medical students
   At the request of Janet Trial, CNM and medical student educator in the department of        to obstetrics and gynecology,
obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of            APGO members were provided,
Medicine, USC will become the first test site for REFEREE. USC’s Department of                 in late 2004, with an “I Love
Obstetrics and Gynecology provides education for its 48 residents (12 residents per            Ob-Gyn” button. Due to the
year) at five different sites.The primary hospital is Los Angeles County+University of         phenomenal response for more,
Southern California (LAC+USC) Medical Center.Three groups at USC will go through
                                                                                               APGO has reordered a third set
the first REFEREE module on “Providing Feedback.” These will include 44 residents,
about the same number of faculty and 15 fellows. USC will launch REFEREE around                of buttons.They may be ordered
September 1st and complete their trial period by October 1st.The program will be               by using the form mailed with
overseen by Laila Muderspach, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in          this newsletter or by accessing
the division of oncology at the Keck School of Medicine.                                       an online form at
   The second test site is slated to be Harvard Medical School’s ob-gyn department,            under “What’s New.”The cost is:
under the guidance of Lori Berkowitz, MD, and Robert Barbieri, MD.
   Once REFEREE has been thoroughly tested and funding secured, future REFEREE                   • 10 buttons (minimum)$5.00
modules may include the following subjects:                                                      • 20-50 buttons $.50/each
   • Writing educational goals and objectives                                                    • 100-500 buttons $.40/each
   • The micro-skills of teaching                                                                Additional 5% discount on all
   • Large group instruction                                                                     orders over 500
   • Small group instruction and leading a discussion
   • Skills-based teaching                                                                        The buttons were designed
   • Ambulatory teaching                                                                       for and intended to be worn by
   • Bedside teaching                                                                          faculty, residents, medical
   • Teaching on rounds                                                                        students, nurses and anyone
   • Diagnosing your learner                                                                   who wishes to promote ob-gyn.
   • Mentoring and precepting                                                                  We hope you are wearing your
   • Varying your teaching style in different clinical settings                                button and encouraging others
   • Teaching the challenging learner                                                          in your department to do
                                                                                               the same.
   • Chief resident as team manager
   All APGO members will be notified by a global e-mail of the launch of this
exciting project.
              The APGO Reporter
              Association News                                                                                                          4

                           The People Around You, Part 2
                       I     n the previous edition of The APGO
                             Reporter, I wrote about “the people
                             around you” and the debt we owe our
                        families, co-workers, friends and patients,
                        and about the critical role of our clerkship
                                                                        less-than-flattering terms by a resident or faculty? How
                                                                        frequently are patients, who seem to have more than their share
                                                                        of physical problems, described as having “pxxx-poor
                                                                        protoplasm”? How often do we laugh along with the residents in
                                                                        these discussions? How often does this lesson of “it’s ok to
                        directors, both now and in the future.          denigrate our patients because the residents and faculty do it”
                            In this edition, I want to remind you of    get taught to the students who are observing these discussions?
                        another group of people around us and the       On the other hand, how often have we turned these situations
                        impact we have on them. Our membership          into teachable moments and educated the residents (and
  J. Mac Ernest, MD     in APGO means we want to have an                students) about the respect all patients are due, and how to
Wake Forest University influence on medical students and we want        describe patients who do have those characteristics that may be
    APGO President      to positively impact their knowledge, skills    unflattering? When a resident or student reports about “the
and attitudes toward women and women’s health.We spend                  placenta previa in room 4508,” we could give a bewildered look
countless hours preparing our clerkship curriculum, our student         at the reporter and say “Did the patient leave her placenta in the
presentations, our evaluation methods and our feedback sessions         room?” or “Is Ms. Jones not still connected to the placenta?” or
with our students.This preparation does have an impact on the           some such comment, making the point that there is a real live
knowledge our students take from our clerkships and from their          patient who is dealing with the problems of a placenta previa
interactions with us. I want to focus on another potential              and we don’t want to lose sight of that.When we hear
influence that we have on our students, however, that may not be        unflattering comments about a patient’s physical characteristics,
so obvious, but which is probably much more profound. I’d like          we may want to say something as simple as “I’d like our
to illustrate this potential influence by recounting an event told to   discussions to avoid that type of comment. I don’t think it is
our medical students at a recent hooding ceremony by a retired          appropriate here.” If no students are present at the time, we
Wake Forest faculty member. He told the students about entering         might want to add, “Comments such as that would not send the
the ICU with the usual entourage of residents and medical               right message to the students, would they?” Saying that for the
students to find an elderly women suffering from dementia lying         first time may temporarily embarrass the insensitive resident,
in her bed only partially covered by a scanty hospital gown.When        but would most likely not need to be repeated often, and would
he heard snickering from the back of the group, he turned to            send a strong message about what is appropriate to say and what
them and said, “Let’s come back in here and let’s pretend, this         is not. I don’t think we could even begin to measure the impact
time, that this woman is your grandmother.” On re-entering the          we would have on students if our clerkship had the reputation
room with his group, the attitude was completely different – and        for being a consistent haven of respect, kindness, compassion
much more appropriate.The influence he had on that small group          and dignity for all patients. It would cost nothing to have such a
of students and residents was immediate and powerful, and the           clerkship, it would be good for our patients and we would
influence he had on the students (and the faculty) hearing the          probably attract more students to our specialty.
story at hooding was immense.                                              Shouldn’t the people around us be learning respect and
   We all would like to have such an impact on our students, and        kindness for all, and seeing us treat each person we encounter
we all probably miss opportunities right under our noses to do          with compassion and dignity? By identifying and using these
so on a daily basis. For example, how often have we been at             teachable moments, we can have an enormous and positive
check-out rounds to hear a resident describe a transfer patient         influence on our students – the type of influence about which
as a “real train wreck”? How many times a day does a patient            Henry Adams referred when he said, “A teacher affects eternity
who is obese or unkempt or non-compliant get described in               – he can never tell where his influence stops.”

                       Want to Compare Residency Programs in
                             Obstetrics and Gynecology?
    Visit the APGO Web site at area is open to APGO members and is accessible through an
    assigned APGO Member and Institutional Department ID and password.
    For information on how to access the Directory of Residencies, contact Bonnie Fetsko at
    To facilitate access for your students and staff, add a link to the APGO Residency Directory from your institution’s Web site.
             Association News                                                                                                       5

                                    Members in the News
NEW OR RELOCATING                Christina Kwon, MD               Raghu D. Shettigar, MD          David Merrill, MD, PhD
MEMBERS                          New York University              University of Texas             Chair
                                 School of Medicine                                               Department of Obstetrics
Tamika C. Auguste, MD                                             Jon M. Simonelli, MD            and Gynecology
Washington Hospital Center       Donna LaFontaine, MD             Advocate Illinois Masonic       Wake Forest University
Washington, DC                   Women & Infants Hospital         Medical Center                  Winston-Salem, NC
                                 Providence, RI                   Chicago, IL
Teresa E. Baker, MD                                                                               Manuel Porto, MD
Texas Tech University-Amarillo   Sarah Katherine Laughon,MD Richard N.Willard, MD                 Professor and Chair
                                 New York University        Eastern Virginia Medical School       Department of Obstetrics
Jason Baxter, MD                 School of Medicine                                               and Gynecology
Thomas Jefferson University                                 Nikki B. Zite, MD, MPH                University of California-Irvine
Hospital                         Men-Jean Lee, MD           University of Tennessee               Orange, CA
Philadelphia, PA                 Yale University
                                                                                                  Richard H. Reindollar, MD
Elisa Brown, MD                  Richard J. Lewis, DO             NEW AND INTERIM                 Professor and Chair
Texas Tech University-Odessa     Monmouth Medical Center          CHAIRS                          Department of Obstetrics
                                 Long Branch, NJ                                                  and Gynecology
Pamela Brug, MD                                                   Ralph J. Anderson, MD           Dartmouth Medical School
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson        Mindy B. Luck, MD                Chair                           Lebanon, NH
                                 Texas Tech University-Amarillo   Department of Obstetrics
Faith Carlin, MD                                                  and Gynecology                  Eric A. Strand, MD
University of Hawaii             Joseph C.L. Merola, MD           John Peter Smith Hospital       Department of Obstetrics
                                 Bethlehem, PA                    Ft.Worth,TX                     and Gynecology
Lavenia Carpenter, MD                                                                             St.Vincent Hospital
University of Cincinnati         Benjie B. Mills, MD              Issam F. Arnouk, MD             Indianapolis, IN
                                 Greenville Hospital Systems      Acting Chair
Christian Chisholm, MD           Greenville, SC                   Department of Obstetrics
University of Virginia                                            and Gynecology                  PROMOTIONS AND
                                 Renee Novello, MD                Lutheran Medical Center         APPOINTMENTS
Pamela Emeney, MD                Monmouth Medical Center          Brooklyn, NY
Texas Tech University-Odessa     Long Branch, NJ                                                  Albert Einstein College of
                                                                    Steven L. Bloom, MD           Medicine has announced the
Eniola Fagbongbe, MD             M. John Peachey Jr, MD             Interim Chair                 appointment of Nadine T.
University of South Alabama      Maricopa Integrated Health Systems Department of Obstetrics      Katz, MD as assistant dean for
                                 Phoenix, AZ                        and Gynecology                faculty development. Doctor
Chiara Ghetti, MD                                                   University of Texas           Katz is a member of the APGO
University of Pittsburgh         Kimberly M. Penning, MD Southwestern Medical Center              Undergraduate Medical
                                 St. Luke’s Hospital                Dallas,TX                     Education Committee.
Jason L. Gooch, MD               Kansas City, MO
Texas Tech University-Amarillo                                      Mark Gibson, MD
                                 Antonia F. Pinney, MD              Professor and Interim Chair   DECEASED
Amy S. Gottlieb, MD              Newark-Beth Israel Medical Center Department of Obstetrics
Brown University                 Newark, NJ                         and Gynecology                Elizabeth Craver Pryor, MD,
Providence, RI                                                      University of Utah            assistant professor of ob-gyn at
                                 Bryan Popp, MD                     Salt Lake City, UT            Eastern Tennessee State
Virginia E. Hall, MD             Ann Arbor Ob-Gyn Association,PC                                  University, died August 29,
Penn State University            Ypsilanti, MI                      Linda Giudice, MD, PhD        2005, of pancreatic cancer.
                                                                    Chair                         Doctor Pryor was a 2004-2005
Gerald J. Harkins, MD            Heather Sankey, MD                 Department of Obstetrics,     APGO/Solvay Educational
Penn State University            Baystate Medical Center            Gynecology                    Development Scholar and
                                 Springfield, MA                    and Reproductive Sciences     received many awards for
Heather J. Holmes, MD                                               University of California-     academic and teaching
Texas Tech University-Amarillo   Harry Schned, MD                   San Francisco                 excellence at ETSU.
                                 St. John’s Regional Medical Center
Michael Hughey, MD               Simi Valley, CA
Northwestern University
         The APGO Reporter
         Association News                                                                                                               6

                  2006 Annual Meeting at a Glance
The joint 2006 Annual Meeting between APGO and the Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG)
will offer exhibits, receptions, seminars, and plenary and breakout sessions of vital interest to members of both organizations.
WHAT                                                                                   US Airways also has select Codeshare
2006 CREOG and APGO Annual Meeting                                                flights with United Airlines. Please call the
“Best Practices:Validating Excellence in Ob-                                      above number for more details. Remember to
Gyn Education”                                                                     identify yourself as a 2006 CREOG & APGO
                                                                                   Annual Meeting attendee.
Thursday, March 2- Sunday, March 5, 2006                                           American Airlines
                                                                                       Contact American Airlines’ toll-free
WHERE                                                                              Meeting Services Desk at (800) 433-1790
Grande Lakes Orlando                                                                (refer to Index #18220). Attendees can
4040 Central Florida Parkway                                                        receive a 5% discount on their airfare.To
Orlando, FL 32827                                                                    obtain the discounts, you or your professional
(407) 206-2300                                                                       travel consultant must call the Meeting
Fax: (407) 206-2301                                                                  Services Desk.The discounts are not available
                                                                                     through the Internet.
ROOM RATE                                                             If you book a fare on American Airlines that is outside the
   $245 Single (king) or Double (two double beds).                  negotiated discount, please reference the above Index
Reservations must be confirmed and guaranteed with a deposit        Number so that your flight can be included under the meeting
of one (1) night’s room and tax. Reservations can be made via a     profile. Remember to identify yourself as a 2006 CREOG &
reservation card, which will be mailed to all attendees, or by      APGO Annual Meeting attendee.
calling (800) 682-9956. For cancellation details, see the APGO
Web site. Check-in: 3:00 pm; Check-out: 11:00 am.                   SHUTTLE SERVICE
                                                                       Mears Motor Shuttle operates shared ride van shuttle service
AIRLINE INFORMATION                                                 from Orlando International Airport to the Grande Lakes.Visit
  US Airways and American Airlines have been designated as
the official airlines for the 2006 CREOG & APGO Annual              asp?TransType-Shuttle to make your reservation. Enter
Meeting and offer special discounts for meeting attendees.          priority code 25312726 to receive a $4.00 discount valid for
                                                                    transfers between March 1-6, 2006. Be sure to select JW
US Airways                                                          Marriott Grande Lakes from the “Transportation To” pull-
   Contact US Airways’ Group and Meeting Reservations toll-         down menu.
free at (877) 874-7687; 8:00 am-9:30 pm Eastern time (refer            Please note the $4.00 discount is off the round-trip rate
to Gold File #89683417). Attendees can receive up to a 15%          only. No discounts are available for the one-way rate. (The
discount on their airfare. Special round-trip Zone Fares are        one-way rate is approximately $16.) The discount will be
also available with a two-day minimum stay; no Saturday-night       valid a few dates before and after the meeting.
stay is required.To obtain the discounts, you or your
professional travel consultant must call the Reservations           CAR RENTAL
office.The discounts are not available through the Internet.          US Airways group and meeting customers may take
   US Airways is offering exclusive negotiated rates for            advantage of the special negotiated rates with Avis. Please call
attendees who are unable to meet the restrictions of the            Avis, toll-free, at (866) 629-6995, (reference AWD K609400).
promotional round-trip fares. If you book a fare on US
Airways that is outside of the discounted round-trip fare,          Watch for further meeting details on the APGO
please remember to reference the above Gold File number so          Web site ( as they
that your flight can be included under the meeting profile.         become available.

                                        Annual Foundation Fund Raiser
            APGO is holding a fund raiser to benefit the APGO Medical Education Foundation. The event, titled “Party with a Purpose,”
            will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2006, from 6:00-9:00 pm, during the 2006 CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting.
            The headliner for this evening of networking will be ACOG past president Vivian Dickerson, MD. Don’t miss this
            special event. Watch for details as they become available.
             The APGO Reporter
             Association News                                                                                                        7

It’s Time To Renew Your                                                  AAMC Shifts Focus
   APGO Membership                                                       of Academic Medicine
   Membership renewal forms were sent to all APGO
members in June and second notices were sent in July via                 For the past 15 years, the Association of American
e-mail, if we had a valid e-mail address; otherwise, they were        Medical College’s (AAMC) peer-reviewed journal,
sent via surface mail.The APGO membership year runs from              Academic Medicine, has served two audiences – the medical
July 1 through June 30, so please submit your form as soon            education community and academic medicine’s leadership
as possible.                                                          community. For medical schools and teaching hospitals,
   If you did not receive a renewal form or are not certain that      some formidable challenges have surfaced during this
you renewed your membership, please contact Bonnie Fetsko at          period that must be addressed if institutions are to retain
(410) 451-9560 or, or you can renew online           their preeminent role in American medicine. At their
at                                       March meeting, the journal’s editorial board, led by editor
   Membership in APGO offers a world of valuable seminars,            Michael Whitcomb, MD, reexamined the role of the
award grants, publications and other materials that provide the       journal to determine how it could better provide content
most current information about women’s health care issues.            to help these institutions deal with these challenges.The
Encourage your colleagues to join!                                    board determined that Academic Medicine should strive to
                                                                      be the primary information resource for the leaders of the
Member Benefits                                                       nation’s academic health centers.To achieve this goal, the
  • Reduced prices on all APGO publications/resources,                journal will continue to publish research reports and
    including free monographs in the APGO Educational Series          articles on medical education, but a greater number of
    on Women’s Health Issues                                          articles will address issues of importance to the leadership
  • Reduced meeting registration fees                                 community in a more timely fashion.To ensure the overall
                                                                      quality of the journal’s content does not suffer, the board
  • Free annual APGO Membership Directory                             recommended that the editorial staff identify clear criteria
  • Free annual subscriptions to:                                     for evaluating those kinds of articles.The board also
         The APGO Reporter and                                        challenged the editorial staff to develop strategies for
         The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG)     informing potential authors about the journal’s interest in
  • Grant and award opportunities, totaling nearly $100,000           articles that focus on specific leadership issues.
  • APGO eBulletins                                                      “The intent of [these] changes,” stated editor Michael
                                                                      Whitcomb, “is to make Academic Medicine the journal that
Online Benefits (                                       academic medicine’s leaders and its institutions’ faculty
  • Up-to-date academic positions                                     read to learn more about contemporary issues affecting
  • APGO Directory of Residencies                                     their institutions.Working toward that goal is a challenge
                                                                      that I and the rest of the editorial staff welcome.”
  • APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives, 8th edition,            To learn more about how this reevaluation came about,
    complete with outlines, teaching tips and/or case studies
    ready for lecture use by faculty                                  log on to and click on “Select an issue
                                                                      from the archive.”The detailed story is found in Academic
  • Links to member department Web sites
                                                                      Medicine (2005) 80: 515-516, under “From the Editor.”
  Your renewal must be received no later than October 1,
2005, for your listing to appear in the 2006 APGO
Membership Directory.
                                                                         Access Open Academic
                                                                            Positions Online
   Are You Well-Informed?                                             The APGO Academic Position Report can be accessed online via
                                                           under “For Educators.” Positions are up-to-the-
     Are you getting all of APGO’s important e-mails? If            minute and detailed for easy access of information.
  not, perhaps they are going to your “Junk E-Mail” box.              Open positions may be submitted by e-mail to
  Please add to your “safe mail”          or by fax at (614) 855-0617. Postings
  so you are certain to receive all of APGO’s pertinent             remain active for 90 days unless otherwise requested.
  announcements, deadlines, and award and meeting
                                                                    Note: To ensure the information presented is always current, the
  information.                                                      Academic Positions Report is no longer being published in The
                                                                    APGO Reporter.
              The APGO Reporter
              Foundation News                                                                                                               8

                                          “CBE Gets a Boost!”
                           “…APGO has made a                               Incredible CBE efforts occur in physician offices, where
                           commitment to embrace and                    individual physicians or practices are giving back to the very
                           support the educational process              process that educated them. Certainly, CBE is obvious in hospital
                           wherever it is, whether at the               hallways, emergency departments, operating suites, or labor and
                           universities or in the community.            delivery rooms where fellows, residents and students are afforded
                                                                        the opportunity for hands-on education. CBE is, perhaps, even

    Frank W. Ling, MD
                           P        erhaps this is how a newspaper
                                    headline might announce the
                                    start-up of APGO’s community-
                             based education (CBE) initiative.The
                             formal recognition of the importance of
                                                                        more influential (both positively and negatively) during
                                                                        “downtime” in the lounge, allowing for the informal curriculum of
                                                                        modern day practice to be taught to willing learners.
                                                                           So how are these awards going to work? Who is eligible? Do you
                                                                        have to be part-time faculty or a volunteer? Does all the work have
   Vanderbilt University     women’s health care education that takes   to be away from a university center? Will this lead to more
 President,APGO Medical      place outside the traditional academic     emphasis on CBE in the future? What about faculty development
   Education Foundation      health care center has taken on many       for those who are not full-time faculty? Is APGO losing sight of
faces within the specialty over the years. Last year’s appointment      where the real action in education is? Surely, there isn’t going to
by Dee Fenner, MD, APGO’s immediate past president, of Mary             be a separate organization just for community-based educators, is
Ciotti, MD, as chair of the Community-Based Education Task              there? The potential questions can go on and on.
Force was a start. APGO has now established its first tangible             As any new program will do, these new awards, for both poster
recognition for the outstanding work being done in community-           and oral presentation, will generate questions of administration,
based education. Starting with the 2006 CREOG & APGO Annual             interpretation and philosophy. More importantly, APGO has made
Meeting, using funds from the APGO/Wyeth Career Achievement             a commitment to embrace and support the educational process
endowment, awards will be given for outstanding community-              wherever it is, whether at the universities or in the community.
based educational research in women’s health.                           Within APGO, there will not be a “town gown” differentiation.
   The observation that every medical school is different from every    Our focus on women’s health education is blind to location, but
other one applies to CBE, and then some.While a medical school is       keenly aware of our drive for excellence.
accountable to the directives of its respective university and the         Be on the lookout for more about these awards, as well as
LCME, CBE takes on shapes and sizes that often defy definition. In      additional exciting programs that will further highlight APGO’s
fact, rare is the medical school that isn’t already invested in CBE,    commitment to supporting educators, both in academic centers
whether or not it is formally defined as such. For example, private     and in the community.We are looking forward, with great
practices of full-time faculty often take on the form of a              anticipation, to many different educational “products,” all under
community-based model, out of competitive and financial necessity.      the APGO “brand.”

                               Apply for an APGO Foundation Award Grant
                             A total of $86,000 is available in 2006    Available 2006 APGO Medical Education Foundation Awards
                           for recipients of seven APGO Medical         • APGO/Abbott Medical Education Program (up to $15,000)
                           Education Foundation endowment               • APGO Martin L. Stone, MD Fund for the Advancement of Medical
                           awards, to be bestowed at the 2006             Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology ($10,000 with a matching
                           CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting.The                grant from the grantee’s institution)
                           Foundation makes these awards available
                           through generous contributions from          • APGO Medical Education Foundation Scholars Award Program
                           our partners in industry and some              ($1,000 each)
                           members of the APGO Corporate                • APGO/Ortho-McNeil Faculty Development Award (up to $15,000)
                           Liaison Council.                             • APGO/Ortho-McNeil Undergraduate Medical Education Research
   Award brochures, outlining the application procedures,                 Award (up to $15,000)
selection criteria and reporting requirements, were mailed to all       • APGO/Pfizer Women’s Health Curriculum Development Award (up
APGO members in the Spring and again in August. Additional                to $15,000)
brochures are mailed with this newsletter. APGO members are             • APGO/Wyeth Career Achievement Award ($10,000)
encouraged to submit proposals by the October 1, 2005, deadline.
   For detailed information about each award, visit                     APPLY TODAY!! and click on “Foundation Awards.”
               The APGO Reporter
               Foundation News                                                                                                                 9

                               2005 Excellence in Teaching Award
                               Winners Announced
                                APGO is pleased to congratulate the 147 recipients of the 2005 APGO Excellence in Teaching Award.The
                               award is given to recognize and honor outstanding teaching in ob-gyn medical education. Since the award’s
                               1992 inception, 1701 physician-educators have received the award medal.The 2005 recipients and their
                               institutions are listed below:
Maher Abdallah, MD                    Peter Casson, MD                    Diana S. Curran, MD                 James Fanning, DO
University of Louisville              University of Vermont College of    University of Nebraska              SUMMA Health System
School of Medicine                    Medicine                            Medical Center                      Akron, OH
Louisville, KY                        Burlington,VT                       Omaha, NE
                                                                                                              Kellie F. Flood-Shaffer, MD
Curtis M. Adams, MD                   Elizabeth Cherot, MD                John V. Dacus, MD                   Texas Tech University Health
University of South Dakota            UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson           Greenville Hospital System          Sciences Center
School of Medicine                    Medical School                      Greenville, SC                      Lubbock,TX
Sioux Falls, SD                       New Brunswick, NJ
                                                                          John L. Dalrymple, MD               Sreedhar Gaddipati, MD
Amy Jane Asato, MD                    Ray Cheung, MD                      University of California, Davis     Columbia Presbyterian
Uniformed Services University of      Mt. Sinai School of Medicine,       Health System                       Medical Center
the Health Sciences                   Jamaica Program                     Sacramento, CA                      New York, NY
Bethesda, MD                          Jamaica, NY
                                                                          Adi Davidov, MD                     Christie L. Ganas, MD
Iris N. Ayala, MD                     Jane Chueh, MD                      Staten Island University Hospital   Reading Hospital and
UMDNJ-New Jersey                      Stanford University                 Staten Island, NY                   Medical Center
Medical School                        Stanford, CA                                                            Reading, PA
Newark, NJ                                                                Giuseppe Del-Priore,MD,MPH
                                      Ernest W. Chupp, MD                 NYU Downtown Hospital               John W. Gay, MD
Marisa F. Baker, MD                   Creighton University                New York, NY                        University of Missouri-Columbia
University of South Florida           Medical Center                                                          Columbia, MO
Tampa, FL                             Omaha, NE                           David D. Deutsch, MD
                                                                          John H. Stroger Jr Hospital of      John P. Geisler, MD
Breton F. Barrier, MD                 Gabriel Cohn, MD                    Cook County                         St.Vincent Hospital
San Antonio Uniformed Services,       Baystate Medical Center             Chicago, IL                         Indianapolis, IN
Health Education Consortium           Springfield, MA
Lackland AFB,TX                                                           Gary L. Eddy, MD                    Edward Gill, MD
                                      Thomas J. Connolly, MD              Mercer University                   VCU Medical Center/Medical
Elias Bartellas, MD                   Massachusetts General Hospital      School of Medicine                  College of Virginia
Memorial University                   Boston, MA                          Macon, GA                           Richmond,VA
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
                                      Diana Contreras, MD                 Rodney Edwards, MD                  Frances W. Ginsburg, MD
Pamela D. Berens, MD                  Long Island Jewish Medical Center   University of Florida               Stamford Hospital
University of Texas Medical           New Hyde Park, NY                   Gainesville, FL                     Columbia University College of
School at Houston                                                                                             Physicians & Surgeons
Houston,TX                            Brian Cooperman, MD                 Michael A. Elovitz, MD              Stamford, CT
                                      North Shore University Hospital     Hospital of the University
Judy Bowers, MD                       Manhasset, NY                       of Pennsylvania                     Noah A. Goldman, MD
University of Florida Health                                              Philadelphia, PA                    New York University
Science Center, Jacksonville          Allison Cowett, MD                                                      School of Medicine
Jacksonville, FL                      University of Illinois at Chicago   Eniola O. Fagbongbe, MD             New York, NY
                                      Chicago, IL                         University of South Alabama
Deborah A. Boyle, MD                                                      Mobile, AL                          Peter B. Greenspan, DO
Advocate-Illinois Masonic Hospital    A. Dean Cromartie, MD                                                   University of Missouri-Kansas
Chicago, IL                           University of Mississippi           Tommaso Falcone, MD                 City School of Medicine
                                      Medical Center                      Cleveland Clinic Foundation         Kansas City, MO
Dana K. Bryant, MD                    Jackson, MS                         Cleveland Clinic Lerner College
Brookdale University Hospital &                                           of Medicine
Medical Center                                                            Cleveland, OH
Brooklyn, NY                                                                                                     continued on following page
              The APGO Reporter
              Foundation News                                                                                                            10

Award Winners continued from previous page
Bernard Greisman, MD               Felix F. Hernandez-                  Robert Kennison, MD               Vivian S. Lo, MD
West Virginia University-          Rodriguez, MD                        Tufts University/New England      Saint Barnabus Medical Center
Charleston Division                Ponce School of Medicine             Medical Center                    Livingston, NJ
Charleston,WV                      Ponce, PR                            Boston, MA
                                                                                                          Andrzej Lysikiewicz, MD
Todd R. Griffin, MD                Steven Hockstein, MD                 Essam N. Khraizat, MD             Winthrop University Hospital
Stony Brook University             New York Presbyterian Hospital       Oakwood Hospital &                Mineola, NY
School of Medicine                 Weill Cornell Medical Center         Medical Center
Stony Brook, NY                    New York, NY                         Dearborn, MI                      Francis J. MacDonald, MD
                                                                                                          Dalhousie University
Chad A. Grotegut, MD               Ronald H. Hodges, MD                 Jeffrey C. King, MD               Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Temple University                  Texas Tech University Health         St.Vincent’s Manhattan
School of Medicine                 Sciences Center at Amarillo          Valhalla, NY                      James Maciulla, MD
Philadelphia, PA                   Amarillo,TX                                                            University of Arizona Health
                                                                        Joseph H. Kipikasa, MD            Sciences Center
Richard S. Guido, MD               Cynthia J. Holcroft, MD              University of Tennessee College   Tucson, AZ
University of Pittsburgh           Johns Hopkins University             of Medicine
School of Medicine                 School of Medicine                   Chattanooga,TN                    Charles J. Macri, MD
Magee-Women’s Hospital             Baltimore, MD                                                          George Washington University
Pittsburgh, PA                                                          Gary E. Kleinman, MD              Washington, DC
                                   Christina Hong, MD                   Bridgeport Hospital
Michael T. Gyves, MD               University of California–            Bridgeport, CT                    Vinay K. Malviya, MD
Case Western Reserve University    San Diego                                                              Providence Hospital
School of Medicine                 San Diego, CA                        Nicholas C. Lambrou, MD           Southfield, MI
Cleveland, OH                                                           University of Miami Miller
                                   Warner K. Huh, MD                    School of Medicine                James Manley, MD
Karl R. Hansen, MD                 University of Alabama                Miami, FL                         Christiana Care Health System
University of Oklahoma Health      at Birmingham                                                          Newark, DE
Sciences Center                    Birmingham, AL                       Miguel L. Lascano, MD
Oklahoma City, OK                                                       Kern Medical Center               Dominic A. Marchiano, MD
                                   G. Marc Jackson, MD                  Bakersfield, CA                   Pennsylvania Hospital
Joseph W. Hanss Jr, MD             University of Utah                                                     Philadelphia, PA
Maricopa Medical Center            Salt Lake City, UT                   Tien Le, MD
Phoenix, AZ                                                             University of Ottawa              James A. McGregor, MD
                                   David Jaspan, DO                     Ottawa, Ontario, Canada           Keck School of Medicine,
Christopher Harman, MD             Albert Einstein Medical Center                                         University of Southern California
University of Maryland             Philadelphia, PA                     W. Lynn Leaphart, MD              Los Angeles, CA
School of Medicine                                                      Mercer University School of
Baltimore, MD                      Jody Jones, MD                       Medicine (Savannah)               Isha Mehta, MD
                                   St. Joseph Mercy Hospital            Memorial Health University        Mount Sinai School of Medicine –
Edwin E. Harrison, MD              Ann Arbor, MI                        Medical Center                    New York City
Baylor University Medical Center                                        Savannah, GA                      New York, NY
Dallas,TX                          Camille Kanaan, MD
                                   Albany Medical Center                Richard J. Lewis, DO              Susan C. Modesitt, MD
Marcia A. Harris-Owens, MD         Albany, NY                           Monmouth Medical Center           University of Kentucky
Carolinas Medical Center                                                Long Branch, NJ                   Lexington, KY
Charlotte, NC                      Glenda F. Kaplan, MD
                                   University of Illinois College of    Valerie Lewis-Morris, MD          Francois Moens, MD
Robert A. Hatcher, MD, MPH         Medicine at Urbana-Champaign         Albert Einstein College of        McMaster University
Emory University                   Danville, IL                         Medicine at Beth Israel           Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
School of Medicine                                                      Medical Center
Atlanta, GA                        Michael Kelly, MD                    New York, NY                      Cristina Munoz, MD
                                   Yale University School of Medicine                                     University of North Carolina
Lexine M. Hebets, MD               New Haven, CT                        Elizabeth Livingston, MD          Chapel Hill, NC
Banner Good Samaritan                                                   Duke University Medical Center
Medical Center                     Colleen M. Kennedy, MD, MS           Durham, NC                        Roy T. Nakayama, MD
Phoenix, AZ                        University of Iowa                                                     University of Hawaii
                                   Iowa City, IA                                                          Honolulu, HI
               The APGO Reporter
               Foundation News                                                                                                             11

Matthew A. Nash, MD                   William F. Rayburn, MD             Eugene A. Scioscia Jr, MD         Holly J. Thomas, MD
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital    University of New Mexico           Allegheny General Hospital        Penn State Milton S. Hershey
Park Ridge, IL                        Albuquerque, NM                    Pittsburgh, PA                    Medical Center
                                                                                                           Hershey, PA
Lauren Nathan, MD                     Sireesha Y. Reddy, MD              Mary-Jane Seager, MD, BSc
David Geffen School of Medicine       University of Rochester            University of Manitoba            Brian W.Thompson, MD
at UCLA                               Rochester, NY                      Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada        Upstate Medical University
Los Angeles, CA                                                                                            Syracuse, NY
                                      Thomas J.A. Reid, MD               Robert J. Shalowitz, MD
Yvonne G.Newberry,FNP  ,MSN           Wright State University            Akron General Medical Center      William J.Todia, MD
University of Virginia                School of Medicine                 Akron, OH                         MetroHealth Medical Center/
Charlottesville,VA                    Dayton, OH                                                           Case Western Reserve University
                                                                         Amanda Skoll, MD                  Cleveland, OH
Paul Nyirjesy, MD                     Jerald W. Reinhardt, MD            University of British Columbia
Drexel University                     University of North Dakota         Vancouver, British Columbia,      Kyle D.Traynor, MD
College of Medicine                   School of Medicine and             Canada                            Mayo Clinic
Philadelphia, PA                      Health Sciences                                                      Rochester, MN
                                      Minot, ND                          Yoram Sorokin, MD
Setul R. Pardanani, MD                                                   Wayne State University            Nirmala Upadhyaya, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine   Andrzej Riess, MD                  Detroit, MI                       University of Tennessee Graduate
Bronx, NY                             Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center                                        School of Medicine, Knoxville
                                      Bronx, NY                          Stacey A. South, MD               Knoxville,TN
Charles R. Pattan, MD                                                    Western Pennsylvania Hospital
Michigan State University College     Ernesto Rivera, MD                 Pittsburgh, PA                    Tim Vanderkwaak, MD
of Human Medicine                     Franklin Square Hospital Center                                      Mountain Area Health Education
Hurley Medical Center                 Baltimore, MD                      Henry E. Sprance, MD              Center (MAHEC)
Flint, MI                                                                Jersey Shore University           Asheville, NC
                                      Donald L. Roberts, MD              Medical Center
Albert J. Peters, DO                  University of Nevada               Neptune, NJ                       James Peter Van Dorsten, MD
Lehigh Valley Hospital                School of Medicine                                                   Medical University of South Carolina
Allentown, PA                         Las Vegas, NV                      Robert A. Stager, MD              Charleston, SC
                                                                         Medical College of Georgia
Maureen Phipps, MD, MPH               Jeffrey M.Rothenberg,MS,MD         Augusta, GA                       Ivana M.Vettraino, MD
Brown Medical School/Women            Indiana University                                                   William Beaumont Hospital –
& Infants Hospital                    School of Medicine                 Tamara Stein, PhD                 Royal Oak, Michigan
Providence, RI                        Indianapolis, IN                   University of Michigan            Royal Oak, MI
                                                                         Ann Arbor, MI
Kristen Plastino, MD                  Curtis L. Sanders, MD                                                Brian W.Walsh, MD
University of Texas Health            LSU Health Sciences Center –       Michael L. Stitely, MD            Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Science Center at San Antonio         Shreveport/Monroe                  West Virginia University School   Boston, MA
San Antonio,TX                        Shreveport, LA                     of Medicine, Morgantown
                                                                         Morgantown,WV                     Zeev Weiner, MD
Christopher Powers, MD                Jason G. Sayat, MD                                                   Lutheran Medical Center
Texas Tech University Health          Ohio State University              Bo Suh, MD                        Brooklyn, NY
Sciences Center                       Columbus, OH                       Charles R. Drew University of
El Paso,TX                                                               Medicine & Science                Robert Yates, MD
                                      Raja Sayegh, MD                    Los Angeles, CA                   University of Tennessee
Elizabeth C. Pryor, MD                Boston University Medical Center                                     Memphis,TN
East Tennessee State University       Boston, MA                         Sandra Sultan, MD
Johnson City,TN                                                          University of Washington          Carolyn M. Zelop, MD
                                      Carl T. Schleich, MD               Seattle,WA                        Saint Francis Hospital &
E. Rebecca Pschirrer, MD              Aultman Hospital/NEOUCOM                                             Medical Center
Dartmouth Medical School              Canton, OH                         Carmen J. Sultana, MD             Hartford, CT
Lebanon, NH                                                              Thomas Jefferson University
                                      John O. Schorge, MD                Philadelphia, PA                  Tina Ziainia, MD
William D. Putman, MD                 University of Texas Southwestern                                     Saint Louis University
Southern Illinois University          Medical Center at Dallas           Jean-Gilles Tchabo, MD            School of Medicine
School of Medicine                    Dallas,TX                          Georgetown University             St. Louis, MO
Springfield, IL                                                          Washington, DC
              The APGO Reporter
              Foundation News                                                                                                                       12

  APGO To Provide Online                                                     “What’s In It For Me?”
 Access to CME Courses on                                                                         Susan M. Cox, MD
                                                                                                       CLC Chair
the APGO Educational Series                                                     University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
  on Women’s Health Issues                                                                       Ernest F.Thompson
                                                                                     Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. (Retired)
   APGO continues to play a leading role through its educational             APGO Medical Education Foundation Board Ex-officio Member
programs for medical faculty that enhance their expertise in                  Instead of asking “What’s in it for me,” put yourself in our corporate
teaching women’s health.APGO’s publications, seminars and                 partners’ shoes. Our corporate partners in the health care world are
online resources help faculty keep their knowledge up to date,            under microscopic examination and government scrutiny.This is not
and their teaching approaches fresh and innovative.                       new! In 1990, the American Medical Association (AMA) published
   One new resource that is being developed is an online                  Opinion E-8.061, “Gifts to Physicians from Industry” guidelines,
module series.Three modules will become available online this             indicating appropriate conduct for doctors in the medical profession and
fall: “Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy”; “Clinical Management            their interaction with industry. In December 2000, the AMA released a
of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding”; and “Advances in the                       clarification on this opinion, regarding gifts to physicians from industry. In
Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Disease.”The               April 2002, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
fourth in the series, titled “Breast Cancer Screening, Detection          (PhRMA) released its code on interactions with health care professionals.
and Treatment:The Expanding Role of the Ob-Gyn, Medical                   This code became effective July 1, 2002, and stresses the education of
Student and Health Care Professional,” funded by the Susan G.             physicians, residents and students, rather than their entertainment.
Komen Foundation, will be available later this year.                          The False Claims Act is now being used to crack down on companies
   It is expected that other online modules will follow, providing        that defraud the government and can impose liabilities for any off-label
continuing education courses to help medical faculty more                 promotion that results in government reimbursement.There is also the
conveniently keep their knowledge and their licenses current,             Federal Anti-Kickback Statute that prohibits a company from giving items
and strengthening the capabilities of ob-gyn faculty who teach            of value to encourage customers to buy its product (if the product is
students about important issues in the primary and preventive             reimbursable by federal programs).
care of women.                                                                Several of us often ask the questions “What’s in it for me?” or “What will
   These case-based educational materials will include:                   it cost me?” or “What do they really want of me?” In today’s medical/legal
   • Online CME presentations, many with animated slides,                 environment, these are important questions to ask.
      as well as audio and/or video presentation components                   Many physicians and other health care professionals have industry to
   • Interactive case studies                                             thank for the numerous educational programs, fellowships and
   • Downloadable PowerPoint slides with notes detailing                  scholarships that the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical equipment
      typical scenarios that present in the clinical setting,             manufacturers have funded or endowed over the past fifty years.
      discussion points and management suggestions                        Countless medical students, residents and physicians have benefited by
   • Online CME test and certificate printouts.                           the educational programs developed by APGO and funded by industry.
    APGO members will be informed, via e-mail, how to                         While those of us with a suspicious nature lift an eyebrow don a
access the modules when they become available.                            skeptical look when industry supports an educational program, we
                                                                          need to fully understand the restrictions that industry is now under
                                                                          with the PhRMA Code, Health Care Compliance, ACCME, OIG and
                                                                          FDA guidelines.While not all companies have signed the PhRMA
                                                                          Code, most of the larger U.S. firms have, and have pledged to abide
                                                                          by these legal and ethical standards. Indeed, if companies are found in
                                                                          violation, the financial penalties are significant.
                                                                              APGO has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with industry, and
                                                                          its membership has benefited because of the respectful, ethical and
                                                                          cooperative nature of this relationship. The idea of a Corporate
                                                                          Liaison Council (CLC) was conceived at APGO in 1995 (it
                                                                          celebrates its 10th anniversary this year) and has been a very
NOTE: The artwork in the new online Breast Cancer module is from a        successful partnership that has been characterized as the “model” to
quilt made by Utah artist Kara D’Orio, titled “Going to Pieces.” Kara
had a double mastectomy earlier this year and was thrilled to lend this   be imitated by other academies, colleges, societies and associations.
image of her work to the new APGO online educational module on                Maybe the question of “What’s in it for me?” is best answered once
breast cancer. Her work can be viewed at:                                 you’ve attended an industry-sponsored educational program and
story&doc_id=85320&webzine=id&publication=id and                          have found you’ve learned something new that will make you a                                    better physician and/or help you improve your patients’ lives. After
                                                                          all, isn’t that what’s important to us all?
           Foundation News                                                                                                                                13

 APGO Corporate Liaison Council Celebrates
          10-Year Anniversary
                                  APGO established the APGO Corporate Liaison Council (CLC) in 1995 to foster a partnership
                                between industry and the medical education community.The relationship between APGO and its
                                corporate sponsors has been a magnificent one.This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the CLC
                                and, oh, what a wonderful 10 years it has been!
                                  As CLC chair and secretary-treasurer of the APGO Medical Education Foundation board, I often think
                                about the successful partnership that has been forged in the name of improving women’s health care.
                                Where would the ob-gyn medical discipline be today without this partnership? What opportunities would
                                we have missed? The answer is easy – we would have missed a lot as evidenced by the accomplishments
                                made by this collaborative body.This partnership consistently does the “right” thing, to the benefit of
                                both parties.To this wonderful marriage, I say “Happy Anniversary!”
     Susan M. Cox, MD
     University of Texas
    Southwestern Medical
         CLC Chair

                                                     Susan Cox, MD, University of Texas Southwestern
                                                     Medical Center-Dallas, CLC chair, raises her glass in a
                                                     special toast to the CLC and its 10-year anniversary at
                                                     the recent CLC reception and dinner in Boston, MA.

CLC member and piano player Mark                                                                                        APGO pays tribute to all CLC
Jespersen, Jespersen & Associates, welcomes                                                                             members over the past 10 years.
reception guests to The Hampshire House in
Boston to celebrate the CLC’s 10 years of
collegiality, collaboration and commitment.
                                              Carol Jane (left),Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and past-CLC chair, converses
                                              with Loretta Goodwin, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, during the CLC reception.
                   The APGO Reporter
                   Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                                 14

                           CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting:
                             What You May Have Missed!
                                        Did you go to this year’s CREOG &            missed abortion patient and introduce cervical dilation.The students
                                    APGO Annual Meeting, held in beautiful           then aspirate their papayas, often successfully retrieving papaya
                                    Salt Lake City, surrounded by snow-capped        seeds, and curette the papayas to make sure they are empty.
                                    mountains? The meeting was busy with               The students have found the workshop useful because it gives
                                    plenary sessions, oral presentations, lunches    them hands-on experiences with procedures they usually can only
                                    and receptions, not to mention several poster    observe.They also report that the workshop gives
                                    presentations. It was great to see old friends   them an insight into the enjoyment of the surgical
                                    and to network with new.                         aspects of ob-gyn and increases their interest in
                                       Not everyone had time to spend at the         the specialty.
                                    poster sessions. Some may not have had the         The papaya workshop is a fun, inexpensive
                                    opportunity to attend the annual meeting         and easily replicable model for teaching
    James Neutens, PhD              and would not know the wonderful work            procedures and modeling some of the joy
University of Tennessee-Knoxville   people did to present. So, we would like to      of our specialty to medical students.
 UMEC Section Co-editor
                                    highlight some of the posters. Below are
                                    summaries of five poster presentations by        Student Perceptions of Work Hours for Third-Year
                                    their authors. Four are focused on medical       Clerks, Chief Residents and Private Practitioners
                                    student education and one on resident            By Doctors Lyree Mikhail, Paula Wales and Peter Marcus
                                    education. Perhaps, you will get some ideas      Indiana University
                                    that could be applied at your institution.          With the start of the 2003 academic year came the ACGME-
                                                                                     mandated resident work hour restrictions. In addition, the LCME
                                    Using Papayas to Promote                         has recently mandated that medical students participating in their
                                    Medical Student Interest in                      clinical rotations must not be required to work longer hours than
                                    Obstetrics and Gynecology                        the residents. Given the steady decline in interest in the pursuit of
                             By Doctors Jody Steinauer,                              ob-gyn as a specialty, this study was conceived to compare the
                             Naomi Stotland and Eleanor Drey                         perception of work hours to actual work hours, for students on
 Elizabeth Puscheck, MD, MS  University of California-                               clinical clerkships, residents in the last year of training and private
    Wayne State University   San Francisco                                           physicians in practice.
       Medical School           As part of the University of                            All students for the 2004-2005 academic year were sent an
    UMEC News Co-editor
                             California-San Francisco (UCSF)                         anonymous survey instrument electronically.The survey queried
didactic program for third and fourth-year medical students, the                     the students on the number of hours they perceived themselves
students participate in an enthusiastic two-hour papaya workshop.                    working on the clerkship, the chief residents in ob-gyn residency
In the workshop, we teach office gynecologic procedures using the                    at Indiana University (IU) and private practitioners worked on a
papaya, an excellent model because of its uterine appearance,                        weekly basis.These numbers were then compared to actual work
cervix-like stem end and interior texture similar to endometrium.                    hours recorded or national estimates.The students on the third-
We give a papaya, of approximately 8-16 weeks gestation size, to                     year clerkship were required to record their work hours each
each group of two or three students, along with an array of                          week and submit them to the clerkship director.Work hours were
gynecologic equipment.                                                               also logged weekly for each resident at every level in the residency
   We begin by reviewing basic uterine anatomy and poking a hole                     program, and averaged for the eight senior residents. Information
in the stem end of the papaya to create the cervical os.We then                      on work hours for physicians in private practice was obtained from
review Pap smears and bimanual examinations, discussing the                          the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
indications for each and how to do them using the papaya model,                      office from the 2003 Socioeconomic Survey of ACOG Fellows.
and reviewing the position of the uterus and importance of the                          The survey response rate was 35%.The average work hours for
bimanual examination prior to instrumentation of the uterus to                       the students on the clinical rotations at four sites was significantly
prevent perforation. Next, we introduce a case in which a woman                      less than 80 hours per week (57.45). The average work hours for
needs an endometrial biopsy, reviewing the indications, procedure,                   chief residents fell in the range of 57-65 hours per week.The
tenaculum placement and endometrial biopsy using a pipelle.We                        average work hours for private physicians was more variable but,
similarly review intrauterine contraception, outlining the insertion                 overall, was about 62.45 hours. Student perceptions, however,
procedure, beginning with the bimanual exam and introducing                          indicated they thought chief residents and private physicians
paracervical anesthesia and uterine sounding.The students place                      worked longer hours than normative data would suggest. Students
levonorgestrel and copper intrauterine contraception in their                        also expected to work longer hours on their clerkship than their
papayas. Finally, we discuss manual uterine aspiration based upon a                  recorded hours suggested, and, in fact, these actual work hours
              The APGO Reporter
              Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                        15

fell far short of ACGME-mandated work hours.                           specialty. In addition, it is unclear whether the clerkship
   These results confirm that students perceive residents and          experience, itself, can impact a student’s career choice.
private physicians in obstetrics and gynecology work long hours; a       The objective of this study was to assess the impact of the third-
perception which likely contributes to the lack of interest in the     year ob-gyn clerkship on student plans to pursue or not pursue
specialty. Furthermore, students expect to work long hours on the      residency training in ob-gyn and to evaluate other factors that
clerkship, which may contribute to the unpopularity of the             might impact those decisions.
rotation. However, this data would suggest that students, in fact,       Between July 2003 and August 2004, the authors administered a
work far fewer hours than the maximums set by the ACGME.               written questionnaire to all students on the final day of their third
Further work is needed to quantify the number of hours worked          year clerkship (n=160). Students were categorized into one of
on other clinical rotations, as well as to educate the students on     four groups, based upon their responses to questions concerning
true work hours in the various specialties.                            their intentions to enter ob-gyn before versus after the clerkship:
                                                                       Group 1:       Students seriously considering specialization in
A Novel Method Incorporating Internet Learning                                        ob-gyn both before and after the clerkship
in an Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship                              Group 2:       Students seriously considering specialization in
By Doctors Brian Truong, Nagaraj Gabbur and Greg Conyers                              ob-gyn before, but decided not to do so after
SUNY Downstate Medical Center                                                         the clerkship
   There are now many technologies that are available for medical      Group 3:       Students planning to specialize in something other
student education. New advents range from online questions to                         than ob-gyn before the clerkship, but seriously
video conferencing to virtual simulators. Naturally, technology                       considering ob-gyn after the clerkship
stands to provide an alternative and, possibly, more efficient means
to disseminate information to students.                                Group 4:       Students never planning to pursue ob-gyn before or
   As such, we sought to evaluate the use of the Internet to provide                  after the clerkship
traditional lectures and use faculty to concentrate on active          The four groups were compared with respect to several factors:
learning.Traditional lectures, given by the ob-gyn faculty at SUNY     Clerkship site:
Downstate Medical Center, were captured and placed on the                 Students at the Feinberg School of Medicine currently rotate to
Internet for viewing by third-year medical students. After viewing     one of three clerkship sites: Prentice Women’s Hospital/
the lectures online, students had case-based learning discussions      Northwestern Memorial Hospital (main campus with large full-time
led by faculty and followed by a short multiple choice quiz.           faculty and 8,000 deliveries), Evanston Northwestern Hospital
   At the end of the clerkship, 42 out of 48 students responded to     (large community-based hospital with shared residency, small full-
a survey. Forty-one students (98%) liked the computer/Internet         time faculty and 4,200 deliveries) and St. Joseph’s Hospital
incorporated into their studies.Thirty-six (86%) reported that         (community hospital with separate residency and 2500 deliveries).
they liked a combination of live lectures and online video             Career values:
lectures. Ninety-three percent of students found case discussions         Students ranked which of the following variables were the three
useful to their learning process. Overall, 83% of students were        most important in planning future medical specialization (1=most
satisfied with the experience of the online videos and case            important factor on list; 3=third most important factor on list)
discussions, and considered this combination far superior to the          Security • Intellectual Stimulation • Lifestyle • Financial Reward •
traditional lecture format.                                               Advancing Medical Knowledge • Helping Mankind • Autonomy •
   In conclusion, the combination of Internet-based lectures and          Personal Relationship with Patients • Freedom from Hassles •
problem-based learning was well received by medical students in           Prestige • Ability to Perform Procedures • Mobility
the ob-gyn third-year clerkship.This method allows faculty to be       Factors identified as most and least appealing about ob-gyn:
more involved with active student learning and less focused on            Students were asked to record the most appealing and least
didactic lectures without missing the lecture content.The              appealing aspect of specializing in ob-gyn.
integration of this technology has given students additional           Mentors who helped solidify career plans:
methods to study and learn ob-gyn.                                        Students were asked who had been the most influential person
                                                                       in their choice of medical specialization.
How Does the Clerkship Experience Influence a                             Data were analyzed using non-parametric statistical tests
Student’s Decision to Specialize in Obstetrics                         performed with EpiInfo 6.1 software.
and Gynecology?                                                           Most Northwestern students (75%) enter the ob-gyn clerkship
By Doctors Cassing Hammond, Patricia Garcia and Chris Talbot           with a distinct sense of whether they consider ob-gyn as a career
Northwestern University                                                option, but the clerkship did influence 25% of students’ career
  Many medical educators assume the recent decline in ob-gyn           considerations. At our institution, students were much more likely
residency applicants results from a combination of gender bias, the    to have been positively influenced by the clerkship.The specific
medical liability crisis and lifestyle issues. It remains unclear      clerkship site had a significant impact on whether students
exactly how, when and why medical students develop perceptions         changed their perception of ob-gyn as a career option. Contrary to
of ob-gyn that either dissuade or encourage their pursuit of the                                                continued on following page
              The APGO Reporter
              Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                       16

What You May Have Missed continued from previous page

popular opinion, most students did not succumb to negative              fourteen basic skills, before undergoing any training.The same
influences during the course of the clerkship.                          questionnaire was administered at the end of the orientation week.
   Most students rated lifestyle, intellectual stimulation and close    The skills chosen were extrapolated from the case log experience
personal relationships with patients as the most significant career     from the previous PGY-1 residents and were tailored to reflect
determinants, though close personal relationships was the most          commonly encountered skills in obstetrics and gynecology.
important determinant for students likely to choose ob-gyn.The          Residents rated each category on a nine-point Likert scale, with
variety inherent in ob-gyn was the top-rated aspect of the specialty    “1” representing extremely uncomfortable and “9” representing
by all students, both those entering and not entering our field.        extremely comfortable. A paired t-test was used to compare
   Based on preliminary project results, we must begin early in a       changes in comfort level with each of these procedures before and
student’s medical school career to significantly influence career       after instruction.
choice. Pre-clerkship outreach to students must emphasize the              The curriculum consisted of didactic instruction as a group,
wide-reaching and diverse nature of the intellectual ground that        followed by practical laboratory instruction in smaller groups of
reproductive health covers, as well as the intensely emotional and      two to three residents.The residents were first oriented to labor
satisfying relationships that are inherent in our field. As well, we    and delivery skills with a basic review of the evaluation of the
must continue to address lifestyle issues that foster practice          laboring patient, intrapartum management and obstetric
patterns conducive to a well-rounded life. Given their crucial          emergencies. During this time, they were given a tour of the
impact, attending physician interactions with students early in         labor and delivery facilities and oriented to the centralized fetal
their medical careers may be the most important strategy to             monitoring system. An additional didactic session reviewed basic
increase the students’ appreciation of obstetrics and gynecology as     interpretation of fetal heart rate tracings. Following the didactic
a career choice.                                                        session, residents were divided into groups of two to three and
                                                                        rotated through practical skills stations. Station 1 reviewed
Evaluation of an Orientation Curriculum for PGY-1                       cervical examination and basic maneuvers of vaginal delivery
Ob-Gyn Residents                                                        using pelvic models. Station 2 instructed residents on
By Doctors Magdy Milad, Beth Plunkett, Robert Hammer,                   fundamental intrapartum skills, such as amniotomy, placement of
Regina Cho and Justin Collingham, Northwestern University               internal fetal electrodes, intrauterine pressure catheters, extra-
   The acquisition of basic surgical skills during residency is         amniotic saline infusion catheters and fetal scalp gas sampling.
primarily and traditionally accomplished in the operating room,         Water balloons placed inside pelvic models were utilized to
initially by assisting attending physicians with procedures             simulate amniotic sacs for amniotomy.The residents were
unfamiliar to the resident. First-year residents often assist in the    oriented to all of the equipment used for these procedures and
operating room without any formal exposure to the basic technical       were required to demonstrate use of the equipment on plastic
skills used in surgery.These unstructured teaching encounters,          models. Station 3 consisted of teaching suturing and knot-tying
along with resident inexperience, may lead to heightened anxiety        skills and reviewing perineal anatomy and laceration repair. A
and lengthier operating times. Gradually, as more time is spent in      pelvic model demonstrating the layers of perineal anatomy was
the operating room, residents become proficient in surgical skills      used to simulate a third-degree perineal laceration. Residents
and thus achieve a higher comfort level with these procedures.          then participated in the repair of the laceration using surgical
   In response to resident feedback advocating for a structured         instruments and suture. A separate session instructed residents in
introduction to basic clinical skills prior to beginning residency, a   circumcision using a SlimJim model.
comprehensive intern orientation was designed to develop                   The gynecologic didactic experience reviewed basic gynecologic
competence in basic obstetric and gynecologic procedures. In            evaluation, emergency room consults, ultrasound, surgical
addition to developing surgical skills, the orientation curriculum      informed consent, documentation and post-operative care.The
was designed to cultivate an enhanced level of comfort with these       residents were again divided into groups of two to three for the
procedures and a sense of team spirit amongst the first-year            laboratory skills stations. Station 1 instructed residents on knot-
residents.While various studies demonstrate that laboratory-based       tying skills and basic suturing techniques. Station 2 reviewed
surgical training improves resident procedural competency, we           surgical techniques, such as dissection and blood vessel ligation
believed that a comprehensive skills orientation would increase the     using a human placenta model. Station 3 demonstrated the
comfort level of incoming residents with basic procedures, thus         hysteroscopic technique using a pelvic simulator.
facilitating the transition to residency.The purpose of this study         Station 4 introduced residents to basic Visio spatial orientation
was to determine if an orientation curriculum, instructing first-       through laparoscopy and reviewed techniques of tubal ligation.
year residents on common procedural skills used in obstetrics and          During the five-day orientation, residents participated in the
gynecology, could develop an enhanced comfort level with these          Graduate Medical Education orientation for incoming housestaff
procedures prior to beginning residency.                                of all disciplines, basic and advanced cardiac life support training,
   Nine incoming first-year residents participated in the five-day      and instruction in the electronic medical record systems
orientation curriculum before assuming clinical duties. Residents       associated with both hospital sites. Additionally, the nine
completed a baseline questionnaire, detailing their comfort level in                                                   continued on page 20
               The APGO Reporter
               Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                              17

  Prerequisites to a Clerkship in Obstetrics and
Gynecology: Different Tools for Different Audiences
                              A            s an organization, APGO has a
                                           long-standing interest in the
                                           preclinical education of
                                 medical students, especially as it
                                 pertains to preparing them for their
                                                                             objectives were identified as having significant basic science
                                                                             correlates.The second edition was published in a format that
                                                                             would help faculty identify those correlations.This was intended
                                                                             to assist clinical faculty in integrating basic science materials into
                                                                             the ob-gyn clerkship, and also to help them develop case-based
                                 required obstetrics and gynecology          exercises for preclinical students.
                                 clerkship.This interest has been               As a result of organizing content according to traditional
                                 manifested in a variety of ways.            ob-gyn topic areas, the materials relating to specific basic
                                 Examples range from encouraging             science disciplines were widely dispersed. Elements relevant to
                                 members to participate actively in          physiology, for example, appear in 47 of the 54 objectives listed.
                                 campus wide educational committee           Furthermore, any given basic science topic can be referenced
    Sonya Erickson, MD           work, to including traditional basic        multiple times. Objectives related to lactation, for example,
   University of Colorado
       UMEC Chair                science learning objectives in the          appear in six different locations.This shift in overall organization
                                 Women’s Health Care Competencies            poses a challenge to basic scientists employing the document
project, to supporting the development and maintenance of                    for preliminary guidance about the material their courses
student interest groups.                                                     should cover.
   One of the most tangible means by which APGO has                             To meet the needs of preclinical educators, UMEC recently
encouraged its members to become involved in the preclinical                 created a third installment in this Basic Science Prerequisite series.
curriculum is the series of publications, titled the Basic Sciences          Titled Prerequisites to a Clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology:A Guide
Prerequisites to a Clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology. First published   for Preclinical Educators, this publication organizes the most recent
in 1992, this work was intended to “provide an outline that would            basic science prerequisites according to the traditional basic
be helpful in melding the basic science and clinical portions of             science disciplines.
medical school curricul(a)” as they pertained to the ob-gyn                      Thus, doubly equipped with the Basic Science Prerequisites, second
discipline.The document’s overall organization followed                      edition, in one hand and the Guide for Preclinical Educators in the
traditional basic science disciplines, such as anatomy, physiology           other, APGO members will find themselves ready to address and
and pharmacology. As a result, clinical educators could share the            assist almost any audience interested in integrating the basic and
prerequisites readily with their basic science colleagues.                   clinical sciences at their institutions.
   The second edition of the Basic Sciences Prerequisites was published         The Basic Science Prerequisites may be purchased from APGO
in 2002. In this version, updated basic science topics were mapped           via the online bookstore at or by
against the well known APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives           using the order form enclosed with this newsletter.The Guide
for the ob-gyn clerkship. Approximately 80% of the clerkship                 for Preclinical Educators is expected to be available this fall.

                                       New UMEC Chair Named
                                       Maya M. Hammoud, MD
                                       University of Michigan
                                       Incoming UMEC Chair

                                       APGO President J. Mac Ernest, MD, has named Maya M. Hammoud, MD, University of Michigan
                                       to be chair of the APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee. Doctor Hammoud, who
                                       assumes the chair from Sonya Erickson, MD, University of Colorado, in March 2006, will hold the
                                       position until March 2009.

   “It is a great honor and opportunity to be named the next UMEC Chair, stated Doctor Hammoud.“I look
   forward to working with a very talented group of individuals, and I hope to continue the tradition of excellence
   represented by UMEC and APGO.    ”
                Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                           18

                      Teaching Tip                                                 Seeking Outstanding
                      Teach by Example                                                  Web Sites
     Want to help learners understand something complex?                         The APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee
  Then, use something from their daily lives that will work as                (UMEC) announces the fifth annual Medical Student Web Site
  an analogy to describe the concept, entity or process. For                  Award of Excellence.The award acknowledges Web sites that
  example, the menstrual cycle can be described as a                          provide outstanding and innovative content for use by medical
  production line1 with a conveyor belt staffed by managers                   students in the context of their clerkships, student interest
  and workers responsible for inputting, processing,                          groups and other relevant curricula. Award winners will be
  maintaining and monitoring “products.” In this example,                     introduced at the 2006 CREOG and APGO Annual Meeting
  feedback to the “staff ” is critical at each juncture to maintain           to be held March 2-5, 2005, at the Grande Lakes Orlando,
  proper production levels. It is useful for learners to                      Orlando, FL. An electronic APGO Web Site Award of
  experiment with changing input and feedback to see how                      Excellence logo will be presented for attachment to recipient
  these changes affect production levels in the process. How                  sites to recognize the institutions’ efforts, locally, nationally
  can you convey the amount of DNA in a cell? How about 30                    and internationally.
  miles of monofilament line stuffed into a blueberry?2                                                               To be eligible, a site must
     Examples work even better when we provide a visual                                                            be primarily intended for use
  demonstration. Use whatever is handy…expensive models                                                            by medical students.The site’s
  are not necessary.The simpler forms might use a drawing                                                          focus should be either
  on a chalkboard; the more elaborate ones may use                                                                 obstetrics and gynecology or,
  inanimate objects. Although there are at least three types                                                       more globally, women’s
  of learning styles3, each style responds well to concrete                                                        health. In the latter case,
  examples. Demonstrations enhance learning and provide                                                            obstetrics and gynecology
  powerful memory cues for long term retention, much like                                                          should be featured
  an emotionally charged story or event.                                                                           prominently in the site.
                                                                                                                   Eligible sites may be designed
  1 Thanks to Gary Frishman, MD, Brown University
  2 Thanks to Debra DeRosa, PhD, Northwestern University
                                                                                                                   by students, residents, faculty
  3 (accessed 7/7/2005).This Web site                                        or other personnel, both
  offers a self-assessment of preferred learning styles.                                                           within and outside an
                                                                              institution. Similarly, eligible sites may be managed either
                                                                              within or outside of a department. General departmental,
                                                                              residency program and general medical school Web sites are
                                                                              not eligible for this award.Web sites predominantly targeted
Watch for These Articles                                                      at residency program applicants are also ineligible.
                                                                                  Sites will be judged on a 100-point scale with points being
     in AJOG…                                                                 awarded as follows:
                                                                                 • Overall site design, organization, readability and navigability,
  The following articles — the result of UMEC projects —                           30 points
have been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of the                   • Basic content (clerkship descriptions, schedules),
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology:                                     20 points
  “The Essential Elements of Undergraduate Medical                               • Advanced content (links, online evaluations, learning/
  Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A                                        testing modules), 50 points
  Comparison of the APGO Medical Student
  Educational Objectives and the NBME Subject                                    Application forms have been mailed to all department chairs
  Examination,” by Hammoud Maya M, MD; Cox Susan M,                           and clerkship directors.They may also be accessed on the
  MD; Goff Barbara, MD; Goepfert Alice R, MD; Butler Aggie,                   APGO Web site via the “What’s New” link from the home
  PhD; Swanson David B, PhD; Holtzman, Kathleen Z; Allbee                     page.To be considered, applications must be received on or
  Krista; Erickson Sonya S, MD.                                               before October 3, 2005. Submissions received after that date
                                                                              will not be considered.
  The fourth in the ongoing To the Point: Medical Education                      Please mail applications to: APGO Medical Student Web
  Reviews series: “Dealing with Student Difficulties in                       Site Award of Excellence, 2130 Priest Bridge Drive, Suite #7,
  the Clinical Setting,” Cox Susan M, MD; Goepfert Alice R,                   Crofton, MD 21114.
  MD; for the Association of Professors of Gynecology and
  Obstetrics Undergraduate Medical Education Committee 2005.
Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                             19

                                                           Summer Meeting
                                                           At their recent summer meeting, members of the APGO
                                                           Undergraduate Medical Education Committee pose in
                                                           skis and ski helmets under the backdrop of the
                                                           beautiful snowless Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana.
                                                           Front row, from left: Sue Cox, MD;Alice Goepfert,
                                                           MD; Maya Hammoud, MD. Second row, from left: Liz
                                                           Puscheck, MD, MS; Eve Espey, MD;APGO President
                                                           Mac Ernest, MD;Ted Peskin, MD; Jessica Bienstock,
                                                           MD, MPH; Jim Neutens, PhD; Nadine Katz, MD; Paul
                                                           Krueger, DO; and UMEC Chair Sonya Erickson, MD.

                                       In a special musical chairs competition, the
                                       UMEC learns team-building skills from future
                                       members – their children!

                                                                               continued on following page
            The APGO Reporter
            Undergraduate Medical Education News                                               20

                                                   What You May Have Missed
Big Sky, Montana, in the summertime…               continued from page 16

                                                   incoming ob-gyn residents spent one half-
                                                   day at a rural retreat center working on
                                                   team building exercises.
                                                      Nine incoming first-year residents
                                                   participated in the orientation curriculum
                                                   and completed the pre and post-training
                                                   questionnaires.The average overall comfort
                                                   score improved significantly after
                                                   undergoing the orientation training (4.4 +
                                                   1.9 versus 7.3 + 0.6, P=0.000).
                                                      A comprehensive orientation
                                                   significantly improves comfort with skills
                                                   required as a PGY-1. Additionally, a
                                                   significant improvement in team spirit was
                                                   associated with orientation and team-
                                                   building activities. Incoming first-year
                                                   residents feel comfortable with the
                                                   electronic medical record and do not
                                                   appear to benefit from further training
                                                   during orientation.

                                                      These five poster presentations provide some
                                                   excellent practical suggestions for our medical
                                                   student programs.We need to correct
                                                   misperceptions about the work hours for
                                                   obstetrician-gynecologists and simultaneously
                                                   emphasize the variety within our specialty, with
                                                   particular emphasis on the intellectual
                                                   requirements needed to meet that diversity, as
                                                   well as the close personal relationships
                                                   engendered by our profession.
                                                      Early positive interaction with attending
                                                   physicians is a great way to get students to
                                                   think about going into an obstetrics-gynecology
                                                   residency.As expected, teaching techniques need
                                                   to change with the nature of the student.The
                                                   use of nontraditional models (papayas) and
                                                   Internet-based lectures are viewed favorably by
                                                   many students, keeping them engaged in the
                                                   learning process.With residents, the poster
                                                   presentation reinforces the belief that an
                                                   orientation curriculum is well justified for
                                                   incoming PGY-1s.
                                                      Overall, we hope that you found these poster
                                                   summaries interesting and helpful. It should
                                                   give you a flavor of what to expect at a future
                                                   CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting. Perhaps, you
                                                   will feel motivated to put together your own
                                                   project for next year! We look forward to seeing
                                                   you there!
         Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                        21

                                    Meeting at a Glance

T        he highly acclaimed APGO Faculty Development
         Seminar, held each January, offers outstanding
         plenary and breakout sessions that equip faculty
members with innovative educational tools to enhance their
teaching techniques. Department chairs, curriculum and
                                                                CLERKSHIP DIRECTORS’ WORKSHOP*
                                                                   This workshop will be held on Saturday, January 7, from
                                                                8:00 am to 12:00 noon.The workshop is target to new, relatively
                                                                new and soon-to-be clerkship directors, but may also provide
                                                                helpful hints to more experienced clerkship directors who would
clerkship directors, and residency program directors find the   like to improve their clerkships.The workshop will review the
program useful in their teaching endeavors.                     expectations, requirements and responsibilities necessary for the
   The 2006 meeting will focus on dynamic teaching, how to      development and operation of an ob-gyn rotation.
keep your career on track and balancing home and life              Attendees will be provided with several APGO educational
commitments.The seminar will encompass: 1) Being a              resources and a CD ROM with other resources considered
Dynamic Teacher: Practical Methods and Techniques; 2)           necessary for a clerkship director, including samples from
Developing Your Career: Be a Success; and 3) Living Your        typical clerkships.These will be reviewed during the
Life: How Are You Doing?                                        workshop. Attendees will also view sample guidelines for
   New in 2006 are topical roundtable discussions, which will   students in accessible formats, such as pocket guides,Web
be held during one morning breakfast session.                   sites, etc. Additional helpful hints provided at the workshop
                                                                include: how to institute teaching awards at your site; how to
WHAT                                                            recognize and deal with obstacles; how to evaluate medical
2006 Faculty Development Seminar                                students (RIME); and LCME issues.There will also be time
”Balancing Act 2006:Teaching, Career, Lifestyle”                allotted to discuss issues on attendees’ minds.
                                                                   At the workshop’s conclusion, participants will be able to: 1)
WHEN                                                            list the responsibilities of a clerkship director; 2) locate the
January 7-10, 2006                                              resources considered necessary for a clerkship director; 3)
                                                                illustrate a typical clerkship from the samples provided; 4)
WHERE                                                           provide guidelines for students during the clerkship in accessible
The Ritz-Carlton Phoenix                                        formats; 5) institute teaching awards at their site; and 6) list
2401 East Camelback Road                                        helpful hints as they pursue their journey into directorship.
Phoenix, AZ                                                        An additional workshop fee covers instruction, textbooks
(602) 468-0700                                                  and refreshments.
Fax: (602) 468-0793                                             *Registration fee of $175 APGO members/$225 nonmembers covers
                                                                attendance at both clerkship workshops.Textbooks and CD ROMs for
PROGRAM SCHEDULE AND FORMAT                                     clerkship directors are included in this fee.
  The program begins Saturday, January 7, with registration
and a networking welcome reception.There will be plenary        CLERKSHIP COORDINATORS’ WORKSHOP**
and breakout sessions Sunday through Tuesday, with breakfast       The Clerkship Coordinators’Workshop is designed to offer
provided each morning.The program ends each day by              guidance to new clerkship coordinators and support to current
1:00 pm to allow free time to enjoy Phoenix and the             coordinators by assisting in organizing an academic year timeline
surrounding area.                                               to ensure smooth transitions from rotation to rotation, providing
  You may register for breakout sessions and roundtable         examples of collaborative coordination with other clerkships and
discussions either online or by using the registration          demonstrating how to foster an interest in ob-gyn on medical
form, which will be mailed to you in the fall with the          school campuses.Attendees will review methods in maintaining
preliminary program.                                            the balance of responsibilities outside of the clerkship.At the
                                                                workshop’s conclusion, it is hoped that participants will become
MEETING REGISTRATION FEES                                       a more effective member of their department’s educational team.
   $450 APGO members, abstract presenters, students or          **One registration fee of $150 APGO members/$200 nonmembers covers
residents from a member institution; $425 second member         attendance at both clerkship workshops.
from same institution; $585 Nonmembers
                                                                                                     continued on following page
         The APGO Reporter
         Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                           22

Faculty Development Seminar continued from previous page

Clerkship Workshops Schedule – Saturday, January 7, 2006             #6. “When Is It Time to Make a Move? Who Has Moved
                                                                          My Cheese?”
8:00 am-12:00 pm         Clerkship Directors’/
                         Coordinators Workshop*                      #7. “Should You Consider a Sabbatical or Leave of
12:00 noon-12:30 pm      Boxed lunch                                      Absence for Personal and Professional Growth?”
12:30 pm-2:00 pm         Clerkship Coordinators’Workshop             #8. “Making Your Clerkship a Positive Experience for
                         (continues in separate session)                  Medical Students”
                                                                     #9. “Mentoring Ob-Gyn Resident Research Projects: No
   The enrollment deadline is December 2, 2005. Enrollment                Pain, No Gain”
is limited and registrations will be honored in the order in         #10. “Skills for Conflict Resolution”
which they are received.                                             #11. “He Said What? (Mis)Communication Between Baby
   APGO encourages clerkship directors and clerkship                      Boomers and Generation Xers and Yers”
coordinators to attend the workshop together to maximize             #12. “Addressing the Crisis: Enhancing Students’ Interest
teamwork and understanding.The clerkship coordinators will                in Ob-Gyn”
break out in a separate session from 12:30 pm until 2:00 pm.
                                                                     #13. “Dynamic Team Teaching: Incorporating Professional
MARTIN L. PERNOLL, MD EDUCATOR                                            Patients”
   The 2006 Martin L. Pernoll, MD Educator is best selling           #14. “The Teaching Portfolio: A Tool for Self-Evaluation
author and conference host Gary Chapman, PhD. Doctor                      and Promotion”
Chapman has written numerous books on marriage, family               #15. “Evaluation Tools”
and children, including The Five Love Languages, which has           #16. “Mid-Clerkship Evaluation”
sold over 3 million copies in English and has been translated        #17. “Addressing the LCME Educational Directives”
in 34 other languages. On Monday, January 9, Doctor
Chapman will speak on “The Five Love Languages.”                   HOTEL INFORMATION/ROOM RATES
                                                                      A block of rooms has been reserved at the Ritz-Carlton
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                     Phoenix – set against the beauty of a Southwestern landscape
   The APGO/Wyeth Leadership Development Program                   and nestled in the Camelback Corridor, the exclusive dining,
speaker is Michael J. Hewitt, PhD. In over 20 years as a           shopping and financial district of Phoenix.
professional exercise physiologist, Doctor Hewitt has written         Hotel amenities include state-of-the-art exercise facilities,
thousands of individual exercise prescriptions. Doctor Hewitt      including quiet treatment rooms where a selection of
is a co-author of a scholarly review published in The Physician    massage services are offered. Saunas and steam rooms are
and Sports Medicine. His work has also been published in the       also available.You may dine in the hotel’s “bistro 24”
clinical text book Integrative Medicine. On Tuesday, January       restaurant, as well as enjoy afternoon tea in the lobby
10, Doctor Hewitt will speak on “Active for Life: A Practical      lounge. Guest room amenities include goosedown and non-
Exercise Prescription for Healthy Adults.”                         allergenic foam pillows, high-speed Internet access and
   This program is part of the APGO/Wyeth Leadership Development   safety deposit boxes.
Program and is partially funded through an endowment grant from       The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix is adjacent to the Biltmore
the APGO Medical Education Foundation.                             Fashion Park, offering exclusive shopping and dining. There is
                                                                   also a diverse offering of area recreational activities, including
NEW THIS YEAR, ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS                              golf, hiking and jeep tours, as well as cultural activities at
  Roundtable discussion topics include the following.You will      nearby theaters and museums.
be able to sign up for your top three choices on the                  The single/double room rate is $195 per night.To get
registration form:                                                 the special APGO room rate, based on availability, it is
  #1. “Professional Development for Medical Educators”             advisable to book early.The hotel room block is certain to
  #2. “Surviving Professional Liability Risks Associated with      fill quickly. Be sure to identify yourself as an APGO Faculty
         Education in Obstetrics”                                  Development Seminar attendee. Check in: 3:00 pm;
  #3. “The Preclinical Curriculum: Practical Ways to Get           Check-out: 12:00 noon
         Involved”                                                    Reservations can be made by calling (800) 241-3333 and
                                                                   must be made by Friday, December 2, 2005. All
  #4. “Cultural Competency Between Basic and Clinical              reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card or
         Science Faculty”                                          check (personal/institution/company) and accompanied by a
  #5. “Interested in Pursuing an Advanced Degree in                first night’s room deposit.
         Medical Education?”
         The APGO Reporter
         Undergraduate Medical Education News                                                                                       23

  Please make your room reservation with the Ritz-Carlton,          ExecuCar provides curbside sedan service (Town Car,
Phoenix.APGO has contracted for a certain number of rooms,          maximum of four guests per car) for $46 round-trip per
which gives us the low group rate. If these rooms are not           person ($23 per person, each way). Reservations are
utilized,APGO is still contractually liable for the room block.     required. Contact ExecuCar at (602) 232-4600.
                                                                      A taxi to and from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International
AIRLINE INFORMATION                                                 Airport is approximately $25 one way.
   US Airways and American Airlines have been designated as
official airlines for the 2006 APGO Faculty Development             CAR RENTAL
Seminar and both offer special discounts for meeting attendees.     Avis
US Airways                                                             US Airways group and meeting customers may take
   Contact US Airways’ Group and Meeting Reservations toll-         advantage of special negotiated rates with Avis. Please call
free at (877) 874-7687, 8:00 am-9:30 pm Eastern time (refer         Avis, toll-free, at (866) 629-6995 (reference AWD
to Gold File #89683417). Attendees can receive up to a 15%          K609400).
discount on their airfare. Special round-trip zone fares are        Hertz
also available with a two-day minimum stay; no Saturday-night          Hertz offers seminar attendees special discounts of up to
stay is required.To obtain the discounts, you or your               10% off on daily, weekly and weekend rentals. In addition,
professional travel consultant must call the reservations office.   attendees can save an additional $5 a day up to $25 a week.
The discounts are not available through the Internet.               Make your reservation online at or call
   US Airways will also offer exclusive negotiated rates for        toll-free (800) 654-2210 in the US or (800) 263-0600 in
attendees who are unable to meet the restrictions of the            Canada and reference the following: CDP#1618076 and
promotional round-trip fares. If you book a fare on US              PC#973092.
Airways that is outside of the discounted round-trip fare,
please remember to reference the above Gold File number so          CHILD CARE
your flight can be included under the meeting profile.                Infants and children are not allowed in plenary or breakout
   US Airways also has select Codeshare flights with United         sessions, or in other educational forums where their presence
Airlines. Please call the above number for more details.            may interrupt the listening and learning process.
Remember to identify yourself as an APGO Faculty                      Child care can be arranged through the concierge.
Development Seminar attendee.
American Airlines                                                   ATTIRE/NO SMOKING POLICY
   Contact American Airlines’ toll-free Meeting Services Desk         Casual attire is encouraged during meeting sessions.
at (800) 433-1790 (refer to Index #18220). Attendees can            Smoking is not permitted at APGO meetings.
receive a 5% discount on their airfare.To obtain the discounts,
you or your professional travel consultant must call the            CANCELLATIONS
Meeting Services Desk.The discounts are not available through         Cancellations received in writing by December 2, 2005,
the Internet. If you book a fare on American Airlines that is       will be refunded, less a $75 administrative fee. No refunds
outside of the negotiated discount, please reference the above      will be given on cancellations received after that date. APGO
index number so your flight can be included under the               reserves the right to cancel any course and provide a full
meeting profile. Remember to identify yourself as an APGO           refund, should condition warrants.
Faculty Development Seminar attendee.
AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION                                                Contact Patrice Johnson, APGO Meetings Specialist, at
  Transportation service to/from the Phoenix Sky Harbor    or (410) 451-9560.
International Airport can be provided by Super Shuttle or
ExecuCar.                                                           MORE INFORMATION
  Super Shuttle’s round-trip fare is $20 per person ($10 per          A preliminary program will be mailed to all APGO
person, each way).The Super Shuttle vans are located                members in late fall. For additional program information,
outside of the airport terminals. Follow ground                     including the précis of each plenary and breakout session,
transportation signs to locate a shuttle. No reservation is         log on to or contact APGO at
required. For more information, contact Super Shuttle at            (410) 451-9560.
(602) 244-9000.
               Women’s Healthcare Education Office News                                                                                      24

                                          Let’s Hear From You!
                    Visit the Women’s Health Online Curriculum Builder at
            and Tell Us What You Think

                          T          he APGO Women’s Healthcare
                                     Education Office (WHEO) and
                                     its interdisciplinary colleagues in
                            women’s health education have developed
                            a set of women’s health care
                                                                           by key word search, by advanced search, by selecting an area of
                                                                           competency from an outline format, or by selecting from a set of
                                                                           predefined categories.
                                                                              In each of the search methods, a set of learning objectives is
                                                                           displayed, along with their respective level of competence,
                            competencies for medical student               suggested evaluation methods,ACGME competencies and
                            education.The result of this project —         references, set up in the same grid format used for all of the
                            eight women’s health care competencies,        Competencies. Users can check the checkbox next to any of the
                            supplemented with learning objectives,         learning objectives they want to add to the MyCurriculum.The
                            evaluation tools, links to residency-level     advanced search feature allows users to refine their search to find
 Roberta B. Rusch, MPH      competencies and references in easy-to-        specific learning objectives for certain teaching situations; for
        Director            read grids — is intended to be a key           example, they can type in “postpartum depression” for the topic and
APGOWomen’s Healthcare resource for evaluating, improving and              then choose one or more competency levels, evaluation methods
     Education Office
                            integrating curricula in sex and gender        and ACGME competencies to enhance the search even more.
differences in health and disease in undergraduate medical                    When users go on for the first time, they are asked to register
education.The document, titled Women’s Health Care Competencies            and create a password.Thereafter, they can access MyCurriculum
for Medical Students:Taking Steps to Include Sex and Gender Differences    using their password.
in the Curriculum, is available as a hard                                                                                At any point, a user can
copy publication and as a PDF on the                                                                                  display, review and edit
APGO Web site at                                                                                                      their custom-built Each                                                                                           MyCurriculum. They can
APGO member department was                                                                                            save and retrieve curricula
mailed a free copy of the document.                                                                                   they have built, as well as
Additional hard copies are available at                                                                               post newly created
cost. For ordering details, see the                                                                                   curricula on the Web site
insert mailed with this newsletter.                                                                                   for others to review and
                                                                                                                      use. New curricula can be
                                                                                                                      printed and used to
                                                                                                                      develop courses or to
                                                                                                                      evaluate entire programs,
                                                                                                                      just to mention two
                                                                           Let Us Know What You Think
                                                                              The Women’s Health Online Curriculum Builder is available at
                                                                  Please visit the site and send your
                                                                           feedback to me a is a Web site in progress
                                                                           and your comments will help us improve the site, which is open to
                                                                           the public.
                                                                              The APGO WHEO Women’s Health Care Competencies project is
                                                                           intended to be a key resource for faculty charged with evaluating
                                                                           and improving the medical student curriculum at their respective
                                                                           institutions and to prepare medical students for residency with
The Women’s Health Online Curriculum Builder                               skills to identify sex and gender differences in health and disease.
   The Competencies have also been placed on the APGO Web site in          The project addresses curricular gaps and redundancies in the
a searchable format, as part of the Women’s Health Online                  current medical school curriculum, and provides the minimal
Curriculum Builder, which allows users to build a curriculum,              standard to ensure that medical students, regardless of their
called MyCurriculum, from learning objectives they select. Users           future specialty choice, graduate with skill and confidence to
can search for learning objectives in a number of ways, including          care for women.
               The APGO Reporter Education Office News
               Women’s Healthcare                                                                                                    25

   Apply Now for the                                                              Interdisciplinary
 APGO/Ford Foundation                                                             Women’s Health
  Women’s Health Care                                                             Announcements
  Competencies Awards!                                                   New Online Vulvodynia Teaching Program
                                                                            The National Vulvodynia Association (NVA) announces
   As reported in the last APGO Reporter, the APGO Women’s               the 2nd edition of its teaching program for health care
Healthcare Education Office (WHEO) has received funding                  professionals is now online and free to all.The program
from the Ford Foundation to sponsor five significant women’s             includes a self-guided presentation on the differential
health curricular development projects, focused at the                   diagnosis, treatment and etiology of vulvodynia. A
undergraduate level, by faculty members at five accredited               historical overview of the evolving terminology and
medical schools in the United States or Canada.The award’s               classification of the disorder is also included, in addition
purpose is to design an interdisciplinary curriculum for medical         to information on its prevalence.Viewers can download
students by utilizing the APGO Women’s Health Care Competencies          the presentation for future reference.To access the
in instruction and assessment of medical student knowledge and           program, visit
skill. A total of $30,000 is available for each of the five successful
institutions over the course of two years.The awards will be             ARHP Announces Latest Publication
granted on a competitive basis.                                            The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
   Proposed projects should involve curriculum development               (ARHP) announces its latest publication, titled Health &
related to women’s health medical student education, intent on           Sexuality – Desire: Understanding Female Sexual Response.
implementing the APGO Women’s Health Care Competencies for               Ob-gyns are among those with the first opportunity to
Medical Students. The project must include evaluation of the             identify a patient’s sexuality issues in a clinical setting.
progress and outcome of the program after one and two years              Effective treatment of sexual difficulties depends on the
(mid-point and conclusion), with the evaluation incorporating            providers’ and patients’ ability to communicate openly
an analysis of student performance.                                      on the topic.This publication assists in these efforts.Visit
   The project must involve faculty from two or more            or contact Rachel Fey at
disciplines that are engaged in core instruction of medical    
students. Faculty teams must consist of an APGO member from
the department of obstetrics and gynecology, along with at least         Women’s Health Research Journalism Awards
one other discipline; for example, faculty from the clinical and            As research becomes more advanced and Americans
basic science departments, social sciences and humanities                more empowered in understanding their own health, the
departments. All applicants should have an MD, PhD or                    Society for Women’s Research deems it incredibly
equivalent degree, and should have at least the rank of                  important to ensure media coverage of medical research
instructor.                                                              findings is both accurate and represented appropriately.
   The Selection Committee will review applications and rank             This annual award program recognizes outstanding,
them based upon the following criteria:                                  accurate and appropriate media coverage of women’s
   1. Effective use of the APGO Women’s Health Care Competencies         health research or medical research findings that examine
       for program design;                                               health differences between women and men. On October
   2. Implementation plans;                                              14, at the Hyatt Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ, the society
   3. Use of competency-based assessment of student                      will honor several journalists who stand out in women’s
       performance;                                                      health research reporting. For more information, visit
   4. Strength of program evaluation;
   5. Breadth of interdisciplinary team; and                             Society for Women’s Health Research
   6. Likelihood of long-term institutional support for the              Convenes Multidisciplinary Workshop
       program.                                                             The Society for Women’s Health Research will convene
   Look for the APGO/Ford Foundation Women’s Health Care                 a small, multidisciplinary workshop, titled “Sex and
Competencies Awards application online at                  Gender Differences in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease,
wheocomp.The deadline for grant applications is October 3,               on November 2-4, 2005, in Washington, DC. For more
2005. Please direct any questions to Roberta Rusch, MPH,                 information, contact Eileen Resnick, PhD, scientific affairs
director, APGO Women’s Healthcare Education Office, at                   program manager, at
              Women’s Healthcare Education Office News                                                                                    26

           Joint Medical Student Initiative Promotes
                     Interest in Ob-Gyn
                                                            By Colleen Flood
                                                    Membership Development Manager
                                                   Medical Student Initiative Coordinator
                                             American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

   The ACOG/APGO Medical Student Initiative began as a pilot             distributed by ACOG to anyone by requests. A new DVD version
program in District III of the American College of Obstetricians         is also distributed to reach more students.
and Gynecologists (ACOG), to educate medical students about the             The initiative continues to promote the creation of medical
field of women’s health and the role that obstetricians and              student interest clubs in medical schools and encourages a
gynecologists play.The pilot program then became a national joint        mentoring network between students and practicing physicians.
effort between the ACOG and the Association of Professors of             ACOG has 105 active women’s health interest groups listed across
Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO), to involve medical students            the country. Such groups are vital to the future of obstetrics and
in ACOG and to attract the best and the brightest medical students       gynecology, since the emergence of primary care initiatives across
into the field of obstetrics and gynecology.                             the country have resulted in the aggressive recruitment of medical
   In 2003, a Medical Student Recruitment Task Force was created         students into family practice, internal medicine and pediatrics.
under the ACOG presidency of John M. Gibbons Jr, MD, and the                The medical student mentoring program is in its infancy, yet
focus and priorities of the Medical Student Initiative have since        grows weekly with the addition of volunteer mentors.The initiative’s
expanded.The task force examined the factors influencing student         hope is to recruit enough quality ob-gyn mentors to cover all
choices and how best to combat negative views of the specialty,          medical schools in the geographic confines of the College.The
and developed action items.                                              current list of mentors is located on the member side of ACOG’s
   The largest action item was the creation of a medical student         medical student Web site at
recruitment brochure and companion poster.ACOG’s Junior Fellow           dept_notice.cfm?recno=43&bulletin=3488.
College Advisory Council (JFCAC) brought the measure before the             Exhibiting at various meetings and conferences has opened up
task force after seeing a similar piece produced by the Society of       many opportunities to discuss misconceptions students have about
Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC).With the               the ob-gyn specialty.To attract medical students to the booth,ACOG
SOGC’s blessing, the task force printed its own version of the           has purchased promotional items to distribute free of charge to
brochure and poster, which were distributed to clerkship directors in    students, currently giving green water bottles and miniature staplers
May and continue to be mailed to programs and hospitals upon             to students, and reviewing other promotional products for future
request.The brochures are also distributed to medical students at        use.The product giveaways have proven very successful at drawing
various exhibiting opportunities, such as American Medical Student       students to the booth to talk with ACOG staff and physicians.
Association (AMSA) national and regional meetings, the CREOG &              Today,ACOG’s medical student membership is at an all-time
APGO Annual Meeting, the American Medical Association (AMA)              high, with 1,666 medical student members, and applications coming
Annual Meeting and ACOG’s Annual Clinical Meeting.                       in every week.The increase in membership started in February
   A JFCAC-essay contest reprint was also sent to clerkship              2001 when ACOG debuted the online medical student application.
directors in May, as a recruitment mailing.The essay contest, on         Membership increased substantially once the application could be
“What’s ‘Write’ About Ob-Gyn,” was published in the May 2005             submitted online and no longer had an application fee, the latter of
issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology under the title “What Obstetrics and    which was removed January 1, 2005, as yet another action item of
Gynecology Means to Me,” and ACOG reprinted the essays for               the Medical Student Recruitment Task Force.
distribution to medical students.The reprint contains the national                                                    continued on next page
winning essay from an ACOG District IX resident, plus the other
nine district winners, and remains a popular request.                      ACOG Medical Student Membership
   In May, the ACOG executive board created the John Gibbons
Medical Student Award.The award allots $5,000 per district per             Initiation Fee: None
                                                                           Dues: None
year for the next four years to involve medical students in district       Benefits: Full access to ACOG Web site at,
meetings.The districts will decide the selection process.                  and to the Resource Center Library Services; selected
   As a part of the original initiative, a video, titled “Ob-Gyn:The       choice of ACOG Patient Educational Pamphlets, ACOG
Doctors of Women’s Health” and supported by grants from APGO               Clinical Review, ACOG Publications Catalog or ACOG Today
and ACOG, was initially distributed to ob-gyn clerkship directors,         (the College newsletter); free registration at Annual Clinical
ob-gyn residency program directors and deans of students at every          Meeting and at Annual District Meeting; and member
U.S. medical school.There are currently plans to update the video          discounts on other benefits.
as a result of a task force action item. Copies of the video are still
              The APGO Reporter Education Office News
              Women’s Healthcare                                                                                                               27

     APGO To Participate in 2005                                                                   Dorothy Johnson
       AAMC Annual Meeting                                                                       Dorothy Johnson,
                           ~ Save the Dates ~                                                 APGO, retired on
                                                                                              August 31, 2005,
  APGO will once again participate in the Association of American Medical Colleges            after seven years as
(AAMC) Annual Meeting, November 4-9, 2005 at the Marriott Wardman Park and                    the organization’s
Omni Shoreham Hotels in Washington, DC. Featured plenary speakers include former              administrative
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.                                                        assistant. “Dorothy
                                                                                              had such a patient,
Exhibit                                                                                       sweet and kind demeanor,” said Donna
   APGO will be exhibiting during the Innovations in Medical Education (IME) Exhibit hours    Wachter, APGO executive director.
in the Marriot Wardman Park hotel on Sunday, November 6, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and          “These attributes, along with her very
from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and on Monday, November 7, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.                 calming spirit, are what I, the staff and
                                                                                              the members will miss most.”
Sessions                                                                                         Jean Foley has been named to replace
   On Monday, November 7, from 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm, the APGO Women’s Healthcare                Dorothy, and will be the new welcoming
Education Office (WHEO) will present during the Women in Medicine (WIM)/Faculty               voice of APGO when members and
Affairs Forum program.The session, titled “Yahoo? Google? Ask Jeeves? MyCurriculum:           friends call.
Using the APGO Women’s Health Online Curriculum Builder to Search and Create
Competency-based Curricula,” will be presented by members of the WHEO
Multidisciplinary Women’s Health Education Task Force.Task force members include Sonya
Erickson, MD, assistant professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University        APGO Corporate
of Colorado Health Sciences Center and UMEC chair; Jennifer Potter, MD, assistant             Liaison Council
professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Harvard Medical School, director,Women’s          Along with members of
Health Program, and director,Women’s Health Education at the Beth Israel Deaconess            the APGO Medical
Medical Center;Tamara A. Stein, PhD, instructor, Department of Anatomical Sciences,           Education Foundation
University of Michigan Medical School; and Roberta B. Rusch, MPH,WHEO director.               board of trustees, the
   On Tuesday, November 8, from 7:00 am to 8:30 am, the APGO Interdisciplinary                following comprise the current APGO
Women’s Health Care Education Special Interest Group will present “The Joy of                 Corporate Liaison Council:
Curriculum Building: Helping You Use the APGO Women’s Health Care Competencies                Chair
Document.”The same speakers as cited above will present, once again.                          Susan M. Cox, MD
   Also on Tuesday, November 8, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, the Alliance for Clinical          University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
                                                                                              at Dallas
Education (ACE), of which APGO is an active member, will present “Evaluation and              Secretary
Feedback During Clerkships: Solutions from the National Clerkship Organizations.” All         Loretta Goodwin
seven national ACE clerkship organizations will contribute remarks related to evaluation      Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
and feedback in their own specialty. APGO participants include Joseph “Mac” Ernest,           Corporate Members
                                                                                              Lola Yoshinaga
MD, professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Wake Forest University                 Nonni Vaillancourt
School of Medicine and APGO president, and Maya Hammoud, MD, clerkship director,              Conceptus
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Michigan Medical School and            Carole Boyer
                                                                                              Duchesnay, Inc.
an APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee member.
                                                                                              Sharon Trumbull
   You are welcome to join us for one or all of the APGO sessions, and please stop by         Gynecare Worldwide, a Division of Ethicon, Inc., a
our booth to show your support!                                                               Johnson & Johnson Company
                                                                                              Mark Jespersen
                                                                                              Jespersen & Associates, LLC
Medical Student Initiative continued from previous page                                       Anthony DelConte, MD
                                                                                              Novartis Pharmaceuticals
   The task force was disbanded at its January 2005 meeting, and is now an ACOG               Mark Szymanski
subcommittee, appointed by Immediate Past President Vivian M. Dickerson, MD.The               Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.
initiative’s goals can be met if more students pursue ob-gyn residencies this coming match    Dan Burgess
year and if we continue to educate students about the most rewarding specialty in medicine.   Pfizer, Inc. – US Pharmaceuticals
   For more information on the initiative, contact either me at (202) 863-2404 or by          Margaret K. Conditt, PhD
                                                                                              Procter & Gamble Company
e-mail at, or Roberta Rusch, MPH, APGO WHEO director, at (410)                Carol L. Jane
451-9560 or by e-mail at ACOG medical student Web site can be             Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
found at
 Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics
2130 Priest Bridge Drive, Suite #7 • Crofton, MD 21114
     Phone: (410) 451-9560 • Fax: (410) 451-9568
              Web Address:

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