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SUMMER VACATION How We Spent Our by wuyunyi


									                                 CREE K SPEArK
                                         k Newslette
                                       Camp Boggy Cree
                                                                                    Fall 2006

                               My first time down                 “The tower is a big, tall
                                the zip line!                        adventure. It is the
                                                                  coolest thing to set a goal
                                                                  and achieve that goal.
                                                                   I wanted to get to the
                                                                 top and I did it! The next
                                                                 thing to conquer was the
                                                                 zip-line. It was AWESOME!
                                                                   At first I was scared, but
                                                                my counselors sang a
                                                                  song! It was hilarious. It
                                                               got me to go down the
                                                               line. Yeah, Tower!”

How We Spent Our

W     hile at camp, campers are empowered to do things they never thought they could do.
      For instance, climbing the tower at the high ropes course is something many of our
campers never even thought possible and yet each and every summer hundreds of
campers reach the top of the tower and zip back down to earth, overcoming their doubts
and fears.

                                                                           (Continued on page 4)
Page 2                                                                                                                                        CREEK SPEAK

                Camp Boggy Creek’s
                 Board of Directors
                                                                       Executive Director’s Message
      Founders                                                             Ten years ago Camp Boggy Creek opened its
      Paul Newman                                                      doors and the first summer campers arrived! It was
      General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
      Mrs. Gracia B. Andersen (in memoriam)                            a much anticipated day for the leaders, board
      Lawrence J. and Florence A. De George                            members, staff, volunteers, foundations, healthcare
      Theodore J. Forstmann
      Juanita and F. Browne Gregg
                                                                       partners, corporations and individual donors and
      David and Francie Horvitz                                        most importantly our children and families. To finally
      Jim and Jan Moran                                                see children smiling, laughing and doing things they
      The Family of Jennifer Masi
      Bruce O. Rossmeyer                                               had never done before – what a sight – the mission
      Elizabeth Turner Campbell Foundation                             of enriching the lives of seriously ill children became
      Officers                                                         a reality.
      Lt. General James R. Ellis                                           This summer over 1,200 children had the
      Chairman of the Board/CEO
                                                                       opportunity to come to Boggy Creek. Throughout the summer the theme for
      June Clark
      President/COO                                                    our 10th birthday – Celebrate Life – was embraced by campers, volunteers
      John L. Brewerton, III Esq.                                      and staff and affirmed the goodness of everyone involved with Boggy Creek.
      Counsel/Secretary                                                Celebrations at Boggy Creek are more than marking a passage of time – they
      J. Patterson Cooper                                              impart joy and meaning each and every day to campers and families, as well
                                                                       as volunteers and staff.
      Debra Gerhard
      Assistant Secretary                                                  Camp Boggy Creek is a great success story, and you, in some way –
                                                                       perhaps in many ways – have helped to achieve this success. Through hard
      G. Thomas Ball
                                                                       work and the generosity of thousands of individuals, corporations, and
      Michael Brockman                                                 foundations, great progress has been made.
      J. Powell Brown                                                      Today we have much to be proud of – we have served over 30,000
      Fonda Ryan Cerenzio
      Shelly Church                                                    children and family members. Thanks for helping make a difference in the
      Mark Cooper                                                      lives of these children and families. As we come to the close of 2006, we hope
      Richard Danford
      Wendy Druce                                                      you will be a part of our family for the next 10 years.
      Myra Hancock
      Brian Lee
      Lucia Lopez
      Nicholas Masi, Ph.D.
      Wendy Masi, Ph.D.
      Whitfield M. Palmer, Jr.
      Pam Paul                                                         June Clark
      Dennis Quinn
      Sandra Randolph
      Harris Rosen
      Thomas P. Warlow, III
                                                                                        Camp Boggy Creek Welcomes
                 Mission Statement
   The mission of Camp Boggy Creek is to                                               New Board Member, Tom Warlow
   enrich the lives of children who have chronic
   or life threatening illnesses by creating                              A champion can be defined many ways: an ardent defender or supporter of a
   camping experiences that are memorable,                             cause or another person, one who does battle for another's rights or honor, or
   exciting, fun, empowering, physically safe
   and medically sound.
                                                                       one who has the attributes of a winner. By this definition the Martin Andersen-
   Creek Speak is published by Camp Boggy Creek                        Gracia Andersen Foundation is a true champion for the children and families
      Editor:               Stephanie Murphy                           who attend Camp Boggy Creek since they were one of the early Founders.
      Contributing Writers: Jackie Boykin                                 Tom Warlow, President of the Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation
                            Sarah Gurtis
                            Dorcas Tomasek
                                                                       and Gracia’s cousin, continues to carry on his cousin’s wishes by joining Boggy
                            Terry Zwicker                              Creek’s Board of Directors. “More than 10 years ago, my cousin, Gracia, helped
      Photography:          Nigel Bibler                               create the magical dream that has become Camp Boggy Creek. She
                            Hank McDaniel
      Layout/Graphics:      Stephanie Murphy                           understood more than most the need for a place where Florida’s sickest
      Proofreades:          Lynne Felknor                              children could come to experience, if just for a week, the joys of being a normal
                            Evelyn Irmscher                            kid. I want to continue what she started,” states Tom.
                                                                          Tom also serves on several other Boards in the community including Florida
            Printing generously donated
                by Convergys, Inc.                                     Children’s Hospital and Community Health Impact Council at Florida Hospital.
                                                                       Camp Boggy Creek is pleased to have Tom join the Board as we venture into
   CALLING 1-800-435-7352, WITHIN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. REGISTRATION   our next decade of service to Florida’s seriously ill children.
   CH991.                                                                                                         Page 3

  Camp Director’s Message
  By Dorcas Tomasek
     With one week (8,648 minutes) to spend at Camp Boggy Creek,
  what would you do?
     During the opening campfire of session nine, a camper shouted
  out “Best Week of Our Lives!” and the overwhelming response was
  every single person shouting back at the top of their lungs, “Best
  Week of Our Lives!” and so it began… We, as a family, embarked
  on a journey of 8,648 valuable moments that took us:

      Swing dancing, kissing a camel, passing our first swim
      test, catching our first fish, eating spaghetti with no hands,
      eating cotton candy before breakfast, eating cupcakes
      FOR breakfast, climbing a 42-foot tower, learning to cook
      chicken pot pie, dressing up in costume and singing on                           “Boggy has taught m
                                                                                                             e so much
      stage, catching a pig, washing a goat, riding a horse,                             and remembering the
                                                                                                                 times at camp
      building a wooden race car, designing a volcano, and so                          helped me get throug
      much more…                                                                                              h treatment. Not
                                                                                            only that but camp is
                                                                                                                   tons of fun!
     Campers, counselors, kitchen staff and medical staff all week                      It doesn’t get any be
                                                                                                              tter than that!
  long chanted “Best Week of Our Lives!” whenever they could.
                                                                                            I hope one day to co
     When asking campers at the closing campfire what made this the                                                me back
                                                                                          to camp as a counse
  best week of their lives, what they said astounded me and                                                     lor. I want to
                                                                                        help kids one day wh
  reaffirmed all that we want to accomplish at this sacred place.                                              o were just like
                                                                                           me. Thanks to all the
    “ I made a friend.”                                                                                            people who
                                                                                           make this camp happ
    “ I felt cared for.”                                                                                          en.”
    “ Someone cared for me and I cared for them.”
    “ I felt safe, respected, and loved.”
    “ I learned independence.”
    “ I was loved.”

          Williams’ Family Cabin is Dedicated
          On August 9, Camp Boggy Creek Chairman Jim Ellis, President June Clark, Founder General H. Norman
          Schwarzkopf and Board member/Corporate Counsel John Brewerton welcomed Larry Williams of Winter Park to
          camp. Larry spent time with campers attending summer session number nine and then joined in the dedication of
          a camper cabin in honor of his parents, Arthur J. and Marie H. Williams and Family. A legacy gift from the
          Williams estate was made to camp and a plaque at Cabin # 3 was unveiled in their honor.

                  Larry Williams and General H. Norman                  L to R: John Brewerton, General
                  Schwarzkopf at cabin dedication.                      Schwarzkopf, Larry Williams, June Clark
                                                                        and Jim Ellis.
Page 4                                                                                                                              CREEK SPEAK

 (continued from page 1)

                                                                         “I went to the
                                                                                          Little Farm and
                                                                           the baby cow                     fed
                                                                                           s their breakfa
                                                                        all the animals                    st. I love
                                                                                         like baby goats
                                                                       and bunnies. I                      , pigs
                                                                                        held a bunny
                                                                           touched a gre                a nd
                                                                                           en tree frog…
                                                                       which I will ne
                                                                                       ver do again!”

                                                                                               BULLS EYE!
      Another popular spot at camp is our Little Farm and Nature
      Center. This “lively” area gives campers an opportunity to
      pet, snuggle and care for a variety of animals including pigs,
      goats, cows, rabbits and ducks.
                                                                 “I don’t think
                                                                   friends at hom
                                                                understand th

      3- -1 blast-off….
                                                                                 at th
                                                                  isn’t just a cam is
       2                                                       a home for m p, it’s
                                                                 memories, my
                                                              and my dream opes

                                                                                           Archery is just another
                                                                                                                    of the fun
                                                                                           pastimes our campers
                                                                                                                   enjoy during
                                                                                          their week of forgetting
                                                                                                                    that they are
                                                                                          sick. Even campers wit
                                                                                                                   h limited mobility
                                                                                          are able to join in the
                                                                                          because of special ad
                                                                                          apparatuses on hand.

                                                                                                     at B
                                                                                                pool is oggy Creek
                                                                                            for half plenty big the
                                                                                                     the ca        ,e
                                                                                                  the ‘F    mp. Th nough
                                                                                                                    e po
                                                                                               warm u rench Fryer’ ol also has
                                                                                                       pa             whe
                                                                                                 has to nd get dry. T re you can
                                                                                                         be o            he p
   For many of our campers, swimming is an activity that could be a life-threatening                places ne of my fa ool
   one. For instance, children who are born with Sickle Cell disease cannot get too                        a t c am        vorite
   hot or too cold because a sudden change of body temperature could be life                                       p.”
   threatening. Solar panels at our Olympic size pool keep the water at just the right
   temperature to ensure that our campers can concentrate on snorkeling and other fun
   water games instead of on their diseases.                                                                                                                   Page 5

                                                                                                    ggy is
                                                                    “My favorite thing about Bo
                                                                                                         e to go
                                                                       all of the love and spirit. I lov
                                                                      to the woodshop and make               en I finish
                                                                            I love to make things and wh ve
                                                                                                           e I ha
                                                                          them I feel so happy becaus
                                                                                                        e coming here
                                                                         completed something. I lov
                                                                                                       I got my
                                                                        and I got so excited when
                                                                                                         I knew I was
                                                                           acceptance letter because
                                                                                  going to have a great time.”

   Campers love th
   create masterpiec
                      e opportunity to
                                       work with their ha
                       es. A sea of beam                 nds and
   proud artists’ fac                      ing smiles on ou
                      es is evidence en                     r
   girl has had the                     ough that each bo
                    best week of their                     y and

                                 camp I wa
             “Whe  n I came to out riding a
                               ab                        I was so
               re ally excited first time in my life. and how
                               e                       like
                  horse for th e what they looked h fun that
                              se                       uc
                 excited to ey were. It was so m
                         big th                forget it.”
                                  I will never

                                                                     Each summer a group of volunteer horses come to Boggy
                                                                     Creek for the season to provide our campers the
                                                                     opportunity to ride on their backs – for many campers this
                                                                     will be their first time on or near a horse. Imagine how
         Snapshot of Summer
                                                                     awesome it must feel to sit tall in the saddle for the very first
                                                                     time when you’ve been confined to a wheelchair?

                               mp Boggy Creek
     •   Campers served at Ca
                               summer camp – 1,207
         during nine weeks of                                                      YUM-M-M-
     • Summer staff
                        and counselors – 80                                                M!
     • Summer volunte
                         ers – 480
      • Fish caught, kis
                         sed, released – Over

      • Trips down the
                         zip line – 279

       • Camp songs su
                        ng – Over 400

       • Pieces of birth
                         day cake eaten – 2,106

        • Meals served
                        – Over 5,000

         •    Trail rides – 135
                                cts made – 2,654
           Arts and crafts proje
                                                                     Whether campers
         •                                                                               are trying to “Bam
                                                                    up a notch” or jus                       ! Kick their cooking
                                                                                       t licking the bowl
         • Hugs – Thousand
                           s upon thousands                         delicious desser
                                                                                     t batter conjured
                                                                                                          s from a new
                                                                    chef, Boggy Cree                     up by a special gu
                                                e!                                                                           est
                         ough to last a lifetim
                                                                                       k’s cooking activ
                                                                                                         ity puts smiles on
         • Memories – En
                                                                    campers faces –                                          our
                                                                                      even chocolate co
                                                                                                           ated smiles.
Page 6                                                                                                                                CREEK SPEAK

                                                                                                              Stage Day
                                                                                                th eater and there
                                                                                    “I love the hen you go                         u’re not.
                                                                                        becaus ew                     someone yo up in
                                                                                                           tend to be           sse d
                                                                                              you can pre un. I like getting dre gy
                                                                                                        ys f                   Bog
                                                                                            That’s alwa g room because of s.
                                                                                               the dressin l choice of costume s.”
                                                                                                         usua                   tres
                                                                                             Creek’s un pires me to be an ac
                                                                                                      r ins
                                                                                           The theate

                                                                 w things and
                                        is encouraged to try ne

                                                                                                A hole-in-one?
         Every camper at Boggy Creek                       can mean donning a
                                . For many children, this
         accept new challenges                          the other campers,
                                   on stage in front of
         costume and performing                      ng the stage lights, put
         opening and closin g the curtains, controlli         uncontrollably
                                 und booth or just laughi
         on a head set in the so
         from one of the 180 se

                       Seriously ill children attend
             Camp Boggy Creek at absolutely no cost to
           the children or families. Do you know of a child
                 who would like to come to camp?
                     If so, please give us a call at
                                                                                            Club Boggy Creek’s 9-hole miniature golf course
                       352-483-4200 ext. 252                                                is equipped to supply even our tiniest camper with
                         or visit our website at                                            the perfect sized putter. The course is nestled
                                                               around a beautiful miniature lake with a cascading
                                                                                            waterfall and sports a panoramic view of Boggy

                                                             My favorite fis
                                                                            h                                             a big
                                                                                                          “Sourpuss is ke Palmer.
                                                                                                             old fish in L is summer,
                                                                                                                   One day th
                                                                                                                             was magic
                                                                                                              I knew there uss was on
                                                                                                            in the air. S ad always
                                                                                                                 my line! I h ay seeing
                                                                                                                            one d
                                                                                                             dreamed of s. I reeled
                                                                                                                 old Sourpus            ulled
                                                                                                                             could and p
                                                                                                                as fast as I       e water.
                                                                                                                     him out of th fell off.”
                                                                                                                           Then he

    At Boggy Creek, the fish practically jump onto your hook because they know they will just be given a quick kiss from the angler
    and gently pitched back into the water. Because the goal is to allow campers time to be just kids and not focus on their sickness,
    sometimes our nurses will be spotted down on the dock toting a tackle box loaded with the prescribed medication to unobtrusively
    give to our busy campers so they can focus on catching Old Sourpuss, the biggest fish in the lake.                                                                                                                            Page 7

                                                                                       “Boggy is the onl
                                                                                                          y place that allow
                                                                                       things for the fir                    s
                                                                                                         st time that woul me to do
                                                         nted evening.
                                                                                       be impossible lik                   d otherwise
                             ends is really an encha                                                     e dancing with a
     The night before camp
                            gussied up at the ha   ir and nail salon set               my father.”                         guy who isn’t
     Each camper gets all                    s on an interesting cos
     up in the arts and crafts building, put          is event is bitter
                            ads for the Dance. Th
     or formal duds and he                        before they have to
     sweet for our cam  pers, for it is the night
     leave this magical place.

                  “One of
                   the cabin favorite activitie
                  night. Yo chat at the end is
                           uc                 of
                    cabin ma an learn a lot ab every
                             tes                out
                     say anyt and know that your
                             hing and             y
                        the cabin     it would ou could
                                  .”             only stay                                                             s the quiet
                                                           in                 After a full day of
                                                                                                   camping activitie
                                                                                                                       to encourage
                                                                                                   e for cabin chats
                                                                              evening hours ar                   dical conditions,
                                                                              campers to     talk about their me                   r new
                                                                                                              instill in each othe
                                                                              pass alo   ng coping skills or              nds that will
                                                                                                      chats cement bo
                                                                              found hope. Cabin that is immeasurable.
                                                                               last a lifetime – a

                                                                                                                                   k is
                                                                                                                       “This wee . I am
                                                                                                                          awesome h fun! I
                                                                                                                        having so g forward
                                                                                                                          am lookin pics and
                                                                                                                         to Silly O ghetti
                                                                                                                           eating sp ! I’ve
                                                                                                                          with my f arted
                                                                                                                            already st ! I love
                                                                                                                                it here!”

         The Silly O Olympic torch has been lit and the official Olympic music blares. Let the games begin! The recreation field is
         transformed into an Olympic village and all campers compete in events like the Pudding Drip, the Carbohydrate Roll, Paint
         the Counselor, Paint the Camper, and the most popular, the Slime Toss. Campers and counselors alike look forward to the
         clean up after this epic event because the local Lake County Fire Department shows up and hoses down the cheering
         Olympians. No baths are required that night!
Page 8                                                                                                                                    CREEK SPEAK

   Darden Execs Get Busy in the Kitchen
       On August 1, Dave Pickens, President of Olive Garden and Rick
   Walsh, Senior Vice President of Darden Restaurants spent time in the
   kitchen that Darden built for Camp Boggy Creek over 10 years ago.
   Their visit was part of the year-long celebration of Camp’s 10th
       Not only did they tour camp, serve lunch to the campers, bus tables
   and sing songs, they also brought presents! They donated a long list of
   items for the kitchen AND brought 40 cases of dessert from Olive
   Garden which was an instant hit with the campers.
                                                                                            Dave Pickens, President of Olive Garden and Rick
       Thanks Dave and Rick…the campers loved having you here!                              Walsh, Senior Vice President of Darden Restaurants
                                                                                            served lunch to over 250 campers, counselors and staff
                                                                                            during their visit to Boggy Creek.

                                                                                                         Thank tYorants
                                                                                                          Re  s au
                                                                                                   Darden nd
                                                                                                      Olive Gar
     After lunch Dave and Rick joined the campers for a few camp songs and the Web of
     Kindness where the campers gave them a “Standing O” for all they have done for
     Camp Boggy Creek over the last 10 years.

                        Grand American Day at Camp Boggy Creek
            Officials and drivers from Grand American
         Road Racing visited Camp on June 27. Camp
         Boggy Creek is the proud charity of the sports car
         racing sanctioning body. Guests spent the
         morning touring and playing with the campers
         before joining them for lunch. The day culminated
         with the First Annual Frisselle Brothers Invitational
         Miniature Golf Tournament. Grand Am driver Burt
         Frisselle took the top honors and received the
         tournament prize of a Boggy Bear signed by all of
         the campers.
                                                                              L to R: Grand Am drivers, Brian Frisselle, Milka Duno and
                                                                              Burt Frisselle                                                                                                                               Page 9

              Corporate Appreciation Days at Camp Boggy Creek
                                                                                         Wayne Automatic Fire
                       Costco Wholesale Day                                                 Sprinkler Day

                                                                                  Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers Day was declared
                 June 15th was declared Costco Wholesale Day at
                                                                                  on July 31st as folks from Wayne Automatic visited
                 Camp Boggy Creek. Top: Tim Rose accepting
                                                                                  with campers who expressed their gratitude for all
                 Costco’s proclamation from campers. Bottom:
                                                                                  they have done for Boggy Creek. Top: Boggy Creek
                 Costco executives and employees from all over
                                                                                  camper presenting Wayne Gey with the
                 the country came to experience first hand what all
                                                                                  proclamation. Bottom: Wayne Automatic employees
                 their efforts make possible.
                                                                                  touring camp.

   Campers on Track for the Pepsi 400
      If you tuned into the FOX broadcast of the Pepsi 400 NASCAR Nextel Cup race the night of July 1, you saw the work of
   some very creative Boggy Creek campers on track. The Ginn Company, sponsors of MB2 Motorsports #14 driven by
   Sterling Marlin, invited three campers to help design the paint scheme for the Pepsi 400 car. Top car designer Steve
   Breakfield came to Camp on June 8 where he joined campers: Tori Tiger, age 15 from Daytona Beach, Jake Westbrook,
   age 13 from St. Augustine and Zach Robinson, age 10 from Jacksonville in the Arts & Crafts building. The campers
   worked with a car template that had already placed the Ginn Company and Camp Boggy Creek logos. From there they
   went to work. Steve returned to Charlotte, NC where he incorporated the camper’s ideas into the final design.
      A press event was held at the track on June 29 where Tori and Zach joined Sterling Marlin to unveil the car which the
   campers saw for the first time. They were also treated to a tour of the #14 garage area and hauler and were the special
   guests of The Ginn Company race day. Their wonderful designs and engaging interviews generated both local and
   national coverage for the Camp. Thanks campers!

    L to R: Tori Tiger, Jake Westbrook, Zack           Finished design of the MB2 Motorsports #14        L to R: Zack Robinson, Tori Tiger and
    Robinson and car designer, Steve Breakfield        sponsored by The Ginn Company.                    Sterling Marlin at the unveiling
Page 10                                                                                                              CREEK SPEAK

             Daytona Harley-Davidson                                 Special Events for Camp!
                 Ride for Children
                                                                     Thanks to all the friends of Camp Boggy Creek!! Take a
                    th                                               look at some of these special groups and individuals
       Friday the 13 is a lucky night this year, as Daytona
                                                                     holding their own events to raise funds for our great
   Beach Coca-Cola will
   be inducted into the
   D ayt on a      Harley-                                           World Sailfish Championship: The Florida Keys, sail
   Davidson Ride for                                                 fishing and yachts, all part of the 4th Annual fundraising
   Children      Hall   of                                           event. General Schwarzkopf served as honorary
   Fame. The 3 Annual                                                chairman for this five-day event. The finishing touch...
   Champagne Ball is                                                 $55,000 for Camp Boggy Creek.
   an      invitation-only                                           Guys with Ties: The first Boggy Ball was held in
   event, held at the                                                downtown Orlando this spring. Donations were made as
   Daytona Hilton and hosted by Camp Boggy Creek                     guests came to enjoy live music and good food. $3,000
   Founder Bruce Rossmeyer. Coke is being honored for                was donated to Camp Boggy Creek.
   their 12-year commitment to the Ride for Children as well
                                                                     Tour of Water Gardens: Homeowners opened their
   as their generous support of donations to Camp Boggy
                                                                     doors in Inverness to show off their water gardens for
                                                                     two days. The weekend finished off with a banquet and
       Saturday, October 14th, the Daytona Beach Hilton will
                                                                     raffle. The Aqua Scape Tour led to a contribution of
   be the spot for all the VIP riders of the Daytona Harley-
                                                                     $3,200 for Camp.
   Davidson Ride for Children to enjoy a night of music and
   good food at the pre-ride party.                                  Shannon Burke and the Real Ride: Bikers hit the road
       Sunday, October 15th, the roar of 1,000 motorcycles           from Maitland to Ormond Beach, finishing off the ride at
   will be heard from Ormond Beach to Eustis, Florida when           Destination Daytona. Shannon Burke of Real Radio
   Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson Ride for                104.1 led the way. After the silent auction and 50/50
   Children kicks off for the 12th year in a row. This year’s        drawing Camp Boggy Creek received over $4,900.
   grand marshal is David Roth, Boggy Creek camper.                  Hospitality Finance and Technical Professionals of Mid
   David will be at the front of the line when these generous        Florida: This was the 4th year for these folks to pick up
   friends of camp roll through our gates. Live music will fill      their golf clubs for charity. At the end of the tournament
   the air as riders enjoy their lunch, donated by Outback           more than $9,000 was donated to Camp Boggy Creek.
   Steakhouse. Live and silent auctions add to the funds             Lyrics for Life: Music group Sister Hazel performed at
   raised for camp at Camp Boggy Creek’s largest                     the House of Blues, then got up early for the charity golf
   fundraising event of the year.                                    tournament at Shingle Creek. The Lyrics for Life
                                                                     Foundation collected and donated $20,000.
                                                                     Alfest 2006: Friends of Camp Boggy Creek enjoyed
                                                                     good food and spirits all for Camp Boggy Creek. This
                                                                     progressive party through Coconut Grove means a
                                                                     donation of more than $3,000.

                                                     Did you know…
                                                                  you can make a donation on-line?
                                                               Visit our website and
                                                                          click on “Contribute”.
                                                                 You can make your donation in honor of
                                                              someone's birthday, anniversary, special event
                                                                           or as a holiday gift.                                                                                                                                  Page 11

         Birthday Wishes And The Folks That Make Them Come True
    When you close your eyes and make a birthday wish just before you blow out the candles on your cake, what do you wish for? Wealth? World
 peace? Good health?
    For 10 years Camp Boggy Creek has been making the wishes of over 30,000 children and family members who come here REAL– by providing a
 place where they can come to and forget that they’re sick.
                  “If I had one wish I’d stay at Boggy Creek all year round because it makes your fears become dust.” - Tommy, camper
     As we look back in gratitude to those who helped create Boggy Creek, we also look to the future and our wish to sustain this magical place in
 order to give a “week of normal” to even more of Florida’s seriously ill children. The generosity of Foundations and Corporations makes a tremendous
 impact for our children and families who come to Camp Boggy Creek. Their gifts of giving help insure that even more children and families can enjoy
 the magic of a Boggy Creek camping experience.

 We wish to thank the following foundations and corporations who have donated to camp since our last
 listing in the Spring 2006 newsletter.

 89 Racing Team                                       Grand American Road Racing                               Timothy Player's Vending
 AIM Marketing Solutions, Inc.                        Guys With Ties, Inc.                                     POSH 27
 American Warehouse and Terminal, Inc.                Hand-in-Hand Foundation                                  Praise and Deliverance Ministries
 Argent Mortgage Company, LLC                         Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley-Davidson                   International
 The Association of HITW Camps, Inc.                  Hartford Fire Insurance Company                          Price Motorsports, LLC
 Autometrics Motorsports                              Hasbro                                                   Prudential Transact Realty, Inc.
 Bank of America Foundation                           Dr. Harry J. Heeb Foundation                             Racing For A Reason
 Bank of America, N.A. Private Bank                   Howard Motorsports                                       Riley Motorsports, LLC
 Bernheim Racing                                      Hugo Tax and Financial Service                           Scheidel Foundation
 Beverly Driving School                               I Do Foundation                                          The Schmidt Family Foundation
 Blackforest Motorsports                              i-MOTO Racing                                            Shangri-La By The Lake Mobile Home
 Gainsco Blackhawk Motorsports                        The I. W. Foundation, Inc.                                  Owners Assoc., Inc.
 Employees Community Fund of Boeing Florida           iCare Workplace Giving                                   Michael Shank Racing Service
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 Goldin Bros Racing
                                                Creek Notes
                                                                             2006 Fall Family Retreat Weekends
                                                                           Sept. 15-17        Cancer
                                                                                              (Jacksonville campers)
                                                                           Sept. 22-24        Asthma
    Certified Lifeguards Needed                                            Sept. 29-Oct. 1
    Camp Boggy Creek needs Certified             •Needs    Lists                              Cancer
                                                                           Oct. 20-22        Hemophilia
    Lifeguards to volunteer during our Family
    Retreat Weekends on Saturdays from           •Bathing suits            Oct. 27-29        Epilepsy
    9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Lifeguards are        •i-tune gift cards        Nov. 3-5          Sickle Cell
    needed to play with kids at our lakefront    •Office supplies          Nov. 17-20        Spina Bifida
    and heated pool. Make a difference in the     •Cake, frosting and      Dec. 1-3          Heart
    life of a child and come join us for a          brownie mix            Dec. 9            Holiday Party
    splashing good time.                                             rts
                                                  •Plain white t-shi
    Other volunteer opportunities available.
Please call our volunteer coordinator at
352-483-4200 ext. 293, e-mail or check out our
website at

                                                                                  Eustis, FL 32736
                                                                                  30500 Brantley Branch Rd.
                                                                                  The Boggy Creek Gang Camp

   Permit #2642
    Orlando, FL
    U.S. Postage
   Non Profit Org.

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