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					                                                                                                                      JUNE 24, 2011

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Beware of business credit cards
By David Uffington                         around the rules.                            Here are some comparisons, with            highest rate balance first.
                                             To get around the restrictions of the   “Protected” indicating the coverage of          Business: Payment may be applied to
  To get around the restrictions of the   CARD Act, credit card companies have       personal credit cards under the act.         lowest rate balances, which lets high-
Credit      Card       Accountability,    changed the name of the cards they’re        1) Protected: Terms cannot change          rate balances accrue interest.
Responsibility and Disclosure Act,        issuing. They’re now called “business”     during the first year, and 45 days notice        If you receive a mailing or applica-
credit card companies changed the         or “corporate” credit cards. Business      must be given before terms change.           tion offering one of these credit cards,
name of the cards they’re issuing.        credit cards were never intended to be       Business: Terms can change at any          read the fine print — twice. Go online
  They’re now called “business” or        covered by the act, so none of the new     time.                                        and view a copy of the CARD Act and
“corporate” credit cards.                 rules apply.                                 2) Protected: Penalty interest rates       compare item for item what your new
  The Credit Card Accountability,            Many consumers have been de-            cannot be applied to existing balances.      card offers versus the protections of
Responsibility and Disclosure Act of      ceived, assuming they’re protected           Business: Penalty interest rates can       regular cards.
2009 is intended to protect consumers     when they’re not. Getting one of these     be applied at any time, effective imme-         With business credit cards, your in-
from altered interest rates, unreason-    cards isn’t hard: Business or commer-      diately, with no notice, to any balance.     terest rate could change overnight, and
able fees and the insecurity of not       cial cards are being promoted not only       3) Protected: Penalty fees must be         you can’t do a thing about it — except
knowing from one month to the next        to businesses and corporations, but to     reasonable and cannot exceed the vio-        pay the debt.
what new fees and penalties may be        consumers, just as regular consumer        lation itself.                                  Write to David Uffington in care of
charged by the credit card companies.     cards.                                       Business: Penalty fees are unrestrict-                                     .O.
                                                                                                                                  King Features Weekly Service, P Box
  The Pew Charitable Trusts, a branch        According to the Pew report, some       ed.                                          536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or
of the nonpartisan, civic-minded Pew      10 million offers for business credit        4) Protected: Payments more than           send e-mail to
Research Center, has released a Safe      cards are sent out every month.            the minimum must be applied to the 
Credit Cards Project report warning
how credit card companies are getting

                                          Reduce stress with must-haves
                                            Stress has become a daily part of        stress every two weeks. Following are a      Massage
                                          people’s lives.                            few steps to help reduce one’s stress:          Few things can reduce stress as
                                            Despite its detriments to health and                                                  much as the feeling of human hands
                                          well-being, stress seems to be some-       Hot tub                                      working the kinks out of tense muscles.
                                          thing most people can’t shake.               Water, heat and massage therapy as         Massage can alleviate pain, reduce
                                          Increasing the number of relaxation        provided by a hot tub can alleviate          anxiety and may even improve im-
                                          tools around the house may prove ef-       many of the body strains caused by           mune system function.
                                          fective.                                   stress.                                         There are many different types of
                                            A survey by NorthwesternNatural            Raising core body temperature for 15       massages available. Invest in a mas-
                                          Life indicates 40 percent of workers re-   minutes around 90 minutes before go-         sage table and have a spouse or family
                                          port their job is “very or extremely”      ing to bed has been shown to induce a        member do the massage. However,
                                          stressful. A National Health Interview     more restful sleep. Heat also dilates        most prefer to visit a spa or rehabilita-
            (313) 882-6900                survey indicates 75 percent of the gen-    blood vessels to increase blood flow to       tion center and rely on a trained profes-
          fax: (313) 882-1585             eral population experiences some           sore or damaged tissue. In addition,         sional.                                                   water provides buoyancy that reduces
                                                                                     strain on muscles and joints.                Swimming
                                                                                       Add the gentle massage from spa              A pool, much like a hot tub, can fos-
                                          ON THE COVER                               bubbles and the body is relaxed. This,       ter feelings of relaxation. Swimming
                                                                                     in turn, can help turn off the mind and      combines the stress relief of water with
                                            This week’s front cover photo of fun     facilitate feelings of ease.                 the benefits of exercise.
                                          on Lake St. Clair was taken at Neff
                                          Park in the City of Grosse Pointe by       Exercise equipment                           Alternative therapies
                                          Susan Higbie of Grosse Pointe Farms.          Having a stationary bike, treadmill or       Everything from acupuncture to aro-
                                            We welcome your cover photo sub-         elliptical trainer in the house can entice   matherapy to music therapy can be
                                          missions. If you would like to send a      people to get moving. Exercise is a          tried in an effort to staunch stress.
                                          photo for consideration, it must be of     known mood-booster.                             Following in the footsteps of Eastern
                                          high resolution and may be delivered to       In a 2007 study at Duke University,       cultures, many people find meditation,
                                          the editor on disk to 96 Kercheval,        exercise was shown to reduce major           yoga, deep breathing and Tai Chi effec-
                                          Grosse Pointe Farms.                       depression as well as standard antide-       tive at calming the mind and body.
                                            For more information, call (313) 343-    pressant medication. Stress and de-          Look for local classes where these ac-
                                          5590.                                      pression are often linked. Exercise re-      tivities are offered, or simply try them
                                                                                     leases endorphins into the body, which       at home.
                                                                                     can banish the blues.                           Stress is a part of most people’s lives,
                                                                                        Other studies have shown as little as     but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelm-
                                                                                     10 minutes of brisk walking raises the       ing factor. With a few simple stress re-
                                                                                     mood and increases the energy level          lief techniques, individuals can feel
                                                                                     for up to two hours after the walk.          calmer and healthier.
FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011                                                                          3

It’s pet dander, not pet fur, that is often the culprit. However, longer-haired pets may
produce more dander than their shorter-haired cousins.

Reduce animal
related allergens
  Pets can contribute to indoor air pol-        limit the amount of allergens sucked in-
lution that triggers allergies in many in-      to the heating, ventilating and air con-
dividuals.                                      ditioning system.
  From animal fur and dander to mi-                ◆ Wash and brush the pet frequently
croscopic parasites, having a pet means         to remove dander and other allergens.
one has to work a little harder to keep         Brushing a pet outdoors can limit the
the house clean.                                amount of fur inside.
  People often mistake animal fur for              ◆ When pets have been outdoors,
the cause of their allergies.                   wipe down their coat and paws to limit
  However, fur is not the culprit.              the amount of foreign substances
Dander that collects on fur, feathers and       brought into the house.
saliva from some pets can cause allergic           ◆ Change bird or small animal cages
reactions.                                      frequently to reduce the buildup of ani-
  Pets who venture outdoors also can            mal feces and mites.
track in substances that can cause aller-          ◆ Professional grooming and routine
gic reactions or other irritations. For ex-     veterinary visits can help catch fleas,
ample, a cat may carry in extra pollen          ticks, mites or other parasites before
and a dog may carry in chemicals from           they spread.
the lawn on his paws.                              ◆ Cats are generally responsible for
  Animal allergens are sticky and tend          more pet-related allergies than dogs.
to adhere to furniture and other sur-           Therefore, if one is very allergic, consid-
faces for some time. Coming in contact          er a canine companion.
with these substances can trigger a re-            ◆ Pets that do not cause allergies are
action. Fifteen to 30 percent of people         nonexistent. Shorter-haired animals
with allergies have allergic reactions to       shed more and collect less dander. Think
cats and dogs.                                  about adopting one with shorter hair
  If deciding to remain a pet owner,            and drools less.
here are a few steps to help minimize              ◆ Play with pets outside. Playing
the effect of allergies:                        with pets stirs up a lot of dander, so it is
  ◆ Keep surfaces throughout the house          better to have it in the outside air than
clean and clear of clutter.                     in the house.
  ◆ Choose bare floors or low-pile car-             ◆ Dust with a wet cloth. Never dry-
pets that can be frequently cleaned.            dust as it only serves to stir up the dan-
  ◆ Frequently launder a pet’s favorite         der and increases the chances of breath-
furniture.                                      ing it in.
  ◆ Consider adding a whole-house air              ◆ Keep pet excrement away from air
filter to a forced air heating/cooling sys-      intakes. This includes litter boxes.
tem. Run it frequently to remove more              ◆ Invest in a high efficiency particu-
particles from the air.                         late absorbing vacuum cleaner.
  ◆ Keep pets out of bedrooms where                ◆ If pet allergies are a real problem,
dander can settle on linens.                    consider an aquatic pet or a lizard.
  ◆ Place filters on air intake vents to         Dander won’t be an issue.
4                                                                                                                                                   FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011


C-section not done to avoid labor pain
By Paul G. Donohue, M.D.                   cur.                                        to help her? Is there medication?                 are good.
                                              Natural childbirth is painful, but the                                       — S.N.           The problem of bed-wetting appears
   Q. I am in the eighth month of my       pain can be minimized in a number of                                                          to stem from a brain that doesn’t re-
first pregnancy. I’ve a friend who tells    effective ways. I believe you’ll be sur-      A. Underlying anxiety, stress, shy-             spond to a full nighttime bladder by
me to have a C-section. She says it’s      prised at how tolerable childbirth can      ness and social phobia set in motion re-          rousing the sleeper. It might be a delay
quick and painless. I never considered     be.                                         flex defenses for people who harbor                in developing that response. Or it might
this and wonder about its wisdom.             As for future pregnancies, second de-    these traits. It’s their way of coping            be a delay in the attainment of a large
   What would you recommend? Does          liveries after a C-section can be vaginal   with situations that generate discom-             enough bladder capacity to hold night-
having a C-section mean all future de-     deliveries, depending on some circum-       fort. It’s not a tic, although it is some-        time urine production.
liveries have to be done the same way?     stances. One of those is where the inci-    what similar. Both are involuntary.                  It may also be the child produces too
                                 — K.M.    sion for the section was made.                I would first talk to the young lady in          little of the hormone vasopressin,
                                              Have you discussed this with your        a compassionate way and tell her this             which suppresses nightly urine forma-
  A. Cesarean sections can be lifesav-     doctor? Do so. I’ll be surprised if the     behavior is misinterpreted by people              tion.
ing for the infant and the mother. The     doctor agrees to a C-section solely to      and she should make a conscious effort               Your grandson can once more try
reasons for having one don’t include       avoid pain and speed delivery.              to suppress the giggling.                         things he probably has already tried.
speed of delivery simply for speed’s                                                     I would turn to medical people for              He should measure how much fluid he
sake or for avoiding labor pain. A C-        Q. Our 22-year-old granddaughter          help only if the giggling cannot be con-          drinks in one day. Once he learns that
section involves surgical incisions,       has developed an uncontrollable gig-        trolled and if it’s causing her to suffer         number, he should drink 40 percent of
which, after the anesthesia wears off,     gle. She giggles before, during and af-     socially. Yes, there are treatments and           the total in the morning, another 40
are painful. Patients have to recuperate   ter everything she says. Each time we       medicines that can control anxiety and            percent in the afternoon and limit fluid
from this operation as they would from     talk to her, the giggles and their fre-     phobias, but a trial of self-treatment            to 20 percent of the daily total after 5
any operation.                             quency get worse. She is basically shy      should come first.                                 p.m.
  Furthermore, all surgery involves po-    and appears to be nervous, and says                                                               He can increase his bladder’s capaci-
tential dangers and complications.         she is not consciously aware of her gig-       Q. Our grandson just turned 15. He             ty by holding off on urinating during
Serious bleeding is always possible.       gling. She says her friends have re-        still wets the bed. His parents have              the day. If he delays each time by five or
The uterus can become infected.            marked on this, too. Is this a tic disor-   done everything from pills to alarms,             10 minutes for one week and then
Injuries to other pelvic organs can oc-    der? Is there something a doctor can do     but nothing helps. Sometimes he gets              gradually lengthens the delay in follow-
                                                                                       depressed and that scares us. Is there            ing weeks, the bladder will stretch. This
                                                                                       anything that can help this situation?            takes time. He has to be patient.
                                                                                                                         — W.M.             Alarms can work. They sound or vi-
                                                                                                                                         brate when the first few drops of mois-
                                                                                          A. I feel deeply for your grandson. No         ture touch them. It can be as long as six
                                                                                       one can understand the isolation and              months of use before the training takes
                                                                                       hopelessness he endures. He could                 hold.
                                                                                       stand professional counseling. Perhaps               For occasions when he is invited to
                                                                                       a few facts will help him. Between the            stay at other people’s houses for the
                                                                                       ages of 5 and 6, 15 to 20 percent of chil-        night, desmopressin, as a pill or nasal
                                                                                       dren are still wetting the bed. Of that           spray, slows nighttime urine produc-
                                                                                       number, every following year, 15 per-             tion.
                                                                                       cent will stay dry during the night. By              Readers may write Dr. Donohue or
                                                                                       age 18, only 1 to 2 percent of these              request an order form of available
                                                                                       youngsters are still battling the prob-                                   .O.
                                                                                                                                         health newsletters at P Box 536475,
                                                                                       lem. Your grandson has three years in             Orlando, FL 32853-6475.
                                                                                       which his chances of gaining control                            — North America Syndicate

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FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011                                                                                                                                                     5


                                            2011 Toyota Prius III
By Greg Zyla                                                                                                                      er when needed and switches back to
                                                                                                                                  economical ECO with less throttle dri-
  This week, we’re driving Toyota’s                                                                                               ver input. The gas engine powers down
popular 2011 Prius Three, an electric                                                                                             in stop situations and Prius has the abil-
hybrid that continues to sell in huge                                                                                             ity to drive at slower speeds only on
numbers — base price: $24,050; price                                                                                              electricity.
as tested: $26,991.                                                                                                                  Under the hood sits a 1.8-liter 96
  For 2011, Toyota drops its Prius One                                                                                            horse 4-cylinder gas engine 20 horses
base model and starts the lineup with                                                                                             more and a little bigger than the 1.5-
Prius Two at $23,250. Buyers can also                                                                                             liter, 76-horse engine that powered pre-
choose Three, Four or Five model                                                                                                  2010 models. Toyota’s electric battery
nomenclatures, all with varying de-                                                                                               motor produces a peak of 80 horse-
grees of bells and whistles for added                                                                                             power, resulting in a hybrid system
driving convenience.                                                                                                              with a net combined power output of
  However, all Prius models receive the                                                                                           134 horsepower.
exact same drivetrain, guaranteeing                                                                                                  I’m aware the 96 horse gas engine
the heralded 51 City and 48 Highway                                                                                               and 80 horse electric motor don’t add
EPA results, the highest rated miles per                                                                                          up or average out properly, but that’s
gallon among cars sold in America.                                                                                                because neither power input works at
Prius’s outward design received some                                                                                              full efficiency in tandem. As for acceler-
major upgrades in 2010, including a                                                                                               ation, expect to see 60 mph in nine sec-
near four-inch longer body and more                                                                                               onds, which is a full second better than
aerodynamic touches.                       2011 Toyota Prius III                                                                  the previous engine. Transferring pow-
  The nucleus of Prius is its Hybrid                                                                                              er to the ground is a continuously vari-
Synergy Drive system featuring gas-        mode combining the power of the gas        air conditioning. A “power” button al-      able transmission that delivers infinite
electric synchronization, offering an      engine and electric motor while mini-      lows full engine capability. I recom-       gear ratios and works flawlessly.
EV full electric mode for less than 25     mizing fuel consumption by reducing        mend leaving the mode switch in ECO,
mph driving. There’s also an ECO           the throttle opening and restricting the   as it automatically actuates to full pow-                         See PRIUS, page 6

                                                                More than
                                                                130 artists,
                                                            Creation Station,
                                                           Live Music & More!

6                                                                                                                                                FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

Exercise for a healthy heart
   New United States research shows            will be efficient because they raise the
a strong link between one’s fitness at          heart rate and keep it elevated for a
40 and the risk of developing heart            period of time.”
disease — the leading killer of
Americans — in later years.                    Car potatoes
   Based on two recently released                 A recently released University of
studies, which analyzed fitness levels          Illinois study links frequent car use
of 66,000 people over several                  with the climbing obesity rates in this
decades, researchers discovered                country.
physical activity done in midlife is a            “There is no doubt we are a car-cen-
good indicator of long-term heart              tric society,” said Prussia Hall, a per-
health.                                        sonal trainer at Every Body in Detroit.
   “The fitter you are at 40 or 50, the         “We drive everywhere, even distances
healthier your heart will be when you          that could be easily reached by walk-
reach your senior years,” said David           ing. That’s just part of our lifestyle.”
Krainiak, owner of Michigan’s                     To stay healthy and fit, U.S. Centers
Adventure Boot Camp. “By the same              for Disease Control and Prevention
token, if you don’t exercise in midlife,       recommends at least 30 minutes of
you run an increased risk of develop-          moderately intensive activity five days
ing cardiovascular disease later on in         a week, as well as muscle-strengthen-
life, especially if you have additional        ing exercises at least twice a week.
risk factors such as high cholesterol,         Unfortunately, studies show 60 per-
hypertension, obesity or diabetes.             cent of Americans don’t get the rec-
   It is never too late to start exercis-      ommended amount of physical activi-
ing. Krainiak says any routine that            ty, and more than 25 percent remain                                 PHOTOS BY SAM VARNHAGEN/FORD MOTOR CO. COURTESY OF WIECK MEDIA
strengthens the heart muscle and in-           inactive. Hall suggests people use
creases lung capacity are beneficial —
in the short and long term.
   “Brisk power walks, running and
                                               their feet. Instead of driving, walk or
                                               cycle to the destination and back. The
                                               key is moving fast enough to get the
                                                                                          Van Dyke Transmission Plant
fun activities such as jumping rope            heart rate up.                             The C-MAX Hybrid goes on sale in 2012, as part of a family of electrified vehicles
                                                                                          along with the C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid. Ford Motor Co. employee Cheryl
                                                                                          Simpson, above, at Ford’s Van Dyke Transmission Plant, helps build 6-speed trans-
                                                                                          missions. Van Dyke Transmission builds the electric drive transaxles for the C-MAX
                                                                                          Hybrid and C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid.

          Grand Opening
                               June 21 - June 25
                                                                                          Fuel economy a bonus with Toyota
                                                                                          Continued from page 5                            Prius comes loaded with standard
                                                                                                                                        features, including 15-inch tires, air
                                                                                                                                        conditioning, XM Radio, remote key-
                                                                                            Inside, you’ll find more than enough         less entry, push button start, 4-wheel
                                                                                          room and cargo space, as Prius is spa-        disc brakes with ABS, electronic brake-
                                                                                          cious considering its small car classifi-      force, brake assist, rear spoiler, ad-
                                                                                          cation. There’s more than enough leg          vanced air bags system, all the powers
                                                                                          and head room for any size adult, re-         and more.
                                                                                          gardless of whether they sit in front or         Important numbers include a wheel-
                                                                                          rear. The dashboard allows monitoring         base of 106.3-inches, 11.9 gallon fuel
                                                                                          of the electric-gas power distribution on     tank, 3,032-curb weight, and 22 cubic
                                                                                          a seven-inch touch-panel display moni-        feet of cargo space.
                                                                                          tor. The latter also shares screen space         Toyota’s Prius continues through
                                                                                          with the standard JBL audio with six          2011 as its No. 3 best selling model, and

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               21213 Harper Ave. • St. Clair Shores • 586.552.3668
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                                                                                          speaker 6-CD system and Bluetooth.
                                                                                            A $1,930 navigation package adds a
                                                                                          rear backup camera, touch screen DVD
                                                                                                                                        is still leaps and bounds ahead of all
                                                                                                                                        other hybrids.
                                                                                                                                           If ever the time is right to buy a
         Grosse Pointers have Fashion Sense                                               Navigation, 4-disc CD with MP3/WMA            Hybrid, the time is now.
                                                                                          playback, eight speakers, XM radio               Likes: Fuel economy, return on in-
                            Women's Resale                                                with Nav traffic and a 90-day free trial,      vestment, more horsepower, more
      15308 Kercheval Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan                                        USB port and iPod connections.                mpg.
                                                                                          There’s lots here, but I feel $1,930 is          Dislikes: Ride can be bumpy at times,
                              313.824.6960                                                high for this option, especially since the    rear visibility.
                                                                                          standard JBL system is a 6-disc player           Greg Zyla is a syndicated auto
                     Tue-Fri 10am -6pm         Saturday 10am - 3pm
                                                                                          with six speakers.                            columnist.


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                                             Laundry Pair                                                    Whirlpool Dishwasher
                                                                                                                                                     Partner II
                                                                                                                                                            6 Cycles
                                                                                                                                                                                    French Door
                         4.0 cu. ft.
                                                                                              6.8 cu. ft.
                         Capacity                                                             Capacity
                         10 Wash                                                                                                                                                         24.9 cu. ft.
                                                                                               7 Drying
                          Cycles                                                                                                                                                         Water & Ice
                                           MVWB300WQ                     MEDB200VQ                                                                 GU2275XTVY                          Quiet Series 200                 MFI2569VEM

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                                         $ 99
                                              LB.                         1 MICHIGAN
                                                                                                                                 2 LITER BTLS.


                      USDA CHOICE                                                                                                FROM THE FRENCH ALPS

                      BLACK ANGUS
                                         $ 99                         ZUCCHINI &                                 ENGLISH
                      STEW MEAT               LB.                 YELLOW SQUASH                               CUCUMBERS
                      USDA CHOICE
                      BLACK ANGUS
                        ROAST             3
                                         $ 99
                                              LB.    1
                                                   $ 29                 4/$
                                                                            5 13       LB.
                                                                                                                                 PLUS TAX & DEPOSIT


                      USDA CHOICE
                                         $ 69
                                                                                                                                 12 PACK BTLS.

                      BLACK ANGUS                                   WHOLE & SLICED                                 FRESH
                       GROUND                                          MUSHROOMS                                  CELERY
                        CHUCK                 LB.

                      USDA CHOICE
                     VEAL CHOPS           9
                                         $ 99
                                              LB.   1
                                                  $ 99
                                                                         $ 59
                                                                                    8 OZ.

                    PORK CHOPS            3
                                         $ 49
                                                                      SWEET CORN
                                                                                                           RED & GREEN

                    PORK ROASTS           3
                                         $ 99
                                                        3                 1
                                                                         $ 99
                                                                                                          JUMBO WHOLE

                                         $ 99                               FRESH
                                                                        $ 99 WINE OF THE WEEK!
                   4 LB. BAG OR MORE          LB.

                    AMISH WHOLE
                      CHICKEN             2
                                         $ 29
                                                   $ 99
                                                                         4PINT                                            EA.

                                         $ 99                                                                                                                                       DOCG SUPERIORE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
                     SAUSAGE &                                                                                                                                                              750 ML.

                                                                                          $ 99
                     BRATWURST                LB.
                                                     HANGING                                 POTTED
                                                     BASKETS                                 SUNFLOWERS

                                          7 10
                   FROM THE GOURMET
                                         $ 99
                                                     12 INCH
                  ALL VARIETIES OF
                                                     $      $     99   99
                   LONDON BROILS
                     FROM THE GOURMET

                                         $ 49
                      TERIYAKI PORK
                                                FROZEN, DAIRY & GROCERY
                                                     KAHIKI                                  EGGO
                       FILLETS            7 $ 99
                                         $ 99
                                                     EGG ROLLS
                                                     ALL VARIETIES
                                                                                             WAFFLES OF

                                         $ 99 2               1
                                                            $ 99
                     WHITE FISH
                      FILLETS             6   LB.
                                                     9.75-13 OZ. BOXES                       6-12 CT.
                                                                                                                                               CLOS DE LO SIETE
                                                                                                                                                   STAR OF ARGENTINA
                                                                                                                                                              750 ML.
                                                                                                                                                                                              HOLLOW “UNOAKED”
                                                                                                                                                                                                        750 ML.


                                         $ 99                                      16
                                                                                  $ 99ALL    14
                                                                                            $ 99

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

                       FILLETS                LB.                                 MILK GALLONS
                                                                                                                                                                SIMI      SAVE

                                          7 $           77
                                                                                                                                                          CHARDONNAY      $5.00                   PINOT GRIGIO

                       COOKED            $ 99                                                                                                                 750 ML.                                  750 ML.

                   26-30 CT. 2 LB. BAG
               DELI DELIGHTS & BAKERY
                                                                                  $ 99
                                                                                     each    13
                                                                                            $ 99
                                                                                                                                                 LOUIS M. MARTINI
                                                                                                                                                      SONOMA CABERNET
                                                                                                                                                                                              OYSTER BAY
                                                                                                                                                                                             SAUVIGNON BLANC
                                                                                                                                                            SAUVIGNON                                 750 ML.
                                                                                                                                                               750 ML.

                         HAM              5
                                         $ 99        Stroh’s
                                                                             1.75 QUART
                                                                             ICE CREAM
                                               LB.                                                                                                  SAUVIGNON BLANC                                 CABERNET
                                                                                                                                                             750 ML.                                  750 ML.

                                         $ 49
                                                                                                                                                 SANTA CAROLINA
                                                                                                                                            CHARDONNAY CARMANERRE
                                                                                                                                                                                             $ 99
                                                                                                                                                                                                  HOB NOB
                                                                                                                                                                                                   PINOT NOIR
                                                     CHEESE                                  ORANGE JUICE                                                  750 ML.                                    750 ML.

                      CHICKEN             6
                                         $ 99
                                                     8 OZ.
                                                                   4                         $
                                                                                             59 OZ.
                                                                                                        88                                              9
                                                                                                                                                       $ 99
                                                                                                                                                   RODNEY STRONG
                                                                                                                                                          CHARDONNAY &
                                                                                                                                                                                               $ 99
                                                                                                                                                                                          LOUIS BERNARD
                                                                                                                                                                                              COTES DU RHONE
                                                                                                                                                       SAUVIGNON BLANC                                750 ML.
                                                     MIRACLE WHIP                    NEW!    LEFAS

                                                                                                                                                                750 ML.

                                                                                                                                                                                               $ 99
                                                                                                                                                           $ 99
                                                     BURGER SAUCE                            EXTRA VIRGIN
                       BROIL             $ 99        DIJON OR SECRET

                                                     BURGER SAUCE
                                                                                             OLIVE OIL
                                                                                             KALAMATA SPECIAL RESERVE                                     ROSENBLUM                        CUPCAKE WINE
                                                          1        88
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ALL TYPES
                    ROAST BEEF                                                               $          69
                                                                                                                                                      “VINTNERS CUVEE”
                                                                                                                                                    ZINFANDEL OR SRYAH                                 750 ML.

                                                                                                                                                                750 ML.

                                                                                                                                                                                              $ 99
                                                                                                                                                           $ 99
                    LACEY SWISS
                                         $ 99
                                                     12 OZ. SQUEEZE
                                                     HONEY CAKE
                                                                                             750 ML.

                                                                                             EXTRA FINE
                                                                                                                                                 MENAGE A’ TROIS 1.5 LITER SALE!
                                                                                                                                                   RED BLEND OR WHITE
                                                                                                                                                  CHARDONNAY OR ROSE
                                                                                                                                                               750 ML.

            HOME MADE      $ 99 2/$
                                          4          BARKHUIS
                                                     GINGER CAKE
                                                                                             HAND PICKED
                                                                                                                                                          $ 99                                 WOODBRIDGE
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ALL TYPES
                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.5 LITER

                                   9           LB.
                                                                                             14 OZ.
                                                                                                                                                      ITALIAN WINE
                                                                                                                                                 COL DE’ SASSO, LE RIME
                                                                                                                                             PINOT GRIGIO OR COLLEPINO
                                                     PRODUCT         OF   HOLLAND
                                                                                                                                                                                               BLACK SWAN

                           $ 99
                                                                                                                                                                750 ML.

                                                                                                                                                           $ 99                                       ALL TYPES
               CHEF                                                                          OPEN PIT                                                                                                  1.5 LITER

                                                   RICE SELECTS
                                                   PEARL COUS
                                                   COUS OR
                                                                                             BBQ SAUCE
                                                                                             ORIGINAL ONLY!
                                                                                                                                                            ALL TYPES                               9
                                                                                                                                                                                                  $ 99

                                           4                                                 99
                                                                                                                                  PRICE!                      750 ML.

                                          $ 99     VEGETABLE
                                                                                                              ¢                                                                               C.K. MONDAVI

               BOURBON CHICKEN                     MEDLEY                                                                                                 $ 99                                        ALL TYPES
                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.5 LITER

                    BITES                      LB.   $
                                                         299                                 18 OZ. BTL.                                                                                            9
                                                                                                                                                                                                  $ 99

                                                                                                                                                  JACOBS CREEK
                                          $ 99                                                                          SAVE
                                                                                                                                                               750 ML.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ALL TYPES

                                                                                                                                                        $ 99
                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.5 LITER
                    ENCRUSTED                                                                                           $1.79
                       COD                     LB.
                                                                                             BRETON                                                                                                 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                   $ 99

                                         $ 99        $
                                                         3         29                                                                                                                   999

                                                                                             99           ¢
                                                                                                                                     OVER 24
                                                                                                                                     MONTHS               PARMIGIANO
                    SKINNER’S                                                                                                                              REGGIANO
                   COFFEE CAKE                                                                                                                                                     SAVE

                                                                                                                                                                                        5 99
                                                                                                                                                                                      $ 99
                                                     30 OZ. JARS                             LONG BOXES
                                                                                                                                                  JARLSBERG SWISS
                  BAKED FRESH DAILY!

                                         $ 99                                                                                                      CHUNK CHEESE

                     CHERRY                          KINGSFORD

                       PIE                    EACH   CHARCOAL                                KRISLIN
                                                                                             RETRIEVER ROLLS
                                                                                                                                                          RENY PICOT
                                                                                                                                                           BRIE OR
                  SWEET ROLLS
                                         $ 49
                                                         8          77
                                                     16.6 LB. ORIGINAL OR
                                                     12.5 LB. MATCH LIGHT
                                                                                             DOG CHEW
                                                                                                                                       OVER 24

                                                                                                                                                   STELLA MELLOW
                                                                                                                                                    AGED ASIAGO                      SAVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                  8 OZ.

FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          11

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                                              SUMMER        tutoring                    SUMMER sitter need-                 ACCEPTING resumes                                                                             UKRAINIAN lady. 13
GROSSE Pointe unlim-                          with Lauren. Certified/                                                                                                           POINTE CARE
                                                                                        ed for two girls in the             for part time wait staff.                                                                     years experience. Will
ited income potential                         experienced   teacher                                                                                                               SERVICES
                                                                                        Farms. 8:30- 5; Mon-                Little Tony’s, 20513                               SOC Award Winner                           clean your house, do
qualifications, attend-                       for   grades   K-    8.                   day- Friday from July               Mack, Grosse Pointe                              "Senior Friendly Business"                   laundry, etc. Great ref-
ance, willing to earn                         (313)333-7739                             11 through August.                  Woods. Apply between                             PERSONAL CARE,                               erences       available.
while you learn. For                                                                                                                                                           COOKING,
                                              TUTOR for any subject                     Must be a great cook                11am- 3pm.                                                                                    (586)930-2398
appointments call Miss                                                                                                                                                    CLEANING, LAUNDRY
                                              or math level. Grosse                     and able to drive to ac-                                                              FULL/PART TIME                              YOU finally found her,
G. Smith, (313)898-                                                                                                         COOK wanted- short
                                              Pointe South senior,                      tivities. Inquiries/ re-                                                            INSURED & BONDED                              a woman who actually
5708                                                                                                                        order       experience.
                                              AP Calculus, 4.33+                        sumes to gp.summer                                                                   313-885-6944                                 likes to clean. Thor-
   100 ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                             Good     pay,    flexible                        Mary Ghesquiere, R.N.
                                              GPA. Call: 313-421-                                                                                                                             ough, reliable, trust-
                                                                                                                            hours.     Call    Mike,
                                              8975                                        208 H.W. NURSES AIDES                                                                                                           worthy. 16 years expe-
ST. Clare Montefalco                                                                                                        (313)882-9090 or apply
                                                                                           CONVALESCENT CARE                at Harvard Grill, 16624                      304 SITUATIONS WANTED                            rience,      references.
PTO: Collecting books                         123 DECORATING SERVICES                                                                                                                                                     Bonded,         insured.
                                                                                                                            Mack.                                                GENERAL
for fall used book sale                                                                 CARE giver wanted- li-                                                                                                            (313)550-2890
thru      August    31.                       DECORATING Essen-                         censed, insured, expe-               300 SITUATIONS WANTED                      CAN you use my help?
Leave in church en-                           tials. Your fabric our                    rience, references. Call                   BABYSITTERS                          Like to do variety of ac-                          307 SITUATIONS WANTED
trance on Tuesdays                            sewing expertise. We                      Tom, (810)499-4444                                                              tivies. Teacher, multi-                                 NURSES AIDES
                                              measure, sew and in-                                                          COLLEGE bound se-                           task, errands, doctor
and Thursdays. Mack/                                                                        209 HELP WANTED                                                                                                               I’M experienced, care-
                                              stall all your home                                                           nior looking for full or                    visits, etc. Will work for
Whittier. Call 313-432-                                                                                                                                                                                                   giver- Grosse Pointe
                                                                                             PROFESSIONAL                   part time summer ba-
1113 to arrange large                         projects. 586-206-2167                                                                                                    an individual or an or-                           references, dependa-
                                                                                        AREA church seeking                 bysitting in your home.                     ganization. Available 3
pickups.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ble,    honest,    some
                                                   128 PHOTOGRAPHY                      part time early child-              Call 313-520-8136                           days.      Thank     you.
  114 MUSIC EDUCATION                                                                                                                                                                                                     weekends.         Marie,
                                                                                        hood care givers for a                                                          (313)882-3852                                     (586)775-6686
                                              PHOTOGRAPHY          By                                                       EXPERIENCED Grosse
                                                                                        morning state licensed                                                                                                             310 SITUATIONS WANTED
PIANO should be fun                           Bernard-     weddings,                                                        Pointe North senior ba-                     HOUSEKEEPER           or
                                                                                        program. For more in-
to learn and can be.                          celebrations, portraits,                                                      bysitter available for                      care giver available. 15                               ASSISTED LIVING
                                                                                        formation or resume
More than 20 years of                         special events. 313-                                                          summer in your home.                        years       experience.
                                                                                        submittal:   (313)882-                                                                                                            AWARD winning, long-
experience plus a mu-                         885-8928,     313-407-                                                        Own     transportation.                     (313)455-9983
                                                                                        5330 www.gpmchurch                                                                                                                time experienced care
sic education degree.                         0388                                                                          Please call, (313)580-
                                                                                        .org                                                                            REGISTERED         nurse                          giver. Honest & trust-
Penny. 313-824-7182                                                                                                         9687.
                                                 129 SPORTS TRAINING                                                                                                    available for elderly pri-                        worthy. Grosse Pointe
120 TUTORING EDUCATION                                                                  FULL time data/ mail                EXPERIENCED           re-                   vate duty care. Refer-                            references. Very rea-
                                              SWIM      lessons   for                   service manager want-               sponsible mature col-                       ences.      Call    Pam,                          sonable. (586) 222-
EXPERIENCED         ele-                      summer. Certified Red                     ed.     New     Center              lege student available                      (586)868-0586                                     6512
mentary, middle, and                          Cross swim instructor,                    area mail house. Expe-              for babysitting for the                                                                       I’M an experienced
                                                                                                                                                                         305 SITUATIONS WANTED
high school tutor. UofM                       lifeguard and competi-                    rience with data man-               summer and fall 2011,                                                                         nursing assistant, flexi-
                                                                                        agement or postal soft-                                                              HOUSE CLEANING
graduate. Please call                         tive swimmer. Half                                                            in your home. Contact                                                                         ble, dependable, refer-
313-737-6055                                  hour or hour. (313)408-                   ware required. Fax or               information. Call, (313)-                   ABLE honest Grosse                                ences, some week-
                                              2955                                      email resume and sal-               505-0783                                    Pointe native to clean                            ends.           Brenda,
MATH tutoring. Experi-
                                                                                        ary requirements (313)               302 SITUATIONS WANTED                      your home. Excellent                              (586)773-0251
enced teacher all lev-                        200 HELP WANTED GENERAL                   874-0570 or employ                                                              references, reasonable
els.    Summer      and                                                                                                        CONVALESCENT CARE
                                                                                                                                             rates,       Catherine                                     406 ESTATE SALES
school     year.   $30/                       NON medical home                                                                                                          (586)335-0948
hours. Deb, (586)879-                         care company, looking                     PART time A/R clerk                                                                                                               2 day complete liquida-
9347                                          for care givers with ex-                  wanted. New Center                                                              MARGARET          L.L.C.                          tion- everything must
 Classified Advertising                       perience, who love se-                    area. Flexible hours.                                                           House cleaning/ laun-                             go!! Thursday, 6/ 23 &
   313-882-6900 ext 1                         niors. Fax resume to:                     Fax or email resume:                                                            dry services. Polish la-                          Friday, 6/24, 12- 5pm.
                                              313-647-0434 or Call:                     (313) 874-0570 or                                                               dies- very experienced,                           Furniture, electronics,
                                              313-647-9684                              employment@bressers.                                                            excellent references,                             men’s clothing, kitch-
                                                                                        com.                                                                            English speaking. Natu-                           enware,      decorative
CONCEALED PISTOL LICENSE                                                                                                                                                ral cleaning supplies                             items. 417 Chalfonte
                                                                                                                              Live-In Care Givers
    TRAINING CLASSES                                                                    SHORES Technologies,                 DAILY RATES/Hourly                         available.    (313)319-                           Avenue. 313-884-1712
                                                                                        Inc. Part time adminis-                Care/ Cook/ Clean                        7657
 (Required to obtain Michigan CCW License)
   State approved- CCW Board Recognized
                                                                                        trative assistant posi-
                                                                                        tion. Extensive soft-
                                                                                                                               Licensed - Bonded
                                                                                                                                 Care at Home
                                                                                                                                                                        OCD Cleaning. Resi-                                   BOOKS
   SAS GROUP offers private or group training                                                                                                                           dential & office. We
    •Basic CCW Classes, Basic Safety Classes
                                                                                        ware skills (MSOffice)
                                                                                        are required. Flexible
                                                                                                                             Est.1984•586-772-0035                      specialize in perfec-                                 WANTED
 •Marksmanship, Tactical & Specialized Training                                                                                                                         tion. Affordable rates.                                    John King
                                                                                        hours- 20 to 24 per                 POLISH woman availa-                        (586)291-1092                                            313-961-0622
 For Appointment Call James D. Binder                                                   week. St. Clair Shores,             ble, 24 hour live- in,
                                                                                        9 Mile & I94 location.              many years experi-                          POLISH lady available                               •Clip & Save This Ad•
                       (586)776-4836                                                    Please email resume                 ence, references. Hel-                      to clean your house,
        or email                                                  to: kkrajacic@shores                en,     248-375-3203/                       Grosse Pointe area ref-                           Classifieds: 313-882-6900 x 1
                                                                          leave message.                              erences. (586)944-4446
12                                                                                                                                                 FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

                                                                      409 GARAGE/YARD/            409 GARAGE/YARD/            409 GARAGE/YARD/
     406 ESTATE SALES                        408 FURNITURE                                                                                                  415 WANTED TO BUY
                                                                        RUMMAGE SALE                RUMMAGE SALE                RUMMAGE SALE
COLLECTORS moving                     RATTAN,       7    piece      1855       Manchester,      ESTATE Sale. 4471           MULTI- family. June 23             GPH EXCHANGE
sale- Arts and crafts,                grouping, designer fab-       Farms, near Mack. Fri-      Bishop. Friday 24th         & 24. 9am- 3pm. 25:               Estate & Jewelry Buyers
deco, Moderne, primi-                 ric, like new; $3,500.        day- Saturday, 9am-         through Sunday 26th;        8am- 1pm. Baby stuff,          Coins (pre 1964), Gold,
tives, Icart, Parrish, La-            Matching rattan dining        2pm. Futon, woman’s         9am- 5pm. Heywood           Barbies, home decor,           Any Condition Jewelry,
lique, Nippon. Furni-                 table, 6 chairs; $900.        clothing/ shoes, (large/    dining, Brno chairs,        kitchen gadgets and                 Silver, Flatware.
ture, rugs, new Fiesta,               Also formal living room       medium), electric key-      1950's dishes, glasses,     more. 1253 Blairmoor            102 Kercheval, Suite 1,
toys, crystal, china,                 furniture.     (313)885-      board, walking chair,       pottery,    household,      Court, Grosse Pointe             Grosse Pointe Farms.
                                                                                                                                                         Safe, Comfortable, Licensed,
kitchenware,       Honda              0101                          toys, household.            300 LPs, books, furni-      Woods.                          Trusted. Over 10 years.
mower, edger, ladders.                   409 GARAGE/YARD/                                       ture, clothes, kid's
Grosse Pointe Farms,                                                23 Beverly, Grosse          items. Cash only!           NOT a garage sale-            Private Appointment Only
                                           RUMMAGE SALE
293 Merriweather. Fri-                                              Pointe Farms. Huge ga-                                  Original jewelry, pot-             (313)350-9573
                                      100 family sale! Grosse       rage sale. Clothes,         FRIDAY,       Saturday,     tery, photography. 2
day, Saturday; 9am-
                                      Pointe Woods Presby-          shoes, purses, house-       June 24, 25. Multi- fam-    Michigan artists. 820               421 BOOKS
4pm. Everything goes.
                                      terian Church, 19950          hold items, TV and a        ily. 1180 Bedford, (Ker-    Notre Dame/ Charle-
No early birds.
                                      Mack. Saturday, June          projection TV. Pro-         cheval/ at Bedford).        voix. June 25; 11am-         GROSSE Pointe Foun-
FABULOUS         Armada               25; 9am- 2pm. Early           ceeds go to Soropti-        8am- 4pm.                   3pm. (rain date, June        dation for Academic
estate sale. Furnish-                 bird, 8:00am; $2.00.          mist charity. Saturday,     GARAGE Sale: 1414           26).                         Enrichment Children’s
ings of a 3,700 sq. ft.               Toys, furniture, books,       June 25th. 8:30am-          Harvard; 9am- 4pm.                                       used books sale! Sun-
house. For pictures                   collectibles.                 2pm.                                                    ONE day only garage
                                                                                                Friday & Saturday.                                       day, June 26; 10am-
and         information:                                                                                                    sale. Saturday, June 25
                                      1055 Audubon. June            316- 340 Neff Road.         GROSSE Pointe Farms,                                     4pm. Grosse Pointe
MIOnSiteAuctionsLLC.                                                                                                        9- 3. 22412 Rio Vista,
                                      24th & 25th, 9am-             Saturday,       8:30am-     20 Preston Place. (off                                   War Memorial.
com                                                                                                                         St. Clair Shores. (off of
                                      2pm. Tween and teen           3:00pm.       Awesome       Kercheval,  1   block       Jefferson between 10               500 ANIMAL
DON’T MISS! 223 Ste-                  boy and girl clothing,        huge sale! Little bit of                                                                   ADOPT A PET
                                                                                                North of Provencal).        & 11 mile)
penns, Grosse Pointe                  other children’s items        everything... electron-     Saturday, June 25;                                       GROSSE Pointe Ani-
Farms. Friday & Satur-                and     miscellaneous         ics, sport equipment,                                   TOY sample/ garage
                                                                                                8am- noon. No pre-                                       mal Adoption Society,
day; 9:00am- 2:00pm.                  household items.              housewares,       linens,                               sale. Friday/ Saturday,
                                                                                                sales. No early birds;                                   Pet Adoption. Satur-
Total upstairs, full of                                             clothes, games, jewel-                                  June 24, 25, 9am- 2pm.
                                      1302      Beaconsfield,                                   cash only.                                               day, June 25, 12- 3pm.
furniture and inventory                                             ry,   tools,    records,                                All toys brand new
from gift shop... includ-             corner Vernor. Friday,                                    GROSSE Pointe Farms,                                     The      Neighborhood
                                                                    books, bikes, furniture,                                salesman      samples.
ing CHANEL samples,                   Saturday,        Sunday,                                  312 Hillcrest. June 24-                                  Club, 17150 Waterloo,
                                                                    china, glassware, and                                   Toys, games, crafts,
purses, much more!                    9am- 4pm. Old LPs,                                        25. 9am- 3pm. Crib,                                      Grosse          Pointe.
                                                                    much more!                                              much more. Grandpar-
                                      1929- 1945. Teaching                                      train table, Brio trains,                                (313)884-1551        or
ST. Clair Shores, 20629                                                                                                     ents and preschool
                                      materials, furniture, TV,     444 Washington- Cor-        boys 2T- 3T, girls' size                       
Avalon (between 8/ 9                                                                                                        teachers, don’t miss
                                      DVD player.                   ner of Washington &         7, and much more.           this opportunity! No             600 AUTOMOTIVE
Mile, off Harper). Fri-                                             St. Paul. Remodeling                                                                          CARS
day, Saturday; 9am-                   1343 Harvard. June 24                                     GROSSE Pointe Park,         early birds, 1240 Bed-
                                                                    the house sale!! Friday     840 Harcourt. Friday,       ford, Grosse Pointe          1997 Toyota Corolla
4pm. Antiques, other                  & 25 8am- ? House-
                                                                    9- 12, Saturday 9- 2.       Saturday; 9am- 4pm.         Park.                        DX, automatic, fully
treasures.                            hold, toys, dog carrier,
                                                                    Furniture & household       Huge estate variety                                      equipped, well main-
                                      motorcycle parts, 1983                                                                UPSCALE- multi family!
      407 FIREWOOD                                                  accessories, many An-       sale.                                                    tained.        $2,900.
                                      Maserati (needs work)                                                                 402 University, Grosse
                                                                    tique pieces, twin trun-                                                             (313)881-2566.
                                      etc.                                                      GROSSE            Pointe    Pointe. Friday/ Satur-
FIREWOOD for sale.                                                  dle beds, Potterybarn
                                                                                                Woods, 21115 Parkcr-        day, 9am- 3pm. De-               602 AUTOMOTIVE
Sold by the semi load.                20489        Lochmoor,        tween bedding, lots of
                                                                    designer clothing for       est, (off Kenmore). For-    signer women’s cloth-                 FORD
20 full cords 4X 4X 8.                Harper Woods. Thurs-
Call for price, 989-426-              day- Sunday, 8am-             men,     women      and     merly next to Mama          ing, jewelry, purses,        2009 Ford Focus SE.
6852                                  4pm.     Multi-  family       tweens, books, elec-        Rosa’s. Stove micro-        household items, rugs,       Automatic.      48,000
                                      moving sale. Furniture,       tronics & more.             wave, dishwasher, ta-       bike.                        miles, 4 door, cruise,
Classifieds: 313-882-6900 x 1         books, clothing, house-                                   bles, desk, dining room                                  Sync.         $11,900.
                                                                    BLOCK sale- 800 Lake-       set, books, women’s         YARD sale- Friday,
                                      hold items and toys.                                                                                               (313)938-5368
                                                                    pointe, Grosse Pointe       clothing,    decorative,    Saturday; 9am- 4pm.
                                                                    Park. Friday, Saturday;                                 Air hockey, foosball ta-         603 AUTOMOTIVE
                                                                                                holidays, beauty prod-                                       GENERAL MOTORS
 Wanted Vintage Clothes And Accessories                             8am- 5pm. Leaded            ucts, cookware, linens,     bles, sports equipment,
   Paying Top Dollar For The Following:                             glass windows, snow                                     neat stuff- teenager         2006 Cadillac DTS-
 Clothes From The 1900’s Through 1970’s.                                                        dishes, rugs, kitchen-
                                                                    blower, furniture, Dept.    ware, garden/ outdoor,      outgrew. Leather office      loaded. 75K miles. Like
     •Costume •Fine Jewelry/Watches                                 56,     tween/     teen                                 chair, collectibles. 765
 •Cufflinks •Furs •Hats •Handbags •Shoes                                                        air conditioners. Thurs-                                 new.      Must     sell.
                                                                    clothes/ toys. Hoosier      day- Saturday.              Washington Road.             $12,700. (313)804-5100
         Lingerie •Linens •Textiles
          •Vanity •Boudoir Items                                    cabinet.                                                      413 MUSICAL                605 AUTOMOTIVE
   References, Complete Confidentiality                             BLOCK sale/ multi           HUGE sale! 27947                  INSTRUMENTS                    FOREIGN
           “Best of Hour Detroit”                                   family.    Huntington,      Groesbeck at Martin.                                     2000 Audi A6 Avant
                                                                                                                            5 good pianos under
         “Paris” 248-866-4389                                       west of Mack. Friday/       National Coney Island-                                   Quatro. Mint condition.
                                                                                                                            $1,000. All check and
                                                                    Saturday, 9am- 3pm.         June 23, 24; 8am- 5pm.                                   140K miles, $5,900/
                                                                                                                            warranted by Grosse
                                                                    Furniture/ housewares,      June 25, 8am- 1pm.                                       best. (810)984-1750.
                                                                                                                            Pointe based piano
                                                                    crafts.                     Furniture, pool table,
                                                                                                                            technician. Also for
                                                                                                unique items, restau-                                    1998 Jaguar XJS excel-
                                                                    CHERRY pool table                                       sale are Steinway and
                                                                                                rant equipment, much                                     lent condition. Decent
                                                                    (leather pockets), ac-                                  other fine pianos at
                                                                                                more.                                                    miles. $6,000/ best
                              .                                     cessories, $1,900. 6                                    very competitive pri-
 FRIDAY JUNE 24TH & SATURDAY JUNE 25TH;                             piece     patio    set,     HUGE     sale-     toys!    ces.     (313)527-8863       (810)966-7150.
           9:00AM UNTIL 2:00 PM                                     $175.00. Wood trunk,        Grosse Pointe Woods,        www.fortunapiano
  Come feather your nest... Artwork, sterling silver estate                                                                 .com                         2002 VW Golf- 67,000
                                                                    $100. 4 office chairs,      1291 Edmundton/ cor-
       pieces, fine china and crystal including Herend,                                                                                                  miles. very good condi-
      Royal Crown Derby, Waterford and more, fabulous               $100/ all. (313)881-        ner Marter. Friday, Sat-       415 WANTED TO BUY         tion. 4 door, 5 speed.
   furniture including mahogany twin beds, Chippendale              7537.                       urday; 8am- 3pm. Le-
    wing back chair, tables for end, bedside and cocktail                                                                                                Air. $5,100. (313)881-
                                                                                                go, Matchbox, board         CASH paid for newer
     needs, wicker dresser, love seats, chairs of all sizes,        GROSSE Pointe Park,                                                                  5750
    lamps, antique linens, household and kitchen items,
                                                                                                games,    books,     air    used paperback books
                                                                    873 Bedford,. Friday &      hockey, more!                                                606 AUTOMOTIVE
            notable collection of old newspapers &
                                                                    Saturday: 10am- 2pm.                                    & DVDs in good condi-
       magazines, vintage clothing, and so much more!                                                                       tion. New Horizons                 SPORT UTILITY
           Scale-down solutions, organizing and staging,            Household & kids items       TO PLACE AN AD
        packing & moving services, household & estate sales...      (Step 2, Gymboree,          CALL 313-882-6900 ext 1     Book Shop, 20757 13          2007 Jeep Liberty.
  Jackie Gray 313-505-3007                 Abby Peck 313-410-5346   Matilda,   Lilly,  etc.)                                Mile at Little Mack.         Beige, 31,000 miles.                     Great condition.                                        (586)296-1560                $11,000. (313)882-6566
FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011                                                                                                                                                   13

    606 AUTOMOTIVE              700 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX       700 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX       700 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX           701 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX         705 HOUSES FOR RENT
2008 GMC Yukon XL               2 bedroom flat, 1st         FARMS 2 bedroom up-         NEFF      Lane   Apart-         MOROSS/ Kelly- 2            HARPER Woods- 3
1500 Denali 4 door.             floor, Grosse Pointe        per is 1,200 sq. ft. of     ments, Grosse Pointe            bedroom townhouse,          bedroom ranch. 2 1/2
36,800 miles. Good              Park,     Beaconsfield/     everything you need         City. 2 bedroom on qui-         basement. $650, plus        baths, fireplace. Alarm,
condition.     $37,500/         Kercheval.     Updated      for your fresh start.       et cul-de-sac; 2 blocks         utilities (313)671-8184     air, fenced yard, 2 car.
best. Grosse Pointe             kitchen,     refinished     Clean, updated kitchen      from Beaumont Hospi-                                        $1,000. (313)516-5940
area.     Call    Tony,         floors,     decorative      and bath, all applian-      tal and Villiage shop-
                                                                                                                                                    1000 Vernier (Grosse
(313)549-4444.                  painting.    Basement       ces, plenty of storage,     ping. Recently remod-
                                                                                                                                                    Pointe Woods). $995/
                                storage/ laundry. Ga-       garage parking. No          eled, basement and
    612 AUTOMOTIVE                                                                                                                                  month. Small, immacu-
                                rage with 1 parking         smoking,     no   pets.     carport.    No    dogs,
         VANS                                                                                                                                       late, freshly painted. 2
                                space plus yard park-       $975. (313)640-1857.        $750/ month. (313)670-
                                                                                                                                                    bedroom, single level
2001 Pontiac Montana.           ing space. No pets, no                                  2191
                                                            GROSSE Pointe, 1- 2                                                                     brick bungalow with
Mint condition, 7 pas-          smoking. Credit check
                                                            bedroom apartments          RIDGE Road in Farms-            NON- smoking, 2 bed-        full bath on first floor
senger. 78,000 miles            and references re-
                                                            with utilities. $600 and    Very spacious, well             room upper flat, near       and working entrance
$4,900/ best. (810)966-         quired. $690, Requires
                                                            up. (313)824-7900           maintained, 1,800 sq.           Grosse Pointe. Formal       fireplace and all serv-
7150                            one month security/
                                                                                        ft. 3 bedroom upper             dining,      hardwood       ices including central
    613 AUTOMOTIVE              lease agreement. Re-
                                                                                        apartment.      Freshly         floors, leaded glass        heat & air and in sink
    WANTED TO BUY               sponsive landlord, (lo-
                                                                                        painted, custom kitch-          windows, appliances,        garbage disposal, wall
                                cal couple). 313-333-
AUTO donation please.                                                                   en, hardwood floors,            alarm, laundry, garage      to wall carpeting, fully
(for 1962- 1964 Viet-                                                                   fireplace, all applian-         space. $595/ includes       equipped with all new
                                330 Rivard, Grosse          HANDICAP          wheel                                     heat. 313-885-3149          appliances, including
nam veteran). Any run-                                                                  ces, air, new windows
                                Pointe City. 900 sq. ft.    chair accessible, newly                                                                 new dishwasher and a
ning vehicle please.                                                                    and furnace. Garage.
                                lower,        hardwood      built, 1st floor flat. 2                                                                roomy     finished    off
586-771-3788.                                                                           $1,300. No smoking,             702 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX
                                floors. 2 bedrooms,         bedroom, 2 bath, 1,200                                                                  basement with addi-
                                                            square feet. 866 Ri-        no pets. (313)640-1857           S.C.S/MACOMB COUNTY
 651 BOATS AND MOTORS           heat & water included.                                                                                              tional shower, toilet
                                $850 per month. No          vard.    313-520-8000.      RIVARD, 927- 1 bed-                                         and sink and separate
YAMAHA Spree. 500               pets. (313)530-8388               room upper, $625.                                           large laundry area with
miles. (586)945-4495                                                                    Laundry, garage, cen-                                       new washer and dryer,
                                620 Neff in The Village.    LAKESHORE carriage
 652 BOAT SERVICE/CARE                                                                  tral air. No pets or            $199.00 Motel Rooms,        2 car garage with auto-
                                Gorgeous 2 bedroom          house       overlooking     smoking. 313-319-8050               Weekly Rental           matic door opener,
                                upper. 1,600 sq. ft.        lake. Extensive renova-
WE repair and sew any                                                                                                         Microwave,            neatly tucked away in
                                New kitchen and bath-       tion.   New    kitchen,     SOMERSET, 3 bed-
material: tents, awn-                                                                                                    Refrigerator, Satellite.   a beautiful setting and
                                room. Vaulted ceilings.     bath, laundry, central      room upper, recently
ings, any covers (car,                                                                                                  Close to XWays 94/696       ideal location right on
                                Master with walk- in        air,   more.    $1,900/     painted, natural fire-
boat, pool), flags, can-                                                                                                     Shorepointe            the main drag! Close/
                                closet. Central air.        month. 313-884-9875         place,        hardwood
vas bags, all type sails.                                                                                                   Motor Lodge,            jogging- walking dis-
                                $1,500. (313)303-4063 for         floors. Appliances, sep-
Quantum            Sails,                                                                                               20000 E. 9, S.C. Shores     tance to the lake,
                                858 Nottingham- upper       information.                arate basement, ga-                                         schools, tennis, golf,
(586)776-1330. wally@                                                                                                       (586)773-3700                apartment furnished or                                  rage. No pets. $750,                                        shopping and transpor-
                                unfurnished. Newly re-      MARYLAND- 2 bed-            plus security. 313-320-         ONE and two bedroom         tation. In immediate
RACING sailors crew             furbished, $575 plus        room, hardwood floors,      3635                            apartments- St. Clair       move- in condition.
opening on a Peterson           utilities. Lower owner’s    off street parking, large                                   Shores,     Eastpointe,     Tenant pays all utilities
37. Experience helpful,         apartment, many up-         unit. $650, plus utilit-                                    Harper Woods. Well
                                                                                         State and federal housing                                  and is responsible for
but good attitude will          grades, $625 plus utilit-   ies. (586)212-1660          laws prohibit discrimination    maintained, air condi-
                                                                                        that is based on race, color,                               snow removal and
suffice.     Saturdays          ies.         References.                                  religion, national origin,    tioning, coin laundry       lawn and shrub care.
DRYA; Wednesday eve-                                        MARYLAND/ Jeffer-
                                (313)823-8654                                                 sex, disability, age      and storage. $595-          No pets. Contact: Serv-
nings beer run. Dave                                        son. Two bedroom up-               (Michigan Law),
                                                                                                                        $695. The Blake Com-        ice Specialities 586-
(313)303-1570                   899 Neff, upper, 2 bed-     per. Living room, din-        marital (Michigan Law)
                                                                                               or familial status.      pany,    313-881-6882.      469-9874.
                                room front. All applian-    ing.   Ceramic,     tiled
                                                                                                                        No pets/ no smoking.
700 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX           ces. Fresh paint, new       kitchen and bath. Hard-        For further information,
                                                                                                                                                     706 HOUSES FOR RENT
                                                                                              call the Michigan           705 HOUSES FOR RENT
POINTES/HARPER WOODS            carpet. Carport, base-      wood floors, leaded         Department of Civil Rights                                  DETROIT/WAYNE COUNTY
                                ment storage. $700.         windows,      fireplace,     at 800-482-3604; the U.S.      POINTES/HARPER WOODS
1151 Lakepointe, 2              (586)855-4294               basement, attic, off        Department of Housing and                                   CONNOR/ Warren- 3
bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths.                                                                    the Urban Development         KENOSHA,        Harper      bedroom brick. New
                                                            street parking, porch               800-669-9777            Woods. 3 bedrooms.
Refrigerator/   stove.          BEACONSFIELD,                                                                                                       decor. $600, plus se-
                                                            and all appliances.                  or your local
                                                                                                                        Basement. Central air.
Basement, off street            South of Jefferson. Up-                                     Fair Housing Agency.                                    curity. (313)331-6386
                                                            Tastefully decorated.                                       $800. 313-414-2142
parking.         $725.          per studio. Gas and
                                                            Steps to public trans-
(313)881-9668                   electric included. $550.                                                                FARMS, 2 bedroom            HOUSE for rent, East-
                                                            portation.           Call   701 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX
1302      Beaconsfield,                                     (313)886-5899               DETROIT/WAYNE COUNTY            home, apartment size        side. Newly painted in-
Grosse Pointe Park.             BEACONSFIELD- Qui-                                                                      appliances,    washer/      terior. New carpet
                                et 2 bedroom lower.         MARYLAND/ Vernor            1 bedroom apartment-            dryer, stove/ refrigera-    throughout. 2 bed-
Two bedrooms, living                                                                    4830 Grayton. $550
room, dining room,              Hardwood         floors,    apartments, $700. in-                                       tor, dishwasher. Availa-    rooms, 1. 5 baths. Fin-
                                washer, dryer. Summer       cludes heat/ water,         plus security includes          ble shortly. (313)884-      ished basement, ga-
bathroom, den, all ap-                                                                  heat & water. 313-530-
pliances, own base-             special.          $500.     laundry, parking. Call                                      6582. Non- smoker           rage. Must call Rose
                                (586)772-0041               Marissa, (586)822-1062      6000.                           preferred.        $800/     only between 5:30-
ment. Air conditioning,
one car garage. Two                                                                                                     month.                      8:30pm. 313-884-5030.
                                CLEAN, smoke free
parks, walking distance         apartment, one bed-                                                                                                  707 HOUSES FOR RENT/
to    schools.    $750/         room, laundry on site.                                                                                               S.C.S/MACOMB COUNTY
month. 313-407-9211             Near St. John Hospital.
                                Available immediately,                                                                                              2 and 3 bedroom hous-
1ST month free! 870             $550/ month. (586)772-                                                                                              es. Warren, Roseville,
Nottingham upper, 4             2359                                                                                                                Mt. Clemens. Starting
unit building. 2 bed-                                                                                                                               $650. (586)530-0019
                                NOTTINGHAM: Great               PROFESSIONAL OFFICE BUILDING
rooms,       hardwood                                        For sale or lease, desirable St. Clair Shores
floors,     appliances,         3 bedroom upper. Limit                                                                                              21908 Blackburn, St.
                                4 occupants. No pets.        location at Nine Mile and Jefferson, well-kept                                         Clair Shores. 3 bed-
$575.   586-212-0759,                                        building, perfect for attorney, insurance,
248-288-4144                    1 year lease, referen-                                                                                              room, 2 baths, base-
                                ces, credit check re-        general office use. Plenty of parking, 1,680                                           ment, garage. $1,000
Classifieds: 313-882-6900 x 1   quired.    $750    per       square feet, 2 bathrooms. Price and/or lease                                           per month. Andary,
                                month. 313-881-0814          rates negotiable. (313)884-6322                            (313)882-6900 ext. 1        (313)886-5670
14                                                                                                                                        FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

                                                                                             907 BASEMENT
   708 APT-FLAT-DUPLEX        808 WATERFRONT HOMES             900 AIR CONDITIONING                                 912 BUILDING/REMODELING     929 DRYWALL/PLASTERING
          RENT                                                                              WATERPROOFING
                             Island View- Condo              (586)770-7121 united                                   TKO Licensed & insur-       CHIP Gibson Plaster,
870 Trombley- upper           Jefferson & 15 Mile. 
                                                                                            THOMAS                  ed, BBB. Office location    Stucco, Drywall, Cor-
2,000 sq. ft. flat. 4 bed-    Gorgeous ranch unit,           Central air kit, $1,357.       KLEINER                 16 years. Specializing:     nice Repair, Custom
rooms, 3 baths, central        with fantastic lake           Furnace 80% efficient,                                 Brick work, porches,        Painting Interior - Exte-
air, all appliances. No                                                                   Construction Co.
                                view. 2 bedroom.             $498. 92%, $639; or               BASEMENT             chimneys rebuild or re-     rior (313)884-5764
pets. $1,300/ month.          Updated kitchen and            free estimate on com-                                  pair/ concrete, interior
313-673-8184 or ttarje                                                                    WATERPROOFING                                          930 ELECTRICAL SERVICES
                              baths, 1st floor laun-         plete job. No credit              CONCRETE             exterior painting. Free                   dry. Finished base-           check; easy financing.                                 estimates.        Office,
                                                                                               MASONRY                                          (586)415-0153. Home-
    709 TOWNHOUSES/          ment, attached garage.                                                                 (586)776-3989, Danny,
                                                                                         •Walls Straightened &                                  star Electric. Older
    CONDOS FOR RENT              Land contract                Some classifications
                                                                                          Braced or Replaced        (248)515-8687.
                                                                 are not required                                                               home specialists. Cir-
RIVIERA Terrace, 1                   terms.                                                •I’ beams Installed
                                                              by law to be licensed.                                YORKSHIRE Building          cuit breaker boxes,
bedroom upper condo.            Stieber Realty,                                               •Underpinning
                                                                                                                    & Renovation. Kitchen,      outdoor      plugs,   re-
9 Mile/ Jefferson. Pool          (586)775-4900                Please check with the       •Drainage Systems
                                                                                                                    bathroom,     complete      cessed lights, addi-
carport, balcony, appli-                                       proper state agency      Plumbing/Sewer Repair
                              817 REAL ESTATE WANTED                                                                roofing services, base-     tions, all types of elec-
ances, storage, securi-                                          to verify license.      •30 Years Experience
                                                                                                                    ment remodeling, car-       trical work. Licensed,
ty    deposit.    $600/      PROFESSIONAL cou-                                            •10 Year Guarantee                                    insured. www.nomore
                                                                  907 BASEMENT                                      pentry, masonry re-
month includes heat,         ple with two college                                         Licensed & Insured                          
                                                                 WATERPROOFING                                      pairs/ additions. Li-
air, water. No pets or       students, Golden Re-                                          “Most trusted &
                                                                                                                    censed/        insured.     25 years/ Pointes. Re-
smoking.       313-492-      triever: homeowners               A Solution to Your           referred in the
                                                                                                                    (313)881-3386               cess patio, security
5484.                        for 27 + years looking             Water Problem                   Pointes”
                                                                                                                                                lighting, breakers. In-
716 OFFICE/COMMERCIAL        to rent. Minimum three             James Kleiner             (313)886-3150                   917 CEILINGS          sured, licensed. Toma,
        FOR RENT             years, possibly five to                 Basement             G. P. Resident                                        (313)318-9944
                             seven. Prefer ranch or                Waterproofing        Member BBB•VISA/MC          CEILINGS. Water dam-
     HARPER                                                                                                         age, plaster repair,
                             bungalow, central air,              Inside or Outside
AT VERNIER (8 Mile).          basement (finished),                                                                  walls, painting, drywall.
Nicely furnished, 1,600                                       Walls: Straightened/       911 BRICK/BLOCK WORK
                             deck, garage, fenced               Braced or Rebuilt                                   25 years experience.
sq. ft. suite or offices.    yard. Trouble selling                                                                  Licensed, insured. Joe,
Great ‘layout’. Parking,                                     Footings Underpinned       A-1 Brick Work. Chim-                                   FATHER and sons,
                             your home? Let us                  Drainage Systems        neys, porches repaired.     313-510-0950.
    safety, privacy.                                                                                                                            honest and dependa-
                             help you bridge the             All Concrete - Masonry     Broken steps. 40 years
 Karl, (313)886-1763                                                                                                    918 CEMENT WORK         ble. Fixtures, plugs, cir-
                             slow market. Call 313-              313-885-2097           experience. Licensed.                                   cuit breaker boxes, li-
SUMMER special. $1           924-5503                                                   (586)294-4216
                                                                 586-466-1000                                       CALANDRA & Son's            censed, insured. Any
for first month rent         WANTED:         Grosse                                                                 Concrete Contractor .
                                                               Licensed•Insured                                                                 job accepted, we beat
($300 after) moves you       Pointe resident looking                                    AFFORDABLE         light    Licensed, certified & in-
                                                                  Since 1976                                                                    all    prices!     Chris,
into an executive office     for land contract or                                       masonry. Save on brick      sured. Visit www.
                                                               MasterCard/Visa                                                                  (313)408-1166
with parking, lobby,         rent to own in the                                         repair. Matching mor-
kitchen. 20490 Harper        Pointes. 313-885-9395                                      tar color. References,      (586)725-2700
at Vernier. (313)881-                                             R.L.                  free    estimates.    Li-                               S & J ELECTRIC
4929                              821 OPEN HOUSE                                        censed, insured. 313-       CAPIZZO Construction            Residential
                                                              STREMERSCH                884-0985                    brick repair and tuck-          Commercial
 723 VACATION RENTALS                                             BASEMENT                                                                        No Job Too Small
                             1416 South Renaud-                                                                     pointing (313)885-0612
       MICHIGAN                                                WATERPROOFING            DELISI Builders. Li-                                    Electrical Services
                             Open Sunday, 2- 4pm.               WALLS REPAIRED          censed/ insured. Rea-       VITO’S Cement. Drive-
LEXINGTON-         Near      Builders own. 3 bed-                                                                                                  313-885-2930
beach. 3 bedrooms,                                               STRAIGHTENED           sonable. New York           ways, steps, garage
                             rooms, plus 1 bedroom                 REPLACED             flagstone, brick steps,     floors, porches, patios,
air, cable. $550/ week;                                                                                                                                934 FENCES
                             in basement with full               ALL WORK               wrought iron hand rail-     tuckpointing. Licensed/
weekend           rates.     bath. Basement kitch-
(313)882-4942                                                   GUARANTEED              ings.         Referrals.    insured. (313)527-8935      ALL fence, gates, gate
                             en. 3 car garage. Cus-                                     (586)772-3223                                           operators; sales, serv-
                             tom large kitchen with                LICENSED
LEXINGTON-         Near                                                                                                920 CHIMNEY REPAIR       ice, installation, repair.
beach. 3 bedrooms,
                             mud room, 1st floor               313-884-7139             JAMES Kleiner all ma-                                   Modern Fence, 586-
                             laundry.      Thermador         SERVING COMMUNITY          sonry. Expert tuck-         JAMES Kleiner. Chim-        776-5456
air, cable. $550/ week;
                             ovens. Bosch 5 burner                42 YEARS              pointing. Serving the       neys repaired, rebuilt.
weekend           rates.
                             gas range. Custom                                          Pointes since 1976. Li-     Serving the Pointes         FENCE building and
                             granite        counters/                                   censed.        Insured.     since 1976. Licensed,       repair. All types. No job
                             snack bar. 5 skylights,                                    (313)885-2097,              insured. MasterCard/        too small. Over 40
   800 HOUSES FOR SALE       deck,       underground                                                                Visa.   (313)885-2097,      years experience. Call
                             sprinklers.    Andersen                                                                (586)466-1000               George, 313-886-5899
    Grosse Pointe            patio doors and win-                                       THOMAS         Kleiner,
   Woods, beautiful          dows.             Asking                                                               THOMAS          Kleiner         Classifieds
                                                                                        porches, chimneys, ex-
 4 bedroom brick colo-       $325,000.      (313)882-                                                               Chimneys repaired or           Work For You
                                                                                        pert tuck pointing. 30
    nial. 2 1/2 baths.       3222                                                                                   rebuilt. 30 years. Li-       To place an ad call:
                                                                                        years experience Li-
 Gorgeous new kitchen,                                                                                              censed/       insured.      (313)882-6900 x 1
                             Classifieds: 313-882-6900 x 1                              censed/       insured.
   awesome finished                                                                                                 Grosse Pointe resident.
                                                                                        Grosse Pointe resident.
  basement with pool                                         (313)882-6900 ext. 1       313-886-3150                313-886-3150
 table. Land Contract
   Terms; $210,000.                                                                     912 BUILDING/REMODELING
     Stieber Realty,
                                       Grazio                                           DAVID Carlin all re-               Tom's Fence                        Co.
                                  Construction, Inc.                                    pairs, remodeling and          All Types of Fencing & Gates!
 803 CONDOS/APTS/FLATS                            Since 1963                            design, 35 years expe-
                                                                                                                              Quality Materials
                                                   Residential                          rience. Licensed. Cell
NAUTICAL Mile- Riv-               DRIVEWAYS •FLOORS •PORCHES                            (313)938-4949. Office                 & Workmanship
iera Terrace, 2 bed-               GARAGES RAISED & RENEWED                             (586)463-2639
room, 2 bath, upper
                                                                                                                                Serving the Eastside
                                         New Garages Built
level, boulevard view,            Exposed Aggregate •Brick Pavers                       FINE building- Summer                    for Over 35 Years
fresh paint, new light-                                                                 fixup projects. Bath or
ing, new kitchen tile,               Licensed         Insured                           kitchen    remodeling.               (586)774-2045
newer stove. $69,900.                    (586)774-3020                                  Grosse Pointer, 313-                     22901 Stadium Dr. SCS
(313)319-6606                                                                           402-6436                       
FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011                                                                                                                                                                            15

 936 FLOOR SANDING/                  943 LANDSCAPERS/
                                                                       944 GUTTERS            946 HAULING & MOVING                     954 PAINTING/DECORATING                   977 WALL WASHING
                                                                 GENTILE roofing and
AAA Mancuso wood
floor sanding/ refinish-
ing. Since 1987. Shores
                                  LANEY’S Landscaping
                                  Specializing lawn &
                                  ground maintenance,
                                                                 siding. Custom seam-
                                                                 less gutters. Licensed,
                                                                                                               A                              JOHN’S
                                                                                                                                                                              MADAR Maintenance.
                                                                                                                                                                              Hand wash walls and
                                                                                                                                                                              windows. Free esti-
resident. 800-606-1515            landscape design, sod-         insured. (313)884-1602      AAA Hauling. Rubbish                        Interior/Exterior                    mates & references.
                                  ding, brick pavers.                                        removal,    appliances,                   Repairing: Damaged                     313-821-2984                                                                         backyards,     garages,                     plaster, drywall,
 Hardwood Specialists             (313)885-9328               945 HANDYMAN
                                                                                             houses, etc. Dump-                          cracks, windows                        981 WINDOW WASHING
 • Dustless Refinishing 
                                                                                             sters available. 586-                      puttying, caulking.
   • New Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
                                     MAC’S TREE AND
                                     SHRUB TRIMMING                        A                 778-4417                                  Fire/ water damage
                                                                                                                                         insurance work.
                                                                                                                                                                              CALL Mr. Squeegee to-
                                                                                                                                                                              day! Get clean win-
   Free Estimates                    COMPLETE WORK               AAA Handyman. No            AAAAA1-        (586)764-                  All work guaranteed                    dows without breaking
    (586)662-6466                    Serving The Pointes         job to big, no job too      0906. Hauling. Times                        G. P. References                     the bank or your back.
FLOOR sanding and                       For 30 Years             small. Senior discount.     are tough, our prices                       Licensed/Insured                     I will do your windows,
finishing. Free esti-                 Reasonable Rates           Lowest prices. 586-         are low! Garage, base-                       Free estimates                      gutters and power
mates. Terry Yerke,                    Quality Service                                       ment, attic, yard clean-                     Senior Discount                     washing. Fully insured.
                                          Call Tom               778-4417                                                                                                     References available.
586-823-7753                                                                                 outs. Senior discount.                       313-882-5038
                                       (586)776-4429             A able, dependable,         (586)764-0906                                                                    (313)995-0339
PRIMA Floors, LLC.                PAUL’S lawn sprin-             honest.        Carpentry,   BURLY Guys Junk Re-                            957 PLUMBING &                    CLEARVIEW Mainte-
Hardwood specialists.             klers, landscape light-        painting,       plumbing,   moval. We haul appli-                                                            nance: window clean-
New installation. Refin-          ing, resod, mulching,          electrical. If you have a   ances, jacuzzis, furni-                                                          ing, garage painting,
ishing.   Guaranteed!             bush/ tree removal/            problem, need repairs,                                                DAN Roemer Plumbing                    gutter cleaning, Grosse
                                                                                             ture.        Demolition.
90% dustless. 586-344-            trimming, brick pavers,        any installing. Ron,                                                  Father & Son. 45 years                 Pointe         resident.
7272              retaining walls, con-          (586)573-6204                                                         experience.    Repairs,                (313)598-5525
                                  crete    work.    Paul,                                                                              repipes,    sewers    &
  943 LANDSCAPERS/                                                                           AARONS- 30% dis-                          drains. Licensed/ insur-               FAMOUS        Mainte-
                                  (586)615-6076                                                                                                                               nance. Licensed & in-
TREE SERVICE/GARDENER                                                                        count on all hauling                      ed. (586)772-2614
                                  TLC to your garden                                         and moving. Base-                                                                sured since 1943. Gut-
DAVE’S Tree & Shrub.
                                  beds. Cleaning, weed-          A affordable price.         ment/ garage cleanout.                       959 POWER WASHING                   ter cleaning/ power
Tree removal/ trim-
                                  ing, cultivating, trim-        Mike handyman. Elec-        Dumpsters available.                                                             washing.     313-884-
ming. 20 years. Free
                                  ming, pruning, and             trical, plumbing, car-      Free estimates. Low                       CRYSTAL Clean Power                    4300.
estimates.  586-216-
0904                              more. 313-881-3934             pentry,       hardwood      rates! (586)822-5100                      Washing, LLC. Homes,
                                                                                                                                       roofs,          patios.                MADAR Maintenance.
                                                                 flooring, ceramic, mar-                                                                                      Hand wash windows
                                                                 ble, painting. Roofs.       954 PAINTING/DECORATING                   www.CrystalClean
DERK Brown Lawn                            944 GUTTERS                                                                                                                        and walls. Free esti-
Sprinklers. Service and                                          Bathrooms, basement,                                        
                                                                                             ALL exterior painting                     Quotes: 313-881-1025                   mates & references.
installation.     Spring          #1-M&B gutter clean-           kitchens, decks. Code                                                                                        313-821-2984.
                                                                                             and restoration work.
startups. Insured. Ex-            ing. Insured, over 500         violations. Small or big
                                                                                             25 years experience,                         960 ROOFING SERVICE
perienced,     810-765-           Grosse Pointe custom-          jobs.     313-237-7607,                                                                                      RICH’S windows &
                                                                                             guaranteed work, free
2977                              ers. 1st time customer         586-215-4388,       810-                                                                                     gutters, 30 years expe-
                                                                                             estimates. Meticulous
                                  discounts. Off duty po-        908-4888.         Native                                                  RR CODDENS                         rience, free estimates,
                                                                                             workmanship, afforda-
GARDENER available                lice officers. 313-319-        Grosse Pointer.                                                                                              (810)794-5014
                                                                                             ble rates.     Window                          Family since 1924
for planting, trimming,           9827, 810-602-1082                                                                                    Re-Roofs~Tear Offs
                                                                 AARONS Handyman             glazing, power wash-                                                             UNIVERSAL Mainte-
lawn service, bush re-                                                                                                                   Hand Nailed Only
                                                                 Service. Customer ap-       ing, brick, stucco and                                                           nance- window clean-
moval, yard clean up,             AAAA Steve’s Gutter                                                                                       Flat Roofs
                                                                 preciation- 30% off. All    decks. Grosse Pointe                                                             ing, gutter cleaning,
weeding.      (586)747-           Cleaning.      Average                                                                                 Chimney Repair
                                                                 handyman needs. Any         references.    Insured.                                                          power washing. Fully
2543                              ranch, $45. Senior dis-
                                  counts. Off duty Detroit       job big or small. Thank     Steve 586-350-1717                          (313)886-5565                        insured. (313)839-3500
                                                                 you for calling Aarons’.                                               Licensed•Builder•Insured
K&K LAWN & SHRUB                  firefighter.   Insured.                                    BARRY’S       Painting.                                                               WE ACCEPT
   SERVICES, INC.                 (313)806-1088                  Low rates! 586-822-         Neat, fast, affordable.
  Complete Outdoor                                               5100                        Insured.   References.                           973 TILE WORK
    Maintenance &                 FAMOUS          Mainte-        JMC Home Mainte-            Call Barry, 586-675-
 Landscaping Services             nance. Window & gut-           nance & Improvement.        2977                                      AAA tile- all types of                     FOR YOUR
  FREE ESTIMATES                  ter cleaning. Licensed,        For all your home                                                     repairs,   installation.                  CONVENIENCE
  Licensed & Insured              insured. Since 1943.                                       BOWMAN Painting. In-
                                                                 maintenance and re-                                                   New and old. Call Joe,
    (313)417-0797                 313-884-4300                                               terior/ exterior. Win-
                                                                 pair needs. Large or                                                  313-510-0950.
                                                                                             dow specialist. Lowest
                                                                 small. Experienced, li-     price guaranteed. Gary,
  24 HOUR EMERGENCY STORM SERVICE                                censed, and insured.        313-525-0049
               810-459-3069                                      586-281-3538 or 586-
                                                                 871-6875                    FIREFIGHTERS/ paint-
                                                                                                                                                                                RG E
                                                                                             ers. Interior/ exterior.
                                                                 OLDER home special-
                           30528 Garfield, Roseville                                         Residential.     Power
                                                                 ist. City inspection re-

                          586-777-4876                                                       washing, wall washing,
                       Outstanding Customer Service since 1982
                         Tree Removal Contractor
                                                                 pairs. Sewer cleaning,
                                                                                                                                        You can find everything
                                                                                                                                        you’re looking for in the clas-
                                                                                                                                        sifieds. From garage sales to
       ®                   for City of GP Woods                  painting,      kitchens,    (586)381-3105                              cars, from lost puppies to
                                                                 baths,          cement.                                                needed babysitters, there’s
      EXPERTS:                                                   (313)354-2955 donpar                                                   only one place to look—and d
  Large Tree Removal                                             adowski@yahoo .com                                                     only one place to advertise.
    Difficult Areas                                                                           Since 1965   C   O   M
                                                                                                  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
                                                                                                                       P   A   N   Y
                                                                                                                                        The classified section will
   • Insurance Work Specialists                                  PLUMBING, electrical,            • RESTORATION                         come through every time.
                                                                 & carpentry repairs.             • CUSTOM PAINTING
  (No Out Of Pocket Expenses)                                    Drain cleaning, power             (586)778-9619
    • Wind & Storm Damage                                        washing, painting. Pro-
                                                                                                 ~All Work Guaranteed~
                                                                                              FREE ESTIMATES • LICENSED • INSURED
        • Certified Arborist                                     fessional work- fair pri-
         • No Job Too Big                                        ces. (313)882-1188          PAIGE Painting, LLC.
       • References Available                                      Visa & Mastercard         Interior/ exterior, wall-                  Classified Advertising
   • Guaranteed Workmanship                                            Accepted              papering and removal.
                                                                                             Licensed, insured. 586-
   • Licensed, Bonded, Insured
                                                                                             350-5236                                   (313)882-6900 ext. 1 1
16                                                                                                                          FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

                                     BELINE'S BEST BUYS
                                                    821 FISHER • GROSSE POINTE                          461 SADDLE LANE • GROSSE POINTE WOODS
                                                                          Classic Center-                                           Over 2,200
                                                                             Entrance                                               square feet.
                                                                             Colonial.                                              4 bedrooms,
                                                                            New GFA                                                  2.1 baths.
                                                                           Central Air.

                                                                          $185,000     Ad #123                                     $244,000   Ad #133

            333 RIVARD • GROSSE POINTE                 799 LOCHMOOR • GROSSE POINTE WOODS                      444 MADISON • GROSSE POINTE
                                                              NEW PRICE!
                                  Beautifully                                            Wow!                                        4 bedrooms,
                                    updated                                           Over 4,500                                     2 full baths!
                                   condo in                                           square feet.                                    Charm &
                                    unique                                           Prime Woods                                      character.
                                   complex!                                            location!

                                 $295,000 Ad #083                                    $309,000 Ad #163                               $177,000 Ad #183

                                    Unique                                               Great
                                  California                                           location!
                                   inspired                                           Over 2,000
                                 Spanish style                                        square feet!
                                 $343,000 Ad #233                                    $189,000 Ad #173

           634 CADIEUX • GROSSE POINTE               1691 MANCHESTER • GROSSE POINTE WOODS                   21101 LANCASTER • HARPER WOODS
                                   Stunning                                              Brick
                                   2nd floor                                          bungalow –
                                    condo!                                              close to
                                                                                      and dining!                        ING
                                 $99,000 Ad #053                                     $79,000 Ad #143

     Call 1-800-594-5898 – THEN ENTER THE AD NUMBER to hear a complete description of the property
     BELINE OBEID, Broker/Owner                                                                                  313-343-0100
                                 19846 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods                                                                              

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