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OctOber 2009 by wulinqing

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									OctOber                    2009                  Welcoming Party for newcomers at
                                                 Bangeojin nFa october 23 ▶P. 23

FOREIGN LIFE IN KOREA                             FLiK & UTS Family Photo Essay Contest                                    1st Place Winner ▶P. 7

                                              FLiK Wide Distribute: You can have monthly FLiK
                                              magazine at places below and also you can download
                                              PDF version at
 Mr. Reinan and Family on FLiK Monthly Trip   • Clubhouses at seobu hFC & bangeojin nFa
                                              • hyundai hotel ulsan
 to Yangdong Village ▶P. 12                   • hyundai Foreign sChool
 HYUndai HEaVY indUSTRiES GRoUP               • site oFFiCes
      Contents                                                   Date                                FliK events Calendar
 03 What's new                                                           Moms & tots, anchae of nFa, 3:45pm
    HHI: 90 Million BHP in Marine Engines                         01     Kristy’s Korean Class –intermediate Course, seobu hFC 2nd Floor, 2:30pm – 3:20pm
    HSHI: 10th Anniversary of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries
    HMD: Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions                                Kristy’s Korean Class –beginner Course,
                                                                  07     bangeojin nFa Multi Purpose room, 12:15pm – 13:00pm
 06 naming Ceremonies
                                                                         Moms & tots, anchae of nFa, 3:45pm
 07 Ladies' Coffee Morning
    FLiK & UTS Family Photo Essay Contest
                                                                  08     Kristy’s Korean Class –intermediate Course, seobu hFC 2nd Floor, 2:30pm – 3:20pm
    1st Place Winner: Mr. Oleksandr                                      shipyard tour, 9:20am
 08 Meet the Team                                                 09     French Cooking Class, seobu hFC Clubhouse Kitchen, 2pm
                                                                         Moms & tots, anchae of nFa, 3:45pm
 10 Hello Ulsan
                                                                         Coffee Morning, bangeojin nFa Multi Purpose room, 10:00am
    the Origins of the taewha River and Camping at Bangudae       14
                                                                         Kristy’s Korean Class –beginner Course,
 11 FC orphanage Committee news                                          bangeojin nFa Multi Purpose room, 12:15pm – 13:00pm
    Donation from Surveyors of GL, ABS
                                                                         Moms & tots, anchae of nFa, 3:45pm
 12 Photo Essay                                                   15     Kristy’s Korean Class –intermediate Course, seobu hFC 2nd Floor, 2:30pm – 3:20pm
    FLiK Monthly trip to Yangdong Village on Sep.19
    FLiK & UtS Family Photo Essay Contest on Sep.16
                                                                  18     FliK Monthly trip to unmunsa temple
 14   "Konnichiwa" Japan
 15   Journey to an institution of inspiration                    20     autumn garden Party, seobu hFC j block garden, 11:30am
 16   Voices of Housing department                                       nobuko imai, hyundai arts Center, 8pm
 17   Moonshine
      Korea’s Love for B-boys                                     21     Kristy’s Korean Class –beginner Course,
                                                                         bangeojin nFa Multi Purpose room, 12:15pm – 13:00pm
 18 Zoom in Korea
                                                                         Motor tour, 2:20pm
    taejongdae Park, Busan
 19 a Fresh Perspective                                           22     Moms & tots, anchae of nFa, 3:45pm
    Birthday                                                             Kristy’s Korean Class –intermediate Course, seobu hFC 2nd Floor, 2:30pm – 3:20pm
 20 arts & Culture                                                23     Welcoming Party for newcomers at bangeojin nFa
    nobuko Imai
                                                                         Kristy’s Korean Class –beginner Course,
    Yuki Kuramoto                                                 28     bangeojin nFa Multi Purpose room, 12:15pm – 13:00pm
 21 Roads to Korea                                                       Moms & tots, anchae of nFa, 3:45pm
    FLiK Monthly Trip to Unmunsa Temple                           29     Kristy’s Korean Class –intermediate Course, seobu hFC 2nd Floor, 2:30pm – 3:20pm
    Moms & Tots
 22 Hotel & Lunch Menu
 23 Bulletin Board
                                                                 For a complementary subscription, contact FLiK Service Center of the Overseas
    Welcoming Party for newcomers at nFA
    Kristy’s Korean Class                                        Public Relations Dept. at Tel:+82 52 202 1111/3878 (editor).FLiK is made for HHI
    Ulsan Mobis Phoebus Basketball Match Schedule                Group expatriates and their families.

St. Andrew's Charity                                                  International & Local Moving Company
Ball 2009    • Hyundai Hotel Ulsan
             • Saturday December 5                          th

                                    • Ticket W100,000

                                                                               UTS is offering its services to all companies or
                                                                               individuals who want:
                                                                               - International & Local Removals of Household Goods
- Champagne Reception                                                          - International Sea & Air Freight Forwarding
- 4-course meal                                                                - Storage service
- All Champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks and whiskey included.
- 3-piece Scottish Band all the way from the homeland                          You can take a free survey with us before thinking about
- Grand Raffle with proceeds donated to charity                                selling all of your belongings.
- Plus much more                                                               Contact Person: TERRY PARK (Senior Sales Manager)
                                                                               •Mobile: +82-18-690-6738
Tickets on Sale from Friday October 9th Seobu HFC & Bangeojin
                                                                               •Tel: 82-2-795-2604
NFA. Formal dress, Start Preparing Now, Don’t Miss Out.
Contact,                      •Fax: 82-2-795-2807
          What's new                               Hyundai Heavy industries

90 Million BHP in Marine
Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has
achieved an unprecedented aggregate of 90
million brake horsepower (bhp) in 2-stroke
engine production. HHI set the record in
just 30 years since the production of its first
marine diesel engine. this is much earlier
than European and Japanese competitors
with 100 years of experience in the field.

HHI reached the production milestone of
90 million bhp in 2-stroke engines with the
completion of a 93,360bhp engine for an
8,600tEU containership on September 10.
Since 1988, HHI has maintained its position
as the leader in world large engine
production. It takes 35% of the global
marine engine market.

                                                  HHI and GE Win US$2.6 Billion Order in Kuwait
                                                  HHI and General Electric (GE) signed a contract valued at US$2.6 billion to build a power
                                                  plant for Ministry of Electricity & Water of Kuwait on September 13. the plant will be
                                                  completed by June 2012 with 2,000MW capacity and will be located in Sabiya, 100km
                                                  north of Kuwait City.

                                                  HHI will carry out the engineering, procurement and construction of Sabiya power plant.
                                                  HHI formed a consortium with GE to bid for the project and after fierce competition from
                                                  European and local companies, the consortium won the bid.

                                                  HHI Receives KRW90 Billion Pre-order for Excavators
                                                  HHI started active marketing to expand market share in China for next generation
                                                  excavators. In the launch show for the 9-series in China, 20 units of 9-series excavators
                                                  including 5t, 21t, 30t were demonstrated and attracted customers’ and dealers’ attention
                                                  with powerful performance and high technology. 9-series is equipped with various
                                                  convenience features and improves engine power and work performance by 15%. HHI
                                                  has received a KRW90 billion pre-order in China to supply 940 excavators through the
                                                  exhibition in China.

                                                  HHI Launched Korea’s First Hybrid Ship
                                                  HHI launched Korea’s first hybrid ship for Korea Coast Guard. In a launching ceremony,
                                                  3,000t patrol vessel was named tAEPYUnGYAnG 9 on September 18. the vessel is
                                                  Korea’s first environmentally friendly ship which can sail by electric motor without
                                                  operating the main engine when it sails under 12 knots. HHI added a 750kW electric
                                                  motor to this vessel, improving fuel efficiency and reducing vibration and noise. So far
                                                  only a few countries including the UK have this kind of hybrid vessel and this is the first
                                                  ship of its kind in Korea. HHI plans to build one more hybrid vessel for Korea Coast Guard
                                                  by August, 2010.

              What's new                             Hyundai Samho Heavy industries
    10th Anniversary of Hyundai
    Samho Heavy Industries
    October 27 will be the 10th anniversary of
    Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI).
    After the establishment of Samho Yard in
    1992, HSHI changed the company name to
    Samho Heavy Industries in 1999, reborn
    as a member of HHI Group in 2002. HSHI
    was awarded the one billion dollar export
    trophy in 2004 and constructed 20 million
    DWt ships in the shortest period of time
    in shipbuilding history in 2007. At present,
    HSHI has production capacity for 50 ships
    and 30 cranes per year with two docks
    (2 million DWt capacity and one 900t,
    one 800t and two 600t Goliath Cranes),
    on-ground shipbuilding site (200,000DWt
    capacity) and a floating dock (80,000t lifting

                                                     158,000DWT Tanker Delivered
                                                     HSHI delivered a 158,000DWt crude oil tanker, the third of eight crude oil tankers
                                                     ordered by DELtA tAnKERS of Greece, on August 31. HSHI commenced the
                                                     construction of the ship in January 2009, completed in eight months. the crude
                                                     oil tanker, DELtA HARMOnY, measures 265m in length, 48m in width and 23m
                                                     in depth with a service speed of 15.8 knots and is currently on her first voyage to
                                                     taiwan. HSHI has delivered twenty five ships to owners so far this year including an
                                                     LnG carrier, two Pure Car/truck Carriers, six containerships and sixteen crude oil

                                                     First ship Moored at Dolphin Quay
                                                     HSHI moored an 8,400tEU containership, the second of four 8,400tEU
                                                     containerships ordered by ZIM of Israel, for the first time at the Dolphin Quay which
                                                     has almost come to completion. the transformer substation and other electric
                                                     facilities are under construction and one 40t and one 80t level luffing cranes will be
                                                     installed at the quay. When Dolphin Quay is fully operational, four additional ships
                                                     can be moored so that post-outfitting work can be more efficient.

                                                     PSPC Painting Work Commenced
                                                     HSHI commenced block painting work for two 180,000DWt bulk carriers in line
                                                     with Performance Standards of Protective Coatings (PSPC). It is the first project
                                                     to which PSPC apply. PSPC requires more precise work for indoor production
                                                     and painting qualities, aiming at a target paint coat life of fifteen years after first
                                                     painting application. HSHI has been preparing application of PSPC intensively,
                                                     including expanding indoor production facilities, constructing new painting shops,
                                                     and fostering painting inspection specialists.

         What's new                          Hyundai Mipo dockyard

Reduces Greenhouse Gas
Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) is
enhancing the effort to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions by setting up the task Force
team (tFt). CO2 emission is becoming a
global concern. On the same token, HMD
plans to gather the latest information on
the current international market and pave
the way for establishing Green Corporate
Culture by encouraging clean energy use
throughout the entire production process.

Considering the ever tightening
international regulations on greenhouse
gas emission, HMD’s preemptive green
measures will be helpful for the company’s
long term growth.

                                             Four HMD Employees Awarded Shipbuilding
                                             Commemoration Prizes
                                             Four HMD employees were awarded with prizes at the Shipbuilding Korea 2009 on
                                             September 15. Mr. J.K. Koo, general manager of Project & Production Planning and Mr.
                                             J.K. Lee, senior manager of Hull Production received the awards from the Minister of
                                             Knowledge Economy.

                                             the Shipbuilding Korea ceremony has been held since 2004.

                                             Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Presentation on Market Situation
                                             Lloyd’s Register of Shipping delivered a presentation on the current shipbuilding market
                                             on September 14, 2009 in attendance of staff from Sales and Design Division. Mr.
                                             tim Kent, the presenter, said that the global economy is still in the recession and
                                             the shipbuilding industry has a long way to go before we see the end of the sluggish
                                             shipbuilding market. Considering thorny issues such as conversion of ship type, contract
                                             cancellation and renegotiation of contract prices, the possibility of new orders is still slim
                                             and the recovery of the shipbuilding industry is in anybody’s guess, they said.

                                             HMD Holds Beach Forum for Ship Owners and
                                             Classification Society
                                             HMD held a beach meeting between ship owners and supervisors from the classification
                                             society working for HMD at Gwanseong beach. About two hundred people from the
                                             owner and classification society attended the meeting. there were a variety of programs
                                             such as musical performance, party piece and mini games. HMD’s annual beach
                                             meeting attracts much appreciation from the owners improving the company's image.

    naming Ceremonies

                                         TaEPYUnGYanG 9, KOREA COASt GUARD [HHI]

donG-a EoS, DOnG-A tAnKER [HHI]

                                         GaS SnaPPER, PRIME MARInE [HHI]

MaRan SaGiTTa, MARAn [HHI]

                                         C. diGniTY, SK SHIPPInG [HHI]


                                         aLPinE MaGiC, CIDO SHIPPInG [HMD]


new Place & new time for
                                                  FLiK & UtS Family Photo
                                                  Essay Contest 1st Place Winner
Ladies' Coffee Morning

                                                                                                                             Mr. Oleksandr

                                                                                                               moment! now they live and
                                                                                                               work in Ukraine and have a
                                                                                                               child, a boy. And the most
  • Wednesday october 14 at 10:00am                                                                            wonderful circumstance
  • new Foreigners’ apartments (nFa)                                                                           is that their parents, after
    Clubhouse                                                                                                  visiting Ukraine, decided to
  • Topic of the day: Recreational activities     “Happy”                                                      live closer to their children.
    in Ulsan                                      My nephew and his young wife                                 After retiring they also moved
  * Bring a sweet or savoury dish to share        Story of this beautiful couple is very romantic and          from Siberia to Kherson! now
                                                  unusual. Many years ago, long before they were born,         all the families are together
  the whole organization team of Ladies’
  Coffee Morning hope you enjoyed your            their parents became good friends. their fathers were        again! the dreams of happy
  vacations and you are now happy to come         military pilots in the Soviet Army Air Force in a big city   parents came true!
  back to Ulsan to find your friends again        in Siberia, working and flying together year by year.
  or make new ones. Coffee Morning is a           their mothers also became close friends, following
  great opportunity for ladies to meet ladies     their husbands. And when children were born in the
  speaking the same language or people
                                                  same year, boy Slava in one family and girl Katerina
  from around the world. At every meeting,
  the topic of the day will help you to live in   in the other, the happy parents would joke: Wouldn’t
  Ulsan, to understand Korea and Korean           it be great if our children got married! In that case
  culture.                                        our friendship will become even closer! Slava and
  Please, notice the « WWW ». Some details        Katerina were friends all of their life, beginning from
  have changed this year!                         kindergarten and during school. they'd say they were
                                                  only friends, without any dreams of a common future.
  When ?                                          After graduating from school Slava become a cadet
  Coffee Morning will be held on the second       at a military aviation academy far away from home,
  Wednesday of the month.                         in another city. Katerina also became a student, as a
  We will start at 10:00am and finish earlier
                                                  future building architecture engineer, but she remained
  to give mothers more time to pick the kids
  up at school.                                   in hometown. they did not see each other for a while.        “Letter from Parents”
                                                  When they met again after some years apart strong            My uncle, 82 years old, reading a
  Where ?                                                                                                      letter at the park
                                                  feelings developed. After the Soviet Union collapsed,
  new Foreigners’ Apartments in Bangeojin
  kindly lends us a larger room. Just behind      Slava’s Air Force Military Academy closed down and
  City Bus terminal of Kkotbawi, it is easily     he decided to change his profession to It engineer. He
  reached by bus.                                 moved from cold Siberia to warm Ukraine, continued
  Parking is also available. Some of us will      his education in a technology academy in Kherson, and
  enjoy the western lunch at the Clubhouse        eventually graduated as a computer engineer. At that
  after the meeting.
                                                  time Katerina, after graduating as a civil architecture
  Who ?                                           engineer, and after obtaining a diploma she also moved
  We provide tea and coffee. But everybody is     to Ukraine to meet her lovely boyfriend. And in 2002
  expected to bring a sweet or savoury dish
                                                  they married. You can see how happy they were at that
  to share with the other ladies. As usual,
  W3,000 contribution is asked for all fees
  and everybody is a volunteer. You are also
  welcome to join the organization team.

                                                                                                               “and What!?”
                                                                                                               My aunt, 72 years old, at the
                                                                                                               ethnic folklore festival in Ukraine

                                                                                                               “Go away!”
                                                                                                               My young nephew, playing on the
                                                                                                               river with his friend, home duck

                                            Meet the team
                            KRiSTian GERHaRd JEBSEn SKiPSREdERi aS

                                                                                                  and have observed the almost unbelievable
                                                                                                  development of the country. One just has
                                                                                                  to be impressed. now I have a beautiful
                                                                                                  Korean wife, Sun-hee, and I consider Korea
                                                                                                  to be my second home country. I hope the
                                                                                                  present economical situation will improve
                                                                                                  soon so that shipowners start ordering
                                                                                                  ships again. I certainly hope KGJS will
                                                                                                  continue to build ships in Korea for many
                                                                                                  years to come

                                                                                                  █   Roger Myran
                                                                                                      Assistant Site Manager

█   Leif Harsem                                   understanding of different cultures and life
    Site Manager                                  experience. I hope I am able to use some of
                                                  my own sailing experience to influence and
                                                  assist the yard to make good ships for my       Hi, My name is Roger Myran, I’m 44 years
                                                  company and for the ship’s crew.                old and I’m from norway. I’m working as
                                                                                                  assistant site manager in KGJS site office
                                                  We have built six vessels at HSHI prior to      in HSHI. this is my second project for KGJS
                                                  this project, and my experience with the        at HSHI, the first was two 159,000DWt
                                                  yard is only positive. I have experience from   tankers, and now we are building a series of
                                                  other shipyards in Korea, Japan and Middle      120,000DWt product carriers.
                                                  East, but none of them can in my opinion
                                                  beat HSHI. Everybody from top to floor level    I have background as a Marine Engineer
Hello FLiK readers, my name is Leif               is very cooperative. Ms. Hwang Hee-yun          with experience from different types of
Harsem and I am the site manager for the          from CAD is doing a great job coordinating      vessels, mainly tankers; last 11 years at
K.G. Jebsen Skipsrederi (KGJS) site team at       everything between site office and the yard.    sea I was working as chief engineer. My job
HSHI. My home town is Oslo, norway.               In other shipyards it has often been a          scope is machinery and outfitting, including
                                                  struggle to get things through, while here      ship trials at HHI and various inspections in
My company has ordered ten 120K product           at HSHI, if we have disagreements, we sit       Ulsan, Busan and Changwon area.
tankers from HSHI. the first vessel will be       down around the table and always end up
delivered January 2010 and the last one in        with a solution which satisfies both parties.   My first meeting with Korea was back in
April 2012. My company has been building                                                          1989 as a Marine Engineer. In 2003, I meet
vessels at HHI, HMD and HSHI more or less         My site team consists of 13                     a charming woman in Geoje, when I was
permanently since 1995. KGJS was the first        superintendents, 10 from Korea, one Polish,     working for another owner at Samsung,
company to build vessel at all three Hyundai      two norwegians and our Korean office            building a shuttle tanker. this woman, Suji
yards.                                            administrator Ms. Kim So-hui. they are all      is her name, became my wife in 2006, and
                                                  working very hard and I am privileged to        in the fall of 2006, we decided to move to
I went to sea when I was 17 years old in          work together with such a nice team. Some       Korea. In the beginning, we lived in Geoje
1974 and sailed until 2001 when I joined          of them have been with us for many years.       Island, but now we are living in Mokpo.
the site team at HHI. I find this work very       Mr. Yoon Kyung-jun, our paint manager, has      She is also my “teacher” when it comes to
exciting and interesting and hope I never         been with us all the way since we started up    explaining Korean culture and traditions to
have to go back to sea again. 27 years of         at HHI in 1995.                                 me.
watching the horizon is enough. Having said
that, my life at sea has also given me a lot in   I first visited Korea as a seaman in 1976.      the major obstacle is the language, even
the way of adventures, exciting moments,          Since then I have visited here many times       though I have a Korean wife, progress

in learning Korean is very slow, and            about Korean culture and interpersonal           mine, one day, suggested I work at a foreign
actually my wife speaks better norwegian        relationships. Our site office team is helping   company (Germanischer Lloyd) to make
than I speak Korean. I like working at          me a lot to adapt to the environment here.       my English speaking better. I thought that’s
HSHI because our office has very good           Mokpo is a very quiet city compared Ulsan        a good experience to work with foreigners
co-operation with CAD and QM’s.                 but people are the same, always polite and       for my English teaching career, especially
                                                with very good approaches to me.                 in my hometown. I accepted to work at GL
My favorite section of FLiK is overview of      Upon the completion of our project I will        for eight months, a temporary job and even
the various naming ceremonies. I’m also         miss this interpersonal relationship in our      less salary than teaching. Many people said
looking forward to next year’s F1, which will   site office team, cooperation with Korean        I was crazy; however I loved and enjoyed
be close to Mokpo.                              people in HSHI and seafood available in          working there for four years. I could meet
                                                many of Mokpo’s small restaurants!               people from all over the world, their foods
                                                                                                 and their own unique cultures. I’ve visited
█   Ryszard Markiewicz                          I like FLiK with all useful news, culture,       several GL offices and my old colleagues
    Mechanical Engineer                         events and information showing foreigner         when I travelled the world and I still keep
                                                live in Korea. I will wait for new FLiK          in touch by e-mail with some of them. After
                                                magazine.                                        GL, I was back to school as a teacher for
                                                thank you!                                       two years. those reasons, however, make
                                                                                                 me keep looking and finally working at HSHI
                                                █   Kim So-hui                                   again.
                                                                                                 I’ve worked at Wallenius Marine (Sweden)
                                                                                                 for two and half years. they opened a
                                                                                                 new office and started another project at
My name is Ryszard Markiewicz and I am                                                           HHI in September. I want to say “Hello!”,
mechanical engineer with about 20 years                                                          “Congratulations!” and “Good luck!”
sailing experience including 10 years as                                                         to them through FLiK. KGJS (norway) is
unlimited chief engineer in international                                                        my third company and I’ve joined since
shipping companies worldwide, employed                                                           February 1, 2009. We are the biggest office
by KGJS AS Company in 2002 for HHI Suez–                                                         and I’m sure that I’m working with the best
Max Project.                                    Hi, FLiK readers!                                people and company at HSHI. We order
                                                It’s been a long time. I wrote an essay for      pizzas, chicken & kimbap and have lunch
My home town is Szczecin in Poland where        the very first time for FLiK in 2001. How        together every Friday. We talk about life, hot
my family, wife and two daughters are living.   time flies! FLiK was, at that time, a kind of    issues, personal things and of course about
Here in HSHI, I am a mechanical                 black & white newspaper type, not like now       ships and we sometimes invite yard people.
superintendent in KGJS site office,             as a glossy magazine. FLiK has improved
responsible for inspections of outfitting and   a lot both in quality and in quantity. And I     I’ve travelled to more than 20 countries,
all aspects of machinery equipment.             really enjoyed crossword puzzles for several     as irony would have it, I’ve never been to
                                                years. (no more, now t.t)                        the home countries of the companies I’ve
I joined this team on July 21. From my                                                           worked for.
experience in European and Chinese              I was an English teacher at high school          But, SOME DAY...!!
shipyards, HSHI is a new and very well          after my university for two years. A friend of
organized shipyard with good quality. We
have close working cooperation with class
DnV and QM Department. It is good team
of people who make HSHI a good place to
work in.

there are some obstacles when living
and working here in Mokpo and HSHI:
miscommunication and language problems;
cultural differences between Korean
people. I am still a fresh person in Mokpo
and HSHI and trying to discover and learn

Hello Ulsan
The Origins of the Taewha River and Camping at Bangudae

                                                        M   o s t ‘ f o re i g n e r s’
                                                            who come to live
                                                     and work in Ulsan quickly
                                                                                          aware that all rivers start their journeys at some
                                                                                          humble source[s], most people rarely get a chance to
                                                                                          follow a river from its estuarial end to its rudimentary
                                                     become aware of the                  beginnings. And how I, too, like most, have never
                                                     taewha River that flows              followed any rivers from their estuaries to their
                                                     through the city from west           start. nor have I thought much about rivers and their
                                                     to east, and its eventual            sources of origins (except for academic purposes)
                                                     culmination along the                until this recent trip to Mount Baegunsan, the mother
                                                     south-eastern reaches of             of taewha River, and how that mother delivers her
                                                     town where it empties into           innermost flow up, out across rocks thousands of feet
                                                     Ulsan-Mipo Bay. But few              high up in a range of mountains to produce a child of
                                                     foreigners, even those who           water so wide, so deep, so long.
                                                     have been in the region for
                                                     years I would guess, know            After hiking up to Baegunsan to see first hand the
about or have even thought much about the place where the river is born. I am             origins of the taewha River, our expedition headed
one of those foreigners who has been in Ulsan for a very long time, who has never         for Daegok Dam and its large reservoir (where most
really thought about the origins of the taewha River until recently, when I was           of Ulsan City’s fresh water comes from) for a quick
asked by the staff of Hyundai Chungun High School [where I am employed] to join           tour and lecture on the dam’s history, construction
a group of teachers and 180 students [who make up the school’s 10th grade-first           and utility. then it was onto Bangudae, the river valley
year] on an ecological educational hiking and camping exploratory expedition of           that lies between Eunyang to the west and Beoseo
the taewha River and its embryonic beginnings.                                            to the east. Bangudae is known for its pre-historic
                                                                                          ‘petroglyphs’ (one dimensional depictions of everyday
After much logistical planning, coordination and scheduling by the Cheungun               life of the stone-age people who dwelt along that river
staff, our journey started in the parking lot of the school in the Seobu-nammok           valley carved onto walls of rock just above the area’s
area of town. By caravan of bus, we traversed along the river via Asan Road,              waterline). It’s an interesting as well as educational
crossing onto the water’s southern shore following it through downtown Ulsan              place to trek. Visitors can see the various kinds of
along route 16, then continuing along the western run of the river via route 24           fish and animals that were caught and hunted in the
at Beomseo to the town of Eunyang. At Eunyang, we turned north onto route 35              early times of that region. Also, there are depictions
(Sangbuk-Gyeongju road) and continued about six kilometres until we came to the           of whales and dolphins that navigated the waters
Duseo area of Ulju-Gun [Ulju county]. At Duseo, we turned onto a small country-           around Ulsan that were plentiful [even to this day].
side road – Inbo Crossing – heading northwest, driving on to the end of the road
where we travelled north, northwest along an adjoining country-side road to the
tiny hamlet of naewha-ri (the ‘inner village’). the hamlet gets the ‘inner village’
name from its original designation in Chinese characters. there is also an ‘outer
village’ that skirts naewha Village. In naewha-ri at the centre of the village at a
compass reading 142 degrees southeast of magnetic north, there can be found
a trail that leads from the village through the neighbouring scenic and pastoral
countryside, up through a hardwood forest that grows densely to the summit of
Mount Baegunsan [Bek.oon.san]. It is there at what is known as Samgangbong
(three Rivers Peak – 889.7 meters) where three main rivers of the region begin
their journeys. (the climb to three Rivers Peak is a fairly steep, steady hike of one
to one–and–a–half hours)                                                                  there are many well marked trails for visitors to
                                                                                          walk along in the area and guided tours can be
At the place of taewha River’s birth, a cavernous horseshoe shaped gorge of rock          arranged at the Petroglyph Museum which is the
is found in what brings to mind an amphitheatre (perhaps one shaped into the              centre of the Bangudae region. the museum is a
mountain by an ancient Shamanistic god of drama and nature?). there among                 very modern building but built in shape and façade
that ampshitheatre of lichen and moss covered rock and stone, trickling up                of a pre-historic stick and bark dwelling, with the
from natural springs of underground water, the taewha River starts its humble             tail of a whale constructed as an overhang covering
beginning. It is a pleasant place to be, shaded, cool, quiet, only sounds of wind and     a small stage area at the south end of the building.
water and one’s own thoughts. Sitting in that horseshoe shaped gorge of rock,             the interior of the place is upscale, with high-tech
looking at a boulder stone on which is carved for didactic purpose ‘the Source            exhibits and lighting. there’s also a small gift shop at
of the taewha River’ my thoughts were pondering that while most people are                the entrance/exit.

Across from the museum, on the other side
of the stream that runs through the valley, is the
Bangudae Farm-stay camping ground. the place is a
hodgepodge, helter-skelter menagerie of buildings,
makeshift structures, canvas-covered once-upon-a-
time green houses, a tarp-strewn chicken coop and a
goat shed. the whole place is a mess. But somehow                      FC orphanage Committee news
it’s a pleasant mess. I think it’s because the people
who operate the camp are extremely friendly and
                                                                       ▲ donation from Surveyors of GL, aBS
very kind – their house is your house – literally. For
                                                                       FC Orphanage Committee received W560,000 from surveyors of GL and ABS
example, I slept in a small apartment-like structure
                                                                       working in HHI shipyard. the surveyor’s team participated in ‘Dragon Boat Festival’
in a room that had a chifferobe and two small chest-
                                                                       held by Ulsan city last August and won this prize money there. We would like to
of-drawers that had some family member’s clothes
                                                                       thank all the people who made this donation to the Orphanage Fund. Here is the
in them. Our expedition’s members were housed in
                                                                       surveyors’ list: Ralf Malakowski (GL), K.Gokhan Yurtacan (GL), argryios Xytakis
the various other buildings around the grounds that
                                                                       (GL), J.Emilio Moreno (GL), andrzej Sledz (GL), Bjorn Bornemann (GL),
were also lived in by the camp’s family members.
                                                                       Tsenesidis Lazaros (GL), Rafal Pedziwiatr (GL), Clark Maxwell (aBS), Mary
the place has a few toilet facilities and a small
                                                                       Gormanson (aBS), Samuel Johnston (aBS).
shower room for hygienic convenience.
                                                                                                                      ◀ Ukranian Cooking Class
  note: (the term ‘camping,’ it seems, in Korea is quite
 a different concept than the term ‘camping’ is in the west                                                           On September 18, Ukranian Cooking
 where i am from. Koreans, at least the ones i was with, put                                                          Class was held at Seobu HFC
 sleeping bags on the floors inside of buildings and called it                                                        Clubhouse Kitchen. Fifteen people
 camping – interesting!) at the centre of the camp is a rustic
 old style Korean wood-frame and mud house with thatched
                                                                                                                      participated and learned how to
 roof of straw and sticks bound together with rope made of                                                            make honey cake and Ukrainian
 rice hemp. the house serves as a sleeping quarter as well as                                                         Chicken. Through the event the
 a cooking area, where at the end of the building outside there                                                       committee raised about W107,000
 is a fireplace with large steel cauldrons for cooking rice and
 boiling soups. the food cooked there is served in a converted                                                        (excluding ingredient costs).
 greenhouse where very long wooden tables with stools can
 sit very large numbers of people. our expedition’s evening
 meal was a simple dish of ‘bibimbap,’ a favourite among many
                                                                       •   october Events
 people, Korean and Foreigners, alike. it consists of a large          1. French Cooking Class
 bowl of steamed rice layered with ‘bus.sot’ [mushrooms],                 -October 9 at 2pm, Seobu HFC Clubhouse Kitchen
 ‘holbok’ [squash], ‘’ [bellflower root], ‘’ [fern      -Participation Fee: W10,000
 shoots], ‘kong’ [mung bean shoots], and a hard fried egg, all
 mixed together with a spicy red pepper paste called ‘go.chu.             -Sabine MacMahon will teach us how to make Sweet French Pancake.
 jang.’ in the morning a steaming cauldron of ‘yoo.kae.jang’               People interested can sign up on the notice board of the Seobu HFC Clubhouse.
 which is a spicy broth with pork or beef meat boiled with
 radish slices and an array of vegetables was our breakfast            2. autumn Garden Party
 meal. it is served with rice and several side dishes.                    -October 20, 11:30am, Seobu HFC J Block Garden
                                                                          -ticket Price: W15,000 (lunch & beverage provided)
 after our breakfast at the camp, we proceeded to our next                -How: Buy tickets at Clubhouse bars of Seobu HFC and Bangeojin nFA
 destination along the taewha, ‘sunbawi,’ the “standing rock”
 that sits like a monument in the middle of the river up stream           -Come & enjoy delicious dishes from Spain, taiwan, Iran, Australia, Sweden,
 from beomseo township. it is said that in times of yore a fair           French and many others. there are also fun games and prizes for the participants.
 maiden took her life by jumping from the rock into the waters
 below after being jolted by her suitor. From sunbawi, we hiked
 the length of the taewha, only stopping long enough to have
 some lunch, from beomseo to ulsan station where our buses             •   Balance Sheet of orphanage Fund
 took us back to school.                                               We have been supporting Ulsan Orphanage Children for more than 20 years. All
                                                                       money raised will be used for the Christmas Party in December, Children’s Day
 overall the experience was a tiring two-day jaunt along the
 taewha and its surrounds, but it was an opportunity well              outing in May and to support a family in Onsan who adopted 7 disabled children.
 worth the strain of steep hikes and long treks under a hot sun
 to experience.                                                         Total amount Collected by the end of aug.                          W3,146,640
                                                                        donation from Surveyors of GL & aBS                                  W560,000
                               by R.A. Dix, English teacher             Ukranian Cooking Class                                               W107,000
                                   at Chungun High School
                                                                        Total amount (by the end of Sept.)                                 W3,813,640
1          Photo Essay
           FLiK Monthly Trip to Yangdong Village on Sep.19
On September 19, FLiK went out to Yangdong Village with 29 participants. Yangdong is a village of noblemen, formed by the Wolseong
Son lineage and the Yeogang Lee lineage. the whole village is a cultural asset designated national treasure no.189 on December, 24
1984. Of the six folk villages in Korea, Yangdong is the best known because of its size, degree of preservation, numerous cultural assets,
traditionalism, beautiful natural setting.
                                                                                                                                 ◀Mr. Ballar, making Tteok
                                                                                                                                 ▼ Mr. Terje Reinan at Gwangajeong
                                                                                                                                 "Another beautiful scene of Korea! This village, in
                                                                                                                                 which houses were built in harmony with nature –
                                                                                                                                 fills us with a comfortable atmosphere. The lovely
                                                                                                                                 green hills, the wooden smell of the gates and
                                                                                                                                 walls, and the science of the people who used to
                                                                                                                                 live in these delicate rooms – make your soul fly
                                                                                                                                 away to past times. You will surely get a touch of
                                                                                                                                 ancient Korean lifestyle in the countryside."

▴ Group Photo at Gwangajeong, National Treasure No. 442.
                                      ◀Madhuri and Aarya are pounding Tteok               ▴ M.J & Shivani, excited to play
                                      "First thanks to FLiK. Thanks to Mr Kim and         Korean seesaw. At first I thought it
                                      Minnie for organising the folk village trip. When   was boring and after some time it
                                      we first got to the village I saw rice cake being   became fun for me. I enjoyed this
                                      made and I tasted it for the first time. It was     trip.                                                                  Mr. Ballar ▲
                                      really good. Then we saw the rest of the folk                                         "Till now we have seen the modern part of Korea,
                                      village with Minnie, Mr Kim and my friends. My      ▼ The youngest participant, Payal all around with tall buildings and big walls. This
                                      son Aarya and I enjoyed the swing and jumping       Ballar                            was the first time we saw the part of Korea which
                                      see-saw. Every child liked the nature in this                                         shows how Korea was in recent history. A cool and
village. My son enjoyed this trip very much with the horse, trees, and flowers. Next                                        calm place with small population reminded me
time I will visit the folk village with my husband because I feel it is very romantic.                                      about our own village in India. It was a nice trip
There are different types of houses. Once again, Thanks to FLiK."                                                           and thanks to FLiK for it."
                                                ▼ Milly, taking a photo
                                                                                                                                 ▼ Mrs. Jadhav, playing on a swing

▲ Mr. S. K. Dixit, taking a photo of
Yangdong Village. "This trip was a different
experience of going back a few centuries
to have an insight as to how they lived. I
feel like remaining in that period to have                                                                                                                 Mrs. Welling on a swing ▲
a comfortable and peaceful life devoid of                                                                                        "In the morning I rode on the bus eagerly because
present day contraptions."                                                                                                       I was waiting for this trip. This 15th century village
       Beautiful Ladies at Seobaekdang ▶                                                                                         gives a glimpse of Korean culture and lifestyle.
      Mr. & Mrs. Behera making Tteok ▶ ▶                                                                                         This village has maintained its original form.
                                                                                                                                 We enjoyed this trip and took lots of photos.
                                                                                                                                 Thank you to the FLiK for arranging this trip to a
                                                                                                                                 wonderful location."
                                                                                                                                 ▼Yuniko Van Thillo, making Tteok

▲ Oskar, making Tteok ▲Mr. Murthy and Sailaja
                    Listening to the guide at Gwangajeong,
                             National Treasure No. 442 ▶

                                                                                                                                  Nguyen Thanh An at Geunam Manor, the important
      Happy Family on sunny day▶
                                                                                                                                                              folk property No. 76 ▲
            Mr. & Mrs. Behera ▶▶
                                                                                                                                 "The trip helps me to understand history and
 ▼ Panoramic View of                                                                                                             Korean culture. I like the style of the houses here,
 Mucheomdang                                                                                                                     made of wood and in harmony with nature. FLiK
                                                                                                                                 should prepare some brief note about the place
                                                                                                                                 we’re going to so that everybody can have more
                                                                                                                                 information. More information, more enjoyable. I
                                                                                                                                 hope to join the next trip. Thank you very much for
                                                                                                                                 helping us."

                                                                                                   FLiK & UTS Family
                                                                                       Photo Essay Contest on Sep.16
                                                                                                                       Photo Essay
                                                                                                                              ▼ Rigel Site Members came from Busan to join
▼ What Delicious Food!! NFA Clubhouse sponsored            ▼ Madhuri Suyog Jadhav, Nithya Pradeep and Radharani               the event. Mr. Oleksandr, Ms. Yeojin, Mr. Anatoliy
unbelievably delicious food for the contest.               Behera are waiting to be called onto the stage.                    and Ms. Sandra.

                                                           ◀ Mrs. Madhuri Suyog Jadhav.
                                                                                                 Our generous sponsors,
                                                                          Mr. Terry Park and Ms. Linda Park from UTS ▶

                                                                  Mr. Anatoliy took the stage to deliver his photo essay ▶

                                                                                                                             ◀ A Happy Bingo Game Winner!

                                                                                                                             ▼ Mrs. Ankleshwaria and her cute baby

▲ The 1st Place Winner Mr. Oleksandr. He promised to
donate his prize to children charity. What a generous
                                     UTS awards prize to
                 the 2nd place winner Mr. Muhammad ▶

▼All guests joined Bingo Game. Three winners won

                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Behera share their family story. ▲
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Cristina shares her happy family memories with all essay
                                                                                                                                                              participants. ▲

                                                                                                                                            Mr. Jadhav wins a bingo game.▼
                                                                                                          ▼Ms. Yeojin, Mr. Oleksandr, Mr. Anatoliy have fun with Bingo!

  Nithya says her story (She got
         the 3rd place Prize!). ▶
Sponsor UTS awards prize to the
3rd place winner Mrs. Nithya ▶

"Konnichiwa" Japan

                                                                                       the building we boarded our bus to the famous Mt.
                                                                                       Fuji - station 5. After a two hour bus ride we were
                                                                                       rewarded with the breathtaking view of Fujiyama,
                                                                                       which is 3,771m above sea level. the day was clear
                                                                                       and warm and the snow capped Fujisan was such
                                                                                       a pleasure to watch that we spent nearly two hours
                                                                                       gazing at the once fuming volcano, which last erupted
                                                                                       in 1708. not fully satisfied with the view, we walked
                                                                                       down to Kawakuchiko Lake and took a ropeway to
                                                                                       Kachi Kachi mountain top for the sunset view of the
                                                                                       now calm Mt.Fuji. Absolutely marvelous and breath
                                                                                       taking. After a wonderful experience we headed back
                                                                                       to tokyo to our hotel to catch up on some lost sleep
                                                                                       and to stretch our aching bodies.

                                                                                       Day 3 started off with tokyo tower and a nearby
                                                                                       temple visit. tokyo tower reminds one of Eiffel
                                                                                       tower and makes you wonder why the Japanese
                                                                                       with such excellent buildings would want to replicate

“J      apan, the land of the Rising Sun” has long been on our list of must see
        places. Our interest was further kindled by friends who visited the place
and filled us in with many fascinating pictures and stories. With May come so many
                                                                                       Eiffel tower when they are capable of coming up
                                                                                       with something unique. though, tokyo tower was
                                                                                       brimming with people and we managed to go to
vacations and we decided to make use of our time and get out of our cocoon and         the lower deck and the wax museum. More than
experience Japan as a true traveller would do.                                         the view, I enjoyed the walk down to the tower with
                                                                                       greenery and a small waterfall and miniature statues
We flew into Osaka on April 30 and took both the bus and subway to reach               all through the way.
tagasako, near Kobe, after nearly three hours, to meet our friend who offered to
be our guide in Osaka the following day. the evening came to an end at an Indian       Our next stop for the day was Odaiba, a man-
restaurant in Kobe, where the Great Hanshin earthquake wreaked havoc in 1995.          made island, to see the national Institute of
                                                                                       Advanced Industrial Science and technology.
Day One of our tour started off with our visit to the world’s longest suspended        We took the unmanned train to Shinbashi station,
bridge, “Akashi Kaikyo Bridge”. We were interested in the bridge after seeing          taking in the modern structural view of the
a documentary on Discovery Channel about its construction. What really                 upscale city. throughout the world, Japan means
amazed us was the fact that the cords used in the bridge could span the world’s        the warehouse of hi-fi technology and robots. We
circumference seven times when stretched in one straight line. Our next stop           were pleasantly surprised to see the robots and
was Osaka tower and Yodobashi Electronic Centre. the view from Osaka tower             technical advancements which way surpassed our
gave a completely different picture of the city and offered a great opportunity for    expectations. there were things to amaze both the
budding photographers to capture the sun setting behind the mountain. Yodobashi        kids and the adults with many interesting concepts
Centre served as a one stop shop for all the global products at a reasonable price.    from DnA structure to Mars Mission and submarines.
It housed everything from Japan’s famous brands of electronic goods to the fine
fabric of India all under one roof. On the whole, Osaka had a laid back atmosphere     After spending hours there we half heartedly bid
with not many high-rise buildings or places to hang out. We ended the day by           farewell to Asimo and the other robots and headed off
bidding farewell to our friend-guide and boarded the bus to tokyo to see what it       to some last minute shopping in Okachimachi before
had in store for us.                                                                   boarding our bus to Osaka to catch our flight back
On Day two, we got off at Shinjuku Station, tokyo, and freshened up with a quick
breakfast and went ahead with our tour. Our first place of interest for the day was    It was our first vacation with our son Rishab who just
the Municipal Building which offered a good view of tokyo City. I should say that      passed the 7 month milestone. We focused our four
there was a huge difference from Osaka's skyline. tokyo had huge buildings with        day trip keeping in mind the must see places. We had
a touch of modernity and class to it. It was amazing to see wide roads boarded         to skip the famous Universal Studios, Disney Land,
with lush greenery, a rarity to witness in any metropolis. After a relaxed survey of   Hiroshima and nagasaki due to our short timeframe

                                                         Journey to an Institution
                                                         of Inspiration

and partially to the Golden Week rush. Guess this
calls for another relaxed trip to the land of kimono

Our Japan trip was truly fulfilling and we made many
new friends from our trip who were genuine and
polite. We had friendly people helping us with getting
tickets from the vending machine to finding a cozy
accommodation in the middle of the night. they
take pride in whatever they do and are comfortable
with the way they look and show the same amount
of respect to others. Japanese people have a very
strong sense of modernity with a firm hold on their
tradition. As all good things our trip also came to
an end leaving us with many sweet memories and a         J    une 25 was the very wonderful day we had the FLiK Shipyard tour.
                                                              My four-year-old son nishant was very excited to see the ships.
                                                         In fact he was looking forward to a ship ride. First we were taken to
lasting impression of the courage of the people after
all that they have gone through. In all true Japanese    FLiK’s service centre. We were warmly welcomed by Ms. Minnie. She
spirit, arigato gozaimasu Japan.                         gave us all information about FLiK staff and what they do. I would take
                                                         this opportunity to thank FLiK for organizing such pleasurable trips
                       by nithya Kamakshi Pradeep.       and giving us so many memorable moments and chances to meet new

                                                         We visited Asan Memorial Hall where we came to know about the
                                                         history of Hyundai Heavy Industries. Asan - the late Chung Ju-yung - the
                                                         man behind the Hyundai success story, is a real inspiring personality.
                                                         His whole life history is amazing. It was this man’s courage and vision
                                                         that has enriched Korea and its people. He dedicated his life to the
                                                         development of Korea and the Korean economy. He valued people more
                                                         than capital or technology. Despite a lack of capital and technology,
                                                         Asan built Hyundai based on trust and his can-do spirit. nothing was
                                                         impossible for him. With the right attitude, mighty spirit and positive
                                                         thinking he laid a solid foundation for Korea to be an advanced nation
                                                         from a war-torn-underdeveloped nation. I salute him for bringing
                                                         happiness, prosperity and smiles for his people. He was really an
                                                         institution in himself.

                                                         After this, we moved to the shipyard. the huge ships kept our eyes wide
                                                         open. We could see the glory and prosperity of Hyundai and its people.
                                                         the huge cranes and ships were making our heart beat faster. the only
                                                         expression everyone had was just WOW!!! Later on we visited HHI’s
                                                         community facilities. We were provided with lunch (Korean food) it was
                                                         my first time to taste this cuisine. My son loved soup and I relished the
                                                         healthy vegetarian rice, bibimbap.

                                                         At 1pm we were dropped back at HFC. nishant was a bit disappointed as
                                                         he was expecting a ship ride. I had to tell him that they are making ships
                                                         and when it’s ready they will take us for ride. Since then he is looking
                                                         forward to a ship ride. With inspiration and high spirits, we went back
                                                         home. I will always cherish this moment, especially the one in Asan
                                                         Memorial Hall.

                                                         thanks FLiK once again for providing such wonderful memories.
                                                                                                      by Priti Rajendra Dhongadi
     Voices of Housing Department by Cho Jae-kwon
     Welcome to Hyundai Foreigners’ Compounds

Your Home Away From Home

                                            H      yundai Heavy Industries (HHI)
                                                   operates two foreigners’
                                             compounds: Hyundai Foreigners’
                                                                                      the Bangeojin new Foreigners’ Apartments (nFA)
                                                                                      were built in 2006 and are equipped with high-tech
                                                                                      systems and wares for residents’ fit and comfortable
                                             Compound (HFC) and new                   life. nFA is offering 184 apartments with four types
                                             Foreigners’ Apartments (nFA) near its    ranging from single to family oriented four-bedroom
                                             shipyard and offshore yard to provide    apartments.
                                             comfortable accommodation for            • Modern, Comfortable Systems
international supervisors and their families. Hyundai Foreigners’ Compounds will      the Bangeojin nFA’s rooms are designed as 3-bay
be your home away from home for international customers and their family.             structures which enable you to get more natural
                                                                                      light and ventilation. the Bangeojin nFA provides an
Seobu Hyundai Foreigners’ Compound (HFC)                                              integrated security system to ensure the safety of its
• Home to Foreign Community Life                                                      residents by support of HHI’s Industrial Security team
the Seobu Hyundai Foreigners’ Compound (HFC) provides 289 homes for                   and home security system.
international customers and their families who are working in Hyundai Heavy
Industries (HHI) Group. the HFC’s houses range from single apartments, to three-      • Wide Spaces between apartments and ample Parking
bedroom apartments, and to bungalows.                                                 Ground occupancy allows for wide space between
                                                                                      apartments, protecting residents’ privacy and
• Newly Refurbished and Verdant Neighborhood                                          increasing comfort. Underground parking lots can
HFC apartments and bungalows have been recently refurbished, with many items          accommodate more than just the residents’ cars, and
being replaced. Surrounded with shrubs, bamboo and other big trees, HFC gives         residents and visitors can access their apartments
out a laidback, fresh ambiance and a sense of comfort and security.                   directly from the underground parking lots.
• Most Reliable and Secure Area                                                       • Close Proximity to HHI’s Offshore Yard and HMD
All access to and out of HFC is controlled by security guards, and non-residents      A five minute drive will take you to any worksite at
are strictly checked into HFC. It makes the whole area of HFC the most reliable       HHI’s Offshore Yard and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
and safe in this region.                                                              (HMD). You can easily reach commercial and cultural
• Easy Move-in, Easy Move-out                                                         areas in the community through Bangeojin’s main
Your stay at HFC is not limited to a specific period and does not need a deposit.     road, and you can travel to downtown Ulsan via Asan
therefore, you can stay at HFC even for one night. If you’re staying in Ulsan for a   Road.
longer period, HFC may be a better choice as HFC’s apartments are closer to real      • Family and Child-Oriented Place
homes.                                                                                the Bangeojin nFA has a special room for toddlers
• Child-Friendly Environments                                                         and mothers in the clubhouse, called ‘Anchae
HFC is a particularly nice area for families with children because Hyundai Foreign    Room’. the grass square in the middle of nFA is fit
School is located centrally in the compound area within easy walking distance         for children. For children attending Hyundai Foreign
from all residences. the family-oriented mood of HFC makes families with              School, transportation is provided between Bangeojin
children feel more safe and comfortable.                                              nFA and Hyundai Foreign School.

• Easy Access to Shipyard and Local Community Places                                  • Sharing Facilities of neighboring Hwa-am dormitory
A 10 minute walk can take you past Korean restaurants, pubs, bakeries, local          HHI’s Hwa-am Dormitory was built for HHI’s
banks, Ulsan University Hospital, and many Hyundai facilities such as Hyundai Arts    employees in 2009, and this modern dormitory
Center, Hyundai Department Store, and Hyundai Hotel. All residents can drive to       houses the most up-to-date facilities such as a well-
HHI’s main gate to the shipyard areas within five minutes.                            equipped gym, a movie theatre, a futsal court, a
                                                                                      restaurant, meeting rooms, etc. Residents of nFA can
• Clubhouse with Strong & Upbeat Community Spirit
                                                                                      also use these facilities. Hwa-am Dormitory has also
HFC has a well-organized clubhouse committee, which consists of residents living
                                                                                      recently installed a Korea Exchange Bank AtM for
in the HFC. they run a restaurant and bar of the clubhouse, planning a variety
                                                                                      the convenience of both Hwa-am residents and nFA
of social activities allowing residents to experience diverse cultures. the HFC
Clubhouse includes a playground, a gym, a squash court, an outdoor swimming
pool, an outdoor BBQ area, multi-purpose rooms, and a golf driving range.             HHI’s accommodation service aims at providing
                                                                                      comfortable places for residents or clients who have
Bangeojin new Foreigners’ Apartments (nFA)                                            left their home countries and now live in Ulsan. Our
• Spacious, New & Modern Home for You                                                 service will make you feel like you are living in your

                                                             Moonshine by George Deftereos
                                                                                         Korea’s Love for B-boys

                                                                                  organized battle. Informally b-boying began with a circle of
                                                                                  dancers (and casual onlookers) taking turns dancing in the
                                                                                  middle. there are no judges, concrete rules, or restrictions.
                                                                                  Although participants usually freestyle (improvise) within a
                                                                                  group (called a cypher), battling does take place. this was the
                                                                                  origin of b-boy battles and it is often more confrontational and

                                                                                    there are four basic elements in b-boying. these are toprock,
                                                                                    downrock, power moves and finishing moves. toprock
                                                                                    refers to any string of steps performed from a standing
                                                                                    position. It is usually the first and foremost opening display
                                                                                    of style, and it serves as a warm-up for transitions into more
                                                                                    acrobatic moves. toprock is very eclectic and can draw upon
                                                                                    many other dance styles. to most people this is the ‘robot

S     eptember is a very busy month for Korean
      breakdancers. All through this month the R-16
B-boy competition is held where many Korean and
                                                            dance’ part of the performance. Downrock (or "floorwork") includes all footwork
                                                            performed on the floor, such as the foundational 6-step (similar to the mens floor
                                                            gymnastics where the gymnast alternates hands while swinging their legs aound).
international crews battle it out for supremecy. this
                                                            It typically involves complicated contortions of the lower body, and may be as highly
Korean leg of the international circuit is one of several
                                                            variable and personalized as toprock. Downrock transitions into more athletic
competitions held annually, the others being Battle of
                                                            moves known as power moves.
the Year in Germany, UK B-Boy Championships, Red
Bull BC One (next one is in new York), and Freestyle
                                                            Power Moves are actions that require momentum and physical power to execute.
                                                            the breaker is generally supported by his upper body, while the rest of his body
                                                            creates circular momentum. notable examples are the windmill, swipe, head
B-boying began back in the 1970s in new York
                                                            spin, and flare. Some moves are borrowed from gymnastics (such as the flare)
among the Black and Latin American youth. Back
                                                            and martial arts (such as the butterfly kick). Finishing moves signal the end of
then, according to some sources, rival gangs would
                                                            a b-boy set. Freezes are stylish poses (a popular one at the moment being the
sometimes have a dance battle (like you would see
                                                            finishing pose for the Girls Generation song Genie) and the more difficult require
in any Hollywood dance movie) and the winner would
                                                            the breaker to suspend himself or herself off the ground using upper body strength
decide where the real fight would take place. the
                                                            in poses such as the pike. Alternatively, suicides can also signal the end to a
confrontational aspect of b-boy battles can still be
                                                            routine. Breakers will make it appear that they have lost control and fall onto their
seen today.
                                                            backs, stomachs, etc. the more painful the suicide appears, the more impressive
                                                            it is, but dancers execute them in a way to minimize pain. In contrast to freezes,
Crew vs crew battles are common in breaking. Battles
                                                            suicides draw attention to the motion of falling or losing control, while freezes draw
are dance competitions between two individuals or
                                                            attention to a controlled final position.
two groups of dancers who try to out-dance each
other. they can be either formal or informal but both
                                                            As I’m pretty useless when it comes to this style of dancing, I just take shots of the
types of battles are head to head confrontations.
                                                            acrobatic moves these people perform. And while b-boying is a male dominated
they can take the form of a cypher battle and an
                                                            dance, women are making inroads. the girl performing the one handed balance
                                                            bounced in that pose for a full minute.

     Zoom in Korea by Kavita Verma
     Taejongdae Park, Busan

A     utumn, another beautiful season of Korea is showing its presence with cool
      breeze blowing slowly, the leaves slowly turning from green to yellow and
red. Once again this is the time to hang out and enjoy the natural beauty of Korea.
to enjoy this romantic seasontaejongdae Park in Busan sure is a good choice.

Steeped in the romance of medieval anecdotes, taejongdae, Busan's most
favoured tourist attraction of legendary repute is located at the southern part of
Yeongdo Island along the coastline. With spectacular vistas of mountain cliffs and
charming seascape the evergreen park of taejongdae intrigued poets, artists and
calligraphers in the past. taejongdae, Busan owes its name to King taejong Muyul
(654-661) of the Silla Dynasty. this historic place of natural splendour provides
different recreational facilities. tourists from all parts of South Korea as well as
overseas travellers gather here to enjoy seaside saltwater pools, shops for snacks
and souvenirs, and the wonderful scenery of rocky cliffs. the monument at the
entrance was built in honour of the five neutral nations that provided medical
support during the Korean War (1950-1953). the park itself contains stuff for a one
day tour with plenty of fresh air, greenery, marvellous view to the sea. to visit the
park you can ride the beautiful tram named taejongdae Danubi. the first stop is a
nice pebble beach with one side steep and high cliffs and the other with endless
clear ocean. the next stop is a viewing point where you can see the lighthouse
on a far island with fishing boats, the ship waiting to get into Busan’s port in the
ocean along with cool wind blowing year round. Here the shoreline is decorated
with artistic forms carved out of rocks. Among them some noteworthy beautiful
carvings are Sinseonbawi, or the Rock of the Mountain God and Mangbuseok, or
the legendary Rock of the Faithful Woman.

One of the Danubi (tram) stops is taejongdae temple which is famous for its
artistic paintings. Another embellishment is the 60 year old white lighthouse
beaconing ships through the clear sea. At the same place you can see the famous
'Suicide Rock.' this is also an adventurous and exciting place for scuba divers and
mountain climbers, as it owns some of the most difficult cliffs for climbing . While
visiting taejongdae, you can taste fresh fish at the eateries on the rocky shore,
or go for a boat trip around the Olyuk ('five or six') Islands. there is also a small
display area containing paintings with bright colours with is totally different from
traditional Korean painting containing light and natural colours.

In all, this park depicts nice view of Korean cultural, historical and natural beauty
with a variety of enjoyments and things for younger ones to learn, see and enjoy.
So enjoy a happy autumn ahead.

 A Fresh Perspective by Milly O'halloran

It has definitely been nice getting back into a routine
after summer vacation. I very much enjoyed my
holiday, but am glad to be back at school and busy.
this year I began homeschooling with my mother
and it has been so much fun spending time with her
and learning from her! this month however, I’ve
decided to write about a little adventure I took to Old
Downtown with my Dad.

Which Way?
On a cool Friday evening while I was surfing the net,
Dad asked me if I would like to go to Old Downtown
(Songnamdong) to watch a movie with him (and
maybe a bit of shopping?). Without any hesitation I
took him up on the invitation! I would much rather
spend time in Old Downtown with Dad would you
believe, than on the computer, and in my case as a           in those short few minutes it seemed all the traffic had cleared. We made our way
struggling yet smart teenager I know that computers          to the main highway and with quick thinking began to follow the 106 bus, a bus we
can’t take you shopping or at least pay for shopping.        knew was headed to our desired destination. Dad coolly and insanely drove in and
                                                             out of lanes, trying to keep up with the bus and I have to say “Dad you did a great
though we have caught many buses we had a                    job of making new memories for you and I       , thank you”.We followed the bus so
dilemma; we had no clue how to get to Old Downtown           successfully all the way to Mega Mart that we felt pretty chuffed with ourselves, so
by car, as it was Dad’s first time to actually drive         we decided to go it alone and leave our “personal guide” the 106. Unfortunately, we
there! Despite our lack of directions but with much          had lulled ourselves into a false sense of security and it is here where we made
bravery, I got in the car and we motored off. We were        our mistake. to cut a long, long, long tragicomedy short, we unintentionally found
on our way!                                                  the road out to Gyeongju, played Pacman through a maze of traffic lights, duelled
                                                             head-on traffic and after one hour and forty minutes of driving we finally made it.
As soon as we left the main gate of the compound             We were in Old Downtown!
and got onto the road we encountered a long line of
traffic. lt was five thirty on a Friday evening, of course   On finding a carpark, which was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be given
there would be traffic so we vainly watched cars for a       the last hour and forty minutes , I found out that my father does actually love to feed
good 20-25 minutes going the opposite direction pass         the parking meter, well in Korea at least. It only ate one of his blue notes (W1,000).
us by, one by one. We soon reached nammok where              In new Zealand he will drive for blocks with the hope he will find a “free” spot,
we stopped off at the gas station for that liquid stuff      something I know drives my mother slowly and most definitely crazy. Parking in
that makes cars go. As we pulled in about to park, a         new Zealand can be 5 or 6 times the price for an hour so I sorta get it.
sight familiar to the roads of Korea, that is, the good
old fried chicken delivery motorbike zoomed in just          Happy that we had made it and feeling hungry, we went for something to eat
before us and like magic our park was gone! With a           and checked out what movies were showing. I had great plans of seeing a horror
bit of a grunt from both Dad and I, we filled up, and        flick but needing to be 20 years old (me not Dad      ) we settled for ‘My Sisters
                                                             Keeper’and as it turns out the way better option. It’s a really good movie and I
                                                             would recommend it to anyone. With an hour to kill before the movie there was
                                                             just enough room in our tummies after dinner for dessert. We delighted in a coffee
                                                             and a piece of cheesecake at Starbucks all the while sharing laughs about our
                                                             humourous journey to get to Old Downtown.

                                                             that Friday night adventure out with my Dad, I have to say, is a memory keeper.
                                                             I really enjoyed the time we were able to spend together to talk and laugh. the
                                                             photos I have shared are some of my favourites of me with my dad. Dad, thanks for
                                                             all the fun and not only on that day. Love you lots!

     Arts & Culture

     nobuko Imai                                                       nobuko Imai is the only violist to have won the highest prizes at both
                                                                       the Munich and Geneva International Viola Competitions, and she was
     with Pianist Kei Ito                                              formerly a member of the esteemed Vermeer Quartet. Ms. Imai is
                                                                       now established as a distinguished international soloist, and as well
                                                                       as appearing regularly in the netherlands, where she now lives, her
                                                                       career takes her to major cities in Europe, the USA and Japan. nobuko
                                                                       Imai has been awarded many prizes, including the Avon Arts Award
                                                                       (1993), the Education Minister’s Art Prize of Music by the Japanese
                                                                       Agency of Cultural Affairs (1994) and the Mobil Prize of Japan (1995).
                                                                       In 1996 she received Japan’s most prestigious music prize, the Suntory
                                                                       Hall Prize, awarded to her by a unanimous jury. She is professor at the
                                                                       College of Music in Detmold, Germany.
                                                                       — Robert Alexander Schumann
                                                                       Sonata for violin and piano No.1 in A minor, Op.105
                                                                       (Performed by viola & piano)
                                                                       — Dmitry Shostakovich
                                                                       Sonata for viola and piano in C Major, Op.147
                                                                       < Intermission >
                                                                       — Franz Peter Schubert
                                                                       - Excerpts from Lieder
                                                                       - An die Musik Op.88/4, D.547
                                                                       - Standchen from (Schwanengesang) D.957
                                                                       - Der Wegweiser from (Winterreise) Op. 89, D.911
                                                                       - Fruhlingstraum from (Winterreise) Op. 89, D.911
                                                                       — Johannes Brahms
                                                                       Sonata for viola and piano No.2 in E-flat Major Op.120/2
                                                                       Allegro amabile / Allegro appassionato / Andante con moto – Allegro

     date: october 21 (Wed.)
     Ticket: W10,000 - W45,000
     Place: Hyundai arts Center

     As a professional pianist, his interests are quite                                                                              Yuki
     expansive, crossing genres from classical to folk
     songs and popular music. Kuramoto's melodies
     are sometimes reflective and tranquil in nature,
     and at other times, seemingly lamenting for a loss
     of the past. they can also be sunny, warm and
     bright. the broken chord style is sometimes used                                                Program
     to accompany the melodies. the subject of his                                                   -Lake Louise
     music ranges from natural events, nature to a state                                             -Cottage For The Rabbit
     of mind and human emotions.                                                                     -Romance
                                                                                                     -Virgin Road For Celebration
     date: december 2 (Wed.)                                                                         -A Scene Of La Seine
     Ticket: W75,000 - W20,000                                                                       -Paris, Winter
     Place: Hyundai arts Center                                                                      -Soaring

     Special discount
     the FLiK Service Center is providing a special discount of 20% - 30% for the Hyundai Arts Center Programs. this discount will only be available to
     residents residing in the HFC or the nFA. For further information, please contact the FLiK Service Center at 202-1116, or via email at

           roads to Korea Chuseok

O      n the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar
       calendar, Koreans celebrate Chuseok, one of
Korea’s biggest and most significant festivals. this
year, it falls on October 3. Chu of Chuseok means         FLiK Monthly Trip
autumn and seok means night. Also, it is called           to Unmunsa Temple on october 18 (Sun.)
Hangawi, the pure Korean name of Chuseok. Han
means great and Gawi means middle, so together,           Unmunsa temple is well-known for the beautiful valleys and mountains
it means ‘a great day in the middle of Autumn.’ As        surrounding the temple with its 500-year-old pine tree & 400-year-old
we can see through the name, Chuseok is Korean            ginko tree. Especially, the glorious tint of its scarlet maple leaves shine out
thanksgiving Day; families go back to their home          of the temple during the autumn season.
town to honor ancestors and give thanks for a rich                                         Time Table
harvest. the origin of the festival came from the fear            time                                  Activities
of the dark night. the darkness used to be considered
                                                                 9:00am         Pick-up from the main gate of Seobu HFC
sinister during ancient times, so a full moon was
                                                                 9:30am         Pick-up at the main gate of Bangeojin nFA
significant for them. Under the full moon, they started
to hold the festival for Chuseok on the equinox.            9:30am - 11:30am    travel to the Cheongdo Unmunsa temple
                                                                                Free time
                                                            11:30am - 3:00pm    Enjoy the beautiful scenery.
                                                                                Enjoy walking along the paths near the beautiful stream.
                                                             3:00pm - 5:00pm   Return to Ulsan (nFA & HFC)
                                                           * Respectful behaviour is expected.

                                                          to apply, visit the FLiK website (Application > Monthly
                                                          trip > FLiK Monthly trip to Unmunsa temple) or email your company &
                                                          project, number of participants, full names, telephone number, cell phone
                                                          number and pick-up place (HFC/nFA) to

                                                          If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to or
                                                          call the FLiK Service Center’s Minnie Lee on (052) 202-1111.

                                                                               Moms & Tots
Songpyeon, Korean traditional rice cake, is a symbol
of the festival since the family gathers together and
talks about their lives while making songpyeon.
there’s an old saying that ‘neither more nor less,
                                                          Moms and tots is held every thursday at 3:45pm in the Anchae room at
be just like Hangawi.’ the saying refers to the           Bangeojin nFA. the best part of our Moms and tots group in Ulsan is the
economically and emotionally rich time with the           many different nationalities and cultures. We have moms and tots from the
harvest and family.                                       UK, the netherlands, Australia, Korea, India, Romania, tunisia, Azerbaijan
                                                          to name a few. It is a great opportunity for us mums to swap tips and
the representative folk game during Chuseok               information with each other. We are always happy and excited to see new
is Ganggangsullae. People hold hands, making a            faces and old ones, so please come and join our fun.
circle under the full moon, and dancing while singing
‘Ganggangsullae’. the origin is during the Japanese
Invasion of Korea in 1592. General Yi Sunsin ordered
scores of women to dress up like soldiers, and make
a circle by holding hands and dancing on the hillside
to mislead the invading forces. With this brilliant
strategy, Korea won. After the victory, people started
to celebrate it by playing Ganggangsullae. Instead
of the turkey and sweet pumpkin pie, making the
beautiful colors of Songpyeon and sharing it with
family can give you a special memory in Korea.            You can contact Wendy Riddell
                                                          at or
                                                          on 010 4228 8531

    Hotel Hyundai Ulsan (10% Service Charge & 10% tax will be added)

                                                     Coffee Shop SaRa                             Italian Restaurant PiSa
                                                     chinese Food Festival                        King Prawn Festival
                                                     (W13,000 - W20,000)                          (W11,000 - W28,000)
                                                     sea Cucumber is well known as                these great delicacies are perfect for
                                                     "ginseng of the sea" in east asia            creating a truly special dining experience.
                                                     countries. Meet this nutritious and          Choose from a wide King Prawn selection in
                                                     fantastic 'sea Cucumber & Pine               a cozy atmosphere of Pisa.
                                                     Mushroom Combination' in Chinese

                                                     Japanese Restaurant naMi                     CLUB HaVana
                                                     Wild Pine Mushroom Special                   'royal Salute 21 Years Old’ Festival
                                                     (W15,000 - W50,000)                           (W300,000 - W360,000)
                                                     japanese restaurant naMi offers              taste passion for years of perfecting
                                                     an outstanding variety of wild Pine          Chivas brother’s art that led to the creation
                                                     Mushroom cuisine for this fall. Come         of premium blended scotch whisky royal
                                                     and fall in love with this healthy           salute!!
                                                     mushroom at naMi.
                                                     •grilled Wild Pine Mushroom with salt
                                                     & special Wild Pine Mushroom set:
                                                     Market Price

  Mon.                         TUE.                            WEd.                              THUR.                           FRi.                        SaT.
HHi Western Restaurant's Menu
 Pork chop                     Beef stroganoff                 Chicken& spianch roll             Beef rib eye steak             Fish&chip
 Farfalle / cream sauce        Spaghetti                       Italian potato                    French fries                   Spaghetti/meat sauce
 French fries                  Garlic bread                    Hot vegetable                     Grilled vegetable              Potato gratin
 Grilled tomato & pineapple    Pickles                         Beans salad                       Pasta salad                    Pickles
 Cream of Sweet pumpkin soup   Corn chowder                    Cream of Spinach soup             Cream of potato soup           Minestrone soup                1st, 3rd, 5th Week
 Green salad                   Green salad                     Green salad                       Green salad                    Green salad
 Buttered rice                 Buttered rice                   Buttered rice                     Buttered rice                  Buttered rice
 Bread/coffee&juice            Bread/coffee&juice              Bread/coffee&juice                Bread/coffee&juice             Bread/coffee&juice
 Chicken stew                  Grilled Mero                    Grilled chicken/deriyakki sauce   Hamburger steak                Pork cutlet/Fried shrimp
 Baked potato                  French fries                    Cheese stick                      Scramble egg                   Garlic&Sausage roast
 String beans                  Hot vegetable                   String beans                      Grilled vegetable              String beans
 Mexican salad                 Cajun chicken salad             Sweet pumpkin salad               Corn salad                     Coleslaw salad
 Cream of mushroom soup        Minestrone soup                 Cream of broccoli soup            Cream of carrot soup           Minestrone soup
 Green salad                   Green salad                     Green salad                       Green salad                    Green salad                      2nd, 4th Week
 Buttered rice                 Buttered rice                   Buttered rice                     Buttered rice                  Buttered rice
 Bread/coffee&juice            Bread/coffee&juice              Bread/coffee&juice                Bread/coffee&juice             Bread/coffee&juice
HHi Restaurant's Lunch Menu
                                                                                                 •01                             •02                         •03
                                                                                                 Cabbage Soup                    Doenjang-guk                Tofu Soup
                                                                                                 Bulgogi                         Hard-boiled Dried Pollack   Fried Fish
                                                                                                 Hard-broiled spicy potato       Seaweed                     Hard-boiled Quail's Egg
                                                                                                 Seasoned Green Onion            Seasoned Bean Sprout        Dried Radish
   •05                         •06                             •07                               •08                             •09                         •10
Kimchi Soup                    Seaweed Soup                    Doenjang-guk                      Doenjang-guk                    Bean Sprout Soup            Sujebi
Jabchae                        Fried Bulgogi with Octopus      Hard-boiled Frozen Pollack        Fried Spicy Pork                Fried Mackerel Pike         Hard-boiled Tofu
Curry Sauce                    Mashed Pumpkin & Potato         Doenjang Sauce                    Ssam                            Gonyak                      Hard-boiled Lotus Roots
Seasoned Sesame Leaves         Seasoned Cucumber               Water Kimchi                      Dried Radish                    Seasoned Brown Seaweed      Seasoned Cabbage
   •12                         •13                             •14                               •15                             •16                         •17
Doenjang-guk                   Cabbage Soup                    Spicy Bean Sprout Soup            Beef Soup                       Doenjang-guk                Tofu Soup
Hard-boiled Mackerel           Hard-boiled Pork Rib            Jabchae                           Hard-broiled Eomuk              Bibimbab                    Hard-boiled Pork
Ssam                           Fried Brown Seaweed             Jajang Sauce                      Fermented Pepper                Fried Egg                   Seasoned Vegetables
Seasoned Cucumber              Cabbage Salad                   Seasoned Baloonflower Roots                                       Seasoned Green Onion        Fermented Sesame Leaves
   •19                         •20                             •21                               •22                             •23                         •24
Radish Soup                    Doenjang-guk                    Biji Soup                         Gamja-tang                      Bean Sprout Soup            Doenjang-guk
Fried Pork with Kimchi         Fried Duck                      Fried Mackerel Pike               Hard-boiled Tofu                Fried Pork & Squid          Fried Pork with Vegetables
Tofu                           Ssam                            Curry Sauce                       Seasoned Garlic                 Seasoned Cabbage            Acorn-starch Jelly
Seasoned Vegetables            Seasoned Brown Seaweed          seasoned Bean Sprout                                              Seasoned Cucumber           Seasoned Spinach
   •26                         •27                             •28                               •29                             •30                         •31
Doenjang-guk                   Beef Stew                       Cabbage Soup                      Loach Soup/Beef Soup            Kimchi Soup                 Chicken Stew
Bibimbab                       Sweet & Sour Pork               Hard-boiled Mackerel Pike         Spicy Mushroom                  Mini Cutlet                 Fried Pork with Kimchi
Fried Egg                      Hard-boiled Lotus Roots         Tofu                              Fried Pumpkin                   Fried Potato                Fried Brown Seaweed
Seasoned Green Onion           Seasoned Vegetables             Seasoned Cucumber                                                 Chicory                     Ssam
  optional Menu
Ramyeon                        Fried Kimchi Rice & Egg         Seafood Ramyeon & Rice            Ddukguk & Rice                  Jajangmyeon & Rice          Noodles

‘autumn’ Package
After long and humid rainy season in Korea,                                                                                 Bulletin Board
finally, cool breeze is signalling the upcoming
autumn. Upon the arrival of long-awaited autumn,
Hotel Hyundai Gyeongju provides “Autumn
Package”. the package will make unforgettable
                                                                                    Welcoming Party for
memories for you and your family. During your
                                                                                    newcomers at Bangeojin nFa
stay at Hyundai Hotel Gyeongju, all of our guests                         to welcome newcomers to Bangeojin nFA, FLiK invites you to the
will have precious opportunities for the millennial                       Welcoming Party on October 23. Refreshments and drinks will be
old city of Gyeongju which is one of the world’s ten                      provided. Come, have some fun and make new neighbours!
most culturally rich cities.                                              -date: october 23 (Fri.)
• Summer Package c                                                        -Time: 6pm-9pm
- Period: september 1 to october 31                                       -Place: nFa Clubhouse
- Package: one night in a standard room + breakfast buffet for            FLiK will send private invitation letters to the relevant newcomers.
             two people + Free swimming Pool for one person
- Price: W110,000 (sun.-thur.) / W125,000 (Fri.) /
          W140, 000 (sat. and holidays)
  (all taxes and service fees are to be charged later)
- 10% discount at all hyundai hotel gyeongju restaurants
  (breakfast, Coffee and soft drink are not included)
- 20% discount at the bakery and at shilla Millennium Park
- 30% discount for laundry service
- 30% discount at gyeongju World amusement’s dream space
- 30% discount for in-door golf training center
- 50% discount at the swimming pool and sauna (for two people)
- Mileage accrual for asian airline members
  (500 miles for one night (only for a, b, C members)
- Free passport for gyeongju World amusements
  for all facilities (admission fee included)

•reservation: 054-779-7200-2 /
                                                                                                            Ulsan Mobis Phoebus
                                                                                                            Basketball Match Schedule
                                                                                                            ▶ oct. 18 (Sun.) vs Samsung
Kristy’s Korean Class –intermediate Course                                                                  ▶ oct. 20 (Tue.) vs KT
FLiK opens Korean Classes for Intermediate learners                                                         ▶ oct. 22 (Thur.) vs KCC
focusing on basic grammar & expressions together                                                                    Ticket Price
with cultural & living tips about Korea. See the detailed                                           Ticket Booth                   Reservation
schedule below.                                                                Royal (1F)             W20,000                       W18,000
                                                                                SS (1F)               W12,000                       W11,000
             Every thursday 2:30pm – 3:20pm
Intermediate                                                                     S (1F)               W9,000                         W8,000
             October 1 - December 10                                          Adult (2-3F)            W7,000                         W6,000
             Multi Room, Seobu HFC Clubhouse 2F                            teenagers (2-3F)           W5,000                         W4,000
* People who apply for the intermediate course should at a minimum know                         20-30% Discount for Season ticket (27G), Half ticket
                                                                            Package Ticket
  how to read and write Korean                                                                  (13G), Mini ticket (5G).Contact number 052-296-9959
• How to Resiger: Email to Kristy Choi (sunchoi@ Due to the limited seats, each class can
  accommodate maximum 20 people. HHI’s foreign
  residents living in Bangeojin nFA and Seobu HFC can
  apply first.
                                                                          Book with
• Tuition Fee: Free (Participants need to buy their own                   'Hyundai dream Tour'
  textbook.)                                                              ‘Hyundai Dream tour’ delivers our customers everything they need for
                                                                          planning and purchasing a whole trip. We provide direct access to one
                                                 OTOGRA                   of the broadest selections of travel products and services. Serving many
FLiK Shipyard Tour &

                                                                          different consumer segments — from business trips, visa issues and

Hyundai Motor Tour                                                        families booking for summer vacation to individuals arranging a quick
FLiK Service Center invites all supervisors and their                     weekend getaway, Dream tour provides travellers with convenience to
                                                                          satisfy their comprehensive travel needs. ‘Hyundai Dream tour’ is located
families to join the FLiK Shipyard tour and Hyundai
                                                                          on the first floor of HHI's new main building.
Motor tour.
• Shipyard Tour: october 8                                                - Business Hour: 8:00am – 6:00pm
 9:30 / 9:50aM         Pick Up       Main Gate of nFA / HFC               For information, please contact us for,
                                                                          Flight Bookings: 052-202-2997
• Motor Tour: october 22
                                                                          Hotel Bookings: 052-202-2996
14:20 / 14:40PM        Pick Up       Main Gate of nFA / HFC               Overseas trips: 052-202-3350
Online applications only at FLiK’s website: http://flik. / the Motor tour schedule is subject to change
depending on the Hyundai Motor Company.
Long Term Commitment...
To Provide the Market with Reliable, Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solutions
A Wide Range of application                            Application
•Direct Propeller Driving Vessel, Dredger, Patrol      •Controllable Pitch Propulsion
•Azimuth Thruster Driving Tug, Ferry                   •Fixed Pitch Propulsion
•Electric Propulsion Cable Ship, Drilling Ship         •Azimuth Thruster Propulsion
                                                       •Pump Driver
                                                       •Electric Propulsion

                                                     Power Range
                                                                                                                                               ARt AD (052)265-0557

                                                         H21 / 32P          1,200˜1,800kW
                                                         H25 / 33P          1,740˜2,610kW
                                                                            2,880˜4,320kW / FPP
                                                         H32 / 40P          3,000˜4,500kW / CPP

                                                                             Engine Sales Dept.
                                                                             1, Jeonha-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan, Korea
                                                                             Tel: +82 52 202 7281 Fax: +82 52 202 7427 Email:

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