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Benefits Package - Towson University


                                                                                                                         CONTINGENT STAFF
     We are pleased you are considering               INSURANCE OPTIONS                                       HOLIDAY LEAVE
     employment with Towson University                All employees can choose between a variety of           Category II contingent employees are eligible to
     (TU). Here is a summary of the benefits          programs offered by the State of Maryland and the       earn holiday leave for the 8 holidays during the
     currently offered by Towson University           USM. Medical plan choices include Preferred             calendar year when the university is closed. Part-
     for Contingent full-time employees.              Provider Organization (PPO), Point of Service (POS),    time Category II employees are eligible for
     Part-time employees are eligible for             and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans,        holiday leave on a pro-rated basis. Employees
     certain benefits on a pro-rated basis.           as well as other separate, freestanding group           who are Category I, flat rate, on-call, or on a
     Please call the Office of Human                  insurance plans which include:                          grant contract are not covered by this policy.
     Resources (410-704-2162) if you have                Dental coverage (2 DHMO’s and 1 DPPO)
     any questions.                                       Prescription Drug coverage
                                                                                                             MISCELLANEOUS LEAVE INFORMATION
                                                         Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance        Contingent staff employees may also be eligible
                                                         Term Life Insurance (State of Maryland and
SOCIAL SECURITY                                                                                               for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).
All employees are covered by Federal Social
                                                         Long Term Disability program
Security.                                                                                                     SAVINGS BONDS
                                                      The employee is responsible for the full cost of any
The employee’s share of the contribution is                                                                   Employees may participate in the US Savings
                                                      coverage option selected; there is no employer-paid
withheld by payroll deduction and is deposited                                                                Bond program through payroll deduction.
with TU’s share into the employee’s account.

                                                      TUITION REMISSION                                       PAYCHECKS AND DIRECT DEPOSIT
                                                      Contingent Category II employees are eligible to        Paychecks are mailed to home addresses
All employees are eligible to participate in any of
                                                      receive tuition remission for up to a maximum of 8      approximately one week following the end of
the Supplemental Retirement Plans currently
                                                      credits a semester at Towson University. This is pro-   each two-week pay period. Employees must
available through the State of Maryland and the
                                                      rated for part-time Category II, and certain            arrange to have paychecks
University System of Maryland (USM). The
                                                      limitations may apply. Tuition remission benefits       automatically deposited into either their bank or
Maryland Supplemental Retirement Agency plans
                                                      may not apply to all courses and/or programs of         credit union account at no charge.
are administered by Nationwide and include a
457 Deferred Compensation plan, a 403(b) Tax           study.
Deferred Annuity plan, and a 401(k)                                                                           CREDIT UNION
Savings/Investment plan. The USM offers 403(b)         ANNUAL AND SICK LEAVE                                  The State Employees’ Credit Union is available to
and 457(b) plans from Fidelity Investments and         Category II contingent employees are eligible to       all employees for services such as savings
TIAA-CREF.                                             earn six (6) days of annual leave and three (3) days   accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts,
   These plans allow employees to reduce both          of sick leave per year. A maximum of 6 annual leave    loans, and automatic teller machines.
   their                                               days may be accrued at any one point, or carried
Federal and Maryland State income taxes while          over into a new fiscal year. Sick leave may be
                                                                                                              WORKERS’ COMPENSATION
saving additional money for the future. Employee       accrued without limit. Part-time Category II
                                                                                                              All employees are covered by workers’
participation is voluntary and all contributions are   employees are eligible to earn annual and sick leave
                                                                                                              compensation insurance for injuries sustained
made solely from the employee’s salary. There          on a pro-rated basis. Employees who are Category I,
                                                                                                              during the performance
are no matching employer contributions.                flat rate, on-call, or on a grant contract are not
                                                                                                              of duty. Compensation is based on the nature of
                                                       covered by this policy.
                                                                                                              the injury and the employee’s salary at the time
                                                                                                              of the injury.
                                                                                                          CONTINGENT STAFF

ATHLETIC EVENTS                                        PARKING
Most athletic events are free to employees upon        Employees may purchase parking permits and AVI
presentation of a valid TU ID card.                    gate control devices that allow access to gated
                                                       Faculty/Staff parking lots. Information on other
LIBRARY                                                parking and transportation programs and

The Library facilities and services are available to   incentives can be found by visiting

employees upon presentation of a valid TU ID 


The University conducts several blood drives
throughout the year to benefit the TU community.
Blood is available to employees and their families
at no charge.

Employees are eligible to utilize the United Buying
Service (UBS) to purchase motor vehicles and
home furnishings.

The pool, gyms, recreational facilities, and our
state-of-the-art fitness center are available with
valid TU ID card. Some charges may apply.                                                                  This is meant to be a summary of the
                                                                                                           benefit programs available to
                                                                                                           Contingent staff at Towson University.
                                                                                                           Whenever conflicts occur between these
Employees are eligible to receive a 10% discount
                                                                                                           summaries and the contracts, rules,
toward the purchase of many items in our
                                                                                                           regulations, or laws governing the
university store.
                                                                                                           administration of the various programs,
                                                                                                           the terms and conditions set forth in
                                                                                                           the various program contracts, rules,
                                                                                                           regulations, or laws shall prevail.

Side 2                                               Office of Human Resources – Telephone: 410-704-2162                            Updated November 7, 2008

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