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Welcome …
Anglo American Educational Services is dedicated to assisting US colleges
and universities in developing their own unique study-abroad programs in
the UK and Europe that will enhance student learning and cultural
awareness. The division has over 30 years of experience in planning and
managing study abroad programmes, and presently assists over 100
American colleges and universities. We know that one of the main
priorities for a study abroad programme is to ensure that the
accommodation selected for overseas students, often visiting London for
the first time, is clean, comfortable, regularly maintained and above all,
reasonably priced.

As accommodation specialists, we own and operate various categories of
hotels and apartments, all centrally located in safe neighbourhoods for
semester long and short-term students. In particular, we offer self-
contained, fully serviced apartments with convenient access to public
transport, banks, supermarkets, post offices and other amenities.

Besides taking care of your housing while you are in London, we also offer
a number of other services, including discounted rates for your visitors in
our serviced apartments.

Contact us …
Anglo American Educational Services

22 Bloomsbury Square

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7580 9922
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7580 9944
Email: info@angloamerican.uk.com
Web: www.angloamerican.uk.com

Closest tube: Holborn (Central &
Piccadilly Lines) or Russell Square
(Piccadilly Line).

Maintenance queries and issues to:

Housekeeping queries and issues to:

       Do’s & Don’ts
DO NOT smoke within the building.          DO maintain reasonable quiet at all
                                           times, especially between 10.00pm and
DO NOT have parties.
                                           8.00am. There is an excessive noise
DO NOT have overnight guests. Due to       ordinance in London. If a neighbour
fire regulations, it is not permitted.     complains about you or your flatmates,
                                           the local authorities have an appointed
DO NOT light candles or incense sticks,    environmental health officer who can
as this is dangerous and causes damage.    be called 24 hours a day. If they
                                           believe the noise level is unacceptable,
DO NOT put up posters, pictures, etc, on
                                           a fine of up to £5,000 can be issued.
the walls.
                                           DO ensure that any spillage to the
DO NOT add, remove or move any
                                           carpet or upholstery is cleaned
furniture or fixtures from or around the
                                           immediately to reduce the chance of
                                           damage charges being made upon your
DO NOT iron on anything other than an      departure.
ironing board.
                                           DO turn off all your lights, appliances,
DO NOT ever place a hot pan on a           water and heating when they are not in
kitchen work surface, carpet or table.     use.

DO NOT hang clothes etc. around            DO make sure that your apartment
windows or light fixtures.                 door is properly locked when leaving,
                                           using ALL locks. Also ensure that all
DO NOT participate in any recreational
                                           windows are securely locked.
drugs of any form.
                                           DO keep the front door of your building
DO NOT leave cash or valuables lying       shut at all times.
around in your apartment. We cannot
take responsibility if something goes
DO NOT prop your apartment door open
at any time or leave the door on the
latch, even if you are in at the time.
DO NOT buzz any caller into your                All damages will
building until verifying their identity.
                                                result in charges to
DO NOT allow anyone who is not known
to you or anyone you have just met into         be paid at the end of
your building or apartment.
                                                your stay.


Although all your utilities (excluding phones) are paid for, we ask that you
conserve as much electricity and gas as possible. Please turn the lights
and water off and turn the heating down or off when not in use, especially
when you are out. There is a concerted worldwide effort to conserve as
much of the earth‟s natural resources and energy as possible. Every little
bit helps and your assistance is greatly appreciated!
During your stay, utility companies may send bills directly to your
apartment instead of Anglo American. Any bills that are mistakenly
delivered to you must be passed to Anglo American immediately.

                                   Failure to do this will result in the
                                   disconnection of that particular service. In
                                   past cases, it has taken up to seven days
                                   to have the services re-connected. It is
                                   your responsibility to pass bills on. Anglo
                                   American will accept no responsibility
                                   when bills have not been passed on.


                             Anglo American Educational Services will not
                             assume responsibility for lost or stolen items
                             whilst you are in London.

                              This includes any item lost or stolen from
                                     within your accommodation!

                             If you do not have personal insurance, we
                             strongly recommend you take out some form of
                             insurance to cover you and your belongings.

    Your apartment is cleaned once a week. You will be notified of your
    cleaning day upon arrival.


     Changing “white” linen i.e. pillow cases and sheets.
        If you are still in bed when the cleaners call you will miss your weekly
         linen change. Students are required to strip their beds of all WHITE linen
         (pillow cases and bed sheets) Dirty linen should be placed in the bathtub
         on your cleaning day. Laundering of your duvet cover is your own
     Dusting and vacuuming of all accessible areas in the apartment,
      providing they can see the floors!
     Cleaning kitchen and bathroom floors/all kitchen work surfaces/cooker
      tops and sinks/ providing they‟re clear.
     Cleaning of bathroom suite, if access is available and all bottles of
      shampoo etc. are removed.
     We do expect you to make your apartment presentable for us to


     Pick up after you.
     Wash your dishes.
     Take out your garbage.
        Students are required to take their garbage out to the designated areas.
         The cleaner will only take out a maximum of 2 bags on the cleaning day

For any housekeeping enquiries or issues please contact:


   (make sure to include your building and flat number)

       Each building has a Maintenance Log Book located in a designated area,
       usually at the main entrance. Our maintenance teams move about from
       building to building on a daily basis and will check these sheets every day
       from Monday to Friday.

       If something in your flat is broken or malfunctioning (e.g. microwave
       doesn‟t work, washing machine doesn‟t rinse properly, light-bulbs need
       replacing, etc.) you can write it in the Log Book.

       You can also email maintenance@accessapartments.co.uk. In order for
       your request to be processed you
       must     include   the  following
       information:     your     name,
       building, flat number, and         Regular maintenance is carried out
       detailed description of the        to all buildings between 9.00am
       issue.                             and 6.00pm Monday thru Friday.

Electrical Appliances: UK electrical               We aim to deal with all routine
circuits run at 240 volts. Electrical items        maintenance issues within 24-48
will need a voltage converter. These do            hours. However, please be aware
not always work so be very careful -               that in some instances where we
check they work before plugging in                 might need to order parts, repairs
expensive pieces of equipment, you                 might take a little longer.
may blow a circuit or the appliance.

       Do not overload the circuits by
        having too many appliances on
        at the same time. If you do, the      Lost keys and damages …
        circuits may blow.
                                              … must be reported immediately to Anglo
       It is illegal to use any electrical   American. If keys are lost, locks will only
        appliance in the bathroom -           be changed if the individual concerned is
        shavers are the only exception.       prepared to pay for the replacement.
                                              Front door locks of buildings will not be
       It is best to purchase one quality    changed    under    any    circumstances.
        converter for your laptop. Do not     Replacement keys will result in a £25
        use it for other electronics to
                                              charge per key.
        minimize the risk of damaging
        your items.

                   For any maintenance enquiries or issues

                                                   please contact:


(make sure to include your building and flat number)

   In case of fire, serious illness, injury, or to report a crime in progress call


   A fire action plan is posted on the back of your flat door. Make sure to
   follow the instructions closely in case of fire.

   Apartment Emergencies
   Anglo American operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year emergency
   maintenance cover.

   All emergency issues should be reported immediately to

                                    0800 183 9955

   This is a Freephone number and can be dialled from any telephone.

   After office hours you can also contact the duty manager at

                                    0776 803 4166

   You will always have to provide your name, building, flat number, and a
   description of the problem.

   WHAT IS AN EMERGENCY*                        WHAT IS NOT AN

   No electricity                               Light bulbs need replacing

   No heating                                   Brocken appliances (with some
                                                exceptions to cookers and

   Water or gas leaks                           Needing more cutlery

   Blockage of water or waste                   Lack of water pressure

   Lockout                                      TV needs repair

*Anglo American reserves the right to determine whether or not the situation in question is
of the type to warrant a call out. Please report all minor-non-emergency incidences as soon
as you can after 9.00am so we can then see to them during the day. Those reported after
5.00pm are unable to be dealt with until the following day.
We would like to point out that new TVs for instance could take 3-5 days to be delivered; the
same applies with large appliances e.g. washing machines with complicated repairs.
        Anglo American‟s internet provider is Pogolink. You will have received an
        email with your username and passcode to safely access the internet.

        Your allowance entitles you to 2,000 minutes or 1,500MB‟s of internet
        usage (whichever comes first) per week. This is reset every Saturday by
        noon. Unused minutes and bandwidth do not „roll-over‟. You can purchase
        additional minutes and bandwidth from the login page.

        How to connect
           Turn on your wireless connection*
           Find the strongest Pogolink Signal**
           Connect to this (unsecured or open) network
           Browse to http://connect.pogolink.com
           You will be re-directed to a secure (https) login page***
           Log in using the "Pre-Pay / Voucher" log-in option.

        *PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LOGOFF WHEN YOU FINISH, or you will use up your
        minutes. (If your browser blocks pop-ups, click the 'Monitor Session' button to display a
        log off button when you login). We recommend that you turn off your wireless on your
        laptop when not using the internet. (This will log you off after 10 minutes of inactivity)

        cause your computer to roam to another connection whilst in use, leaving you logged in

        ***Please remember to check that you are directed to a secured web page when you
        log-in (You should see a padlock and https:// in the address bar). There are fake public
        access points that appear to connect but are designed to steel your passwords and bank
        card information.

that UK laws in regards to P2P sharing, video streaming and
downloading, as well as privacy are different from US laws

to familiarise yourself with Pogolink’s Acceptable Use and
Privacy Policies

UK internet culture varies greatly from the USA’s norms

            All internet queries and issues are handled by Pogolink. Visit
       help.pogolink.com for answers to most questions. If you are having
      problems connecting try a different router by going into another flat, the
                      lobby or borrowing a flatmates computer.

All our apartments have telephones. All phones are incoming calls only.
Outgoing calls can be made free of charge to other flats, emergency
numbers, and 0800 (freephone) numbers.

Each phone has a voicemail service, which will answer any missed calls
after 7 rings. When you have a message, the dial tone will be interrupted
(as opposed to continuous). You must then dial 1 5 7 1, which will
transfer you to an automated voicemail. There you can check, delete or
save your messages.

However, you CAN make outgoing calls from the telephones in your flats.
Pogolink provides this service and charges 1p/min for local and long
distance. To place a call you must first enter your passcode. It will be the
same as the passcode you use to login to the internet. Once you have
entered your passcode do not pause, immediately dial
            00 + 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number + #
You will be billed by Pogolink at the end of your stay. For more
information about the phone service go to: telephones.pogolink.com

Vacating your Apartment
The apartment in which you are residing must be vacated by 10.30AM,
unless otherwise agreed, on the day of departure. Staying in your
apartment after the vacating date is not permitted unless pre-arranged
with Anglo American. If you wish to stay on after your departure date,
Anglo American can arrange accommodation in one of our hotels or any
available apartment we may have.

On leaving the apartment, please ensure that you do the following:

                               Make sure all rubbish is bagged up in bin liners (e.g.
                                food, magazines, etc.) and removed to the
                                dedicated bin housing area for your building. Failure
                                to do this will result in a cleaning charge by an
                                outside contractor.
                               Place all dirty linen in the bath tub, including duvet
                               Any furniture that has been moved is put back in its
                                original position.
                               All lights, heating and appliances are turned off (not
                                fridges and freezers).
                               All windows are closed and locked.
                               All keys must be left labelled on the dining room
                               Please note that inventories were checked prior to
                                your arrival. If any items are damaged or missing
                                charges will apply.

Don’t Forget…

 Anglo American offers discounted rates on accommodation to
          family and friends of our students. Visit
    www.accessapartments.co.uk or contact us for further

Important Numbers
Ambulance/Fire/Police/Coast Guard   999

Operator                            100

Directory Enquiries                 118 500

International Operator              155

International Enquiries             118 205

US Embassy
24 Grosvenor Square
London W14 1AE                      0207 499 9000

AT&T USA Direct                     0800 890 011

SPRINT Express                      0800 890 877

London Underground                  0207 222 1234

British Tourist Authority           0870 580 8080

National Express Bus Services       0208 846 9000