The Origin of Evil

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					                 Presenting every man perfect in Christ Jesus.                                Colossians 1:28

Vol. 17, No. 3                                                                                                               Summer 2001

              The Origin of Evil
                                                        by Norman Grubb

The Law of Opposites                         callow youth how those words startled       consciousness of two warring oppo-
      Having established the fact that the   me, and in my ignorance of the ele-         sites in life, good and evil, instead of
only way by which God could create           mental meaning of self, I boldly said,      one harmonious experience of good
sons or “fellows” with whom He can           “Then God Himself is selfish!” And I        alone. That law is the basic fact of
live in fellowship is by creating spirits    felt myself further confirmed in this       nature that life can only be manifested
with whom He can unite, we must              when I read that Jesus “for the joy that    through the rightful interaction of
search into another question. In this        was set before Him endured the cross.”      opposites; for basically everything has,
predestined union, what is our exact         Not for God’s glory, not for our bless-     and must have, its opposite.
relationship? What do we contribute?         ing, but for Himself, I said! Yes, self’s        Look at it this way. Everything in
What does He? How much of me?                hungry love must be satisfied. It is        life is by its very nature duoform and
How much of Him? We touch a terrible                                                     we can only perceive or feel or know
subject here, for we probe into the exis-                                                anything by the interactions of the two
tence of evil and hell. To do it, and to
                                              Now we meet with a basic law               forms. There can be no yes, for
get some understanding of it, we must        of existence… that life can only            instance, without an exactly equivalent
go right back into origins.                      be manifested through the               no. If there is sweet, there must be bit-
     First, let us ask this question. What   rightful interaction of opposites;          ter. If love, there must be hate; if male,
is self? Of what does it consist? How          for basically everything has,
does it function? For our answer we
must go to the first Self of all selves,
the I AM, and of Him we are told that
                                                and must have, its opposite.
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                                                                                           The Origin of Evil .................................................1
God is love. So love is the essence of       self ’s unchangeable nature which             The Call of Christ .................................................6
                                                                                           Editor’s Note ........................................................7
self. Self is compounded of love. But        caused the Saviour to say, “Love thy          Summer Camp Report .........................................8
what does love do? It is desire. It          neighbour as thou lovest thyself,” to         A Look at a Book .................................................9
                                                                                           Bible Study: God’s Sovereignty & Freewill.........10
wants. It draws to itself: It must satisfy   give a legitimate paraphrase: and Paul        Zerubbabel Focus: Z-News ................................12
                                                                                           Questions? and Answers! ..................................13
itself. It is continual hunger. This char-   to write, “No man ever hated his own          Tape Talk ............................................................14
                                                                                           Intercession of Rees Howells .............................15
acteristic of self is found in the lowest    flesh, but nourisheth and cherisheth it.”     What Constitutes a Revival? ..............................16
to the highest of God’s creatures. It is         But now we meet with a basic law          Christ on Campus ..............................................18
                                                                                           Psalm 32 ............................................................19
the consuming hunger of fire (and God        of existence, which must take a little        Youth Camp Report ...........................................20
                                                                                           Wisdom ............................................................. 22
is a fire); it is the endless upreach of     examination; a law which is obvious           Conference Calendar ........................................ 23
vegetation to the sun; it is the instinc-    through Scripture and experience, and         The Sole Function of the Human ..................... 24
                                                                                           The Ravages of Pornography ........................... 26
tive urges of the animals. Of God            had its earliest mention in the solemn        My Story of Sexual Addiction ........................... 27
                                                                                           To Think About .................................................. 29
Himself it is written, “Thou hast creat-     warning against eating of the tree of         Postcards from Boone....................................... 30
ed all things, and for Thy pleasure they     knowledge of good and evil, a plain           Zerubbabel Contact List .................................... 32
                                                                                           Zerubbabel Tape Ministry .................................. 34
are and were created.” I remember as a       hint that disobedience would bring the        The Bookshelf ................................................... 35

                                        female; if light, darkness. And so ad          quer and quench motion, supposing the
                                        infinitum. Those direct opposites make         atoms ceased to whirl or the earth to
    The INTERCESSOR                     life. If there were no such contrasts,         rotate! Sweet is the positive, bitter the
     The newsmagazine of                nothing could be known or felt or done.        negative, and sweetness is pleasant just
       Zerubbabel, Inc.                 How could we know light, except in             because it can make bitter things palat-
                                        contrast to darkness? How could we             able: the one is the raw material for the
                                        say yes, except in distinction from no?        other. But supposing bitterness was
       Norman P. Grubb                  How could there be movement, except            permanently in the ascendant! Love
         1895–1993                      in opposition to inertia? There could          must also have its reverse form of anti-
                                        not be, for each pair of opposites are         love or hate of all that is the opposite of
                                        part of one whole: one cannot be with-         love, but supposing hate is in the ascen-
       Mailing Address
                                        out the other, when one is inactive so is      dant! World history is the tragic com-
          Home Office
        Zerubbabel, Inc.
                                        the other. To say yes to one thing is to       mentary on that. Faith has its reverse
         PO Box 1710                    say no to its opposite. To move is to          form, its opposite is doubt. While it
    Blowing Rock, NC 28605              refuse to be still. If a thing tastes sweet,   places confidence in one direction, it
         828-295-7982                   there has been a conquest over its             must as vigorously doubt and disbe-
       Fax 828-295-7900                 innate bitterness.                             lieve in anything that diverts it from the                                                                 object of its trust. But what times of
                                            Sweet is the positive, bitter              desperation a soul goes through when
        Magazine Staff                     the negative, and sweetness                 doubt, the negative, is more in the fore-
         Editing Staff                                                                 front than faith, the positive. Indeed no
        Tommy Prewitt                        is pleasant just because it
                                                                                       man can live in doubt; he must in the
        Sanda Cooper                       can make bitter things palat-
                                                                                       end make his doubts his faith, if his
           Pat Mace                           able: the one is the raw
         Scott Prewitt
                                                                                       personality is not to disintegrate.
          Gail BedeIl
                                               material for the other.                      So we see that opposites, con-
       Breda Sunderland                                                                traries, are really the reverse sides of
        Ginny Mansoor                   The Positive and the Negative                  the same quality, an essential part of its
                                             The trouble is not that all things are    one whole: but that in all the infinite
         Production                     pairs of opposites. Indeed not, for the        numbers of pairs of opposites the posi-
       Sheryl Trethewey                 pairs so make one whole that one can-          tive exists to be in the forefront, in the
                                        not function without the other. One is         ascendancy; its negative is its neces-
            Artwork                     the strength-giver of the other. But the       sary and friendly background, its food
        Dacia Trethewey                 whole trouble arises when what should          and fuel, its servant and safeguard, its
         Robyn Resset
                                        be subservient dominates, so that the          mate which gives form and manifesta-
         Steven Prewitt
                                        true nature of things is reversed. For in      tion to its offspring. Look again at
   International Distributors           all pairs of opposites one is equivalent       light, for instance. Are not dark opaque
Great Britain and Western Europe        to the positive, and one to the negative,      substances made beautiful by the shin-
          Meryl Langley                 and the positive is meant to be in the         ing of the light upon, in, and through
        11 Jackson Close                ascendancy, and the negative to be the         them? Does not the marriage of light
     Northampton NN2 8XF                hidden servant. Take a pair like motion        with darkness in this way bring into
             England                    and inertia. All life is motion, but the       glorious manifestation the otherwise
          01604 711016                  very material which motion utilizes for        hidden marvels, and even the very exis-
011 44 1604 711016 (from USA)           its activities consists of inert objects.      tence of light? The light conquers the
                                        Motion consists of still things made to        darkness, deprives it of its dominion,
                                        move. But supposing inertia could con-         says “no” to it, but it is a friendly “no,”
                                                                                          SUMMER 2001     THE INTERCESSOR           3

for the existence of its opposite, the       ceeds every good and perfect gift, and         Paul says, “Death is swallowed up in
dark objects which in their mass appear      with whom is no variableness, neither          victory”: is not destroyed, but swal-
to obstruct the free, pure, shining light,   shadow of turning. God’s self-love             lowed up: death dormant, merely
in actual fact gives light its foil and      finds its eternal satisfaction in oth-         potential, within life. So only the love
playmate, the raw material for its activ-    erlove. The opposites are wedded, the          is seen and known in God: only good-
ities, the mother of its children, its       negative self-love is the willing servant      ness, truth, and righteousness. That is
“opposite sex,” by interrelation with        and mate to the positive otherlove.            all there is in God: “In Him is no dark-
which, in light and shade, in trans-         Polarity is achieved and from it all lov-      ness at all.” The pairs of opposites are
parency and solidity, all its wonders are    ing activity. As the Father to the Son,        polarized: the positive has swallowed
manifested.                                  so the Son to the Father, ever delight-        up the negative, yet the negative by its
    From this emerges that most              ing to do His will, even to the cross;         potential existence is the necessary,
important truth that opposites, the posi-    and from their union proceeding the            inseparable, manifestor, energizer,
tive and negative sides of all qualities     Spirit of love to complete His love-           form-maker of the positive.
and powers in the universe, are not in       plans for the universe.                             So we see that Father, Son and
their original enemies but friends,              So we see that the will and wisdom         Holy Spirit, one God, dwelling in each
mates, one the complement of the             of Him who is from the beginning, that         other, loving, serving, glorifying each
other; but not as equals; they are meant                                                    other, one love, one light, one truth, is
to be as husband and wife in the                  God’s self-love finds its                 “that eternal life” to which the
Scriptures, the woman originally taken             eternal satisfaction in                  Scriptures point us. But deep in the
out of man, the man the head of the             otherlove. The opposites are                heart of that life, in its very essence is
wife, the wife subject to the husband,                                                      the eternal reconciliation of opposites,
                                                 wedded, the negative self-
yet in a mutual relationship of loving                                                      the interaction of which can alone
service to each other.                           love is the willing servant                make life manifest, the eternal “No” to
                                                  and mate to the positive                  a potential selfishness, the eternal
Self-for-self or Self-for-others?                         otherlove.                        “Yes” to selflessness; and this reconcil-
     Now take this back to God                                                              iation is accomplished by the yielding
Himself, the first Self. A self is imme-     first Self, manifests the true interacting     up of the self-loving self to find its
diately confronted with its opposite—        balance of all pairs of opposites. In          completion in other-love, the opposites
others. Now what? Is the hungry self         Him they are “in temperature.” Where           made one in the creation of a kingdom
going to use others ruthlessly just for      then are the opposites in Him, that self-
its own satisfaction? Or is it going to      love would produce? Hate, darkness,
satisfy its basic hunger by giving itself    evil? They are in the eternal No, a mere
for others? Is it to be self-seeking or      potentiality of the self, never to be in
self-giving? Which of the two oppo-          existence.
sites predominates in this first Self of          In His nature, who cannot even be
all selves? For life cannot be a mani-       tempted with evil, there is only pure
fested life without the interaction of       other-love; but in the nature of self, in
these two opposites in the self: Self-       its implicit freedom, there is also the
love or other-love? The answer has           potentiality of self-love; and the eternal
been given from eternity and never           No of God to that potentiality is what
was otherwise. God is love, expressed        gives form and manifestation to His
first in the love of His Son, begotten in    positive lovingness. The negative
His exact image: subsequently in the         No is the womb out of which is
love of all His creatures: the eternal       born the positive Yes. One is
will to all goodness, from whom pro-         within the other, as when
4     THE INTERCESSOR           SUMMER 2001

of heaven which is for ever a kingdom         desire for satisfaction, which is the first   are told, by his beauty, he deliberately
of love.                                      form of self. By his own free choice he       chose to be his own god. He reversed
                                              can turn this in on himself, and seek the     the law of the opposites; instead of
Lucifer’s Choice                              meaning of life in self-centredness. He       yielding up his negative selfseeking self
     How then did evil manifest itself,       has his created powers of mind, will,         to be the servant and bride of the posi-
and when? The Bible gives us the              affection: spirit, soul and body.             tive Spirit of love, he would enthrone
answer in the history and activities of           There is only one alternative: to         his own self and dominate all, yes, God
the one who is called the father, the         receive into the centre of his being, into    Himself, for his own ends; the negative
originator, of lies, and the sinner from      his heart, the seat of will and affections,   must swallow up the positive, not the
the beginning, the murderer from the          the only Spirit of light and love that the    positive the negative. “I will exalt my
beginning, who would not abide in the         universe can ever contain, the living         throne above the stars of God: I will sit
truth and now has no truth in him (John       God. He only, by an inward birth, join-       upon the mount of the congregation; I
8: 44; 1 John 3: 8). He held a chief          ing Himself as Spirit to spirit, can lift     will be like the Most High” (Is. I4: I2-
place among those principalities and          the hungry self from the plane of self-       I5). A realm, hitherto unknown in the
powers in heavenly places, the innu-          seeking to the new life of self-giving.       universe, was brought into being, previ-
merable company of angels, who also           He becomes the love and light within,         ously but potential in the eternal No of
are spirits (Heb. 1:7) and flames of fire,    and as the created self yields itself up to   God to self-centred self, now actual and
mighty and holy servants of the Most          Him; it is irradiated and transfigured,       visible in Satan and his hosts. He was
High. His name at creation was                changed into the same image from              the first egoist of existence.
Lucifer, Lightbearer, with rank as “the
anointed cherub that covereth,” perfect            If God is love, He must                  The Forms of Self
in beauty, with every precious stone as                                                          For self, when turned in on itself, is
his covering, walking up and down
                                                 equally be hate of all that is             a kingdom of darkness, a wheel of
amidst the stones of fire, choir-leader          opposite to pure other-love.               anguish. James speaks of the “wheel of
of heaven. As in the description of the                                                     nature” (3:6 marg.). The hungry self, if
Throne of God and the New Jerusalem           glory to glory, its hunger satisfied and      left to itself, is bound to an eternal
in the Book of Revelation, so in this         its powers occupied in the love and           wheel of ferment. By its first form of
account of Lucifer in Ezekiel 28:11-I7,       service of God. Let it be clearly stated      hungry self-seeking it draws all it seeks
we can only surmise what glories are          that there is no alternative for the crea-    to itself. But, by the law of opposites,
depicted in these descriptions for            ture. By himself, according to the            there immediately arises from the con-
which necessarily only earthly terms          nature of self, he can only be a mere         tracting impulse its counteraction-
can be used.                                  hunger. If remaining in himself and liv-      expansion, movement. Think for a
     But it is manifest that Lucifer and      ing for himself, he can only produce the      moment. If you draw something
all these heavenly beings we call             horrors of hell, as we shall see. Just as     towards yourself, that is a contracting
angels, being spirits, were created of        in God, the eternal Son was begotten in       movement which, if taken to its limit,
God free and intelligent selves, like         the heart of the Father, so that God is       produces immobility, stillness, hard-
Himself. The tragic history of Lucifer        not one, but three, the Spirit of life and    ness. But the very action of drawing
alone tells us that. They therefore were      love proceeding from the union of             something to myself produces move-
faced with that choice between oppo-          Father and Son in love; so in every cre-      ment, expansion, the opposite of con-
sites which is in the essential nature of     ated being, there must be a begetting of      traction, as flowing water is the oppo-
a free, intelligent self. The choice for      the eternal Son in the centre, if the hell    site to hard rock. It is the equal and
Lucifer and his angelic host was the          of self-centred self is to be transformed     endless tug of war between these two
choice every being created in the image       into the heaven of God-centred self.          opposing tendencies of the hungry self,
of God must make. In his own created              Lucifer, the first in history, made       when not given over to the service of
self there is a mere hunger, an eternal       the great refusal. His heart lifted up, we    God, which produce the whirling
                                                                                            SUMMER 2001     THE INTERCESSOR            5

wheel of anguish. We want things for          ences of everyday life-lying, hatred,           We are to blame, who defy the laws of
ourselves, we are acquisitive, greedy,        murder, cruelty, envy, covetousness,            its and our nature. Such is the wrath of
lustful; we get them, house, furniture,       lust, anger, and so on, through all the         God, the consuming fire.
money, car, loved ones. Are we satis-         list of evil. For that reason the Bible              To us, hidden in the Son of His
fied? No. Out we go from ourselves,           calls Satan the father of lies, the sinner      love, He is the blessed eternal light, the
searching for other worlds to conquer,        from the beginning, who abode not in            life and joy of the kingdom of heaven.
more pleasures, other interests, other        the truth, because no truth is in him.          To the disobedient, who tamper with
achievements, other possessions or                 And here too was hell manifested           the awful laws of their mighty self-
people. It is the meaningless whirl of        for the first time, a hell that is in God       hood, an outbirth of His, and retain
the dark natural life, unlit by the light     and must be, startling though it sounds,        their egoism in their refusal to be the
of the Spirit. It is the vanity of vanities   a hell which Jesus said “was prepared           temples of the Holy Spirit, to them the
of the preacher, after he had tried all       for the devil and his angels,” for they         selfhood of God, of which they are a
that money or invention, privilege and        first brought it into being.                    part, becomes a consuming fire of
human wisdom could give him—all                                                               wrath; they are “children of wrath;”
under the sun is vanity.                      Fire and Light                                  wrath is their nature; they touch the
     These are the three basic forms of           The best illustration of nature,            fire-source and are eternally burned;
self. They are the mighty forces that         indeed a material form of these very            they find that their basic selfhood,
drive the world. They are the hidden          spiritual realities, is fire and light. You     derived from His, but separated from
fires, the selfhood of God and man.                                                           His Spirit, is a horror of great darkness,
Attraction, expansion, rotation. The               When Satan reversed the                    a hell which kindles with its dark fire
minuteness of the atom and the immen-            polarity of Creator and cre-                 the sphere it controls, even as the
sity of the solar system bear witness to         ation, the loving submission                 wicked tongue with its kindling power,
the same law, with the rotation of the                                                        we are told by James, sets on fire the
electrons round the nucleus, and the
                                                 and service of the one to the                wheel of nature, and “is set on fire of
planets round the sun. But unyielded to          Other, he opened a kingdom                   hell”: in other words, the spiritual fire
God, they are as James describes them:             of selfhood, potential but                 which kindles a fiery tongue, those
“Whence come wars and fightings . . ..            eternally unknown in God.                   fires of the rebel self, are themselves
Is it not the passions that war in your                                                       the fire of hell.
members?” We lust and desire, but do          cannot have light without fire. It is a              Yes, fallen angels and men are still
not obtain the true satisfaction that         child of fire and the main purpose of           “in God,” for all are in God for ever. All
way. We rush into activity or society;        its existence. But what a difference            (things and people) were made by Him,
go after wealth, position or knowledge,       between the consuming father and the            and without Him was nothing made
but none give us what we truly seek.          gentle son. And all depends on our              that was made. All maintain their life
All are broken cisterns that hold no          relationship to them according to the           through Him, and truest of all, “in Him
water. We seem bound to the dizzy             laws of our being. If we obey those             all live and move and have their being.”
wheels of fate. This is the kingdom of        laws and live in the benefits of the            Devils and fallen men and a cursed
darkness, the closed circuit of selfhood,     light, but do not penetrate to the fire-        world are “in Him.” They are in the
the warring and disintegrated ego first       source, we bless both fire and light,           opposites in God which were never
brought into manifestation by Lucifer.        and they bless us. But if we should             meant to be known or experienced. If
In the self-centred self all the hidden,      break those laws, and find means of             God is love, He must equally be hate of
unmanifested opposites to the beauty,         penetrating the sun instead of living at        all that is opposite to pure other-love.
goodness and truth of God came into           a proper distance from it, then its             What fallen creation loves, God hates.
being, potential forms of self-activity       blessing becomes our scorching, con-            If God is gentleness, lovingkindness
which were never meant to be known,           suming curse. The sun is not to blame,          and mercy, He is equally anger against
but which are now the common experi-          which only exists to be a source of life.       all that is cruel, merciless, unrighteous.
6     THE INTERCESSOR           SUMMER 2001

History’s Darkest Moment                      of Revelation leaves us in no doubt          burns for ever and ever.
     Here there is a potential kingdom        about that: but we are able to see that it
in God of darkness, misery, wrath,            is not some punishment outwardly             For many years after his retirement as
which was only potential and undis-           designed by God for the wicked, but          General Secretary of the Worldwide
coverable, if there had been no fall of       rather the consequences of an                Evangelization Crusade, Norman
angels and men. But when Satan                inevitable law of our being, God’s and       Grubb traveled extensively sharing the
reversed the polarity of Creator and          ours: the rebellious, by the law of their    truth of our union with Christ. He also
creation, the loving submission and           selfhood, have the fires of hell and the     carried on a huge personal correspon-
service of the one to the Other, he           wrath of God burning in them. They           dence with individuals throughout the
opened a kingdom of selfhood, poten-          have plunged into the “No,” and the          world. He was the author of many
tial but eternally unknown in God and         hate, and the anger of God: and the          books and pamphlets, a number of
the kingdom of heaven. He plunged             fires of hell that burn in them here in      which are available through the
into the forbidden opposites; he              subdued form, owing to the counteract-       Zerubbabel Book Ministry. Norman
reversed the eternal “yes” to all good-       ing restraints and goodness of God in        lived with his daughter, Priscilla, in
ness and “no” to all evil, and said “yes”     this present world, will burn in all their   Fort Washington, PA. Norman P. Grubb
to the hitherto unmanifested evil, and        consuming fierceness in the world to         entered the Kingdom at 98 years of age.
“no” to the good. He entered what one         come, and be that lake of fire which
has called the hidden “dark principle”
in God, and was exiled from the “light
principle.” Here everything is discord
in place of concord, war for peace, hate
for love, selfishness for selflessness.
Hell has been discovered, but it was
                                                      THE CALL OF
and still is in God, for no creation in
heaven, earth or hell can have an exis-
tence apart from Him: not God as He is
eternally in Himself, all light, love,
                                                        The terrible war in which the Alli
                                                                                            es are engaged is a righteous
meekness, humility and goodness: but               cause. The War of Christ is treb
                                                                                       ly so. The call of patriotism is
                                                   The call of Christ is louder stil                                     loud.
God as He is and must be towards all                                                lówar to destroy all the works
                                                   devil everywhere. Shall the cal                                    of the
who desert his eternal “yes” to all                                                  l of Christ among Christians pro
                                                   duce less results than the call                                        -
goodness and enter in themselves into                                                of country among patriots? To
                                                   answer ìYesî is to blaspheme
his eternal “no” to all evil. They are in                                           the name of Christians, and yet
                                                  ten:—The poor, the rich, and
the hidden, unmanifest side of God, the                                           the middle classes have gone
                                                  crowds to the war. Peers have                                      in
basic selfhood of that almighty Self                                                  gone in such numbers to shed
                                                  blood for their country as to cry                                      their
which streams out for ever in the love                                                 shame on those who have spo
                                                  evil of themÖ.Such is the nob                                            ken
of His Son. They have that same basic                                              le answer of our patriots to the
                                                  of their country! There can sur                                      call
selfhood derived from Him; but in                                                   ely be but one answer to the
                                                  Jesus Christ to His world-wid                                     call of
them, whether in the world of spirits or                                          e war against the devil and his
                                                  empire. Shall we serve our Sav
on earth, their selfhood has not been                                                iour, Who died for us, and to Wh
                                                  we owe every blessing we enj                                             om
given over to the Christ of God, and                                              oy, with less devotion than tha
                                                  which we gladly give to our Kin                                    t
they taste to their eternal woe what                                                 g and country?
self-centred selfhood could have been
                                                                   –taken from World Wide War:
in God, and is in themselves.                                                                  Real and Shamî
                                                                    by C.T. Studd
     There is a future lake of fire as sure
as there is a new Jerusalem, the Book
                                                                                               SUMMER 2001          THE INTERCESSOR                      7

Editor’s Note                                  acknowledges our own debt to Page her-
                                               self, as it has largely been her perseverance
                                               and dedication to the truth taught to her by        Statement
     In this issue of The Intercessor we
continue our investigation into the
                                               Norman which has resulted in what we
                                               now call Zerubbabel Ministries.                     of Purpose
Biblical foundations of our union with              Norman’s summary of this truth is                     The purpose of this magazine is to fur-
Christ. ”The Origin of Evil” tackles           titled simply, yet boldly, “Total Truth—            ther the great high calling of the Lord Jesus to
                                                                                                   carry His Gospel to the whole world. This call-
some of the more difficult issues              My Last Message to the Whole Church in              ing is known in the Christian world as the
Christians face. Let Norman pose the           the Whole World.” It is, in Breda                   Great Commission. Our interpretation of the
questions: “In this predestined union,                                                             Gospel is that Jesus Christ was the second
                                               Sunderland’s words, Norman’s “spiritual             member of the Trinity, fully God, made mani-
what is our relationship? What do we           last will and testament” to us, passing on          fest in the flesh. He was tempted in all points
contribute? What does he? How much of          the distillation of his lifelong search into        as we are, but totally without sin. He was cru-
                                                                                                   cified for the sins of the world, was buried, and
me? How much of Him? We touch a ter-           the things of God. And don’t miss Brett             rose from the dead on the third day, according
rible subject here, for we probe into the      Burrowes’ insightful Bible Study, “God’s            to the Scriptures. He gives the power to
                                                                                                   become the sons of God to all who receive
existence of evil and hell.” Norman            Sovereignty and Freewill.”                          Him.
moves from the basis of all life, the law           Our younger contributors demon-                       Beyond this forgiveness of sins, The
of opposites, to the very nature of self,      strate that another generation is now pass-         Intercessor is committed to proclaiming to
                                                                                                   every creature the mystery of the Gospel,
and explains that what was to have been        ing along its own understanding of the              which is Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col.
God’s hidden “opposite”—darkness,              truth of our union with Christ. In                  1:27). The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon
                                                                                                   the Church at Pentecost means that Christ
wrath, self-for-self—was brought into          “Wisdom” and “Christ on Campus,”                    has joined Himself to us as one spirit (I Cor.
manifestation by Lucifer, when he              Joanna Langley and Crystal Hoffmann                 6:17). Thus we see that Christ has reproduced
refused his role as a vessel to contain the    share their own testimonies to the rele-            Himself in our flesh, and we Christians are real-
                                                                                                   ly Christ living as us (Gal. 2:20).
light. “The Sole Function of the Human,”       vance of Galatians 2:20 in their lives.                    Therefore, there is not only the forgiveness
a complementary article, brings the prob-      Allison Laffin tells of the inner workings          of sins but also a life in Christ of knowing we are
                                                                                                   dead to sin (Rom. 6). Furthermore, we are dead
lem closer to home in a thorough discus-       of Z–News, and Scott Prewitt presents an            to the Law (Rom. 7), since the power of sin is
sion of man’s role as a vessel and how we      excellent report of summer camp 2001.               through the Law. Christ is the only Lawkeeper
got “out of gear”—indwelt and con-                                                                 (Rom. 8), and there is no independent human
                                                    On a more somber note, an anony-               nature that can keep the Law, though we are
trolled by Satan.                              mous writer provides the story of his               continually tempted to believe so.
     A powerful reminder of the necessity      addiction to pornography and its child-                    Belief in an independent human nature is
                                                                                                   Satan’s lie and the root of sin. Non-Christians
of brokeness and repentance to escape the      hood beginnings. Fowler Cooper, a mar-              are really Satan-indwelt, expressing his lusts
ravages of Satanic control, “What              riage and family therapist, tackles this            (John 8:44), just as we have come to learn that
                                                                                                   Christians are Christ-indwelt, expressing His
Constitutes a Revival?” is Norman’s vivid      difficult topic from a clinical vantage             righteousness (2 Cor. 6:16). Humans have no
and moving account of a revival in the         point. Both articles implore those caught           moral nature of their own, meaning that we are
Heart of Africa Mission in 1935. After the     in this devastating sin to seek help. The           simply expressions of the indwelling deity
                                                                                                   nature, either of Christ or Satan (the fallen cre-
death of C.T. Studd, the founder of the        former writer eventually found freedom              ated being who is the spirit of error). Sin in a
mission, Norman and others were carrying       from the bondage of sexual sin through              Christian is a result of believing again Satan’s
                                                                                                   lie that there is a human nature which can do
on his work in the Congo. Norman writes,       confession, repentance, and choosing to             good or evil.
“No revival, we believe, is just an isolated   believe the truth of who he is. He warns:                  Our full restoration, then, is to see our-
incident. Its roots lie deep in the faithful   “If you are someone who needs help,                 selves as Christ in the world and to labor and
                                                                                                   travail to see Christ formed in others according
labours of the years that precede it.” This    please seek it now! Don’t let Satan use             to the mighty working of the Spirit. This is
theme is echoed by Jamie Resset in his         you as an instrument of destruction….               “intercession,” the definite laying down of our
                                                                                                   lives to present every man perfect in Christ
tape review of “Our Spiritual Lineage,” in     God so wants you to be a clean vessel for           (Col. 1:28). The Intercessor is committed to
which Page Prewitt details our debt to the     Him.” A clean vessel and how to be                  this great and thrilling commission, the cost of
“faithful labours” of Norman, C.T. Studd,                                                          bringing it about, and the resurrection joy of
                                               one—that is the thread that runs through-           reaping the harvest!
and their predecessors in the faith. Jamie     out this issue.
8    THE INTERCESSOR         SUMMER 2001

Summer Camp Report
by Breda Sunderland

    Late one evening as Summer                 Every other activity at Camp         ors, and to address personal style
Camp drew to a close—replete after         emanated from the biblical bedrock       issues,” it was all that and more. A
the fish fry—we sat outside the            that Norman set before us. God’s         memory that abides with me is of
youth house viewing a slide-show           love was out-poured for us through       the supper we ladies partook of in
that recorded just some of the             His vessels not only in workshops        Page’s home during Leah Feldon’s
week’s highlights. Darkness fell           and teaching, but in every detail of     workshop. It brings to my mind one
imperceptibly. Then there flashed          the warm hospitality extended (Rom.      of Keats’s great lines: “A thing of
upon the screen a sequence of              12:13). Page Prewitt’s wise input        beauty is a joy forever!” We had a
images, taken during the youth hike,       and insights throughout the week         joyful evening in the midst of great
of the Blue Ridge Mountains.               ranged far wider and deeper than her     beauty.
Captured in their breathtaking, lofty      informative hands-on workshop,               Meanwhile, the men gathered
majesty, evocative of the awesome          unassumingly and wittily entitled        around a campfire to discuss their
power of the Creator—what a                                                                divinely given responsibility
perfect backdrop for a won-                                                                to lead their families as the
derful Camp!                                                                               spiritual head of the home.
    In so many ways                                                                        According to Eph. 5:21-33,
Colossians 1:28, “We pro-                                                                  God calls the husband to love
claim him, admonishing and                                                                 his wife just as Christ loved
teaching everyone with all                                                                 us. The husband is not to self-
wisdom, so that we may pres-                                                               ishly dominate the wife,
ent every one perfect in                                                                   which would be an expres-
Christ,” encapsulates the                                                                  sion of Satan’s self-for-self
essence of Summer Camp                                                                     spirit, but to nurture, provide
2001. At the heart of our time                                                             for and protect his wife, just
together were those sessions                                                               as he would his own body. As
when, thanks to videotape, Norman          “Dis & Dat Agin”! For the fourth         the head of the family, it is ultimate-
taught the mystery “once hidden,           successive year Steven Prewitt’s art     ly the husband who will answer to
now made manifest to His saints”           workshop was inspirational. Steven       God if something is wrong spiritual-
(Col. 1:26): “Christ in you, the hope      is a gifted and humble teacher who       ly in the home. Fortunately, Christ
of glory” (Col. 1:27). Sharing from        shares unstintingly from the deep        lives through us to fulfil this awe-
his personal experience, Norman is         well of his artistic talent.             some responsibility.
emphatic and excited that for him              The ladies were privileged to            The following day, the men had
the big revelation was 1 John 4:16:        have a 5-session fashion workshop        a fabulous time learning to fly fish
“God is love”—not that God has             with Leah Feldon, acclaimed author       in the Blue Ridge mountains with
love, but rather that love is a Person.    of Does This Make Me Look Fat?           the help of some expert guides from
As Norman says, there are no two           and Dress Like a Million—On              The Appalachian Angler. The men
human natures; there are two divine        Considerably Less. Billed as “a truly    truly appreciated the efforts of Tony
natures and we are simply vessels          wonderful opportunity to learn           and Ginny Mansoor in arranging
containing either Christ or Satan.         about your best lines, styles and col-                        continued on page 15
                                                                                     SUMMER 2001     THE INTERCESSOR           9

A Look at a Book
by Breda Sunderland

BOOK REVIEW:                                    Norman’s commission, which he          what you are also!’ Can you be more
Total Truth: My Last Message to            supposes is a last glorious interces-       holy than a walking Christ in your
                                           sion, is for “a world-wide harvest” of      human form?”
the Whole Church in the Whole              “precious believers knowing who they            Before this review becomes
World                                      already are.” The cost is unvar-            almost as long as the pamphlet itself,
by Norman Grubb                            nished—the cutting off of reputa-           perhaps I should stop and urge you to
                                           tions…ostracism and opposition. But         read it for yourself!
     I hold in my hand a precious          his excitement is infectious as he
inheritance. It is Norman Grubb’s          describes the first evidence of comple-     Breda is vice-principal of a local sec-
“Last Message to the Whole Church in       tion: “Right now we are relatively          ond-level school in Ireland. She lives in
the Whole World.” In many ways it’s        few…. We are a ‘rising army’ of co-         Athy, County Kildare, with her children
his spiritual last will and testament.     knowers, witnesses and teacher-shar-        Maria (12) and Niall (11).
This pamphlet, written when Norman         ers, until that great day when ‘the
was 95, is so intense and focused, so      earth shall be full of the knowledge of
clear and inspiring. Above all it is       the Lord, as the waters cover the sea’
direct and honest, shooting, as it were,   (Is. 11:9).”
“straight from the hip.” As one of the
“‘rising army’ of co-knowers” who
continues to be blessed abundantly by
                                                An aspect of the pamphlet I found
                                           particularly helpful is how Norman
                                           traces the Total Truth very concisely
                                                                                             Pass It
Norman’s “Total Truth” teaching, but       through the Bible and shows how,
who never actually met him, I found        starting with Paul’s earliest revela-
this message spoke to me very power-       tion, it has been manifest to the great
fully and personally.                      mystics, from Boehme through
     The fundamental urgency of this       William Law to George Muller, “the              Do you have a friend or
pamphlet is palpable: Norman reiter-       father of all present-day faith move-
                                           ments.” So, as Norman emphasises,
                                                                                           acquaintance, or even a
ates over and over that the Total
Truth is a radical message. Someone        the Total Truth is nothing new—it’s             group with whom you
else writing a last letter might be        simply “God’s restored truth for our
                                                                                           would like to share The
tempted to temper the urgency—             generation.”
with an eye, perhaps, to nostalgia or           It is well worth reading what              Intercessor, but hate to give
the “regard” of future generations.        Norman writes about “the problem of             up your copy? If there is
Not so Norman—knowing that this            resistance from fellow believers” and
might well be his last message, he is      “direct management” of the flock by             any reason you could use
keen to cut straight through to what       “the Chief Shepherd.” His vision is of          multiple copies, please let
the Spirit impels him to share. He         the body of co-knowers remaining as
defines the radical core of the Total      structureless as possible. I smiled at          us know and we will be
Truth thus: “Simply put, it is that        how Norman embraces the accusa-                 glad to accommodate you.
there is no such thing as independent      tions of elitism and answers his
self in the universe.”                     accusers thus—“‘Yes, but that is just
10   THE INTERCESSOR                SUMMER 2001

          In our society it is common to hear peo-
                                                                     by Brett Burrowes

                                                        made in His image (Gen 1:26-27).                  ers. We would not have to answer to God for
     ple say that they act or are a certain way              When God placed Adam in the garden,          anything, because we would lack the aware-
     because of their genes, because of the way         the first thing He did was to give Adam the       ness that our actions were right or wrong.
     they were raised, because they didn’t have the     command not to eat of the tree of the knowl-             Someday all of us will stand before God
     privileges that others had, because their          edge of good and evil (Gen 2:17), for it was      and give an account of our lives on this earth:
     father was an alcoholic or because of some         through this tree that humanity would             “It is appointed for humanity to die once and
     other traumatic event in their childhood.          become aware of themselves as moral beings.       then to face judgment” (Heb. 9:27).At that time
     While all these things may be factors that         The knowledge of good and evil was a good         God will expose the secrets of our hearts and
     influence our behavior in the present, such a      thing, and humanity would acquire this            Christ will judge us all (Rom 2:16). So it is
     view conflicts with two scriptural teachings:      knowledge either by obeying or disobeying         extremely important that we understand on
     God’s sovereignty and our free will. God’s sov-    God: by obeying God they would be choosing        what basis we will be judged, on what
     ereignty is His absolute control over the uni-     the good and rejecting the evil, and by dis-      grounds God will hold us accountable. Very
     verse He created, so that everything that hap-     obeying they would be choosing evil and           simply, we will be judged by our obedience or
     pens in our lives—every situation—is His per-      rejecting good. Through this choice Adam          disobedience to what God has revealed to us.
     fect circumstance for us. Free will, on the                                                          Since God has made Himself known in some
     other hand, is our freedom to respond to our           So God is sovereign over all that             form to all human beings, everyone is with-
     Creator in obedience or disobedience, with-           exists and all that happens. This              out excuse for their sin (Rom 1:20).
     out coercion and without our choice being           includes all events of nature—from               Nevertheless, each of us has a choice to obey
     predetermined, whether by God, Satan, or by          the tiniest atomic reaction to hur-             or disobey God. This choice must not be
     our childhood or biology. It is our freedom                                                          coerced or predetermined in any way by God,
                                                           ricanes and tornadoes to the for-
     that distinguishes us from animals. At first                                                         since unless the choice is free, we cannot be
     glance, however, God’s sovereign control and
                                                          mation of stars and planets. God’s              held responsible for our actions.
     our free will appear to contradict each other.
                                                            sovereignty also includes every-                     But Scripture never uses the phrases
     This is just an apparent paradox, however,           thing that happens in the human                 “free will” or “free choice.” How do we know
     stemming from our faulty understanding of             world, from the least important,               that we have such thing? In the book of
     what free will is.                                    such as a chance meeting with a                Deuteronomy, God says to the people of
          Freedom or free choice is at the core of        stranger I will never meet again in             Israel: “I have set before you life and death, the
     our personhood. Why is this so? What makes            my life, to the most significant—              blessing and the curse. So choose life in order
     us persons is our capacity to have meaning-         such as when we received Christ as               that you may live, you and your descendants,
     ful relationships with other persons, and                    our Lord and Savior.                    by loving the LORD your God, by obeying His
     especially with God, the One Person in the                                                           voice, and by holding fast to Him; for this is
     Universe. Our relationships with others are        and Eve would be exercising the personhood        your life” (Deut 30:19-20). God does not set
     meaningful because they are moral. I don’t         which up until then was only a potential, a       before people two alternatives and then pre-
     mean as opposed to immoral, but rather that        possibility. After giving Adam the command,       determine what choice they will make. It
     personal relationships always have a moral         He created a woman to be a helper to him          would be a mockery for God to command the
     quality to them; I can either treat another        (Gen 2:18), another person with whom he           people to choose when He knew very well
     person rightly or wrongly, with love or in cal-    could be in relationship. Thus, from creation     they could not. Moreover, Elijah commanded
     lous and selfish disregard for their welfare. So   God created us to be moral beings who per-        the people to choose and said, “How long will
     whatever way I treat another person, a moral       sonally relate to other moral beings. We have     you hesitate between two opinions? If the
     quality to the relationship is always present,     the capacity to choose between right and          LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow
     whether good or evil. We are inherently            wrong. Without this choice, we would not be       him.” (1 Kings 18:21). Elijah obviously believed
     moral beings, as well as inherently relational     moral beings, and therefore we would not be       the people were capable of making a choice
     beings, even if we are morally wrong and self-     persons, and God could not hold us responsi-      to follow the Lord. In Genesis 2 and 3, God
     ish. Right and wrong, good and evil, right-        ble for our lives. We would be nothing more       placed the tree of knowledge in the garden of
     eousness and sin are facts of human life: God      than animals with a higher capacity to rea-       Eden precisely in order to give human beings
     created us this way because He Himself is a        son and we would be unaware of the moral          a choice: He commanded them not to eat of
     moral and relational being. After all, we are      quality of the effects our actions have on oth-   this tree (Gen 2:17), and placed the serpent in
                                                                                                       SUMMER 2001           THE INTERCESSOR                11

the garden to be the mouthpiece of Satan to        separate us from the love of God” (Rom 8:39).      trol of His universe, what room is there for
tempt them. Without the tree and without                 So God is sovereign over all that exists     free choice? After all, if my choice is truly free,
Satan, Adam and Eve and all humanity would         and all that happens. This includes all events     then God does not coerce or control it in any
have lived in paradise forever—but not as full     of nature—from the tiniest atomic reaction         way; otherwise, it would not be a genuine
persons. God wanted them to confront good          to hurricanes and tornadoes to the forma-          choice. God would be making my choice for
and evil and make a choice. God did not pre-       tion of stars and planets. God’s sovereignty       me. If everyone can do exactly what they like,
determine the choice, although He knew             also includes everything that happens in the       how can God be sovereign?
beforehand which way they would choose.            human world, from the least important, such              But wait, that’s just the problem—how
Free will was built into our humanity from         as a chance meeting with a stranger I will         we define free will. Most people, including
the Garden of Eden.                                never meet again in my life, to the most sig-      Christians, understand “free will” to mean the
       But if God gave everyone free will, how     nificant—such as when we received Christ as        freedom to do whatever we choose: to con-
can He maintain control over His universe?         our Lord and Savior.                               trol our actions, to decide what we are going
How can He work all things together for our              But there are really no insignificant hap-   to do in the next moment. But this sounds
good (Rom 8:28) unless He is in control of         penings in our lives, since God is behind each     more like a definition of independent self
everything that happens not only in our lives      and every event, even if He is not the direct      rather than a definition of free will. I suggest
individually, but in the whole world? How can                                                         that the real reason that most people and
God mean for good what human beings (and             The choices we make about                        even most theologians have difficulty recon-
Satan through them) intend for evil? Think of      what to do next or how to react                    ciling free will with God’s Sovereignty is that
it, six billion people in the world, all of them   to a situation are never directly                  they operate from the view that they are
with a free will—it seems like there would be      under our control at all, but the                  independent selves who control their own
nothing but chaos with all those conflicting        product of a spirit who oper-                     actions. But Scripture is quite clear: we are
wills! In giving His creation free choice, did                                                        either slaves to sin or to righteousness (Rom
                                                     ates and motivates us from
God surrender control of His universe to                                                              6), and are operated either by the Spirit of
                                                    within…. Our choice is simply
them? Surely not, for then how could Jesus be                                                         Christ (Col 1:29, Gal 2:20) or by the Spirit of
crucified at the hands of evil men according
                                                    this: we choose to obey or dis-                   Satan (Eph 2:2. 1 John 4:4).
to God’s definite plan and foreknowledge           obey, to take God at His word, or                        The choices we make about what to do
unless He was in control of human events             to disbelieve Him and trust                      next or how to react to a situation are never
(Acts 2:23)? God was not waiting around for        what Satan tells us. This funda-                   directly under our control at all, but the prod-
the opponents of Jesus to make up their               mental choice determines                        uct of a spirit who operates and motivates us
minds whether they were going to crucify             which spirit operates us and                     from within. When we were unbelievers (or if
Jesus. The plan for Jesus to die for the sins of         controls our actions.                        as believers) we enter into sin, it is Satan who
the world was not Plan B, since the lamb was                                                          is acting through us, making decisions
slain from before the foundation of the            cause of it. Even if someone is treating us in a   through us, even perceiving our situation and
world (Rev 13:8).                                  cruel and selfish manner, God wills us to have     other people through us. When we are obedi-
       That means that whatever human              the experience and intends some kind of            ent to God, it is Christ who is living, planning,
beings choose, their choices cannot disrupt        good through it; otherwise, God would not be       perceiving our situation through us. Where
the plan of God for His universe. God is sover-    in control of our lives and evil could take God    then is our free choice? Our choice is simply
eign over His universe: though evil truly exists   by surprise. But God knows and declares the        this: we choose to obey or disobey, to take
in the world, nevertheless it cannot disrupt       end from the beginning (Isa 46:10), since He is    God at His word, or to disbelieve Him and
God’s plan and control over His universe.          the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and         trust what Satan tells us. This fundamental
Whatever evil exists in the universe, God          the End (Rev 21:6; 22:13). God doesn’t simply      choice determines which spirit operates us
turns and uses it to accomplish His goals. So      react and use the evil for good, as if the evil    and controls our actions.
though the devil intends to kill, steal and        stumped Him and He had to think for a few                That is why our free choice never threat-
destroy (John 10:10), it is God who created the    minutes about what to do. No, God intended         ens the sovereignty of God: God ultimately
destroyer to do His work (Isa 54:16). We should    the evil thing to occur. He intended for us to     controls everything we do, since even Satan
take great comfort in this fact, since it means    go through the pain, but always and only out       can only do through us what God permits
that absolutely nothing can stop God’s loving      of His good and loving purposes.                   him to do and ultimately intends him to do,
plans for His people.As Paul says,“Nothing can          On the other hand, if God is in total con-                               continued on page 23
12     THE INTERCESSOR           SUMMER 2001

Zerubbabel Focus:
by Allison Laffin

    Z-News, the daughter magazine of           image and content. Taken from the first      information on issues pertinent to matur-
The Intercessor, has had quite a history.      issue of the “Exciting and New Z-News,”      ing young Christians.
Started in 1989, the goal of Z-News was        the inside cover reads: “Our focus on top-       So, where does that leave Z-News?
to reach out to young people with the          ics from the Bible has remained the same,    Under the leadership of Dacia
truth of Jesus Christ in you, as you.          but the content is aimed more toward an      Trethewey, the magazine is now com-
Although founded by an adult, Dottie           older audience. We hope you’ll jump          pletely dedicated to laying a Biblical
Tupper, older members of the                   right in with us and check out our current   foundation for children in a fun, creative
Zerubbabel youth group progressively           topics for today’s Christian youth.” The     way! And Dacia, an aspiring elementary
became more and more involved in the           magazine featured segments such as “On       school teacher (and always brimming
making of the magazine. Beginning with         Campus,” which focused on student            with creative ideas), is God’s perfect per-
contributions to the writing of the arti-      issues, and “Tune In/Tune Out,” which        son for the job. The issues are jam
cles, they then worked their way into the      gave Christian perspectives on the popu-     packed with easy to read Bible story arti-
design, layout, and publication of the         lar music of the day.                        cles, word search puzzles, color-by-
magazine. Soon, Z-News was published                The magazine was successful and         number, etc.
completely “for and by youth”! Their           looked fantastic, but…one problem                So, even throughout all the changes
aim was to reach young people in a cre-        needed to be addressed. There was still a    Z-News has seen, the initial goal has
ative way, through the use of articles that    group of children that had once enjoyed      been continually strived for. The goal
dealt with issues pertinent to youth.          receiving Z-News and who now were not        being…to spread God’s Word to young
    From the start of Z-News, up until         getting the message sent to them. So,        people.
recently, the magazine catered to a very       how could Z-News provide the older
wide age span, ranging from children to        readers with more sophisticated and          Allison is a senior majoring in
young adults in their teen-aged years.         mature articles while still providing        Computer Information Systems at
Although God was able to use the maga-         Biblical basics to lay a foundation for      Appalachian State University in Boone,
zine for several years in this way, the Z-     the youngest readers? As always, God         NC. She is a youth leader and helps with
News crew recently had to reevaluate the       had it all figured out.                      production of Z-News.
target age range for which they were                The young adult readers of Z-News
aiming. Readers began requesting arti-         are now the newest subscribers to The
                                                                                               Z-News is always trying to increase its
cles about topics directed more towards        Intercessor! You may or may not have            readership, so if you know of any young
young adults. It seemed as though the Z-       noticed some of the articles in our             people that need or would like to receive
News readership was getting older and          Spring 2001 issue that cater to our now         the magazine please send in their
the main constituency was in their high        youngest readers. Articles such as “A           name(s) and address(es) to:
school years. Although we can never be         Movie Classic,” a movie review by                Z-News
too old to hear the Biblical basics and        Fowler Cooper, “Garbage In…Garbage              PO Box 1710
“Bible stories,” Z-News felt that there        Out” by Scott Prewitt, and “God’s               Blowing Rock, NC 28605
were more mature issues that needed to         Sovereignty in Success and in Failure,”         or email:
be addressed to these older readers.           Elliot Coatney’s interview with Dr.   
    Consequently, Z-News changed its           Tommy Prewitt have all incorporated
                                                                                        SUMMER 2001     THE INTERCESSOR            13

Q: I believe that I am Christ in my
form, but people in my life sometimes
tell me that I am getting hyped up or
                                            wants to. Proceeding in this mode
                                            should put an end to the franticness. If
                                            the latter is true simply proceed, keep-
                                                                                           Q: My sister and I each received a
                                                                                           similar gift. I was very grateful for my
                                                                                           gift, but I soon began to want her gift
frantic in certain situations. At the       ing in mind it is Christ going on in and       because I thought it was better than
time I am told that, I do not realize       as you.                                        mine. How do I keep from wanting
that I am frantic. How can I trust that I                                                  what she or someone else has and be
am Christ going on in these situations,                                                    satisfied with what I have received?
or should I?                                Q: How can Christ be living my life
                                            right after I’ve been in unbelief?
                                                                                           A:      We can never stop our wanting
A: All we are ever called to do is to                                                      of things. Wanting (desire) is a very
do all that we know to do at the time       A: Whether our believing is right or           important part of our makeup. Desire is
and to be comfortable with that as long     not does not alter our oneness with            the very warp and woof of personhood.
as we are not in any known Biblical sin.    Christ. That union with Christ is never        It’s not our wanting that is wrong. Like
Then if someone points out behavior         broken. He is always our life even             all things in right use it is right, Right
that we are not aware of but that they      when we are in sin. Sin (unbelief) sim-        desiring is the beginning of our having
are aware of, the thing to do is to be      ply gives Satan a temporary power to           for ourselves the right things God
open to the suggestions (not necessari-     do his misdeeds. He does this on the           intends us to have. Our problem is the
ly immediately taking their view),          soul level—our members, as Paul says.          wrong use of our desire. The Bible
avoid all defensiveness, take a deep        There is no spirit take over that puts us      calls this misuse covetousness. Not that
breath, and give our insides a quick        back in the state we were in before we         I want a thing but that I demand to have
check. By doing this we can see if we       became born again. Once we admit or            it for myself. I will have it for myself.
are in some kind of unnecessary panic       confess our sin of unbelief and its            Once this believing takes us over,
or if we are simply expending energy        fruits, God’s light and life are again         “alone I” becomes our choice. “We”
that is necessary for an immediate task.    free to flow through us and from us. As        (really Satan misusing us) will go to
If the former is true it is good to stop    a result Satan is eclipsed by God’s            any length to make the coveted thing
for a short time—recognize who it is        cleansing and piercing light. Satan who        (or person, or place) ours.
going on (Christ)—and know that He          is darkness posing as light cannot co-
will get the job done when and how He       exist with God, who is the Light.
14    THE INTERCESSOR          SUMMER 2001

Tape Talk
by Jamie Resset

TAPE REVIEW:                                 inland China during a time when it          founded. C.T. had caused controversy
Our Spiritual Lineage                        was basically closed to foreigners.         with his hard stand against sin and his
                                             Persevering in faith, Hudson was able       use of morphine for his physical pain
by Page Prewitt                              to open up a mission and blaze a trail      (it was illegal in the African country
                                             for others to continue evangelization.      he was in).
     I’ve noticed that in the last few            One of these men was C.T. Studd,           In the midst of the controversy
years there appears to be more inter-        a cricket player well known through-        C.T. died, leaving Norman and
est taken in tracing ones genealogy.         out England. He along with 6 other          Pauline with a fractured mission.
No doubt a lot of this has been fueled       Cambridge graduates followed                Despite this fact, God told them to
by the advent of the Internet and its        Hudson to China. Later C.T. went to         keep going. The mission now known
vast databases that are available to         India but eventually was forced to          as WEC (Worldwide Evangelization
anyone. Modern technology has cer-           return home because of illness. God         Crusade) learned from reading the
tainly made the search easier, but           then called C.T. to evangelize the          story of Joshua crossing the Jordan,
throughout time there have always            heart of Africa. With no money and          that if there is a need that only God
been people interested in the history        poor health, C.T. believed, in spite of     can supply, He already has, provided
of their families, their cultures, their     impossible circumstances, that God          they speak a word of faith for that
countries, and their religious heritage.     would get him to Africa, and He did!        supply. Norman wrote that this princi-
History provides a sense of where one        C.T. founded the Heart of Africa            ple “they were to repeat in an endless
fits in the “big picture.” An under-         Mission and was soon joined by oth-         succession of instances for an endless
standing can be gained about the fac-        ers, including a young military officer     variety of needs.” In a matter of years,
tors that contribute to how one came         named Norman Grubb.                         this little band of believers became a
to be who he is. Obviously, much of               Norman Grubb, along with his           mission of thousands who went to all
who one is is determined by the              wife, Pauline, one of C.T.’s daughters,     parts of the world, as they continued
choices that individual makes. But,          became an integral part of the mission.     to apply this principle.
there should be no discounting the           It was during a difficult time in Africa,       After Norman retired from the
impact—either positive or negative—          that Norman learned what would be           WEC, he settled in the U.S. and
that those who have gone before us           the cornerstone of his writings and         began traveling around visiting those
have made.                                   Zerubbabel’s mission—that we do not         who expressed interest in what he had
     On this tape, Page Prewitt pro-         receive love, patience, peace, etc.,        been writing and teaching. He began
vides a historical overview of some of       from God. We instead receive the per-       to teach with much more clarity the
the people and events that have had a        son of God in the form of the Holy          Biblical truth that as Christians, the
huge impact on how Zerubbabel                Spirit who is all of these things. We       Spirit of Christ operates us and that
Ministries came to be, often times           receive all in Christ at our rebirth and    previous to our born again experi-
using excerpts from many of Norman           our old life has been put to death.         ence, Satan operated us. Page tells of
Grubb’s books. She begins by telling              Page then tells of the dark times      how conferences began to be held, so
of Hudson Taylor, an Englishman in           when almost everyone in the mission,        that Norman could teach many of
the 1800’s who made a decision to do         with the exception of Norman and            them at once. At one of these confer-
whatever God wanted him to do. God           Pauline and a few others, wanted to         ences, Page spoke of her desire to
gave Taylor a vision to evangelize           remove C.T. from the ministry he            have a fellowship that believed the
                                                                                      SUMMER 2001     THE INTERCESSOR           15

Biblical principles that Norman             In addition to contributing to the Tape      tined end of those who choose
taught. Norman spoke a word of faith        Talk column, Jamie is active in the          Christ is heaven and of those who
for her and that word materialized          Zerubbabel music ministry. He and his        reject Christ is hell; quite simply, in
into the fellowship and ministry            wife, Robyn, live and work in Boone,         Norman’s words, “There is no inde-
known as Zerubbabel.                        NC and are Zerubbabel Contacts.              pendent self.”
     Page leaves what has transpired in                                                      The editorial of the spring edi-
the last 15 or so years to be talked                                                     tion of “The Intercessor” ended
about on another tape, but suffice it to    Summer Camp Report                           thus: “See you in Boone!” That
say that the positive fruits born of        continued from page 8
                                                                                         salutation, looking forward to
these faith ancestors are still being                                                    Summer Camp 2001, was prefaced
enjoyed and built upon by us today.         this experience!                             by a succinct account of the word of
As I listened, it is clear how much our          The Bible is the bedrock of our         faith that is realised in our fellow-
predecessors have meant to Page in          fellowship and what a blessing to            ship’s Total Living Center in Boone.
her life of faith. Similarly, as I listen   have Bible scholar, Brett Burrowes,          Just writing this report has
to her talk I am so grateful to her for     on hand to share his meticulously            impressed on me how “total” that
the influence she has had in my faith       researched insights with us. One             “living center” is. I am filled with
life. I find much encouragement in          evening, under the tent, he                  gratitude that summer after summer
the words on this tape, particularly as     explained the complex theme of               my children and I are blessed to par-
I think of a personal word of faith I       God’s sovereignty and human free-            ticipate in a Camp which strives to
have and think of others close to me        dom. The core point at which the             “present every man perfect in Christ
who have their own words of faith.          paradox unraveled was when Brett             Jesus” (Col.1:28).
We rest on the fact that God already        demonstrated how knowing that
has the supply in hand.                     there is “no independent self”               Breda is vice-principal of a local sec-
     Any Christian who listens to this      means that ours is not the freedom           ond-level school in Ireland. She lives in
spiritual “history lesson” will gain        to do one thing or another; rather           Athy, County Kildare, with her children
much from these men and women of            it’s the free choice to say Yes or No        Maria (12) and Niall (11).
faith. Give it a listen. You’ll be glad     to God, and hence be a vessel oper-
you did!                                    ated by Christ or Satan. The predes-

    Always bearing about in the body the dying of the               that he found fault with me but he was changing
    Lord Jesus that the life also of Jesus might be                 my nature. If the Holy Spirit is fighting the devil
    made manifest in our body . . . So then death                   he must have a clear channel, and then, when
    worketh in us but life in you...                                the devil also has found a channel, there is a
                            –2 Corinthians 4:20, 12                 straight fight between the two. The Saviour had
                                                                    his own prepared body in which to make the
         When I was born again it was only my own                   atonement, but the Holy Spirit had to use a body
    life I was living, and always rejoicing in my salva-            affected by the Fall. He began to change me from
    tion. The Holy Spirit said, “If you will allow me to            self to others, and it was not a temporary
    come in I will take out the natural life, the life of           change: I could not change back.
    the Fall, in you and replace it with the spiritual.” I
    went through this process bit by bit in the village                           –from The Intercession of Rees Howells
    after he came in: it was dying daily. It was not                                by Doris Ruscoe
16      THE INTERCESSOR                SUMMER 2001

 What Constitutes a Revival?                                      by Norman Grubb

     The following article is a chapter from         which it is the life ambition of every mis-       finished the atmosphere changed.
Christ in Congo Forests, Norman Grubb’s              sionary to see, it was indeed a time of           Obviously the Holy Ghost was working. At
moving account of the beginnings of the              refreshing from the presence of the Lord.         the noon meeting he spoke again from
Heart of Africa Mission, founded by his                   No revival, we believe, is just an isolat-   the same text. It was five o’clock before he
father-in-law, C.T. Studd. Published in 1945, it     ed incident. Its roots lie deep in the faithful   stopped. At the close he said quietly, “Will
is a rare and startling look at missionary           labours of the years that precede it. One         those of you who want to get right with
work in Africa during the early 1900’s. More         sows, another reaps, that both may rejoice        God do so now? The meeting is open for
importantly, we see a timeless picture of the        together at the harvest. Imbai’s had had          public confession of sin.”
crystal clear honesty necessary for true con-        many years of faithful and fruitful ministry,          Confessions began with some of the
fession and repentance.                              since Mr. Studd helped the natives to build       leading Christians—their lack of love for
                                                     their first “cricket pitch” church in a forest    God’s Word and prayer, their slackness in
     Revival is God visiting His people, the         clearing in 1925, in particular the labours       giving. Then came a real break. One after
Lord suddenly coming to His temple. A                of Gilbert and Mrs.Buckley, and Miss Muriel       another stood up and confessed to steal-
revival stands in a class by itself. It is differ-   Harman. The station was now in the hands          ing: some were recent cases since their
ent. It is unmistakable. It is the highest           of a brother and two sisters, Jack, Lily and      conversion: others, for which no restitution
peak of Christian privilege and experience.          Ivy Roberts. Jack and Lily had worked there       had been made, were years before they
By it God does in a few weeks what years of          since 1931, Ivy being a newcomer. They            knew the Saviour. But a desperate battle
labour do not seem able to produce. A                had seen blessing, especially in an increase      was going on.The station people were still
revival fully satisfies the heart’s longing; in      of missionary enthusiasm among the peo-           very hard. They seemed to wince, as bro-
it the prayers and supplications of God’s            ple. But they were conscious of a block           ken humble confessions continued
faithful servants have their complete                somehow in the work. It reached a climax          around them at intervals till dusk. No one
answer. The labouring husbandman at last             by Christmas 1934. They felt convinced            apparently noticed the approach of night:
reaps the hundredfold harvest. That lyrical          that they could not go on as they were. In        they just sat on as though glued to their
outburst of liberated Israel bursts forth            an endeavour to bring the people face to          seats. At half-past six one of the house lads
again from overflowing hearts: “When the             face with God, they cancelled the usual           slipped out and brought a storm lantern to
Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we          Christmas festivities and called them to          the platform. Unconscious of time, they sat
were like them that dream. Then was our              prayer. The meetings, however, were a fias-       on till ten o’clock. It was then that one of
mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue           co, with a “sour sullenness” on the faces of      the other house-boys made a confession
with singing: then said they among the               the congregation. No other meeting was            and stopped short. He was labouring
heathen, The Lord hath done great things             announced and the usual conference was            under great conviction of sin. Roberts,
for them. The Lord hath done great things            postponed for a week.                             knowing his life, knew that he was only
for us; whereof we are glad.” A revival is                The trio went to their own room terri-       half-way through and told him so openly.
holy ground, for the Saviour draws very              bly burdened. Throwing themselves on              But he denied it, and sat down.
near, the veil grows very thin, and sin is           their faces before God, they spent the rest             Imbai’s was strangely still that night.
seen to be exceeding sinful. A revival               of the day alone in prayer. The next three        The people dispersed silently, even the
leaves an ineffaceable impression on those           days were given to secret intercession,           children slipping off to bed as quiet as
who experience it. They can never be the             and there grew a calm confidence that             mice. Previously in conference times every-
same again. They have seen God as others             something out of the ordinary would hap-          body was very much alive; an animated
have not seen Him.                                   pen when the conference opened. It                conversation would be heard till the small
     God gave a gracious visitation of this          began rather oppressively. Rober ts               hours of the morning. This time all was
kind at Imbai’s during 1935. Quiet, costly,          preached on, “God commandeth all men              hushed. Satan was putting up a terrific
deep, bearing the very fruits in the people                                    .
                                                     everywhere to repent” But before he had           resistance in the station Christians. They
                                                                                                   SUMMER 2001       THE INTERCESSOR              17

persecuted and scorned those who had             add a few more. At last a faithful rebuke            and estrangement before, that undefined
made confessions, particularly when the          made him find his balance.“You are a hyp-            barrier to mutual confidences, partly racial,
sin confessed was the one of which they          ocrite,” cried Roberts. “You are confessing          partly social, that spoils so much work for
themselves were guilty. That night they          only what you think is known to me. But              God on the mission field.
were made the subject of concentrated            remember all is known to God.” After that                 It meant that Jack could share with
intercession.                                    he confessed to gross sin. Many afterwards           them that evening the burden for revival
     At 6:30 a.m., to a full audience, Roberts   were the confessions of immorality. Young            that God had laid on his heart. A good
spoke again from “God commandeth all             people told how they had been to all-night           many on the mission premises were still
men everywhere to repent.” In conclusion         dances and drinking feasts. The breaking             holding out, harbouring unforgiven sin.
he told them that the 3 o’clock service          through with the schoolchildren came last            These became harder than ever. But as for
would be open only to those who were             and was every bit as real. Many lads owned           the others, for the most part their captivity
right with God or willing to make things         up to stealing animals out of other lads’            was turned and their tongues tuned to
right. Numbers in the afternoon were             traps. Older boys admitted attending hea-            song. They sang hymns from morning till
small. Except for those who had acknowl-         then rites and being guilty of impurity.             night and worked as they had never
edged sin the previous day, there were           Even wee toddlers confessed to taking                worked before. A few of the sawyers had
very few indeed. The majority of the sta-        cooked food, hidden by their mother for              been confessing to slacking in their jobs;
tion people and their wives were absent, as      the evening meal, but found in her                   so this morning for the first time they were
were also the schoolchildren. The text was       absence and eaten. With tears running                sent to the forest alone.The putting up one
unchanged.                                       down their cheeks, they would say, “I told           huge log—some twenty feet long-ready
     As the service continued, however,          mother I didn’t take it, but I did.” The girls’      for sawing, was reckoned a day’s work: but
quite a little crowd collected outside,          confessions were astounding—painting                 in three hours the men were back with the
mostly Christian people. They were trying        their bodies in black, white, and red, as a          job completed, lined up on parade, ready
to listen without being seen. By and by,         substitute for dress. Blackening their eye-          for the next! No sneaking into their villages
one by one, they started creeping in, and        brows: plaiting straw hats with the object           for food! No hiding in the forest to kill time!
taking their places with the others—30, 40,      of making themselves attractive, wearing             From that day each sawyer was his own
50, 60 of them! When an opportunity was          their hats obliquely over one eye with a             foreman and needed no supervision.
given for prayer and confession, the first       feather stuck out at another angle to be                  On the Thursday of that week a young
break came with the station workmen.             conspicuous, running away from school                carpenter asked if he could say some-
Consciences were very tender and the             and going to dances on the quiet. These              thing. “I have to confess to you,” he said,
sense of sin deep and real. It was well          confessions came from the breaking up of             “how I have wronged my sister and sinned
understood that confession meant restitu-        the deep well springs of the heart.                  against God. I wanted to get married, and
tion, but the shame and humiliation of the             The blessed Holy Spirit was doing              my father had no money to pay for a bride;
uncovering of sin cost those proud               what He came to do, to convict of sin and            but he suggested selling my little sister of
Babudus infinitely more than any material        to reveal the Saviour.The words of Malachi           twelve years to get me the purchase price.
restitution.                                     were finding their fulfilment: “The Lord,            I knew that my sister should be at school,
     One man acknowledged that he had            whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to His             and I knew that this transaction meant her
been a source of annoyance on the station,       temple . . . . But who may abide the day of          slavery, but I consented. She was sold to an
always grumbling. Carpenters made con-           His coming? and who shall stand when He              old pagan, who has several other wives;
fessions that they would not have made           appeareth? for He is like a refiner’s fire, and      and the money has already been paid
for any money and which no threat would          like fullers’soap.”The Lord had appeared to          towards the purchase of my bride. But I
ever have forced from their lips, the steal-     His own; and it meant a “going under” in             have been a traitor to Jesus Christ.” “You
ing of timber, nails, screws and hinges. The     every case.                                          know what to do, don’t you?” Jack asked
house-lad who had gone halfway the day                 But if conscience had been deeply              him. “Yes, I know, Bwana: get my sister
before rose again and confessed to some          wounded, Calvary had healed the wounds               back, return the old man the money, and
minor thefts, such as taking salt from the       of all who had found their way there.                give up for the present negotiations for
salt box.“Is that all you have to confess!” he   Something snapped on that Monday                     my bride.” He went through with it. The
was asked from the platform. “No. That’s         night, which brought a different relation-           child, happy to be released, came to
not all,” he said, recounting a few more         ship between the native Christians and the           school, and he took up his cross and fol-
instances. “And is that all?” Then he would      missionaries. There had been suspicion               lowed his Saviour.

Christ on Campus
My First Year at College
by Crystal Hoffmann

     The first year of college can be       class. I remember studying for 11 hours       realizing we could compromise if we
tough—it certainly was for me. Not          for one test. In fact, no matter how little   both said what we were thinking. As a
only do I have a hard time with academ-     or how hard I studied, my test scores         result, I became grateful for my room-
ics, but also I was experiencing for the    did not get any better. As a result, I was    mate; in fact I found that I needed her.
first time living away from home and        a complete mess. Twice, I called home         So, even though we did not get along
having to get along with a roommate.        and cried. All I remember hearing from        first semester, we decided to room
On top of it all, I experienced doubt in    my parents was “God obviously has a           together our sophomore year.
God. But looking back, I definitely         different plan for you other than being a          Doubting God, now that is a scary
grew by facing these challenges.            Biology major.” When they said that, I        thing. You have no clue whom to turn to
     Academics have never come easy         knew clearly what God wanted me to            when you have serious questions. My
for me. I have always had trouble with      do. Therefore, by the end of first semes-     assistant residence director, a good
reading and writing. At college I could     ter, I changed my major to education.         friend of mine, took a theology class that
no longer have my parents proofread              In addition to trouble in the class-     caused her to question the existence of
my papers. I had to get help from other     room, I was having serious trouble with       God. This class caused many people to
people, which I did.                        my roommate. I now know that my               question God. One day during our week-
     Now, academics were more impor-        roommate is one of the best people God        ly Bible study, she brought her doubts to
tant than ever because I knew I needed      has ever put in my life. First semester,      our attention. I asked her how could
to find a major that would determine my     however, we did not get along at all, so I    there be no God. All she could say was
future career. Since the beginning of       tried to stay away from my room as            she did not know. After that, I started to
high school, I thought maybe God want-      much as possible. I did not want to deal      wonder myself. I remember asking
ed me to be a teacher. In high school I     with having to say anything to her. To        myself questions like “Is God a crutch
even took a class called “Working with      me, my roommate was bigger and                for me?” “Is having Christ in me a made
Children” and received a certificate to     stronger than I was. Needless to say, I       up story?” But I also thought, “How can
be an assistant daycare director. My par-   was not believing right—I believed that       so many people be changed by accepting
ents and other people told me that I        I was not important and that what I had       Christ if He is not real?” There were
would make a good teacher. Most             to say was not significant. As a result,      times I would go for a walk at night and
importantly I believed God put his          many people pushed me around, espe-           ask myself, “How could nature and all
desire on my heart to be a teacher. By      cially my roommate. I was so upset by         it’s beauty be made from some big bang
the time I got to college however, I no     the end of first semester I wanted to         and not be created by God?” When I
longer wanted to be a teacher. Even         have a different roommate. Through            talked to other people about my doubts,
though I thought teaching was “cool,” I     many of our arguments I did not say           they would tell me that it was sin to
thought being a doctor or a medical per-    what I was thinking, and I hated the out-     doubt God. After hearing that, I was so
son would make me more important.           come. Finally, I decided to believe that      scared that I did not even talk to my par-
So, I chose Biology as my major.            Christ through me, Crystal, could be          ents about my doubts. The deeper I got
     I ended up having an awful semes-      bold and say what was on her mind.            into doubting the more I felt like I had a
ter, and I almost failed my biology         Suddenly my roommate and I started            heavy rain cloud hovering over my head.
                                                                             SUMMER 2001   THE INTERCESSOR   19

I was so upset and scared, that for many

                                                     Psalm 32
days right after class I would lock myself
in my room. I was in no shape to see
other people.
     For comfort, I turned to Hebrews 11,
the faith chapter, and found answers.
Hebrews 11 showed that even against
any physical impossibility, God made              Oh, what a joy for those whose rebellion is forgiv-
and still makes things possible. It was so    en, whose sin is put out or sight! Yes, what a joy for
inspiring to me that I shared it with my
residence director. Although it did not       those whose record the Lord has cleared of sin,
seem to help her, you never know how          whose lives are lived in complete honesty!
God uses that sort of thing.
                                                  When I refused to confess my sin, I was weak and
     I also turned to Yes I Am by Norman
Grubb. Through reading it and the Bible,      miserable, and I groaned all day ling. Day and night
I slowly realized and decided to believe      your hand of discipline was heavy on me. My
that I was a vessel and a container of
Christ. The most fitting passage I read       strength evaporated like water in the summer of
from Norman’s Yes I Am states: “Now if        heat.
we were in the old two-nature conflict,           Finally, I confessed all my sins to you and stopped
we should be swinging between faith
and doubt, but we, knowing we are He in       trying to hide them. I said to myself, “I will confess
us, dissolve the temptation by saying,        my rebellion to the Lord.” And you forgave me! All my
‘I’m not taking that temptation to doubt.
That is an external assault on me. I’m not
                                              guilt is gone. Therefore, let all the godly confess their
double—I’m single. And Christ is my           rebellion to you while there is time, that they may not
wisdom.’ The stand of faith dissolves the     drown in the floodwaters of judgment.
doubt” (pg 159).
     We believers have Christ living              For you are my hiding place; you protect me from
through us even when we are doubting.         trouble. You surround me with songs of victory. The
Doubt is just a temptation. In fact, it is
                                              Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway
an external conflict, not Satan’s spirit of
doubt in us. The greats in Hebrews 11         for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Do
had faith against any physical impossi-       not be like a senseless horse or mule that needs a
bility—against any temptation to doubt.
Like Norman said, “Faith will overcome        bit and bridle to keep it under control.”
doubt.” When I have doubts, I know it is          Many sorrows come to the wicked, but unfailing
only a temptation. I put my faith in
                                              love surrounds those who trust the Lord. So rejoice
Christ, and He overcomes the doubt. He
overcomes the doubt, not me.                  in the Lord and be glad, all you who obey him! Shout
                                              for joy, all you whose hearts are pure!
Crystal is a sophomore at Olivet
Nazarene University in Illinois. She is a                                    –New Living Translation
member of the cross country team and
is majoring in Elementary Education.
20   THE INTERCESSOR          SUMMER 2001

Youth Camp Report
by Scott Prewitt

     Summer Camp has come and gone              ing their Bible stories.                       storybook. This age group really set the
again this year, and once again the youth            The next group up worked all week         stage for more serious study and under-
program was a big hit. Each time I think        on a puppet show for the rest of the youth     standing of God’s word as they grow
we find more and more fun activities for        at camp. This group studied the New            older, and I can promise that they will be
the young people, plus the children keep        Testament story of the lame man who was        ready!
learning more and more about God the            lowered through the roof by his friends in          The oldest group studied the book of
Father, Jesus the Son, and the Living Holy      order to be seen by Jesus. On the last day     Esther, and appropriately, this group was
Spirit.                                         of camp, they told the story to the rest of    all girls this year. Esther tells about a
     Camp started on Friday night as usual      us in the form of a puppet show, and they      young beautiful Jewish girl who becomes
with a time of singing and fellowship for       did a super job. All week these young peo-     queen of Persia in a most unlikely way. Of
everyone, and by Saturday morning we            ple spent time making their puppets from       course, nothing is unlikely in God’s king-
really hit the ground running, wasting no       scratch, plus they had their own specially     dom. God’s hand steers events so that
time. We divide the youth up into age           designed stage for the show. They spent        Esther can be in position to appeal to the
groups appropriate to be together,                                                                   king to save the Jews after an evil
and each group has two counselors                                                                    royal counselor orders that all the
that teach Bible lessons throughout                                                                  Jews in the kingdom be killed.
the week. This is the heart and soul                                                                 Esther’s story is one of great courage
of camp and the focus of everything                                                                  as well as wit and diplomacy. I had
we do. Each group has a central                                                                      the pleasure of working with the
theme or book of the Bible that they                                                                 young women in this group to teach
study for the week, and the teachers                                                                 them about Esther. I really enjoyed
do a excellent job working with the                                                                  showing these ladies that God uses
age group they are teaching.                                                                         women and men alike to get the job
     The youngest group worked this year        lots of time practicing and working on         done, and each and every day, our obedi-
on stories from the Old Testament. Some of      their production, and it really paid off in    ence to His will always makes an impact
them included Joshua at Jericho and Daniel      the end. The show was wonderful and            on the world around us.
in the lion’s den. This group always loves      they all were proud of the job they did.            Truly, the Bible lessons are the focal
to make crafts and costumes that go along            The next group up spent their week        point of our camp, but we have lots and
with what they are learning, and it’s a great   studying lessons from the book of John in      lots of activities each year, and this year
way to help them learn and make it fun. I       the New Testament. Wow! They covered           we seemed to pack more in than ever
particularly enjoyed the lion costumes they     lots of ground and learned so much about       before. Several years ago, we began incor-
made out of simple brown paper grocery          Jesus, the Son of God. This group really       porating a community service work proj-
bags. The lions came complete with tails,       takes studying their Bibles very seriously,    ect into camp. This year, we decided to go
and the outfits looked great. The youngest      and this is the right time for them to start   back to a place back in the woods of the
ones also marched around camp like the          developing the desire to read God’s word.      mountains here called the Genesis
Israelites did around Jericho to help learn     These nine to twelve year-olds showed          Project. This organization is practically
the story of the conquering of the Promised     that they could read their own Bibles to       one local woman’s crusade to save wild
Land. They blew kazoos like they were           study about God and Jesus rather than be       animals that have been injured or become
trumpets, and they had a great time learn-      taught more simple lessons from a Bible        too sick to survive in their natural habitat.
                                                                                                 SUMMER 2001     THE INTERCESSOR         21

Numerous types of birds, raccoons,              the beauty of the mountains.                    Creator’s work.”
groundhogs and rabbits are just a few of             Tuesday night was another enjoyable             On Thursday, we again put on a carni-
the animals that she takes in and cares for     night as we traveled an hour away to see a      val for all of camp including adults and
until they are ready to be released back        Hickory Crawdads baseball game. The             youth alike. We came up with this idea last
into the woods. Our youth camp spent            Crawdads are the single A affiliate of the      year, and everyone enjoyed it so much that
time helping Genesis clear areas for new        Pittsburgh Pirates, and the stadium sits in     we did it again this year. Everyone really
cages so that Genesis can increase the          the foothills of the mountains. It is a beau-   enjoyed games such as the water gun race,
number of animals it can house. Plus, all       tiful place to watch a ballgame. God pro-       the Grand Prize Game, the apple bob, and
of the children really enjoyed seeing the       vided us a special treat by taking negative     the cakewalk. The most popular attraction
animals up-close. In fact, while we were        circumstances and turning them into a           though still is the air walk. Many of the
there working, the local sheriff brought in     blessing for us. It had rained most of the      younger youths, however, made out like
a baby deer that was injured by the road        afternoon at the ballpark, so our picnic was    bandits this year playing in the sand. We
side. The young people really appreciated       going to be cancelled. However, the             took a sandbox and added pennies, nick-
being able to make a difference by having       Crawdads set us up in an indoor skybox          els, dimes, quarters, and golden dollars,
a part in helping God’s creatures in the        where we could watch the ballgame and           then we let the children gather as much of
animal kingdom.                                 watch all of the youth in a more controlled     the money as they could find. Some of our
     On Sunday afternoon, we all went to        environment. The skybox came complete           more aggressive youngsters left with over
a concert of a most unusual kind. This was      with all of the hamburgers and hotdogs we       ten dollars in coins. The climax to the car-
a one-man show performed by a guy who           could eat, and we even had our own private      nival came with a new addition this
makes musical instruments out of junk he        restroom. Right in front of our box was a       year….the dunking booth. Several of the
finds in garage sales, dumpsters, and trash     set of private box seats outside so we could    youth counselors were chosen as “volun-
cans. Pots, pans, bottles, cans, wash-          enjoy the convenience of an indoor box as       teers,” but it was all in good, wet fun.
boards, and saw blades were just a few of       well as the enjoyment of outdoor seats at            Every year I say, “This was the best
the items he used to perform percussion         the ballpark.                                   camp ever,” and I am glad to say it again
pieces that were high in energy and enter-           On Wednesday we went on a nature           after this year. I love my job as youth
tainment. The show was done in an audi-         hike right under Grandfather Mountain           camp director, and I am grateful that God
ence friendly format that included partici-     off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. God has          has put me here to help lead the children
pation from the crowd. At the end of the        blessed me with the privilege of traveling      in His way. Our camp is a fantastic mix of
show, everyone was invited to take up dif-      over three continents, but I believe one of     serious Bible study along with old-fash-
ferent “instruments” that he brought along      the most beautiful and stunning places on       ioned fun. The children never seem to get
as extras. Our girls and guys from camp         earth is the mountains at Grandfather. The      bored, and the counselors always come
became performers as the whole audience         hike up the trail is well maintained by the     away with a great sense of accomplish-
played along.                                   U.S. Park Service, so most of the age           ment. I take my responsibility of teaching
     Everyone at camp looked forward to         groups at camp were able to take this hike.     and training these young people in the
Monday as they do every year. This is the       Along the way, there are several places to      ways of God our Father seriously, and
day we take the older youth inner tubing        stop and soak in the view, and it is awe-       summer camp is our special time each
down the new river while the younger youth      some. Whenever I take this hike, I always       year to make it happen all at once. I am
go to a local amusement park called             stop and wonder how anyone could                already looking forward to next summer,
Tweetsie Railroad. We kept the outdoor          believe that there is no God who made the       and I hope to see you there.
theme through Monday evening as we went         earth. We were all reminded that God’s
on an old-fashioned hayride. The moun-          majesty is really His fingerprint on the        Scott Prewitt is the youth director of
tains are a beautiful backdrop to spend time    world around us. Finally at the top of the      Zerubbabel Ministries. He lives in
together worshiping God and His great cre-      hike, everyone enjoyed a special treat as       Blowing Rock, North Carolina and is an
ation. We traveled the back roads of the area   wild blueberries grow everywhere, and           owner/ manager of Back Yard Burgers in
singing praise songs to God as we enjoyed       we enjoyed truly enjoyed the “fruits of the     Boone, Lenoir and Hickory.

A Young Woman’s Search
by Joanna Langley

    On the eve of Easter Sunday, God      ly the same is true of wisdom. I knew      moment, a sudden stillness came
guided me through a series of ques-       there was more to see and as I lay in      upon the room and I felt very afraid.
tions I had on my heart about wis-        the dark, I realised I could ask God to    My heart was beating faster as I read
dom. This experience is very pre-         show me, and He would (James 1:5).         “Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of
cious to me and I would like to share     Seconds after asking Him, I saw an         wisdom” (Prov. 9:10). God showed
it with you.                              image of a huge bunch of flower            me in many more verses that wisdom
    Proverbs (a favourite book of         buds. In the space of a second or two      is a Person. In particular, I read
mine) tells us that “getting wisdom       they grew and exploded into magnifi-       Proverbs 8—a chapter that intrigues
is the most important thing you can       cent flowers in full bloom (similar to     me—in a new light. Wisdom is talk-
do!” (Proverbs 4:7). This verse is so     the way nature shows speed up the          ing: “The Lord formed me from the
clear and precise I couldn’t ignore it.   film to illustrate the process of flower   beginning, before he created any-
Proverbs is packed with verses like       growth). Immediately I sat up and          thing else. I was appointed in ages
this about wisdom and these had left      thought, “Wow—what was that?” I            past at the very first, before the earth
me hungry to find out how I can get       tried to visualise the image again but     began.” Then as I read Colossians
my hands on some! Then God’s              couldn’t. I knew it was from God           1:15 I made the connection: “Christ
light shone.                              and wondered what He was illustrat-        is the visible image of the invisible
    On Saturday night I read that “A      ing. Then I remembered again how           God. He existed before God made
wise person is hungry for truth,          Norman talks about receptivity and         anything at all and is supreme over
while the fool feeds on trash” (Prov.     utilisation through abiding in the         all creation. Christ is the one through
15:14). “That’s it!” I thought. “I have   vine: “…though the vine is the life        whom God created everything in
been hungry for truth—this means I        and the branch the channel, yet the        heaven and earth. He existed before
am wise!” This seemed like good           branch does things—it utilises the         everything else began and he holds
news to me and I sat back in my bed,      sap and produces leaf and flower and       all creation together.” Jesus Christ is
excited at the thought, but within a      fruit.” I thought that maybe this is       Wisdom. Therefore, as a vessel con-
few seconds I realised how inde-          what wisdom is—the fruit of recep-         taining Jesus Christ, I have wis-
pendent that statement was. I knew        tivity. As we continue to say yes to       dom—I have the Person! Further
as a vessel I could do nothing apart      Christ (receptivity) and be obedient       confirmation came in 1 Corinthians
from Christ (John 15:4) and was left      to all God has shown us thus far (util-    1:30: “God alone made it possible for
wondering, “So what is wisdom?”           ising the sap—Christ) we bear the          you to be in Christ Jesus. For our
    In “The Key To Everything,”           fruit of wisdom and grow and blos-         benefit God made Christ to be wis-
Norman describes how he used to           som in our faith, just like the flowers.   dom itself. He is the one who made
think he could have love and power             However, God had more for me          us acceptable to God and He gave
channeled into him, and he would          to see. My eyes fell on Romans             himself to purchase our freedom.”
then be more loving and more power-       16:27, “To God, who alone is wise.”        Hallelujah!
ful. God showed him that this was         As I realised I was wanting what                While this is wonderful news for
impossible, as love is a Person—          Norman wanted, to be wiser, God            all of us, it is important also to
Him! (1John 4:8). I thought that sure-    told me “No, only I am wise!” At that      remember that each of us is still
                                                                                      SUMMER 2001   THE INTERCESSOR   23

responsible for utilising the sap.             So our free will and God’s sover-
God cannot reveal His wisdom               eign control over His universe are real-        Norman Grubb’s
through us if we do not take the light     ly not in conflict. When we realize that
we have already been given and
walk in that light. “To whom much
has been given, much will be
                                           we are not independent selves, but ves-
                                           sels operated by one of two spirits, we
                                           can see that our free choice is not the
                                                                                      The Law
required; to whom much has been
entrusted even more will be
                                           ability to control our actions, but our
                                           fundamental response of obedience or
demanded” (Luke 13:48).

Joanna is a part-time student and works
                                           disobedience to God. Free will is a
                                           central doctrine of the Christian faith,
                                           for without free will, we could not be
at Tesco in Leicester, England.            held responsible for our actions, and
                                           God’s judgment would be a mockery.          REPRINTED!
                                           On the other hand, unless God were
                                           sovereign, His promises could not be
Bible Study:                               trusted, for He would lack sufficient
God’s Sovereignty and                      control over His universe to ensure that
Freewill                                   their fulfillment. Fortunately for us,
continued from page 11
                                           God is both sovereign and entirely lov-
                                           ing in giving humanity the same free-
though with a far different purpose in     dom that He Himself possesses.
mind. The only real—though totally
free—choice we have is to determine        Brett has an M.A. in New Testament and
whether we will be vessels of Christ or    a Th. M. in Biblical Theology from
of Satan. As Paul has said, “Now in a      Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
large house there are not only gold and    and is currently working on his doctor-
silver vessels, but also vessels of wood   ate at the University of Durham in
and of earthenware, and some to honor      England. He currently lives in
and some to dishonor. Therefore, if        Poughkeepsie, New York, and is a
anyone cleanses himself from these         Zerubbabel Contact and Teacher-
things, he will be a vessel for honor,     Sharer.
sanctified, useful to the Master, pre-
pared for every good work” (2 Tim
                                                                                       •   Larger Print
2:20-21). We can be vessels of honor
or of dishonor, of Christ or of Satan.            2001                                 •   Easier To Read
We may not control what these two                                                      •   Unedited from the
spirits do through us, but we are               Conference
responsible for the consequences,
since it is our choice that determined
which spirit operated us. That is why
                                              British Fall Conference
                                                                                      Available NOW from
God can hold us accountable for our           October 19-21, 2001
actions, even though we do not direct-        Contact: Meryl Langley
ly control those actions: our free            01604 711016
choice determined which spirit is             011 44 1604 711016 (from USA)
expressed in our actions.                                                             Zerubbabel           Press
24   THE INTERCESSOR         SUMMER 2001

The Sole Function
of the Human
by Norman Grubb

    There is only really One Person in        went on to call us all “earthen vessels”.   Receptivity is the simplest, most child-
the universe—God Himself. The cre-            Not even tin cans, but nearer to crack-     like human function. In Bible terms, it
ation is the means of manifesting Him.        pots! Humbling, self-emptying, an           is not works, but faith. But what we
Human beings, created as persons in           offense to any man not enlightened to       have to re-learn is that receptivity is
His image, only exist to contain and          facts by the Spirit of God. But let us      not a function, but the function. All
manifest Him as The Person, for they          get it plain, and without equivocation.     other functions are by-products. The
alone as persons can do that. But like-       If God is the All, and we are merely the    whole of life is a parable of this. Is not
wise, being persons, and therefore            means of His Self-manifestation, is it      everything some form of the self-giv-
self-conscious and free, they can and         not a fact that we must be just contain-    ing of God? And do we not totally live
did refuse to “retain God in their            ers? “Christ is all and in all.” “Temple”   by what we receive—food, air, the
knowledge,” and thus became the con-                                                      floorboards beneath our feet, the
tainers of the false spirit of self-love in                                               clothes on our backs? And in most
                                                 Life is surely based on
place of the Divine Spirit of self-giv-                                                   cases something has died to give us
ing. The way they became like this,              receptivity, and the Bible               life. Life is surely based on receptivity,
and the way back, we will go into later.         word for receptivity is faith.           and the Bible word for receptivity is
    But at the moment I want to stress           Can anything be simpler?                 faith. Can anything be simpler? How
most plainly the complementary fact              How wonderfully God has                  wonderfully God has made us: to live,
to God being the only real Person. It is         made us: to live, spiritually            spiritually and materially, by exercis-
that we humans are basically contain-            and materially, by exercising            ing a capacity which is as near as pos-
ers, and nothing else. I have already            a capacity which is as near              sible to doing nothing—just receiving.
referred to our misconception of the                                                      Not reaching up to drag things down,
                                                 as possible to doing noth-
function of the human self, and here it                                                   but things poured upon us in such
                                                 ing—just receiving.
is. Through the self-sufficiency we                                                       abundance that we just open our
inherited from the Fall, we instinctive-                                                  mouths and they are filled: and the gift
ly regard ourselves as something very         is another like metaphor, for a temple      of gifts we receive is Himself.
much more than containers. “Vessels”          has no reason for existence except to            Wait a minute, you may object, but
the Bible calls us; it was the first          house its god: “Ye are the temples of       we do have to act also. Certainly, activ-
description given by the Ascended             the living God; as God hath said, I will    ity is a product of receptivity, but not a
Christ of the most dynamic Christian          dwell in them, and walk in them.”           substitute for it. But remember we said
of history, the Apostle Paul: “He is a            The point then is that a vessel or      that we must take extreme measures to
chosen vessel unto Me”: just a vessel,        temple has only one function (and you       expel the human self from its false
that was all. Were all the dynamism,          will remember that we humans have a         position before we can replace it in its
the wisdom, the revelations, the pas-         misconception of the function of the        true one. Certainly, we are real per-
sionate love, the self-sacrifice then         human self). Activity is not the func-      sons. We think, we will, we act. Yet it
attributes of the vessel, or of Him           tion of a vessel, but receptivity. Here     is not safe or even true for us to regard
whom it contained? And Paul himself           we reach right down to the roots.           ourselves as such until first we have
                                                                                         SUMMER 2001    THE INTERCESSOR        25

“died” to our independent selves, and      that relationship Jesus underlined the      itself as basically containing the Other,
begun the life of constant recognition     fact that we, the branches, are merely      motivated by The Other, He living His
(reception) of Another as the Real Self    channels of the sap from the vine. A        own life and expressing His own Self
in us. We must start at the bottom and     branch is more than a channel,              through ourselves; yet we freely in
remain forever at the bottom—mere          because a branch is alive whereas a         action, just as if it was we, thinking,
containers, vessels, capable only of       pipe is not, and a branch does absorb       willing, working, laughing, talking,
receiving, and with no other capability.   and utilize the sap to produce the fruit.   living as normal human beings in nor-
    Do we see then what this means?        It is not entirely inactive, though         mal situations, and the world thinking
Not that we have a life to live with God   entirely dependent. But it was the          it is just we, except for something
as our helper. Not that we must pray       dependence Jesus was pointing to:           unusual they can’t identify about us.
more, give more, love more, witness        “apart from Me, ye can do nothing.”         What? We know: “your life is hid with
more. Not basically that we are God’s      So that illustration is taking us one       Christ in God . . . Christ our life.”
partners or fellows or co-workers, but     further than the vessel. First, we are           But to get all this into focus, we
that God Himself is the All in us. He is   merely containers. Then, having             must probe deeper. To recapitulate,
the One who prays, gives, loves, wit-      absorbed and accepted that fact, we         God is the one real Person who lives.
nesses. He lives our life, our common      are more. We are united to Him whom         We live as persons, so that our derived
everyday life—as we shall see more         we contain in a way a vessel can never      personalities can be the means of man-
clearly later.                             be united to the liquid in it. We are       ifesting Him. Humanity, as all cre-
    When we have really seen this,         united because we are living people as      ation, lives, exists by His life, all are
then we can add to it the other fact—      He is the Living Person; yet in that        forms of Him; but we being persons,
that we humans are obviously more          union, as branch to vine, we remain as      spirits, are the only creatures who can
than inanimate pots and pans. We are       totally dependent as the vessel.            refuse to be what we were made to
people! Humanity has spent all the         Without the sap flowing through us,         be—persons who contain The Person.
years of its history running amok with     we can do nothing. Yet it is this time a    This is what happened, we humans
the claim to be autonomous selves,         living dependence, for we are to            receiving and containing another spir-
like a horse with the bit between its      “abide in the Vine.”                        it—the satanic spirit of self-love, the
teeth. Therefore again we say, active          Once more then, Paul’s illustration     enemy of God. Thus, though we live
self must be thrown right out, as it       takes us further. We are body to head.      and move and have our being in Him,
were, and replaced by receptive self,      Again that makes one Person, just as it     we actually live the life that is the
before we can allow the usurper back       was one Tree. So one that the Bible         exact contrary of His, the life of self-
into favour again. But if the expulsion    even speaks of the body (not the head)      centredness; we express the reverse of
has taken place once and for all, and      as Christ (1 Cor. 12:12). Yet the body      God, and are therefore in His No, not
the lesson learned, then the self-in-      is as solely the agent of the head, as      His Yes; in His wrath, not His good
action can be recognized again in its      branch of vine. The total dependence        pleasure; in His darkness, not His
rightful function, although all our        is maintained. The union is main-           light; in His judgments, not His mercy.
lives it will have to be reminded of       tained. But in head and body, the activ-    How then can we become that for
where it belongs and snubbed when it       ity of the members comes to the fore.       which we were created? Nothing can
tries to take over again. Its rightful     A body is made for action. A head is        function harmoniously, except accord-
place and function is portrayed for us     useless without a body, so the body in      ing to the laws of its being. Humanity
by Christ’s parable of the Vine and        Eph. 1:23 is specifically spoken of as      in all its history is thus so patently out
branch, and Paul’s analogy of Head         the fullness of the head, as the head of    of gear, right down to each of our per-
and body. The Vine and branch truth        the body. They are necessary to each        sonal lives. How can we get into gear?
emphasizes the indissoluble union of       other. So here we come back full circle
Christ and the believer. We are organi-    to active self, but dead, risen and                          –from God Unlimited
cally one. One tree, one life; yet in      ascended, and thus forever knowing

The Ravages of Pornography
by Fowler Cooper

     This article discusses the effects of    is good or bad, right or wrong.             pornography to arouse themselves both
pornography from my perspective as a               Regrettably however, the fact that a   prior to and during their assaults.
marriage and family counselor. Before         behavior is sin often does not deter peo-   Interviews with assault victims con-
doing that, however, I want to take a         ple from doing it, and this is why God,     ducted by Dr. Mimi Silbert of San
quick look at what God says about             in His grace, provides consequences.        Francisco and by Ayala Pines of
pornography. First Corinthians 6:19-20        The use of pornography is no excep-         Berkeley echo these studies. Without
states: “Don’t you know that your body        tion—the consequences are great and         being asked, 24% of the women who
is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who         often tragic. Of course, the defenders of   had been raped said that their attackers
lives in you and was given to you by          pornography would have us believe           specifically mentioned their use of
God? You do not belong to yourself for        otherwise. They say that pornography is     pornography as they raped them.
God bought you with a high price. So          harmless entertainment. Some even           Similarly, 22% of those molested as
you must honor God with your body.”           argue that pornography can act as a         children said that the molester had
In Genesis 1:26-27, God tells us that we      “safety-valve” to keep potential sex        either used pornography or mentioned
are made in His likeness and image.           offenders from acting out criminally.1      its use while enacting the crime.1 A
Both passages refer to our bodies as               Research has strongly suggested        study conducted by the Michigan State
houses through which God wants to             that pornography is not harmless enter-     Police showed that, out of 48,000 sex
work. God is sacrificial love for others.     tainment and that it does not work as a     offenders, 42% of them used pornogra-
Pornography is purely for the self-grati-     “safety valve.” In a nationwide study,      phy either before or during the sexual
fication of the user and is debasing and      University of New Hampshire                 assault.2 There are many other specific
disrespectful to God’s house (the body)       researchers Larry Baron and Murray          rape and molestation studies that indi-
by the modeling participant. How then         Straus found a “strong statistical link     cate the same apparent connections.
can the Holy Spirit work through such         between the circulation rates of porno-         In an FBI study, the bureau inter-
bodies? He can’t. So, scripturally there      graphic magazines and rape rates.” In       viewed 36 serial murderers and found
is no way to reconcile pornography            states where circulation rates were high,   that 29 of them or 81% identified
with God.                                     they found that rape rates were also        pornography as one of their highest sex-
     God designed humans to reproduce         high. Conversely, where circulation         ual interests. The Attorney General’s
sexually, and the sexual drive is a won-      rates were low, rape rates tended to be     Commission on Pornography also
derful gift from God. The Apostle Paul        low as well.1 This correlation does not     found a link between pornography and
makes it very clear that it should be uti-    unequivocally show a casual link            rape. The diverse 11 member commis-
lized to the full within its proper con-      between pornography and rape, but it        sion, which disagreed on many things,
text. That context, however, is only in       certainly makes it harder to justify        unanimously ruled that “in both clinical
marriage and only in a giving way with        pornography as harmless entertainment       and experimental settings, exposure to
one’s marriage partner, not simply for        or as a safety valve.                       sexually violent materials has indicated
self-gratification. The Holy Spirit living         Several other studies, which           an increase in the likelihood of aggres-
out through believers is for others, not      entailed extensive interviews with          sion,” and that aggressive behavior
for self. This is all we really need to       rapists, incest offenders, and child        directed at women will cause an
know—since pornography and its use            molesters, also suggested this cause-       increase in the level of sexual violence
are ungodly, it is sin. The fact that it is   and-effect relationship by finding that     against women. An earlier study found
sin ends any discussion about whether it      many of these sex offenders used                                  continued on page 29
                                                                                           SUMMER 2001   THE INTERCESSOR         27

My Story of Sexual Addiction

     From a young age, my parents            not have to risk anything to have a rela-    parents grounded me for the summer,
never instructed me how to live in the       tionship with them. The fact that they       and I decided to straighten out my life
real world. I was always reading some-       were in these magazines exposing             and follow Jesus. I quit all of the bla-
thing—this was my escape from reali-         themselves to me was enough to               tant outward sinful lifestyle—with one
ty. This maybe sounds good to many,          instantly satisfy my drive for a relation-   exception. I hung on to a couple of
but I was allowed to do it all the time to   ship. Or was it enough? I was certainly      pornographic magazines.
the exclusion of any skills needed for       satisfied after each incident, but as in          My freshman year at college, God
living life. Consequently, I grew up in a    any addiction, one begins to build a tol-    was gracious enough to give me a
fantasy world where everything always        erance so that he needs something            Christian roommate. Soon I felt too
worked out if you just kept turning the      more, something bigger, something            guilty to continue to keep the pornogra-
pages. This kind of mentality condi-         better. Through the years, I would           phy and finally threw it away. I quit my
tioned me perfectly to enter the world       spend lots of time experimenting with        sexual sin for a time, mainly because I
of sexual bondage.                           all kinds of perverted things I read in      was excited about college and the
     When puberty hit with all its phys-     these magazines. By God’s grace, I           opportunity to fellowship with
ical and emotional chaos, I resorted to      never acted out physically with another      Christians my age. Having grown up in
the way I had already been resolving         person; nevertheless, anyone who was         a small church in a small town, being
my life—through fantasy. As a child I        in my life was victimized by my sin.         away at college was a tremendous expe-
escaped through books; as an adoles-              There were many times during            rience to me. I acted out less—during
cent I escaped through pornography. I        those years when I would hate what I         semester breaks or when I felt lonely or
certainly was not helped by my parents,      was doing, ask God for forgiveness, and      bored—but I was never totally clean.
particularly my dad. Through the years,      try to start anew to no avail. The conse-         As college progressed, I found
I would often find where he kept his         quences and feelings of guilt I had did      myself less enthralled with the experi-
personal stash of pornography. For           not outweigh the high that I loved so        ence. The discipline and the responsi-
some years this was in his nightstand        much in doing it. As I have come to          bility needed to be successful in college
by the bedside, so I know that my            understand how Satan worked through          overwhelmed me. Things got particu-
mother must have been aware of it. But       my life (with my cooperation), I can see     larly bad shortly after my junior year
as far as I could tell, she did nothing      how I allowed Satan to convince me           began and my mother died. There I was,
about it. By the time I was 13, I became     that it was a price worth paying.            a young adult unable to cope with the
obsessed with obtaining pornography               As long as I can remember, I had        depression of my mother dying and my
for myself, whether I got it from            always gone to church and Sunday             growing struggles in school. Growing
friends, or stole it, or found it in the     school and had always believed in God        up, I had simply not developed the emo-
dumpster of the local quick-mart. I          and the Bible and the fact that He had       tional and spiritual tools I now desper-
would hide it in my room and then pre-       sent His Son to die for my sins. I was       ately needed. I began to draw into
tend to read in bed while having the         always drawn to anything spiritual but       myself and handle life’s pressures the
door cracked open enough so that I           continued to act out sexually as well as     way I always had—through fantasy, in
could stash it under my covers if some-      drink and occasionally do drugs              particular by acting out sexually.
one was coming up the stairs.                throughout high school. The summer                Over the next 6 years, my life grad-
     The women in pornography were           before my first year of college, I finally   ually began to become more and more
always beautiful and perfect, and I did      got caught drinking and partying. My         miserable. Sure, there were many

moments when I would have some              mind, Satan has one more inroad he can         so that you might bring glory to Him by
clarity on what my life in Christ could     use to tempt me into sinning. The effort       your testimony of remaining a virgin
be. But even these revelations only fur-    it takes to diligently commit to solving       for the rest of your life. Whatever the
ther depressed me as I continued to         long term problems often feels too             case, please guard this God-given gift,
engage in sexual sin. The more I            overwhelming and at times impossible.          and do not allow Satan to pervert it by
sinned, the less capable I was of func-     Responsible behavior that to many has          pornography and other sexual sin. The
tioning in life. The less capable I was,    been a lifelong habit begun in youth and       Bible states that human sexuality is one
the more I ran to my sin to escape. I       done quite naturally as an adult is often      of the most important pictures of our
recently read a book on sexual addic-       a struggle for me. I liken many of these       relationship with Him, and Satan, who
tion in which the author likened it to a    skills to mastering languages: people          knows this fact, does all he can to
deep dark canyon in your mind. This         who learn a language as a youth find it        tempting us to misuse this gift so he can
description had an impact on me as I        much easier to use as an adult.                destroy us and pervert God’s plan.
thought about how I had worn that                Many addicts indulge in self-pity              If you have already committed sex-
stream of sexual sin as a young person      or expect pity from others, as if their        ual sin or are regularly committing sex-
into a terrible canyon. No part of my       consequences have just come upon               ual sin, stop! You have chosen to be an
life was left unaffected.                   them for no reason. But just like any          enemy of God by tearing apart his
     Eventually, with the help of the       other addict, I chose to sin and reaped        beautiful gift. If you have become
ministry that produces this magazine, I     what was due me. It did not have to be         addicted to this sin as I was, you are
became accountable to others and hon-       this way. Had I remained pure in this          destroying something within yourself
estly took stock of the sin in my life—     area and lived a relatively sin free life, I   as well as harming all those around
not just my sexual sin, but the attitudes   still would have the weakness of sim-          you. You do not know to what depths
and believing behind it. This process of    ply being a human as is common to all          this addiction can take you. You have
coming clean has been unnecessarily         including Jesus, but I would not have          Satan calling the shots in your life.
long, with me turning back to my for-       had to deal with the ongoing conse-            Confess your sin to another Christian
mer sin life several times. But God has     quences that sin brings about. At any          who is committed to living life as it is
been merciful to me again and again,        time I had a way out (the Bible makes          laid out in the Bible. Ask God for his
giving me opportunities to confess my       this quite clear), and yet I chose to con-     forgiveness and begin establishing
sin, repent, and make restitution to        tinue defying God and His law. One of          right habits, knowing that it is Jesus
those I’ve harmed.                          God’s many paradoxes is that these             Christ living His Life through you.
     Now here I am, a man approaching       consequences are also God’s blessings.         Continue to be accountable to someone
middle age, getting to live a life that I   These areas of weakness in my life are         so that you will not choose this path
do not deserve and would not have apart     what continue to drive me into know-           again. So often, what helps to trigger
from God’s grace. Let me make some-         ing that only by believing on a                sexual sin are thoughts and feelings of
thing perfectly clear though: my sin has    moment-by-moment basis that Christ             resentment, self-pity, and fear. These
not come without painful consequences       is living His life through me will I bear      are not necessarily sin, but we have to
that will affect my loved ones and me       any of His fruit in my life.                   take each one captive and let Christ
for the rest of my life. God’s grace is          If you are a young person who is          swallow them up in victory.
not an elixir for these consequences.       just now experiencing the trials of your            If you are someone who needs
My family and friends will probably         developing sexuality, or if you are one        help, please seek it now! Don’t let
always have a fear that I will choose       who has already begun sexual sin,              Satan use you as an instrument of
this sin route whenever my life gets        please take this message to heart. God         destruction. If you don’t know anyone
tough. I have thousands of pornograph-      has given you a great gift in your sexu-       you can trust, please contact any of the
ic images in my brain that I can never      ality that he possibly wants you to share      people listed as in the back of this mag-
erase and that regularly flash in my        with someone else in the context of            azine. God so wants you to be a clean
mind. With each image I placed in my        marriage. To some he has given this gift       vessel for Him. Make it happen.
                                                                                             SUMMER 2001            THE INTERCESSOR                     29

The Ravages of                                can move beyond the question of              rooms, and adultery. Part of this process
                                              whether pornography has an influence         is alienation from the spouse who is not
Pornography                                   on violence and family functioning.3         acting out, which is what normally
continued from page 26
                                              Dolf Zillmann and Jennings Bryant            brings them to therapy. The alienation is
that 86% of rapists admitted regular use      demonstrated in a study that pornogra-       usually caused by a breach of trust and
of pornography, with 57% admitting            phy can diminish a person’s sexual hap-      a sense of insufficiency on the part of
actual imitation of pornography scenes        piness. They discovered that people          the non-acting out spouse. It then
in committing their crimes.2                  exposed to non-violent pornography           becomes very difficult to rebuild that
     There are several specific cases that    reported diminished satisfaction with        sense of trust and sufficiency, and a
profoundly underscore the connection          their partner’s physical appearance,         breach exists in the partnership for a
between pornography and crime. One of         affection, curiosity, and sexual perform-    long time, even if the offending partner
these cases is that of Ted Bundy, who         ance. Those exposed to pornography           ceases acting out.
was executed January 24, 1989 at a            were also inclined to put more impor-             There is no way to defend involve-
Florida state prison for the sex slaying of   tance on sex without emotional involve-      ment in pornography—it is sin. It
a 12-year-old girl. Dr. James Dobson of       ment. Zillmann and Bryant suggested          defiles God’s house, the body; it
Focus on the Family Ministry inter-           that sexual dissatisfaction could “insti-    destroys relationships; and it can lead to
viewed Bundy the day before his execu-        gate many men and women to seek out          increasingly dangerous and even crimi-
tion. Bundy said categorically that           conditions that promise more and better      nal behavior. If you are involved in
pornography fueled his murder of many         sexually gratifying experiences.”1           pornography, stop. Find counsel in a
women and girls. Bundy went from                   In my marriage and family therapy       mature Christian friend or, if you are
soft-core pornography (drug store mag-        practice, I have personally seen prob-       able, in a Christian counselor.
azines as he put it) as a boy of 12 or 13     lems caused by pornography among
years old to even more explicit, potent,      some of my clients. Even soft-core porn      Fowler is a Marriage nad Family
graphic and hard-core kinds of materials      invariably interferes with a healthy sex-    Therapist in Boone, NC. He and his
to satisfy his craving—much of the            ual relationship with one’s spouse, if for   wife Sanda have two children, Fowler
hard-core pornography employs vio-            no other reason than because it can cre-     (18) and Rebecca Jane (15).
lence against women and implies that          ate a fantasy life that doesn’t exist. It    Endnotes
women actually enjoy being raped              can also interfere with one’s partner by     1 Hartwig, Mark. “Pornography Warps Men’s Attitudes.” Focus on
                                                                                           the Family Citizen. June 15, 1992. (pp. 10-12).
(known as the rape myth). Finally, to         becoming a substitute for the real thing.    2 Reed, Douglas. “Scientific Evidence Shows Pornography is
satisfy his addiction, Bundy began act-       Furthermore, it can lead to hard-core        Harmful.” Focus on the Family Citizen. June 15,1989.
                                                                                           3 Oddone-Paolucci, Elizabeth; Genuis, Mark; Violato, Glandio. The
ing out his pornography-nurtured fan-         activities such as telephone sex, chat       Changing Family and Child Development. (pp. 48-59).

tasies. I have read the transcript of
Bundy’s interview with Dr. Dobson. It is
frightening in part because Ted Bundy
seemingly came from a stable and, as he          To Think About…
put it, “Christian” home, yet with the               When at last we…transfer our believing from our outward suf-
help of pornography, he evolved into             fering conditions and our consequent resistance to them and our
one of the worst serial killers in history.      defiance of Himself in them, and believe in Him and His word of
Pornography was assuredly not a safety           grace with no strings of questioning attached, then we have
valve for Ted Bundy.
                                                 found the key and turned it in the lock: our real suffering was our
     In an analysis of 46 published stud-
                                                 inner unbelief. We now see through to Him alone who purposed
ies, evidence confirmed an increased
risk of negative development in individ-         these outer sufferings to establish us—the only way to do so.
uals exposed to pornography. The                                                                                       –Who Am I?
results suggest that research in this area

       Memories from Summer Camp
             SUMMER 2001   THE INTERCESSOR   31

Off to a foggy and fishy start!

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                                             Who Am I?
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Becca Glaser          
                                                                   who died and was raised for them.
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In-House Counselor                                              Making Himself real to us in experience is God’s business.
Fowler Cooper, MBA, MA, MFT                                     Believing Him, quite apart from experience, is our business.
Individual, Marriage, & Family Therapy
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34   THE INTERCESSOR               SUMMER 2001

                             Zerubbabel Tape Ministry
       The following audiotapes are offered as an aide to affirming the Lord’s revelations of “Christ in you.” They will be of interest to those Christians
       who are seeking to further their understanding of living in union with Christ. All tapes have been recorded live at various gatherings and may
       contain some background noise. Editing has been kept to a minimum in order to preserve the precious truths these tapes contain.

NORMAN GRUBB                                            Faith Creates a Reality—To believe into God                Brian examines the basic truths of who we are in
Introduction—Collected teachings and personal           brings about God reality. Believing in ourselves           Christ. Poughkeepsie, NY, 1988. One tape—$5.00
testimony providing an overview of the principles       (just me) is what brings about Satan reality.
that have guided his ministry. Singing Hills, NH,       Cobham, England, 1989. One tape—$5.00                      The Mountain Shall Be a Plain—The word of
1987 Set of two tapes— $10.00                                                                                      faith as illustrated from the word to Zerubbabel in
                                                        “Life Is Difficult”—The joy and glory of life is our       Zechariah 4:6-7. Atlanta, GA, 1988. One tape—$5.00
Suffering—There is no suffering apart from              ability to transcend its difficulties. Poughkeepsie,
                                                        NY, 1990. Set of two tapes—$10.00                          Revelation 16: The Seven Bowls—The inner
glory, and no glory apart from suffering. Singing                                                                  consequences of unbelief are really God’s calling
Hills, NH 1987. One tape—$5.00                                                                                     cards to faith. Jackson, MS, 1989. One tape— $5.00
                                                        In Simple Terms—A practical look at the Total
As He Is, So Are We—An overview of 1 John,              Truth and how it works out in daily living. Blowing
                                                                                                                   Seminar of 1 John—Teaching and group dis-
followed by a discussion of sin in the believer.        Rock, NC, 1998. Set of three tapes—$15.00
                                                                                                                   cussion of major themes in each chapter of this
Baltimore, MD, 1987. One tape— $5.00                                                                               unusual epistle. Baltimore, MD, 1988. Set of three
                                                        Spirit: The Real You—While we are made up of
Abraham (1975)                     2 tapes- $10.00      body, soul, and spirit, the only reality is spirit: lov-
                                                        ing, knowing, and choosing. Blowing Rock, NC,
David (1976)                       3 tapes- $15.00
                                                        1999. One tape—$5.00
                                                                                                                   OTHER SPEAKERS
Elijah-Elisha (1977)               3 tapes- $15.00                                                                 Study of Philemon: Scott Prewitt—Scott
Esther-Mordecai (1975)                1 tape- $5.00                                                                explains that as Paul acted as an advocate for
First John (1976)                  3 tapes- $15.00      BRETT BURROWES                                             Philemon so Christ acts as an advocate for us. Market
Galatians (1976)                   2 tapes- $10.00      The Basics of What We Believe Bible Study—
                                                                                                                   Harborough, England, 1997. One tape—$5.00
Hebrews (1976)                      3 tapes-$15.00      An overview of the Total Truth with an emphasis on
Jacob                              2 tapes- $10.00      the “old man/new man” controversy. Blowing Rock,           Zechariah 4:6,7: Tom Prewitt—The vision for
James (1977)                       2 tapes- $10.00      NC, 1995. Set of two tapes—$10.00                          Zerubbabel. Singing Hills, NH, 1986. One tape—$5.00
Job (1975)                         2 tapes- $10.00                                                                 Satan’s Lie: “We Are The Problem!”: Tom
Jonah (1975)                          1 tape- $5.00     The Heart of the Gospel—How Paul’s gospel
                                                        can make a difference in our lives, as explained in        Prewitt—Tom shares how he confronted this lie
Joseph (1975)                         1 tape- $5.00                                                                in his own life as he recounts the past 18 months
Moses (1975)                       4 tapes- $20.00      Romans 1-8. Blowing Rock, NC, 1994. Set of six
                                                        tapes—$30.00                                               of seeming financial disaster. Hopkinsville, KY,
Philippians                           1 tape- $5.00                                                                1989. One tape—$5.00
Romans (1978)                      5 tapes- $25.00
Samson (1977)                         1 tape- $5.00     The Word of Faith and our Mission—How our
                                                                                                                   Confessions of a Shrimp Peeler: Sanda
II Corinthians (1977)              2 tapes- $10.00      faith brings God’s word into manifestation. Blowing
                                                                                                                   Cooper—Living the life we know to be “Christ as
                                                        Rock, NC, 1995. Set of four tapes—$20.00
                                                                                                                   us.” Blowing Rock, NC, 1985 and 1986. One
PAGE PREWITT                                                                                                       tape— $5.00
Body, Soul & Spirit—Understanding how to see            BRIAN COATNEY
ourselves as God sees us. Blowing Rock, NC,             Just Me—Insights into the operation of independ-           A Life Transformed: Sanda Cooper—
1986. Set of two tapes—$10.00                           ent self. Kingston, NY, 1986. One tape— $5.00              Recalling her years of growing up and the effect
                                                                                                                   of her mother’s alcoholism on her, Sanda shares
No Independent Self—Understanding how                   The Set of Your MInd—A discussion of                       how she moved from isolation and depression to
Satan’s trick works on the believer. Blowing Rock,      Romans 8:6 and life in the Spirit. Singing Hills,          a life totally spent on others. Lanham, MD, 1989.
NC, 1986. One tape—$5.00                                NH, 1985. One tape—$5.00                                   Set of two tapes—$10.00

Alphabet Soup—When the ABC’s of life are all            Freedom: The Foundation of Personhood—                     God’s Plan and How We Fit In: Sanda
scrambled up and even saying “who you are” is not       Understanding the personhood of God and His                Cooper—An in-depth look at who we are and
working. Blowing Rock, NC, 1987. One tape—              operation through us. San Bernadino, CA, 1986.             how we fit into God’s plan for His creation.
$5.00                                                   One tape— $5.00                                            Lanham MD, 1989. Set of four tapes— $20.00

A Pinhole of Light—A personal struggle to find                                                                     Set Free: Fowler Cooper—What began as a
                                                        Free-Fall of Faith—An overview of Romans                   defense mechanism as a child, led to an adult-
the answer to life when all hope is gone.
                                                        chapters 1 to 8 given on two separate occasions.           hood plagued by mind games and mental “traffic.”
Baltimore, MD, 1988, Set of three tapes—$15.00
                                                        Kingston, NY & Baltimore, MD, 1987. Set of two             Fowler shares what finally broke this incessant
Powerless Over Life—Who we are in Christ as it          tapes—$10.00                                               pattern and gave him the freedom to live his life.
relates to the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.                                                               Blowing Rock, NC, 1988. One tape—$5.00
Kingston, NY, 1987. One tape—$5.00                      Side 1: Isaiah 50:10: Walking by Faith In
                                                        Darkness—Walking in faith when there is no wit-            A Message for the Desperate: Scott
Choice—What is it? How does it work? Page               ness of the Spirit. Ft. Washington, PA, 1988.              Breckenridge—Living a life caught in the misery of
answers these questions and explains what true choice                                                              Romans 7, to survive, Scott had to find a total answer
really is. Blowing Rock, NC, 1988. One tape—$5.00       Side 2: Union Truth from the Parables—                     for his life. Dillon, MT, 1989. One tape— $5.00
                                                        Using the 2 parables in Matthew 13 as a springboard,

                                                             To order tapes, please contact:
                       Zerubbabel Press, Pat Mace, PO Box 1710, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 828-295-7982
                        Canadian readers: Tapes are available at same prices in Canadian funds ($5.00 per cassette) from
                                  Iris Taylor, 299 Mill Rd., #1708, Etobicoke, Ont. M9C 4V9; tel. 416-622-3019.
                                              British readers: For price list and to order tapes, contact:
                              Marian Kinahan, 36A Connell Drive, Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland; tel. 045 436006
                                                                                             SUMMER 2001    THE INTERCESSOR       35

                                       The Bookshelf
        Title                                                                  Author               Size           Price
        Freedom: The Foundation of Personhood (1988)                         Brian Coatney         Pamphlet        $ 1.00
        From Despair To Delight (1990)                                       Sanda Cooper          Pamphlet        $ 1.00
        Who You Are and Not Who You Thought You Were (1989)                  Jackie Ginn           Pamphlet        $ 1.00
        Continuous Revival                                                   Norman Grubb          46 pages        $ 3.00
        C. T. Studd, Cricketer & Pioneer (biography) (1933)                  Norman Grubb          241 pages       $ 7.00
        Intercession In Action (1991)                                        Norman Grubb          38 pages        $ 2.00
        No Independent Self (1986)                                           Norman Grubb          Pamphlet        $ 1.00
        Paul’s Key to the Liberated Life: Romans 6-8 (1988)                  Norman Grubb          Pamphlet        $ 2.00
        Rees Howells, Intercessor (biography) (1952)                         Norman Grubb          263 pages       $ 8.00
        The Key To Everything (c. 1960)                                      Norman Grubb          Pamphlet        $ 2.00
        The Law of Faith (1947)                                              Norman Grubb          212 pages       $10.00
        To All Believers... It’s as Simple as This (1986)                    Norman Grubb          33 pages        $ 2.00
        Touching the Invisible (1940)                                        Norman Grubb          64 pages        $ 3.00
        Who Am I? (1974)                                                     Norman Grubb          165 pages       $ 8.00
        Yes, I Am (1982)                                                     Norman Grubb          291 pages       $12.00
        Reaching Out Through Conferences (handbook)                          Pat Mace              Pamphlet        Free
        Alphabet Soup (1992)                                                 Page Prewitt          Pamphlet        $ 2.00
        A Lawyer Tells It Like It Is (1990)                                  Tom Prewitt           Pamphlet        $ 1.00
        The Lame Take the Prey (autobiography) (1968)                        Alfred Ruscoe         154 pages       $ 4.50
        The Chocolate Soldier                                                C.T. Studd            Pamphlet        $ 1.00
        Fool and Fanatic? (excerpts from letters)                            C.T. Studd            128 pages       $ 4.00
        Holy Spirit Possession (c. 1983)                                     Florence Udell        110 pages       $ 4.50

       Checks should be made payable in U.S. funds to Zerubbabel Press, PO Box 1710, Blowing Rock, NC 28605. Please
       allow four weeks for delivery. For further information, please contact Sheryl Trethewey at 828-295-7982. Prices are
       subject to change. For a price list and to order books, Canadian readers should contact Iris Taylor and British read-
       ers contact Mary Walsh, whose addresses are listed under Zerubbabel Contacts.

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