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					                           BASEBALL STORIES

Baron, Nancy. Tuesday’s Child. 1984. Although Grace
intends to become the first female in baseball’s big
leagues, Grace’s mother insists she take ballet lessons on
the very days her league practices and plays.

Brooks, Bruce. Throwing smoke. 2000. When his teammates
on the Breadhurst Newts baseball team continue their losing
ways. Whiz uses an unusual printing press to create
several star players in hopes of winning a game.

Butler, Dori. Sliding into Home. 2003. A teenage girl is
determined to play baseball rather than softball.

Christopher, Matt. Double Play at Short. 1995. Twelve-
year-old Danny thinks there is something very familiar
about the girl who plays shortstop on the team he faces
during the championship series, and his curiosity leads him
to a surprising discovery about his own adoption. (Also,
see other titles by Matt Christopher in hardcover and

Cohen, Barbara. Thank You, Jackie Robinson. 1974. Sam,
an avid Dodger fan, develops a strong friendship with Davy,
a sixty-year-old black man who comes to work at his
mother’s inn and is the only one with whom he can share his
enthusiasm for baseball.

Corbett, Scott. The Baseball Bargain. 1970. This
baseball story is about a boy who, tempted to steal a mitt,
instead strikes a bargain with the storekeeper whereby he
earns the mitt by working in the store. Also, The Baseball
Trick. 1965.

Dygard, Thomas J. Infield Hit. 1995. After transferring
to a new high school during his junior year, Hal tries to
make friends, gain a starting position on the baseball
team, and hide the fact that his dad is a famous ex-major
Elish, Dan. Jason and the Baseball Bear. 1990. Fourth-
grader Jason, the only member of his Little League team who
can talk with animals, improves his team’s chances to win
the championship with the help of an elderly polar bear
named Whitney.

Greenberg, Daniel A. The Great Baseball Card Hunt. 1992.
It’s a brand-new season for the struggling Southside
Sluggers and they have a new coach and high hopes for a
good year. But they need their combined talents to solve a
challenging series of riddles that lead to a hidden cache
of rare baseball cards.

Hall, Donald. When Willard Met Babe Ruth. 1995. A boy
meets the young Babe Ruth and along with his family follows
the Babe’s long and illustrious career.

Hughes, Dean. Team Picture. 1996. Trying to hold on to
the newfound stability of his life in a foster home,
thirteen-year-old David worries about the growing moodiness
of his guardian Paul and the fluctuating fortunes of his
Pony League baseball team.

Kelly, Jeffrey. The Basement Baseball Club. 1987. The
Roader team members spend the summer trying to beat their
local rivals in sandlot baseball.

Konigsburg, E. L. About the B’nail Bagles. 1969. A
hilarious story about poor Mark whose mother is the manager
and older brother is the coach of his Little League
baseball team.

Korman, Gordon. The Toilet Paper Tigers. 1993. When his
Little League team gets a coach who knows nothing about
baseball, seventh grader Corey is dismayed to see the team
taken over by the coach’s pushy twelve-year-old

Lord, Bette Bao. In The Year of the Boar and Jackie
Robinson. 1984. In 1947, a Chinese child comes to
Brooklyn, where she starts to feel at home and make friends
when she discovers baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Lynch, Chris. Gold Dust. 2000. In 1975, twelve-year-old
Richard befriends Napoleon, a Caribbean newcomer to his
Catholic school, hoping that Napoleon will learn to love
baseball and the Red Sox, and will win acceptance in the
racially polarized Boston School.
Park, Barbara. Skinnybones. 1982. Alex’s active sense of
humor helps him get along with the school braggart, make
the most of his athletic talents, and simply get by in a
hectic world.

Rallison, Janette. Playing the Field. 2002. Thirteen-
year-old McKay tries to keep up his algebra grade to stay
on the baseball team, while dealing with his attraction to
a girl named Serena.

Ritter, John. The Boy Who Saved Baseball. 2003. The fate
of a small California town rests on the outcome of a
baseball game.

Russell, Barbara. Blue Lightning. 1997. When a bolt of
lightning provides twelve-year-old Calvin with an out-of-
body experience, he meets the spirit of the father he never
knew and brings a troubled ghost named Rory back to the
living world with him – only to see Rory threaten his
chances of pitching in a baseball game.

Slote, Alfred. Finding Buck McHenry. 1991. Eleven-year-
old Jason, believing the school custodian Mack Henry to be
Buck McHenry, a famous pitcher from the old Negro League,
tries to enlist him as a coach for his Little League team
by revealing his identity to the world.

Slote, Alfred. Hang Tough, Paul Mather. 1973. Paul is a
dynamic Little League pitcher, but a serious illness keeps
him from doing his favorite thing.

Slote, Alfred. Rabbit Ears. 1982. Tip has been a good
pitcher, but he becomes too sensitive to the jeers and
taunts of the older players and loses his concentration.
The solution to the problem involves more than just

Slote, Alfred. The Trading Game. 1990. During a summer
of baseball and baseball card trading, eleven-year-old Andy
makes discoveries about his father, his grandfather, who
played professional baseball, and himself.

Smith, Robert Kimmel. Bobby Baseball. 1989. Ten-year-old
Bobby is passionate about baseball and convinced that he is
a great player. The only problem is to get a chance to
prove his skill, especially to his father.
Soto, Gary. Boys at Work. 1995. When ten-year-old Rudy
breaks an older boy’s Discman at a baseball game, he and
his friend Alex come up with a variety of ways to make
money to pay for it.

Stolz, Mary. Stealing Home. 1992. Though they still
listen to baseball and go fishing, Thomas and his
grandfather find life in their small town in Florida
changed when Great-Aunt Lucy comes to stay.

Testa, Maria. Some Kind of Pride. 2001. Named after the
greatest baseball player of all time, eleven-year-old Ruth
dreams of becoming a major league baseball player until she
overhears her father lamenting the fact that she is a girl.

Tunis, John R. The Kid From Tomkinsville. 1940. As the
newest addition to the Brooklyn dodgers, young Roy Tucker’s
pitching helps pull the team out of a slump; but, when a
freak accident ends his career as a pitcher, he must try to
find another place for himself on the team. Also, The Kid
Comes Back (1946) and Highpockets. 1948

Walker, Paul Robert. The Sluggers Club: A Sports Mystery.
1993. When baseball equipment starts disappearing from B.
J.’s Little League team, he and his friends form the
Sluggers Club to investigate the crime.

Wolff, Virginia Euwer. Bat 6. 1998. In small-town post-
World War II Oregon, twenty-one sixth grade girls recount
the story of an annual softball game.

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