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					Advanced English

 Unit One: Section A
     Tasks for This Class

   Get the background information

   Have a analysis of the organization
   “Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of
legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical
concepts...A graphical representation of data abstracted from the banks of
every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light
ranged in the non-space of the mind, clusters and constellations of data.
Like city lights, receding…”
                           --William Gibson, Neuromancer
  Old School Hackers
  Script Kiddies, or Cyber-Punks
  Professional Criminals, or Crackers

  Coders and Virus Writers

 IP Spoofing
       occurs when an attacker disguises his/her originating
 host server or router as that of another host or router.
Understanding the Organization

     Story account or a recital of an event or a
         series of events, either true or fictitious.

    consciously made
    definite formal development
    a firmness in construction
    unity in plot, theme, character, tone, mood,
     even, occasionally, in style
get closer to story
  point of view
  character
  plot
  structure
             Point of view
 the voice and vision through which the
  events of a story reach the reader
 Two main kinds
       narrator as a participant (writing in the
    first person)
      narrator as a nonparticipant (writing in the
    third person)
   Protagonist
       the chief character who strives in a story
   Antagonist
       the character who is directly opposed to
    the protagonist

Tsutomu Shimomura         Kevin Mitnick

   an order of events in a story, the
    emphasis falling on causality
          Place
          Character
          Background
          Conflict
          Crisis
          Resolution
   The struggle which grows out of the
    interplay of the two opposing forces in
    a plot.
        Essential patterns of conflict
            character against character
            character against society
            character vs. some material force
            character vs. some supernatural entity
    Crisis and Denouement
   Crisis is the point at which the opposing
    forces that create the conflict interlock
    in the decisive action on which the plot
    will turn.

   Denouement is the final unraveling of
    the plot.
   While plot tends to move the reader
    along, structure tends to delay the
    movement so as to make him pause to
 Understanding the story

How do you deal
with the text?
The first section
    conflict     man versus man

    main characters       the narrator and the hacker

    background information
     a. someone broke into the narrator’s computers.
     b. The log file summaries were stolen
     c someone was challenging the narrator.
     d. the narrator was going to take action.
The second section
Measures I took
   --- put digitized phone messages on the Internet as
   a bait
   --- keep in touch with FBI
   --- set up monitoring system
Compare and Contrast
   ---- in common        a fascination with computers
   ---- in discrepancy     write technical programs
                    for company
                    sentenced to prison
The third section
How did the man get caught
    ---- monitor from NETCOM
    ---- found he was logging on
    ---- reported to FBI

The fourth section
The result of the duel.
   ---- My first face-to-face meeting with my opponent
Review the Internet Security Issue
Online Reading

  Read the articles “the Online World”
and “the Hacking”.

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