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Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


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Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


             Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase
        Daniel Efergan - Digital Creative Director - Aardman Animations Ltd
    Pasa Mustafa - Global Head of Original Digital Productions - Endemol Group
        Patrice Slupowski - VP Digital Innovation and Communities - Orange
            Jen Topping - New Media Commissioning Manager - Channel 4
                    Chair: Ferhan Cook – Publisher – MobiAdNews &
                           President - Any Screen Productions Ltd

Ferhan Cook
Good afternoon everybody. Have you been enjoying MIPCOM? Yes, it’s always great here
except for the rain we had on Monday, that was amazing. I don’t know how many people were
here but that was scary.

Okay, I think we’re going to start. We have a long afternoon ahead of us but hopefully it will be
fun. Before I start doing anything I just want to know how many of you are planning to be with
us for the whole duration of this afternoon. Okay, good. Alright, thanks, that’s perfect.

Because I think that if you are curious about what it will take to publish apps, what’s the
importance of apps, what the future will show and what do especially these new iPad apps look
like hopefully we’ll satisfy your questions. And if we don’t you can tell us. Hopefully.

It will be a long session, it will be fast moving, we will try to leave some Q&A at the end of,
maybe not the showcase session but at the end of the case study session. So please bear with
us, hopefully we’ll, you know, make it lively.

I want to start by telling you a personal story. This actually is a very special occasion for me to
be showing the iPad showcase because – this will reveal my age but – you know, I used to
work for Apple Computers between 1983 to 1994. When multimedia was first starting at Apple I                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
was there, one of the original multimedia people. So I’ve seen a huge evolution of multimedia,
rich media, convergence, mobile, internet, CD ROM, every which way. I’ve seen it but I really
am excited about iPad now.

And I’ve been coming to MIPCOM and MIPTV and doing events here for the last ten years.
There was a MILIA show before which was bringing the ecosystem of all the CD ROM
publishers together, making and deals and since the internet came content business models
kind of went away. Well, now it’s coming back and with the smart phones and tablets it’s
coming back even more. So it’s really exciting to now relook at the content business one more

And the other thing that’s special about Apple is that in 1987 - I was going to show you that
video but if you go YouTube Knowledge Navigator, it’s a five minute video so it takes too long
but now Knowledge Net actually released a vision video in 1987 which was called Knowledge
Navigator. It was about a tablet, the guy comes in, opens the tablet, he has intelligent personal
assistant on the left hand corner, it tells him what meetings he has today and then he
collaborates with a colleague from Brazil about the rainforest. He does the test screen drawing
graphs and then he does… so all of these things and I’m saying my goodness, it’s like it took 23
years but we’re now there.

It was all the vision of touch, interface, Google Maps, Skype video, all on the online
collaboration, Wikipedia, everything was shown there. So I really recommend you look at that, it
takes five minutes here so I don’t want to bore you with that but it’s fun to look at that.

And then after that it was Newton which was the first handheld intelligent assistant which sort of
like went downhill because it was too heavy, it didn’t have the battery but the first apps came on
Newton and I was publishing some Newton titles at Apple at the time and I know what it took to
do those and now it’s a similar process to do the iPad titles.

And then after that there was Palm handhelds and then Rim came and killed Palm and then
now iPhone came and it’s about to kill Nokia but not everywhere, you know, our friend from OVI                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
will correct me on that. But Nokia’s going big in Asia and everywhere. But in terms of the whole
landscape keeps changing over and over again every time somebody introduces something,
especially Apple. So the last big thing is, of course, iPhone changed mobile video, mobile apps,
iPhone brought the apps business, now iPad is going to bring the whole overall rich media
tablets business.

So therefore we thought, okay – and it’s not just the iPad either, it’s also 50 more tablets
coming on the market. So that’s definitely going to revolutionise the content business. There’s
going to be money to be made because we’re already seeing app publishers making money but
the ecosystem is complicated so we decided to do – and I thank Remedia for giving me the
opportunity to programme this afternoon, it’s a pleasure to have you here. So this afternoon
we’re going to talk about all the things that this whole new publishing market might require.

So I just talked about that tablets and rich medias are, now rich media apps are still small and
tablets are still very, very small. The big mobile market is like there’s four billion plus mobile
phones, there’s only 250 million smart phones and there’s only two million iPads but it’s going
to grow, it’s going to be huge. And I feel like finally the convergence is here.

Now every single new tablet, for example iPad is not just a bigger iPhone, it’s a new medium.
Now we have a debate here, even among my colleagues here, which I will introduce very soon.
How many people think that iPad is just a bigger iPhone? Okay, well I’m going to debate with
you that point because I believe that iPad is, yes it could be a bigger iPhone but it’s not just a
bigger iPhone, it’s a whole new publishing and entertainment media. And I hope that the
showcase we’ll do today will show you that.

Now of course there are new relationships. You know, before the ecosystem was, everybody
had their own ecosystem, right. So mobile publishers gone through mobile operators and later
on some other over the top distribution channels and then book publishers went with authors
and then marketed them internationally to their network in Frankfurt Book Fair. And then
television people came here and sold, they worked with producers and then they came to                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
MIPCOM and MIPTV and sold rights. And then CD ROM publishers used to come to a show
called MILIA where you used to make deals.

So now, all of a sudden, with app stores and with tablets and smart phones broadcasters are
publishing apps, book publishers are publishing apps, web publishers are publishing apps,
independent producers are publishing apps. Everyone is a publisher and everyone’s going
through an app store.

So the whole landscape is democratised and everyone has to talk to each other because I
might have ethic rights to publish a book from Penguin in France but Jen Topping from Channel
4 might have the rights to broadcast it in London and so if now all of a sudden Jen wants to do
an app on a Penguin book she needs to go back to the author and Penguin to work with them
to clear the rights. So there’s a complication but it’s an opportunity as well. And new content
models are emerging too.

So in today’s programme we will do four things. First we will focus on iPad, next time we will
also do smart phones and iPads but today we’re only going to focus on iPads because that’s
the first thing. And we’re going to focus on not just iPhone apps but rich media apps, okay. And
some new categories are emerging so that’ll be interesting to check it out.

Then we’re going to have four case studies. In these four case studies we will look at it from a
broadcaster publisher point of view, we will look at it from a licensing point of view, what kind of
deals do you make, we will look at it from a development point of view, what are some of the
compilations, what things you should be keeping in mind in choosing which platform to publish
for. Should you publish for all the platforms or should you just choose iPad or Android or
whatever? So those are the questions.

And the third is a super panel which will hopefully summarise is there money to be made. And
then fourth is a networking event upstairs on the fifth floor so you can meet each other, okay.
It’s a first effort to kind of start talking about this stuff because it’s a big new market out there.                                                                         0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
So I think that I’ve talked about that. The one last thing that i want to say is that you don’t have
to be a major publisher to publish an app. If you’re a creative person you can just go to the app
store and make a deal with Apple and publish an app. Today I will show things from
independent producers as well as well known publishers as well as well known broadcasters.
And again we say the playing field is level right now, it’s democratised. Of course you have to
market app tools, you have to have marketing power, you have to have money, you have to
have co-productions, so it’s not like it’s free. But at least you have a chance so that’s something
that’s really good news actually I feel.

Alright, having said this, let’s go to the – so what I’d like to do is before I start showing these
things, I would like to tell you what we’re going to do. I’d like to now introduce an expert panel
that I’ve gathered here together and they have been nice to come and join me. So starting from
here Dan Efergan, Creative Director of Aardman Digital, Aardman Animation from UK. Last one
on the list Jen Topping next to Dan but you can tell because she’s the only lady we have, New
Media Commissioning Manager from Channel 4. And then second on the list Pasa Mustafa,
Global Head of Original Digital Productions, Endemol Group. And last but not least Patrice
Slupowski, VP Digital Innovation, Orange.

Now their role, so it’s going to be boring because, you know, we had to kind of – and Stefan
here, very valuable member of our panel team because he and I have been a couple. So I’ve
been showing this thing and he’s been putting the video over my shoulder so we decided that
I’m going to be showing all these things. It’s going to be, I hope I won’t be too boring for you.
They are very interesting but I’ll be showing these things and then they’ll be commenting and
we’ll be chatting about them.

So I grouped the projects in general … eBooks and then news apps and aggregators, some
lifestyle things and travel things, that’s more on the iPhone but still. Casual games, big
category, hobby, TV show apps and then some other cool stuff if we have time.

But what I’ve been seeing is, I’ve been doing a lot of research, I’ve been asking my old friends
at Apple and my industry friends to tell me what they think are the coolest apps and they gave                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
me some ideas and that’s what I gathered here. I had 30 so I had to cut it down to 20. I might
have to cut it down to 15 if it takes too long.

But what I’m seeing most is that a lot of people came out with news, news titles and then kids'
titles and then now it’s enlarging. Now would you say that guys, we have three minutes, so let’s
just take your opinions before I start showing. What are you seeing in original initial trends with
iPad publishing and specifically focussed on iPad publishing right now, tablet publishing?
Daniel, yes. Just quick comments, okay.

Daniel Efergan
Yes, of course. I mean I think what’s been most interesting is now that the traditional publishing
industry is starting to get involved and is starting to learn and integrate and some of the most
exciting things are happening between that right now, traditional publishing and the interactivity
that comes with the iPad.

Jen Topping
The bits that I’m most interested in are things that look at two screen experiences where
something like two-thirds of audiences, when they’re watching TV, this is a stat from the UK and
also from the US, two-thirds of audiences are now watching with another device, either a smart
phone, an iPad or a laptop while watching television. So anything that takes advantage of that,
that enhances the viewing experience and gets people to talk about their shows, is something
I’m interested in.

Pasa Mustafa
It’s still early days I guess for the iPad. I think there’s, you know, the killer apps aren’t really out
yet, Flipboard and I think you’re going to show a few things which get close to that. But, yes, co-
viewing is really big and I think the iPad sort of changes the environment in which you use it in
and that’s what’s quite interesting so it brings…

Ferhan Cook
So co-viewing and sometimes together with your iPhone – co-viewing with people…                                                                        0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Pasa Mustafa
Yes, and how it connects to other devices as well. I think…

Ferhan Cook
And also using your iPhone because this iPad doesn’t have a camera. So let’s get the iPad
screen. I want you guys to tell me.

Patrice Slupowski
And may I just…

Ferhan Cook
Oh sorry, I forgot you. Sorry, no, no, no, democratic.

Patrice Slupowski
Democratic, my voice, hi. So I think that what is interesting is that some dedicated apps are
starting to appear for the iPad. I mean not things which have been translated for the iPad. And
so this is typically what I’m tracking, things that are bringing it as a new screen which has no
relation to others also.

Ferhan Cook
Right, so things that are coming originally. It’s not just, so one point already, it’s not just a bigger
iPhone, point, right.

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
It’s original medium on its own.

Patrice Slupowski
At least one.                                                                        0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
And it will be like that, it’s very rich, what we try to do here and show you a variety of things, it
has a fabulous screen. Okay, let me just show you the screen, okay.

So I’m going to be really careful not to put my hand all over this thing. Alright. Just gorgeous.
And then I can just, this is like a screensaver. It’s just really pretty.

And they already made me buy a new one so I can fish with it. I can kill the fish. I keep getting
this thing, I don’t why, but it’s not actually, it doesn’t have to be confirming your, it’s not as
obnoxious, I don’t know why I’m having this. So I played with this with a three-year-old all
summer and she just loves it but the thing is she wanted to go and feed the fish. She wanted to
go the store and buy some food for the fish and feed it to the fish and the developer didn’t do
that so I have a recommendation to John Moffatt for an app – okay, as we go along these
things we will also point out some of the business models, right.

So here’s an in app purchase opportunity that he has missed because I wanted to buy some
feed for the fish and feed it to the fish. Instead I actually, because I was curious, I went and
ordered the other one, iFish Pond, and it was like fishing for the fish and I didn’t like that, I didn’t
want to kill that fish.

Audience Member
Ferhan you can feed the fish with the dragonfly, pull the thing out.

Ferhan Cook
Oh thank you, tell me, tell me. There you go.

Audience Member
… dragonfly then you can … feed the fish.

Ferhan Cook
Say that again, tell me what I do.                                                                        0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
You drag the dragonfly.

Ferhan Cook
Oh fabulous, thank you, wow, okay. I take that back. I don’t want to be a wise, anyway I’m not
too good at this thing as you can see. Right. And I love it like this, I love this, please correct me,
okay, please, because it should be a fun thing. I’m not perfect at this, alright, so let’s go on to
the next one. Did you have…?

Patrice Slupowski
In fact, I think I was raising the feeds as a VG.

Ferhan Cook

Patrice Slupowski
Yes, a vegetarian. That’s why i…

Ferhan Cook
Oh vegetarian.

Patrice Slupowski
Am I supposed to say only interesting and clever things?

Ferhan Cook
Yes. Okay so I hope my, okay so this is a Talking Tom. Talking Tom for iPad is a talking hippo
for iPad and talking... for iPad. I’m just going to show you the cat quickly. So, look, my cat, I
have a cat, look. Okay but if I do this he doesn’t like that and if I pull his tail he doesn’t like that.
He doesn’t like that. Hello, hello.

iPad animated cat
Hello.                                                                         0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook

iPad animated cat

Ferhan Cook
We did that too all summer long.

Patrice Slupowski
Ferhan you are looking so great.

iPad animated cat
Ferhan you are looking so great.

Ferhan Cook
There you go, thank you. Okay do you want to drink some milk? Oh wonderful.

Daniel Efergan
May I?

Ferhan Cook
Yes. Oh I don’t want you to do that to my cat. Now he’s going to be made at you.

Patrice Slupowski
No he’s…

Ferhan Cook
Yes, he’s going to be mad at you.                                                                 0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
And if you like it so much you can go to the app store and buy four extra animations and no ads
and Talking Tom. So you can go to the app store. Now I’m going to spend some money
because you just, do you want to buy Talking Tom Cat upgrade? So I’m just going to go to the
app store. I’m going, now in my iPad I already put, hold on, look.

Patrice Slupowski
I’m just hiding your password.

Ferhan Cook
No, no, it’s okay, it’s okay, they won’t see anything.

Patrice Slupowski
Just imagine you have fingers that are two metres long and…

Ferhan Cook
So my purchase was successful. Let’s see, what kind of extra animations do I get? Now I don’t
know how to use this, this is the first time I’m using it. Aha, ooh, look at that. And this one.
Anyway, so that was £19 I just spent or whatever, on your behalf.

iPad animated cat
That was £19 I just…

Ferhan Cook
Hello, goodbye, we’ll talk to you later. I’ve got more to do here. Okay so these are just general
fun things but then there’s eBooks and creativity for kids. So there are a lot of eBooks we found
so I’ve just chosen four for you, okay, one creativity and three eBooks.

First, I just love this one. It’s so simple. Look how beautiful. Can I have the sound please?

iPad voice
[FOREIGN DIALECT]                                                                    0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
I love the music.

Patrice Slupowski
This is not intended to make you sleep….

Ferhan Cook
If you have a two-year-old you can put him to sleep like this.

Patrice Slupowski
This timing is dangerous for that kind of music, you know that.

Ferhan Cook
Yes, I don’t want you to go to sleep yet. So especially in the car, I still would like to read a book
in bed to my kids but if I’m travelling in the back of a car or if I’m holiday on a beach or
something that’s perfect. Next.

Daniel Efergan
Do you take your iPad on to the beach?

Ferhan Cook
I have, I have done. I find that I use my iPad sort of as a lean-back experience, on the couch,
doing Facebook mostly, sending emails and buying apps to show here. That’s what I’ve been
doing last month, buying apps.

Right, this is another one, this is Hans Christian Anderson stories which is cute. Now I just want
to show you just a couple of things. This is very simple actually, I like this happy family because
it sort of makes some of the features of the – can you see it very well?

So like, for example, if you just like, you know, you could just touch these things and it starts
walking in the screens and ooh, you know, you can do that. I mean, of course, some of the                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
other books are more advanced than this because they read to you but you can shake this thing
and it falls more – you know, it uses all the effects of the…

So you can entertain a kid with these things. And I’m going, that’s kind of bad, I’m going to
show you this one because I like this one, again. Okay, next.

Toy Story, now we’re talking big time now, okay. So this is a big brand and they’ve done a fairly
good job I think. Now you guys will criticise, right, we won’t be, you know, we’ll be fair but we’ll
say both the positives and the negatives, not to knock anybody down but just to kind of give you
an opinion what the experts think.

So tell us, so this is Toy Story, what I like is you’ll see.

I have all the music and the sound, and everything rich of the movie which is really nice. It sort
of pulls you in as a Disney character, Disney property.

Oh I was narrating, so let’s just go into that now because I could, you know, in recording I said
use my recording so I was recording my voice. So if I can record that, for example, and when
no one was around Andy’s toy came to life. Okay everybody, coast is clear. So I just done and
then I, let’s see if it reads my voice.

So you can record. So if you’re a mother or father you can record the voice or you can listen to
it with the original voice. So they’ve allowed you to do that. Disney was nice about that, right,
you know. I mean they’ve allowed their property to be changed by us which is very nice. And
you can go through the pages and jump through the story which is good. And then you can
listen to beautiful Disney music. I won’t even show the paint application because I’m not good at
it. And you can sing along. I like this one.

Right, okay, don’t let me get carried away guys. Okay so now I want the hard, now I can play a
game, okay. Now let’s just stop this first of all. Hello … stop this.                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
Okay, alright now game, alright now I like this game. Even though it’s simple it also uses, I use
the hard version, it goes faster, so you just have to basically tilt your screen. Am I doing it okay
for the camera? So the objective is to get down to the floor without hitting all these things. Just
sailing through the wall here.

Patrice Slupowski
Doing great.

Ferhan Cook
Shall I crash?

Patrice Slupowski
Raise your hands.

Ferhan Cook
Alright, I crashed. Anyway it asked me do I want to play again, I’ll say no. But, and I look at it, I
want more games, and hopefully Disney will put more games, you know, and it’ll be like the
application is free to download but then – let me just stop this for a second here.

This is a free app. No actually it’s not a free app, I paid for it.

Patrice Slupowski
Good value for a free app, yes, for sure.

Ferhan Cook
5.49, I paid for it, yes, yes, it’s not a free app. And then you can also order – I am expecting that
they will make you be able to order games inside it.

Patrice Slupowski
I think it’s a very good one in terms of what is achievable but I’m a little bit disappointed, they
are not using really the touch thing into the iPad…                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Yes. And do you guys have a comment on that? I mean is it a good first start?

Patrice Slupowski
Yes, for sure.

Ferhan Cook
It’s pretty enjoyable isn’t it? What do you guys think? Take a note on your favourites because
I’m going to have you yell out the most favourite apps in the end, okay, keep track of it and tell
me what’s your most favourite app.

Okay, this is another good one, alright. So here we go, I’m making some cake. Yes, I took too
long with the children’s properties, I know. So I put the cake, it gives me the recipe, now it says
press on the strawberries to mash. Now it takes a while to mash this thing. I’m not a very good
cook even on the iPad as you can see. Okay, I hope this is done.

Patrice Slupowski
I hope you’re not allergic.

Ferhan Cook
Yes, okay, done, alright. So let’s crack some eggs. I mean the kids love that. Tick, alright, and
then now we just do that. Okay. And then we do that. Now it wants me to do the thing, I mean
it’s really great, interactive creativity, it’s not just a book, it’s more than a book. You know, well
it’s not a book at all, it’s just a nice diversion for children and it uses iPads – what do you guys
think of this while I’m showing you can talk?

Patrice Slupowski
It’s great. This sort of stuff is brilliant and, like, the interaction is just great. And for learning for
kids and everything it’s amazing.                                                                          0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
This was, in the summer this was top of the charts. Again this was buy, I paid for it. So now
we’ve mixed the thing up. So now which shape do you want? Do you want the hearts? Shall I
do the hearts? Well okay let’s do the hearts. So I just put them in the oven…

Patrice Slupowski
Take care, it’s hot.

Ferhan Cook
Thank you. Right, it’s baking, no, the oven just said oven … ah, here we are. So let’s put some
frosting on it. So I just … frosting and then I put another frosting, maybe the chocolates so we
know that it’s a chocolate cake. Little bit like that. So I put, shall we make it a wedding cake or a
Halloween cake? Let’s make it a Halloween cake maybe, I don’t know, it’s ugly as hell but…

And then decorations. So I put, okay, now you want to eat some? Let’s eat some. And if you
want to not eat it you can do undo, you can come back to it. If you want to save it you can email
it to your mum. Mum I made a cake for you. Or you could save it as one of your creations. And
you can do some other things with it too but, you know, I’m just, you got the point.

Patrice Slupowski
Audience, I think we should give congratulations to Ferhan. She’s a great cook.

Ferhan Cook
So far so good.

Jen Topping
Ferhan, what I think’s interesting about that one is it’s a complete time-wasting app. I mean it’s
cute and all of that but how many times are you really going to use it? But it only costs 59p so
it’s the type of thing that i think people would buy, they’d play around with but it’s not something
you’re going to use regularly.                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
And it is kind of missing the very important end of cooking which is the taste and the eating of it.
It’s kind of…

Ferhan Cook
Well what do you want? Apple hasn’t even predicted that smell will come to tablets, so I think
we’re a way from that. But, hey, you never know.

So next. Now I’m moving on to, this was eBooks and creativity for kids. I had another one,
Doodle Buddy but if I have time I will show you that at the end.

Now the next one is eBooks. Now eBooks can be, I had a few eBooks as well and
unfortunately, due to time, I’ve just chosen these two really good ones that I like. Now The
Elements was featured in Apple’s – let me just put it to home, this is a gorgeous beautiful book
that came to me through some conference that I go to and then all of a sudden I found that the
app is on the Apple store and it was featured. So because it was featured and, note, very
important to be featured on the Apple store, they sold 85,000 copies of that.

So I’m just going to show you. You can click on all these elements, you can go back … my
favourite is the copper because it looks so gorgeous. So you can have the properties, you
know, like this - as you can see I’m not really an expert on all of these things - but then you can
go to the special area to see what’s made of nickel. And you can turn these around. And this
was when iPad came, it was at the announcement, so they got a lot of PR out of that.

Go back to the – now there’s something called a very interesting computational engine that got
built into this called from Wolfram Alpha which is a scientific search engine. So when you click
on the Wolfram Alpha, who’s a shareholder with the company apparently, it calculates all of the
incredible technical things. I mean you can go as deep as you want with this thing or as shallow
as you want. You can use as a coffee table book or you can go deep, if you’re a chemist you
can go deep into it.                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
So basically you can just turn the pages, okay, it’s beautiful. So I suggest, and it’s not too
expensive, well it is actually you know. It’s, what did I pay for it? £7.00.

Jen Topping

Ferhan Cook
Yes, £7.99, but they sold 85,000. But they were very lucky that they were at the Apple intro.

Patrice Slupowski
But I think that everybody measures the distance between the table we used to have in the
classrooms 30 years ago and what is now being done for the elements tables. It’s absolutely

Ferhan Cook
Yes, it’s very impressive, gorgeous graphics and they spent a lot of money on this. I talked to
the publisher; I said what’s the key thing that you had to do for this? He said I had to have a
great programmer, a great programmer was essential. They took pictures of every single of
these elements but the good thing is that this is a hobbyist book, okay. So they were both
chemists and the author of the book, and Max Whitby who’s actually a very old multimedia
friend of mine, ex BBC producer of Last Chance To See and so on, so he’s very, very
experience in this thing and they own already all the elements. He and his book partner bought
all these elements and took pictures of them and they used to provide kiosks for universities
and things like that. And then they decided to make it a title. But they already had a lot of the
elements that they needed to do.

And these kind of hobbyist titles have to be, you have to have a database hobby, you know,
people who are following you so that you can market it to them. But because this was so
beautiful Apple also came to their hub. Of course there was a major marketing thing. And they
made money for it, they started their touch praise publishing company because of this.                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
Now our next eBook is an Italian developer, again an old multimedia friend of mine which I re-
found because that’s the sign for me that a whole circle has come back now. With the old CD
ROM developers as well, they will get back into the action.

So he created this, The Divine Comedy of Dante, in a different way. So now this is a, now let’s
just do the settings, first of all this exists on Italian and English, so most of you are English
speaking probably so I’ll show it in English so I know what I’m doing. So here’s a poem which is
sort of like, you know, you can just jump into any chapter of it and you can just have pictures.
So it’s an illustrated book at the very least. However you could also, actually you’re going to get
an introduction, what this is, which is more like a CD ROM.

So this is the introduction. Oh what did I do? Sorry. It’s okay, no worries, we’ll get back to it.
These things are, the thing I love about apps is that they’re very simple, they’re not really that
deep so then you can get back in and out of them very quickly. But the same quickly can be,
you know he used a game engine, look at this, I mean Dante’s hell, purgatory and paradise. So
let’s look at Dante’s hell. So he used virtual, let me just do this actually. Purgatory. So he used
game engines to look at these things and then he did the paradise, he illustrated all these
things but he gave it a very game-like look for potentially younger audiences.

And going back he also illustrated it in, you know, this whole thing in pictures. And you can
listen to the book, you can read the book in pictures and music. I find it beautiful. What do you
guys think?

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
Well you can disagree with me. What do you think?                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Pasa Mustafa
There’s not many, we haven’t really seen people using like the eBooks as part of a trans-media
type project yet and that’ll be quite interesting where it’s a part of a story that’s happening as
well and I think there’s the…

Ferhan Cook
Well this is not like that at all. This is just a CD ROM on an app.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes exactly. So it’s not exciting in that sense, like we’ve seen these things before but, you
know, it’s kind of versatile. There’s a project called Zombies, which they’re crowd sourcing a
Zombie sort of story and there’s an iPad app for that and that’s quite interesting, where you can
submit photos and you can sort of interact a bit more and create the story as well which is quite

Ferhan Cook
Now I’m going to jump into, now Charlotte I’m going to jump into lifestyle and then come back to
news and magazines, okay. So go back the next one, yes. So the same developer has done
also a travel, what this was, more of a, visual cities, visual guide of Rome. Not very deep but
you can just circulate around Rome. This was for iPhones so this is, if you like it like this and
like that, so this is a case for iPad is just a bigger iPhone. But actually a travel title like this is
much better for the iPhone than iPad because you’re carrying on your book and you’re going.
So you can take a list of the books and I just want to see Vatican. So I can go around and
check it out. And if I want to see the old Vatican was, let’s just look at the map again, hold on a
second. Sorry.

And if want to see what the drawings are, the old Vatican was, I can do that. So this is a simple
but interesting travel approach.

Another…                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
It looked like that app didn’t actually place you in a location.

Ferhan Cook
Didn’t do anything for you? Huh.

Daniel Efergan
Did it place you in your location?

Ferhan Cook
No, very simple, no it didn’t.

Daniel Efergan
That just seems crazy.

Ferhan Cook
Old-fashioned. And so I shouldn’t have shown it actually, right. Okay.

So here’s the photo cookbook. Now this is also pretty interesting. Of course this also could have
had more things to it but I like this because, you know, basically it’s very simple, meat, fish,
vegetarian, desserts. It’s got lots of recipes; it’s got a really interesting interface. You know, you
can just pick a dish. So let’s make a dish. Which one do you like? Do you like this orange and
lemon crispy lamb cutlets? Do you like that?

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
Choose. Jen.

Jen Topping
I’d go with the linguine.                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Linguine, which one is that? This one, okay, let’s do that. Okay. So linguine, it serves four
ingredients so then you can just check what the nutrition values are. This is a German
developer I think. And then let’s see, and then it shows you how you cut this, how you cut the
fish, how you chop it. What I would have liked is more video but they don’t have the video but
it’s very easy. And then you have the plate.

Jen Topping
I think it’s absolutely beautiful. You know, what they’ve done, to take cooking and do something
so stunning with it that is actually practical when you’re cooking, you know, you’ve got mucky
fingers, it’s all big, you know, you can actually see what you’re supposed to be doing. They've
done really, really well. I think there are more elements that they should be adding in like
shopping lists and things like that but actually as a visual spectacle it’s stunning.

Ferhan Cook
Maybe there is and I don’t know. Let’s see about…

Patrice Slupowski
It’s true that when you get used to the iPad you always have this fingerprint problem.

Jen Topping
We’ve all got little cloths with us. Where is it?

Patrice Slupowski
We all have tissues.

Jen Topping
Yes, so there’s my cleaning cloth. That’s just really, really dorky to carry a cloth round to clean
your iPad.

Patrice Slupowski
This is a device where the order is forget the mayo, don’t touch any mayo if you want to use it.                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
How are we doing so far? Are you enjoying? Good, thank you. Perfect, it’s a little hot up here
but anyway I hope it’s okay where you are.

Alright, so we have a, we’ve been talking quite a bit so I’m going to just move on to news if you
don’t mind. Now we have several, now news was one of the first things actually that came on
iPad apps, right. Everyone did a news app. I mean, look, I have so many news apps that I,
some of them free and some of them paid for. Like Wired, I pay, what Wired did, oh that’s when
I knew that the circle back.

I went to South By South West, how many of you know that? I went to South by Southwest, it’s
an internet show in the US, and all of a sudden I ran into the old publishers that I knew on a line
to go to the first Wired app. So Wired magazine did their first app and I said look, if I’m seeing
my old publishers that I used to know in MILIA coming back to the circuit again that means this
is time for publishing business to start taking off. So that’s a good sign.

So I’m going to show you the Wired app but I first I want to start with news apps. Now BBC
News, of course we’re going to start with the good old BBC. Now BBC News has done a fairly
good job, you know, it has the top stories and then if you choose it it gives you – and then it
updates, you know, every day there’s a new BBC News, you know, like all the news are
updated. So I don’t know what this live thing does. Oh it does play it, oh wow, why did that go
back to…? I don’t know what its’ doing there so forget about it. I’ll show you another live thing.

Now I found out from Mobile IQ, Shaun Barriball, actually he’s joining us for the next case
study, Apple has just reduced the amount of video that you can put on iPad because it’s
crashing the network so that live news apps will suffer from this. And the other thing is, well we’ll
talk about the web versus news apps scenario, the question.

Let me show you this other one that I like very much, France 24. See I did like this because it
has a live news aspect to it. But it requires that you are connected so I’m connected through the
Wi-Fi, it’s a fast Wi-Fi, okay. And then I can get daily news. I have HD live player, I have latest
news, business news, weather. So to get the latest news it’s coming off the air right into this. e                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
used to talk about mobile TV here and, there you go, mobile TV. It’s now live, it’s happening,
not even a question.

So you can go to business news and you can go to weather news and it’s all live. And you can
go do this or you can go to the latest news. I really like this show. And then you also can look
at, there’s also a way you can look at other countries. But anyway I don’t know how to find that
now. But you get the idea, right. So I like this news very much, I like this application very much.
Do you guys like it?

Patrice Slupowski
Yes, it’s much better than using a website…

Ferhan Cook
Yes, so let’s talk about the websites. I mean I could be going and getting to the France 24
website and getting the video and getting all the news so what’s the point of doing an app?

Patrice Slupowski
You get a mix for sure.

Pasa Mustafa
I have some of the news apps, I don’t use them a lot. I know you’re going to come on to
flipboard in a sec but I think, you know, obviously the thing, its personalisation is the most
important thing right now and I think, you know, apps need to really sort of get a hold of that and
this feels a bit kind of, it’s just regurgitating what’s on the web anyway. So it’s a little bit easier
functionality wise but it’s nothing new really.

Jen Topping
I think so. But also sometimes some of these apps create offline experiences. So that if you are,
I mean iPad is not necessarily a device that people are moving about with, iPhone or a smart
phone is more likely something that you’re moving about with, so these apps can benefit users                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Jen Topping (continued)
that way, by being able to store information locally and then going in London on the tube or

Ferhan Cook
Right, because you can’t, yes local information part is…

Pasa Mustafa
Is that built into the BBC News app? Can you save offline pages and things or…

Jen Topping
I’m not sure, you’d have to ask…

Pasa Mustafa
No I don’t think it is.

Ferhan Cook
Right, I’m going to move on, right.

Patrice Slupowski
Just one thing. I really think quickly that the things which are brought through the economics are
really key. For years we’ve been considering that browsing was everything and as a matter of
fact when you are using a touchable device and you want to only use the arrow to browse this
is a problem…

Ferhan Cook
Now instead of looking at Wired online, I’m looking at a Wired app which I paid for and it
updates for me every time but, you know, I don’t like a few things because I paid already like
4.49 or something three months ago, I just wanted to show you that but that already went away
so I have to buy again the new one, okay. So I can’t get the one that I paid for. Maybe I don’t
know how to do that again. Can you do that? Who is the expert? I should have had you here as
an expert.                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Jen Topping
Yes, do you want to swap seats?

Pasa Mustafa
You just need to download it again.

Ferhan Cook
Okay good. Well here’s the elegant Wired app, okay, Wired magazine. So you can just go
through the pages like that, it’s very beautiful. And then you can just do that. However, you
know, there’s a problem I have with this, I mean these ads, maybe this is not the best example
of an ad but they’re not just not, you know, the interactive ads, there’s an opportunity here…

Jen Topping
It’s a glorified PDF.

Ferhan Cook
I know and I don’t like that. It needs to be better than that.

Daniel Efergan
There’s some definitely some really killer ad blocks that have been put in there as well. I mean,
you know, it’s down to the advertiser to be able to provide the content they need which is an
interesting point about how…

Ferhan Cook
Well I don’t know if it’s down to Wired or the advertiser and how much Wired has to push the

Patrice Slupowski
They need to be educated, they need to understand what kind of formats or movement they can
bring into the ads.                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Jen Topping
I don’t mean to be an angel of sort of cynicism here but I mean I’m a Wire reader, I downloaded
the app, it took six hours for me to download…

Ferhan Cook
I know, it wasn’t worth it for me, I’m sorry.

Jen Topping
And it was roughly the same price as the magazine itself. I’m not sold on it as an alternative.

Ferhan Cook
Exactly. But look at this magazine, look. I mean this an Architecture 29, this was one of the
Apple iPad manager’s favourites because he loves design. So here’s an interact, here’s you
know, I can set the soundtrack here and then I can go to the, you know I can look at beautiful
architecture. This is a different way to do it, this is a different, you know, this adds value. I mean
the interface adds value and there’s a narration about the different architecture so there’s
different magazine approaches you can have which are better. This is about cinema, you know,
they’ve done several different lifestyle things. I don’t have too much time to dwell on it but you
get the idea. So news and magazines are interesting but if you don’t add value then there’s no
point in spending all this money on doing them just for the heck of it.

Pasa Mustafa
Are you going to show Flipboard?

Ferhan Cook
Yes. Now next thing is Flipboard. We can’t wait to show that to you. And these guys are ready
to talk about Flipboard. So Flipboard, how would you describe Flipboard?

Pasa Mustafa
Well it’s personalised news and it’s sort of packaged in a way that sort of, in a magazine style
format so it’s relevant to you…                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
What would you say about it?

Daniel Efergan
Well it uses both the kind of design ethic, so full bleed imagery, pulling out little clips from…

Ferhan Cook
Right, let me show it so that your comments make sense actually. Let me just show it first then,
sorry about that. Here, what I did here is Flipboard navigates my Facebook, my Twitter and
then my chosen, like for example if I say edit, okay, it highlights all of them. I want to add a
section and then I can just go choose my favourite magazine, let’s say that I’ve chosen an
entertainment thing just for fun, TV guide. And then it puts the TV guide in here, okay. So it
collects all my favourites that I love most.

What it does with my Facebook - this is my Facebook guys – so first of all it shows me all the
latest, you know, - here’s my, let me just say that again – yes, here’s my like up to three hours
ago, all my RSS feeds on the Facebook and all of a sudden all my Facebook buddies are, you
know, it’s as if they’re important journalists because they’ve got…

Pasa Mustafa
Flick through some of the pages, have a look at the video content and stuff like that.

Ferhan Cook
Just beautiful. I mean, you know, like this guy is, Shane, this is – oh they released them, they
released them, fantastic. Because I’ve been following the story of these guys and now, oh my
God, that’s fantastic, sorry, I’m getting carried away.

But anyway it’s good to look at your Facebook every once in a while. Amazing. That’s fantastic.

Pasa Mustafa
Also if you click into there you can add comments and stuff and you can see what people are
saying…                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Where do I add the comments?

Pasa Mustafa
So if you click into the video again…

Ferhan Cook

Pasa Mustafa
And then on the right hand side. And you can see what people are doing, Tweeting and…

Ferhan Cook
Yes, type your reply. Fantastic.

Pasa Mustafa
… add a bit more functionality and sharing, I think. You know, there’s more for them to do but
it’s probably the best kind of integrated app, you know, for news and stuff I’ve seen.

Patrice Slupowski
And I think it feels even, it’s more important on the Twitter part where Twitter is really flat, 160
characters and if you can show … it’s a really transforming engine tool, live magazine, share
with your friends…

Ferhan Cook
And go back to contents. Let’s not get carried away with all this stuff because I've got to keep
track of time.

Jen Topping
You don’t have anything personal on there do you?                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
That’s ... on my Twitter feed, there we go. That’s what everything he said, what did he say? On
stage with … Efergan, Patrice, to talk iPads at MIPCOM there you go. Alright so I love this
Flipboard and now you were saying something, now you can please say.

Daniel Efergan
I think I was just going to say the comment earlier about is it just a giant iPhone, I think one of
the key things you’ve got to think about the iPad is the space it’s trying to enter which is this
digital paper and it’s the idea of publishing and it’s replacing the magazine and the thing that
you sit on your couch and read.

Ferhan Cook
And new desktop publishing 3.0 kind of thing.

Daniel Efergan
Exactly. More so than the CD ROM kind of replacement, you know, the most exciting stuff, I
mean alongside the stuff that it’s already doing, like a giant iPhone, so located media, alongside
the fact it’s a good gaze platform, one of the key things that makes it very important is this idea
of publishing. And I just think that app beautifully blends all of those rules of publishing
alongside a lot of the exciting things about the interactivity it can provide.

Ferhan Cook
Now the next one we’re going to show is actually Patrice from Orange France Telecom will
show 24 24 actu, what does that do?

Patrice Slupowski
Yes, 24 24 actu is a service which is about aggregating the media and just because we are
among friends I can show you this because I’m not supposed to since the app is not yet
validated but don’t … so in that we’ve, this is what I was discussing before, we’ve taken the
idea of bringing a specific ergonomic to an existing service. For instance it’s a news aggregator
so if I’m clicking one of the top 15 headlines I will just go into the different audio, video and text
reviews that have been done and explain. For instance, if I’m clicking on France Deux, a French                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski (continued)
television channel news, it will point out directly at the minute where the topic is being
discussed in the press. So the important thing about that was to be able to bring all the different
pieces, even with a partner bar here, you know, to get this kind of new ergonomic specific to the

Ferhan Cook
So you have partnership with a lot of different publishers, video, TV…

Patrice Slupowski
TVs, and online press and we have…

Ferhan Cook
And I’m dying to ask what’s the business model for that. Aren’t you?

Patrice Slupowski
Sharing the value.

Ferhan Cook
Of, how do you share the value when, is it a free app?

Patrice Slupowski
No. It’s free on this one so we’ll have some advertising in that and we are definitely working on
the different…

Ferhan Cook
So you share advertising. So you’re working the business model outright…

Patrice Slupowski
Yes, yes…                                                                    0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
But it’s an ad share business model basically.

Patrice Slupowski
Yes, definitely.

Ferhan Cook
Okay. Is that all?

Patrice Slupowski
Yes. I can be back on my favourite one at this time which is how many fingers can you put on
the screen to do this kind of…

Ferhan Cook
Oh yes, it’s fantastic. Look at that.

Patrice Slupowski
It’s completely un-useful but purely essential.

Daniel Efergan
It’s the greatest… app.

Ferhan Cook
Great, thank you.

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
Okay let’s go to the next one again. Alright, are we moving too fast or are we okay still? What is
that app called, the one with the finger?                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
Line Art.

Ferhan Cook
Line Art. Fantastic one.

Patrice Slupowski
And this one is validated, I can show it, and it’s not mine.

Ferhan Cook
Okay, so now we’ve done all of that. Where are we? Oh games. We’re in games. Okay, well I’m
not a gamer, okay.

Pasa Mustafa
This is really what it’s all about.

Ferhan Cook
This is really what it’s all about and I’m not a gamer but iPad makes me into a gamer and that’s

Patrice Slupowski
I like games.

iPad voice
I like games.

Ferhan Cook

Patrice Slupowski
Just checking.                                                                  0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Okay. So here’s my favourite, when I go to a pub and it’s sort of an old bar … or something, it
doesn’t exist in all the pubs anymore though. So here’s the pinball. Do you like pinball?

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
Alright. Now I don’t know how I’m going to do this without being so much with my… I’ve been
playing this for a long time. I just want to make sure that I don’t want to… look how well…

Patrice Slupowski
Beware of the tools.

Ferhan Cook
It’s brilliant because it also tells me how I rank with the rest of the people and…

Pasa Mustafa
Shake it.

Ferhan Cook
What happens when you shake it?

Patrice Slupowski
It’s tilting.

Ferhan Cook
Alright, let’s do it, let’s do that. Ah, it goes like that as well, okay. The thing is I’m trying to make
sure that I don’t block this thing with my hands so I’m a little limited but it’s just, you know, I play
this for hours. Again I played this all summer knowing I was going to do this showcase and my
son downloaded it and I said oh great, you know. Okay.                                                                         0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
Don’t get carried away.

Ferhan Cook
Don’t get carried away. Thank you, thank you, thank you, alright.

Patrice Slupowski
You’re welcome.

Ferhan Cook
So this is, now I didn’t show you everything, what you can do with that is that you can upload,
you can save your game, it uploads and then you can show your world ranking. I have 1.25
million points and I thought I was in world’s 15, and it was just like, I don’t know, 355th and
somebody indicated to me that I was looking at the wrong thing. So I wasn’t good at it but, you

Next one, now this is an amazing thing, so simple but it’s called Angry Birds, it’s Daniel’s
favourite. How many people know how to play that? Oh my goodness, everybody plays, okay,
let’s play guys. It’s going to be simple but, so you have all these games, okay. This is a Finnish
developer; they sold 6.5 million of these apps, something like dollar nineteen, so $6 million,
there you go, okay. Now what they’re doing is they’re trying to do an animation out of it and TV
property out of it and they’re going from iPhone app to iPad app to TV animation, TV game and
all of this so it’s a really interesting cross-media application as well. But let’s play.

So I’m just taking you to the second one, let’s say, because I always … first one. So the object
is basically to do this and then to shoot and then to get points. Can you see it? Okay. I’m getting
good at it, you know, and then I pass…

Patrice Slupowski
Excellent.                                                                         0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Jen Topping
You’ve played this before.

Ferhan Cook
I’ve been playing since somebody, Andrew Stobbart of Fox, showed me this. Thanks Andrew if
you’re listening anywhere, somewhere. And then this one…

Daniel Efergan
Can I put forward a question while you’re playing?

Ferhan Cook
Yes, yes, while I’m playing, of course.

Daniel Efergan
To the panel, really which is I’m still looking at the iPad and considering really how different is it
as a gaming platform to the iPhone and I haven’t quite worked out, none of the games have
really seemed to transfer or change too much when they’ve translated themselves from the
iPhone to the iPad apart from better visuals and therefore more screen space which is key…

Pasa Mustafa
I think you’re right Daniel, yes.

Ferhan Cook
I still haven’t scored though. Okay, while I can play with this forever, sorry you’re interrupting my

Daniel Efergan
I apologise.

Patrice Slupowski
She’s playing, not too loud, she’s playing.                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Never mind, never mind, go ahead. Tell me…

Daniel Efergan
Well I suppose the key question would then be is there an example of a game that wouldn’t
work on the iPhone that does on the iPad?

Audience Member
Can I answer that? When iPad first came out they talked about board games and having
multiple players…

Pasa Mustafa
Which is now, I was going to come on to that, yes.

Audience Member
Board games and like Monopoly or Cluedo or something like that and having more than one

Pasa Mustafa
So they now have that…

Ferhan Cook
Well, okay, there is Scrabble which is actually played with both multiplayer, iPhone and iPad as
the board, as the, you know, tile board and your…

Pasa Mustafa
You keep your tile rack.

Ferhan Cook
Tile rack, yes. And this also a multiplayer game, this is also, this is a very interesting one. Foot
Ninja.                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Pasa Mustafa
This is not a bad example, it’s pretty simple.

Ferhan Cook
You know, this is a, I mean you can go nuts with this, yes.

Pasa Mustafa
Come out of that, go into the multiplayer version.

Ferhan Cook
How do you do that?

Pasa Mustafa
Just come back out.

Ferhan Cook
Yes, okay, so let’s do that. Okay. Go back into here maybe.

Pasa Mustafa
Go back to the menu somehow. Quit, bottom right hand corner.

Ferhan Cook
Anyway, I mean I don’t want to waste…

Pasa Mustafa
There we go.

Ferhan Cook
I knew how to do that but guys, okay, quit and then…

Pasa Mustafa
Right so if you go into multiplayer.                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
This is it. This is very cool. And then, see, you have two…

Pasa Mustafa
So you can play two player again…

Ferhan Cook
And then you can also choose your…

Pasa Mustafa
I think this is the kind of thing you can’t really do on the iPhone too well.

Daniel Efergan
Yes, I think this is a really good example. Particularly, there’s something about the interaction
as well. On the iPhone you never quite get the Ninja satisfaction without kind of doing that.

Pasa Mustafa

Daniel Efergan
Which works with an iPad.

Ferhan Cook
You can play fast. And then how do you choose your Ninja, the sword? Yes. Cool.

Pasa Mustafa
So you have to play two player you both…

Ferhan Cook
Anyway, I’m going nuts with this but I’m going to learn this more. So done.                                                                    0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Jen Topping
I wouldn’t underestimate the value of HD graphics. I know that I play Words with Friends, quite
addicted to it, all of our office is addicted to it. Everyone goes on holiday, they will play people in
the office, it’s quite antisocial. But the iPhone version is actually quite hard to use. Words with
Friends is sort of like Scrabble but not Scrabble and it’s quite hard to use. But the HD version
on an iPad is just beautiful. So I think the high end graphics are worth the extra bucks.

Ferhan Cook
So this is adding value right. And the other one…

Pasa Mustafa
I find it’s a lot easier to watch TV and play the iPad rather than the iPhone. It hurts your eyes a

Ferhan Cook
Yes, iPad is a much more of a laidback experience I’m finding. It’s like entertainment, you know,
it’s new entertainment. I don’t know, I mean, you know, I love this device.

Right so the next one, we’re moving into the hobbyist special interest. Unfortunately I’m only
going to show you one thing here but these are all the list of things, Star Walk is fabulous, I’m
going to show that, Pianist Pro, a lot of these things are for specialists who know how to do
something. I’m not a pianist so I would be a lousy demonstrator of this Pianist Pro because it’s
for real professional musicians. I haven’t even downloaded – oh I should have known Daniel.
Next time.

Daniel Efergan

Ferhan Cook
Okay and then Brushes is an artistic thing where you can actually paint beautiful pictures with
brushes.                                                                        0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Jen Topping
I was at an event the other day where Stephen Fry was speaking and he talked about David
Hockney, I don’t know if people know the British artist David Hockney. Dave Hockney’s eighty
years old, he’s using Brushes to create artworks every day and the stuff that he’s doing,
Stephen Fry was saying so, I’m namedropping, was saying it’s absolutely stunning. I was so

And he was saying, you know, that David Hockney was finding using his finger on a screen was
just as, more creative and more intuitive than using sable on canvas.

Ferhan Cook
So he’s the Brushes in Apple store, it’s £4.99. Okay so you can have, here are some of the –
hold on a second. I know you’re not going to cheat me on this. So here like it shows how you, I
mean how you paint really beautiful stuff and, look, I mean but you got to be a really nice artist
to do that.

And then the thing is you can go to the store, it’s so easy to buy this stuff. You just buy it.
There’s the business model. So…

Pasa Mustafa
Now you can use her account.

Ferhan Cook
And now you can go to the top chart, you can the top paid ups chart, look Angry Bird is the top
charts, let’s just show that okay.

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
Yes.                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
I think I’ve received a message from your bank saying you’ve just bought a $1 million app. I
know how this works.

Ferhan Cook
I trust these guys, they won’t do that for me, they don’t do that to me. Look, okay, we’re going to
go to Star Walk now. Star Walk is one of the top five. So if you go to App store you have the top
paid apps and you have the top free apps and now you see how you’re doing.

But we’re going to talk a lot about how to kind of get there and how to be featured and how to
make, you know, it’s so critical. Discovery is so critical.

Daniel Efergan
Just to reiterate that, it’s been said for quite a while but just to make sure, the top 100 is the
golden number. By falling within the top 100 then that seems to be the…

Ferhan Cook
What do you mean, top 100?

Daniel Efergan
Any top 100 of a category…

Ferhan Cook
Right, is good.

Daniel Efergan
That seems to be the key number that everybody developer talks about. Because once you hit
that point you can be found and reiterated and appear at the top quite quickly.

Ferhan Cook
Now this Star Walk is one of the ones that Michael … my friend, who’s now running iPad at
Apple, gave me as a favourite. And I like it very much. I’m not an astronomer and I’m not an                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
astrology buff but for those people and for learning it’s just beautiful. And also that Elements,
you know, I showed. But this is even more interesting.

So basically there’s a tab here, you can put your location, okay, so you can, we’re in Cannes,
France, okay, that’s good. So then you can choose your location anywhere else you want.
Okay, we’ve done that. So let’s just go back and then we’re on Cannes so in Cannes this
basically shows things in the sky, okay. So you can just look around the sky and it says where
to go, Perseus is in the north. And you can also do this but it’s kind of hard to demonstrate with
the video because you can also do this, you can tilt your screen. I don’t want to give you

Patrice Slupowski
Yes it’s augmented reality for stars.

Ferhan Cook
And you can see where the sun is and Mars is and then you can take the picture of the day, you
can share it with somebody and then you can just look at all the pictures. You can Facebook it,
you can Twitter it. It’s really beautiful.

So of course people are worried, okay if I put all my very high quality pictures in here is it going
to be shared. But there are ways to share lower quality versions or not share if it’s copyrighted.
So there’s all these, you know, programming tricks that you can do. The key thing, don’t forget,
you have to have a really good programmer.

Because also Apple, we’re talking Apple store now, Apple really picks very high quality apps
and they feature that. So if you want to be marketed don’t do a crappy app, do a good one, you
know. Get an innovative…

Pasa Mustafa
Good advice.                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Yes, I mean, just don’t, it’s not even worth it because there’s so many apps out there. How
many Apple apps are there? So you have to make sure you’re adding value, that’s my

I don’t know what this one, oh it tells you what day it is and then you just kind of go and up
down. Really beautifully.

Patrice Slupowski
I don’t know if we said that, but I think it’s really true that it was something like 9am in the
morning in the augmented reality industry so, which is probably one of the things that many
developers will be keen on doing in the following years.

Ferhan Cook
Yes. Yes so augmented, yes. I mean there are a lot of new features that these tablets are going
to give us, touch is one of the big things obviously, right. And augmented reality or tilt and
sharing is a big thing. You know, if you’re sharing then you’re making – now this one, this Glee,
is a top rating TV show in the United States by Fox, you know, Fox Studios.

So the app is called Glee and the show is Glee. Now Glee is basically a glorified karaoke. Can
you go to the entertainment slide?

So there’s a company who’s very innovative, Smule, who did the – how many of you heard of
the Ocarina app, yes, very few of you but Ocarina’s a beautiful app that you can play flute into
your iPhone and you can play flute with the world and it shows you where in the world you’re
playing flute with. It’s just beautiful. So the same company, Smule, has done this Fox app and
I’m going to show it to you. It’s a sing-a-long with the cast of Glee so these are all the Glee cast
people which I don’t watch the show because it’s below my age range I think.

Now this is going to be like funny. Okay, so we’re going to sing. Now here’s the thing, you can
have a tutorial song, we’re going to do the tutorial, but I can go to my iTunes and pick any of my                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
songs. Like you can see my age, right ... I mean I have those things. Come on, give me a

Patrice Slupowski
I have it also…

Daniel Efergan
Now this is, here’s another biz model because you can download this for free but then for each
of the season one songs, season two songs, you can buy each of these songs for 99 cents
each. So I bought a song, Andrew Stobbart made me buy this Bad Romance, there’s no way I
can sing it but I wasted my 99 cents on that one because I could have stayed in the Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star.

Patrice Slupowski
I have to say that at the rehearsal you were singing.

Ferhan Cook
Right, so shall we all sing to – wait, before I do that, does anybody want to sing? Wow, can I

Patrice Slupowski
The sound.

Ferhan Cook
Right. Now we’re going to sing together in the next one. Now it pitch corrects, okay watch here,
pitch correct and harmony but I found that when it pitch corrects my voice it’s no good so I’m
just going to stop it.

Pasa Mustafa
You don’t need it.                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
And then if I sing well it gives me stars. So, okay, I’m singing now, don’t make fun of me.

(Singing) Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like
a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

Save, done.

Patrice Slupowski
If you need us…

Ferhan Cook
Now look how many starbursts I got, I got 773 starbursts, it says good singing. There you go.

Patrice Slupowski
Are you available on weddings, bar mitzvahs?

Ferhan Cook
So now I can play my song, if I like it I can broadcast it.

Patrice Slupowski
We haven’t done the first one, we missed the whole verse.

Ferhan Cook
Yes, we’re talking and it’s recording, I’m sorry about that. I don’t if I can move it, yes I can move
it, yes there we go.

iPad voice
(Singing) Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like
a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
It’s really slow and out of key. I will be very embarrassed to share this with the world. Okay but
this guy is cute.

Patrice Slupowski
We have to come back for the…

Ferhan Cook
Right, so I can broadcast this and it just broadcasts my performance on to the world but I’m not
going to take time with that. So, you know, and I don’t want to. So the world is very cool. So you
can see who’s singing in the world and who’s sharing in the world. You can go in and out…

Patrice Slupowski
Can you go in Cannes?

Ferhan Cook
And then you can just listen, I don’t know, you can listen to the songs and you can join and sing
with them. Okay.

You know, I’m really relieved because they’re worse than me and here like you can put a note
in here, this is really bad. This is bad.

Pasa Mustafa
Those poor girls going to get a complex.

Ferhan Cook
You can share this performance, no thank you. Then you can go to the play recordings, I mean,
you know, you can just play all your recordings and then you can go back and you can also win
songs by making levels. Look I got 24,000 starbursts. And then when I put my recordings on the
Facebook, sharing is a big, big thing here, but Fox told me that the way this app is marketed is
that I share it with my 550 friends on Facebook and you share it with your 1,000 friends and
then, because they know ... they’ll listen to their bad voice and then they’ll share it with the rest                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
of their friends. And then people will go and download Glee and then they’ll start buying Glee
songs. That’s the assumption, right, so that’s the business model and that’s pretty good.

I think that I’ve done it, three minutes, we have…

Pasa Mustafa
That’s not bad, good timing.

Ferhan Cook
It’s not bad, it’s not bad, we’re doing well. So there’s a few other things, oh I just want to show
one last thing which is, where did it put that, app stream, yes. So if you don’t know what apps to
buy obviously discovery of apps is a very key point and this apps file is a very interesting thing
that came out. It’s about discovering new apps that you might like.

So, you know, like it’s got my Toy Story here and now you could put stars on the apps that you
like and then you could put information, I don’t know what this one, it tells you what other things
that you can buy so it gives you an interesting accumulating of apps based on what you have
bought already. And then it’s a discovery tool. So there’s going to be more and more things like
this that let you discover. And then it has a meter in it, you know good meter or bad meter or
whatever. I don’t know who judges that, I guess the company does. And it goes to the app store
and allows you to buy it. So, anyway, that’s a bad screen so I’ll kill it. Alright, so this is basically
what we have selected for you.

Daniel Efergan
Are you going to mention Miso as well? I just think that’s really…

Ferhan Cook
So Pasa why don’t you come here since we have a couple of minutes and show us Miso
because the aggregators are now going into social TV. It’s not an aggregator actually, it’s more
of a social TV app right. What’s social TV?                                                                        0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
What is social TV? It’s kind of combining all of the social integration and interactions that we’ve
been creating online with the TV experience. I think that, you know, Pasa’s going to talk about
the app and…

Ferhan Cook
So what’s coming, what’s Foursquare, you know?

Pasa Mustafa
Just before I come on to that I’ve got the wired app here because I wanted to show you an
interactive advert on there.

Ferhan Cook
Oh sure, okay, great, show us then.

Pasa Mustafa
So this is, you get to this page and it says can I touch it and it sort of says, you know, you need
to twist, twist the device and when you do it comes up with a different, yes you can, and it does
something. It’s really, really basic but it’s a level of engagement that a brand can have with the
consumer that you can’t get on other devices.

And I think, you know, again it’s kind of like, this is super basic but it’s the start of these things

Ferhan Cook
Yes, so, oh you found the Heineken ad, fantastic, so tell us, sure.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes, well I can just probably show you. There’s like a couple of things, like this is a good
example of just really, you know, nice sort of interactive article so it’s asking to fill in the words
and then you can, if you don’t know what the solution is you can kind of, you can press these
buttons and it helps you out basically and stuff so like that so…                                                                         0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
See that’s great because it’s an interactive ad, it’s much better than just a picture.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes. And then, you know, these adverts here, like Pepsi and stuff, have got video content within
the advert which is quite cool.

Daniel Efergan
And you’ve also therefore got to remember that adverts of that quality and engagement equal a
lot more money for the publisher.

Pasa Mustafa

Ferhan Cook

Daniel Efergan
I would assume that that’s the case.

Ferhan Cook
Not only the publisher but Heineken so therefore they’ll get more ads in wired iPad apps.

Pasa Mustafa
So that’s kind of why. But I’ll just, yes, there’s a couple of, there’s things happening with the sort
of social viewing. Obviously a lot of you guys know about foursquare and…

Ferhan Cook
How many people know about foursquare?

Daniel Efergan
How many people checked in here?                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Foursquare is a location game, right, it tells you – because mobile is a device that lets you tell
people what your location is and based on that you can play a game. I’m here, I’m there, I’m the
King of Paris, I’m the Mayor of Paris, whatever. So now … Foursquare for TV ads…

Pasa Mustafa
Yes. So there’s quite a few people who are sort of entering the space of like how do you check
into TV shows or magazines and films and all sorts of things and Miso is a Google venture
backed company based out in the States. And they’ve got one where it’s quite nicely sort of
graphically represented. So, you know, you’re sitting there and you can search for TV shows.
But if you’re watching Glee you sort of click in, it tells you who else is watching it at the moment,
so it has a kind of nice discovery way of sort of socially interacting with other people who are
into the same content.

And obviously, a bit like foursquare, you can check in, you can pick specific episodes and you
earn points for checking into that show. And then you can earn badges based on checking in
more regularly into those types of content.

Ferhan Cook
Do you think these kind of apps will make people go to watch TV more?

Pasa Mustafa
I don’t know, I think it’s kind of, it’s about, you know, these apps which incentivise through sort
of earning badges and things it’s about brag-ability and, you know, it’s about letting people
know that you’re a fan of something which is kind of what we’ve been doing, you know, for
years anyway but it’s just a really nice, easy way of sharing it.    And I think, you know, people
are using these devices much more whilst sitting in front of TV shows and people do talk about
TV shows a lot. If you saw the Facebook key note earlier yesterday, you know, I think there was
a ridiculous amount of mentions for X Factor even before the show aired, you know. And it’s
kind of that connection, I think, is getting stronger. And obviously these things will probably
evolve into becoming part of the EPG. Yes, so when you’re switching on, you know, your TV
you’re able to check in, you get points, you earn badges.                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Pasa Mustafa (continued)
And the thing that Miso are doing is they’re partnering with content providers, producers and
broadcasters so they can provide exclusive content to people who are super fans essentially.
And this provides a massive great marketing platform for broadcasters and producers who want
to extend their brand.

Ferhan Cook
Does Miso cost anything?

Pasa Mustafa
No it’s a free app so…

Ferhan Cook
And how do they make money?

Pasa Mustafa
Well I think probably they’re…

Ferhan Cook
Ad sharing by the…

Patrice Slupowski
They are thinking about it.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes, they're thinking about it. I think they’re probably not at the moment.

Ferhan Cook
Who makes Miso? It’s an American company.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes, it’s a new company, yes they’re…                                                                  0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
But you can join the dots between the Google TV announcements of recent time, the fact that
they’re saying that your phone is going to control your TV and that a Google backed company
like that with the EPG system … you can see how that kind of sphere is all joining together.

Ferhan Cook
And you have another one.

Pasa Mustafa
And GetGlue is another one. You know, like I said, there’s quite a few people sort of entering
the space and, you know, you can check in here to games, books, magazines, movies, like
wine you can see down there, celebrities. Same sort of things, earn badges and stickers, again
it’s kind of bragging rights to be able to show to your sort of friends and stuff.

Ferhan Cook

Daniel Efergan
Just to kind of finalise that bit, never underestimate the power of gaming mechanics for any
age. I think gaming mechanics have always been underestimated for adults and things like this
are just proving that everyone loves playing stuff and now it’s got to the point where you’re
getting badges just for doing normal things in your life but it does make you do them more.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes, definitely, yes.

Patrice Slupowski
I think that … yes, sorry.

Pasa Mustafa
No, I was just going to say, there’s someone wanting to ask a question.                                                                         0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
Yes, yes, you first.

Do you think Facebook’s going to do...?

Pasa Mustafa
Yes, I’ll repeat the question, is Facebook going to sort of do media check-ins. I think they
possibly will. I think Places is still really early days for them at the moment so it’s, you know, it’s
only just launched but I think they want to probably go in that direction and they certainly did
allude to it yesterday. I know they want to get closer to media and sort of that kind of

Patrice Slupowski
The most important thing, I think, for the audience here especially in the MIP is to understand
that it’s really about proximity and link into the social media space of the programmes
themselves. And you see what has been happening with the brands which all presenting the
social media, Facebook, etc, they have their pages, they have their fans, etc. It’s exactly the
same for the TV programmes. And with the idea that you can be the mayor or for Glee or
anything you can push people to kind of … which were existing before, you can … TV. And it’s
a strong push.

Ferhan Cook
So sharing and social TV is a new genre. I must say – let me just stop this for a second
because I didn’t want to cut you out, let me just do this for a minute. I just wanted to tell you that
I didn’t like that GetGlue thing because it just seemed too dull. It’s not an entertainment ad.

Pasa Mustafa
But the entertainment comes in the connection with other people, so it’s seeing what other
people are using.                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
So you think that young people won’t care about it too much.

Pasa Mustafa
Say again.

Ferhan Cook
That young people won’t care about the look and feel of it, they’ll care much more about the
functionality of it.

Pasa Mustafa
Yes I know, well that’s, you know, to be seen…

Ferhan Cook
There’s a question over there. I want you to show you this Epic Citadel which is this amazing
tool but go ahead.

Audience Member
Hello, yes, I was just curious about whether any of these, you feel any of these apps actually
stand a chance ageists Twitter and Facebook. I mean people have so much emotional
investment in Facebook for instance, it’s difficult for anybody to community build outside of
those ecospheres.

Pasa Mustafa
I mean all of these apps integrate into Twitter and Facebook and they have to, you’re right. And,
you know, it’s a turf war. I mean 4Squares’s doing it in the sort of location space and they may
not even survive and they’re doing very well already. But yes, I mean, one of these guys will
come through.

And I know that some of the broadcasters are getting into this space but that’s definitely not
going to work, right, because it’s only against their single channel. So probably one of these
outside guys have got a better chance.                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
And these three of social networks, is that, I think that in June 2006 nobody would have bet a
penny on Facebook versus MySpace so…

Jen Topping
I think the other thing that’s interesting to us, to Channel 4 anyway, is the difference between
super fans who may use some of these types of things because they’re so passionate about
their TV shows and also people who are light users or light viewers of certain programmes who
may only just interact on Facebook on Twitter. You know, the conversation that’s going on
nightly on Twitter about our shows are largely a lot of people who are light views, you know they
wouldn’t’ count themselves as super, super, super fans.

So it’s seeing different types of audiences in your different type of mechanism rather than, you
know, this is all the big killer that’s going to win, you know, depending on which type of
audience you’re talking about.

Ferhan Cook
I just want to make one point. Jen Topping, Channel 4, was going to be part of this session
doing a case study on Channel 4 but we moved her to the next session because Anna Rafferty
unfortunately had an emergency and she couldn’t come from Penguin. So Jen kindly agreed to
do her case study on the next session.

Ferhan Cook (continued)
So what we’ll do is we have eight more minutes, I’ll just show you one other like technology
thing which is really interesting and then we’ll open up for more questions but if you’re staying
with us we’re going to go straight into the case study. So when we finish this discussion, stay
with us, take a deep breath, sit down and then we’ll start right back because the case studies
will start, okay. So I just want to show you this.

Patrice Slupowski
And we have to vote for the best application.                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Oh yes, you don’t forget who do you like most. But this is a gorgeous game, this is a navigation,
3D navigation and touch screen game control like technology. So you can swipe things and go
and then you can tap, you can tap to a place and go. Wherever you tap it takes you there. Do
you see these little things? Because these things allow you to move around. And this one
allows you to move up and down.

So this is a technology based on a game engine that is provided to publishers to incorporate
into their apps. So all I’m saying is that iPad is not just a bigger iPhone. iPad is a new medium,
very exciting.

Daniel Efergan
Although that runs on the new iPhone as well.

Ferhan Cook
Does it?

Daniel Efergan

Ferhan Cook
But that’s okay, I mean…

Daniel Efergan
No, I mean it’s a stunningly beautiful…

Ferhan Cook
But iPad has an incredible screen that you can do so much more with it on iPad.

Daniel Efergan
You can run it on the iPhone but you can’t really see what’s going on so…                                                                   0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook
Yes, I’m not against iPhone, I’m just saying that iPad should be much more than that, no. You
guys agree with me? Okay.

Right so I’m just going to stop it right here. Now what we should do is open it up to more
questions. Firstly which one did you like, top app?

Audience Member

Ferhan Cook
Miso, wow, okay I’m glad we showed it.

Patrice Slupowski
I think we have the Miso CEO.

Ferhan Cook
How many people liked Star Walk? Among the kids’ apps what did you like the most? Did you
like Toy Story? Did you like Tom the Cat? Yes. That’s nice. Did you like the cake making thing?
The more interactive the better it is. Well you’re too old for it, that’s why you don’t like it that
much. On top of that you’re a male. You’re not a mother. He says to me that I’m just too
friendly with you but I should be more professional. Okay. Anyway I’ve had fun doing this panel
as you can see. I just want to panellists, the expert panel to maybe make a very short one
sentence conclusion about where this medium is going to go, how will the next coming tablets,
are they going to add new features or is it just going to be like iPad and what should
broadcasters and producers think about for the next six months? One sentence…

Daniel Efergan
All of that in one sentence.

Ferhan Cook
Well no, I mean pick and choose your question. Daniel.                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
Okay, well just so to update people on the kind of upcoming tablets I think Google and Android,
they’ve really done some very powerful. Speaking, the underlying kind of conversations with
developers, they’re very, very excited by Android and I think the next year will show the loss of
the control of iPad being the dominant force.

Ferhan Cook

Jen Topping
My bit would be taking inspiration from what, some of the beautiful stuff that’s being done out
there by publishers and going to developers and things like that. And looking what we can do
with programme brands and TV shows that audiences feel a huge amount of love and passion
for and how we can do stuff, we being the wider production sector and wider broadcasting
sector, we can do stuff that is excellent and executed incredibly well to compete with other
publishers and other games makers.

Pasa Mustafa
I guess for me the tablet devices are, and we didn’t really cover a lot of that today, but the
productivity side of it…

Ferhan Cook
We will cover soon, oh productivity.

Pasa Mustafa
Is, you know, really up and coming and it’s kind of, it’s using these devices to make things and I
think that’s where it gets really interesting because it’s relatively cheap as a visual controller…

Ferhan Cook
You think it’s a PC killer, laptop killer?                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Pasa Mustafa
It’s a laptop killer, absolutely, yes.

Ferhan Cook
How many people believe that? is iPad a laptop killer? Ah, 30%, no I don’t agree either actually.

Pasa Mustafa
No, the tablet will wipe out the laptop, there’s no doubt about that.

Ferhan Cook
Huh, tablet will wipe out PC.

Pasa Mustafa
Absolutely, absolutely.

Ferhan Cook
When, how long?

Jen Topping
You should put a bet on that.

Pasa Mustafa
Within the next five years definitely. yes.

Ferhan Cook
Five years…

Jen Topping
I’ll bet you a tenner that that’s not true.

Pasa Mustafa
No the laptop killed the PC and, you know, the tablet’s going to do it to the laptop.                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Daniel Efergan
I would say when we come back next year, I don’t know, random number plucked out of the air,
50% of all the stands will be using iPad to show their work rather than laptops. So at least in
those kind of situations…

Ferhan Cook
Yes, it’s true, when you’re travelling it’s much lighter and you can put your PowerPoint on there
and I have my PowerPoint. Actually, well anyway I won’t show you, there’s the bookshelf app in
there, you could just email yourself and download it as a PDF and put it on the bookshelf and
then you could just show it, real estate, you know, all kinds of stuff.

Pasa Mustafa
But I think when, you know, you see the visual controllers that DJs are using these things for
now as well and they’re like £1,000 cheaper than normal DJ visual controllers. And it just makes
everything so much m ore, you know, easier to get hold of and it’s multipurpose. And when
people start editing on this and using it as a vision mixer it will revolutionise the broadcasting
industry again and, you know, that’s the exciting stuff to come.

Jen Topping
I think, can I just add one more thing and it’s also about accessibility, so people with motor
issues or sight or any type of issue that they which using a normal laptop is really, really difficult
for them and incredibly expensive software. There’s really cheap software you can put on an
iPad and people with disabilities are able to use it. It’s amazing.

Pasa Mustafa
There’s a great YouTube video…

Ferhan Cook
Which one?                                                                       0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Pasa Mustafa
Well have a search for it, and there’s a 91-year-old lady, I think she has, who hasn’t read for 20
years or something and they buy her an iPad and it just changes her life and check it out,
Google it.

Ferhan Cook
What do you guys think about reading on iPad as opposed to a Kindle?

Daniel Efergan
I surprisingly fell in love with, not fell in love, really started reading on it a lot quicker than I
thought I would. I’ve moved into a new house recently and I love books, I love paper, I’ve been
carrying around a library for, since I was a young boy but on the fourth floor when I was carrying
my 10th or 11th box of books it did kind of hit me, this is a little silly. You know, like pulping
books, warehouses full of stuff people aren’t reading, it does seem ridiculous.

Ferhan Cook
Save trees.

Daniel Efergan
But even with that in my mind I thought, no, I won’t read it that quickly. Within two or three days
I found myself going to bed, lying back and reading on it. It’s not perfect but it’s very early days.
The e-readers are a lot of better, you know, they’re…

Ferhan Cook
Patrice, do you have a…?

Patrice Slupowski
On this particular topic I’m a paper guy so I think that, also because I’m falling asleep while
reading, I think that I wouldn’t…

Ferhan Cook
No what’s your overall general comment about the future of apps and…?                                                                      0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Patrice Slupowski
So I think that next two years are the years where we may see some people forgetting that it
needs a specific space in the market, not as a PC, not as a big iPhone, something brand new.
But to do this it deserves decent applications that are definitely taking advantage of the fun

Ferhan Cook
So don’t just make a website app into an iPad, right.

Patrice Slupowski

Ferhan Cook
Because you can always sign on to – I mean web is perfect on iPad, on iPhone and iPad.

Patrice Slupowski
Yes if you forget some capability issues but…

Ferhan Cook
Yes that’s true, okay. But I mean, you know, it’s just not worth the money to do a whole app if
you can do it on the web. If you can interact with it and engage people with it and if you…

Pasa Mustafa
And if you want to charge people for it.

Ferhan Cook
If you can charge people for it, if you want to extend your show and charge people and keep the
audiences sticky then it sounds like it’s perfect but make sure you’re adding value, right.

So what we’re going to do now is, this session is now, our time shows zero so we’re done. But
ten minutes, if you’re staying with us, take a deep breath and do that and then we’re going to
come back and the four case studies – yes, we threw a lot of stuff at you but now we’re going to                                                                     0800 085 4418
Rich Media Apps Fest: iPad Apps Showcase


Ferhan Cook (continued)
look at, okay, how are the relationships changing, what’s the broadcaster/publisher’s
perspective? Then what’s the developer’s perspective? Different multiple platforms. And then
how do you do licences and what’s an app store and how do you market your stuff on the app

So we’re going to expand a little bit the umbrella and do smart phone and tablet case studies in
the next ten minutes. Stay with us. And you’ve been a wonderful audience and please forgive
me if I’ve been a little too jovial with you but I thank my colleagues here because they’ve done a
great job. I thank my partner here; he’s done a great job. Thank you very much.

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    Louise ( or Anna ( on 0800 085 4418 or +44 1580 720 923                                                                   0800 085 4418