Breast Cancer Natural Treatment by anamaulida


									Breast cancer natural treatment uses resource from nature to heal the
body. It does not use conventional treatment. The natural healing process
involves eating healthy organic vegetarian diet, moderate exercise and
sunlight therapy.Eating vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, sprouted
beans, legumes, whole grains, low-fat diary products, and only good oils
can change the body sufficiently enough for you to notice boost of
energy, higher immune system, better bowl movements, and loosing unwanted
weight. naturally.Organic leafy greens vegetables and colorful fruits
does not contain harmful pesticide and chemicals that builds more toxic
in your body. The breast cancer natural treatment only supports ways to
heal the body without unnecessary added chemicals, including conventional
foods with artificial coloring, preservatives, or hydrated fats.It may
take some time to adjust to the breast cancer natural treatment for
preparing meals. Just because you cannot eat your favorite sweet dishes
that have high fat and sugar does not mean that your meals are going to
be tasteless. On the contrary, there are too many tasty recipes that are
easy to make. Especially if you adjust to a raw vegan diet, all or most
of the foods require no heating. You can make delicious smoothies,
shakes, and main dishes made from sprouted beans and tasty vegetables. Do
you know that there are more nutrients from sprouted grains and beans,
because they are alive?As part of the breast cancer natural treatment,
moderate exercise such as walking outside on a nice sunny day provides
natural vitamin D from the sun, boosting the metabolism level and more
oxygen to the body. Dr. Budwig discovered in her research that cancer
cells does not thrive in blood that has good oxygen supply. The sun
provides the highest level of vitamin D naturally.How does it cause sun
burns and skin cancer? Again, Dr Budwig states that a person who eats
processed, saturated fats, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and meats causes
the body unable to accept the natural vitamin D from the sun. Eating
organic foods allows the body to accept the sun without the burns or
irritation.Breast cancer natural treatment is a whole new lifestyle that
is healing and enjoyable. You can google and find many breast cancer
survivors who speak of their healing process via books, support groups
for breast cancer, personal websites, and forums.

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