How To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer by anamaulida


									October is named as 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'. Unfortunately barely
any individuals remember this. But breast cancer is a very serious and
terminal disease that afflicts around 200,000 women in a single year. A
few are lucky enough to be able to beat it. However, the majority of
these woman do not have the ability to battle it off.The only way that we
may be able to really support these women is to show them we care for
them. We can also donate money to an organisation that works for breast
cancer research and a new remedytreatment. Every year the Susan G. Komen
foundation puts together a 5k, 10k, marathon, and ultra marathon races.
Millions of cancer survivors and relatives of cancer patients come
together and show their support.There are some women that are not able to
make it to these races because they are not in the area and have no way
of driving to it. Others have the ability to go to these races - but feel
that they want to do more. If you have this desire than you should
consider putting together a breast cancer fundraiser.You can express your
support in your hometown and bring women of all ages together by having a
fundraiser. At this fundraiser you can provide them with some valuable
info about what breast cancer is and how it can affect millions of women
each year. Endeavour to look for a woman who is fighting breast cancer or
who has defeated it to talk to the other women. She can talk of her
battles and implore them how serious it is to perform frequent testings
with their doctors in order to identify the cancer early. There are loads
of fundraising activities that you can have and don't forget the
refreshments. The best way to raise money is to create special items that
individuals will desire to purchase. You can sell pins, hats, and shirts
with the symbol of breast cancer awareness on it. Or you can be
imaginative and make gloves, scarves, and other fun things that have the
symbol sewn into it. All of the money raised can go to breast cancer
research.With the assistance of friends and family you can have the power
to increase awareness of breast cancer to the women in your region. Aid
to present to them how important it is get regular tests and to assist
and support others who are afflicted by this deadly disease.

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