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The Thirtieth Sunday of the Church Year October 24_ 2010


									The Thirtieth Sunday of the Church Year                                         October 24, 2010
PRAYERS FOR THE SICK: The sick are comforted knowing that we pray for them. In your charity, please remember
Anna Fusco, Roxann Cusick, Christopher Vendura, Anthony Bilello, and the petitions listed in the prayer corner.

IN PARADISUM         Please remember Monsignor Peter
Paul Narkun, Father James Derrenbacher, Deacon                                THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE
Michael McCabe, Angela DelGenovese, Marta Pacheco,                 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24
the Gulf War II casualties and these souls for whom                6:30pm   Family Rosary, Church
Mass will be offered:                                              7:30pm   TCC, Gym
                                                                   MONDAY, OCTOBER 25
Monday, October 25                                                 4:00pm   CYO, Gym
7:30 Kathryn LaMorte                                               5:30pm   SOR
9:00 Josie Kenny                                                   7:00pm   Confirmation Practice, Church
Tuesday ,October 26                                                7:00pm    Fashion Show Meeting, Library
7:30 Kathryn LaMorte                                               TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26
9:00 Mary & William McNamara                                       4:00pm   CYO, Gym
Wednesday, October 27                                              5:00pm   SOR
7:30 Kathryn LaMorte                                               6:30pm   HSA Board Meeting, Principal’s Office
9:00 James Torrens, Sr.                                            7:00pm   Confirmation Practice, Church
Thursday, October 28                                               WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27
7:30 Joseph Monaghan                                               3:00pm   Golf, Gym
9:00 Josephine Sullivan                                            7:00pm   SOR
Friday, October 29                                                 7:30pm   RCIA, OCR
7:30 Intention of Father LaMorte (29th Ordination                  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28
Anniversary)                                                       4:00pm   CYO, Gym
9:00 Peter McElerney                                               7:00pm   Bible Study, Room 101
Saturday, October 30                                               7:00pm   Confirmation Practice, Church
9:00 Anthony Dominick Acconcia                                     8:00pm   Men’s Cornerstone, Library
5:30 Frank DeGregorio                                              FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29
Sunday, October 31                                                 2:45pm   Cub Scouts, Room 101
7:00 Carolyn Tavarone.                                             7:00pm   Confirmation, Church
8:15 The People of St. Gregory Barbarigo                           SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30
9:30 Aidan Horan                                                   10:00am Confirmation, Church
11:00 Andrew Doyle                                                 1:00pm   Confirmation, Church
12:30 Thomas Monahan

                                                   OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD
         On Friday morning, I returned from the annual Convention of Pastors which was again held in Spring Lake, New
Jersey and brought together almost 100 participants from parishes across the archdiocese. How much we priests need to
get away for the managerial and spiritual development that this opportunity affords! It was quite a full week, with three
presentations each day given by professionals from around the country; time for Mass and prayer together; and most
importantly, the built-in fraternity that every priest needs in order to flourish. This year’s offerings included a combination
of spirituality, education, psychology, finance, management, scripture, health, liturgical practice and music, lay ministry
and legal issues. All in all, it was an excellent week. My expectations were fulfilled. However, speaking honestly, on one
slow day, when those few topics weren’t so appealing, I called my sister, Kathy and asked her to meet me at our mother’s
home to spend the day going through some of her things that need to be donated and discarded. Those of you who have
lost parents know that we will have to dispose of the car and the house in good time. I am hoping to spend one day each
week in Toms River with that necessary clean up. Anyway, I enjoyed spending time at the convention with my classmates
and priest friends who live in other parts of the archdiocese whom I rarely see anymore. I was sure to give your regards
to Fathers Backes, Higgins and Keane. They all agreed that I was the lucky one of the foursome, because I am the
pastor of this beautiful parish. As great as it was, and how necessary the change of location and pace, I was so happy to
be back to celebrate two weddings on Friday afternoon and the weekend Masses with all of you today.
         In my conversations with some of you, I learned that we have quite a few parishioners in military service. If you
agree, I would like to include in this bulletin each week the names of your sons and daughters who are serving in the
armed forces. We will call the listing the Blue Star Banner. This was created in 1917, and it hung in a family’s window to
show pride in a loved one serving the country. It is another way for us to remember them in prayer. Please send us their
rank, name and branch of service. We can give it a try.
         The Fathers and I want to thank you again for your generous preparation of meals for us. We have never eaten
so well! I hope you have a nice week.                                                                           Father LaMorte
                SUNDAY’S READINGS                                        CELEBRATION OF ALL SAINTS
   First Reading: Sirach 35:12-14, 16-18                     Each year, our Church thanks God for and celebrates in
  Second Reading: 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18                     prayer the lives of all the people, especially our family
           Gospel: Luke 18:9-14                              and friends, who have gone before us to the judgment
                                                             seat of God, and have, through His mercy, entered the
                                                             gates of heaven and are living there with other saints.
                                                             This year, since this feast falls on Monday, the obligation
                BANNS OF MARRIAGE                            to attend Mass is suspended. On All Saints’ Day, we will
          II Jodi Hauptman & Timothy Tyler                   celebrate Mass at the usual 7:30 and 9:00 AM.

                SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE                                  ALL SOULS’ DAY MASS INTENTIONS
  Sometimes we are unaware that our parishioners have        Tuesday, November 2 is All Souls Day, and Masses
been seriously ill for awhile. We encourage family or        will be offered on that day for all the departed members
friends to inform us about those who are ill or about to     of our families and parish. Special envelopes for you to
undergo major surgery so we can pray with them,              enroll the names of your deceased relatives and friends
celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick and bring them the       were received with your Sunday envelopes, and may be
Eucharist. These sacraments bring comfort and healing        returned to us if you wish. These envelopes will be
to those who are suffering. We urge our parishioners to      placed at the tabernacle on All Souls Day and kept there
avail themselves of these spiritual benefits. Please call    throughout the month of November for your intentions.
us at the parish office.
                                                                 In prayerful thanksgiving for the generosity of our
                                                                            October 17, 2010 $11,029
       PART- TIME MUSIC TEACHER                                             October 18, 2009 $14,848
St. Gregory Barbarigo School is currently seeking to fill
the position of a part-time Music Teacher for grades                         GIFT CARD PURCHASES
Kindergarten-8. If you are interested in applying for this   Last weekend’s gift card purchases totaled $4180 by 32
position, please contact the school principal, Mrs.          families giving the parish 5% earnings of $209.00.
Cassel, at 947-1330.                                         Gift cards are sold:
                                                             SATURDAY MORNING: 9:00-10:30am in the school.
                  PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC                      SATURDAY EVENING & SUNDAY MORNING: in the
                              ADORATION                      Narthex.
             “What is Adoration?” Adoration means
             saying “Jesus I am Yours. I will follow You
             in my life, I never want to lose this
                                                                 ST. GREG’S HOME & SCHOOL ASSOCIATION
             friendship, this communion with You…I am
                                                                          300 CLUB HARVEST RAFFLE
             Yours, and I ask You, please stay with me
                                                             We will be selling Harvest Raffle tickets after all the
             always.” Quoting John Paul II 10-15-2005
                                                             Masses today and next week. Tickets are $100/each.
                      Call Bobby or Jessica Zottoli
                                                             Only 300 tickets will be sold in our Annual School
                                                             Fundraiser. The Grand Prize is $10,000.00, 2nd Prize
                                                             is $1000.00, 3rd & 4th Prizes are $500.00 and 5th &
                          LECTORS NEEDED
                                                             6th Prizes are $100.00 each. Drawing to be held in the
  Our parish is in need of lectors. Anyone interested in
                                                             School Gymnasium Saturday November 13th after the
being a part of this ministry to our Church is asked to
                                                             5:30 Mass. All entrants are invited to join us for the
contact John Joyce at 845-947-2644. Thank you for
                                                             drawing and some light fare and refreshments. Winners
prayerfully considering this request.
                                                             need not be present.
                                                              Thank you all once again for your support of our School!
The Rockland County Vicariate Pro-Life Mass will be
celebrated at St. Aidan’s Church , 23 Reld Drive, Pearl
                               st                                     CALLING ALL CORNERSTONE MEN
River on Monday, November 1 , 2010 at 7:30pm. The
                                                             Team formation has begun for the 2011 Men's
celebrant will be Fr. Koshy George from St. John’s
                                                             Cornerstone weekend! If you have participated in a
                                                             retreat and can be a member of the current Cornerstone
                                                             team, please join us on October 28 at 8 PM in the
                                                             library. Give back to give back to other men the
                                                             wonderful gift you received on your weekend. It's never
                                                             too late to come back and answer God's call to share
                                                             your faith! If you have any questions, please contact
                                                             George Grasso at 845-270-7002.
Dear Parishioners,
      Every journey in our lives, as we are all aware, has to come to an end no matter how interesting or difficult it might be.
I therefore wish to inform you that my stay among you ends on October 24 , 2010. I am sincerely happy and proud to
have had the opportunity and privilege to be part of this nice community and to render my humble service to the
wonderfully loving and warm people of the St. Gregory Barbarigo Parish Church. From the bottom of my heart, I
acknowledge your hospitality and support which made it possible for us to share CHRIST together since December 2009
till the present day that I ask leave of you and bid you farewell. Thank you ALL!!
      I thank in a special way our former pastor, Rev. Thomas Kreiser who out of love and concern for me accepted me to
come and work among you. God bless him. I also thank the dynamic members of the parish staff whose names are on
the front page of the parish bulletin for their immense support and cooperation; and my thanks also go to all those who
worked behind the scene always to make my stay among you a very happy, comfortable and memorable one. I thank
God for having the privilege to be here for almost one year.
      As we are all aware, the Church here is opening a new chapter in its temporal and spiritual journey in witnessing to
Christ under the new pastor, Fr. Joseph LaMorte and also in the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of this unique Church in
2011. be assured of my prayers for the Church and I wish you both spiritual and temporal growth and development in all
your endeavors. Permit me to humbly solicit your prayers for the people of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Likpe Bakwa,
which is the rural village of my origin in Ghana, which also is preparing to celebrate its Centenary of the church in my
village in the same year as you do here in 2011. I am so much happy and excited to join my people in Ghana to be part of
this unique spirit filled celebration. Yes! We shall all sing ALLELULIA to the glory of God next year. We thank God for this
privilege and opportunity granted us.
      Once again, I am so grateful and appreciative for your kind generosity and love and as the Lord wills it I bless you all
with these powerful words:
   The Lord bless you and keep you!
   The Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you!
   The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace! (Num. 6:24-26)
Here is my e-mail address in case anyone wishes to contact me:


              Saint Gregory Barbarigo Parish has a new
              website at .              SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION Next weekend, at
              Please visit it for information regarding             special Masses on Friday at 7:00 PM and Saturday at
parish activities. Please let us know if you have any               10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, Father LaMorte will be honored
comments or suggestions. We also will be introducing                to present the ninth grade students from our parish as
two new e-mail addresses: one for the parish                        candidates for confirmation to Bishop Gerald Walsh,
( and for Father LaMorte                      auxiliary bishop and rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary.
( Eventually, the old                        These young men and women are fully prepared by the will be discontinued.                               prayer, example and instruction given to them by their
                                                                    parents, families, sponsors and catechists. During the
               THE DAILY MASS FOLKS                                 course of the year, they studied religion in small groups,
It can be a surprise to people who only attend Mass on              participated in a day of reflection, received the
Sundays to discover how many of their neighbors are at              sacrament of reconciliation, and have given of
Mass every morning in our church. Why not take                      themselves through service projects that benefitted both
advantage of the good weather to join us at 7:30 or 9:00,           the parish and local communities. In the name of Jesus
Monday through Friday or on Saturday at 9:00 AM. The                Christ and his Church and on behalf of Archbishop
rewards are unpredictable.                                          Dolan, we will ask Bishop Walsh to accept these
                                                                    candidates for the sacrament of confirmation during his
MAGNIFI-KID! Bring the Mass and prayers closer to                   visit to our parish. We welcome Bishop Walsh and we
the lives of children. MAGNIFIKID is a weekly booklet of            pray for the young men and women who will be
16 full-color pages to help children follow the Sunday              empowered by the Holy Spirit. Remember to be present
liturgy and live the entire week with the Lord. It contains         for the rehearsals that will take place during the week.
a complete text and explanation of the prayers and                  Parents, godparents and candidates are all asked to be
readings of the Mass, and fun activities to connect the             present.
Mass to a child’s life. For information about this
wonderful resource, visit, or call 1-
                                                               PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY 2010 is a way to allow
                                                               Catholics to recognize good priests who, day in and day
                                                               out, do an outstanding job in serving them in parishes
                                                               across America. The focus is on the place of the
            IN LOVING REMEMBRANCE                              priesthood as a central reality in the life of the Church.
  The flowers on the altar this weekend are in memory of       The shortage of priests makes them less visible and,
Michael Facciola, at the request of Alice Facciola, and        consequently, less prominent. Please remember your
Traudel McKenna & Rose Madar, at the request of the            priests next Sunday, especially the families of Fathers
Rita & Frank Madar.                                            Michael Berry OCD, Michael Keane; seminarian
                                                               Kenneth Riello who are all members of our parish; and
                                                               thank them for what they do to bring the Lord to the
                                                               faithful through the sacraments. Also, visit the new web
Once again the United Way campaign is starting.                site, If you have a son in the
Birthright is extremely grateful to those who have
                                                               priesthood, please call the parish office this week so that
contributed to support our work of helping moms and
                                                               their names can be included in this enrollment.
precious young lives in the past. We are in the Donor
Designator Program and you must request a Donor                CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SERVICES OF ROCKLAND
Option Form. Our code number is 006571 and our
                                                               is the principle social service agency of the Catholic
address is: Birthright of Rockland County, 257 S.
                                                               Church in Rockland County. Among other services,
Middletown Rd., Nanuet, NY 10954. Many corporations
                                                               CCSR provides emergency financial assistance to
now match employee contributions, and Birthright meets
                                                               persons facing homelessness, a car-donation program
the IRS’s 501( c ) (3) exempt status for matching gifts.
                                                               for working mothers/fathers in need of transportation, a
Thank you!
                                                               food pantry and immigrant services. CCSR was founded
                                                               14 years ago under the sponsorship of the Roman
                                                               Catholic parishes of Rockland County. On Thursday
   Giving a Mass card to the family of someone who has
                                                               Evening, November 18, 2010, CCSR will hold its third
died is a traditional, practical and consoling custom
                                                               annual “Community Service Celebration” with a gala
among Catholic people. Arranging to have a Mass said
                                                               reception and dinner at the Colonial Inn in Norwood, N.J.
for the repose of someone’s soul respects the mystery of
                                                               We are pleased to announce that our parishioner,
death and pays attention to the truth that we will all be      Gerard Moriaritiy, will receive the 2010 Community
judged by God, mercifully but justly, for what we have
                                                               Service Award. St. Gregory Barbarigo would like to
done and for what we have failed to do. When we die,
                                                               support the mission of the agency by purchasing at least
life is changed, not ended. Do you think that everyone is
                                                               ten seats at a cost of $75.00 per seat. Would you
ready for immediate welcome into the kingdom of
                                                               consider joining us at a parish table by purchasing a
heaven? Perhaps some are, perhaps very few. Upon
                                                               ticket? Journal ads are available as well. If so, please
his death, who had more prayers and Masses said for                                                                 th
                                                               call the rectory at 845-947-1873 before October 29 ,
him than Pope John Paul II? We all have need for divine
                                                               2010 to reserve a space.
mercy, and we benefit from the prayers of our friends.
When we die, we will be fortunate and blessed if we
have a Mass of Christian Burial, and if we have people         FAITHFUL            CITIZENSHIP,       OUR         CIVIC
pray for us at Masses in months and years to come.             RESPONSIBILITY To prepare for Election Day, please
Mass cards are available at our parish office for $15, and     remember the words of our Catholic bishops, “No public
$5 for an attractive leather cover. Intentions are printed
                                                               official, especially one claiming to be a faithful and
in the bulletin.                                               serious Catholic, can responsibly advocate for or actively
                                                               support direct attacks on innocent human life. We urge
                                                               our fellow citizens to see beyond party politics, to
                 HAPPY HALLOWEEN Sunday, many of               analyze campaign rhetoric critically and to choose their
our neighborhoods will overflow with little children. If you   political leaders according to principle, not party
are a driver, use special care on the road. If you are a       affiliation or mere self-interest.”
“trick or treater,” remember to respect the property of
your neighbors and to inspect all candy before you eat it.         HUDSON LYRIC OPERA PRESENTS “FAUST”
Too much Halloween candy? Then bring it with you               Performances: Sun. 10/24@ 2pm, Fri. 10/29@ 8pm,
when you come to church next Sunday and Father will            Sat. 10/30@ 8pm. Trinity United Methodist Church, 47
use it for his candy box for the children. Thank you.          E. Main St., Stony Point. Tickets: $20 adults; $15
                                                               students/seniors. For info call 845-709-2273, website:
        A NOTE FROM CATHOLIC CHARITIES               
Did you know that eating breakfast at school can help
your child do better on test scores and focus on school
work? Your child can shine with school breakfast! If you
receive food stamps, then your child can eat breakfast at
school for free. Ask Tomasa Mandes, Catholic Charities
(845) 942-5791 for more details.
                 AN INVITATION TO JOIN
               THE “RESTLESS JOURNEY”                                       APPLE FEST-PORK ROAST
  St. Augustine the great Doctor, Pastor and Mystic of       Leo Laders Post 130 Presents an Apple Fest-Pork Roast
the early Church engaged in a remarkable journey of                               th
                                                             TODAY, October 24 , 2010 from 2-7pm at 130
faith that he shared with his fellow Catholic Christians     American Legion Way, Thiells, NY. Menu includes
through his sermons, his writings, and most of all the       Succulent Pork Roast, Pan Roasted Potatoes,
example of his life. The spirit of St. Augustine continues   Vegetable, Apple Sauce, Salad, Rolls, Apple Pie a la
to be shared today in the Secular Augustinian Recollect      Mode, Soda, Coffee and Tea. Donation is $15.00-
fraternity (SAR), a world-wide association of Christian      adults, $13.00-seniors and $8.00-children. For
laity committed to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ         additional information please call (845) 671-9870.
according to the teachings of St. Augustine, and forming
part of the Augustinian Recollect family of priests and               NORTH ROCKLAND ROTARY CLUB
brothers.                                                    CELEBRATES 84 YEARS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE
  We invite you to join us in discovering Augustine’s            TH                                     th
                                                              30 Annual Spaghetti Dinner: October 29 , 2010.
“Restless Journey” in search of a deeper spirituality.       5:30-8:00PM. Central Presbyterian Church, Hudson
The local fraternity of SARs meets at Tagaste Monastery      Ave. & New Main St., Haverstraw. Cost: $9.00-Adults,
in Suffern, NY on the first Wednesday of each month          $7.00 Children & seniors. Free to children under 5 yrs.
beginning with Mass at 7PM. Please join us for our next      of age.
meeting on Wednesday, November 3 , 2010. For more
information call Tagaste Monastery at (845) 357-0067                   NORTH ROCKLAND FOOD PANTRY
(ext. 10). Also check our website:                             In the past, St. Gregory’s has partnered with the North
<> and                              Rockland Food Pantry by helping to combat the local
<>                                       hunger problem. Due to recent economic conditions,
                                                             donations are at an all time low and with the holidays
  PARAMUS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL-CRAFT FAIR                    rapidly approaching, we are being asked to help once
   Paramus Catholic High School is pleased to                again. We will conduct a food drive, the donations from
announce its Fall Craft Fair to be held Sunday,              which will be given to the food pantry for distribution to
November 7, 2010 from 10AM to 5PM. Since its                 Rockland families in need.
inception, the event has grown to include over 100              Items in need are: Peanut Butter/Jelly, Tuna or other
artisans offering a wide variety of items. Crafters will     canned fish, canned ham, soup, canned beans,
display unique handsome fall and holiday gifts and           macaroni and cheese, pasta, rice, instant potatoes,
decorations, floral arrangements, jewelry, pottery and       canned vegetables, canned fruits, cereal, oatmeal
much more. This is a P.J. Promotions sponsored event.        packets or canisters, spaghetti sauce, juice boxes, cake
Admission is $3.00. The school is located at 425             mixes, pudding/jell-o, crackers, breakfast bars, coffee,
Paramus Road (opposite Bergen Community College).            tea. These may be left in the basket in the narthex.
For more information please call (201) 445-4466.
                                                             TWO DAY CHRISTMAS CRAFT SPECTACULAR: On
      LADIES ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERIANS                      Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th
Are you Catholic and Irish by descent or marriage?           , Saint Joseph Regional H. S., Montvale, NJ will be
Would you like to give back to your community and have       hosting its Christmas Craft Spectacular from 10 a.m.
fun doing it? Come and join the Ladies Ancient Order of      until 4:00 p.m., showcasing the talents of 120 crafts
Hibernians. Find out what we are all about on Sunday         people and fine artists. The whole first floor will be used.
Nov. 7, 2010 at Noel's Irish Pub & Restaurant, 79 S.         Admission is $2.00. Children and senior citizens (65+)
Liberty Dr., Stony Point, NY. 2pm - 4pm.                     are     free.    NO       STROLLERS          PERMITTED.
  Margaret Vallone Gardineer, Ph.D, of Felician College,
Lodi, New Jersey, will give a lecture on Blessed John                            RUMMAGE SALE
Henry Newman, recently beatified by Pope Benedict            A Rummage Sale, sponsored by the Blessed Mother
XVI, on Monday, October 25, 6:30 PM, at Dominican            Sodality of St. Anthony’s Church, will be held from 2 – 7
Convent, 175 Route 340, Sparkill. Free will donation.        pm on Saturday, November 13 , and from 9 am to 2 pm
Information: 845 359-4068                                    on Sunday, November 14 , 2010 in St. Anthony’s
                                                             School cafeteria, 34 West Nyack Rd., Nanuet. A BAKE
IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVER EXPIRES DECEMBER                     SALE will also be held. For further information, please
31 If you are 70½ and older and want to make a gift to       call 620-1753 or 558-0091.
St. Gregory’s, then take advantage of the IRA Charitable
Rollover before it expires at the end of the year and
donate your IRA assets while avoiding income tax on the
IRA withdrawal. To learn more, call the Office of Gift
Planning at 212-371-1011, x3316 or e-mail

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