LB-USMNeighborhoodSidewalk by wpr1947


									LB-USM Neighborhood Sidewalk/
          Bike Path
•   To Homeowner & Resident
     – Increase Home value 5-7%
     – Promotes health - Residents are 65% more likely to walk in a neighborhood with
     – Provides alternative transportation - 30% of residents cannot or choose not to drive
     – Facilitates Pedestrian/bike (not vehicular) transportation to one of 5 USM entrances
     – Street trees slow traffic, decrease vehicle noise, improve air quality, increase
        property values 5-20%, encourage walking
•   To City
     – Connects USM to downtown (Being a “college town” is one of the factors
        determining the “best places to live”)
     – Economic growth at business points along connection
     – enhances citizen access to USM facilities
     – Promotes healthier, alternative transportation
•   To USM
     – Enhances access to USM facilities through 1 of 5 entrances
     – Provides access to city businesses
     – Provides alternative transportation to Gulf Park Campus
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                     Cost/Proposed Timeline
                      (depends on funding)

Phase                  Description                             Timeline                Cost
        6' path on the South side of 3rd St. (with
  I     requisite drainage/street improvements)      January – March 2008                 $126,000
        6' path on the north side of 3rd St.(with
  II    requisite drainage/street improvements)      April – June 2008                    $126,000
 III    Landscaping (including buffer trees)         July – September 2008                 $50,000
         Lights similar to those used in the newly
        designed west USM entrance every 80 feet;
        trees as a buffer between road and
 IV     sidewalk/bike path; landscaping              October – December 2008              $350,000
                                                                               Total      $652,000

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