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San Francisco Bay Area Section


									         Application for Award
     Section of the Year 2008

San Francisco Bay Area Section
          Celebrating 50 Years
               1958 - 2008

      Host Section of StarFest 2008
                                  Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                        San Francisco Bay Area Section

Members of the MBCA Award Committee:

Following is the application submitted by the San Francisco Bay Area Section of the Mercedes-Benz
Club of America for your consideration in the selection of the 2008 Section of the Year.

The San Francisco Bay Area Section was chartered on May 12, 1958 and in 2008 we celebrated our
50th Anniversary. In addition to hosting our regular calendar of local events for our members, the
SFBA also participated in regional events and hosted a very successful national event – StarFest
2008. Our section also participated in several events that raised substantial money for very worthwhile
charitable organizations.

The internal mechanics of our Section were exceptionally strong in 2008. In keeping with our
commitment to developing diverse leaders from within our section we welcomed two new board
members in their twenties – Lois Wong serves as our webmaster and Mike Doukas serves as our
Director of Advertising. We have a strong succession plan for our section leadership and are always
working to identify new board members. Our section Treasurer developed a financial plan that kept
our finances strong throughout the year and will continue to serve as a guideline for the future.

Additionally, relationships with Mercedes-Benz dealers in our area were substantially strengthened in
2008. Two dealers with past histories of non-involvement sponsored events in 2008. A dealer whose
prior club involvement was limited to newsletter advertising increased their support of the club by
providing marketing on their website and providing their buyers with MBCA memberships.

Events, newsletters, websites and financial reports are important components of any MBCA Section,
but the real heart of our organization is our members. In 2008, the San Francisco Bay Area Section
members proved their commitment and passion for MBCA through their continued tireless efforts. Our
section leaders took pride in the ownership of their board responsibilities and to insure that each
receives the individual recognition that they deserve for these efforts I have asked them to participate
in the compilation and presentation of our section achievements in this application. In the pages that
follow, SFBA board members have outlined the section highlights of 2008. In addition to the
information specifically requested by your committee, our application contains information on our
recently updated website that is a strong asset for the section.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to review our application, and I sincerely hope that you
agree that the leaders and general members of the San Francisco Bay Area Section deserve to be
recognized for their efforts in 2008.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and General Members of the San Francisco Bay Area Section of
the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, I respectfully submit this application for recognition as “2008
Section of the Year.”


Robert E. Schilling, President
San Francisco Bay Area Section
                                   Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                   Laura Simonds, 2008 Western Regional Director

To the MBCA Awards Committee:

It’s my great pleasure to support the nomination of the San Francisco Bay Area Section for the MBCA
Section of the Year Award for 2008.

As Western Regional Director for most of 2008, I enjoyed working closely with the section on a vast number
of projects and events, although they did not need much assistance from their RD.

It was very significant year for the section for a number of reasons. But perhaps most important—it was
SFBA’s 50 anniversary!

Key reasons for my support to award Section of the Year to SFBA Section include:

•   Exceptional leadership that makes the section a well-run and fun club. They believe in and practice
    developing current leaders, cultivating new leaders, and building succession.
•   Host of the 2008 StarFest. The section spent almost two years planning this well-run national event.
    The number of volunteers from the section was almost overwhelming. The committee selected the
    MBCA Educational Foundation as recipient of a $7,000 donation from the financial surplus. This
    StarFest was the highlight of MBCA’s year.
•   Host of a regional event. In combination with the All Euro Car Show (hosted by Central Coast Section),
    SFBA Section hosted a Poker Rally. It made for a complete Mercedes-Benz experience of rally and car
    show for a weekend on the Central Coast of California.
•   There were 2-4 events each month in 2008, and a good number of enthusiastic members turned out for
    a variety of social, driving, technical, and educational activities. Without a doubt, the best attended
    event in 2008 was the section’s 50 Anniversary Celebration—attended by nearly 175 members!
•   Created by President Robert Schilling, “First Sunday Drives” have become a very popular driving
    activity. No-cost, no-reservation, these activities have brought in a high number of new members and
    have appealed to a more diverse demographic of members. It’s been gratifying to see the “First Sunday
    Drives” become the model for similar activities in sections across the national club.
•   The newsletter was published monthly and always on the first of the month. The section was extremely
    proud to be “Best of the Best” winner in the 2008 newsletter contest.
•   Like sections throughout MBCA, SFBA Section has been challenged with declining membership. But
    their board of directors has tackled the issue in a variety of ways: improving dealer relationships,
    welcome letters to all new members, acknowledgment in the newsletter, recognition with a gift at their
    first event, exit interviews to determine reasons for expired membership, and more.
•   Fiscal responsibility. At each board meeting, the board members thoroughly discussed and evaluated
    the financial situation of the section. They made sound decisions about the need for a threshold that
    keep the section operating for a year if there was no further income, and they decided to partially
    underwrite one “membership appreciation” each year.

Without a doubt, 2008 was a memorable year for SFBA Section. Everyone could sense the energy and
enthusiasm from countless members. Winning the Section of the Year Award for 2008 would be the final
“icing on their 50 anniversary cake.”

Best regards,

Laura Simonds
                                  Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                     Jack Weir, 2009 Western Regional Director

To the MBCA Awards Committee:

I support the nomination of the San Francisco Bay Area section (SFBA) as MBCA Section of the Year
for 2008.

Even before I was elected as Western Regional Director last November, I had become convinced
SFBA must be one of the more successful sections in the national club. My brief tenure as RD has
confirmed that conclusion. With respect to the other sections in the Western region, SFBA is clearly
the most energetic and most vital in its planning, leadership and focus.

The current SFBA section exhibits a very healthy combination of planned leadership succession,
member-focused planning, and future focus in all its board and committee functions:
    • The section recruits members to join the board as DALs, or as committee chairs. It is made
        clear that as new board members gain experience, they may be called upon to “move up the
        chairs.” The vice-president is asked specifically if he/she is willing to take on the president’s
        role in the future. When I was asked to become RD, my role as vice-president was quickly
        and easily filled by the appointment of one of our DALs.
    • The annual November planning meeting is highly publicized in the newsletter, and at section
        events. Members are encouraged to attend, and do. They are asked to propose ideas as to
        future events, and are asked to volunteer to plan and lead them. Many often do, and become
        candidates for future board positions. In addition to a full calendar of section social, rally and
        technical events, SFBA sponsors our highly successful First Sunday Drives (FSD). SFBA
        also emphasizes the importance of making sure that events are planned to occur all over the
        section’s geography. Specific actions are taken to solicit participation by members who do not
        live in the section’s core area. In addition to planning for the following year’s calendar, the
        planning meeting also identifies potential events for the early part of the year after, giving a
        head start for future event planners and leaders.
    •    SFBA is aware of the problem of declining club membership, at all levels. Lists of expiring
        and expired memberships are circulated among board members, and calls are placed to
        determine the cause for the expiration and often result in members renewing their
    • The board has adopted a policy of planning events so as to keep member costs low during
        these economically depressing times. Most events are of nominal cost to members, or are
        free; FSD drives are free. The section treasury does not subsidize higher cost events.
    • SFBA not only focuses on its own matters, but also actively supports the region and the
        national club. SFBA volunteered to host StarFest 2008, and committed a large number of
        members to the planning committee. SFBA members comprised about 50% of the total event

Whether SFBA is awarded the club’s best section of the year or not, it’s a great section to belong to,
and we couldn’t be happier as members!

Jack Weir
                                 Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                        San Francisco Bay Area Section

Members of the MBCA Award Committee:

Although the membership of the San Francisco Bay Area Section decreased by 6.7% in 2008, our
section fared well in comparison to many other sections during this challenging economic time. In fact,
the SFBA section closely tracked the national club membership decline of just over 6% for 2008.

The San Francisco Bay Area Section works with the dealers within our geographic boundaries to
promote membership in the club. Club membership materials are displayed at local dealers, we work
closely with dealers in planning and hosting some of our events and technical sessions, and in 2008
RAB Motors in Marin offered a club membership with every new car they sold as part of their “Consider
a Mercedes” sales promotion. (

As Membership Chairman I personally send a letter of welcome to each of our new members. This
letter provides a listing of the upcoming section events. Additionally, all of our new members are
recognized publicly with the listing of their names and home cities in the “Welcome New Members”
section of our monthly newsletter.

When one of our members is attending their first event with our section we welcome them publicly and
present them with a gift – an MBCA “Mercedes Parking Only” sign. We publish a photograph of these
first time event attendees in our monthly newsletter.

In addition to publicly recognizing our new members and first time event attendees, we also recognize
and reward our long-standing members as they celebrate milestone membership anniversaries. In
addition to mailing a personalized letter thanking them for loyal membership, our members are also
presented MBCA Anniversary Pins for their five-year interval anniversaries.

As Membership Chairman I also closely monitor the monthly reports and send a personalized reminder
letter to all section members who have allowed their membership to lapse. This letter is sent in
addition to any renewal communication at the national level and has proven to be an effective
reminder at the local level.

I am providing copies of the three personalized letters that have been prepared to welcome our new
members, celebrate our member anniversaries, and remind member’s of their membership expiration.


Ann Bornstein, Membership Chairman
San Francisco Bay Area Section
                                   Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                        San Francisco Bay Area Section

Members of the MBCA Awards Committee:

The San Francisco Bay Area Section’s newsletter, the Golden Gate Star, was recognized as the “Best
of the Best” winner in the 2008 MBCA Newsletter Contest. The Golden Gate Star was regularly
published in each of the twelve months of 2008 and contained eight to ten pages per issue. Every
issue of the newsletter always includes the following:

•   Upcoming events for the next 3-month period (i.e. front page calendar, publicity articles,
    reservation forms)
•   Officer or Board Member’s Message
•   Directory of officers and board of directors
•   First Sunday Drive feature
•   Welcome New Members list
•   Classified ads
•   Recap of previous recent events with pictures
•   Special features (i.e. series of articles on section’s history for its 50th anniversary)

Officer’s Messages and event articles are written by event chairpersons, event attendees, newsletter
editor, section officers and board members. As available, other articles include technical features;
publicity for regional and national events; member’s car features; news from MBUSA (i.e. loyalty
reward program, etc.). These articles are written by section technical director, newsletter editor,
section president, regional director, and section members who simply submit an interesting article from
time to time. Educational content (i.e. technical, MBUSA/Daimler AG news, MBCA national news)
always comes directly from the company, the national club, or published books.

PDF copies of all newsletters from the past 12-month period (on a rolling calendar basis) are posted
on the section’s web site.

The Golden Gate Star accepts commercial advertising. Our advertisers include local Mercedes-Benz
dealers, independent garages, and other car-related businesses. Advertisers can buy half- or quarter-
page, or business card size space for a one-year period. As Newsletter Editor I work closely with our
Advertising Director to ensure the proper design format for the newsletter printer.

A copy of the August 2008 Golden Gate Star is included in this application for your review. In addition,
the CD enclosed with this application contains a PDF copy of every Golden Gate Star published in


Laura Simonds, Newsletter Editor
San Francisco Bay Area Section
                                                                     Celebrating 50 Years!
                                                                      1 9 5 8 - 2 0 0 8

                                                           After more than a year of planning and publicity, StarFest 2008, hosted by
                                                           San Francisco Bay Area Section with Sacramento Section, is almost here—
                                                           September 26-October 1. Be part of the excitement at the world-famous
By Robert Schilling                                        venues, and hear from the best speakers that MBUSA has to offer. To get the
                                                           discount registration rates, you must register by August 28 (after that, rates
                                    —Our National          go up).
President Pete Lesler will be at Park Avenue Motors
in Palo Alto to lead the MBCA Concours d’Elegance          Featured speakers will be Ernest Lieb, CEO of MBUSA, for our final banquet
Judging School. The reservation deadline was July          on Wednesday, October 1, at Thunderhill Raceway Park; and Michael Kunz,
25, but if you want to attend, please contact Robert       Manager of Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA, and Nate Lander, a member
Schilling ( or 650.619.7550)         of his staff and an MBCA Educational Foundation scholarship recipient, for
immediately to find out if there is space available.        our concours banquet on Saturday, September 27, at the Holiday Inn Golden
                                                           Gateway in San Francisco.
Attendance at this school will certify you to be a
judge at any national MBCA Concours event—
specifically you will be able to judge the cars on the      Following the Welcome Reception at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway in San
field at Treasure Island at StarFest 2008 in September!     Francisco on Friday, September 26, The Great Lawn at Treasure Island will be
MBCA standards are easy to understand, and                 the site of the Concours d’Elegance on Saturday, September 27. The Concours
attending this judging school will provide you             awards will be presented at the banquet that evening.
with all of the knowledge and practical experience
you need to participate as a StarFest judge. Judging       On Sunday, September 28, the rally-drive will take us across the Golden Gate
is usually done in teams, with more experienced            Bridge to the North Bay, Wine Country, and the Central Valley, ending in
judges paired with the newbies, so don’t worry             Willows, California (location of the track events). This will be a highly scenic
about being set out on your own to judge!                  drive through some of the most beautiful and famous Northern California
                                                           countryside—through several wine appellations, past a sleeping volcano, and
Our school is being held at Park Avenue Motors in
                                                           into California’s vast agricultural heartland. You can compete in the rally or
Palo Alto. The day will start with morning coffee
and introductions at 9:30 a.m., and we’ll start Pete’s     just take the drive.
presentation at 10:00. We will take a short break
for lunch and then resume the school by splitting          On Monday September 29 through Wednesday, October 1, Thunderhill
into teams and actually judging the cars of the class      Raceway Park in Willows will be the site for all the track events and final
participants. The day will end around 3:30 p.m.            banquet. The track events and rally awards will be presented at the final
after a Q&A session to answer any questions that           banquet on Wednesday, October 1. Other activities planned for these days
have arisen during the school.                             include Leadership Development and Membership Development workshops
                                                           and day excursions.
If you are considering entering a car in the Concours                                                             (Continued on page 9)
at Treasure Island, this judging school is a “must
attend” event. Not only will you be schooled in the
standards to which your car will be judged, your
car will actually be judged as part of the class, and       AUG. 2            Concours Judging School, Robert Schilling (650) 619-7550
you will go home with a detailed punch list of              AUG. 3            First Sunday Drive
items you might want to address before StarFest.            AUG. 17           Tire Kicker
And yes, you can participate as a judge even if you         SEPT. 7           First Sunday Drive
have a car entered in the show!                             SEPT. 21          Tire Kicker
                                                            SEPT. 26-Oct. 1 StarFest, Richard Simonds (650) 592-7613
If you are interested in attending a judge’s school but     OCT. 5            First Sunday Drive
are unavailable on August 2, contact Hank Pezzetti at       OCT. 18*          Oktoberfest, Lindsay Drobilisch (408) 782.2305 or (916) 687-4792 for information          OCT. 19           Tire Kicker
on the Sacramento Section’s judging school to be held on
                                                            OCT. 25           Technical Session, Richard Simonds (650) 592-7613
                              (Continued on page 9)         * Reservation form on page 9
by Eva Gordon, Activities Director

How Did I Get Here?                                                                   
                                                                                                                 Treasurer, HOWARD STRAUSE
One day I am someone who happens to drive a Mercedes-Benz and
                                                                          Executive Board                        925.939.5050     Fax 925.937.7744
the next I am on the board of SFBA Section. I have to ask myself,                                      
“How did I get here?”                                                     President, ROBERT SCHILLING
                                                                          650.619.7550                           Secretary, LINDSAY DROBILISCH
As long as I can remember, my family was into cars. There was a                  408.782.2305      Fax 408.782.1518
steady progression of makes and models which ended with Mercedes-
                                                                          Vice President, JACK WEIR
Benz. Once my parents bought their first M-B, they never bought                                                   Ex-Officio, HAL HARPER
                                                                          925.934.7720       Cell 925.899.4298
another make of car. It also helped that when my father traced the        Fax 925.930.0446       503.747.4792
family tree, he found out that his long-ago relative had married the                                   
original Mercedes, the woman after whom the car was named. I was
fortunate enough to get the hand-me-down cars as they purchased
new ones, and eventually I bought my own M-B vehicles.
                                                                         Board of Directors
As time passed, I married an official “car nut.” Being car enthusiasts,   Activities, EVA GORDON                  Hospitality, PORTIA STRAUSE
we naturally sought out others who shared a love for cars as we          650.834.2614       Fax 510.234.4574     925.939.5050
did. A friend recommended joining MBCA. They said we would                       
especially enjoy reading The Star magazine, and they had an active                                               Membership, ANN BORNSTEIN
                                                                         Advertising, VACANT
group in the Bay Area. We paid the dues and joined. The first year we                                             831.786.0782
just read the magazine and monthly newsletters. For months there                                       
were many events that passed us by as we just didn’t make them
                                                                         Editor, LAURA SIMONDS                   Technical, RICHARD SIMONDS
a priority. Finally one day we were free and interested in seeing a
                                                                         650.592.7613                            650.592.7613     Fax 650.592.6318
private collection of military vehicles in Portola Valley.               Ofc 650.691.9123 Fax 650.592.6318
The day came, and as good Mercedes enthusiasts, we showed up in
our official Picnic Car “LUE,” a 1957 220S Cabriolet. At the event we     Photographer & Historian,               Webmaster, LOIS WONG
                                                                         SANDY DROBILISCH                        415.601.1329
were pleasantly surprised to meet so many other like-minded car                                        
                                                                         408.782.2305      Fax 408.782.1518
enthusiasts with old and new M-B’s. The group welcomed us with 
friendly smiles, and at the end of the day, they gave us official “first
timer” sign and took our photo for the newsletter. As time went on,      Director at Large, RICH PERSOFF         Director at Large, JERRY TERSTIEGE
                                                                         831.786.0782                            650.574.0741
we attended more and more events, each different but with the same                                     
friendly faces.
                                                                         Director at Large, STEPHAN VON CRAMM    Director at Large, BOB DOERR
I have always enjoyed planning events. It was just a matter of time      415.567.1478                            650.784.0842
before we would volunteer to organize something for the club. Our            
first event was the Ponton Cabriolet Reunion. This was a result of
finding out there were several other cars in the area just like ours.
Next event was a drive to Sonoma which included a wine tasting,          Western Regional Director,
luncheon, and the ultimate private M-B collection tour.                  650.592.7613    LAURA SIMONDS
                                                                         Ofc 650.691.9123 Fax 650.592.6318
One day, section president Robert Schilling asked me if I would
consider being on the board. I was thrilled. This was a dream come
true to combine my love of cars with my enthusiasm of organizing
events! This past January I was voted onto the board as Activities           The GOLDEN GATE STAR
Director. My first task was to organize the 50th Anniversary Members
Appreciation celebration for SFBA Section. This was not an easy          Publisher                                 Anza Group - San Jose
first-time task—it was a lot of pressure! Finally the day came,           Editor                                          Laura Simonds
and everything seemed to miraculously fall into place. It was a          Photographer                                  Sandy Drobilisch
spectacular day full of entertainment and surprises, and hopefully       The Golden Gate Star is published monthly by the San Francisco Bay Area
everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.                                Section, Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc. Copy deadline: 10th of the
                                                                         month preceding the month of issue. Please type and double space copy.
Now I can take a break and relax, at least until the next event—         ABOUT OUR ADVERTISERS: We hope you will support our advertisers.
                                                                         No inference, however, should be made that advertising in THE GOLDEN
StarFest in September.                                                   GATE STAR implies approval of their products or services by the Club, its
                                                                         Officers or members, or by Mercedes-Benz - USA Inc. or Daimler AG.
As Activities Director, I am always looking for new ideas and venues     MEMBERSHIP information or renewal, call toll free 1-800-637-2360
for club events. If you have ideas, please contact me and share
them. Our next planning meeting for the coming year is November
1 in Redwood City. We would love to have additional input from           You can send that wonderful article or ad via E-mail
members—if you have some, please attend.                                 or FAX to me for inclusion in the Golden Gate Star
                                                                or FAX 650-592-6318.      Laura
Don’t let the price of gas get you down—drive safe and have fun!

                                                                    by Lindsay Drobilisch

                                                                       Saturday, October 18, 2008—The traditional Oktoberfest
                                                                    season begins in September and ends in the middle of October.
                                                                    In past years we’ve celebrated in early September. But this year
                                                                    we will be closing the Oktoberfest season. So, join us for a SFBA
                                                                    Section Oktoberfest on October 18. By popular request, we
  We had a great turnout of 36 cars—including six smart cars
                                                                    will return to Teska’s Germania restaurant and beer garden in
  and one gullwing—for our July drive in the Santa Cruz
  Mountains. Stops included the Thomas Fogarty and Byington         San Jose, along with our friends, the 9-piece Alpine Band. Our
  Wineries—both of which made special arrangements for our          special German lunch selections include Roulade (stuffed beef
  group. We ended with a fabulous lunch under the redwood           roll), Jagerschnitzel (breaded pork cutlet), Schweins Hax (pork
  trees in Felton where our group danced with the patio             shank), Wienerschnitzel, and Halibut. All are accompanied
  umbrellas to dodge the sun as we waited for our meal. Many        with appetizers, garden salad, dessert, and coffee. There will
  thanks to Rick and Cherie Perez for planning and leading this     be a no-host bar for our drinking refreshments.
  fabulous drive!
                                                                    As usual, we will have contests, including a German outfit
                                                                    contest. Ladies, you can find patterns by Burda and NuMode
                                                                    that have authentic styles. If you have an outfit from another
                                                                    European country that would be in the same flavor, why not
With expanding membership in the North Bay, our section is
working to increase activities north of the Golden Gate. SFBA       give it a try! Even though there will be an Oktoberfest outfit
member Andre Bertauche has agreed to work with any interested       contest, special outfits are optional…and just fun! And, don’t
North Bay members in setting up some local events. Member           forget your steins. “People Choice” awards will go for the best
BBQs, a monthly visit to a local winery, or maybe lunch at an       stein and men’s and women’s outfits.
interesting new restaurant close by? Anyone interested in helping
to form a satellite of the SFBA Section in the North Bay, please    We will have a fun-filled afternoon of German celebration
contact Andre Bertauche at And, remember,
                                                                    with dancing, good food, good beer, and the good company of
the monthly tire kickers are on the third Sunday of each month
at 9:00 a.m. at Border’s Books in San Rafael, right next to RAB     our friends and a chance to meet new members. It is always a
Motors (in clear view from Highway 101). The next couple of tire    memorable event!
kickers will be August 17 and September 21.                                                               (Continued on page 9)

                                                                                                   If it doesn’t say Smythe you probably paid too much.

                                      50TH ANNIVERSARY
                                             by Hal Harper, Ex-Officio, President 2007
Looking back at 1958:                                             were new and almost unheard of in other makes (fuel injection,
   Dwight Eisenhower was in his second term as president.         disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspensions, safety cage
   The first man-made satellite, Sputnik, was launched the         construction, unit-body construction, traction control, airbags—
   previous year by the Soviet Union.                             by now, you probably get the idea).
   The 45 rpm single had displaced 78 rpm records.
   Elvis Presley joined the US Army.                              In addition to the evolution in our favored make of car, our
   Electronic fuel injection first appeared on certain GM          club’s membership has seen changes with the times as well. In
   models (though later abandoned).                               my years with the SFBA Section, from 2001-2007, I’ve met long-
   Mercedes-Benz cars were sold through Studebaker dealers        time owners and those who acquired their first M-B, whether
   in the USA.                                                    new or previously owned. All have been fun, interesting people
                                                                  who share a passion for their cars and getting to know others
And the SFBA Section was formed…                                  who share these interests. Some of us own more cars than we
                                                                  have garage space for, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!
A lot of events have taken place since the inception of our
section, just two years after the formation of the MBCA which     To that end, our section has evolved with the times and will
took place in 1956. And here we are—more than halfway             continue to do so. At the core, we have the dedication and
through 2008.                                                     passion of members who keep the momentum going. Here’s to a
                                                                  great 50th and keep up the good work—it’s been a fun journey…
We have seen import cars become a major part of the American      and getting there is certainly part of the entertainment.
landscape, from initially being a curiosity or niche market to
being an everyday sighting. Mercedes-Benz cars have certainly     Greetings from Portland, Oregon to all of you—the SFBA
been a significant part of that movement. Since the beginning,     Section will always hold memories of friendship, camaraderie,
the marque has eschewed gadgets and chrome for a solidly          and good times for me.
engineered vehicle that could run on the Autobahn all day,
negotiate around a curving road, and stop in a predictable
manner. And do so year after year, mile after mile.

Many models showcased emerging technologies that are
mainstays in our current models that not many years ago           June 2008
                                                                  (Order name badges from the National Business Office,
                                                                  1-800-673-2360. Check them out in the back of The Star magazine.)

                                                                  Myra Benjamin & Randall Harder, Redwood Shores
                                                                  Wally Steven Buch, Atherton
                                                                  William Childers, Morgan Hill
                                                                  Jay Chua, Hayward
 FOR SALE: 2005 SL55AMG. Brilliant silver with charcoal           Giovanni Corbelletta, San Francisco
 interior; 16,000 miles with warranty, very rare McLaren          Michael De Ulloa, Santa Clara
 look, one owner, all books and records, original paint in        Michael Doukas, Burlingame
 flawless condition. Contact R.R. Perry at (408) 265-1534.         Gordon Fong, San Francisco
                                                                  Megan Ilog, Walnut Creek
 Please support our commercial advertisers! They support          David Milton, Foster City
 our club. Be sure to tell them that you’re a member of the       Susan Phelps, Redwood City
 club and saw their ad in this newsletter.                        Patrick Russell, Clayton
                                                                  Francis Scarpulla, San Francisco
 [Remember, classified ads are free to members, $25 for            Timothy Staley, Corte Madera
 non-members. Your classified ad will appear both in               Gretchen Verner, Oakland
 the newsletter and on our web site for one month. Send           Dave Waddell, San Francisco
 your “for sale” or “wanted” ad to Laura Simonds, editor,         Alex Waddington, San Jose, or (650) 592-6318 fax.]                    Donald & Kyong Walker, Fairfield

                              Celebrating 50 Years!
                               1 9 5 8 - 2 0 0 8
by Laura Simonds
With great flair, fun, and enthusiasm, we celebrated our SFBA Section’s
50th Anniversary at the Menlo Circus Club in Atherton on June 28.
More than 170 members enjoyed a day full of camaraderie, beautiful
Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a delicious barbecue, and even a polo match!

The Menlo Circus Club provided the perfect settings for members to
display their beloved Mercedes-Benz cars on either the grassy lawn
in front of the horse stables or in the parking lot in front of the club
house. The variety of M-B vehicles displayed by our members was truly
staggering: for example, ‘55 300SL Gullwing, Maybach 57, ’07 McLaren
SLR, ‘69 280S, ’58 220S Cabriolet, ’86 500 SEC, ’39 170V, ’65 230SL, ’69
280SL, ’85 G-Wagen, ’56 300Sc Cabriolet, ’08 smart, and many, many
newer models.

We were honored to have MBCA Executive Director David Cummings
(from Colorado Springs) as our special honored guest, as well as other
honored guests Past National Presidents Chad Hunt and Richard
Simonds; Past Section Presidents Becky Hunt, David Hunt, and Richard
Simonds; Past Western Regional Director David Hunt; and current
Western Regional Director Laura Simonds.

As members mingled among the displays of cars before lunch, there were
many conversations about memories of our section’s past activities and
lots of “ohhh’s and ahhh’s” over the magnificent cars. New members
met long-time members, old friends got reacquainted, and everyone
soaked up the sunny atmosphere.
                                                                           Soon our lunch was ready, and everyone enjoyed a traditional summer
                                                                           barbecue of chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs with all the usual
                                                                           trimmings. Somehow everything tasted better as prepared by the
                                                                           Menlo Circus Club chefs! And, what an extra thrill it was to have a
                                                                           polo match going on in the background on the field right next to our

                                                                           As we finished lunch, SFBA Section President Robert Schilling
                                                                           welcomed everyone and shared a bit of our 50-year history. MBCA
                                                                           Executive Director David Cummings then presented several awards
                                                                           and recognitions. First, the Daimler AG Silver Star Award to Richard
                                                                           Simonds (the announcement was made at the fall ’07 national board
                                                                           meeting but the actual award recently arrived for the presentation).
                                                                           Second, the MBCA “Best of the Best” 2007 Newsletter Contest Award
                                                                           to our Editor Laura Simonds. And, at last, from the MBCA national
                                                                           officers on behalf of the entire club, a very special framed 50th
                                                                           Anniversary Certificate of Recognition for SFBA Section was accepted
                                                                           by Robert Schilling.

                                                                           A great raffle of countless door prizes concluded our lunch. We extend
                                                                           a huge “thank you” to Autobahn Motors in Belmont for donating all
                                                                           the door prizes, as well as bringing a couple of ’08 models for our car
                                                                           display. We greatly appreciated their support!

                                                                           To say our 50th Anniversary celebration was a huge success is an
                                                                           understatement. Activities Director Eva Gordon and her husband
                                                                           Scott organized and hosted this delightful day. Numerous members
                                                                           volunteered to help with parking cars, check-in, and other various
                                                                           tasks. Thank you, everyone!

                                                                           Afterwards, comments from many members could be heard:
                                                                           “Everything was stellar from the beautiful venue, precision logistics,
                                                                           delicious food, and smooth program.” “What a great event on
                                                                           Saturday! We really had a great time, and the venue and luncheon were
                                                                           really the very best!” “Congratulations for putting on a splendid and
                                                                           memorable event for SFBA’s special occasion.” “The day was unique
                                                                           from beginning to end in the care and detail taken to provide such a
                                                                           wonderful club experience. It will be difficult to match and will not be

                                                                     Then our large group was divided into two smaller ones and was
By Sandor Drobilisch                                                 guided to the “bowels” of the ship to the engine room or to the
                                                                     “island” (the navigation and flight control bridges) respectively by
                                                                     the docents. When one group finished their respective tour with
Déjà vu again! In October 2001 we gathered at the awesome bow
                                                                     their docent, the group was taken over by the other docent—a very
of the magnificent USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier, and just like then,
                                                                     expeditious method—but what else would you expect? This is
on May 31, 2008, an enthusiastic crowd of 51 section members
                                                                     the US Navy! These guys served on this ship for years, and their
waited while shivering in the chilly wind of the San Francisco Bay
                                                                     lectures were excellent whether it was given in the engine room or
at the former Alameda Naval Station.
                                                                     the flight control bridge!
When we finally walked into the Hanger Bay, the enormous
                                                                     Speaking of service, in the 2001 tour we had one section member—
size was overwhelming as we sat down for a well-prepared
                                                                     Jay Carter—who served on the older Hornet (CV 8) during the
introduction. We learned about the specifications of the ship and
                                                                     war in the Pacific prior to its sinking and he was elated to see
the history of the most decorated aircraft carrier of the US Navy:
                                                                     the campaign ribbons displayed on this Hornet (CV12) which
                                                                     indicated unit citation he also received. Jay now lives in Florida.
   • Inherited the name of the earlier Hornet (CV8) from which
     Jimmy Doolittle took off for his famous Tokyo raid in 1942
                                                                     Now, this tour of the Hornet produced another section member
     and was sunk in October of the same year.
                                                                     who actually served on this ship (CV12)--none other than our
   • This Hornet (CV12) was built in just 16 months by the
                                                                     beloved Treasurer, Howard Strause, who served in 1962 during the
     tremendous effort of the ship builders—a quarter of whom
                                                                     Cuban Missile Crisis when the political tension was very high and
     were women!
                                                                     the Hornet was ready for “all out” action as she was heading into
   • Attacked 59 times during its service but never hit by bomb
                                                                     the Caribbean waters. Of course, the crew was oblivious of what
     or torpedo or Kamikaze planes! No wonder they nicknamed
                                                                     was happening and learned much later how WWIII was avoided.
     it “The Gray Ghost!”
                                                                     Howard served as a reservist sailor for eight years and was offered
   • Her aircrafts destroyed over 1,400 enemy aircraft and way
                                                                     a commission after the crisis but declined. We always held Howard
     over a million tons of enemy shipping—a fantastic feat!
                                                                     high in our esteem and now he went up another notch.
   • In 1969 the Hornet recovered the Apollo 11 space capsule
     and the first man who walked on the moon.
                                                                     It was a good event even if we had to climb up and down those
   • Now she is designated a National Historic Landmark and is
                                                                     steep ladders for hours. We had our box
     a public museum in the care of the Aircraft Carrier Hornet
                                                                     lunches in the Officer’s Mess and
                                                                     enjoyed the surroundings,
                                                                     where the posters depicted
                                                                     the past of the ship.

As you know from reading the Golden Gate Star newsletter and
the national club’s magazine, The Star, our SFBA Section is hosting       by Hal Harper, Ex-Officio
StarFest, a fabulous national event, in Northern California this
fall. Starting with a concours d’elegance at Treasure Island and a        As many new Mercedes-Benz owners are aware, we get 24-hour
banquet in San Francisco, we then will have a rally-drive through         roadside assistance courtesy of MBUSA.
beautiful countryside to our track location for our driving events,
workshops, and Final Banquet at Thunderhill Raceway Park in               This program also extends to all years of Mercedes Benz vehicles
Willows. Check The Star or visit for            for United States owners, regardless of whether you are the original
details of dates, times, special events calendar, and registration        or a successor owner of the vehicle.
                                                                          This program was piloted in the New York area in the early 1980’s
We will need many volunteers for the various events, and over fifty        and then expanded to include the other 49 states. It provides
stalwarts have come forward already. There is still need for many         technical assistance, jump-starts, vehicle lock-out, and towing to
more, and the section has provided a series of incentives, including      the nearest service facility if your car is disabled. If you run out of
Welcome Reception and Concours Banquet tickets for volunteers             fuel, they will bring a few gallons to allow you to get to a station to
and their spouse or guest. This incentive alone more than covers          re-fuel. If your car is equipped with Tele-Aid, you can contact the
the cost of registration. But the real benefit will be participating in    Roadside Assistance via that system in your car (or call the toll-free
making this gathering the best and most fun national event ever,          number on your cell phone if you’re locked out of the car).
as well as meeting and working with some of the greatest M-B
aficionados in the country! To volunteer, please contact Volunteer         I recently had the experience of having my original battery wear
Coordinator Jack Weir at or (925) 899-4298.               out and die one night after an evening out after work with my
                                                                          2001 CLK that I purchased new. This battery lasted for 7 years—5
                                                                          months longer than my previous record of 6 ! years with my other
                                                                          car. It worked fine earlier, but when it died, it was gone for good.

                                                                          In my case, the operator advised that she would tell the service
                                                                          tech to bring a new battery along, since it was a likely to have
                                                                          expired of old age and natural causes. I received a phone call from
                                                                          the technician, and he arrived in less time than his ETA.

by Richard Simonds, Technical Director                                    It took the tech about 10 minutes to change out the battery (cordless
                                                                          power tools), and he re-synched the power windows, Brake Assyst/
Saturday, October 25, 2008—Looking for a high-class shop that             ESP, and radio codes. I paid the cost for the replacement battery,
can make your Mercedes-Benz glow and perform to its best? Our             but the installation is complementary with Roadside Assistance.
next technical event will be held at Performance Art in Gilroy on
Saturday, October 25 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. We’ll start with            Within an hour’s time, I had a new OEM battery and was on the
coffee and snacks around 9:30 a.m.                                        road home with everything back in order. That is a level of service
                                                                          that you get by being a Mercedes-Benz owner, whether it’s new or
Performance Art has a 25,000 sq. ft high-tech facility that provides      not.
a wide variety of services. They can make your brakes stop on
a dime and give nine cents change (almost literally). They do
alignment with the latest John Bean equipment to improve control
of your Mercedes-Benz. In fact, they even have their own nitrogen
plant so that your tires can benefit from using nitrogen instead of        Finally, if this were not enough, they offer a convenient coffee bar
air to inflate the tires. The benefits of nitrogen are: less pressure       and wireless network access for customers who choose to wait
variation when the tires heat up from driving, less loss of pressure      while their car is being serviced.
over time, and less risk of damage to the rubber from moisture
in the air. All of this provides more consistent performance and          Join us for another fascinating and fact-filled technical session from
handling of your treasured Mercedes-Benz. Performance Art even            a fine shop that serves the South Bay and the Monterey-Carmel
uses a “touch-less tire removal system” to protect your wheels            areas in particular and anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area that
and uses “road force” measurements to assure perfect tire-wheel           wants exceptional quality and service.
balancing for a smoother and safer ride and more consistent
performance.                                                              Reservation form will appear in the September and October issues
                                                                          of the newsletter. Questions, contact Richard Simonds at (650) 592-
They also do alignment and suspension upgrades and can provide            7613 or
you with body kits from Brabus and Lorinser that will dress up
your car. You can then add custom wheels and high-performance             DIRECTIONS: From Highway 101 in Gilroy, exit at 10th Street and
tires and truly personalize your car just about any way you want          go west to Monterey Street. Turn left on Monterey Street (south)
it. In addition, their technicians will cover detailing of your vehicle   and turn left on Luchessa Avenue. It will veer to the right after
by demonstrating proper maintenance needed for the paint and              crossing under Highway 101 and become Rossi Lane. Performance
interior. The use of a clay bar, for example, can do wonders by           Art is at 3755-B Rossi Lane, Gilroy, CA 95020. Phone: (408) 848-
making the paint fairly glow.                                             6325.

       The first official Body Shop for
     Mercedes-Benz in Northern California
      and currently the only one on the


   Read this       Have you recently repaired your car at a Body
   Alarming        Shop? Is your car safe? Not sure?
       Alarming   from MERCEDES-BENZ CRASH TEST LAB
         News     and find out why your life may depend on it!

Honest Service & Quality Repairs        Lifetime Warranty
Dedicated Tools & Equipment             Work with All Insurance
Factory Trained & Certified Technicians All Makes & Models
Factory Repair Procedure                Detail Included w/Service

          For free Consultation & Inspection Call
       (650) 654-6805 or Visit
       171 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070
                   Saturday, October 18, 2008
                    RESERVATION FORM


  First Event: (    ) Yes (   ) No

  ____ persons @ $47 ea. = $________

  Make checks payable to SFBA/MBCA and mail to:

                    Lindsay Drobilisch
                   3410 Blue Grass Court
                Morgan Hill, CA 95037-6417
         (408) 782-2305,

  Reservation deadline October 11. For confirmation,
  enclose a SASE or e-mail address above.

                                     (Continued from page 1)
Track events include:
     Defensive Driving School—Learn how to control your car
     for maximum safety on the road                                                                    (Continued from page 1)
     Autocross—Learn about and practice vehicle control and
     how your Mercedes-Benz responds                               Sunday, August 3, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Sacramento
     Accelerations Runs—Practice how to get the most straight-     Executive Airport.
     line performance from your vehicle
     Time Trials—Practice vehicle driving techniques with an       Directions: Park Avenue Motors is located at 3241 Park
     instructor. When you are ready, drive your Mercedes-          Boulevard in Palo Alto. From Highway 101: Exit at
     Benz on the track to improve your driving skills on the       Embarcadero Road/Oregon Expressway following signs for
     road. This is not racing!                                     Oregon Expressway West. After ~2 miles, exit right at Birch
                                                                   Street (signs for Business District). Turn right at Sheridan
                                                                   Avenue and right again onto Park Boulevard. Park Avenue
Quite a few club members have said that the Defensive              Motors is on the right side of the street in 0.5 miles. From
Driving School and Track Events saved their lives because they     Highway 280: Exit at Page Mill Road East and drive ~3.1 miles.
learned how to control their Mercedes-Benz when conditions         After you cross El Camino Real, bear right as the roadway
were unsafe. Defensive Driving School stresses control—of          veers left under the crossing. Turn right on Park Boulevard.
acceleration, steering, and braking. You’ll learn emergency        Park Avenue Motors is on the right in 0.5 miles.
moves and evasive maneuvers—what you can do with your
car and what your car can do. Increased driver awareness and
confidence in coping with emergency situations are life-saving

Host hotels will be the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway in
                                                                                                        (Continued from page 3)
San Francisco on Friday and Saturday, September 26-27. In
Willows, there are three motels with blocks of rooms reserved
(headquarters hotel will be the Golden Pheasant Inn). Hotel        Cost is $47 per person, and be sure to send in your
reservation information is on the StarFest web site.               reservation (on page 9) before the October 11 deadline.
                                                                   Directions will be in the October newsletter and also sent
Register now at, or you may contact      with your confirmation. Questions, please contact Lindsay
our StarFest Registrar, Sue Morrison, at (330) 673-7885 (Eastern   Drobilisch at (408) 782-2305 or
Time Zone) or for a Registration Packet.

Please send any address
changes directly to MBCA at
1907 Lelaray Street, Colorado
Springs, CO 80909, or call
1-800-637-2360. We cannot
process address changes
                                    Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                          San Francisco Bay Area Section

Members of the MBCA Award Committee:

It’s been almost two years since I became webmaster for the San Francisco Bay Area section. When I first
took over management of the site, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. Information is displayed in
tab format, with continuity being carried out by the header image and membership benefits panel on the left.
Materials for members and non-members are clearly indicated, and no more than three clicks away. In a
time when online presence is increasingly crucial, I am glad to take part in this tool that markets SFBA
section and provides information to our members.

The SFBA Section website is designed and maintained to provide information on the club and section to
both current members as well as prospective members. With the prevalence of on-line research we
understand that the initial introduction to the club and our section is likely to be through our website.

The website is updated monthly. On a regular schedule I post a PDF copy of the most recent section
newsletter and also post information on the First Sunday Drive and any other recent section events.
Photographs supplied to me from these events are posted in the on-line photo albums. Additionally, I work
closely with our newsletter editor in keeping classified advertising current on the site.

In addition to on-going content management, I also work to keep the SFBA site well positioned with search
engine optimization techniques.

On the following pages I have provided an overview of the website content and its intent. I have also
included a screenshots of the web pages for your review. The CD enclosed with this application contains
screenshots of the current site and I invite you to review the site personally at

It has been a pleasure to work closely with my fellow SFBA board members to help communicate the
activities and benefits of the section to existing and prospective members.


Lois Wong, Webmaster
San Francisco Bay Area Section
SFBA Website – Selected Screenshots
                                        SFBA Website Structure

Marketing MBCA and SFBA to prospective members:

Homepage: The homepage message is the most important on the site, as it is the first thing a visitor sees.
On the SFBA section site, our message briefly describes when the section was established, the geographic
area covered, member and vehicle counts, and activities our members enjoy. The passage indicates that
we welcome new members from other geographic locations as well as non-Mercedes-Benz owners. Our
homepage definitely sets the tone for the rest of the site - welcoming, social and knowledgeable.

Links to Membership Application: Visitors are encouraged to join MBCA on every page of the SFBA
website. They are free to browse around the section and national site to see what we are about. Greeting
message on the homepage indicates that geographic location is not a criterion, neither is Mercedes-Benz
ownership. Membership benefits are clearly listed in the left panel along with the link to MBCA membership
application – displayed on every page. Therefore, if visitors decide to become part of the community while
checking out our event calendar or our newsletters, the application is never too far away.

Information on First Sunday Drives: One of the most popular events of the section is the monthly First
Sunday Drive. It brings members together for drives through the back roads of the San Francisco Bay Area.
It is also an introduction to the club for non-members, as membership is not required to participate.
Information on these events is listed on the section’s site. The First Sunday Drives page briefly describes
what the drives are like and provides details on how to join the e-mail list and review. Photos of these
events are provided in a dedicated photo album on the website.

Providing information to existing SFBA members:

Event Calendar: SFBA Section plans a wide variety of events throughout the year for our members. The
event calendar is posted and updated on the SFBA website. Individual events listed on the website are
usually linked to a PDF copy of the newsletter article containing pertinent details about the event. Having
the event calendar and information available on-line provides a quick resource for our members as well as
an opportunity for prospective members to gain an understanding of the events we plan.

Board Contact Information: Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of our board are listed on the
SFBA website – even our former president. This information is posted for people working with any board
members and in need of contact info, members who have questions about events, or anyone who would like
to get in touch with members of our board. Mailing addresses are not listed for privacy purposes, but the
contact list is updated whenever there are title or contact info changes.

Section Newsletters: Members of the SFBA section receive our monthly newsletters through the mail. For
those who are in the process of address changes, or want to see the newsletters when they don’t have the
physical copies can access our newsletters on the website. However, in order to ensure that our section
members see the newsletters first, PDFs of the newsletters are posted after the 15th of each month.
Newsletters published in the past 12 months are kept online as an archive for easy reference.

Classified Ads: Section members can submit classified ads to the newsletter and website for free. Once
our newsletter editor receives and posts the ads in the printed newsletter, the same ads are be sent to me
for website update. Ads posted on the website are open to the public to view, and most stay on the website
for one month. Information in these ads is also added to the “meta” tags of the page for search engine

Section Photo and Video Album: Photos and videos taken of any MBCA events can be found on the
SFBA website. These materials were either taken by one of our official photographers, or by participants of
the events. At the moment, a video slide show of photos taken during the Filoli Garden tour can be seen on
the main gallery page. Photos are divided into two collections: Events, and First Sunday Drives. Similar to
newsletters, photos taken in the past 12 months are kept online as an archive for easy access.
                                  Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                        San Francisco Bay Area Section

Members of the MBCA Awards Committee:

This was my first year serving on the board of the San Francisco Bay Area Section in the capacity of
Activities Director. It was a banner year for events in the SFBA Section as we celebrated the 50th
Anniversary of the Section and also hosted StarFest 2008.

Planning activities in the SFBA Section is challenging as our section extends geographically from
south of Pebble Beach all the way to the California Oregon border. The bulk of our membership
resides in the nine counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Mateo, San
Francisco, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. In planning events it is my goal to have a balance of social,
technical and driving events distributed in the north, south, east and western portions of the section.
Also, as a section we strive to plan events that strike a balance to make them financially approachable
by all of our members.

Event planning is done at an annual Planning Meeting held every November. During this meeting we
invite our members to come and brainstorm a calendar of events for the following year. Our members
are enthusiastic and in 2007 we had more suggestions that could be accommodated on the 2008
calendar! The events that were scheduled for the year included great social events, tours of local
attractions, automotive technical events and driving events. Additionally, our section participated in a
co-sponsored weekend event with the Central Cost Section, our neighboring section to the south.
And, of course, a huge amount of section volunteerism and planning went into our successful hosting
of StarFest 2008.

We judge the success of our events on multiple criteria – the event must be of interest to our
membership as evidenced by their attendance and participation, the event must be self-supporting
unless the board has approved an event subsidy, and the event must be well planned and executed.
By these standards, all of the events held in 2008 were considered successful events. We strive to be
inclusive of families in many of our events and in 2008 the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory Tour,
our Anniversary Party and the USS Hornet Tour would all be considered “family friendly.” Additionally,
our First Sunday Drive events are always family friendly and we often have members bring their young
and teen children along on the drives.

In the pages that follow I am pleased to present our planning calendar and a synopsis of the events
planned and enjoyed by the members of the San Francisco Bay Area Section in 2008.

I thank you for your time and consideration of these events as you select the recipient of the award for
Section of the Year in 2008.


Eva Gordon, Activities Director
San Francisco Bay Area Section
                                     2008 Planning Meeting Event Calendar
                                     (as of planning meeting held November 2007)

6          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
13         SFBA Board Meeting                                              club management
19         Technical Session – “Tire Tech”                                 auto / tech
20         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
3          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
TBD        Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory Tour & Brunch                social
17         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
2          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
16         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
6          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
TBD        “Chardonnay Cruise” on Monterey Bay                             social
20         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
20         SFBA Board Meeting                                              club management
4          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
TBD        Technical Session – “SL Models”                                 auto / technical
18         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
TBD        Tour of the USS Hornet and Luncheon following                   social
1          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
15         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
TBD        SFBA 50th Anniversary Car Show & Luncheon                       auto / social
6          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
12         Paso Robles to San Luis Obispo Rally (Regional)                 auto / driving
13         Euro Car Concours (Regional, co-sponsored)                      auto / social
20         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
TBD        SFBA Board Meeting                                              club management
TBD        Technical Session – smart® introduction                         auto / technical
TBD        Concours Judging School                                         auto / technical
3          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
17         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
7          First Sunday Drive                                              auto /   driving
21         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto /   technical
26         StarFest Welcome Reception                                      social
27         StarFest Councours d’Elegance at Treasure Island                auto /   social
27         StarFest Concours Awards Banquet                                social
28         StarFest Rally from San Francisco to Willows                    auto /   driving
29-30      StarFest Driving Events at Thunderhill Raceway Park             auto /   driving
1          StarFest Driving Events at Thunderhill Raceway Park             auto / driving
1          StarFest Awards Banquet                                         social
TBD        North Bay Satellite Group Meeting                               club management
TBD        Oktoberfest 2008                                                social
19         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
TBD        SFBA Board Meeting                                              management
TBD        2009 Planning Meeting                                           social / club management
2          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
TBD        Dillon Beach Rally                                              auto / driving / social
TBD        North Bay Planning Meeting                                      management
16         North Bay “Tire Kicker”                                         auto / social
7          First Sunday Drive                                              auto / driving
TBD        Holiday Party                                                   social
                                          2008 Section Events

                             6 January – First Sunday Drive – Castro Valley to Crockett

                                   Thirteen members participated in the first drive of the year - along
                                   the back roads east of the San Francisco Bay. We ended at a great
                                   local seafood restaurant on the shores of San Pablo Bay under the
                                   Carquinez Straits Bridge.

                                   Our January First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Robert Schilling.

                                         19 January – Tire Technical Session

                                                                               Fletcher Jones Motorcars hosted an
                                                                               excellent tech sessions where our
                                                                               members were educated on tires and tire
                                                                               technology. In addition to being
                                                                               presented with great information, the
                                                                               dealer also provided attendees with gift
                                                                               bags and generous raffle prizes.

                                                                               The Tire Tech Session was planned by
                                                                               Richard Simonds.

                                          20 January – North Bay Tire Kicker

On the third Saturday of every month a small group of North Bay members gather informally in the parking lot of Border’s
Books in San Rafael. These Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts chat about their cars and local politics and often chat with
some of the local dealer representatives who may join them for a cup of coffee.

                                           3 February – First Sunday Drive

Due to foreboding weather conditions only six members participated in the February
First Sunday Drive – but true to our promise of driving “rain or shine” a great drive
was planned and run by an adventurous few! Our route took members along great
back roads with several stops in the Livermore wine region. We ended the drive in
the tiny town of Niles, an old downtown area now surrounded by modern strip malls
and tract homes. The drive was spectacular and we managed to avoid any rain!

Our February First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Robert Schilling.

                               9 February – Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory Tour
Scharffen Berger Chocolate is world
famous and MBCA members were
given the opportunity to see the
manufacturing process close-up. Our
day included a presentation on the
history and process of making
chocolate, a walk through the factory
floor and a lunch in the Cacao Café.
Due to the popularity of the event we
had both morning and afternoon
The Scharffen Berger Chocolate
Factory tour was planned by
Chardonnay Vance.
                                          17 February – North Bay Tire Kicker

For details of this monthly event please see previous description.

                                              2 March – First Sunday Drive

A beautiful spring day and a great coastal route brought thirty-nine participants out on to
the great back roads of the Peninsua. Starting in Pacifica and hugging the coast, we
ended the drive at an historic old lodge in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains with an
adventurous no-host brunch just as the facility lost all power. The fun had by all was a
testament to the nature of these events and the resourcefulness of our members!

Our March First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Laura Simonds.

                                            16 March – North Bay Tire Kicker

For details of this monthly event please see previous description.

                                               6 April – First Sunday Drive

                                 Thirty-two participants had the opportunity to drive the back roads leading to the top of
                                 Mt. Diablo in the East Bay. Although the incredible views were obscured by spring fog,
                                 all reports were that this drive was a huge success. The route will be repeated in 2009
                                 with hopes for a clear day!

                                 The April First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Jack Weir.

                                 12 April – Santa Cruz Cruise aboard the Chardonnay

Forty-five members set sail about the Chardonnay,
a custom-built 70 foot sailing yacht berthed in
Santa Cruz. The excursion lasted two hours and
the weather was picture perfect for this event that
included a beautiful luncheon. This event has been
a past favorite for SFBA members and is sure to be
repeated again at some point in the future.

The Chardonnay Cruise was planned by Lindsay
and Sandor Droblisch.

                                             20 April – North Bay Tire Kicker

For details of this monthly event please see previous description.

                                          4 May – First Sunday Drive – 37 & 24

                                                            In May of 2008 we ventured to the California Gold Country for
                                                            a weekend First Sunday Drive. On Saturday we had 37
                                                            vehicles participate in a drive through the famous gold mining
                                                            towns between Folsom to El Dorado Hills. After a great
                                                            overnight, 28 vehicles followed a great route continuing on to

                                                            The weekend drives and accommodations were planned and
                                                            arranged by Joshua Robinson.
                                         10 May – SL Tech Event at

Sixty-two members attended this excellent technical session where Roy Spencer presented a comprehensive view of the
entire SL model line. Roy had examples of every SL available for visual reference during the event. During his
presentation on each individual model Roy presented details on model history, restoration and current values. In
addition, Roy provided information on the website he has created for SL enthusiasts – This site
provides probably the most comprehensive resource available for any SL enthusiast.

The SL Tech Event was planned by Richard Simonds.

                                              18 May – North Bay Tire Kicker

For details of this monthly event please see previous description.

Because of waning interest in these events, the May North Bay Tire Kicker was the last officially supported by SFBA. A
North Bay Planning Committee was been formed to explore more event options in this geographic region of our section.

                                      31 May – Tour of the USS Hornet in Alameda

                                                                             Forty-eight members joined this great tour of
                                                                             the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier preserved
                                                                             as a National Historic Landmark in Alameda.
                                                                             Members climbed aboard and took a three-
                                                                             hour historical tour learning the rich history of
                                                                             one of our Navy's most decorated ships. The
                                                                             well-planned event included a catered box-
                                                                             lunch in the mess hall of the ship. A highlight
                                                                             of the tour for members and guides was the
                                                                             news that one of our section members had
                                                                             served aboard the USS Hornet.

                                                                             The tour of the USS Hornet was planned by
                                                                             Sandor and Lindsay Droblisch.

                                               1 June – First Sunday Drive

Western Sonoma and Marin Counties

Forty-nine Mercedes-Benz and smart® cars participated in a drive that has been a
perennial favorite for the group. With slight variations in route we visited two of our
favorite stops – Hog Island Oyster Company and Wild Flour Bread.

The June First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Robert Schilling.
                                      28 June – SFBA 50 Anniversary Party

In celebration of the Section’s 50 Anniversary, 171 members with 85 cars gathered for a family style BBQ at the
prestigious Menlo Circus Club in Atherton. It was centrally located and subsidized by our section so more members
would be inclined to participate. The event included a display of our members' cars in a “show and shine” car show on
the club's lawns surrounding a newly built barn and clubhouse. A trio of musicians played in the background as
members mingled and strolled among the displays of cars before lunch. Once our lunch was served everyone enjoyed a
traditional summer barbecue of chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs and all the usual trimmings. Entertainment was provided
by a regulation polo match played literally feet away from our patio setting.

Autobahn Motors arranged a display of the latest model Mercedes models and provided a huge selection of door prizes
and giveaways. A raffle was held and almost everyone in attendance was able to win a prize. MBCA Executive Director
David Cummings presented several awards and recognitions. First, the Daimler AG Silver Star Award was presented to
Richard Simonds. The “MBCA Best of the Best” 2008 Newsletter Award was presented to our Editor, Laura Simonds.
Robert Schilling accepted a framed Certificate of Recognition of the Section’s 50 Anniversary.

The 50h Anniversary Event was planned by Eva Gordon and Robert Schilling.
                                            6 July – First Sunday Drive

Forty-nine Mercedes-Benz and smart® cars participated in one of the best
attended drives of the year. The Santa Cruz Mountains proved again to be the
perfect opportunity to enjoy our cars and the company of our fellow members on a
gorgeous Sunday morning.

The July First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Rick & Cherie Perez.

                                          12 July – San Luis Obispo Tour

                                                                                        Twenty SFBA Section members
                                                                                        participated in this first day of a
                                                                                        combined two-day regional
                                                                                        event. The rally consisted of an
                                                                                        urban observation rally in the
                                                                                        city of Paso Robles and a Poker
                                                                                        Run from Paso Robles to San
                                                                                        Luis Obispo.

                                                                                        The Paso Robles to San Luis
                                                                                        Obispo Rally was planned by
                                                                                        Laura Simonds and Robert
                                                                                        Schilling and executed by Laura

                                            27 July – smart® Tech Event

Forty SFBA Section members were
introduced to the new smart® car at a
presentation hosted by smart® of San
Francisco and Mercedes-Benz of San

The smart® Tech Event was planned
by Richard Simonds.

                           2 August – Concours Judging School at Park Avenue Motors

                                                                          Forty-two club members from the SFBA (40)
                                                                          and Sacramento (2) Sections spent a day
                                                                          learning how to judge Mercedes-Benz vehicles
                                                                          to MBCA standards. Our planned instructor,
                                                                          Pete Lesler, was unable to lead this class but
                                                                          our Technical Director and practiced SCCA
                                                                          Concours Judge Richard Simonds stepped in
                                                                          and provided an informative class.

                                                                          A majority of the attendees of this event went
                                                                          on to judge the Concours d’Elegance on
                                                                          Treasure Island at StarFest 2008.

                                                                          The Concours Judging School event was
                                                                          planned by Robert Schilling.
                                            3 August – First Sunday Drive - 21

                                          Santa Rosa to Lake Sonoma through the Alexander Valley.

                                          Twenty-one club cars participated in this great drive through the Alexander
                                          Valley. We enjoyed wonderful stops at the Jimtown Store as well as a private
                                          tour and tasting in the wine caves of the Robert Young Winery. We ended the
                                          day taking in the stunning vista over Lake Sonoma and enjoying our picnics in a
                                          reserved covered picnic area bordering the lake.

                                          The August First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Andre Bertauche.

                                            7 September – First Sunday Drive

Woodside to Princeton by the Sea through the Santa Cruz Mountains

Thirty two cars came out for this great early fall drive over the Santa Cruz Mountains
and along the coast. With quick stops in the towns of Pescadero and San Gregorio we
ended the drive in the picturesque fishing town of Princeton-by-the-Sea. Our drivers
visited with fishermen and purchased the catch of the day right from the decks of the
boats before enjoying lunch at one of several local restaurants.

The September First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Robert Schilling.

                                        26 September to 2 October – StarFest 2008

Information on this multi-day
national event is provided in the
StarFest Section of this application.

StarFest was planned by a team of
volunteers from the SFBA and
Sacramento Sections under the
leadership of Richard Simonds.

                                                 18 October - Oktoberfest

A traditional style Oktoberfest
celebration was held at Teska's
Germania Restaurant and Beer
Garden in San Jose. A contest was
held for the Best Traditional
German Style Costume and Best
Beer Stein. Music was provided by
the Alpine Band and our members
proved their abilities on the dance

Oktoberfest was planned by
Lindsay and Sandor Droblisch.
                                  25 October – Tech Session at Performance Art - 23

                                                                               Performance Art of Gilroy hosted 23
                                                                               members in an informative tech session at
                                                                               their 25,000 square foot facility. The well
                                                                               planned presentation included information
                                                                               covering high-performance vehicle
                                                                               dynamics, tires, brakes, suspension and
                                                                               body modifications.

                                                                               The Performance Art Tech Session was
                                                                               planned by Richard Simonds.

                                            1 November – Planning Meeting

Fourteen SFBA members gathered at Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City to brainstorm a great event calendar for 2009.
We successfully identified a full calendar of driving, technical and social activities for our section members in 2009 and
by the end of the meeting every event had an assigned organizer as well as a tentative date on the calendar.
Participants in the meeting enjoyed a hearty Hofbrau lunch after the meeting.

                                         2 November – First Sunday Drive - 16

Sixteen Mercedes-Benz joined together on this great exploration of a seldom-traveled road
in the Santa Cruz Mountains. After miles of tight twists and turns and the unfortunate
separation of fourteen cars from the drive leader, all participants managed to gather
together to enjoy an outdoor lunch at the Alpine Beer Garden.

The November First Sunday Drive was planned and led by Robert Schilling

                                            8 November – Dillon Beach Rally

                                                                                 A rally starting in Sausalito and following
                                                                                 a route around Mt. Tamalpais and along
                                                                                 the coast to the Pt. Reyes National
                                                                                 Seashor. Participants visited an oyster
                                                                                 farm on Drake's Bay before the final leg
                                                                                 of the route brought the caravan to the
                                                                                 Dillon Beach and a feast of hot clam
                                                                                 chowder and sandwiches.

                                                                                 The Dillon Beach Rally was planned by
                                                                                 Jack Weir and Mauna Wagner.

                                            7 December – First Sunday Drive

Thirty-three cars participated in the perfect drive to close the year. A misty morning
gave way to perfect weather as our caravan explored the levy roads along the banks of
the San Joaquin Delta. After two stops to cross the water on small cable ferries we
ended the drive with a very festive no-host lunch at Al the Wop’s restaurant in Locke.

The December drive was planned and led by Jack Weir

                        13 December – SFBA Holiday Party (postponed to February of 2009)

The SFBA Holiday Party is usually a highlight of year for many members. However, in light of the economic situation at
the end of the year, and in an attempt to protect our club treasury from a burdensome event subsidy, the section board
decided to postpone the Holiday Party and plan a more appropriate celebration in the beginning of 2009.
                            Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                  San Francisco Bay Area Section

Mr. Scott O. Suits
795 CR #1, Lot 205
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Dear Mr. Suits and Members of the MBCA Award Committee:

The San Francisco Bay Area Section has a long-standing history of sharing our good
fortune through the support of local and national charities. In 2008, our section
participated in the planning of two events that were specifically identified as events
that would support worthwhile local and national causes.

One event, The Gathering of Friends All European Car Show, raised a total of $8,000
to benefit local charities in the San Luis Obispo area in Coastal California.

In our initial planning to host StarFest 2008 our section leaders agreed that the
event should have a charitable component. It was agreed from the start that a
portion of the profits from the event would be earmarked to support a worthy cause,
and in the end we were pleased to donate $7,000 to the MBCA Educational

Details on the two events mentioned above are provided on the following pages.


Richard Simonds
Chairman, StarFest 2008
                A Gathering of Friends: All European Car Show
                          San Luis Obispo, California
                                 July 12, 2008

In 2008 the San Francisco Bay Area Section and the Central Coast Section co-hosted
two Regional Events that dovetailed together to make a full weekend of MBCA
activity. The San Francisco Bay Area Section planned and executed a Trivia Rally
and Poker Run that provided a day-long activity for MBCA members. The Central
Coast Section hosted a Welcome Reception for MBCA members at the end of the
Poker Run, and organized the Gathering of Friends All European Car Show the
following day. In addition to providing section members to serve as judges at the
show, the San Francisco Bay Area Section also arranged for representatives of the
Mercedes-Benz Classic Center to attend the event with two very special display

The San Francisco Bay Area Section donated $500 to the Gathering of Friends event
and was also responsible for the solicitation of an additional $500 donation from the
Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. The $1,000 raised by the San Francisco Bay Area
Section represents a full one eighth of the total money raised by the entire event
(including entry fees and food sales). The entire Gathering of Friends event raised a
total of $8,000 that was distributed to Camp Hapitok (educational program by San
Luis Obispo County for elementary age children with communication disabilities),
local Boy Scouts troop, and local Kiwanis Club's charities.
                                StarFest 2008
                       San Francisco Bay Area, California
                        September 26 – October 1, 2008

                                                     The StarFest 2008 Planning Committee

SFBA Section hosted StarFest 2008. Over 225 MBCA members attended this six-day
event that followed a standard format for StarFest. The Welcome Reception and
Concours d’Elegance were held in the city of San Francisco, the Road Rally took
participants northward from San Francisco to the city of Willows, where all of the
Defensive and Performance Driving events took place at Thunderhill Raceway Park.

In addition to the 26 SFBA members that served on the StarFest Planning
Committee, a total of 104 SFBA members volunteered in some capacity to make the
event a complete success.

Event organizers were successful in raising over $70,000 from sponsors to support
StarFest 2008, and every member of the planning committee worked diligently to
stay under budget in order to maximize the charitable contribution that would be
available at the end of the event. When the numbers were crunched, the SFBA
Section presented a donation of $7,000 to the Mercedes-Benz Club of America
Educational Fund.

Specific event photos and documentation from StarFest 2008 are included in the
following pages and on the CD enclosed with this application.
       StarFest 2008 Event Photos

MBUSA Concours d’Elegance on Treasure Island

Rally Drive From San Francisco to Willows
Defensive Driving Clinic

Time Trials – Practice and Instruction

    Time Trials – Competition
             StarFest 2008 Attendance by State

                                                 BC        4
                                                 ON        5

AK       2
AZ      12
CA     143
CO       1
FL       5
IN       2
KS       2
ME       1
MI       5
MN       1
NJ       2
NV       4
NY       4
OH       7
OK       6
OR       8
TN       4
TX       2
WA       5
                               StarFest 2008 Final Accounting

Income:                                        Budget           Actual

          Registrations                        64,415           36,024
          MBUSA                                40,500           40,500
          Other Sponsors                       21,500           37,996
          Program Book Ads                     3,000            4,933
          Patrons                              500              1,749
          Tours- Special Activities            600
                                               130,515          121,202

Expenses:                                      Budget           Actual
          Welcome Bags                         3,200            3,032
          Program Book                         5,400            4,628
          Bank & Credit Card Fees              3,250            680
          Postage Fees & Misc                  300
          Regis SW, Supplies, Web              1,599            1,902
          Treasure Island                      1,600            1,600
          Portable Toilets                     495              516
          Volunteers Breakfasts                1,200            850
          Thunderhill Track                    41,262           36,212
          Practice Lap Instructors             6,000            1,980
          Timing Services                      4,000            959
          MBCA Timing Sets Shipping            150
          Concours Awards                      3,525            2,078
          Track Awards                         3,700            2,861
          Rally-Drive Awards                   250              311
          Security - SF                        1,600            1,600
          Security - Willows                   1,600            1,500
          Registation Room & Table             123              52
          Hospitality Room - SF                855              668
          Hospitality Room - Willows           374              550
          Hospitality Suites Food              3,000            448
          Catering Holiday Inn SF              28,699           19,546
          Luches Rally-Drive - Misc            2,400            1,814
          Music at Banquets                    3,000            1,800
          Banquets Table Decor                 2,400            1,836
          Ads/Publicity - The Star             600              434
          Tours - Activities                   600
          Raffle Prizes - Gifts                2,000
          Clothing - Volunteers                2,300            3,682
          Judges Attire, Hats                  900              1,099
          City Permits - SF                    1,500
          Signage at Concours                  1,750            2,538
          Signage at Track                     750              1,088
          Guest Speakers                       4,000
          Committee Meetings                   4,800            3,499
          Registar's Travel                    2,000            2,019
          Ass't Registrar's Expenses           1,000            1,425
          Holiday Inn Golden Gateway           2,180            3,233
          Contingency Fund                     12,020           2,776
                                               156,382          109,216

            Gain (Loss)                        (25,867)         11,986

             MBCA / SFBA Section                                4,986
             MBCA Education Fund                                7,000
                                   Mercedes-Benz Club of America
                                         San Francisco Bay Area Section

Members of the MBCA Awards Committee:

As Treasurer of the San Francisco Bay Area Section it is my responsibility to manage and maintain the
finances of the section. On a regular basis I manage the income and expenses related to our events,
balance the checkbook, prepare quarterly financial reports that are reviewed by the section board and
submit the required year-end financial report to the National Business Office.

Additionally, to insure for the long-term fiscal health of the section I regularly analyze the financial
position and requirements to keep our section fiscally sound and I manage the distribution of the
section’s financial assets to maximize return while limiting risk. In 2008 I reviewed the financial data
for the three-year period starting in 2005. The annual yearly averages during this period were as

       Newsletter         15,000                                     Section Rebates              10,000
       Supplies & Postage  2,000                                     Raffle Rebates                1,000
       Tax Preparation       450                                     Advertising                   4,450
               TOTAL.     17,450                                              TOTAL               15,500

This shows that without calculating variable income and expense (events) we have an average annual
loss of $2,000. Considering the variables of the current economic situation and several section
subsidized events, and the commitment of our Advertising Director to increase revenues from
advertising, I determined a reasonable safety margin would be an amount enough to cover all of the
fixed expenses of the section for a six month period without any income. This amount is below the
assets on hand at the end of 2008 and well below the asset balance once the financial proceeds from
StarFest were added to the section treasury early in 2009.

Because we are an organization operated for the benefit of our membership, the San Francisco Bay
Area Section does not maintain substantial balances of cash as it is our firm belief that our members
deserve the benefit of their payments of club dues and event tickets rather than the use of these funds
to build a financial “war chest.”

Our section has recently implemented a policy on event subsidies, and with this policy in place and our
history of hosting cash positive events, I feel our current operations are pretty much recession proof.
Based on our reserves the section can operate comfortably for the next five years and I anticipate
another similar long range review in three years.

I have included a copy of our 2008 year-end financial statement for your review in consideration of our
application for 2008 Section of the Year.


Howard Strause, Treasurer
San Francisco Bay Area Section
                                                                                              SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA SECTION
                                                                                              MERCEDES BENZ CLUB OF AMERICA

                           Jan-08        Feb-08       Mar-08       Apr-08        May-08       Jun-08        Jul-08        Aug-08        Sep-08       Oct-08        Nov-08        Dec-08        TOTAL
     Advertising                                        2,900.00     1,500.00        910.90                     425.00                      25.00                                                5,760.90
     Raffle Rebate                                                                   474.50                                                                                                        474.50
     Section Rebate                        3,344.00                                3,333.00                                               3,278.00                                               9,955.00
     Starfest Repayment                                                            5,000.00                                                                                                      5,000.00
     Board Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                   0.00
     Misc                                                                                                                                                                                            0.00
     Tech Events               175.00                                                                                         200.00                                   130.00                      505.00
     Chocolate Tour                         364.00                                                                                                                                                 364.00
     Holiday by the Bay                                 3,290.00                                                                                                                                 3,290.00
     Regional Event Reb                                   500.00                                                                                                                                   500.00
     Hornet Tour                                                                                  999.50                                                                                           999.50
     50th Anniv Party                                                                                         3,020.00                                                                           3,020.00
     Central Coast Rally                                                                                        390.00                                                                             390.00
     Judging School                                                                                                           600.00                                                               600.00
     Aug Sunday Drive                                                                                                          50.00                                                                50.00
     Octoberfest                                                                                                                                       2,484.00                                  2,484.00
     Bank Charge                                                                                                                                                         1.00                        1.00
     Dillon Beach                                                                                                                                                      600.00                      600.00
TOTAL INCOME                  $175.00     $3,708.00    $6,690.00    $1,500.00     $9,718.40      $999.50     $3,835.00       $850.00    $3,303.00     $2,484.00       $731.00         $0.00    $33,993.90

    Newsletter               1,244.38      1,386.45     1,685.44     1,768.26      1,160.57     1,393.44      1,710.73      1,716.89      1,390.70     1,713.29      1,385.30      1,700.80     18,256.25
    Postage                                  123.00                                                                            18.91                                                               141.91
    Board Meetings             179.63                                                                                         234.83                                   163.50                      577.96
    Supplies                                165.88                     692.79       457.80                      155.60         43.65                                                             1,515.72
    Tax Preparation                                                                 450.00                                                                                                         450.00
    Historian-Photos           321.93          9.60                                                                           120.09                                                               451.62
    Misc                        65.00                                                10.00                                                                20.00                                     95.00
    Central Coast Rally                                                                                         289.14                                                                             289.14
    Tech Events                 14.48                                                                                          51.94                                    42.77                      109.19
    Chocolate Tour                           263.6                                                                                                                                                 263.60
    Holiday by the Bay                                  2,442.83       480.00                                                 115.56                                                             3,038.39
    Aug Sunday Drive                                                                               50.00                                                                                            50.00
    Hornet Tour                                                                                   927.00                                                                                           927.00
    50th Anniv Party                                                                                          4,749.35                                                                           4,749.35
    Donation                                                                                                    175.00        500.00                                                               675.00
    Judging School                                                                                                            415.36                                                               415.36
    Octoberfest                                                                                                                                        2,906.40                                  2,906.40
    Bank Charges                                                                                                                                           1.00                                      1.00
    Dillon Beach                                                                                                                                                       689.18                      689.18
TOTAL EXPENSES              $1,825.42     $1,948.53    $4,128.27    $2,941.05     $2,078.37    $2,370.44     $7,079.82     $3,217.23    $1,390.70     $4,640.69     $2,280.75     $1,700.80    $35,602.07

Net Income (Loss)          ($1,650.42)   $1,759.47    $2,561.73    ($1,441.05)   $7,640.03    ($1,370.94)   ($3,244.82)   ($2,367.23)   $1,912.30    ($2,156.69)   ($1,549.75)   ($1,700.80)   $1,608.17

Beginning Balance           $7,783.41     $6,132.99    $7,892.46   $10,454.19     $9,013.14   $16,653.17    $15,282.23    $12,037.41     $9,670.18   $11,582.48     $9,425.79     $7,876.04
Ending Balance              $6,132.99     $7,892.46   $10,454.19    $9,013.14    $16,653.17   $15,282.23    $12,037.41     $9,670.18    $11,582.48    $9,425.79     $7,964.22     $6,175.24

Investments                      0.00          0.00         0.00
Savings Acct                 2,054.58      2,055.43     2,055.87     2,056.29      2,056.73     2,057.15      2,057.59      2,058.03     2,058.45      2,058.89      2,059.31      2,059.75
Checking Acct                7,783.41      8,015.46    10,454.19     9,013.14     16,653.17    15,282.23     12,037.41      9,670.18    11,582.48      9,425.79      7,876.04      6,175.24
STARFEST 2008               $5,000.00     $5,000.00    $5,000.00    $5,000.00         $0.00        $0.00         $0.00         $0.00        $0.00         $0.00         $0.00         $0.00
TOTAL FUNDS                                                                                                                             13,640.93     11,484.68                    8,234.99

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