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									                                                                      FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY


Acting                                                      African Politics
Marino, Angela R.                                           Ehrenberg, David J.
 Venezuela                                                   Zimbabwe
 Latin American theater: performing from source to           Community involvement in developmental and
   translation                                                 conservation projects
                                                            Liebowitz, Jeremy B.
African History                                               Seeking the political kingdom? Churches and
                                                               democracy in Uganda
Berndt, Jeremy R.
 Niger                                                      Seely, Jennifer C.
 Intellectual origins and history of the Sokoto caliphate    Benin
                                                             Transitions to democracy in Benin and Togo
Fox Elkins, Caroline M.
 Detention camps and rehabilitation during the Mau
   Mau emergency                                            African Studies
Hayden, Christopher E.                                      Myers, Alisha O.
 Guinea                                                      South Africa
 The historical practices and perceptions of medicine in     A comparative study of higher education institutions
  colonial Guinea, 1893-1958
Mann, Gregory
 Mali                                                       Agriculture
 Migrants, misfits, Muslims: military veterans in Mali,
  1918-1968                                                 Battany, Mark C.
Osseo-Asare, Abena D.                                        Hillside olive grove water balance under conventional
 Ghana                                                         and conservation tillage
 A biography of Dr. Oku Ampofo
                                                            Beckwith, Matthew C.
Vernal, Fiona H.                                             Mexico
 South Africa                                                Agricultural production in Tamaulipas amid land
 Community of the dispossessed: the Farmfield Mission          reform and economic development
   experiment, 1838-1938
                                                            Farah, Mohamud H.
                                                             Oman (Muscat)
                                                             Frankincense and the sustainable development,
African Languages and Literatures                              management and propagation of Boswellia
Hunt, Kristin E.                                            Kastner, Justin J.
 Cameroon                                                    United Kingdom
 Issues of race, ethnicity, and language in Cameroonian      Studies in food safety and control

Anthropology                                               Curtis-Richardson, Maria F.
Adamson, Clarissa S.                                        Women and saintly practices in northern Morocco
 Learning and identity: Madurese youth in a changing       DiCarlo, Lisa
   era                                                      Turkey
                                                            Migration and Gurbet: meanings, representations and
Albert, Steven J.                                             experiences
 Language, the media, and subcultural identity among       Edelstein, Monica D.
   French youth                                             Israel
                                                            Cultural identity through medicine: Ethiopian spirit
Alderson, Denon L.                                            possession practices in Israel
 Sri Lanka
 Rivers and reservoirs: currents of change in Sri Lanka    Eirinberg, Michelle S.
Alexander, William L.                                        Aesthetics and the art market: the production of
 Chile                                                         Salasacan tapestries in highland Ecuador
 Communal land and resource conservation in the
   Norte Chico                                             Eischen, Ellen C.
Bartlett, Lesley D.                                          Integration of the Aussiedler explored through
 Brazil                                                        conceptions of national identity
 The intersection of (inter)national and local Brazilian
   adult literacy projects                                 Etz, Rebecca S.
                                                            New Zealand
Bellows, Laura J.                                           Lesbian New Zealand: negotiating community, gender
 Indonesia                                                    and queer identity
 Understanding Balinese gender categories through an
   integrative study of dance and social life              Faier, Lieba B.
Bickford, Andrew J.                                         Filipino-Japanese marriages: changing ethnic and
 Germany                                                      cultural identities in contemporary Japan
 Male identity and the military in the German
   Democratic Republic                                     Feldman, Jeffrey D.
Bove, Riley M.                                              Building a Jewish museum in Bologna: art, patrimony
 Mali                                                         and multiculturalism
 Investigating perceptions of schooling held by Malian
   girls                                                   Foray, Jennifer L.
Braun, David R.                                             University student involvement in the Dutch resistance
 Prehistoric cultures in Tsavo National Park               Freeman, Caren W.
Burrell, Jennifer L.                                         When women won’t marry rural men: transnational
 Guatemala                                                    marriages in South Korea
 Community, state and identity in rural Guatemala
                                                           Friedman, Jack R.
Clearfield, Esha R.                                          Romania
 Ecuador                                                     The cultures of memory and management in post-
 Transforming identity: Ecuadorian women’s                    socialist Romania
   experiences with male emigration
                                                           Friedman, P. Kermin
Coe, Cathleen M.                                             Taiwan
 Ghana                                                       The political economy of English in Taiwan
 Cultural politics, education, and development in

                                                                         FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Garland, Elizabeth C.                                          Lehrer, Erica T.
 Uganda                                                         Poland
 Mountain Gorilla conservation and globalization in             Trauma, tourism and identity: reconstructing
  southwestern Uganda                                             Jewishness in Poland
Greene, Landon S.                                              Levine, Cheryl A.
 Peru                                                           Trinidad & Tobago
 Medicine as politics among the Awajun of lowland               Mediating the model: microenterprise and
   Peru                                                           microlending among women in Tobago
Gupta, Pamila                                                  Lowrey, Kathleen B.
 Portugal                                                       Bolivia
 St. Francis Xavier: ritual, politics, and representation in    Cosmology, identity and new political strategies
   Goa                                                           among the Izoceno
Harper, Amy E.                                                 Magazine, Roger E.
 Germany                                                        Norway
 Belonging in Germany: negotiating identity discourse           Gender through the lens of sports: masculinity and
  and construction                                               soccer in Norway
Hart, Melissa                                                  Mast, Ian C.
 Malaysia                                                       Mexico
 The impact of budget travel and Bumiputra                      Migration in a global economy: the role of
  entrepreneurship on Kampung culture                            transnational communities
Hawkins, Simon                                                 Mattingly, Brian L.
 Tunisia                                                        Spain
 Education and the development of national identity in          Ethnic discrimination and the Gypsy dilemma in post-
   contemporary Tunisia                                           Franco Spain
Heckler, Serena L.                                             Mayer, Theodore W.
 Venezuela                                                      Thailand
 An ethnobotanical analysis of the Piaroa                       Thammayatra in southern Thailand: Buddhist
                                                                 pilgrimage or collective action?
Hultsch, Debra E.
 Philippines                                                   McMillen, Heather L.
 The medicalization of aging in rural Philippines               Tanzania
                                                                Traditional medicine and biomedicine: a Tanzanian
Kalantary, Afsaneh                                                collaboration
 Iranian exiles in Berlin: an ethnography of                   Messing, Jacqueline H.
   “belonging” in Germany                                       Mexico
                                                                Indigenous language maintenance in a Tlaxcalan
Knight, Lisa I.                                                   school and community
 Gender and agency among women Bauls in west                   Midthun, Nancy I.
   Bengal                                                       Guatemala
                                                                The physical and sacred dimensions of life on a
Langwick, Stacey A.                                              volcano in a Kaqchikel Maya community
 Tracing networks of healing: practices of the Makonde         Miller, Janneli F.
Larsen, Katharine                                               Birth practices of Tarahumara in the Sierra Madre,
 Croatia                                                          Chihuahua
 Bosnian student refugees in Croatia: perceptions of
   opportunity, identity, and decision-making                  Moniz, Miguel
                                                                Azorean deportees at the intersection of ethnicity and


Montgomery-Rinehart, Lauren J.                            Schnall, Nina
 Mozambique                                                Haiti
 Social capital and associational life in post-conflict    Evangelical Protestantism in Haiti: religious politics in
  Mozambique                                                 transnational perspective
Munger, Jennifer H.                                       Schwegler, Brian A.
 Indonesia                                                 Slovak Republic
 Singing out in Ambon: global meets local among            Language at the borders of nations: common
   Indonesian Christians                                     assumptions and uncommon identities in Slovakia
Murdock, Donna F.                                         Scott, John A.
 Colombia                                                  Dominican Republic
 Developing the Colombian woman: empowering local          Language ideology, language socialization, and the
  agents in Medellin                                         reproduction of social inequality of Haitian-
Padilla, Mark B.
 Dominican Republic                                       Sebert, Anne K.
 AIDS, gender and household economy in the                 Bolivia
   Dominican Republic                                      Fertility decision-making in lowland Bolivia
Penglase, Richard B.                                      Sherrow, Hogan M.
 Brazil                                                    Indonesia
 Urban space, the state, and violence in Rio de Janeiro    The socio-ecology of the Javan gibbon (hylobates
Pipher, Sara W.
  Thailand                                                Shipley, Jesse W.
  A study of the production of crafts in northern          Ghana
   Thailand                                                Aesthetics of nationalism: performing arts and
                                                             national identity in postcolonial Ghana
Porter, Leila M.
 Bolivia                                                  Silverstein, Brian E.
 A field study of the Goeldi’s monkey in northern           Turkey
   Bolivia                                                  Turkish modernity and its vicissitudes: technology and
Pribilsky, Jason C.
 Ecuador                                                  Snyder, Natasha B.
 AIDS in the Ecuadorian Andes: local and policy            Canada
   perspectives                                            One room school houses in Ontario and New York
Reeves, Marianne E.
 Denmark                                                  Tancredi, David N.
 Programming metabolic stress in medieval Denmark          Mexico
   via analysis of dental enamel defects                   Biomedicine among the Huasteca Nahuas
Robinson, Cabeiri D.                                      Tulley, Stephen E.
 Pakistan                                                  Mexico
 Cultural identity among migrant groups                    The social organization of cacao marketing in
                                                             southern Mexico
Sanders, Rebeccah A.
 Israel                                                   Weibel, Deana L.
 A biocultural study of children in a Byzantine            France
   monastery                                               Catholic, esoteric and secular uses of a French shrine
Sangchantr, Sasimar                                       White, Cassandra
 Indonesia                                                 Brazil
 Monogamy in the Mantawai Langur of Indonesia: a           Cultural aspects of adherence to leprosy treatment in
   behavioral and genetic study of an endangered            Brazil
   primate species

                                                                      FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Winegar, Jessica R.                                        Niemel, Karen S.
 Egypt                                                      Nicaragua
 Cultural and intellectual identity in the contemporary     Migration and ethnicity in ancient Nicaragua
  Egyptian art world
                                                           Nulton, Peter E.
Yu, LiAnne Sandra                                           Greece
 Vietnam                                                    Two Athenian sanctuaries: the cults of Pan and Apollo
 The Hoa of Vietnam: a study of Chinese ethnicity in         on the North Slope
   the context of transnational capitalism and the
   nation-state                                            Preciado, Michael E.
                                                            The development of Roman towns in Spain

Arya, Darius A.                                            Architecture
 The evolution of Fortuna Augusta in imperial Rome         Bell, Christopher S.
Brown, Deborah E.                                           The search for form in Cranbrook: Eliel Saarinen in
 Greece                                                       Finland, 1896-1923
 The worship of foreign deities in Athens during the
   Classical period                                        Brown, Daniel K.
Burgh, Theodore W.                                          Establishing new directions for Thai architecture
 Israel                                                       through ancient architectural precepts
 Music in ancient Israel
                                                           Doan, Trung H.
Curtis, Matthew C.                                          Vietnam
 Eritrea                                                    The future pattern of development in Vietnam
 Archaeological investigation of ancient civilization in
   Eritrea: a regional perspective                         Kudless, Andrew J.
Dean, Emily M.                                              Urban transitions in a Japanese metroplex: Osaka,
 Peru                                                         Kyoto, Kobe
 Cultural landscapes of the late intermediate period
                                                           Langley, Nathaniel C.
Ebeling, Jennie R.                                          Iceland
 Israel                                                     Designing a trail system in the valley of Fljotsdalshera
 Analysis and interpretation of Temple Groundstone in
   late bronze Palestine                                   Moore, James V.
Gill, Alyson A.                                             A study of the influence of natural and artificial light
 Greece                                                       on Finnish architecture
 The archaeological design and practical function of
    Greek bathing establishments in antiquity              Niemela, Janelle C.
Greenspan, Geri M.                                          Learning from regional architectural traditions in
 Greece                                                       northern Finland
 The physical context of early Iron Age apsidal
   buildings in Greece
Guill, Daniel M.                                           Area Studies
                                                           Seitz, Jonathan A.
 The study of Pan in Cypriot limestone sculpture
Lyon, Mollie M.                                             Ethnic Chinese anti-colonialism in Singapore, 1945-65
 The role of coastal shell middens during the
   prehistoric transition to agriculture in Denmark

Art and Architectural History                             McCurrach, Catherine C.
Areford, David S.                                          Creating sacred space: architecture and the cult
 Germany                                                     of St. Benedict
 The woodcut image in 15th C visual culture
                                                          McLaren, Brian L.
Basilio, Miriam M.                                         Italy
 Spain                                                     Mediterraneita and modernita: architecture and
 Painting and the body politic during the Spanish civil      culture in the Italian colonies in North Africa
                                                          McLaughlin, Abigail G.
Berinstein, Dorothy C.                                     Italy
 Finland                                                   The origin of Christian decorative systems in Roman
 Representation of women by Finnish female artists,          catacombs
                                                          Milbourne, Karen E.
Bird, Randall D.                                           Zambia
 Madagascar                                                Diplomacy in motion: art, pageantry and the politics
 Merina royal architecture                                   of identity in Barotseland
Cosentino, Delia A.                                       Moore, Kevin D.
 Mexico                                                    France
 Pictorial genealogies of colonial Mexico                  Lartigue at MOMA: making an artist for the history of
Dandona, Jessica M.                                          photography
 Canada                                                   Nielsen, Christina M.
 Early architectural practice in Quebec                    Germany
Flaten, Arne R.                                            The ecclesiastical arts in early medieval Germany
  Italy                                                   Odell, Dawn V.
  Niccolo Spinelli and the image of Humanism: portrait     Netherlands
    medals and the Florentine art market in the late       A vision of China in the 17th C
                                                          Pastore, Christopher J.
Gilbert, Courtney                                          Italy
 Mexico                                                    The Renaissance response to Islamic agriculture and
 Visions of indigenous Mexico: European surrealists and      garden design
   their Mexican contemporaries
                                                          Petersen, Lauren H.
Kuenzli, Katherine M.                                      Italy
 France                                                    Monuments of the Roman Libertinus: case studies in
 The anti-heroism of modern life: modernist art and          the constructions of identity
   the decorative in France
                                                          Reece, Susanne M.
Lasansky, Diana M.                                         Germany
 Italy                                                     Riemenschneider’s altarpiece of the holy blood in
 The medieval city as a scenographic backdrop for the        context
   fascist regime: a case study of Arezzo
                                                          Rein, Michelle A.
Leone, Stephanie C.                                        Morocco
 Italy                                                     Visual expressions of Baraka: saints’ shrines and
 The architecture and fresco decoration of Palazzo           material culture in Morocco
                                                          Schreffler, Michael J.
Leoutsakos, Christina D.                                   Spain
 Greece                                                    Art and allegiance in Baroque New Spain
 Byzantine art and iconography of the Virgin (Panagia)

                                                                     FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Tiffany, Tanya J.                                         Gershwin, Lisa-ann
  Spain                                                    Australia
  Examining Velazquez’s vision: art and science in         Evolution and ecology of Australian jellyfish
    golden age Seville
                                                          Goehring, Nathan W.
Webb, Bernida A.                                           Germany
 New Zealand                                               Molecular mechanisms of infectious disease
 Spotlight on self: identity in Pacific performance art
                                                          Gomez-Beloz, Alfredo
Yonan, Michael E.                                          Venezuela
 Austria                                                   A quantitative investigation of the biological activity of
 Maria Theresia and the arts at Schoenbrunn                 wound healing
Zavala, Adriana                                           Hamilton, Helen H.
 Mexico                                                    Colombia
 Imaging Mexicanness, 1890-1940                            Geologic influences on the origin of Amazon
                                                          Kim, Jonathan H.
Astronomy                                                  Australia
Mamajek, Eric E.                                           Characterization of transposition of tn4451
 Australia                                                   (chloramphenicol resistance) in clostridium
 Tracing the history of star-formation in the                perfringens
   chamaeleon molecular clouds
                                                          Lee, Hyunjoo J.
Seth, Anil C.                                              France
 India                                                     Identification of a gene implicated in familial steroid-
 Interferometry at the Giant Metrewave Radio                 resistant nephrotic syndrome
   Telescope (GMRT)
                                                          Louie, Ryan K.
                                                           Protein structure and function in cell-signaling
Biology                                                      receptors
Arnason, Jon E.                                           Maldonado, Janet L.
 France                                                    Spain
 A study of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)     The role of protein kinases during dithiocarbamate-
   using the NOD mouse model                                induced inhibition of the transcription factor NFAT
Burkheimer, Ian M.                                        Masly, John P.
 Japan                                                     Greece
 Shellfish ecology and bioremediation in Japan             Determining the genetic basis of sexual isolation in
Callahan, Christiana P.                                     fruit flies
 Germany                                                  McCall, Andrew C.
 The genetic predisposition for the formation of           New Zealand
   contact allergies
                                                           Co-evolutionary processes in New Zealand’s alpine
Deretsky, Zina                                              grasslands
                                                          McCandless, Susannah R.
 Illustrated monograph of Iberian chyrsopide
                                                           Costa Rica
French, Dorothy M.                                         Finca La Bella farm: environmental, social and
  Costa Rica                                                 economic success
  Investigation of anaplasmosis outbreaks and
    transmission in Costa Rican cattle


Mills, Kenna R.                                         Business/Economics
 Developing a molecular biology curriculum and          Snyder, Gwen M.
   teacher training program in Chile                     Argentina
                                                         Effects of the NAFTA/MERCOSUR economic union on
Pecson, Brian M.                                           the Brazilian and Argentine auto industries
 Transduction mechanisms in peripheral nociceptive
Peterson, Celeste N.
 Sweden                                                 Abulfotuh, Dina F.
 The role of release factors in termination of           Egypt
   Prokaryotic translation                               Egyptian management techniques

Roda, Amy L.                                            Aten, Carey S.
 Netherlands                                             Mexico
 Does plant variety affect the abundance of a            Binational business study and internship
  predator?                                             Barter, Daniel G.
Rosenberg, Miriam I.                                     Netherlands
 Denmark                                                 Cross cultural management in a global economy
 Regarding tumors: a view of cancer from the family     Bell, David W.
  tree                                                   Mexico
Rottkamp, Catherine A.                                   Binational business study and internship
 France                                                 Brandsma, Allison D.
 Biochemical relationship between lesions in multiple    Mexico
   sclerosis and HIV encephalopathy                      Binational business study and internship
Schaedla, William H.                                    Burke, Cody D.
 Thailand                                                Mexico
 Tropical termite diversity                              Binational business study and internship
Wang, Benjamin C.                                       Cahill, Jennifer N.
 Cameroon                                                Japan
 Seed dispersal by hornbills in disturbed African        The changing role of women in Japanese business
                                                        Corlett, Michael S.
Wysor, Brian S.                                          Mexico
 Panama                                                  Binational business study and internship
 Tracing algal invasions across the Panama Canal
                                                        Cosby, Michael P.
                                                         Binational business study and internship
                                                        Darkoh-Ampem, Ernest O.
Hartzell, Doreen H.                                      United Kingdom
 Germany                                                 Study of business
 Botanical illustration in medieval and renaissance
  herbal manuscripts                                    DeWitt III, Harland R.
                                                         Binational business study and internship
                                                        Erikson, Daniel P.
                                                         Binational business study and internship

                                                                FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Friedman, Felix                                       Canadian Studies
  United Kingdom
  Cambridge MBA program                               Evans, Michael R.
Gustafson, Karen L.                                    The creation of culture in Inuit media
 Binational business study and internship
Ho, Tang                                              Chemistry
 United Kingdom
 Technology and innovation management with            Harris, Nathan J.
   biotechnology focus                                 Israel
                                                       Applications of ab initio molecular orbital theory
Ko, Cindy E.
 Mexico                                               Johnson, Brian P.
 Binational business study and internship               Germany
                                                        Synthetic organometallics
Mathieu, Douglas B.
 Mexico                                               Kau, Andrew L.
 Binational business study and internship              Germany
                                                       Purification of dihydroceramide desaturase and
Morgan, Amanda L.                                       discernment of kinetic activity
 Binational business study and internship             Lewis, Warren G.
Owen, Susan S.                                         Drug design: a synthesis of organic chemistry and
 Mexico                                                 biochemistry
 Binational business study and internship
                                                      Olson, Nels A.
Schubert, Lia M.                                       Sweden
 Japan                                                 Surface analysis of biological polymers for the fish
 Electronic commerce and Japanese consumer behavior      processing industry
Simeone, Jill                                         Page, Kirt A.
  Mexico                                               Germany
  Binational business study and internship             Supervised research in polymer science and continued
                                                         studies in chemistry
Stoffel, Robin J.
 Germany                                              Tung, Janet C.
 Release-time in a German corporation: a national      Germany
   policy reconsidered                                 Creating B-peptides with conformationally restricted
                                                         B-amino acids
Topple, Dorothy E.
 Binational business study and internship
                                                      Classical Languages and Literature
                                                      Fletcher, Kristopher F.
Canadian History                                        Greece
                                                        The changing mythology of Theseus
Campbell, Robert B.
 Canada                                               Thomas, Aaron O.
 The rush to the Klondike and beyond, 1896-1920        Bulgaria
                                                       A study of Latin inscriptions during Roman rule in
Richard, Mark P.
 The French-Canadian origins of a New England


Comparative Literature                                     Creative Writing
Chiu, Lily V.                                              Allard, Janet M.
 Vietnam                                                    New Zealand
 Study of postcolonial Vietnamese women writers             Stories of a Pacific culture
Hwang, June J.                                             Glave, Thomas E.
 Germany                                                    Jamaica
 Portrayal of American activism in German literature        Research for an historiographic Jamaica-based novel
Kligerman, Eric M.                                         Kim, Susan K.
 Germany                                                    Korea
 Messages of mourning: Paul Celan’s wounded lyric           Notes from the divided country
Rosenthal, Eryn L.                                         Linmark, Rinehardt Z.
 Spain                                                       Philippines
 Performance of modern Spanish and foreign theater           Creative work based on early education of Filipinos by
  on the post-Franco stage                                    Americans
Trnka, Jamie H.
  The marginalization of radical political groups in the   Dance
   media: West Germany’s Red Army faction
                                                           Aldape, Jill A.
                                                            Basque dance as folk art
Comparative Politics                                       Fenner, Michelle D.
Caraway, Teri L.                                            United Kingdom
 Indonesia                                                  Study of dance
 Men, women and the labor process in Indonesian
   industrialization                                       Haselwood, Elizabeth A.
Goldfrank, Benjamin                                         Contemporary dance in the Netherlands
 Decentralization and “deepening” democracy in Brazil      Kumar, Divyal
Hennessey, Katherine M.                                     Bharatha Natyam research and study in Madras
 The reemergence of fascism in contemporary Italy
Lucero, Jose A.                                            Design
                                                           Brekke, John P.
 Agrarian reform and the making of Indian movements
   in Latin America
                                                            A travel narrative in Australia
Rada, Serap D.
                                                           Izzi, Thea N.
 Institutional influences on industrial policy in Turkey
                                                             Study of classic goldsmithing techniques
Raviv, Adam M.
                                                           Kram, Reed
 New Zealand
 A comparative analysis of the social welfare systems
                                                            Aesthetics in computation
  of the United States and New Zealand
                                                           Larson, Evan H.
                                                            Korean metalsmithing, materiality and synthesis

                                                                   FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Wozniak, Natasha A.                                     Freda, James K.
 Nepal                                                    Korea
 A cultural conversation in metal                         The origins of modern religion in Korea: a case study
                                                           of the modernization of Ch’ondogyo, 1905-10
                                                        Karlin, Jason G.
Drama                                                    Japan
                                                         Visuality in the age of mass culture: taste, style and
Bradford, Shannon L.
                                                           aestheticism in Japan, 1883-1937
 Australian theatre of the deaf: making meaning         Lean, Eugenia Y.
   through movement                                      Taiwan
                                                         The traditional virtues of modernity: nation, law and
                                                           the mass public
East Asian Languages and                                Miller, Harrison S.
Literature                                               Taiwan
                                                         Sub-regimes of the Ming-Qing transition
Aronson, Jaclyn C.
 Korea                                                  Neitzel, Laura L.
 Language study and Korean international adoption        Japan
                                                         Modern longings(akogare): Japan and
Cox, Sarah A.                                              Americanization in the 1950s
 Mori Ogai and the literature of translation in Meiji   Ng, Wing F.
   Japan                                                 Taiwan
                                                         The construction of Western political concepts in
Hall, Brian                                                China, 1880-98
 Advanced study of the Chinese language                 Park, Alyssa M.
Schatz, Colin G.                                         Modern Korea and the Korean National Liberation
 Taiwan                                                    movement
 Modeling written word recognition in alphabetic and
   pictographic languages                               Pitelka, Morgan J.
Uadan, Bernard C.                                         Kyoto’s Raku family: urban history and ceramic
 Japan                                                      production, 1585-1895
 The changing ethnic face of foreigners in Japanese
   culture and media                                    Sagers, John H.
Van Compernolle, Timothy J.                              Intellectual roots of Japanese capitalism
 Ken’yusha and the vernacularization of Japanese        Wice, Leila R.
   fiction                                               Japan
                                                         How clothes made a nation and a nation made

East Asian/Pacific/Australian                           Wittner, David G.
History                                                  Iron and silk: progress and ideology in the
Bayliss, Jeffrey P.                                        technological transformation of Japan, 1850-1930
 Minority community and identity in Japan, 1920-60: a
   comparison of the Korean and Buraku experiences


East Asian/Pacific/Australian                             Eastern European History
Politics                                                  Crisen, Sabina A.
Chen, Juliana C.                                           Romania
 Taiwan                                                    National identity and cultural self-definition: modern
 Taiwanese culture, national identity, and cross-strait      Romanian artistic expression
   relations                                              Esbenshade, Richard S.
Holshouser, Valerie C.                                     Hungary
 Japan                                                     Hungarian national identity in the populist-urbanist
 Citizen participation in Japanese politics                  debate, 1930-48

Lee, Simon C.                                             Kobrin, Rebecca A.
 Korea                                                     Israel
 The characteristics and future course of Korean           Conflicting Diasporas: Bialystok Jews in New York and
   nationalism                                               Buenos Aires, 1868-1949

Lin, Alvin M.                                             Patterson, Patrick H.
  Hong Kong                                                Slovenia
  Voluntary associations and civil society in Hong Kong    The rise of consumer culture in socialist Yugoslavia:
                                                             the Slovenian experience
Morano, Jamie P.
 Hong Kong
 Health care in transition: Western and Chinese
  medical impact on maternal and child health             Eastern European Languages and
Shibuya, Eric Y.
 Australia                                                Di Bartolomeo, Lisa M.
 Small island states in international environmental        Poland
   policy                                                  The films of Krzysztof Kieslowski
                                                          Doniger, Eden D.
                                                           Czech Republic
East Asian/Pacific/Australian                              Czech women writers since the fall of communism
Studies                                                   Jastremski, Kimberly A.
Dougherty, Patrick M.                                       Poland
 Japan                                                      Religion and the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz
 Japanese aid policy and ASEAN relations                  Nafpaktitis, Margarita
Frost, Dennis J.                                           Poland
  Japan                                                    Translation of Andrzej Stasiuk’s Tales of Galicia and
  Masahide Ota: an agent of change in Okinawa and            critical biography
    Japan                                                 Tharp, Martin C.
Moon, Virginia H.                                          Czech Republic
 Korea                                                     Grammar and irrationality: Czech structuralism and
 Finding ways to re-establish Korean art history within     the avant-garde
   East Asian art
Wright, Tomika L.
 Japan                                                    Eastern European Politics
 The integration of Nanbei Nikkeijin                      Carpenter, Michael R.
                                                           The civic and ethnic dimensions of poland’s Solidarity

                                                                    FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Danish, Lisa M.                                           Barabas, Noemi
 Hungary                                                   Hungary
 Hungary’s emerging Fourth Estate                          Case study for strategies of wastewater management
                                                             and water base protection in Hungary
Fessler, Steven J.
 Germany                                                  Bash, Katherine E.
 The role of a small state in the formation of Germany     Ecuador
                                                           Tropical ecology and natural resource development in
Ginkel, John P.                                              eastern Ecuador
 Latvian nationalism, culture and independence            Blair, Brent C.
Greer, Ian C.                                              Asymmetric competition for nutrients and its
 Germany                                                     implications for tropical rainforest dynamics
 The relationships between trade unions, the state, and
   musical culture in the GDR                             Bray, Daina
Landry, Emily M.                                           A project involving at-risk youth in conservation
 The transition to democracy in Hungary: the old elite    Burks, Romi L.
   and a new system                                        Denmark
                                                           Effects of littoral zone predation on Daphnia: water
McClane, Jeremy R.                                           quality implications
 Sajudis and democratization in Lithuania                 Cammarata, Kristen M.
Remeza, Arvidas J.                                         An assessment of the potential for the development
 Lithuania                                                  of a marine based aquaculture sector in Morocco
 Prospects and possible effects of NATO expansion in
   Lithuania                                              Cardoch, Lynette C.
                                                           Systems analysis of deltaic resources in the Ebro Delta:
                                                             implications for sustainability
Eastern European Studies
                                                          Caudell, Joe N.
Birdsall, Karen L.
 United Kingdom
                                                           The ecology of the brown tree snake (boiga irregularis)
 Unemployment and class stratification in post-Soviet
                                                            in northern Australia
                                                          Chan, Christina
Howansky, Diana H.
                                                           Examining conservation programs and the role women
 Akcja Wisla: the relocation and assimilation of Lemkos
                                                            play in the Makalu-Barun conservation area
Lindsey, Traci S.
                                                          Cohan, Daniel S.
  Bilingual education policy in Bulgaria
                                                           Ozone depletion at southern mid-latitudes
Skarbinski, Patricia S.
                                                          Cohn, Steven M.
 The Polish theater: past and present
                                                           Yukon First Nation’s natural resource policy since land
                                                          de la Fuente, Marie-Ann S.
Ecology/Environmental Studies                              Costa Rica
Anderson, Jason H.                                         The interaction of environment plant defenses and
 Belgium/Luxembourg                                          insect herbivores
 Environmental policy formation in Belgium


Drilling, Nancy E.                                          Matter, Stephen F.
 Indonesia                                                   Finland
 Ecology and conservation of the white-winged duck           Collaborative research with the metapopulation
   (cairina scutulata)                                         research group
Feibelman, Camilla C.                                       Musser, Lila R.
 Peru                                                        Chile
 Sustainable fish extraction and urban-rural conflict in     Merging education and environment in southern Chile
   the Peruvian Amazon
                                                            Muth, Alyssa R.
Ferguson, Bruce G.                                           Costa Rica
 Guatemala                                                   Watershed management workshops for the school
 Patterns and processes in post-agricultural tropical         teachers of Heredia
   forest succession
                                                            Peters Jr., James R.
Fernandez, Luis E.                                           Thailand
 Nicaragua                                                   Karen agroecosystem management: examining a Thai
 Land use change on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua:           national resource
   integrating socioeconomic drivers and landscape
   patterns                                                 Poe, Mark W.
Flay, Randolph B.                                            Environmental law and policy of Japan
  Study of community-based water quality monitoring         Punyasena, Surangi W.
                                                             Sri Lanka
Hasik, Matthew J.                                            Rainforest dynamics: canopy gaps and altitudinal
 Canada                                                        gradients
 Canadian environmental policy and international
  affairs                                                   Roodman, David M.
Hecox, Eric B.                                               Economic change and environmental stress in Vietnam
 The role of donor support in Zimbabwe’s CAMPFIRE           Sanzone, Diane M.
   program                                                   Iceland
                                                             Assessment of the terrestrial/aquatic link in riparian
Johns, Jennifer S.                                             ecosystems
  Pollinaton in fragments: the fate of four tropical tree   Shapiro, Joshua A.
   species                                                   Australia
                                                             Marine invasive species in Australia
Kampf, Stephanie K.
 Chile                                                      Sheffield, Perry E.
 Study of water and El Nino in the Atacama desert            Madagascar
                                                             Investigate the potential for expanding the use of
Klorfine, Stuart A.                                            biomethanization units (biogas digestors) in
 Brazil                                                        Madagascar
 Behavioral ecology of maned wolves
                                                            Sher, Anna A.
Leduc, Renee A.                                              Israel
 Malawi                                                      The ecology of tamarix in its native range: testing the
 Gender considerations in the planning and                     release hypothesis
   implementation of community based natural
   resources management projects in Malawi and              Starry, Olyssa S.
   Zimbabwe                                                  Austria
                                                             Effects of predation on invertebrate behavior

                                                                 FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Economic Development                                  Sayegh, Tracy E.
Anderson, Jeffrey J.                                   Women’s participation in the Syrian workforce
 Small business development in eastern Germany        Skillin, Kevin D.
Bergman, Brenda G.                                     NGOs and community development in Ecuador
 The effects of social relations upon Zimbabwean      Towers, Karen L.
   cooperatives/CBOs                                   Mauritius
                                                       Technology transfer in the Mauritian textile and
Boruta, Paul A.                                          clothing industries
 Recent economic development in rural Taiwan          Trew, John B.
Brundige, Elizabeth W.                                  Economic and cultural factors of hazardous child labor
 United Kingdom
 Study of philosophy in development studies
Deggendorfer, Anna-Lisa                               Economics
 Investigating small scale self-employment for        Canepa, Kathryn R.
   unemployed German women                             Germany
                                                       Contributing factors to German unemployment
Dunning, Denise R.
 Honduras                                             Castater, Nichole M.
 Social sector development efforts in Honduras         Austria
                                                       A comparative study of successful privatization in
Elliott, Nakia M.                                        Central and Eastern Europe
  Microenterprise development in Zimbabwe             Denzel, Katherine D.
Jagannath, Ram M.                                      How will cultural issues affect economic benefits in an
  Croatia                                               independent Quebec?
  Foreign investment conditions in Croatia for high
   technology multinational enterprises               Derby, Nathaniel B.
Johnson, Miranda B.                                    Modeling the German economy
  Women’s groups and grassroots economic              Faillace, Valerie L.
    development in rural Tanzania                      Spain
                                                       Econometric analysis of the Aznar government’s major
Kalmbach, Heather E.                                     economic reforms
 Female artisan cooperatives                          Fisher, Monica G.
Kantor, Paula Lynn                                      Indigenous common property institutions and
 India                                                    sustainable forest use in Cameroon
 The determinants of economic success for female
   homebased garment stitchers in India               Flexner, Nikolai A.
Pollitt, Elizabeth A.                                   Capitalization and the creation of efficient capital
 Germany                                                 markets in Bolivia
 Privatization in Germany, Poland, and the Czech
   Republic                                           Foster, Claudia R.
Rao, Geetha                                            The legacies of socialist work process and the current
 India                                                   transformation of the labor institutions in eastern
 Microfinance impact analysis in rural India             Germany


Katinas, William                                         Curtis, Shannon R.
 Lithuania                                                Ireland
 Energy pricing policy in Lithuania                       Promoting gender equity in secondary schools in
Langedyk, Kimberly A.
 Ecuador                                                 Dyrness, Andrea E.
 The inverse farm size-productivity relationship in       El Salvador
   Ecuador                                                Community-based solutions to the problem of
                                                            educational access: the case of a Liceo in El Salvador
Moore, Richard Q.
 Singapore                                               Hernandez, Nimachia
 Ethnicity, education and economic development:           Canada
   Indians in Singapore                                   Articulating a Blackfoot philosophy of education
Morley, Melissa A.                                       Lincoln, Daniel
 Canada                                                    Senegal
 Health economics and Canadian health policy               Educational effectiveness in rural Senegal
Nagarajan, Nithya                                        Mattson, Alexandra M.
 United Kingdom                                           Argentina
 Lessons from privatizations of the telecommunications    Investigation of education reform in Argentina
                                                         Parker, Christine S.
Oliver, Michael T.                                        Poland
 Japan                                                    Influence of the Church in post-socialist Polish schools
 Toyota and the Japanese auto industry
                                                         Perrow, Margaret E.
Skeeters-Behrens, Amy E.                                  South Africa
 Spain                                                    Learning in transition: out-of-school and unemployed
 The economics of football in Spain                         youth in South Africa
Subity, Samuel J.                                        Sclafani, Robin A.
 Slovak Republic                                          Belgium/Luxembourg
 Understanding microeconomic attitudes toward             A typology of anti-racist initiatives by youth
   macroeconomic transition                                 organizations in Europe
Taussig, Markus D.                                       Suttles, Joseph E.
 Vietnam                                                  Macedonia
 Financing of the export-oriented private sector in       National language planning in the Republic of
   Vietnam                                                  Macedonia
                                                         Umansky, Ilana M.
Education                                                 Educating for democracy: advances and challenges in
Belton, J. Patrick
 An ethnographic study of Mexican migrant children in
   education                                             Energy
Butler, Lisa M.                                          Harmon, Christopher G.
 South Africa                                             Sweden
 Gender, culture, and mathematics in the South African    Systems analysis of sustainable bioenergy in Sweden
                                                         Karmon, Eran
Chao, Maureen                                             New Zealand
 Vietnam                                                  The behavior of geothermal systems under
 An economy in transition and its educational impact        exploitation

                                                                  FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Serralles, Roberto J.                                   Schainker, Rachel D.
 Spain                                                   Israel
 The effects of deregulation and privatization on the    Preliminary design of fabric structures using the force
   development of renewable electric energy in Spain       density method
Stockton, Hilary M.                                     Sgro, Lee Anne
 Norway                                                  Italy
 Sustainable economic development of Norway’s            Formation, emission and control of particulate matter
   energy resources                                        from combustion sources
                                                        Wallace, David W.
Engineering                                              Chemical engineering in Germany focused on
Alterovitz, Gil
 Signal processing method for protein 3-D structure
   analysis                                             English
Avery, William G.                                       Kreger, Erika M.
 Germany                                                 Germany
 Study of automotive engineering in Germany              Plain speaking: American women writers and the
                                                           periodical sketch form, 1820-70
Edwards, Nora V.
 Sweden                                                 Zemgulys, Andrea P.
 Fundamental optical parameters and the origins of       United Kingdom
  defect-related strain in GaN heterostructures          Writers’ blocks: modernist authorship, literary
                                                          geography, and urban planning in the London
Gross, Martha E.                                          metropolis, 1880-1939
 Applying German engineering innovations to bridge
   renewal in America
Holt, Erika E.
 Finland                                                Currey, Nancy E.
 Early age autogenous shrinkage of concrete              Syria
                                                         Syrian Arab music in the 19th and 20th C
Kriewall, Thomas E.
 Germany                                                Moehn, Frederick J.
 Biocompatibility analysis of hydroxyapatite-surface     Brazil
   coatings for improved implant design                  Mixing MPB: artistry and agency in Brazilian popular
                                                          music recording
Lock, John P.
 Germany                                                Spiller, Henry J.
 Graduate studies in engineering at the University of    Indonesia
   Karlsruhe                                             Masculinity and men’s improvisational dance in West
Malmberg, Barry J.
 Sweden                                                 Strawn, Cullen B.
 Modeling the ecocyclic pulp mill                        Mali
                                                         Music of Malian hunters: the ancient roots of Jazz
McCormick, Mark W.
 Construction of a wastewater treatment and biomass
  recycling system                                      Film Studies
Nelson, Kara L.                                         Amella, Gia M.
 Mexico                                                  Italy
 Helminth removal from wastewater sludges using lime     Myth and ritual in contemporary Sicily

Cahill, Joseph N.                                       Engel-Di Mauro, Salvatore A.
 Czech Republic                                          Hungary
 Apprenticeship under Czech surrealist film maker Jan    Gender relations and the political ecology of soil
  Svankmajer                                              fertility
Fay, Jennifer M.                                        Evered, Kyle T.
 Germany                                                 Turkey
 Hollywood in Germany, 1945-49                           The politics of the wetland conservation in Turkey
Hunt, Samuel A.                                         Livingston, Robert J.
 Burkina Faso                                             Trinidad & Tobago
 Gender and the portrayal of women in Pan-African         Colonialism and the geography of conservation in the
  film                                                      eastern Caribbean
Nilsen, Sarah D.
 It happened at the fair: film at the Canadian          Geology
                                                        Creyts, Timothy T.
Santana Jr., Nicolas                                     Denmark
 Spain                                                   Paleoclimate studies of Greenland ice in Denmark
 Study of Spanish cinema
                                                        Doctor, Daniel H.
Thompson, Melissa R.                                     Slovenia
 Ireland                                                 Tracing mercury pollution in the classical Karst
 Women, politics and Ireland
                                                        Gualtieri, Lyn M.
                                                         Exchanging U.S. and Icelandic methodologies to
Forestry                                                   interpret past environmental change
Winter, Kimberly A.                                     Hopkins, Tiffany L.
 Bolivia                                                 Germany
 Distributions and hunting impacts on mammals of         Investigations of the fossil content and
  Isiboro-Secure, Beni                                     sedimentological/microfacial aspects of
                                                           a late Devonian borehole
                                                        Lachniet, Matthew S.
Geography                                                Costa Rica
                                                         Glaciers and paleoclimate in Costa Rica during the last
Bailey, Jodi L.
                                                           Ice Age
 International environmental NGOs and the political     Sankey, Julia T.
   ecology of protected areas                            Canada
                                                         A biogeographical comparison between the northern
Batek, Michael J.
                                                           and southern late Cretaceous vertebrate faunas and
                                                           paleoecology, comparing Alberta, Canada and Big
 Anthropogenic and natural disturbances in native
                                                           Bend, Texas
   Andean forests
                                                        Trembanis, Arthur C.
Drill, Sabrina L.
                                                          An analysis of Australian beach nourishment projects
 Conservation and fisheries management in Lake
   Malawi                                               Walsh, Kathleen A.
                                                         New Zealand
                                                         Reconstruction of New Zealand’s early Tertiary basin

                                                                      FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Germanic Languages and Literature                          Swanson, Christopher P.
Bethman, Brenda L.                                          Study of the dramatists Hofmannsthal, Schnitzler,
 Austria                                                      Kokoschka, and Kraus
 Fascism, gender and women’s bodies in Ingeborg
   Bachmann and Elfriede Jelinek                           Tanaka, Daniel J.
Boehm, Lisa M.                                              The neo-Kantian background of Benjamin’s
 Germany                                                      materialism
 The work of Friederich Schiller: writer, editor, and
Childree, William D.                                       History
 Study of 19th and 20th C German literature used in        Blutinger, Jeffrey C.
   music                                                    Israel
                                                            Biography of Heinrich Graetz
Doerhoff, Erica A.
 Germany                                                   Burson, Clare E.
 The contemporary reception of German romanticism           Germany
  in Germany                                                The role of history in the development of national
Framness, Susann M.
  Germany                                                  Byrd, Kimberly M.
  Jewish literature and the culture of Berlin               Turkey
                                                            Critical edition of Pierre Gilles’ topography of
Gallagher, Karen T.                                           Constantinople
 Marie Herzfeld and Viennese modernism                     Cooper, Thomas E.
Goss, Emily L.                                              The impact of German diplomacy on the Hungarian
 Netherlands                                                 Soviet republic
 The role of gender in linguistic variation in early
  modern Holland                                           Daughton, James P.
Nordskog, Kristin T.                                        A rural drama: peasants, identity, and the nation in
 Germany                                                      interwar France
 German literature written for teenage girls
                                                           Hodgson, Quentin E.
Petracca, Karyn A.                                          Germany
 Germany                                                    The formation of the armed forces in East Germany
 The life and literature of Christa Wolf: a contribution
   to German reunification                                 Lee, Daniel S.
Riegert, Jr., Leo W.                                        The effects of Attila and the Huns on Europe
 Jewish identity and German culture: the writings of       Liazos, Ariane M.
   Karl Emil Franzos                                         Ireland
                                                             Irish nationalist movements: the relationship of Irish
Ryan, Michael P.                                                communities in the U.S. and Ireland
 Eastern philosophical influences on Franz Kafka           Shiroff, Samuel N.
Stuart, Karen D.                                            German national identity: film or fact?
 Contemporary Tirolian female writers and the role of


History, Cultural and Intellectual                         Ciarlo, David M.
Battista, Rosa Maria                                        Colonialism in German popular culture, 1870-1914
 Where were the women of the Italian Renaissance           Eaton, Jeffrey D.
   movement?                                                Germany
                                                            Hjalmar Schacht: Weimar republican within national
Clay, Lauren R.                                               socialism
 Urban culture and national identity: French provincial    Garbarini, Alexandra
   theater, 1750-1807                                       Israel
                                                            Called upon by history: Jewish diarists and the
Gardner, Joshua W.                                            Holocaust
 Defining a nation: Norwegian folk museums and the         Javitch, Arielle
  construction of modern Norway                              Spain
                                                             Rural anarchism in Andalusia, 1880-1925
Green, Elliott D.
 Austria                                                   Johnstone, Rachel S.
 Nationalism in Austrian music of the Napoleonic era         United Kingdom
                                                             Malnutritional diseases among Anglo-American troops
Heath, Deana L.                                               during World War II
 A case of cultural imperialism? British print in          Keller, Richard C.
  Australia, 1880-1900                                      France
                                                            Culture, politics, and the diffusion of psychoanalysis in
Kealy Jr., Thomas P.                                          interwar France
 Baroque science: literature, natural history and          Leuthauser, Martin J.
  scientific progress in Spain                              Germany
                                                            Cultural negotiations between Russia and the GDR in
Moore, Lara J.                                                the 1950’s
 Restoring order: the Ecole des Chartes and French         Liegel, Gregory J.
   history, 1806-46                                          Germany
                                                             German emigration during the American Civil War
Ratts, Angeline M.
 Austria                                                   Loberg, Molly J.
 Austrian 20th C culture and current trends in              Germany
   theatrical dance                                         Best selling ideas: images of nationhood in German
                                                              popular literature
Zaro, Amy C.
 Germany                                                   Michaelsen, Kaarin L.
 Euthanasia under the Third Reich                           United Kingdom
                                                            The LSMW and the making of female physicians in

History, Modern                                            Milosch, Mark S.
Bello, Robert                                               The role of the Christian Social Union in the
 Spain                                                        modernization of Bavaria, 1955-75
 Political transition in Barcelona: the working-class
   neighborhood of Sants, 1936-45                          Quinney, Kimber M.
Choate, Mark I.                                             The United States, Great Britain, and the dismantling
 Italy                                                        of Italian fascism, 1943-48
 “Greater Italy”: nationalism, migration, colonialism in
   America and Africa, 1880-1914

                                                                    FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Reich, Daniel S.                                          Liebler, David G.
 Israel                                                     United Kingdom
 The self-defeating nature of British propaganda in         Modern Middle Eastern studies and security issues in
   Palestine, 1939-48                                        relation to the West
Ryan, Daniel C.                                           Longstreth, Andrew D.
 Estonia                                                   Senegal
 Witchcraft beliefs and practices in 19th C Estonia        The Franc Zone: a case study in international relations
von Koehler, Christina E.                                 Marzahn, Betsy A.
 France                                                    Belgium/Luxembourg
 Politics and the dancers of the Paris Opera, 1830-80      Belgian environmental politics
Zalar, Jeffrey T.                                         Mink Jr., Michael W.
 Germany                                                   United Kingdom
 A cultural history of the association of Saint Charles    Puerto Rican terrorism and its impact upon other
   Borromeo, 1890-1914                                      forms of nationalist-separatist violence
                                                          Ramos, Juan A.
Installation Art                                           Protectionist trade policies of the European Union
Combs, Karina N.                                          Reilly, Stephen M.
 Denmark                                                   Sweden
 Study of the painter/activist Johanne Krebs, 1848-        Baltic Sea management and policy: a new beginning
                                                          Walker, Christopher D.
Mark, Susan E.                                             Japan
 Bulgaria                                                  Japanese sustainable development resources and
 Exploration and commemoration of renaming of                strategies
  public places in Sofia
Peterson, Christina L.
 Sweden                                                   Journalism
 Advanced fine arts study in Stockholm
                                                          Charpentier, Charles P.
                                                           Communism to democracy: the evolution of Bulgarian
International Relations                                     journalism
Bayly, Hilary A.                                          Crinion, Carmen M.
 United Kingdom                                            Canada
 Studies in global political economy                       Graduate study in journalism
Galliker, Andrew S.                                       Fuchs, Dale
 United Arab Emirates                                      Spain
 Economic integration and political coordination in the    Media coverage of the European Monetary Union
                                                          Magdevski, Sonja
Gora, Christine A.                                         Macedonia
 Poland                                                    A cross-cultural perspective on Macedonian youth
 The role of information technology in the integration
  of Eastern Europe into the global economy               Rubin, Shari
Hwang, Balbina Y.                                          Jews and the media in present day Romania
 The non-miracle of Korea’s success: a reexamination      Schwartz, Douglas L.
  of political and economic development                    Spain
                                                           Development of television documentary on Spanish
                                                             entry to European Monetary Union


Latin American and Caribbean                                Premo, Bianca C.
History                                                      Colonialism’s progeny: childhood and minority in Lima,
Butler, Katherine A.                                           1500-1800
                                                            Sanchez, Robert L.
 Political participation in the Villas Miserias of Buenos
                                                             The assimilation and marginalization of Afro-
Carey, T. Mark                                                 Peruvians, 1854-1940
                                                            Sofer, Douglas O.
 Commodities, markets, and ecological transformation
   within Mayangna Indian communities
                                                             Peace and power: political interpretation during the
Ervin, Michael A.                                              Colombian Violencia, 1946-64
                                                            Soto Laveaga, Gabriela M.
 Agronomists, agrarian reform, and the reconstruction
   of state power in post-insurrectionary Mexico,
                                                             Commercialization of Barbasco and the Mexican
                                                               people, 1941-80
Haworth, Daniel S.
 Soldiers and civilians: the army, regional society, and
  the nation in Mexico, 1854-76
                                                            Latin American and Caribbean
Hughes, Nada B.
 Peru                                                       Bell, Koren L.
 Transformations of Andean authorities in the 17th and       Chile
   18th C                                                    Civil society and political change in Chile

Lopez, Rick A.                                              Bennett, Darius E.
 Mexico                                                      Chile
 Art, politics, and culture in the formation of Mexican      Indigenous rights versus economic development: the
   postrevolutionary nationalism, 1921-47                      socio-politics of modernization

Malkin, Tia E.                                              Bernal, Angelica M.
 Brazil                                                      Ecuador
 Populism and the politics of popular culture: the           Working children in Ecuador
  government of Miguel Arraes, 1961-64                      Dale, Heather A.
O’Toole, Rachel S.                                           Peru
 Peru                                                        Protesting poverty: the political potential and
 Between sea and Sierra: racial difference of colonial         limitations of community responses to economic
   coastal Peru                                                restructuring

Osowski, Edward W.                                          Edmonds, Emily D.
 Mexico                                                      Mexico
 Saints, land, and community: indigenous identity in         Fiscal decentralization and local governance in Mexico
  central Mexico, 1750-1820                                 Greene, Kenneth F.
Paulino, Edward                                              Mexico
 Dominican Republic                                          Competitive politics and party-constituency linkages in
 Reclaiming the frontier: Trujillo’s Dominican state           Mexico
   border policy, 1937-61                                   McElhinny, Vincent J.
Pineda, Yovanna Y.                                           El Salvador
  Argentina                                                  NGO-municipal coordination and the empowerment
  The state, financial markets, and the firm in early          of rural producers in postwar El Salvador
   Argentine industrialization,1895-1940

                                                                     FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Sanchez, Gabriel P.                                        Jikich, Branislava A.
 Argentina                                                   Spain
 Democratic statecraft and the Argentinian presidential      Non-market elements in the constitution of the
   election of 1999                                            European Community: economic effects on Spain
Schneider, Aaron M.                                        Junker, Barry H.
 Brazil                                                      Germany
 Expanding, shrinking and mediating markets:                 International law and the military alliances of Europe
   variations in Brazilian sub-national liberalization
                                                           Kao, Pauline A.
                                                            Study of law
Latin American and Caribbean                               Komarica, Drazen
Studies                                                     Croatia
Chavez, Janein                                              The rule of the judiciary in Croatia
 Mexico                                                    Manian, Maya
 Black Mexico: yesterday, today and tomorrow                India
                                                            Dowry, domestic violence, and the law
                                                           Patrascanu, Miruna O.
Latin American Languages and                                Romania
Literature                                                  The effects of legislative reform in post-communist
                                                              Romania on Romanian-American relations
Anadon, Pilar S.
 Chile                                                     Pellathy, Gabriel B.
 Alternative theater in Chile, 1981-91                      Hungary
                                                            Hungary and the European Union: a comparative
Gaston, Jodi L.                                               study of competition law
 Redefining the social role of Argentine women             Perrine, James B.
  through literature                                        Australia
                                                            Regulating professional sports: a comparison of the
Shouse, Corey C.                                              U.S. and Australia
 The postmodern novel in Colombia                          Perry, Suzanne B.
                                                            The common market and the common interest:
                                                              regulation of public services in a privatized Europe
Axam, Hilary S.
 South Africa                                              Library Science
 Transitional justice in the post-apartheid era
                                                           McCoy, Richard S.
Franck, Susan D.                                            Spain
  United Kingdom                                            Conservation apprenticeship in Madrid
  Facilitating international dispute resolution
Hess, Stephen J.
 Spain                                                     Linguistics
 A critical inquiry into the rebirth of the Spanish jury
                                                           Andrews, Sandra C.
Issa, Nabil A.                                              Germany
  United Arab Emirates                                      Social attitudes toward regional dialects in Germany
  The effect of legal transplants on constitutional
   interpretation                                          Fincke, Steven C.
                                                             Agency in the Bikol language


McGrew, Beth A.                                         Hannon, Cora W.
 Romania                                                 Spain
 English curriculum development in Romania               MAC and endothelial cell apoptosis in
                                                        Lipson, Adam C.
Literature                                                Sweden
                                                          An investigation of neuroregenerative strategies at the
Hathaway, Margaret M.
                                                           Karolinska Institute
 A study of American writers in Maghreb                 Mashour, George A.
Leier, Melissa C.
                                                         A study of midkine in newrofibromatosis type 1
 German language and literature                         O’Connor, Jr., John J.
Muniz, Aned Y.
                                                         Effects of fenofibrate medication on lipoprotein
                                                           kinetics in subjects with APOA-I gene defect
 The study of music as a mnemonic and didactic device
  for language teaching                                 Shetty, Teena
                                                         United Kingdom
                                                         A neuropsychiatric study of epilepsy and depression
Rogness, Jonathan P.
                                                        Medieval and Renaissance Studies
 Study of high dimensional numerical analysis           Brozyna, Martha
Rosenblum, Michael A.
                                                         Prostitution in late medieval Poland
 Study of probabilistic expert systems                  Carraway, Joanna J.
                                                         Medieval Hungary: the Black Death’s influence on
                                                           culture and art
                                                        Court, Russell I.
Chase, Dana M.
                                                         Family strategies in Genoese political economy
 Considerations for the treatment of HIV-positive
  Peruvians                                             Creasman, Allyson F.
Epino, Henry M.
                                                         Regulation of expression during the Reformation in
                                                           Nuremberg and Augsburg
 Infections associated with AIDS morbidity and
   mortality in Malawi                                  Eldevik, John T.
Farrelly, Megan K.
                                                          Diplomatics training and research on power
                                                           relationships in the 7th C Frankish Empire
 Neuroplasticity of retinal ganglion cells and the
   process of recovery                                  Fink, Stephanie L.
Fluchel, Mark N.
                                                          Widows and widowhood in 16th C Castile
  Assessment of health status in childhood cancer       Hamilton, Louis I.
   survivors of Uruguay                                  Italy
                                                         The power of liturgy and the liturgies of power in
                                                           11th and 12th C Italy

                                                                     FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Kadens, Emily E.                                          Leal, Karen A.
 Belgium/Luxembourg                                        Turkey
 Integration and segregation in the urban culture of       Perceptions of identity and sovereignty in the Greek
   the Low Countries                                         Orthodox community and Ottoman state: a
                                                             reappraisal of the ‘Millet System’ paradigm
Larsen, Elizabeth A.
 Germany                                                  Provence, Michael T.
 The Beguines and heresy of the Middle Ages                Syria
                                                           Agrarian revolt and social transformation in 20th C
Locklin, Nancy L.                                            Syria
 Women in the early modern Breton economy                 Stearns, Justin K.
Mengel, David C.                                           Cultural transmission between the Islamic world and
 Czech Republic                                              medieval Europe
 The religious culture of 14th C Prague
                                                          Stockdale, Nancy L.
Pearson, Joseph H.                                         Israel
 France                                                    English women in Palestine: their interpretations of
 The Contra Hereticos of Alain de Lille (d.1202): the        Palestinian and Zionist women, 1800-1939
   text and its setting at Montpellier, 1175-1200
Pomerleau, Catherine A.
 The “Unchaste Cleric”: motif, reformed critique and
                                                          Middle Eastern Languages and
  lay-clerical relations                                  Literature
Snyder, Susan R.                                          Bishop, Brian D.
 Italy                                                     Egypt
 Lay religiosity and family structure in late medieval     Arabic studies
   Bologna                                                Daise, Michael A.
Strom-Olsen, Rolf                                          Israel
 Spain                                                     Creation myths in the liturgical literature of early
 Courts without kings: crisis and consensus in the           Judaism and Christianity
   Spanish court, 1506-24                                 Daly, Colleen E.
Wells, Scott C.                                            Egypt
 Germany                                                   Arabic for graduate research in oriental studies
 From chronicler to prophet: the metamorphosis of the     Hebert, Marc K.
   Benedictine historian, 1030-1179                        Yemen
                                                           Intensive Arabic language study
                                                          Moaveni, Azadeh
Middle Eastern History                                     Egypt
Green, Rebecca T.                                          Arabic language study with emphasis on politics and
 Turkey                                                     gender studies
 Memories and perceptions of rural transformation in      Qureshi, Ahmed J.
   Turkey                                                  Egypt
Kalfuss, Barak                                             Arabic studies
 Egypt                                                    Zalman, Amy R.
 Education and nationalist identity in Egypt during the    Syria
   Constructional period, 1923-52                          Digging up the past: urban renewal and nostalgic


Middle Eastern Politics                                  Music Composition
Arbo, John E.                                            Bacon, Alexis C.
 Yemen                                                    France
 State development and oil in Yemen                       Music composition in Paris
Clinton, Christina M.                                    Zbyszynski, Michael F.
 Egypt                                                    Poland
 The privatization of Egypt’s tourism sector:             Exploring the impact of Polish innovation on 20th C
   fundamental shifts in the economy                       music
Desiderio III, Joseph J.
 The UN and Egyptian cooperation: the cases of the       Musical Instrument Training
                                                         Brozick, Michael S.
Evans, Karry L.                                           Germany
 Kuwait                                                   Study of trumpet
 Civil society in Kuwait: women’s associations’ impact
                                                         Callaway, David R.
   on the state
                                                          The study of Chinese music and original Chinese
Middle Eastern Studies                                   Carr, Stephanie A.
Fisher, Nora E.                                           Germany
  Turkey                                                  Study of percussion and percussion ensemble
  Marriage choice and plurality in modern Turkey            performance
Goshgarian, Rachel E.                                    Dunne, Rebecca R.
 Morocco                                                  Germany
 American higher education and its influences on          The study of horn solo music
  Moroccan identity
                                                         Frantz, Albert E.
Loizou, Elaina J.                                          Austria
 Greece                                                    Study of piano in Vienna
 Ethnic and religious minorities under Ottoman rule
                                                         LeBauer, Courtney E.
Nickels, Ben P.                                           Germany
 Morocco                                                  Influence of eastern European folk music on German
 The Pied-Noir identity and Moroccans of French             romantic composers
                                                         Mayfield, Nathaniel B.
Schimmer, Alexandra T.                                    Germany
 United Kingdom                                           Study of modern and historical trumpet performance
 Islamic-Jewish relations and the Cairo Genizah
                                                         O’Malley, Patrick J.
                                                          Recorder study in the Netherlands
Museology                                                Olsen, Melanie G.
Matuk, Farid N.                                           Argentina
 Chile                                                    Study of tango violin
 The museum as a public agent
                                                         Roland, Thomas A.
                                                          Drumming of the Carnatic music tradition

                                                                  FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Trefney, Christine C.                                   Sanders, Reginald L.
  Norway                                                 Germany
  Study of horn performance and teaching                 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and liturgical music in
                                                           Hamburg, 1768-88
                                                        Zusman, Shanon P.
Musicology                                               Austria
                                                         The emancipation of the German-Austrian “Basso
Blackbird, Mark S.
 Music and the making of a bourgeois public: the
   suburban theaters of 18th C Vienna
Bravo, Gwyneth R.
                                                        North African Politics
 Germany                                                Glasser, Jonathan
 The life and music of Viktor Ullmann                    Morocco
                                                         Berber cultural revival
Christiansen, Paul V.
 Czech Republic
 Application of Janacek’s theory of speech-melody to
   his operas                                           Oceanography
Courtney, Kathryn M.                                    Averyt, Kristen B.
 Austria                                                 New Zealand
 Alexander Von Zemlinsky and the Austrian-German         Characterization of a freshwater Cu ligand
                                                        Lucas, Andrew J.
Gilbert, Adam K.                                         Argentina
 Belgium/Luxembourg                                      The influence of temperature and salinity regimes on
 Musical associations in archival sources of the           productivity in coastal and oceanic habitats in the
   Rhetoriqueur/Rederijker tradition                       southeastern Atlantic
Hutchison, Dennis C.
 The politicization of the musical institution          Painting and Printmaking
  “Allgemeiner Deutscher Musikverein”, 1933-37
                                                        Bedford, Elizabeth W.
Ladkani, Jennifer L.                                     Germany
 Jordan                                                  Reconstructing Berlin
 Music, identity, and cultural borders in the
                                                        Jefferson, Aaron D.
   “homeland”: the Debke tradition in the Palestinian
   communities in Jordan
                                                          To use indigenous architectural symbolism of the Akan
O’Connor, Michael B.                                        people to create a series of related paintings in the
 Spain                                                      city of Kumasi
 Juan Esquivel Barahona: heir to the Spanish
                                                        Jeram, Maureen E.
   polyphonic tradition
Phillips, Jennifer M.                                     Study of contemporary frescoes
                                                        Kersey, Kimberly A.
 The wind and chamber music of Franz Schmidt
Roth, Marjorie A.                                        Developing fine arts in Botswana: landscape painting
 Austria                                                   and its audience
 Aspects of harmony in historical and current musical
                                                        Kertes, Darlene A.
                                                         Slovak Republic
                                                         The study of Slovak artistic traditions by a developing
                                                           American artist


Mangan, Jeremy W.                                        Hussain, Nadeem J.
 Germany                                                  Germany
 The art of experience                                    Appropriating Nietzsche for a fictionalist theory of
Ryskin, Masha A.
 Norway                                                  Keune, Jon M.
 Printmaking installation at Atelier Nord, Oslo           India
                                                          Christian and Hindu identity: self and other
Silverstein, Brad M.
  Norway                                                 Kim, Alan
  Norwegian culture and the human condition               Germany
                                                          Heidegger’s Plato and the crisis of philosophy
Starr, Tyler D.
 Poland                                                  Koffman, Vera M.
 Learning from contemporary Polish printmakers            Australia
                                                          Prospects for normativity within moral realism
Walsh, Eugene J.
 Mexico                                                  McDonald, Patrick J.
 Reflection, experimentation, and production in Mexico    Germany
                                                          Hermann von Helmholtz and the philosophy of
Philosophy and Religion                                  Price, Zachary S.
Cahill, Kevin M.
                                                          Kierkegaard in his Danish context
 Wittgenstein studies at the archives in Bergen          Rohrer, Tim C.
Cheney, Cheryl A.
                                                          Implications of the embodiment hypothesis for
 New Zealand
                                                            semiotics and philosophy
 Ecotourism: a dialectic synthesis between nature and
  humanity                                               Shaner, Katherine A.
Donnelly, Maureen B.
                                                          The German Protestant church: living history to study
                                                           the future
 An investigation of common sense geometry
                                                         Spath, Leonard Michael
Eng, Michael
                                                          Muslims and Christians in dialogue: religious roots and
 The intersection of language, philosophy and writing
                                                            the search for peace
  in Ingeborg Bachman
                                                         Stone, Brad E.
George, Theodore D.
                                                          The philosophy and life of Miguel de Unamuno
 Disrupting Hegel’s later politics: art and political
  philosophy in the young Hegel                          Trainer, Michael E.
                                                           Sri Lanka
Gressis, Robert A.
                                                           Dharmic vehicles: ritual language, aesthetic symbols,
                                                             and community consciousness
 The inevitability of collapse? The Marburg neo-
   Kantians                                              Zinn, David C.
Hebbeler, James C.
                                                           Husserl and Peirce: a middle approach to philosophical
 Between Heidegger and Nietzsche: the fate of human

                                                                      FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Photography                                                 Lush, Jaime
Alam, Fariba S.                                              A study of German dark matter detectors
 The women of Grameen Bank
Bodis-Wollner, Mara J.                                      Political Science
 To document in photographs the changing character          Ball, Ben S.
   of Hungary                                                Turkey
                                                             Institutions of local and regional government in Turkey
Coyle, Jeremiah J.
 Japan                                                      Bloom, Susan K.
 Photographing the simulated landscapes of Japan             France
                                                             The elites and the future of France
Lukas Martemucci, Helena
 Czech Republic                                             Davis, Christina L.
 Czech performing artists as citizens: collaboration         Japan
   with disabled persons                                     The comparative politics of Japanese agriculture trade
Miksys, Andrew R.
 Lithuania                                                  Gaskill, Newton J.
 Photographs of contemporary Lithuanian society              Brazil
                                                             Religion and political mobilization
Mozman, Rachelle A.
 Panama                                                     Mrugala, Maciej M.
 A photographic investigation of race, economics and         Poland
  demographics in Panama                                     Modern day electoral politics in the emerging
                                                              democracy of Poland
Sullivan, Megan E.
 Germany                                                    Myrth, Susanne H.
 Berlin constructed and destructed by image                  Germany
                                                             Implication of German unification in the context of
Walsh, Michael J.                                              European integration
 The influence of Western pop culture on modern day         Seeley, Natasha A.
   Taiwan                                                    Finland
                                                             Strategies for promoting racial tolerance in Finland
                                                            Williams, James M.
Physics                                                      South Africa
                                                             Democratization and customary institutions in post-
Binns, David E.                                                apartheid South Africa
 Investigation of polar sporadic E and their relationship
   with meteors
Haase, Eric J.
 Germany                                                    Adams, Glenn E.
 High spectral resolution geologic mapping of Lake           Ghana
  Baikal with landsat 7 enhanced thematic mapper+            Construction of friendship and enmity in Ghana and
                                                              the USA
Konezny, Steven J.
 Austria                                                    Carson, Alison S.
 The preparation and analysis of organic polymers that       Philippines
  emit light                                                 Factors affecting the development of ideas of fairness
                                                               in Filipino children


Clinton, Amanda Beth                                         Public Administration/Policy
 Phonological processing, brain structure, and reading       Cheung, Wing Sze C.
   in Spanish-speaking children with language                 Hong Kong
   impairments                                                A qualitative analysis of foster care programs in Hong
Dougherty, Amy L.
 Italy                                                       Gaspar, Jennifer S.
 Women at risk: domestic violence in Italian society          Hungary
                                                              Hungarian ethnic minority policy: implementation and
Huckabee, Maggie Lee                                           impact
 Cortical electrophysiological correlates of swallowing:     Roy, Audrey J.
  the Bereitschafts potential                                 Canada
                                                              First nation governments and the formation of
Kolarz, Christian M.                                            Canadian Aboriginal law
 Effects of social transition on psychological well-being    Slone, Wendy J.
Maianu, Camelia                                                Public versus private provision of income redistribution
 Romania                                                        in Norway
 The role of peers in providing security for children in
  nonfamily care settings
Meaney, Raymond T.                                           Public Health
 Electrophysiological study of binocular vision in Iceland   Bowman, Jennifer R.
Pascarella, Stacey L.                                         Family planning counseling programs and reproductive
 Canada                                                         behavior
 Psychology of sport: National Hockey League in
   Canada                                                    Brouwer, Kimberly C.
Poggio, Andrew J.                                             Examination of severe urinary schistosomiasis in rural
 Italy                                                          Zimbabwe
 Hope: its cultural and societal implications
                                                             Cohen, Stephanie E.
Reisman, Michael D.                                           Botswana
 Czech Republic                                               Treating the physically disabled in rural and urban
 Exploring the potential of drama theory in the Czech           Botswana
                                                             Coles, Christian L.
Robinson, Philip D.                                           India
 Australia                                                    Impact of vitamin A supplementation on
 Music therapy within a medical context                         pneumococcal carriage in infants
Tartaro, Jessica T.                                          Ezenkwele, Ugo A.
 United Kingdom                                               Trinidad & Tobago
 Psychological variables affecting breast cancer              Establishment of an emergency room injury
                                                                surveillance system
Trimarchi, Liberty M.
  Canada                                                     Flattau, Anna
  Effects of ambient noise levels on acoustic contact          United Kingdom
    between mother-calf beluga whales in the St.               Public health in developing countries
    Lawrence estuary
                                                             Hollinger, Laura M.
                                                              Graduate study in health social science

                                                                       FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Husain, Khizer                                              Stabinski, Larissa L.
 United Kingdom                                              Madagascar
 Studies at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical        Geographic information systems and public health
                                                            Stamm, Luisa M.
Kline, Joshua D.                                             Brazil
 Canada                                                      Investigation of deltramethrin dog collars in the
 University study of health policy and ethics                  prevention of Brazilian leishmaniasis
Malone, Siobhan C.                                          Wurth, Kathleen E.
 Ivory Coast                                                 Benin
 The role of women’s cooperatives in the dissemination       An evaluation of family planning interventions
   of HIV/AIDS information
                                                            Yafai, Faahud A.
Maman, Suzanne                                               Oman (Muscat)
 Tanzania                                                    The implementation of maternal-child health
 Women, HIV and violence                                       initiatives in the Sultanate of Oman
McCracken, John P.
 Environment and health in Guatemala                        Romance Languages and Literature
Mendez, Carolyn A.                                          Bass, Laura R.
 Mexico                                                      Spain
 Informal care giving of the elderly among rural and         The portrait in the play: subjectivity on the 17th C
   urban families in central Mexico                            Spanish stage
Mikl, Jaromir                                               Beck, Linda M.
 Czech Republic                                              Italy
 HIV infection among Czech prison entrants                   Cultural exchange in the Renaissance novella between
                                                               the elite and the popular
Newburn, Vanessa H.
 Norway                                                     Cavaceppi, Ranieri M.
 Health care policy in Norway                                Italy
                                                             The literary and philological significance of
O’Keefe, Katherine M.                                          cinquecento aphorisms
 Creating and coordinating youth social programs            Conley, Francine H.
Ogawa, Dawn D.                                               Ariane Mnouchkine and the Theatre Du Soleil
 Elderly hospital and home health care in Japan             Dundon, Maura J.
Rao, Carol Y.                                                Parallel, divergent, intersecting? Spanish and Hispanist
 Finland                                                      literary criticism
 The health effects of indoor fungi exposure
                                                            Meiser, Maria T.
Saksvig, Brit I.                                             Philippines
 Canada                                                      Conversion of the Philippines with Catholic debate,
 Evaluation of a healthy lifestyle intervention for First     1521-1760
   Nation’s children
                                                            Peacock, Jane G.
Schroeder, Margaret L.                                       Spain
 Germany                                                     Flamenco musical form in the poetry of Fedrico Garcia
 The role of the family in Germany’s socialized delivery       Lorca
   of health care
                                                            Pedatella, Stefan W.
Speelmon, Emily C.                                           Italy
 Peru                                                        The fascist influence on Ungaretti and Montale
 Swine susceptibility to taenia solium reinfection


Phillips, Kristin K.                                         Social Work
 Guerilla warfare: Italian visual poetry, past and present   Nower, Lia M.
                                                              A comparative study of gambling behaviors of
Scandinavian Languages and
Gillis, Clare M.                                             Sociology
 Iceland                                                     Ahn, Deok Keun M.
 Icelandic language study                                     Estonia
Kaplan, Merrill                                               The hidden cultural bridge from Estonia to Asia
 Norway                                                      Augis, Erin J.
 Runes and reception                                          Senegal
Sigurdsson, Stefania A.                                       Muslim women in urban Senegal: identities in a
  Iceland                                                      changing world
  A study of modern Icelandic language and literature        Brav, Jennifer V.
Sundquist, John D.                                            Nepal
 Norway                                                       A study of three Nepali NGOs promoting local
 Diachronic syntactic analysis of mainland Scandinavian         autonomy
  languages                                                  Cadge, Gwendolyn A.
                                                              Sri Lanka
                                                              Personal narratives of women entering university
Sculpture                                                    Carson, Maleata A.
Brophy, Aaron Q.                                              Dominican Republic
 Cyprus                                                       The representation of “La Morena” in Dominican
 Sculpture studies                                              popular music

D’Alessandro, Jill K.                                        Cohen, Eric S.
 Korea                                                        Canada
 Hanji: the Korean art of papermaking                         Meaning and method of liberal arts education in the
                                                               modern world: Canadian perspectives
Dreeben, Michael W.
 India                                                       Comstock, Sandra C.
 Construction of handbuilt carts in India                     Bangladesh
                                                              Exploring the civil significance of garment
Tyler, Virginia Louise                                         manufacturers in Bangladesh
 Technology exchange in Ghana: bronze casting and            Elias, Gretchen B.
   papermaking                                                 Germany
                                                               German social policy and its impact on women’s daily

Social Sciences                                              Fields, Amanda L.
Allen, Tanya A.                                                A sociological study of Moroccan national identity
 Technology and Finnish national identity                    Jasper, Daniel A.
                                                               Remembering Shivaji for the Hindu nation

                                                                      FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Johnson, Jennifer L.                                       South Asian Politics
  From corporatism to transnational civil society in       Gupta, Sandhya
    southern Mexico                                         India
                                                            Women’s participation in local government in rural
Kesler, Christel D.                                           Haryana
 Educational change and German reunification
Louie, Susan Y.                                            South Asian Studies
 Ethnic relations in social, political and economic        Crowell, Daniel W.
   context                                                  India
                                                            The success of non-governmental organizations in
Semino, Matthew J.                                            India
 Industrialization and the functions of the family in      Fiordalis, David V.
   Singaporean society                                       India
                                                             Practical ingenuity: the continuation of Sanskrit
Washburn, Erika L.                                             culture in modern India
 Water and salinity: a comparison of management            Samuels, Jeffrey
  strategies                                                Sri Lanka
                                                            The place and role of lay meditators and lay ascetics in
Whitford, Joshua D.                                           Sri Lankan Buddhism
 Effects of increased economic internationalization on
   Italian industrial districts
                                                           Southeast Asian History
                                                           Brownlee, John M.
South Asian History                                         Indonesia
                                                            Religious change and identities in Java, 1755-1825
Diamond, Jeffrey M.
 Pakistan                                                  Postma, Cindy J.
 Women and education: methods of learning in                Malaysia
   Muslim Punjabi households                                In the interstices of history: 19th C Japan and Malaya

Mir, Farina                                                Wheeler, Charles J.
 India                                                      Vietnam
 Recovering Punjabi identity: locating language in a        Hoi An and the role of Chinese trade and commerce
   regional culture, 1849-1947                                in the development of Vietnam’s southern frontier,
Shah, Tabassam
 The social impact of colonial law courts in the Punjab,
  1850-1937                                                Southeast Asian Languages and
                                                           Tran, Ben V.
South Asian Languages and                                    Vietnam
Literature                                                   Studying Vietnamese literature from a Vietnamese-
                                                               American’s perspective
Kent, Daniel W.
 Sri Lanka                                                 Tran, Hamilton N.
 Study of Sinhala and Pali languages                         Vietnam
                                                             Study of the late-colonial Vietnamese novel, 1930-39


Southeast Asian Politics                                  Allen, Angela E.
Beversdorf, Martin J.                                      Teaching English as a Foreign Language
 The politics of environmental regulation in developing   Allen, Megan L.
  countries                                                Germany
                                                           Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Eyres, John M.
 Vietnam                                                  Anderson, Hollie J.
 The Vietnamese criminal justice philosophy                Germany
                                                           Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Wangkeo, Kanchana
 Thailand                                                 Arakelian, Lisa M.
 Thailand’s tobacco restrictions: a matter of health or    Germany
  trade                                                    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Barbeisch, Glenn T.
Southeast Asian Studies                                    Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Valverde, Caroline C.                                     Bisignani, Kevin M.
 Vietnam                                                   Germany
 Vietnamese-American transnational identity: the roots     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
   of Vietnamese-American community Vietnam
                                                          Brandenburg, Mary T.
Wilson, Juliana M.                                         Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Brown, Jeremy M.
 Remo: dance and cultural identity in East Java
                                                           Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Brown, Thomas S.
Special Education                                          Germany
Dudis, Paul G.                                             Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Celms, Alexandra T.
 Signed language education program in Italy
Harris, Raychelle L.                                       Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Cernin, Paul A.
 Acquisition, methods and teaching of American Sign
   Language as a second language
                                                           Teaching English as a Foreign Language
King, Susan J.
                                                          Coote, Margaret E.
 Information systems on deaf children in Italy
                                                           Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Cost, Douglas S.
Teaching English as a Foreign                              Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          Craig, Susan J.
Ableidinger, Joseph D.                                     Germany
 Korea                                                     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                          DeWaard, Kelly J.
Ahlering, Joyce M.                                         Germany
 Germany                                                   Teaching English as a Foreign Language
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language

                                                     FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Elliott, Autumn M.                         Kinchen, Rebecca L.
  Korea                                     Germany
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Finan, Kelly R.                            Koklanaris, Dena
  Belgium/Luxembourg                        Korea
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Fredericks, Christopher P.                 Krebs, Teresa L.
  Germany                                   Korea
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Fritz, Anne E.                             Kull, Megan A.
  Germany                                   Korea
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Greenman, Paul S.                          Kuykendall, Lory M.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Guthrie, Robert I.                         Lane, Jennifer R.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Hinderliter, J. Debora                     Lee, Stephen
 Germany                                    Korea
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Horner-Manning, Kristine H.                Lehmann, Scott P.
 Belgium/Luxembourg                         Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Hosel, Margaret W.                         Little, Theresa D.
 Korea                                       Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language      Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Johnson, Jeffrey P.                        Lusebrink, Terry L.
  Germany                                   Germany
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Kalin, Dresden A.                          Markin, Molly R.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Kelz, Robert V.                            Mays, Tracy C.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Kim, Christina Y.                          McIntyre, Matthew C.
 Korea                                      Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Kim, Edward Y.                             Miller, Jennifer A.
 Korea                                      Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Kim, Kwang H.                              Mills, Bethanie L.
 Korea                                      Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Mirtle, Debie A.                           Seelbach, Erick T.
 Korea                                      Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Mitchell, Kory L.                          Shaw, David T.
 Belgium/Luxembourg                         Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Mitchell, Stuart C.                        Short, Jennifer A.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Motl, Julia M.                             Sledd, Lee D.
 Germany                                     Hungary
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language      Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Munton, Andrew V.                          Smith, Justin B.
 Taiwan                                     Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
O’Mealy, Mary K.                           Soroko, Kimberly N.
 Taiwan                                     Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Pace, Suzanne L.                           Steubing, Christopher D.
 Turkey                                     Korea
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Pierlott, Matthew F.                       Stoker, Michael T.
  Korea                                     Korea
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Rand, Jennifer L.                          Sugrue, Michael P.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Ray, Amy E.                                Tobben, Laura C.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Richards, Suzanne M.                       Trimbur, Lucia B.
 Germany                                     United Kingdom
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language      Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Ricker, Stephanie A.                       Tweed, Gretchen F.
 Germany                                    Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Sanders III, Van Anthony                   Van Helden, Tonja L.
 Korea                                      Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Sauder, Christopher D.                     Varley, Robert E.
 Germany                                    Korea
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Schade, Silke K.                           VerSchure, Kate S.
 Germany                                    Korea
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language     Teaching English as a Foreign Language

                                                                 FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Warner, Alicia R.                                      Idstrom, Devon M.
 Germany                                                 Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                  The urban geography of Prenzlauer Berg
Way, Matthew O.                                        Liechty, Jason T.
 Germany                                                 Germany
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                  From Bonn to Berlin: urban planning aspects of a
                                                           Capital's move
Weiner, Adrienne I.
 Germany                                               Reisz, William T.
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                 Germany
                                                        Architecture and planning as Berlin’s expression of
Wells, Ashley M.                                          history
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                Ricks, Karina E.
Weston, Matthew C.                                      Lessons from “Big-Block” tenant cooperatives in
 Germany                                                  Latvia
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                       Shatkin, Gavin M.
Whitehair, Rebecca D.                                   Philippines
 Germany                                                Community-based organizations and squatter
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                  community improvement in Manila
Wiggins, Ellwood H.                                    Sylvan, Jack H.
 Germany                                                Spain
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                 1992 Barcelona Olympics: lessons for directing
Wright, Karen E.                                          benefits to urban poor
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Young, Erica L.                                        Voice
 Germany                                               Hurd, James A.
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language                 Germany
Youngblood, Terence W.                                  Study of German Lieder
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language
                                                       Western European History
                                                       Brockey, Liam M.
Urban Development and Planning                          Portugal
Belkind, Lara N.                                        Portuguese Jesuit mission to China
 France                                                Brophy, Christina S.
 Neighborhood centers for small industry in Paris       Ireland
Campanella, Thomas J.                                   The Caoine: the Irish women’s song of mourning
 Hong Kong                                             Christensen, Gayle S.
 Building the Chinese century: Hong Kong and the        Germany
  transformation of the Chinese landscape               The lure of imperialism: Germany’s attempt at colonial
Custred, Martin                                           fame
 Germany                                               Durst, Jeffrey D.
 Public involvement of growth management policies in    Germany
  Oregon and North Rhine-Westphalia                     The effect of the university on spreading Catholic
                                                         doctrine in early modern Wurzburg


Helfferich, Tryntje B.                                      Jupille, Joseph H.
 Germany                                                      Belgium/Luxembourg
 Complexity and power in the Thirty Years’ War                Institutions, interests and procedural politics in the
                                                                European Union
Lanzoni, Susan M.
 Germany                                                    Moosbrugger, Lorelei K.
 The Bellevue asylum: an interface between                   Belgium/Luxembourg
   phenomenological philosophy and scientific                Institutions with environmental consequences: the
   psychiatry                                                  politics of agrochemical policy making
Malloy, Tara N.                                             Morehouse, Deniz C.
 Germany                                                     Germany
 German utopias: the link between cultural nationalism       The role and influence of Turkish-Germans in the
  and national socialism                                      German political system
Mayes, David C.                                             Rauschkolb, Kristen L.
 Germany                                                     Germany
 A comparative study of the Confessional Institute in        Women’s issues since reunification: the reaction of
  Hesse, Waldeck, and the Wetterau, 1567-1618                 political parties and the government
Ogle, Gene E.                                               Schlaphoff, Aaron J.
 France                                                      Germany
 Policing colonial society: the regulation of violence in    A case study of German policy toward information
   Saint Domingue                                              technology
Scheid, Daniel P.
 The life of Rupert Mayer                                   Western European Studies
Thomson, Erik M.                                            Gordon, Abigail E.
 Sweden                                                      Spain
 The politics of commercial reform in Oxensierna’s           The protection of migrant’s rights

                                                            Women’s Studies
Western European Politics                                   Barai, Sujata B.
Bahar, Daniel                                                United Kingdom
 Belgium/Luxembourg                                          South Asian women and social welfare resources in
 The EMAC committee and the domestic debate on                 London
  monetary union
                                                            Caudwell, Jessica L.
Beltran, Xavier                                              Spain
 Spain                                                       Feminism and social change in 20th C Spain
 The international relations of the autonomous
                                                            Gilman, Sarah E.
   communities of Spain
Edquist, Kristin A.                                          Women’s organization in Tunisia: networks of
 Belgium/Luxembourg                                            empowerment in the emergent civil society
 Citizenship and the European Union: at cross
                                                            Griffith, Kati L.
                                                             El Salvador
Fehrs, Matthew B.                                            The strategies and obstacles to women organizing in
 Germany                                                       San Salvador
 How German reunification’s psychological effects
                                                            Hoehne, Debora A.
   relate to political attitudes
                                                             Continuing the advancement of women: Italy’s law on
                                                               sexual violence
                                                      FULBRIGHT FELLOWS BY FIELD OF STUDY

Knoll, Kristina R.
 Women acting locally, thinking globally
Mathis, Amy N.
 The role of women in a changing Hungary
Murthy, Sharmila L.
 Innovative microcredit practices of rural women in
Race, Stacy M.
 Community effects on sexual violence




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