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					                  Sonora A’s
                               VINTAGE VOICE
               April 2011                                                     Model A Ford Club of America

                                                          A Message From The Prez . . .
        Tours At A Glance

May 27-29 NCRG Roundup
Jun. 04 1st Annual Back Roads      I want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to think about
           Tour                    the Sonora A’s hosting the Northern California Regional Group
Jul.                               Meeting in May of 2012. There are several reasons in favor of
Aug. 25 Pinecrest Picnic           this.
Sep.                               1. We live in a wonderful area with back roads for tours and
Oct. 27 Hard Times Pot Luck        plenty of restaurants and motels to support a gathering of this
Nov. 25 Sonora Xmas Parade         type.
Dec. 08 Installation Banquet
                                   2. Fabulous side trips are available to our attendees including
                                   Columbia State Park, Our Historic Railtown, in Jamestown,
2.   Minutes                       Cover’s Apple ranch, Black Oak Casino, and many more.
3.   Sunshine                      3. Our club is loaded with talent, energy and creativity. We can
3.   Birthdays/Anniversaries       also expect support from the local Chambers of Commerce and
4.   Tour Schedule                 the Visitors Bureau.
4.   Activities & Tours            4. This is a great way to publicize our club locally and kindle
4.   Some Dates of Interest        interest in Model A’s and the Model A hobby in general.
6.   Classifieds                   5. We have a core of club members who are committed to take on
6.   Sonora Slim(not so technical) the brunt of the organizing effort. However we will need a little
8.   Meeting Refreshments List     help from the club as time goes on and especially at the time of
                                   the event.
President Jim Costello
Vice Pres. Bob Riede
Secretary Alice Riede                            We will have more information for you by the next meeting and
Treasurer Ed Anderson                            will be asking for your support in the form of a vote, yea or nea,
Non-elected offices:                             on this important matter. I’m getting kind of excited about this
 Editor    George Fontaine                       and I hope you are also.
           Bob Guimarin
Sunshine Pat Campbell                            See you at the next meeting or on the road in your Model A Ford.

                                                                             Jim Costello
All correspondence can be sent directly to the
Editor. For advertising info, contact the
Editor, George Fontaine, 10660 Oak Creek
Ct., Jamestown, Ca. 95327.                                  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – MAY 8TH.

-1-                                                                                               5/9/2011
APR. 2011                     VINTAGE                     VOICE
Sonora A’S MINUTES for April 28, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Costello at 7:01 P.M. on April 28, 2011. The meeting
was held at the Sonora Library.

Jim introduced new members, Mike and Julie Sardella. Bob Taylor introduced his guest, Don Romjue
president of the Oakdale A's.

Secretary: Minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed in the Newsletter.

Treasurer's report: Ed Anderson reported a positive balance after expenses.

Sunshine report: Jim wished a Happy Birthday to Pam Costello and Julie Segerstrom.

Old Business: Jim passed around the roster for members to review for any updates.

NCRG meeting will be May 27-29 in Vallejo,

Jim mentioned the club donated bedding and miscellaneous items to our adopted wounded warrior.

If anyone would like a copy of the bylaws to review, please ask Jim for a copy.

Jim also expressed the desire for more club publicity in the newspaper. He will do this.

Also, the Nov. 17th meeting will be at the Lanes. A get together after the Thanksgiving parade will be at
the Pilkingtons.

New Business: NCRG is looking for a host for next year. We have formed an exploratory committee.
Bob Guimarin said we can do this if we are all willing to help. It is a lot of work. George Fontaine would
like us to do it especially because it is the 50th anniversary. Oakdale club has offered to help. And other
clubs will probably be willing to help also. Bob Guimarin will put together a plan to show the activities,
etc. Bob Riede will check with Black Oak Casino for availability. A decision will be made at the next

Jim announced that he will be absent for the July and August meetings. Bob Riede will preside over the
July meeting. The August meeting is a potluck at Pinecrest.

Judy Winters asked about the club coming to Summerville Elementary on Tuesday, May 24th. Please be
there by 2:45 so the children can view the cars after school.

Ed mentioned the soapbox derby on June 12 in conjunction with the Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee. Jackie
Allen will get us entered in the parade on June 11. Please be there by 8:45.
Tours: Larry Sidmore talked about a swap meet in Jackson on May 20-21. No gate fee.

Bob Riede said the Coyote Howl in Coulterville will be held on May 21st. $20 entry fee. Dave and Dale
Silverman are chairmen for this event.

The Cannonball Run in Volcano is on July 2nd. Entry fee is $30.

The First Annual Backroads of Tuolumne County is on June 4th. $20 per person includes coffee and
pastries in the morning, then a self guided tour to include Calling All Cars at Mt. Brow winery, followed by

-2-                                                                                        5/9/2011
Apr. 2011                            VINTAGE             VOICE
Sonora A’S MINUTES for April 28, 2011 (CONTINUED)

The Murphys/Angels Camp Car Show is on June 25th.

On May 17th the AMGEN bicycle tour of California will be coming thru Oakdale at approximately 2:30
P.M. The Oakdale club has invited us to bring our cars down by 12:30 to line up along the route.

Calaveras Museum is a good place for a tour. Flyers are available for information.

Lynn Moekel mentioned the Ironstone Classic Car Cruise on June 5th. Meet at 9 A.M. in Columbia. BBQ
vendors will have samples available.
MAFFI: George Fontaine has raffle tickets for sale on the sedan for the Model A Ford Foundation.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:44 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Alice Riede

Sunshine Club: Please contact Pat Campbell (ph: 536-1733), our sunshine lady, if you know
of someone under the weather. We would like to acknowledge them to let them know their Model
A family is with them during this time.
   We have several birthdays and anniversaries coming up. Check it out!
                                                 Pat Campbell, Sonora A’s Sunshine Lady

Happy Birthday Gang!!!!!!                        And Happy Anniversary!!

                   Birthdays                                          Anniversaries
Tony Aragon                               5/01              Bob & Marilyn Taylor                   5/05
Rosemary Cover                            5/09              David & Rosemary Cover                 5/17
Jackie Allen                              5/13              Clark & Julie Segerstrom               5/23
Jane Anderson                             5/14
Shirley Orr                               5/24
Bobbie Biederman                          5/30
Marjorie Kallis                           6/04
Dave Pilkington                           6/04

MAFFI -Model A Ford Foundation
Don’t forget, you still have time to purchase tickets for the 4 door sedan to be raffled off at the
MARC Convention in June in San Diego. Tickets $10 ea. Or 3 for $25. Also, our museum is
getting closer to fruition. You can purchase a ‘brick’ for $150 with your name or whatever. See
George Fontaine for the forms and info. This is going to be a very nice museum and a superb
addition and resource for our hobby for generations to come. Other forms for
sponsorship/contribution/donation are available. See or call George Fontaine 209 984-5797 for

-3-                                                                                           5/9/2011
APR. 2011                      VINTAGE          VOICE

                          Sonora A’s 2011 Tour Schedule

May    24       Tuesday. Show your car to the kids at Summerville        Judy Winters
                Elementary. Be there by 2:44 PM.
May    27-30    NCRG Annual Roundup. Dan Foley Park, Vallejo.            George Fontaine
                Registration available on
Jun    4        Mt. Brow Winery. Calling All Cars – Car Show &           Jim Costello
Jun    4        1st Annual Back Roads of Tuolumne County. Check          Bob Riede
                 in at Sheriff’s Possee Grounds 8-10am. Meet @ Mt.
                Brow at 11 – 2pm. Meet back at Possee Grounds at 4
                   PM for show of all cars and no-host bar. Dinner
                  served at 6pm. $20 per person. Limit first75 cars,
Aug    25            Annual club potluck picnic at Pinecrest Lake
Oct    27             Hard Times Potluck at Mt. Brow Winery              Jim Costello
Nov    25        Sonora Christmas Parade. Then we will go over to
                      the Pilington’s for fun and finger food.
Dec    8        Thursday -Christmas Banquet at Pine Tree

Activities and Tours:

Some Dates of Interest:
May 17 AMGEN - World’s Best PRO Bicyclists racing on Yosemite Ave in Oakdale. Be there or
be a race day volunteer. Info: 209-847-1581 Michael Brennan. You can park your car along the
racecourse. Be in place by 12:30 PM for the race going through the area around 2:15 PM.

May 19, June 16. Classic Car Cruise Nights (Thursday Nights 6-9 pm in Historic Downtown
Murphys. Sponsored by Murphys-Angels Lions Club. Bring your classic car and hang out to 50’s
music, raffles & local fun. Some shops & restaurants will be open. Free to All – Everyone
Welcome – info: (209) 728-9971.

June 11-12. June 11 Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee Parade. We need cars. See Ed Anderson. Need to
be there before 9:30 am.
June 12 Soap Box Derby Race in Tuolumne City.

June 25 Murphys, Ca. 4TH ANNUAL CLASSIC CAR SHOW (1975 & OLDER)
Hwy. 4 in historic Murphys – 9 to 3 pm Feeney Park. Sponsored by Black Oak Casino, Corona
Extra, Mike’s Pizza. $20, $25 after 6/11 reg. fee. Info: Terry Costa at (209) 728 9971. We will
meet @ 9 am at Columbia parking lot then caravan over to the Murphy’s car show at the park. We
will then go to Ironstone. No entry fee. Bring a picnic lunch.

-4-                                                                            5/9/2011
Apr. 2011                        VINTAGE                    VOICE
Some Dates of Interest: (CONTINUED)
July 2, 19th Annual Cannonball Run. Classic car, Vintage Motorcycle, & Hot Rod Show. Saturday-
Volcano, Ca. Breakfast served by the Volcano Masonic Lodge 108. Car entry fee: $30.00. Historical
plaquing, Independence Day Parade, Live Music, Raffle.
Info: email -

August 1-6 Northwest Regional Group Meet.
Hosted by Beaver Chapter. Wilsonville, Oregon. Refer to your MAFCA website for info or
www.beaverchapter.comb Info: www.2011nwrm@beaverchapter.comP. Celebrating 50 years.

August 20-21 Turlock Swap & Show. Open at 6:00 am. Stanislaus County Fairgrounds. Info: Ryan at
(209) 777-8107.

Sept. 11. Antique Auto Club Show – ‘History in the Park’ at San Jose’s Kelley Park. 10 – 4 pm.
Larry Sidmore has info.

Nov. 30 – Dec. 4. MAFCA National Banquet
Santa Rosa, Ca., hosted by the Sonoma A’s. info/reg. at . Contact: Steve Lewis,
PO Box 4052 , Santa Rosa, Ca. 95402. Ph: 707-829-9007.

1st Annual Back Roads of Tuolumne County Tour

-5-                                                                                  5/9/2011
Apr. 2011                       VINTAGE                    VOICE
Classified Section:
If you would like your ad in future newsletters, contact George Fontaine.
(209) 984-5797 with your info.
Wanted: 1931 Slant windshield. No projects. Jim Costello (209) 532-8491.

For Sale: 1929 Model A Speedster. Fresh restored chassis. Professionally rebuilt engine.
Painted orange, powder coated wheels, w/new tires/tubes, Rootlieb body. $8500. Comes with
speedster trailer. Dave (209) 533-0661. (note: or will sell body separately)

For Sale: 1929 CC Pick Up, ‘31 Coupe. Call for info: Bob Guimarin (209) 984-5138.
For Sale: Model A transmissions, distributors, cars, starters, alternators, rim/wheels, engines.
All kinds of model a parts. Cal for info: Bob Guimarin (209) 984-5138.
For sale: 1930 Ford hot rod speedster, radials - $12,000. 1940 Chev. Bus. Coupe ground up
restoration, radials - $19,500. 1938 Buick Special sedan, ground up restoration, radials -
$18,500. All are exceptional machines. Frank (209) 533-8824.

Sonora Slim’s               (not so technical)
1928 Manufactured: Ford                                    1929 Commercial: 140 tubes, 4 rows
Tubes: Round, ¼” diameter                                       slanted in line.
Number of tubes: 94 in 4 rows, staggered at 25 o
Number of fins: 117                                        1930-31 Commercial: 136 tubs, 4 rows
Cooling surface: 375 sq. inches                                 slanted in line.

1929 Manufacturers: Flintrock, Long, McCord
Tubes: Round, ¼” diameter
Number of tubes: Flintrock,100. 4 rows, alternate rows in line; McCord, 87, 5 rows, alternate
rows in line; Long, same as 1928 Ford.

1930-31 Manufacturer: Ford
Tube dimensions: 5/32 x ½” flat, angled 15”
Numn ber of tubes: 102. 3 rows in line
Number of fins: 132

-6-                                                                                 5/9/2011
  Apr. 2011   VINTAGE   VOICE

-7-                             5/9/2011
         Apr. 2011                    VINTAGE                   VOICE
                                         Refreshments listing for 2011
                           April 28      Marcia Bennett          Diane Grigg
                           May 26        Bob Taylor              Jackie Allen
                           June 23       Alice Riede             Judy Winters
                           July 28       Tbd-need a volunteer    tbd
                           Aug. 25       Pinecrest Picnic
                           Sept. 22      Ramona Widener          Carol Pilkington
                           Oct. 27       Hard Times Pot Luck     At Mt. Brow
                           Nov. 25       Christmas Parade        After @ Pilkingon’s
                           Dec. 8        Installation Dinner     @ Pine Tree Rest.

         Remember to bring your canned foods for the folks that need them. Pat Campbell will be
         collecting your cans at each meeting.

                                 Next Meeting:       Thursday May 26

Sonora A’s
Model A Ford Club
P.O. Box 382
Sonora, CA 95370

         FIRST CLASS
         -8-                                                                           5/9/2011

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