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        <p>1 out of 15 people in America suffer from Bipolar Disorder. As
you probably already know, Bipolar Disorder has two forms, two states,
Manic and Depression. Some of the people have only 1 form of the illness
while others have full blown condition. People with Bipolar Disorder
experience periods of mania and depression, mood swings, which may occur
several times a day or 1ce in several weeks, all depends on how the
illness is progressing. Out of these two states of the Bipolar Disorder,
depression state has more severe symptoms and it is considered to be more
dangerous, since in this state people may experience suicidal thoughts
and if left untreated and without attention it can end badly.</p>
<p>In the past, teen age was considered to be age that most often had to
deal with Bipolar Disorder, but past several years, too many younger
people as well as older have been diagnosed with this illness. Also, it's
a fact that many people who have been experiencing Bipolar Disorder
symptoms, didn't know they had this illness and they didn't seek help
soon as possible. Unless Bipolar Disorder Symptoms are treated early, it
becomes difficult to deal with, but if caught early and treated early,
even though it cannot be cured, Symptoms can be managed so people can
live without worrying about disease.</p>
<p>When it comes to treatment for this illness, it may be difficult to
find and also very expensive. Dealing with depression state is especially
troublesome. Also, some individuals stop taking medication once they feel
a little better and they think meds are no longer required, which is a
big mistake, curing this condition is not yet possible and all the
treatments are aimed to ease the Bipolar Disorder Symptoms only. So the
ones to stick to the treatments, they do well. Once the person is off the
medications or other kind of treatment, things start getting worse.</p>
<p>If you have any reason to believe that you or people around you are
exhibiting symptoms, it's important to consult with the doctor as soon as
possible, this can pretty much save the life of the person.</p>

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