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					Richard G. Hughes                                                                                                            RESUME'


Pfizer, Inc. (July,1996 to March, 2004)

Director, European Financial Shared Services (EFSS),
         Head of Program Office, Dublin, Ireland

I was heavily involved in the day-to-day planning, coordination and execution of operations on a large financial
project charged with consolidating the financial operations of 19 European countries into a central shared
services operation. My responsibilities were to assure that the project was not impeded by operational issues
and indeed that the plans and processes were enhanced by the efforts of my team. Plan tracking and
monitoring, including resource planning and business case development and tracking, facility selection, fit out
and management, executive and operational support and interface with the future steady state operation.

I worked with vendors management and suppliers to assure that Pfizer received value for cost.
Director, Clinical Research informatics (CRi),
            World-Wide Head Business Operations, and concurrently
            Site Head, New York

Following the merger with Warner-Lambert, I was heavily involved with bringing together the business
operations and financial processes of CRi. As part of this position I was involved in the Pfizer Global Research
and Development Informatics (PGRDi) 2002 budget development as well as the CRi budget development. I led
the Portfolio Management Council where we consolidated, eliminated or reworked 27 projects into 7, resulting in
a saving of approximately $26 million and a provided a major influence in the planning for PGRDi business
operations processes. At the same time I assumed leadership of the New York site. We consolidated the
workload such that the New York portion of the former CCRS is now a self-sustaining and locally managed
organization that continues to deliver applications and support. This was been accomplished while contending
with a high number of management transfers and terminations.
Director, Corporate Clinical and Regulatory Systems (CCRS),
            Operations and Business Support

During the first two years of my employment at Pfizer, CCRS was in the position of implementing global
applications for clinical trials patient and safety data with little or no budget constraints. After putting a technical
development structure in place and at the direction of corporate management we were told to "make CCRS a
corporate division". I led implementation of various business processes (“budget and spend tracking”, ”division
policies”, ”internal support services”, ”resources and capital equipment acquisition”). We placed a full circle,
divisional finance and administration function into production.
Director, Corporate Clinical and Regulatory Systems (CCRS),
            Applications Development

I joined Pfizer after working as a consultant and helping to define an organizational structure capable of
delivering software products needed by the user community. Responsible for all CCRS Applications developed
or acquired (Oracle Clinical, EventNet, AEM, CTM and ten others). Led a staff of approximately 100 employees
and consultants. Worked with multiple locations and line organizations. I was responsible for 1998 rollout of
both Oracle Clinical as well as the continued availability of all production applications (PfizerClin, CTM, AEM and
other peripheral applications).
Richard G. Hughes                                                                                                           RESUME'

Analyst International Corporation (August, 1978 thru June,1996)
[from July, 1981 I had my own company (Anasazi Solutions, Inc.) and sub-contracted work from AiC]

Pfizer, Inc. (December 1993 to June,1996)

Project Manager for the Hermes Group. I assumed responsibility for delivery of the Adverse Event Monitoring
application that was severely behind schedule, and was costing the company approximately $1 million per
month to maintain the legacy system being replaced. I established management control, and managed the
project to completion. The project was to implement a Safety Data Management application (AEM) for internal
use and for regulatory reporting to worldwide drug approval agencies (i.e. FDA) with rollout to three major global
sites, multiple individual User locations and two remote out-sourced locations. Post implementation installation
of the application to Japan was accomplished.

My next assignment was to investigate three major areas of business to be supported within the client
organization (Patient Data, Safety Data and Clinical Trials Management) for planning of User support and
application availability.

The range of skills required covered personnel management, executive interface and budgets, application
design, programming analysis, hardware capacity planning and operational installation.
IBM Rochester, MN (January 1988 thru November 1993)                                  Site Manager of a very large client assignment
(started at 120 and grew to 235 people and 35 purchase orders covering 10 client departments). Client
assignments consisted of total responsibility for field support of on-going products and shared development
responsibility for new and unannounced products. I was responsible for all phases of staff and technical
management, including customer interface, planning and reporting. Responsible for training staff for future
project manager roles. Assumed duties after the client had expressed displeasure with the management in
place and was on the verge of removing AIC as a vendor. A direct quote from the client management is "we did
not think the situation recoverable. Implemented management techniques (including a complete set of Site
Management procedures) and achieved results which were impressive to the clients fifth level management.
The clients' management acknowledged this by presenting AIC with four quality awards in five years and three
project awards. One year to the day after assuming management of this site, AIC received the first plaque
acknowledging its "Quality and Timeliness in performance". My budget responsibility was $12 - 15 million per
year with revenues of $15 - 19 million per year. In addition to the AIC budget, I was also responsible for a
30,000 square foot facility provided to AIC by the client and three separate computer facilities with approximately
ninety S/36 and AS/400 systems. The hardware frequently included developmental, unannounced products.
IBM Clear Lake, TX (June 1987 thru December 1987)                                Project manager of a 23 person task to develop a
software product for the client of a major computer manufacturer. I was responsible for all phases of staff and
technical management, including customer interface, planning and reporting. Assumed duties on the project
after the client's faith in AIC's ability to manage and deliver had deteriorated and turned the situation around both
in actuality and precepts. Implemented project management methods and achieved results satisfactory and
impressive to the client third line management.
SPS Technologies - (August 1982 thru June 1987) I was responsible for the creation of computer/hardware
inputs to several government and commercial request for proposal responses. The potential contracts ranged
from $5 to $62 million with hardware/software portions ranging from $1.9 to $13 million. The win rate was five
out of eight with one bid canceled and one bid not submitted due to size (too large for SPS). I was responsible
for development of methodologies for the development of large applications. Development of work plans,
resource level and assignment plans, and User acceptance and implementation schedule planning. This
included development of Project Development Guidelines and Documentation Standards. Participated in
development of the U, S, Navy ASKARS (Automated Storage, Kitting And Retrieval System) automated
warehousing software project. Completed installation and acceptance of ASKARS at the NAS Alameda and at
the NAS Pensacola. Responsibility included ground clearing through complete construction, high-density storage
rack and access installation and acceptance testing and sign-off. The number of persons managed ranged from
0 to 27; the largest budget was $11 million. These efforts were on a contract basis, continuously from August
1982 through June 1987.
Richard G. Hughes                                                                                                                RESUME'

Branch Manager Dallas, TX - (August,1978 thru July,1982)                               I was tasked with opening the branch office in
the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. This company provides custom software services through contract
programmers. The office staff was built to 12 people on multiple contracts. I was totally accountable for sales,
recruiting and technical functions.

Personally involved in projects for:

Braniff Airlines Flight Information Display System             I led the complete design from concept to program
specification of a system for controlling the display of flight information at a major airport for a major air carrier.
This design recommended the system hardware and included interface with the airlines mainframe computer
and an interface to the airports mainframe for interline communications.

Arlen Development - Environmental Control System           I designed and implemented analog enhancements
to an existing digital system. Enhancements included analog to analog and analog to digital interfacing with dead
band and start/stop range capability, positioning of step devices through direct or computed requests, and
multiple device control decisions. Report enhancements included device reading by individual request, by family,
or by unrelated groups. Reporting was enhanced to provide reports on request (one time) or on a cyclical basis
(regular intervals for a specific number of cycles).

Sun Gas - Revenue Accounting Project         I was Project Leader on a substantial client contract. The project
was staffed at seven and consisted of the conceptual design of a major application in the oil and gas industry.
Study and analysis of the ways and means of revenues within a major oil company. Conceptual design of
improved methods for this accounting, including analysis, design, cost estimating, benefit analysis, and final

Sun Gas - Gas Volume Accounting Project I led the complete design from concept to program specification
of a system for allocating gas volumes from sales points to wellhead by well owner/sales contract, including all
uses of gas and gas lift. This system makes allowance for contractual sales that are fixed, variable, entered, or
changed during the month, etc.

University Computing Company (June,1973 thru August,1978)

Manager, Management Information and Accounting Group                      I was personally involved in the study,
analysis, design, and implementation of a full-line relational database. This database included multiple database
access, command language, inquiry language, programming language interface, and database manipulation
utilities. Due to the design and some unique hardware qualities, a number of accesses to record retrieval ratio
of less than one (average) was achieved. The design used dynamic core expansion and bit map arrays for
greater efficiency. I was responsible for the design, implementation and management of a company-wide (four
divisions) Management Information and Accounting System. Responsible for the design and implementation of
accounting for new product lines. Responsible for the actual billing ($1.7 million per month) process from raw
data through journal entry. Reduced the billing cycle from 18 days to 4 days from end of billing period to the
mailing of invoices.

District Manager        I held P and L responsibility for the sales district covering the southern half of Texas.
Fifteen employees, including sales, technical, operations and administrative personnel. Revenue increased from
$90 to $160 thousand per month. Profit increased to $95 thousand per month through increased sales, reduced
cost and attention to collection

Assistant Regional Manager                        I did technical evaluations of the national support staff. Wrote the 1975
business plans and objectives. Performed staff functions which required reorganization of the regional reporting
structure and initiation of division level statistics and business analysis formats and plans.
Richard G. Hughes                                                                                                                RESUME'

Utility Network of America (April, 1972 thru June, 1973)

Manager of Customer Services

 I was responsible for the conversion of an educational institutions' Data Processing department to a unit which
would service both the educational environment and the outside services marketplace. Responsibility included
Systems and Software and Educational Liaison.
University Computing Company (June,1969 thru April, 1972)

Manager of Operations

 I led the combining of four operating divisions into one consolidated operation. These divisions included
University Computing Company, Data Link, Computer Technology, and Keystone Computing.
General Dynamics - Kearny Mesa (March, 1965 thru April, 1967)

I developed a program for automatic selection of a firing window and the test firing of a highly toxic missile

Palomar Mortgage Company (March, 1964 thru February, 1965 - Staff programmer

General Dynamics - Convair (August, 1956 thru February, 1964) - Engineering Assistant, Programmer

EDUCATION:               AA degree (math/Russian) - San Diego Mesa College
                                    1 1/2 years additional college (computer science, business)
                         Ethnotech (total immersion, innovative solutions course)
                         Wilson Learning Series (Managing Interpersonal Relations) - Management Series
                         American Management Association (Project Management) - various management seminars
                         Center for Creative Learning
                         Pfizer management training sessions

PERSONAL:               married 45 years, two married daughters, good health,
                        active and enthusiastic. private pilot, SCUBA/Nitrox diver