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					A Publication of the Hillsboro R-3 School District                                                                      2006-2007 School Year

                     THE MESSENGER
                    Our school and community will educate and inspire our students through exceptional learning opportunities.                  Summer, 2006

                                                   Making Hillsboro R-3 School District a Source of Community Pride!

                                      The 2006-07 school year is about to begin. We can’t wait and we will be ready!

                               Although students have been away from our buildings, there has been no shortage of work this summer.
                               Principals have been hiring staff, finishing students’ schedules, and planning activities to improve curriculum,
          instruction and student learning. The District has been cleaning, painting, repairing, replacing, upgrading and generally improving
          every campus in the District. When you return this fall, I guarantee you will be very pleased with the improvements.

          All of last year, we focused heavily on planning. We started planning for expected growth in the community and for the changing
          academic needs of our students. We will continue to plan but, this year, it is also time to begin putting plans into action.

          So what can you expect this year? Academically, teachers will refine their instructional focus. They will target those things that are
          absolutely essential for students to know and will dedicate whatever time is necessary to ensure that students learn these essential
          things. The District will also continue to care for the facilities that you, as taxpayers, have provided for our students. Maintenance
          and repair work that was deferred in past years will be completed this year. We will remodel and renovate the Elementary building
          during the summer of 2007. An Alternative School building will be constructed (budget permitting) that will address the special
          requirements of some of our Jr. High and High School students. Finally, athletic facilities will be greatly improved, will be safer for
          our students, will be better utilized for school-day activities (not just athletics) and will be a source of great pride for the community.

          In summary, we’re implementing our plans and we’re making new plans. We want Hillsboro R-3 School District to be the
          best school district that you, as parents and taxpayers, could hope for. We will accomplish this by providing the best staff, the
          best resources, the best facilities and the best education then work tirelessly to ensure that students take advantage of this great
          opportunity. We want you and our students to be proud to tell everyone that your district is the Hillsboro R-3 School District!

                                           CONSTRUCTION ON NEW ATHLETIC FACILITY

                          Surrogate Parent Program
The State Board of Education is required to appoint a surrogate parent at such time
as it becomes evident that a child with a disability does not have a parent or a per-    For additional school news, please check out
son acting as a parent to participate in matters dealing with the provision of special
education. For purposes of surrogate parent appointment, “parent” is defined as a                    the district website at:
biological parent, a guardian, or a person acting as a parent of a child including,      
but not limited to, a grandparent, a step parent, or a foster parent with whom the
child lives. The term does not include the State if the child is a ward of the State.
The term does not include a person whose parental rights have been terminated.

The Hillsboro R-3 School District is given the responsibility to determine when
a child with a disability who requires special education and who resides in the
                                                                                                  Hillsboro R-3 School District
district is without a parent. The district must notify the Missouri Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education of the need to appoint a surrogate parent.
                                                                                                         20 Hawk Drive
Training for persons serving as surrogate parents will be provided by the Missouri
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the district.
                                                                                                       Hillsboro MO 63050
If you are interested in volunteering to serve as a surrogate parent, more informa-
                                                                                                  636-789-0000 / 636-797-2212
tion can be obtained from the district’s surrogate parent contact person - the person
responsible for the district’s special education program.
                           TRANSPORTATION NEWS

          Hillsboro R-3 Buses to be Scheduled using Computerized Routing System
A very powerful computerized routing, scheduling, and student locator program, VersaTrans, will be used to
design and route Hillsboro R-3 School District buses beginning this year. Student and District facility data,
addresses, and locations, and GPS mapping systems have been uploaded, and the first versions of the routes
will be generated towards the last week of July.

The VersaTrans program was specifically designed for the student transportation industry, and is being widely
used by many school districts in the nation, including Festus R-6 District, in St. Louis County’s Parkway
School District, and others. The system is designed to maximize the efficiency of pupil transportation system
routes and schedules, the conservation of fuel, and the best use of buses within the parameters of the District’s
policies and guidelines.

         ...........BUS ROUTES COMING SOON...........
 When completed, the Hillsboro R-3 bus routes will be posted in each of the buildings and at
 the administration building. You may also find the bus routes on the District’s website at In addition to the routes, the website will also contain Student
 Bus Conduct Rules, Transportation Department contact numbers, and other pertinent
 information related to the District’s student transportation system.

                          NEWS FROM THE CAFETERIA
                   Breakfast and lunch prices will remain the same as last year.

                                    Breakfast - Lunch Prices for 2006-2007
                                        Type                Breakfast           Lunch
                             K-6                           $   1.00         $     1.50
                             7-12                          $   1.00         $     1.75
                             H.S. Super Meal                                $     2.25
                             Milk                          $   0.30         $     0.30
                             Adult                         $   1.00         $     2.25

The Hillsboro Messenger                                   Page 2                                       Summer, 2006
                                                 Kindergarten - 6th Grade
                                                    August 1 & 2, 2006
                                     9:00 a.m. to Noon and from 1:00 p.m. to :00 p.m.
            Please bring original birth certificate, social security card, a copy of student’s current immunization record and
          proof of residency in the Hillsboro School District (i.e. rent receipt, sales contract, electric bill). If student receives
                             Special Services, paperwork pertaining to that needs to be brought in as well.

                                                       Junior High
                                                     August 11, 2006
                                     8:00 a.m. to Noon and from 1:00 p.m. to :00 p.m.
  If your student has at one time attended school in the Hillsboro School District, but was not currently enrolled in the 2005-2006
  School Year, they are considered a “new” student and MUST attend on this date, as well as those students new to the district.
  Parents are required to bring a copy of the student’s current immunization record and proof of residency (i.e. rent receipt, sales
  contract, electric bill). These two documents are required. Your student cannot be enrolled without them. If student receives Special
                                    Services, paperwork pertaining to that needs to be brought in as well.

                                                            Senior High
                                                         August  - 11, 2006
                                                        By Appointment Only
  Please call 636-789-0000 ext 1006 to schedule an appointment. New students must bring transcripts from last school attended,
  proof of residency, and current shot records. If student receives Special Services, paperwork pertaining to that needs to be
  brought in as well. Available appointment times for new students are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Please Note: All students who attended Hillsboro last year will still need to enroll at the Junior High and Senior High on the dates listed
below. Students will receive their class schedules and locker assignments at this time.

                                                              JUNIOR HIGH

August 8 - 7th Grade                1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
August 10 - 8th Grade               1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Hillsboro JH School will be conducting 7th grade registration on August 8th from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The registration will be
held at the Junior High School. All incoming 7th grade students that were currently enrolled in the Hillsboro R-3 School District at
the end of the 2005/2006 school year must attend this registration with parents/guardian. Schedules and locker assignments will be
handed out. Paperwork will need to be updated as well.

8th grade registration will be held on August 10th at the Junior High School from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. All incoming 8th grade students
that were currently enrolled in the Hillsboro School District at the end of 2005/2006 school year must attend this registration with
parents/guardian. Schedules and locker assignments will be given. Paperwork will need to be updated as well.

                                                              SENIOR HIGH

August 7 - Seniors                  8:00 a.m to Noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

August 8 - Juniors                  8:00 a.m to Noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

August 9 - Sophomores               8:00 a.m to Noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

August 10 - Freshmen                8:00 a.m to Noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                           Page                                                       Summer, 2006
                                                   STUDENT SUPPLY LIST
These are basic items. Teachers may ask for additional items as needed.

backpack - large enought to hold a folder            1 pencil box
3-ringed binder - inch thick                         child size Fiskar scissors
15 glue sticks                                       12 regular lead yellow pencils
4 boxes (24 count) Crayola crayons                   2 rolls of paper towels
1 box of tissues                                     Crayola watercolors (1 pack of 8 colors)
3 pink erasers                                       dry erase markers
2 bottles of liquid Elmer’s School Glue              bottle of hand sanitizer
4 tennis balls                                       white T-shirt (a size larger than what your child wears now)
1 rest mat (these are PLASTIC with red on one side, blue on the other - can be found at Wal-Mart)
*Individual teachers may request additional items

1 pack of pencils                                    2 bottles of glue or glue sticks
1 book bag (no trapper keepers)                      1 pencil box (8x5)
1 spiral notebook                                    1 pair of children’s scissors
24 pack of crayons                                   erasers
2 folders (not binders)                              wet wipes
1 box of Kleenex                                     1 roll of paper towels
money for math: 20 pennies, 8 nickels, 10 dimes, 2 quarters
(money will be returned at the end of the year.)

24 regular “yellow” pencils                             Fiskar scissors
eraser                                                  ruler w/ centimeters & inches (transparent)
2 packs of Crayola crayons (24 pack)                    2 glue sticks
pencil box (small)                                      2 Elmer’s liquid glue
1 pkg. washable markers                                 2 large boxes of tissues
3 spiral notebooks                                      1 roll of paper towels
backpack and folder                                     1 box of quart or gallon size ziplock bags
2 large containers of baby wipes
1 pkg. of three white T-shirts (large child’s or small men’s)

#2 lead pencils                                         red grading pen
colored pencils                                         water-based markers
4 spiral notebooks                                      loose-leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)
scissors (pointed tips are fine)                        ruler (standard and metric)
back pack or book bag                                   2 boxes of tissues
1 roll paper towels                                     4 folders (3 pronged w/ two pockets)
zippered pencil bags (These will be used to store pencils, erasers and other supplies.)
Donations of tennis balls, pencils, loose-leaf paper, and dry erase markers would be appreciated by your child’s classroom teacher.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING TRAPPER KEEPERS or ART/PENCIL BOXES. (The students do not have room for them in their desks)

lead pencils—2 pencils at all times                    wide ruled white filler paper (approximately 100 sheets per month)
blue/black writing pens—ball point                     scissors - adult size
red pen—ball point or felt tip                         colored pencils for map work
glue                                                   extra eraser
rulers (12 inch) inches & centimeters                  facial tissues (2 boxes)
highlighter marker—any color                           Crayons or colored markers
calculator (4 function—inexpensive)                    pocket folders (6)
1 roll of paper towels (for science experiments)


PLEASE NOTE: Individual teachers may require spiral notebooks, folders with pockets, dry erase markers, T-shirts for tie dying, baby wipes or other items not specified above.
They will have this information available for parents and students at open house or during the first few days of school. It is important that your child have these supplies through-
out the year and not just the first days of school. It is a good idea to buy extra paper, pencils, etc. during the “Back to School” sales and save them to replenish supplies during the
year. Remember to check with your child periodically to see if he/she is in need of any supplies.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                      Page                                                                   Summer, 2006
                                       OPEN HOUSE INFORMATION
                                                                  PRIMARY BUILDING
                                                                    OPEN HOUSE

                                  Kindergarten Open House Schedule August 14, 2006 Starting at 6:00 p.m.
                     General Meeting               In Classroom with Teachers             In Classroom with Teachers                  General Meeting
                   6:00 p.m. in the Gym                  6:30 - 7:30 p.m.                       6:00 - 7:00 p.m.                    7:05 p.m. in the Gym
                            A - Wing                         A - Wing                                 B - Wing                           B - Wing

        Mrs. Sutterer (Kremer)                Mrs. Sutterer (Kremer)                Mrs. Fishback                      Mrs. Fishback

        Mrs. Tlapek (Kampwerth)               Mrs. Tlapek (Kampwerth)               Ms. Johnston                       Ms. Johnston

        Mrs. King (Burke)                     Mrs. King (Burke)                     Mrs. Baker                         Mrs. Baker

        Mrs. Thomeczek                        Mrs. Thomeczek                        Mrs. Armbruster                    Mrs. Armbruster

        Ms. Moss                              Ms. Moss                              Mrs. Day                           Mrs. Day

        Mrs. Charles                          Mrs. Charles                          Mrs. Lehman (Petry)                Mrs. Lehman (Petry)

                                           First and Second Grade Open House will be
                                  Tuesday, August 15, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Primary School.

                                               BACK TO SCHOOL
                                                             ELEMENTARY BUILDING
                                                                  OPEN HOUSE
                                                             Tuesday, August 15, 2006
                                                               5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

                                                          INTERMEDIATE BUILDING
                                                                OPEN HOUSE
                                                           Tuesday, August 15, 2006
                                                             5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

                                                              JR. HIGH BUILDING
                                                                 OPEN HOUSE
                                                             Monday, August 14, 2006
                                                              6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

                                                              SR. HIGH BUILDING
                                                                 OPEN HOUSE
                                                             Monday, August 14, 2006
                                                              6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                         Page                                                                      Summer, 2006
                                       PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWS
                                                                During the week of April 24-28, the Hillsboro Primary Building collected 1,856 cans to
                                                                assist in the restocking of the Hillsboro Food Pantry. According to Jane Dubois, President
      Primary Students Help Food Pantry
                                                                of the Food Pantry, the pantry’s supply has been significantly depleted due to the in-
                                                                creased needs of the Hillsboro area families requiring assistance. This is the second effort
                                                                during the 2005-2006 school year made by the Hillsboro Primary students, parents, and
                                                                teachers. In December of 2005, the guidance department consisting of Tammie Riddle,
                                                                Tracy Becker, and Mona Hunt sponsored a penny drive to benefit the food pantry. Ac-
                                                                cording to Hunt, the students, parents, and teachers are always extremely generous when
                                                                asked to lend a helping hand. Mr Paul Suchland, Primary Principal and Mrs. Callista
                                                                Kostine, Assistant Principal will continue to support a yearly penny drive and a fall/spring
                                                                canned food drive to assist the local pantry.

                                                                Dubois and the food pantry board, welcome the assistance. Feel free to contact Jane Du-
                                                                bois at (636) 789-5920 if you would like to make a monetary donation or volunteer your
                                                                time and energy.

                                                MASTODON ART & SCIENCE FAIR

                                                                        Hillsboro Second Grade Student Cassidy Frank      First Grader Courtney Galczynski’s artwork
                                                                        received a trophy for the 1st and 2nd Grade       was chosen to be part of a traveling
                                                                        Division in the Mastodon Art and Science Fair     Mastodon Art/Science Fair Exhibit.

      Left to Right
      Emmie Shropshire, Ashleigh Wick, Blaine Gravagna, Jennifer

      Not pictured: Connor Davis, Sarah Russell, Rachel Fink,
      Matthew Shrum

                                                                         Second Grade students from Hillsboro Primary School participated in the 2006 Annual Mastodon
                                                                         Art and Science Fair.
                                                                         Left to Right
                                                                         Back Row: Mitchell Cain, Mallory Goforth, Dalen Sloan, Sam Mock, Leetha Perry, Israel
 First Grade Students from Hillsboro Primary participated in the 2006    Ringling, Logan Pryor, Dylan Enders, Colin Rumpsa, Chloe Spencer, Austin Beaver
 Annual Mastodon Art and Science Fair
 Garrett Higginbottom, Andrea Werner, Skyla Thompson, Dustin Sauter,     Middle Row: Makena Moss, Michelle Campbell, Lauren Besch, Lauren Kinsey,Autumn
 Jasmine Miller, Annaleigh Kimes, Tyler Cash, Haley Damkroger, Seth      DeRousse, Amber DeRousse, Bailey Payne, Kelli Ketcherside, Aidan Adkirson,
 Fischer                                                                 Madison Kositzke
 Kaitlyn Fromm, Emily Van Deven, Andreanna Cacioppo, Courtney
 Galczynski, Aaron Koenig                                                Front Row: Drake Hollingsworth, Claire Reed, Tasha Storandt, Cassidy Frank, Andrew
                                                                         McPherson, Beau Vogelpohl
 Not pictured: Logan Craft, Jonathan Pereboom
                                                                         Not pictured: Andrew Cox, Mickayla Jackson, Clayton Vassalli, Payton Wondell, Austin Leonard

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                            Page 6                                                            Summer, 2006
                             ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NEWS
                      Third Grade Spelling Bee Winners:
                                                                                            ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL
  1st Place: Michelle Reed     2nd Place: Alyssa White                                         TONY DUFFNER
                                                         3rd Place: Nicholas White

                     Fourth Grade Spelling Bee Winners:

  1st Place: Keri Boyer      2nd Place: Ashley Maynard   3rd Place: Chris Loveless

                                                                                       Jackie Marz-Kocurek will be the
                                                                                        new principal at the Elementary.
                                                                                              Mrs. Marz-Kocurek.

                                Congratulations to
                                 Marilyn Thebeau
                               who has retired after
                             dedicating 27 years to the
                          Hillsboro R-III School District.
                          Mrs. Thebeau taught 3rd grade.

                                                                             FOURTH GRADE MATH-A-THON PARTICIPANTS
                                           Students and staff had a good time hula hooping to the
                                                Beach Boys and eating BBQ outside at the
                                                    Elementary on Track and Field Day.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                        Page                                          Summer, 2006
Principal’s Honor Roll    Courtney White         Sam Linnenkamp         Courtney Stark
Straight A’s              Gabrielle Williams     Adam Loveland          Michael Steighorst
Grade 6                                          Emily Martin           Sierra Thompson
                                                 Hayden McAnally        Skylar Thompson
Heidi Ames                A Average Honor Roll   Sarah McAtee           Zayne Tindall
Deanna Davis              6th Grade              Jessica McClanahan     Elizabeth Troxel
Jason Dobbins                                    Megan McLaughlin       Courtney Ubben
Nicholas French           Emilie Arl             Melonie Merritt        Nathan Walsh
 Danielle Gallion         Rachel Arnold          Stephen Michaelis      Rachel Watson
Ida Haefner               Katerina Aslan         Josh Moeller           Megan Weddington
CJ Herman                 Kody Binning-Hritz     Jacob Moore            Matt Whitehead
Haley Ide                 Rachel Brady           Kaleb Price            Daniele Wiley
Carlie Isermann           Abbie Breihan          Austin Reeves          Austin Willson
Morgan Johnson            Breanna Ehlen          Andrew Reed
Rosemarie Jones           Hanna Ethier           William Richard
Abbey Kestermont          Hayley Gaertner        Tyle Roland
Ryan Kildea               Tara Gallagher         Carlynn Schoenky       B Average Honor Roll
Leann Krieger             Kourtney Gibbar        Eden Shurtz            Grade 5
Maranda Lampe             Rebecca Goben          Kelsey Smith
Jason Lee                 Kyle Govreau           Ashton Taylor          Kyli Allensworth
Shannon Leftridge         Bailea Hogan           Kim Troxel             Matt Brock
Alicia Litviak            Josh Howcroft          Marie Vail             Haley Bunch
Erik Maynard              Tiffany Kelsheimer     Levi Varney            Connor Callahan
Logan Muzzey              Jennifer Kempa         Brooke Wakeland        Jonathon Christopher
Kara Pochon               Justin Kozel           Nicholas Webster       Ashley Culp
Devin Price               Alicia Lammert         Abigail Wehlermann     Matt Dixon
Cassie Richter            Alex McKee             Tyler Welker           Kyle Dowdy
Lindsey Roth              Grace Melton           Shelby Wilfong         Abigayle Emily
Connor Scott              Brandon Millick        Emily Wolfmeier        Zach Epple
Schaeffer Scott           Darren Nappier         Cole Wyatt             Austin Fanger
Alexis Stephens           Alexis Nash                                   Aaron Feeley
Rachel Stinson            Adam Newland           B Average Honor Roll   Sondra Feldbusch
Katherine Strawhun        Lauren Nuckols         Grade 6                Laura Finke
Madeline Taylor           Jack Penning                                  Maura Flaherty
Mikala Torrence           Katie Jo Pochon        Adam Adkirson          Ciara Frazier
Courtney Wagner           Morgan Rapien          Cole Agers             Clayton Green
Brittney Walsh            Heather Rotter         Katherine Akin         Devin Hall
Jacob Watts               Austin Skaggs          Josh Alexander         Drew Harring
                          Andrea Statler         Lauren Arnold          Katelynn Harris
Principal’s Honor Roll    Bethany Warren         William Astroth        Lucas Heard
Straight A’s              Alex Winkler           Briana Barber          Maitland Heffron
Grade 5                                          Ryan Battles           Heather Hill
                                                 Anthony Boeger         Sara Hill
Danielle Aggers           A Average Honor Roll   Ryan Breakfield        Gabrielle Huber
Jacob Beardslee           5th Grade              Emily Bubulka          Emily Kaestner
Taylor Bridges                                   Zach Caldwell          Stephen Kernan
Jacob Brooks              Zach Alley             Abby Cook              Lucas May
Amanda Darby              Kendall Basham         Mackenzie Compton      Jerrod Money
Ashley Dolan              Allison Becker         Austin Damkroger       Ashley Newland
Jordan Fanger             Alexandria Benson      Ryan Deckard           Daisy Nieters
Sam Friederich            Jaden Bentley          Nathan Dempsey         Kaylee Orchard
Danielle Frolos           Dalton Brame           Courtney Draper        Jacob Owensby
Timothy Gerlach           Tana Brewer            Emily Fears            Amber Parris
Justin Horn               Kyler Campbell         Matt Gardiner          Jessy Pinkley
Bethany Jansen            Alexis Churchill       Halie Glass            Kayla Pinkley
Shannon Justus            Michelle Cook          Spring Goodson         Brad Puryear
John Kempa                Silvia Croft           Codi Hable             Travis Richardson
Andrew Kent               Zach Crump             Travis Hanna           Connor Schmitt
Rebekah Lowen             Alexandria Davis       Douglas Harlow         Andrew Schnurbusch
Matt Maxwell              Brittney Day           Joanna Hill            Mychaela Shulack
Derek Mohart              Madison Deranja        Alyssa Jordan          Colton Smith
Matt Moore                Trissa Douthitt        Joshua Kelam           Siera Swanson
Victoria Newfield         Tianna Duran           Cody Killian           Zoe Tajkowski
Madison Norris            Jacob Flitcher         Nathaniel Kimes        Colton Taylor
Savannah peters           Josh Gratton           Garrett Koen           Thomas Tovar
Cayla Rice                Zackary Harris         Sarah Kley             Morgan Truax
Braydon Scott             Cody Harrison          Walter Lindsey         Dylan Urban
Madeline Scrivner         Zach Harrison          Paxtyn Lotz            Cayla Wake
Justin Smith              Taylor Hassell         Taylor Melton          Dustin Wiolfong
Megan Steighorst          Delbert Henson         Kelsey Menke           Olivia Ziegler
Sam Swearson              Kayla Howard           Sam Miller
Jacob Thebeau             Collin Ijames          Michaela Myers
Kendra Toler              Megan Jackson          Jonathan Niemeyer
Stephanie Turnipseed      Micah John             Kelsie O’Toole
Jordan Vining-Farris      Kaitlyn Johnson        Joel Pashia
Daniel Virga              Samantha Johnston      Kayla Schroeter
Devon Walker              Deen Kelley            Cody Schwartz
Cassandra Ward            Shelby Leeker          Meaghan Simmons
Harrison Weber            Victoria Liebsch       Tyler Spindler

The Hillsboro Messenger                          Page 8                                        Summer, 2006
                               INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL NEWS
                                                Intermediate Citizenship Awards 2005-2006
Twenty-two 5th and 6th grade students earned the Intermediate Citizenship Award and received recognition at the end of school Awards Assemblies held on May 25, 2006.
In order to earn this award, students must serve a minimum of 8 hours of community service outside of school hours, have good conduct with no suspensions from the bus or
school, and score a minimum of 42 points on additional performance criteria. That additional criteria includes items such as peer tutoring, making the Honor Roll and participating
in Scouts, 4-H or other youth organizations. Congratulations to the following Intermediate students: Trevor Hollock, Gabrielle Huber, Ashley Newland, Daisy Nieters, Jordan
Vining-Farris, Tyler Welker, Olivia Ziegler, Jason Dobbins, Breanna Ehlen, Rebecca Goben, Kylie Govreau, Joanna Hill, Morgan Johnson, Rosemarie Jones, Maranda Lampe,
Alex McKee, Logan Muzzey, Cassandra Richter, Connor Scott, Shannon Skaggs, Rachel Tinson and Madeline Taylor.
                                                                    5TH Grade Spelling Bee
The Intermediate Building held it’s 5th Grade Spelling Bee on May 2, 2006. Each of the eleven 5th grade classes chose 2 students to represent them in the Spelling Bee.
Congratulations to Spelling Champ, Tim Gerlach from Mrs. Muzzey’s class and runner-up, Victoria Newfield from Mrs. Tindall’s class. We are very proud of these two students as
well as the other participants: Kayla Howard, Justin Treacy, Connor Schmitt, Jarad Sheppard, Stephanie Turnipseed, Devon Walker, Levi Varney, Rebekah Lowen, Colton Smith,
Stephen Kernan, Taylor Hassell, Matt Moore, Alex Kennedy, Carly Schoenky, Derek Mohart, Jake Brooks, Tomas Tovar, Ciara Frazier, Zach Epple and Kyle Buchhols.

                           Hillsboro Intermediate                                                                       Hillsboro Intermediate
                           Hard Working Hawks                                                                           Citizens of the Month
                               February, 2006                                                                               February, 2006
  Jaden Bentley, Michelle Lodes, Jacob Fletcher, Levi Varney, Dalton Brame,                   Tyler Crutchfield, Taylor Coleman, Josh Alexander, Zackary Harris, Justin Treacy,
  Colton Smith, Gage Bentley, Josh Pippin, Michael Steighorst, Hayle Secrease,                Matt Maxwell, Travis Richardson, Kendall Basham, Kelsey Menke, Bailea
  Jessica McClanahan, Ashley Culp, Katie Aslan, Spring Goodson, Tiffany                       Hogan, Alexis Price, Shelby Wilfong, Ciara Frazier, Lee Drinnin, Charles Gray,
  Kelsheimer, Sarah Kley, Erik Maynard, Cheryl Orlando, Heather Hill, Carlie                  Breanna Ehlen, Josh Ketchum, Steven Mayher, Megan Steighorst, Walter Lindsey,
  Isermann, Collin Ijames.                                                                    Danielle Aggers.

                            Hard Working Hawks                                                                           Citizens of the Month
                                March, 2006                                                                                   March, 2006
  Chris Howard, Sam Martin, Savannah Peters, Jessy Pinkley, Derek Boehm,                      Katherine Akin, Morgan Johnson, Ali Leisure, David Hendricks, Broke Besch,
  Tim Womack, Hanna Smith, Mackenzie Compton, Kayla Howard, David                             Kirk Mills, Kourtney Gibbar, Bethany Warren, Jennifer DeBuck, Nick Webster,
  McClellan, Andrew Reed, Sebastian Blank, Delbert Henson, Chris Herman, Jon                  Jordan Vining-Farris, Cody Lehmann, Danielle Frolos, Madison Deranja, Sarah
  Reehten, Kody Binning-Hritz, Haley Bunch, Morgan Rapien, Cassie Richter,                    Kley, Jesse Morgan, Hannah Ethier, Lauren Nuckols, Codi Huddleston, Victoria
  Brian Moss, Heidi Ames, Ashley Williams, Deziree Troxel, Mychaela Shulack.                  Liebsch, Zach Epple, and Ricky Knight.

  On April 18 and 25, the Hillsboro Intermediate Building resurrected the (previous) annual Walk-A-Thon benefiting the Hillsboro Food Pantry.
  Twenty one years ago, Mary An Holifield, EMH teacher and Mona (Jarnagin) Hunt, 6th grade teacher and counselor, introduced the idea of the
  Walk-A-Thon. Sandy Dietrich, Susan Newell, and Denise Wuest, 6th grade teachers at the Intermediate suggested that all proceeds be donated to
  the Hillsboro Food Pantry. During an eighteen year period, the students of the Intermediate rasied enough money to purchase two vans and assist
  in the construction of the current food pantry building located ont the Civic grounds. As of May 1, the Intermediate students raised over $2,000.00.
  Three years ago, the Walk-A-Thon went by the way side, but under the leadership of Scott Readnour, the guidance staff, consisting of Karen Schuh,
  Amy Hodge, Jeni Van Houten, and Mona Hunt, the Walk-A-Thon was reinstated. According to Mr. Readnour, the Walk-A-Thon is here to stay.
  Once again the students, parents, teachers, and members of the Hillsboro Food Pantry have joined forces to assist Hillsboro area families in need.

  Food Pantry President, Jane Dubois, and other board members were on hand to address, praise, and thank the Intermediate students for their hard
  work. Retired teachers, Mary An Holifield and Sandy Dietrich walked the track to show their continued support of this project. Superintendent
  Randy Charles came out to join the students in their efforts. Mona Hunt’s favorite memory of Walk-A-Thon days gone by was of former Super-
  intendent, James Sucharski, walking the track in his three piece suit and dress shoes. The leadership of the Hillsboro School District has always
  encouraged community service projects. The students are shown by example that the Walk-A-Thon is a team effort. Community Service is alive
  and well in the Hillsboro School District.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                            Page 9                                                                   Summer, 2006
                                                            JR. HIGH SCHOOL NEWS
Principal’s Honor Roll             Angelina Fererro                Taylor Allen             Ryan Patterson                     Courtney Mayer                  Gregory O’Day                   Timothy Hahn
(straight A’s, no unsatisfactory   Justin Fischer                  Daniel Ames              Andrew Pelikan                     Ryan Moslander                  Shannon O’Toole                 Reannda Halbrook
conduct)                           Cassandra Fox                   Samantha Anderson        Hayley Penning                     Andrew Pelikan                  Brenden Ochs                    Amber Hancock
7th Grade - 4th Quarter            Heaven Furi                     Rebeccah Andert          Rachel Peters                      Kristin Ranker                  Hunter Paillou                  Jesse Hanna
James Ball                         Casey Gower                     Michael Asher            Alicia Piche                       Kelsey Steffen                  Holly Parker                    Nathaniel Harris
Cristina Carver                    David Graham                    Brittany Austin          Jessica Porta                      Lauren Sutton                   Ryan Patient                    Whitney Harrison
Nicole Copeland                    Lydia Guerra                    Krystle Baker            Michael Porterhouse                Sarah Taylor                    Katherine Pfiffner              Cody Hawkins
Amber Crow                         Eve Handley                     Grant Barber             Kristin Ranker                     Melissa Thebeau                 Kristen Poliette                Derick Heinzman
Zachery Drilingas                  Taylor Hankins                  Charles Barnes Jr.       Alex Ray                           Keifer Winn                     Megan Poliette                  Aaron Herrmann
Timothy Edwards                    Amber Hardin                    Jacob Beck               Jacob Reiter                                                       Larry Price                     Victoria Hill
Taylor Gandy                       Wesley Hauser                   Abigail Bell             Courtney Reynolds                  B Honor Roll                    Hope Rainwater                  Garrett Hogan
Katelyn Gettner                    Andrew Hern                     Jaime Bergmann           Crystal Richey                     (B average, no grade below C,   Matthew Rainwater               Katie Hovis
Christian Hallows                  Jason Hickson                   Lydia Berwick            Michelle Riddle                    no unsatisfactory conduct)      Tiffany Ray                     Jacob Hudson
Kimberly Hauser                    Alexandria Hogendobler          Matthew Blum             Jessica Riebold                    7th Grade - 2nd Semester        Ashley Reed                     Steven Jackson
Hannah Holman                      Rileigh Jaggie                  Megan Blume              Dillon Sargent                     Timothy Adams                   Samantha Rhodes                 Alexander Jacobs
Dakota Hopkins                     Courtney Jansen                 Daniel Boevingloh        Brittany Schneider                 Katie Allen                     Codey Riley                     Charles Jarzenbeck
Jordan King                        Kyla Jansen                     James Bolduc             Travis Scovel                      James Ball                      Cinthya Rodriguez               Jonathan Johnson
Ashley Ledbetter                   Matthew Jansen                  Doug Boyer               Brendon Sebaugh                    Chelsea Becker                  Zachariah Roeder                Katelyn Johnson
Joshua Leeker                      Benjamin John                   Alise Brakeville         Leo Shaffer                        Kayla Becktol                   Cody Russell                    Nathan Johnston
Jessica Lemke                      Brandy Johnson                  Mercedes Brewer          Lissa Smith                        Martin Becktol                  Taylor Ryan                     Samantha Kayser-Burris
Amanda Lucas                       Courtney Jones                  Danielle Brunner         Micaela Smith                      Amanda Birch                    Stephanie Schmidt               Melissa Kelley
Carolina Mangan                    Austin Kaiser                   Taylor Burroughs         Tyler Stansbury                    Samantha Black                  Jared Schroeter                 Emily Killian
Alexander Matthes                  Kelly Keeney                    Kirsten Burton           Kelsey Steffen                     Corey Bollinger                 David Schumer III               Alexandria Kohler
Jordyn McKinney                    Tiernan Kelsheimer              Dillon Callahan          Shawnah Stephens                   Blake Boyd                      Jordan Schwarz                  Kaselynn Koller
Ryan Meda                          Jessica Kempa                   Molly Carver             Susan Stephens                     Kristin Bradley                 Tiffany Schwer                  Meagen Koller
Blaine Mohart                      Amanda Kennedy                  Brittany Confer          Robert Stewart                     William Brakemeyer              Kelsey Settle                   Stephanie Kordonowy
Mikayla Muzzey                     Ashley Ketcherside              Tyler Cook               Rebekah Stockwell                  Amanda Braswell                 Dylan Shackelford               Jake Korte
Jessica Nemeth                     Kayla Kluska                    Brandon Crawford         Hannah Taylor                      Sarah Bringer                   Kelly Smith                     Jonathan Krah
Shannon O’Toole                    Christopher Kopp                Amy Davidson             Victoria Theiss                    Charles Browning                Samantha Smith                  Aaron Kriska
Kristen Parks                      Jessica Krause                  Brianna Dwinell          Zachary Treat                      Jillian Browning                Nicholas Smoot                  Noreen Kriska
Gabrielle Sagehorn                 Chelsea Ladd                    Yvonne Edmonds           Alex Tucker                        Ryan Bubulka                    Tyler Smreker                   Sarah Krysl
Gabrielle Schroeder                Danielle Laird                  John Epple IV            David Urban                        Sidney Cage                     Ryan Spencer                    Josh Lake
Kelly Smith                        Robert Lalk                     Daniel Feldsien          Eric Vail                          Danielle Caldwell               Nicole Stetler                  Ellen Leonard
Abbey Taylor                       Emily Lay                       Steven Fink              Olivia Vessell                     Brennan Callahan                Ian Stewart                     Lauren Lewis
Katy Toothaker                     Ashlee LeBeau                   Kaytlyn Fitzpatrick      Daniell Vogt                       Aaron Carroll                   Nolan Stewart                   Megan Link
Carolyn Vail                       Tyler Ludwig                    Amanda Frank             Alexandra Wantland                 Mariah Cella                    Heather Stork                   Shane Lively
Sean Weston                        David Marti                     Robyn Freeman            Christopher Warden                 Jessica Coleman                 Tori Tajkowski                  Sean Lucas
                                   Katie Matthews                  Matthew Gallion          Anthony Williams                   Christina Collier               Jessica Talbert                 Nickole Manard
Principal’s Honor Roll             Emily Maynard                   Carol Gibson             Alec Wilson                        Kristin Cowie                   Jake Theiling                   Jimmy Marler
(straight A’s, no unsatisfactory   Ciara McAusland                 Julia Goodues            Keifer Winn                        Taylor Crandall                 Kayla Travis                    Ashley Martin
conduct)                           Brooke Meyer                    Kellie Grasle            Shannon Wirick                     Ashley Croft                    Douglas Urban                   Tayler Matteson
8th Grade - 4th Quarter            Jessica Moellinger              Loren Gunnett            Douglas Woods                      Michelle Dean                   Dakota Urhahn                   Maria Maupin
Jacob Besand                       Nicholas Montgomery             Paige Guthrie            Cody Wright                        Michael Dempsey                 Carolyn Vail                    Bethany Mazdra
Lilleah Bryan                      Zachary Mooney                  John Hahler IV           Ashley Ziegler                     Clayton Dougan                  Clyde Varney                    Ethan McKay
Taylor Finch                       Ethan Morris                    Timothy Hahn             Jessica Zotta                      Sadye Ducheck                   Curtis Wake                     Andrew McKeever
Zachary Fletcher                   Rachael Mullins                 Reannda Halbrook                                            Jason Duran                     Angel Wallach                   Robert McKelvey
Katie Gallaway                     Katelyn Nichols                 Amber Hancock            Principal’s Honor Roll             Rebecca Earls                   Ashley Walsh                    Deven Merritt
Lauren Garth                       Gregory O’Day                   Jesse Hanna              (straight A’s, no unsatisfactory   Amber Emily                     Kara Walton                     Bradley Meyer
Dylan Gray                         Brenden Ochs                    Nathaniel Harris         conduct)                           Dennis Evans                    Jeff Warmbrodt                  Samantha Mills
Elise Hall                         Hunter Paillou                  Ashley Hart              7th Grade - 2nd Semester           Alexandra Farwig                Jennifer Weiss                  Samantha Moellinger
Whitney Harrison                   Holly Parker                    Cody Hawkins             Jordan Acre                        Stephen Fedorchak               Dakota Weseman                  Melissa Mohan
Meghann Hickson                    Ryan Patient                    Derick Heinzman          Michael Brakefield                 Angelina Fererro                Brandon Whitehead               Brandon Mooney
Ryan Hill                          Katherine Pfiffner              Aaron Herrmann           Cristina Carver                    Justin Fischer                  James Williams                  Heather Morfeld
Elisha Holman                      Kristen Poliette                Victoria Hill            Nicole Copeland                    Cassandra Fox                   December Winbigler              Rachel Neel
Jarrod Huskey                      Megan Poliette                  Garrett Hogan            Amber Crow                         Heaven Furi                     Sarah Womack                    Amelia Nitsch
Brandy James                       Larry Price                     Jacob Hudson             Zachery Drilingas                  David Graham                    Morgan Woodruff                 Jessica Nogrady
Michael Lampe                      Kelsey Privette                 Steven Jackson           Timothy Edwards                    Lydia Guerra                    Timothy Woods                   Raechel Odom
Jordyn Lotz                        Hope Rainwater                  Alexander Jacobs         Taylor Gandy                       Eve Handley                     Jessica Wooten                  Chico Orlando
Hugh MacKenzie, IV                 Matthew Rainwater               Jonathan Johnson         Katelyn Gettner                    Taylor Hankins                  Vincent Wooten                  Travis Orr
Candace Reynolds                   Tiffany Ray                     Katelyn Johnson          Christian Hallows                  Amber Hardin                    Samantha Young                  Ryan Patterson
Brandon Scherrer                   Ashley Reed                     Nathan Johnston          Kimberly Hauser                    Wesley Hauser                   Anthony Younger                 Justin Peniston
Lauren Sutton                      Samantha Rhodes                 Samantha Kayser-Burris   Dakota Hopkins                     Andrew Hern                                                     Hayley Penning
Sarah Taylor                       Codey Riley                     Melissa Kelley           Jessica Kempa                      Rachael Hibbitts                B Honor Roll                    Rachel Peters
Melissa Thebeau                    Cinthya Rodriguez               Emily Killian            Jordan King                        Jason Hickson                   (B average, no grade below C,   Alicia Piche
                                   Zachariah Roeder                Alexandria Kohler        Ashley Ledbetter                   Robert Hines                    no unsatisfactory conduct)      Jessica Porta
                                   Taylor Ryan                     Kaselynn Koller          Joshua Leeker                      Alexandria Hogendobler          8th Grade - 2nd Semester        Michael Porterhouse
B Honor Roll                       Jaimie Sansoucie                Stephanie Kordonowy      Amanda Lucas                       Hannah Holman                   Cynthia Acton                   Leah Price
(B average, no grade below         Stephanie Schmidt               Jake Korte               Alexander Matthes                  Saleh Jaber                     Austin Akin                     Andrew Ramirez
C, no unsatisfactory conduct)      Brianna Schneider               Jonathan Krah            Jordyn McKinney                    Rileigh Jaggie                  Taylor Allen                    Alex Ray
7th Grade - 4th Quarter            Jared Schroeter                 Aaron Kriska             Ryan Meda                          Tylor James                     Daniel Ames                     Jacob Reiter
Jordan Acre                        David Schumer III               Noreen Kriska            Blaine Mohart                      Courtney Jansen                 Samantha Anderson               Candace Reynolds
Timothy Adams                      Jordan Schwarz                  Sarah Krysl              Mikayla Muzzey                     Kyla Jansen                     Rebeccah Andert                 Courtney Reynolds
Katie Allen                        Kelsey Settle                   Josh Lake                Kristen Parks                      Matthew Jansen                  Michael Asher                   Crystal Richey
Chelsea Becker                     Dylan Shackelford               Ellen Leonard            Gabrielle Sagehorn                 Benjamin John                   Grant Barber                    Michelle Riddle
Martin Becktol                     Samantha Smith                  Lauren Lewis             Brianna Schneider                  Brandy Johnson                  Jacob Beck                      Dillon Sargent
Amanda Birch                       Tyler Smreker                   Shane Lively             Gabrielle Schroeder                Courtney Jones                  Abigail Bell                    Brandon Scherrer
Samantha Black                     Nicole Stetler                  Joshua Lucas             Abbey Taylor                       Austin Kaiser                   Jaime Bergmann                  Travis Scovel
Corey Bollinger                    Ian Stewart                     Sean Lucas               Katy Toothaker                     Kelly Keeney                    Matthew Blum                    Brendon Sebaugh
Blake Boyd                         Nolan Stewart                   Nickole Manard           Sean Weston                        Tiernan Kelsheimer              Daniel Boevingloh               Leo Shaffer
Kristin Bradley                    Heather Stork                   Jimmy Marler                                                Amanda Kennedy                  Doug Boyer                      Lissa Smith
Michael Brakefield                 Jessica Talbert                 Ashley Marmaduke                                            Ashley Ketcherside              Alise Brakeville                Micaela Smith
William Brakemeyer                 Jake Theiling                   Ashley Martin            Principal’s Honor Roll             Kayla Kluska                    Mercedes Brewer                 Tyler Stansbury
Amanda Braswell                    Kayla Travis                    Tayler Matteson          (straight A’s, no unsatisfactory   Christopher Kopp                Danielle Brunner                Shawnah Stephens
Sarah Bringer                      Douglas Urban                   Courtney Mayer           conduct)                           Jessica Krause                  Bradley Bruns                   Susan Stephens
Dylan Brown                        Angel Wallach                   Bethany Mazdra           8th Grade - 2nd Semester           Lacey Krewson                   Taylor Burroughs                Robert Stewart
Charles Browning                   Ashley Walsh                    Jaime Mazdra             Krystle Baker                      Chelsea Ladd                    Kirsten Burton                  Rebekah Stockwell
Jillian Browning                   Kara Walton                     Ethan McKay              Lydia Berwick                      Danielle Laird                  Dillon Callahan                 Hannah Taylor
Ryan Bubulka                       Jeff Warmbrodt                  Andrew McKeever          Jacob Besand                       Emily Lay                       Christina Coleman               Victoria Theiss
Danielle Caldwell                  Jennifer Weiss                  Robert McKelvey          Lilleah Bryan                      Ashlee LeBeau                   Brittany Confer                 Zachary Treat
Brennan Callahan                   Dakota Weseman                  Deven Merritt            Taylor Finch                       Jessica Lemke                   Brianna Dwinell                 Alex Tucker
Aaron Carroll                      Brandon Whitehead               Bradley Meyer            Zachary Fletcher                   Tyler Ludwig                    Nicholas Dwinell                David Urban
Mariah Cella                       December Winbigler              Samantha Mills           Katie Gallaway                     Madison Lynch                   Yvonne Edmonds                  Eric Vail
Christina Collier                  Sarah Womack                    Samantha Moellinger      Lauren Garth                       Carolina Mangan                 John Epple IV                   Shannon Vessell
Kristin Cowie                      Morgan Woodruff                 Melissa Mohan            Kellie Grasle                      David Marti                     Michael Farmer                  Daniell Vogt
Taylor Crandall                    Timothy Woods                   Brandon Mooney           Dylan Gray                         Katie Matthews                  Daniel Feldsien                 Alexandra Wantland
Ashley Croft                       Jessica Wooten                  Nathan Moore             Elise Hall                         Emily Maynard                   Steven Fink                     Anthony Williams
Michelle Dean                      Vincent Wooten                  Heather Morfeld          Ashley Hart                        Ciara McAusland                 Kaytlyn Fitzpatrick             Alec Wilson
Michael Dempsey                    Samantha Young                  Ryan Moslander           Meghann Hickson                    Steven McLaughlin               Amanda Frank                    Shannon Wirick
Clayton Dougan                     Anthony Younger                 Andrew Murphy            Ryan Hill                          Brooke Meyer                    Robyn Freeman                   Douglas Woods
Sadye Ducheck                                                      Rachel Neel              Elisha Holman                      Jessica Moellinger              Matthew Gallion                 Cody Wright
Jason Duran                        B Honor Roll                    Amelia Nitsch            Jarrod Huskey                      Nicholas Montgomery             Justin Geary                    Ashley Ziegler
Rebecca Earls                      (B average, no grade below      Jessica Nogrady          Brandy James                       Ethan Morris                    Carol Gibson                    Jessica Zotta
Amber Emily                        C, no unsatisfactory conduct)   Anthony Norris           Michael Lampe                      Cody Morton                     Julia Goodues
Dennis Evans                       8th Grade - 4th Quarter         Raechel Odom             Jordyn Lotz                        Rachael Mullins                 Loren Gunnett
Alexandra Farwig                   Cynthia Acton                   Chico Orlando            Hugh MacKenzie, IV                 Jessica Nemeth                  Paige Guthrie
Stephen Fedorchak                  Austin Akin                     Travis Orr               Ashley Marmaduke                   Katelyn Nichols                 John Hahler IV

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                                    Page 10                                                                                Summer, 2006
                       HONORS AND RECOGNITIONS

                    Hopson Memorial Scholarship Awarded

               Daryl Tipton Spencer II was awarded the Dr. Donna Hopson Memorial
        Scholarship at Hillsboro’s Senior Awards Program. Daryl is the son of Daryl and
        Julie Spencer and will be attending the University of Tulsa, with plans to major
        in Physics.
               The Hopson Scholarship was created as a memorial to fifth grade teacher,
        Donna Hopson, who touched the lives of many students and instilled in them the
        joy of learning. Co-chairs Jackie Hall and Rhonda Chiles wish to thank all those
        who contributed to the scholarship and supported their fundraising efforts.

                    JUNIOR HIGH HAWK AWARDS

                                             February Hawk Awards

                      Academic: Seventh grade, Jessica Kempa, eighth grade, Rachel Neel

                   Most Improved: Seventh grade, Cody Holst and eighth grade, Chris Warden

                     Citizenship: Seventh grade, Amber Crow and eighth grade, Victoria Hill

                Hard Working: Seventh grade, Jordyn McKinney and eighth grade, Ellen Leonard

           Word of the Month, Caring: Seventh grade, Katie Matthews and eighth grade, Grant Barber

                                              March Hawk Awards

                    Academic: Seventh grade, Tim Edwards and eighth grade, Taylor Finch

                  Most Improved: Seventh grade, Rion Rotter and eighth grade, Nathan Shivak

                    Citizenship: Seventh grade, Matt Vallee and eighth grade, Jessica Porta

                  Hard Working: Seventh grade, Jessica Lemke and eighth grade, Jacob Beck

      Word of the Month, Trustworthiness: Seventh grade, Jason Hickson and eighth grade, Carol Gibson

                                               April Hawk Awards

                     Academic: Seventh grade, Amanda Birch and eighth grade, Josh Lake

               Most Improved: Seventh grade, Dylan Shackelford and eighth grade, Chris Warden

                 Citizenship: Seventh grade, Hannah Holman and eighth grade, Loren Gunnett

                   Hard Working: Seventh grade, Sal Jaber and eighth grade, Michelle Riddle

        Word of the Month, Courage: Seventh grade, Brooke Meyer and eighth grade, Taylor Burroughs

The Hillsboro Messenger                                  Page 11                                        Summer, 2006
                                     SR. HIGH SCHOOL NEWS
Second Semester       Amy Stinson           Bryan Lada           Ashley Antoine       Jacklyn Geary          Michael Maddox       Jessica Sanders
Academic Honor        Jennifer Stodgell     Joshua Lambrich      Mary Armstrong       Heather Gentry         Trevor Manion        Kevin Sanders
Roll                  Timothy Tessaro       Joshua Lammert       Jacey Arnott         Bryan Gibson           Kristen Marler       Samuel Schaper
4.0 or higher GPA     Christina Thebeau     Kim Lammert          Matthew Atley        Brandon Glore          Cameron Martin       Andrew Schaub
Devin Andrews         Sara Thoele           Amy Lehnhoff         Dana Bailey          Kyle Gowen             Charles Massa        Jamie Schwalbert
Emilee Barnard        Ashley Tucker         Victoria Lemke       Levi Barton          Jessica Grant          Steven Mayfield      Steven Scott
Grace Bay             Nicholas Wallace      JoAnna Leonard       Max Bay              Rebecca Gray           Blair Mayher         Danielle Shackelford
Jason Beck            Jennifer Watson       Kayla Leonard        Amanda Beattie       Gregory Grayson        Maggie McCain        Lauren Shanks
Jasmine Bedley        Lindsey Weitl         Sarah Lowen          Jacqueline Becker    Shelly Guerrant        William McClanahan   Kathryn Sharp
Anastasia Berwick     Jamie Werts           Jason Lynn           Katherine Becker     Christopher Hakala     Jaymes McGahan       Kelsey Shelton
Nicholas Blanton      John West             Anna Maupin          Whitney Bedbury      Steven Hankins         Ryan McKee           James Shrout
Shaye Bouckaert       Keyla Wilfong         Jamee McNeely        Chelsea Bedley       Cathleen Hardin        Ryan McKeen          Angela Smith
Brian Bridgeman       Sara Womack           Shea Mudd            Kayla Berg           Brent Hawley           Krysten McKeever     Erica Smith
Whitney Brown         Alan Woodland         Kathleen Mueller     Devin Bergmann       Amanda Heinzer         Brittany McNulty     Samantha Smith
Julie Byerley                               Andrew Naggi         Bobbi Berry          Rebecca Henley         Danielle Mead        Anthony Smreker
Andrea Caine          Second Semester       Scott Nansel         Jamie Bizelli        Jenifer Hern           Shannon Mead         Heather Sona
Bailey Callahan       High Honor Roll       Amanda Nelson        Sarah Blake          Jo Hibbitts            Brandon Meyer        Alexander
Basil Callahan        3.5 – 3.99 GPA        Joseph Niemeyer      Molly Blum           Amanda Hoekel          Cassandra Michler    Sonsthagen
Nathan Carroll        Adam Acre             Aaron Null           Markus Boersig       Kelsey Horn            Grant Miller         Robert Souders
Renee Cella           Crystal Adamson       Shannon O’Heron      Chelsie Boevingloh   Erica Hornburg         Cody Mills           Robert Souders
Heather Christopher   Brianna Addington     Beaumont Oliver      Bethany Boyer        Gary Hoven             Emma Mills           Crystal Stanley
Amanda Clack          Rachel Ader           Kelsey Ortmann       Brandy Brakemeyer    Thomas Hunt            Maria Mooney         Kara Steffen
Brianna Clampitt      Christine Ames        Michael Palazzolo    Justin Brewer        David Hurd             Benjamin Moore       Sarah Stegall
Brittany Coble        Steven Amsden         Leanne Parker        Nicholas Brewer      Berry Ijames           Crystal Moore        Jeffery Stephens
Jamie Dickerson       Kassandra Andrade     Rebecca Pelikan      Robert Briggs        Chelsiea Jackson       John Moore           Mark Stephens
Susan Dolan           Julia Bazzell         Cory Penrod          Andrew Bubulka       William Jackson        Katherine Moore      Johnnie Stevens
Christina Ervin       Chelsea               Jessica Petero       Krystle Burke        Kaleb Jarnagin         Rachel Mullins       Jonathan Stevens
Karrie Evens          Beanblossom           Erica Preiss         Jared Burroughs      April Jennings         Devon Norris         Brittany Storandt
Corey Fanger          Joseph Beil           Jared Preiss         Kyle Byrd            Tiffany Johner         John Nuckols         Joshua Stuckel
Jordan Finch          Caroline Bieser       Caitlyn Raspberry    Trisha Cain          Kayla Johnston         Megan O’Heron        Brittany Swafford
John Flo              Katherine Bowling     Megan Ridenour       Magan Caine          Julia Jones            Ashley Osolinski     Daniel Swearson
Paul Flo              Caley Boyer           Alexandria Russell   Riley Callahan       Nicki Jones            Kayla O’Toole        Jeremy Taylor
Shannon Forshee       Mario Brontoli        Cody Russell         Andrea Casey         Lucas Jovanovic        Matthew Ottman       Samuel Temperato
Skye Forshee          Audrey Brouk          Melissa Ryan         Jared Cave           Christopher Juppier    Amy Pagel            Ryan Theiling
Caleb Gibson          Rebecca Brucato       Jamie Sauer          Craig Chiles         Rebecca Kaestner       Luke Parker          Colin Thornton
Dakota Harmon         Samantha Cassaday     Kimberly Sheppard    Rachael Chilton      Thomas Kelam           Ashleigh Pashia      Hillary Timmerman
Brandon Hester        Saralyn Cato          Matthew Spangler     David Choate         Trista Kelam           Brandy Patterson     Joseph Todd
Kalie Hoffmann        Ashley Chilton        Cody Sparkman        Michelle Clark       William Kelly          Lacey Penning        Jacob Torrence
Sarah Ing             Emily Crosby          Jeremy Sparkman      Courtney Conell      Autumn Kennedy         Lucas Penning        Jessica Vaeth
Samuel Jones          MaryAnn Cullen        Adam St. John        Justin Crandall      Lance Kiggans          Joanna Penrod        Bernard Valenti
Gabrielle Kennedy     Andrea Cummings       Melissa St. John     Anna Dallas          James Killian          Kyle Petry           Cody Valle
Megan Kildea          Darrick Curtis        Charles Statler      Samantha Daniel      Jared King             Heather Pfeiffer     Megan VanderKraats
Rachel Kirkman        Tiffany Deachan       Tasha Steffens       Alexis Davis         Jessica Kirkpatrick    Holly Pfeiffer       Amber Vernier
Theresa Lammert       Felicia Dixon         Amanda Stewart       Kayla Davis          Kylie Kirkpatrick      Amanda Pilousek      Jacob Vonderbruegge
Dustin Lemp           Travis Drilingas      Sabrina Stewart      Gregory Deachan      Andrew Kley            Jennifer Pilousek    Timothy Waggoner
Melissa Leonard       Christine Duncan      Michael Stone        Natalie DeGuire      Kayla Knight           Jessica Pilousek     Amanda Walker
Rachel Leonard        Rebecca Eddins        Natalie Struckhoff   Joshua Dempsey       Julienne Knollhoff     Casey Pochon         Kelly Wallace
Nicole Lewis          Jamie Endebrock       Justin Swast         Mackenzie            Kellie Koenig          Kelly Politte        Alyssa Ward
Kevin McGuire         Emily Feldsien        Joseph Swearson      Dickemann            Rachel Krampf          Katie Presley        Ramin Warmbrodt
Jaimie McKeen         Michael Freeman       Nathan Tacony        Lori Dixon           Brittany Kraus         Justin Prestidge     Christina Warren
Jessica Mooney        Kinsey Friederich     Alicia Thomason      Sara Dixon           Severin Krautmann      Michael Preston      Colin Warren
Anthony Null          Kimberly Froelich     Angeline Tinker      John Dolan           Jennifer Laidlaw       Lauren Pyle          Molly Weddington
Jennifer O’Day        Sarah Graham          Tasha Trimborn       Zachary Downing      Jennifer Landholt      Hanan Rahman         Matthew Wemhoff
Caroline Paillou      Christopher           Nicholas Turner      Chad Duckworth       Lisa Latham            Jim Rampley          Andrew Wendt
Rebecca Pooker        Greenwald             Lauren Vollmann      James Dunn           Jake Lawhon            Amanda Rapp          Trevor Wolfe
Frances Posillo       Ashley Greenwall      Cassidy Wanner       Katlyn Durrwachter   Britney Learue         Kaylin Rasmussen     Justin Womack
Sarah Richardson      Kimberly Grunzinger   Dannielle Weber      Olivia Edmonds       Stephanie Lee          Christy Raspberry    Jessica Womble
Ashley Roland         Nicole Grunzinger     Amanda Weiss         Courtney Eidel       Heather Leftridge      Sarah Reimler        Brian Wyatt
Alyse Roppel          Christopher Hemby     Jennifer Welker      Jessica Erzinger     Christopher Lehnhoff   Jamie Renfro         Katharine Yochim
Lola Schmidt          Alisha Hester         Nicole White         Adam Ethier          Jonathan Leonard       Ashley Reynolds      Steven Ziegler
Danielle Schroeder    Justine Hohmann       Zachary Williams     Natalie Farwig       Mallory Leonard        Trevor Rice
Tarah Schroeter       Tyler Hohmann         Ashley Wood          Samantha Farwig      Caitlyn Lewis          Brittney Richards
Jonathan Seigrist     Jaclyn Hoven          Andrew Woodson       Nathan Fears         Han Li                 Kelsey Richardson
Tara Setzer           Joseph Jansen                              Sharina Fears        Christopher Liberton   Kristen Riebold
Andrea Sher           Michael Jones         Second Semester      Sharice Fischer      Tiffany Lodes          Seth Ries
Kris Singh            Nathaniel Jones       Regular Honor Roll   Joseph Frank         Brandi Long            Natalie Roberts
Amanda Smith          Tyler Kelsheimer      3.0 – 3.49 GPA       Natalie Frank        Samantha Looney        Cory Robertson
Daryl Spencer         Courtney Kestermont   Jesse Abernathy      Danielle Frick       Connie Lucas           Dustin Roth
John Stewart          Daniel Kluegel        Conni Allen          Kristina Froelich    Shane Mace             Nicholas Rotter
Rebecca Stiles        Jillian Kozloski      Cassandra Amsden     Whitney Gallagher    Angela MacKenzie       Tiffany Samons

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                   Page 12                                                    Summer, 2006
                            SUMMER SCHOOL NEWS K - 

                                         Islands of Adventure
                                    ~Memoirs of Summer School 2006~
Six hundred and ninety-five Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade students arrived at Hillsboro Primary on June 1 ready to begin their twenty-two
day Island adventure. The Summer School adventure featured core academic classes in the morning and specialty enrichment classes each afternoon.

Mrs. Hubbard’s core reading class                 Ms. Paruch’s class released worms back             Mrs. Boyer’s Gross Science class
      studied Pirates!                              into the wild during A Bug’s Life.                     made slimy goop.

Mrs. Laiben’s Nature’s Adventure class                 Mrs. Stanerson’s Mask Mania                   Ms. Gentry’s Wearable Art class put
       made quite a catch.                          class proudly displays their artwork.                on a Fashion Show with their
                                                                                                            fashionable creations

Students in Mrs. Meyer’s core academic
   class enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau.                        Below: Pictures from 5 - 12 Summer School

The Hillsboro Messenger                                            Page 1                                                    Summer, 2006
                            SUMMER SCHOOL NEWS  - 12
        Students, teachers, and staff of grades 5-12 survived the 2006 Island of Adventure Summer School Program! Summer school began in the
high school with an “opening day” assembly introducing the teachers and the courses being offered. Attendance prizes were awarded during the
assembly to entice students to exhibit outstanding behavior and maintain good attendance throughout the four week program. Students received
incentive prizes daily. Teachers were rewarded with coupon books and football tickets.
        The Intermediate students planned their own vacations across the U. S., tanning on the sunny beaches of Florida, catching waves on the
California Coast, or checking out the largest potato in the world in Idaho. It wasn’t unusual to see constant movement in the Intermediate classrooms:
from creating Father’s Day cards in Computer Adventure to balloon relay races in Let’s Get Moving, to balloon cars cruising down the halls in
Mission Impossible, to challenging games of Jenga, charades, and other brain teasers in Survivor and Game Room, to getting stuck in the sticky
dough in Arts and Crafts, not to mention the fabulous aromas and lovely sounds of French music from the French Cafe. Teamwork and cooperation
were key to the success of this program. The Intermediate and Junior High teamed up on Wednesdays for the viewing of incentive movies with
popcorn intermissions, dodge ball contests, a Luau and a day of water sports. Everyone looked much cooler after the Hillsboro Fire Department
sprayed them off.
        The Junior High classes were very involved in communication arts and math remediation. The students were challenged to create their own
personal web page. It was not uncommon to see and smell interesting and unusual experiments in the Science Galore classes. Field hockey and dodge
ball in Lifetime Sports appeared to be the favorite of many Junior High students. The students provided a unique twist to several well loved folktales
as they presented these tales to the primary students of grades K-2. A great big thanks to the junior high classes for sponsoring a canned food drive
and a car wash benefiting the Hillsboro Food Pantry.
        The high school students, under the direction of their teachers worked hard to complete the work required in order to recover credits. Students
in Graphic Art designed their own CD, while students in Individual Art class created pottery and jewelry. There is no end to the students’ talents. The
social studies department exposed students to various facets of the Middle Ages, Industrialization, World War I and II along with a look at the Cold
War, the sixties, and the structure of the U.S. government. Students were encouraged to participate in an archery competition and researched their
family genealogy to create family shields. Students were exposed to many elements of Physical Science, Chemistry, and Biology. It was exciting
to see students acquiring life skills in the kitchen, managing their money, filling out job applications, creating resumes and practicing interviewing
techniques. Students were challenged to read The Odyssey focusing on Shakespeare and the time period. The World of Work students received
guidance filling out time sheets, strengthened their job skills, and developed a good work ethic.
        On June 30th, students and staff celebrated the close of summer school with pretzels from Gus’ and an ice cream social in addition to a
special presentation by the U.S. Army and the incentive assembly. Many students won large prizes donated by several local businesses and the
Hillsboro Mother’s Club. All students received coupons for discounted tickets to Six Flags Amusement Park.
I’d like to thank students, parents, teachers, the librarian, the nurse, custodial staff, the cafeteria staff, the maintenance department, office staff,
bus drivers and transportation staff, the security officer and members of the community for their cooperation and support for this summer
school program. It is amazing what can be accomplished when we all work together.
A special thanks to:
* Mrs. Newman’s Junior High Class - working in the Commons Area and delivering newspapers daily.
* Mrs. Lammert’s High School Life Skills Class - working in the Commons Area.
* Mrs. Chiles’ Junior High Classes - sponsoring the food drive and car wash.
* Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Gyngard, Ms. Horner - Popping popcorn for intermission.
* Mrs. Clark - organizing the special events for the Intermediate and Junior High and running the snack cart.
* Mrs. Chilton and the cafeteria staff - making the delicious desserts for special attendance days.
* Mrs. Bush - making a special trip to Gus’ Pretzels.
* Mrs. Alyesworth - providing the Skittles and Carmello’s.
* Mr. Groner - Sports Magazines and coupon books.
* Mr. Readnour - T-shirts, personal DVD players and numerous miscellaneous prizes.
* Miss Provenzano - T-shirts, bath & body products and Girl Scout cookies.
* Mrs. Bubulka - oriental purses.
* Mr. Kevin Roberts and law firm - money to purchase Gus’ Pretzels.and football tickets
* The Hillsboro Mother’s Club - money to purchase incentive prizes.
* Pizza Inn (DeSoto) Steve Ringling
* Hillsboro Drug
* Imo’s (Hillsboro)
* M & K Nails
* Dairy Queen (Hillsboro)
* McDonald’s (Hillsboro)
* Festus 8 Cine’
* Wal-Mart (Festus & DeSoto)
* Amy Hodge - a box of miscellaneous prizes.
* Rhonda Chiles - miscellaneous prizes.
* Karen Hinds - soda (Project Prom)
* Kim Jackson - positive attitude and willingness to support the program.
* Cheryl Tilley – technical support
* Maintenance Department for all their hard work
Everyone enjoy the remainder of the summer. Create your own summer adventure. See you in August!
M.G. Hunt

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                    Page 1                                                     Summer, 2006
                     SUMMER SCHOOL NEWS  - 12

The Hillsboro Messenger        Page 1           Summer, 2006
                                             FACULTY AND STAFF
                 Please Welcome our New Faculty and Staff for the 2006-2007 School Year
PRIMARY                                   Robyn Bubulka - Math Teacher                 Brian Sucharski - Science Teacher     ADDITIONAL STAFF
Chrystal Gibson - Instructional Aide      Jean Goff - Guidance Secretary               Joi Tenholder - Science Teacher       Kathryn Reiter - K-6 Speech Imp.
Stacy Lowery - Instructional Aide         Denise Dauw - Inst. Music Teacher            Justin Thomas - Inst. Music Teacher   Deanna Hood - Substitute Teacher
Sarah McGrath - Guidance Counselor                                                                                           Cody Hunter - Substitute Teacher
Stephanie Melson - Spec. Serv. Teacher    SR. HIGH                                     ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL                    Jenny Marshall - Substitute Teacher
Kristie Ott - Art Teacher                 Chris Baldwin - Process Coordinator          Leigh Ragsdale - Paraprofessional     Prudence Willard - Substitue Teacher
Elizabeth Yount - Speech Implementor      Stephanie Brake - English Teacher
                                          Katie Buttner - Math Teacher                 CENTRAL OFFICE
ELEMENTARY                                Tyler Charlesworth - Bus. Ed. Teacher        Trina Becktol - Office Secretary*
Tiffany Brooks - 4th Grade Teacher        Erin Cook - English Teacher                  Jonelle Frasca - Office Secretary*
Laura Farris - Instructional Aide         Jennifer Coplin - PE/Health Teacher          Jennifer Lanz - Office Secretary*
Jennifer Jehle - 3rd Grade Teacher        Karen Cox - Attendance Secretary             Cynthia Miller - Office Secretrary
                                          Daniel Fox - Business Education Teacher      Carla Tucker - Office Secretary
INTERMEDIATE                              Kimberly Glessner - English Teacher          *Denotes hired in Jan., Feb., or
Jill Cayou - 6th Grade Teacher            Brandon Holthausen - Counselor               March 2006
Rebecca Windsor - Alt. Classroom          Candine Jackson - English Teacher
                                          Daniel Likos - Math Teacher                  MAINTENANCE
JR. HIGH                                  Gayle Null - Office Secretary                Clarence Bess - Maintenance
Heath Allison - Assistant Principal       Chris O’Connell - Social Studies Teacher     Ben Bouska - Maintenance
Caryn Boren - Special Services Teacher    Roger Since - Special Services Teacher       Alan Jinkerson - Custodian

                                                       NEW ADMINISTRATORS

                                                  Jackie Marz-Kocurek - Principal

                                          Melissa Hildebrand - Assistant Principal

                                                           JR. HIGH
                                               Heath Allison - Assistant Principal

                                                         SR. HIGH
                                             Carl Imhof - Assistant Principal
                                           Cathy Freeman - Assistant Principal
                                         Mona Hunt - Director of Alternative School

                                          John Byrne - Director of Transportation

                                     Hillsboro High School Welcomes Two New Administrators

             Carl Imhof and Cathy Freeman have been appointed as assistant principals for the upcoming 2006- 2007 school
           Mr. Imhof taught Business Education at the high school this past year. He brings a business perspective to the
     administrative team having worked in sales at the Maritz Corporation before entering the field of education. Mr. Imhof
     is married to Tracy and has one adorable daughter named Cora.
           Mrs. Freeman was the Alternative School Principal before being assigned to the high school. Her administrative
     background and experience in working with students who are “At Risk” will bring a nice balance to the administrative
     team. Mrs. Freeman is married to Clint and has two adorable children-Clayton and Cailey.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                              Page 16                                                     Summer, 2006
                                                         FACULTY AND STAFF

                      Intermediate Building Welcomes
                          New Assistant Principal
         The Intermediate Building is pleased to introduce our
         new Assistant Principal, Melissa Hildebrand. Mrs.
         Hildebrand has been in education for nine years, in
         which she served four years as a principal in St. Charles                                                One, Two, Three, They’re Out!
         County. She received her bachelor’s degree from St.
         Louis University and her master’s degree from the                                                Junior High Bids “Farewell” to 3 Staff Members
         University of Missouri at St. Louis. Hildebrand recently
         transferred from the Jr. High, where she was the core                                                  Mrs. Mariann Erxleben, Mrs. Dottie Krive, and Mrs.
         process recovery teacher and at-risk coordinator. She is                                       Kathy Stoll retired after the 2005/2006 school year. Together,
         a very talented administrator, who will be a great asset                                       these 3 ladies had a combined total of 65 years of service to the
         to the Intermediate students, parents, and staff. Her                                          Hillsboro R-3 School District.
         strong work ethic and dedication to the community is                                                   Mrs. Mariann Erxleben was the Junior High attendance
         infectious and a great model for everyone. Hildenbrand                                         secretary, Mrs. Dottie Krive was the Junior High counselor’s
         will be a great addition to the Jr. High staff.                                                secretary, and Mrs. Kathy Stoll was the Junior High and
                                                                                                        Intermediate band director. We wish them the best of luck and
                                                                                                        many happy years of retirement. The Junior High will miss
                                                                                                        them. Thank you ladies for all you have done for the staff,
                                                                                                        students, and parents of the Hillsboro R-3 School District!

                                            PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                 PUBLIC NOTICE                                                     purposes of identification, evaluation, placement or provision of FAPE
         All responsible public agencies are required to locate, evaluate, and identify children   of children with disabilities may be inspected and/or reviewed by their
                who are under the jurisdiction of the agency, regardless of
with disabilities                                                                                  parents/guardians. Parents/guardians may request amendment to the edu-
the severity of the disability, including children attending private schools,                      cational record if the parent/guardian believes the record is inaccurate,
highly mobile children, such as migrant and homeless children, and                                 misleading, or violates the privacy or other rights of their child. Parents
children who are suspected of having a disability and in need of special                           have the right to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education
education even though they are advancing from grade to grade. The Hill-                            or the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
sboro R-3 School District assures that it will provide a free, appropriate                         concerning alleged failures by the district to meet the requirements of the
public education (FAPE) to all eligible children with disabilities between                         Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
the ages of 3 and 21 under its jurisdiction. Disabilities include autism,                                  The Hillsboro R-3 School District has developed a Local Compli-
deaf/blindness, emotional disorders, hearing impairment and deafness,                              ance Plan for the implementation of State Regulations for the Individuals
mental retardation, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, other                            with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This plan contains the agency’s
health impairments, specific learning disabilities, speech or language im-                         policies and procedures regarding storage, disclosure to third parties,
pairment, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment/blindness and young                            retention and destruction of personally identifiable information and the
child with a developmental delay.                                                                  agency’s assurances that services are provided in compliance with the
         The Hillsboro R-3 School District assures that it will provide in-                        General Education Provision Act (GEPA). This plan may be reviewed at
formation and referral services necessary to assist the State in the imple-                        20 Hawk Drive, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
mentation of early intervention services for infants and toddlers eligible                                 This notice will be provided in native languages as appropriate.
for the Missouri First Steps program.
         The Hillsboro R-3 School District assures that personally iden-
                                                                                                                       Advisory Council for the Guidance Program
tifiable information collected, used, or maintained by the agency for the
                                                                                                                           The Hillsboro Comprehensive Guidance
                                                                                                                        Program is interested in involving parents and
                                                                                                                         members of the business, labor and industry
                                                                                                                          community in planning and evaluating the
                                                                                                                             program. Please call Dr. Steeno at
                                                                                                                               (636) 789-0060 to serve on the
                                                                                                                                    Advisory Committee.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                      Page 1                                                            Summer, 2006
                                         PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                  Notification of Rights under FERPA For Elementary and Secondary Schools
          The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and            school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person
students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the         employed by the school as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff
student’s education records. These rights are:                                                 member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a
               (1) The right to inspect and review the student’s education                     person serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the school has
 records within 45 days of the day the school receives a request for access.                   contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or
          Parents or eligible students should submit to the school principal                   therapist); or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary
a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect. The school official      or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her
will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time        tasks.
and place where the records may be inspected.                                                           A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to
          (2) The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that       review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.
the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading.                                   Upon request, the Hillsboro R-3 School District will forward/disclose
          Parents or eligible students may ask the school to amend a record that they          education records without consent to officials of another school district in which a
believe is inaccurate or misleading. They should write the school principal, clearly           student seeks or intends to enroll.
identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or                  (4) The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education
misleading. If the school decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or        concerning alleged failures by the Hillsboro R-3 School District to comply with the
eligible student, the school will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and    requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the office that administered FERPA
advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional        is:
information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible
student when notified of the right to a hearing.                                                                                Family Policy Compliance Office
          (3) The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information                                         U.S. Department of Education
contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes                                          400 Maryland Avenue, SW
disclosure without consent.                                                                                                      Washington, DC 20202-4605
          One exception, which permits disclosure without consent, is disclosure to

                         Protection of Pupil Rights                                                     b. Instruments used to collect personal information from students
The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) affords parents                                            for any of the above marketing sales or
certain rights pertaining to the district’s collection and use of information                              other distribution purposes.
for marketing purposes as well as how the district conducts surveys and                                 c. Instructional material used as part of the educational
certain physical exams. These include the right to:                                                        curriculum.

l. Give consent before students are required to submit to a survey                             These rights transfer from the parents to a student who is 18 years old or
       that concerns one (1) or more of the following protected areas                          an emancipated minor.
       (“protected information survey”) if the survey is funded in whole
       or part by a program of the U.S. Department of Education:                               The Hillsboro R-III School District has adopted policies, in consultation
                                                                                               with parents, regarding these rights and has made arrangements to protect
       a. Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s                        the privacy of student records. The district will directly notify parents
          parent.                                                                              of students who are scheduled to participate in the specific activities or
       b. Mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s                         surveys noted below and will provide an opportunity for the parent to
          family.                                                                              opt his or her child out of participation in the specific activity or survey.
       c. Sex behavior or attitudes.                                                           The district will make this notification to parents at the beginning of the
       d. Illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior.                       school year if the district has identified the specific or approximate dates
       e. Critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents                       of the activities or surveys at that time. Parents will also be provided
          have family relationships.                                                           notification of surveys and activities scheduled after the start of the
       f. Legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such                       school year.
          as those of lawyers, physicians and ministers
       g. Religious practices, affiliations or beliefs of the student or                       If you wish to review any survey instrument or instructional material
           the student’s parent                                                                used in connection with any protected information or marketing survey,
       h. Income, other than as required by law to determine program                           please contact the following school official:
2. Receive notice and an opportunity to opt a student out of:                                                              Director of Student Services
       a. Any other protected information survey, regardless of the                                                             #20 Hawk Drive
          funding source                                                                                                      Hillsboro, MO 63050
       b. Any nonemergency, invasive physical exam or screening                                                                  (636) 789-0060
          required as a condition of attendance administered
          by the school or its agent and not necessary                                         Parents who believe their rights have been violated may file a complaint
          to protect the immediate health and safety of a student, or                          with:
          any physical exam or screening permitted or required under
          state law, except for hearing, vision or scoliosis screenings.                                               Family Policy Compliance Office
       c. Activities involving collection, disclosure or use of personal                                                U.S. Department of Education
          information obtained from students for marketing, selling or                                                   400 Maryland Avenue, SW
          otherwise distributing the information to others.                                                             Washington, D.C. 20202-5901
3. Inspect, upon request and before administration or use:
       a. Protected information surveys of students.

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                       Page 18                                                                Summer, 2006
                           SCHOOL BOARD INFORMATION
                                                                                     The Hillsboro R-3 Board of Educa-
                                                                                     tion meets on a regular basis on
                                                                                     the third Monday of each month.
                                                                                     The meetings are held in the Board
                                                                                     of Education office, located at 20
                                                                                     Hawk Drive on campus, beginning
                                                                                     at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are open
       Kevin C. Roberts      Debra Cross-Politte    Edward J. Kriska
          President            Vice-President          Treasurer
                                                                                     to the public.

                                                                                                BOARD MEETINGS
                     BOARD OF EDUCATION                                                      2006-200 SCHOOL YEAR

                                                                                           Monday, August 21, 2006
             Kevin C. Roberts - President
                                                                                           Monday, September 18, 2006
             Debra Cross-Politte - Vice-President                                          Monday, October 16, 2006
             Edward J. Kriska - Treasurer                                                  Monday, November 20, 2006
             Randy A. Hargis, Sr. - Member                                                 Monday, December 18, 2006
             Charles “Bo” Harrison - Member                                                Monday, January 15, 2007
             Michael D. Messmer, Sr. - Member                                              Monday, February 19, 2007
                                                                                           Monday, March 19, 2007
             Tony A. Koenig - Member
                                                                                           Monday, April 16, 2007
             Beth A. Johnston - Board Secretary                                            Monday, May 21, 2007
                                                                                           Monday, June 18, 2007

                                      CONTACT INFORMATION
ADMINISTRATION BUILDING                            JUNIOR HIGH (7-8)                                 SPECIAL SERVICES CO-OP
Randal Charles, Superintendent                     Terry Edwards, Principal                          Linda Werner, Director
Tom Muzzey, Asst. Supt.                            Heath Allison, Asst. Principal                    #5 Ridgewood
Paula Steeno, Dir. Special Services                #12 Hawk Drive                                    636-797-2820
Jana Rhame, Curr/At-Risk Dir.                      636-789-0020
Kelly Genge, Business Manager                                                                        DAY TREATMENT CENTER
Steve Murray, Dir. of Technology                   SENIOR HIGH (9-12)                                Linda O’Reilly, Director
#20 Hawk Drive                                     Cheryl Aylesworth, Principal                      731 Maple St.
636-789-0060 / 636-797-2212                        Carl Imhof, Asst. Principal.                      636-789-3333 / 636-789-4146
FAX - 636-789-3216                                 Cathy Freeman, Asst. Principal
                                                   Mark Groner, Athletic/Activities Dir.             JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER
PRIMARY SCHOOL (K-2)                               123 Leon Hall Parkway                             Ricky Williams, Teacher
Paul Suchland, Principal                           636-789-0010                                      739 Maple St.
Callista Kostine, Asst. Principal                                                                    636-797-5042
101 Leon Hall Parkway                              ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL
636-789-0050                                       Mona Hunt, Director                               FIELDHOUSE PHONE
                                                   9661 Hwy. 21                                      636-789-0000 ext. 3400
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (3-4)                            636-789-0000 ext. 8101
Jackie Marz-Kocurek, Principal
#13 Hawk Drive                                     TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT
636-789-0040                                       John Byrne, Supervisor
                                                   9661 Hwy. 21
INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL (5-6)                          636-789-0081
Scott Readnour, Principal
Melissa Hildebrand, Asst. Principal                MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT
10486 Hwy. 21                                      Jimmie Turner, Supervisor
636-789-0030                                       504 Vreeland Road
                                                   636-789-0000 ext. #8000

The Hillsboro Messenger                                                Page 19                                                Summer, 2006
                                   2006-200 CALENDAR

                               Hillsboro R-3 School District
                           2006-2007 Calendar with Spring Break
                          August                               January
                          14    Teacher Workday                 3    No School Teacher Workday
                          15    Teacher Workday                 4    Second Semester Begins
                          16    Teacher Workday                11    Professional Development Day
                          17    First Day of School                  3 hr. Early Release
                                                               15    No School
                                                                     Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
                           1    No School
                           4    No School Labor Day            February
                          14    Professional Development Day    8    Professional Development Day
                                3 hr. Early Release                  3 hr. Early Release
                                                               19    No School President’s Day

                          12    Professional Development Day   March
                                3 hr. Early Release             8    Professional Development Day
                          19    End of First Quarter                 3 hr. Early Release
                          20    No School Teacher Workday       9    End of Third Quarter
                                                               12    Spring Break Hillsboro & Jeff.
                          November                                   College March 12 - 16
                           9   Professional Development Day
                               3 hr. Early Release
                          13   No School Veteran’s Day         April
                          22   Two Hour Early Release           6    No School Good Friday
                          23   No School Thanksgiving           9    No School
                          24   No School Thanksgiving          12    Professional Development Day
                                                                     3 hr. Early Release

                          14   Professional Development Day    May
                               3 hr. Early Release             10    Professional Development Day
                          21   End of First Semester                 3 hr. Early Release
                               2 hr. Early Release             21    Last Day of School
                          22   Christmas Break                       2 Hour Early Release
                               Dec. 22 - Jan. 3

The Hillsboro Messenger                                        Page 20                                Summer, 2006

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