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					Pre-AP Physics Test 3 Reviews

Chapter 3: Holt Physics:

p. 91: #2,4
p. 94: #2,4,6
p. 97: Practice 3C #2,3,4
p. 97: Review #2,3,4
p. 102: #2,4
p. 104: #2,4
p. 105 #1,2,3,4
p. 113 #8, 22,23,24,25,36,37

Review answers:

p.91: #2: 45.6 m at 9.5º east of north; #4: 1.8 m at 49º below the horizontal

p. 94: #2: 44 km/h; #4: 0 m, 5 m; #6: 19.8 m, -11.7 m

p. 97: 3C: #2: 7.5 km at 26º above the horizontal; #3: 13.0 m at 33º east of north; #4: 171 km at
34º east of north.

p. 97: review #2a: 5.8 m/s at 59º downriver from its intended path; #2b: 6.1 m/s at 9.5º from the
direction the wave is traveling. #3a: 7.07 km north, 7.07 km east. #3b: 1.6 m/s2 horizontal, 1.1
m/s2 vertical. #4: 13.5 m at 37º north of west.

p. 102#2: 4.9 m/s; #4: 5.6 m

p. 104#2: 70.3 m; #4: 6.2 m/s

p. 105#3: 319 m; #4: 104.8 m/s at 17.4º below the horizontal

p. 113 #8: 7.9 m at 4.3º north of west; #22a: 5 blocks at 53º north of east; #22b: 13 blocks; #23:
8.07 m at 42.0º south of east; #24: 42.7 yards; #25: 61.8 m at 76.0º S of E (or S of W), 25.0 m at
53.1ºS of E (or S of W); #36: 3.3s; 36 m/s; #37: 11 m.
Chapter 4 review:

   1. Review all homework and worksheets.
   2. Answer the questions and solve problems at the end of chapter 3 and 4.

Solve the following problems:

       1. The x component of a force directed at +60.0 degrees above the horizontal is 800.0
           N. Find the magnitude of the force.
       2. What is the mass of an object when its weight is 9000.0 N?
       3. What is the force exerted on an object of 50.0 N to produce an acceleration of 0.30
       4. Two forces act on an object with mass 40.0 kg. One force is 50.0 N directly upward
           and the other is 60.0 N directly to the right. Calculate the acceleration of the object.
       5. Calculate the acceleration of an object of mass 2.0 kg when a force of 3.0 N is acting
           on it horizontally to the right and at the same time another force which is 6.0 N acting
           on it at an angle of 5.0 degrees east of north.
       6. What is the tension (force) of a cable which when applied to an object produces an
           acceleration of 3.0 m/s2? The weight of the object is 2.0 N?
       7. A lantern is at equilibrium while 3 forces act on it at the same time. F1 is 9.0 N acting
           to the right. F2 is 5.0 N acting directly downward. F3 is at an angle of 50.0 degrees
           east of north. Find F3.
       8. A box is being pulled by a force of 100.0 N to the right at a constant velocity. The
           force is 30.0 degrees from the horizontal. Find the normal force exerted on the box if
           the box weighs 300.0 N.
       9. Calculate the force exerted on a box if the horizontal component of the force on the
           box is 95 N. The force is directed 35 degrees above the horizontal.
       10. A cart with a weight of 350.0 N is accelerated across a horizontal surface at 1.5 m/s2.
           What is the net force acting on the cart?
       11. A force of 43.0 N is directed upward and the second of 65.0 N is directed to the right,
           act at the same time on an object with a mass of 38.0 kg. What is the magnitude of
           the resultant acceleration of the object?
       12. A boat with a mass of 2300.0 kg experiences a current force of 3500.0 N directed to
           the east and a wind force against it with a magnitude of 6500.0 N directed 45 degrees
           west of north. What is the magnitude of the resultant acceleration of the boat?
       13. A box with a weight of 4900.0 N is suspended in equilibrium by two strings. String 1
           applies a horizontal force to the right of the box with a tension of F1. String 2 applies
           a force 39 degrees from the negative x-axis and has a tension of F2. Calculate F2.
       14. A big box weighing 98 N is held in place on a frictionless 25 degree slope by a cable
           attached to a stake at the top. The cable is parallel to the slope. What is the normal
           force of the slope acting on the box?
       15. A donkey uses a rope to pull a cart that weighs 295 N across a level surface with
           constant velocity. The rope makes an angle of 35.0 degrees above the horizontal, and
           the tension in the rope is 105 N. What is the normal force of the floor surface on the
       16. If you push a 25.4 kg box with a force of 95.6 N, what is the acceleration of the box?
       17. A 87 kg box initially at rest on a horizontal floor requires a 567 N horizontal force to
           set it moving. What is the coefficient of static friction between the box and the floor?
       18. A 78.0 kg clock slides down a 27.0 degree ramp with an acceleration of 1.75 m/s2.
           What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the clock and the ramp?