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					                                 faces of forty

                                  celebrating 40 years

Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report                           The Providence Center
Message from the CEO

Over the past 40 years, our vision has been guided by our mission to provide the best
possible and most effective services to our clients. As we celebrate the past and look
to a future filled with possibilities, that vision continues to be the hallmark of our
future. As we move forward, we build on our foundation of compassionate care
with innovation, responsibility and dedication.

The Providence Center’s foundation is the belief that our clients’ needs are best
served in the community with a full continuum of care that addresses the whole
person. From counseling and medication to education, wellness, housing and
employment, our clients’ unique needs have always been, and always will be,
met with care and compassion.

One of the keys to our future success is rooted in innovation and technology.
It’s no secret that funding cuts have seriously impacted the behavioral health field.
As funding is reduced, we must react positively and proactively with creative,
innovative changes that use technology to develop efficient, effective ways to
bring health and hope to the people we serve.

Another key to our future is that we remain good fiscal stewards. As president/CEO,
I take this responsibility very seriously. We have been entrusted with resources by
the State of Rhode Island, health insurers, our donors, our friends and our clients.
This is a privilege, and it’s important that we spend the dollars we’ve been given
wisely, prudently and appropriately.

Along with being good fiscal stewards comes the responsibility to serve as a leading public
voice on issues that are important to our clients and the behavioral health field. Historically,
The Providence Center has advocated for its clients and the rights of all citizens. We believe that
everyone has the right to lead a full and meaningful life and that we have a responsibility to challenge
those aspects of the system that may stand in the way of that right.

Providing our clients with exceptional services would not be possible without our dedicated employees.
They are our greatest asset. At The Providence Center, we work hard to create an environment that
recognizes, supports, rewards and challenges our employees because without them, The Providence
Center would not exist.

Over the past 40 years, hundreds of thousands of people have turned to The Providence Center for help.
They look to us with faces filled with hope and dreams for a better life. They are the faces of our past;
they are the faces of our present, and they are the reason The Providence Center will be here tomorrow.

Dale K. Klatzker, PhD
         This annual      Message from the board chair

  report is dedicated
      to our trustees,
         donors, staff    faces of forty:
   and the hundreds       celebrating 40 years
        of thousands
             of clients
          whose lives
have been touched by      The Providence Center’s 40-year history
      The Providence
                          is reflected in the faces of our clients,
          Center over
   the past 40 years.
                          trustees, donors and staff.

                          Their voices combine to tell a story rooted in The Providence Center’s past and present.

                          Some have watched The Providence Center grow from a small mental health clinic with
                          only a handful of employees to a large organization serving over 10,000 people each year.
                          Some talk about what The Providence Center means to them. And some talk about how
                          The Providence Center saved their lives.

                          But whether they are part of our past or present, they all have one thing in common:
                          They have built a solid foundation for our future.

                          This annual report is dedicated to our trustees, donors, staff and the hundreds of thousands
                          of clients whose lives have been touched by The Providence Center over the past 40 years.

                          Jim Botvin
                          Chair, Board of Trustees
                                                                                                           The Providence Center:
                                           their families with the support they need
                                           to function productively in home, school
                                                                                                   William P. Devereaux, Esq.
                                           and community settings. My experiences
                                                                                                   I believe that the greatness of a society is reflected in how it cares for those who
                                           at The Providence Center have convinced
                                                                                                   cannot help themselves. The Providence Center serves some of the most vulnerable
                                           me that a community-based approach is
                                                                                                   people in our society. It has been an honor for me to be associated with an
                                           best for children, families and adults in
                                                                                                   organization that is filled with professionals dedicated to providing exceptional
                                           terms of dealing with mental health and
                                                                                                   services to people with mental health and substance use problems.
                                           behavioral health issues. Sometimes we
                                           need to use hospitals to keep people safe,
                                                                                                   As a board member, I work with 22 other trustees to ensure that The Providence
                                           but we really need to get people involved
                                                                                                   Center stays connected to its mission. The board is an eclectic group and each
                                           in treatment in the community because
                                                                                                   person brings valuable expertise to the table to assist The Providence Center in
                                           whether their problems are related
                                                                                                   achieving its goals of service to the community.
                                           to family, friends, job, or school, the
                                           community is the context in which their
                                                                                                   We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously. The bottom line is that without
                                           problems exist.
                                                                                                   money, The Providence Center cannot deliver the much needed services we offer
                                                                                                   our clients. Especially in these tough economic times, it is vitally important to
                                           The staff at The Providence Center is
                                                                                                   recognize that when you make a donation to The Providence Center, you are
                                           exceptional. Physicians, psychologists,
                                                                                                   making an investment in your community. If we foster a community that cares
                                           therapists, nurses, teachers and
                                                                                                   about its people, particularly those most in need, we create a better place for our
                                           caseworkers all work together to teach
                                                                                                   children and grandchildren.
                                           our clients how to live in the community
Dr. James Greer                            and how to address all the daily
                                                                                                   Over its 40-year history, The Providence Center has time and again helped, and in
                                           challenges they face. It is a privilege
                                                                                                   some cases saved, many lives and families. However, none of that would have
My first impression when I interviewed     to work at The Providence Center
                                                                                                   been possible without its dedicated staff members. They are the heart of this
for a position at The Providence           alongside such talented and dedicated
                                                                                                   wonderful organization. Without them, many people in our community
Center was that the quality of work,       people who give so much to our clients
                                                                                                   would simply have fallen through the cracks and have
exceptional staff and a cooperative        and to each other.
                                                                                                   been forgotten. The work our staff performs is long, at
multi-disciplinary approach to treatment
                                                                                                   times frustrating and requires consistent patience to
made it an extraordinary organization.
                                                                                                   ensure each client’s success. These folks, not the
I have been on staff at The Providence     James Greer, MD, clinical director of Child
                                                                                                   Hollywood stars and the professional athletes, are
Center since 1985 and every day my         and Family Services
                                                                                                   the true heroes of society.
experiences continue to support that
first impression.                          Dr. Greer is past president of the Rhode Island
                                           Council for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and past      I have stayed connected to The Providence Center for
                                           board member of the Mental Health Association           so many years because I sincerely believe that The
At The Providence Center, we use a
                                           of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Coalition          Providence Center is a vital cog in our community.
team approach to treatment. As clinical    of Consumer Self-Advocates. He was assistant            I also believe that if you have been fortunate in life
director of Child and Family Services, I   professor of child psychiatry and pediatrics at
                                           Tulane University and, since 1985, has been
                                                                                                   you must give something back, whether that be money
work together with professionals from a
                                           clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown     or service. Being associated with The Providence
variety of disciplines. We offer a broad
                                           University. In 1999, he received the Nancy Roeske       Center has given me that opportunity and certainly
range of programs and services designed    Award for Excellence in Teaching from the American      has enriched my life.
specifically to meet the specialized       Psychiatric Association for his work at Brown and
needs of children and adolescents          the Exemplary Psychiatrist Award for 2001 from
                                           the National Association for the Mentally Ill for his            .
                                                                                                   William P Devereaux, Esq., has been a member of
experiencing behavioral challenges.
                                           advocacy efforts on behalf of the mentally ill. He      The Providence Center’s board of trustees since 1995.
                                           has been published in medical and psychiatric           He is a partner at the law firm of
The goal throughout all of our programs    journals and is currently co-writing a book on early    Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC.
and services at The Providence Center is   childhood trauma and neglect and its effects on
to provide adults, young people and        children’s brains, emotions and behavior.
  Our stories ... staff, trustees, clients and donors

                                          Elaine helped me to realize that I
                                          could not heal until I allowed myself     Nixon Peabody LLP
                                          to stop pretending and feel the pain.
                                          I went to The Providence Center for
                                          three years and every time I saw her      The dedicated and caring professionals at The Providence Center help many
                                          I got stronger.                           Rhode Islanders live safer, happier and more productive lives. Nixon Peabody
                                                                                    LLP recognizes that The Providence Center does invaluable work by providing
                                          Elaine taught me to fight back. She       treatment, counseling, and support to those facing mental health or substance
                                          helped me to discover how important       use challenges. In these difficult economic times, many Rhode Islanders would
                                          it was to take care of myself. She gave   have nowhere to turn if not for The Providence Center.
                                          me my pride back; she gave me my
                                          strength back; she gave me my life        Nixon Peabody LLP, a “Global 100” law firm (one of the largest in the
                                          back.                                     world), was recognized as one of FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best
                                                                                    Companies To Work For®” three years in a row and has been named
                                          As Director of Constituent Affairs for    to the Human Rights Campaign’s 2010 “Best Places To Work For
                                          Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s office,     LGBT Equality” list.
                                          many times people call me looking for
                                          help with mental health or substance      We strive not only to be an
                                          use problems. I always recommend          outstanding place to work, but
                                          professional help and tell them that      also to improve the cities and
                                          most people have times in their lives     states in which we live and
                                          when they need help. It’s nothing to      work through our own
                                          be ashamed of; it’s just the way it is.   volunteerism and by giving to
                                                                                    and working with others who
   Kathy Hinckley                         The Providence Center has saved the       combat society’s ills.                             Nixon Peabody
                                          lives of so many people. I am one of
                                          those people.                             Simply put, supporting the
                                                                                    mission of The Providence Center
Kathy Hinckley                            Kathy Hinckley, Director of Constituent   helps Nixon Peabody make
                                          Affairs for Congressman Patrick J.        Providence and Rhode
I am a proud, strong woman. But there     Kennedy’s office                          Island a better place
was a time in my life when that wasn’t                                              for all.
the case.
                                                                                    Andrew B. Prescott, Esq.,
After my 24-year marriage broke up,                                                 is a partner at
I became very depressed. It wasn’t        “The Providence                           Nixon Peabody LLP,
long before I realized I couldn’t get                                               a “Global 100”
my strength back without help. That’s
when I called The Providence Center.
                                          Center has saved                          law firm that has
                                                                                    been generously
                                                                                    supporting The
My counselor’s name was Elaine.           the lives of so many                      Providence
When I first met her, I was in pain—                                                Center since
not physical pain, emotional pain.
I was trying hard to pretend that I was
                                          people. I am one                          2002.

fine, but pretending always manages
to catch up with you after a while.       of those people.”
    The Providence Center:                                                      our stories
                                            Michael and Mary                            Donald                                           Paul DeFanti
                                            Schwartz                                    Barbeau
                                                                                                                                         As an accountant, there are times
                                                                                                                                         when I need information from other
                                            One of the reasons we support               As president of the                              staff members to get my job done.
                                            The Providence Center is to help            Parish Council at St.
                                            raise awareness about mental illness.       Teresa’s Church in                               From our president/CEO and senior
                                            Mental illness touches the lives of so      Pawtucket, I                                     leadership team to any other staff
                                            many people. It shouldn’t be a deep,        began an initiative                              member, I know I can walk into
                                            dark secret that families keep hidden.      to help clothe the                               anyone’s office without an appoint-
                                                                                        children at The                                  ment and get the information I need.
                                            The Providence Center has saved so          Providence Center.
                                            many lives. We tell everyone we know        I can still remember                             Just as our clients are supported by
                                            that we support The Providence Center.      the thank-you                                    a broad range of services, as a staff
                                            We want to make our friends and the         note I received                                  member, I am supported by my fel-
                                            public aware. It’s the right thing to do.   when I made our                                  low employees. At The Providence
                                                                                        first delivery:                                  Center, staff members are valued
                                                                                        “Your bountiful                                  and respected.
                                            Michael and Mary Schwartz have been         donations transformed
                                            generously supporting The Providence        a slightly tired,
                                            Center since 1992. Michael co-chaired       moderately grumpy
                                            The Providence Center’s first annual golf   child into a hugely
                                            tournament in 2002.                                                                                               Paul DeFanti,
                                                                                        pleased little girl with
                                                                                                                                                               accountant, has
                                                                                        an enormous smile.”
                                                                                                                                                               been an employee
Rev. Robert T. Brooks                                                                   That was it; I was
                                                                                                                                                                at The Providence
                                                                                        hooked. Ever since
                                                                                                                                                                Center since 1994.
                                                                                        that day, I’ve been
The Providence Center serves some
                                                                                        supporting The
of the most vulnerable people in
                                                                                        Providence Center
Rhode Island and its surrounding
                                                                                        in any way I can.
communities. As an Episcopal priest,
                                                                                        For me, helping The
I see firsthand the need for mental
                                                                                        Providence Center to make
health and substance use services.
                                                                                        a difference in a child’s life is a privilege.
My parish alone hosts 13 substance
use recovery meetings each week.
                                                                                        Donald Barbeau, president of Coffee
The outstanding work done by The
                                                                                        Express LTD, has been dedicated to
Providence Center in this and so
                                                                                        supporting The Providence Center’s
many other areas makes me proud
                                                                                        children for over 20 years.
to be part of this organization’s
                                                                                        “For me, helping The
Reverend Robert T. Brooks, member of                                                    Providence Center to
The Providence Center’s board of trustees
and Rector of St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea                                                   make a difference in a
parish in Little Compton, has been a
member of the board since 2005.                                                         child’s life is a privilege.”
                                         Mary-Ellen Benoit                      Joshua Teverow,                           Karen Lee
                                                                                Esq., has been
                                         I have been a client at The            generously                                I have been a member of The
                                         Providence Center since 1979.          supporting The                            Providence Center’s board of
                                         I’m not ashamed of my illness.         Providence Center                         trustees since 1994 and a client
                                         It happens to run in my family.        since 2005.                               at The Providence Center for the
                                         Depression, anxiety, agoraphobia—                                                past 17 years. I joined the board to
                                         we’ve seen it all.                                                               represent the needs of clients.

                                         I am an intelligent, educated woman;                                             I’ve been working to assist
                                         but without the help I receive from                                              The Providence Center in creating
                                         The Providence Center, I would not                                               effective ways for clients to
                                         be as accomplished as I am today.                                                communicate with the organization
Jacqueline Wallace, RN                                                                                                    about their experiences so that we
                                         The Providence Center has helped                                                 know what is working and what
“... our clients receive                 me through so many difficult times.                                              needs improvement.

                                         As a member of The Providence
exceptional services                     Center’s board of trustees, I’m
                                         giving back to the organization
                                                                                                                          “I joined the
from a highly competent,                 that gave me back
                                         my life.                                                                         board to
dedicated staff.”
I started working at The Providence
                                                                                 Joshua Teverow, Esq.                     represent the
Center in 1973 as a psychiatric nurse.
I was the first psychiatric nurse to
                                                                                 The Providence Center provides
                                                                                 desperately needed services for
                                                                                                                          needs of clients.”
work in a community mental health                                                the community with sensitivity
center in Rhode Island. The Provi-                                               and efficiency.
dence Center has grown so much                                                                                            Karen Lee, member of The
since then. From counseling to medi-                                             I am extremely impressed with the        Providence Center’s
cation management, case manage-                                                  high caliber and professionalism of      board of trustees,
ment, educational and vocational                                                 the staff. They are dedicated to their   is a yoga therapist
services, our clients receive                                                    clients and truly enjoy the work         and owner of
                                                                                                                          Breathing Time
exceptional services from a highly                                               they do.
                                                                                                                          Yoga in Pawtucket,
competent, dedicated staff.
                                                                                                                          RI. She has been
                                                                                                                          a member of
I’m proud to be on staff at The                                                                                           the board
Providence Center and to have had                                                                                         since 1994.
the opportunity to play a small part
in establishing a nursing presence in
                                         Mary-Ellen Benoit,                     “The Providence
                                         member of The
the behavioral health field in Rhode
                                         Providence Center                      Center provides
                                         board of trustees
                                         since 2009 and                         desperately needed
Jacqueline Wallace, RN,                  client at The
senior psychiatric nurse                 Providence Center                      services ...”
     The Providence Center:                                                    our stories
Stephen M. Carpenter                                                                 Charles Feldman                                   .
                                                                                                                                  Ana P Novais, member
                                                                                                                                  of The Providence Center’s
                                                                                                                                  board of trustees and
The Providence Center’s mission is a                                                                                              executive director of
match with the Shriner’s philosophy to                                               “I have achieved a level of                  the Division of
help children with special needs. Since                                                                                           Community, Family
our philosophies are the same, it was
                                                                                     independence and fulfill-                    Health and Equity for
                                                                                                                                  the Rhode Island
natural for us to support The Providence                                             ment that I once would not                   Department of
Center through our philanthropic efforts.
                                                                                                                                  Health, has been
                                                                                     have believed possible.”                     a member of
At the Shriner’s, we like to take children                                                                                        the board
that are hurting and leave them a little                                             I am in recovery from paranoid               since 2008.
better than we found them. We do that                                                schizophrenia. I have not been in a
when we support The Providence Center.                                               psychiatric hospital since 1981 when
                                                                                     I started at The Providence Center, and
Stephen M. Carpenter of Carpenter Jenks                                              I do not expect to be in one again in
Funeral Home is a member of The Shriners                                             this lifetime. The Providence Center
of Rhode Island Charitable Trust, an                                                 has allowed me to grow and recover to
organization that has been generously                                                the point where I have achieved a level
supporting children’s programs at The                                                of independence and fulfillment that I
Providence Center since 1997.                                                        once would not have believed possible.

                                                                                     Charles Feldman, trustee emeritus, served
                                                                                     on The Providence Center’s board of
                                                                                     trustees from 1991 to 2008. He is chair of
                                                                                     the Mental Health Consumer Advocates
                                                                                     of Rhode Island and administrative
                                             Daniel                                  assistant for the National Alliance on
                                                                                     Mental Illness of Rhode Island.
                                             Daniel began having problems at
                                             day care when he was just two
                                             years old. I was getting four or five                                                 Ana P. Novais
                                             calls a week about his “problem”
                                             behavior. Everywhere I turned for                                                     The staff and leadership at The
                                             help, I faced frustration. Finally,                                                   Providence Center have very open
                                             I found The Providence Center’s                                                       minds and are always willing to
                                             Early Childhood Institute and our                                                     embrace diversity and new ideas.
                                             lives began to change. Through their                                                  As a member of the board of
                                             wisdom and compassion, the staff                                                      trustees, I share my understanding
                                             members at The Providence Cen-                                                        of the health needs of Rhode Island-
                                             ter have given me great hope for                                                      ers and my years of experience
                                             Daniel’s future. The people at The                                                    working in mental health
                                             Providence Center are true heroes;                                                    and cultural competency to help
                                             they change lives every day.                                                          The Providence Center serve the
                                                                                                                                   incredibly diverse communities in
                                             Margaret Reid, Daniel’s mom, is
                                                                                                                                   Providence and surrounding areas.
                                             associate professor of English and
                                             director of American Studies at
                                                                                                                                   I am honored to be associated with
                                             Providence College.
                                                                                                                                   The Providence Center.
Jon Dupré                                  Dina Gagliardi,                     Daryl Craig                              Elaine Poncelet, former
                                           billing manager,                                                             employee of The
I was in high school when I was            has been an                         I started using drugs and alcohol to     Providence Center
diagnosed with schizophrenia and           employee at                         suppress what was really going on
manic depression. I was in and out of      The Providence                      in my life when I was a teenager.
the hospital many times before I found     Center since                        But when I entered The Providence
The Providence Center.                     1993.                               Center’s Long-Term Care program,
                                                                               all that changed. My counselor
That was over 15 years ago. Today,                                             taught me how to reason and how
I’m proud to say that I’m working toward                                       to control my anger. He taught me
a master’s degree and spending much                                            that it was okay to fail, just as long
of my time advocating for people with                                          as I kept on trying.
mental illness. If it weren’t for
The Providence Center, I could easily                                          Today, I’m proud of the person I’ve
be in a hospital, homeless, in jail, in                                        become. I have a great relationship
a group home or even dead. The                                                 with my family; I mentor first-time
Providence Center saved my life.                                               offenders for the Providence 6th
                                                                               District Court; I coach a girl’s
                                                                               basketball team and was voted
“If it weren’t for The                                                         “Best Fan” for the North End 49ers,
                                                                               my favorite Pop Warner football
Providence Center, I                                                           team. The Providence Center
                                                                               showed me the way to recovery.           Elaine Poncelet
could easily be in a                                                           The Providence
                                                                               Center gave me                           Right from the start of my
hospital, homeless,                        Dina Gagliardi                      my life back.                            23-year career at The Providence
                                                                                                                        Center, I felt a sense of pride in
in jail ... even dead.”                    Rosalyn Carter once said, “A        Daryl Craig,                             being connected to an organi-
                                           leader takes people where they      a former client                          zation and professional staff so
                                           want to go. A great leader takes    of The                                   dedicated to providing excellent
Jon Dupré, a client at
                                           people where they don’t necessar-   Providence                               treatment services and support to
The Providence
                                           ily want to go, but ought to be.”   Center’s                                 clients with a wide range of needs.
                                           At The Providence Center our
                                           president/CEO, together with our    Care                                     Working at The Providence
                                           senior leadership and staff, all    program                                  Center was a wonderful experi-
                                           work together to strengthen our                                              ence ... a place where who you
                                           organization so that we are ready                                            are and what you contribute
                                           to face any challenge the                                                    really matters.
                                           future holds. I am honored to
                                           work for a progressive organiza-
                                           tion that has empathy for its                                                “... a place where
                                           clients and offers its staff the
                                           opportunity for personal and                                                 who you are and what
                                           professional growth. At The
                                           Providence Center we believe                                                 you contribute really
                                           in our mission and work together
                                           as a family.                                                                 matters.”
    The Providence Center:                                                   our stories
            Krystle Santos, a former          Dolly Brooks                         Frank Casale is                              Catherine A’vant-Fowler, lead substance
             student at The Providence                                             a senior vice president                      use therapist at Women’s Day Treatment,
                Center School, with her son   The years I have spent at The        at Sovereign Bank/                           has been an employee at The Providence
                 Julian who attended          Providence Center School have        Santander, a company                         Center since 1998.
                        The Providence        been among the most rewarding        that has been
                           Center’s Early     experiences I have had as a          generously supporting
                             Childhood        professional educator.               The Providence
                               Institute                                           Center since 2002.
                                              Our school provides a highly
                                              specialized level of educational
                                              and clinical programming for
                                              special needs students with
                                              attention to the specific needs
                                              of each individual. The level of     Casale
                                              excellence among the professionals
                                              who work here, as well as the
                                              programming within the organiza-
Krystle Santos and                            tion, is extraordinary.              “... the people
Julian                                        Each day, lives are enriched and
                                                                                   they serve will
When Julian became easily frustrated
                                              enhanced, both for our students      always have
                                              and for our staff.
and started throwing tantrums at just                                              a place to go
two years old, I turned to The Provi-         Dolly Brooks,
dence Center for help. After just 10          technology                           where they will find
months at The Providence Center’s             coordinator at
Early Childhood Institute, Julian was         The Providence
                                                                                   a helping hand.”
successfully placed into an early             Center School,
intervention program.                         has been an
                                                                                   As the economy has changed, so has
                                              employee at The
                                                                                   our industry. We have had to work hard
Julian is four years old now, and I still     Providence Center
                                                                                   to find efficient, effective mechanisms
use the techniques we were taught             School since 1999.                                                                Catherine A’vant-Fowler
                                                                                   that work for us so we will continue to
at the Early Childhood Institute and
                                                                                   be a strong bank.
those that I learned as a student at The                                                                                        The women who come to us at
Providence Center School over 10                                                                                                Women’s Day are suffering.
                                                                                   Similarly, The Providence Center has
years ago. Thanks to The Providence
                                                                                   had to work hard to find ways to stay
Center, we are a happy, loving family.                                                                                          We empower them to make positive
                                                                                   strong in the face of budget cuts and a
                                                                                                                                changes in their lives—changes that
                                                                                   weak economy. We are impressed with
                                                                                                                                enable them to get healthy and gain
“Thanks to The                                                                     The Providence Center and its efforts to
                                                                                   prepare for the future so that no matter
                                                                                                                                self-confidence so they can face the
                                                                                                                                world and raise their children.
                                                                                   what their status in life, the people they
Providence Center,                                                                 serve will always have a place to go
                                                                                                                                I have the unique opportunity to see
                                                                                   where they will find a helping hand.
we are a happy,                                                                    We support The Providence Center
                                                                                                                                the amazing transformation in the
                                                                                                                                lives of so many women every day.
                                                                                   because we believe in the organization
loving family.”                                                                    and its mission.
                                                                                                                                My work brings me great joy.
                                           David Oliver, residential assistant
Nat Calamis                                at The Providence Center and former
                                                                                   Maureen McDonald                          Sandra Sellers,
                                                                                                                             a graduate of the
                                           client of The Providence Center
We have had a long-standing business                                               If it is true that a society is judged    Women’s Day
relationship with The Providence Center.                                           by how it treats its most vulnerable      Treatment program
Through that relationship, we have come                                            citizens, then Rhode Islanders can
to respect the mission, breadth and                                                be very proud of The Providence
depth of what the organization does for                                            Center.
so many people in Rhode Island.
                                                                                   Through programs for the treatment of
From mental health and substance use                                               behavioral, psychiatric and addiction
services to jobs, wellness, housing,                                               problems for individuals of every age,
and education for adults, adolescents,                                             The Providence Center has more than
children and families, The Providence                                              met the test in caring for our state’s
Center does it all. When we support                                                most vulnerable.
The Providence Center, we make an
investment in the community.                                                       Rhode Island can, indeed, be proud
                                                                                   of The Providence Center. I am both
                                                                                   grateful and proud to be part of this
                                                                                   extraordinary organization.
“When we support
The Providence Center,                     David Oliver                            Maureen McDonald,
                                                                                   trustee emerita,
we make an investment                      Before I began at The Providence        served on
                                           Center, I struggled for over 30 years   The Providence
in the community.”                         with substance use. During those        Center’s board
                                           years, I was homeless, jobless and      of trustees from
                                           used drugs and alcohol as a means       1975-2007
                                           to cope with life.                      and chaired its
                                                                                   first endowment
Nat Calamis is president                   At The Providence Center, I learned     campaign in 2004.
and CEO of Starkweather                    how to overcome my addictions and
& Shepley Insurance                        to live and work in society. Thanks
                                                                                                                            Sandra Sellers
Brokerage, Inc.,                           to The Providence Center, I have a
a company that has                                                                                                          The Women’s Day Treatment
                                           place to live and a job working full
been generously                                                                                                             program gave me hope and
                                           time as a residential assistant. The
supporting The                                                                                                              strength. It taught me to accept
                                           Providence Center helped me to
Providence Center                                                                                                           who I am - a woman with
                                           change my life. I am deeply grateful.
since 1999.                                                                                                                 dignity and grace.

                                                                                                                            Cathy and Linda, the program
                                           “The Providence                                                                  leaders, helped to open doors
                                                                                                                            that I never thought in my wildest
                                           Center helped me to                                                              dreams would ever open. I
                                                                                                                            am very grateful to them and to
                                           change my life. I am                                                             The Providence Center.

                                           deeply grateful.”
         The Providence Center:                                                    our stories
                                        Adriana Ramos-Torelli                        “... they do whatever it                        Linda M. Cohen, Esq.
                                        It is a privilege for me to work in Child
                                                                                     takes to help those in need.”
                                                                                                                                     I hear over and over that The Providence
                                        and Family Services. From our doctors                                                        Center’s quality of care is first rate. We
                                        to our clinicians to our front desk staff,                                                   offer a broad range of programs and do
                                        the culture here is nurturing and caring.                                                    everything possible to help those who
                                        Our staff is so talented and extremely                                                       have no other place to go. I believe
                                        dedicated.                                                                                   The Providence Center offers the best
                                                                                                                                     model for delivering care to those in
                                        We give our clients a lot of support and                                                     need of mental health and substance use
                                        learn a lot from them in the process.                                                        services. I am proud to be part of this
                                        My job is very rewarding.                                                                    organization.

                                                                                                                                     Linda M. Cohen, Esq., has been a member
                                                                                                                                     of The Providence Center’s board of trustees
                                                                                                                                     since 1991. She served as board chair from
                                        Adriana Ramos-Torelli, LICSW, clinical                                                       1998 to 2006.
                                        supervisor of Child and Family Services,
“My life and my recovery                has been an employee at
                                                                                                                                     “I believe The Providence
                                        The Providence
have been enriched by                   Center since
                                                                                                                                     Center offers the best model
this experience.”                       2002.
                                                                                                                                     for delivering care to those
                                                                                     Sheree Kaplan
Robert C. Wood, Sr.                                                                                                                  in need of mental health
                                                                                     People who don’t have a job,
I have been in recovery for 29                                                       health insurance or anyone to
                                                                                                                                     and substance
years. I am very passionate about
what The Providence Center does
                                                                                     turn to go to The Providence Center             use services.”
                                                                                     for help every single day. For the
for people with addictions. The                                                      dedicated staff members at The
people we serve are some of the                                                      Providence Center, it’s not just a
most vulnerable in society. As a                                                     nine-to-five job—they do whatever
board member, my colleagues                                                          it takes to help those in need.
and I are always exploring new,                                                      They provide services 24 hours a
innovative ways to ensure that                                                       day, seven days a week.
they receive exceptional care.
I am honored to be serving as a                                                      The Providence Center just seems to
trustee. My life and my recovery                                                     get in your blood. I can’t do enough
have been enriched by this                                                           to help The Providence Center.

                                                                                      Sheree Kaplan, member of The Providence
Robert C. Wood, Sr., member of The
                                                                                      Center’s board of trustees, is president and
Providence Center’s board of trustees
                                                                                      owner of Jake Kaplan’s LTD. She has been
and owner/partner of Black Goose
                                                                                      generously supporting The Providence
Antiques in Seekonk, MA, has been a
                                                                                      Center since she became a board member
member of the board since 1995.
                                                                                      in 2004.
                                                                                       Pamala Pike with her son José, a client
                                          James Pinel                                  in Child and Family Services at The       Charles E. Maynard
                                                                                       Providence Center
                                          I joined The Providence Center to                                                      Forty years ago, The Providence
                                          become part of a dynamic organization                                                  Center was at the forefront of two
                                          focused on client-centered care.                                                       parallel movements—community
                                                                                                                                 mental health and deinstitutional-
                                          As director of Adult Services, I have                                                  ization. Working with community
                                          had the privilege of managing the                                                      mental health centers across the
                                          implementation of the new, innovative                                                  state, we partnered with MHRH to
                                          System of Care Pilot Program. This pro-                                                develop a continuum of care system
                                          gram gives The Providence Center the                                                   that has enabled thousands of patients
                                          flexibility to not only serve more clients                                             to receive care and treatment in their
                                          at the level of care they need, but also                                               communities. Over the years, The
                                          the opportunity to be a pioneer in                                                     Providence Center has blazed new
                                          designing a new system of care in                                                      trails in behavioral health, evolving
                                          Rhode Island.                                                                          to serve a changing and growing
                                                                                       Pamala Pike and José                      population. We are a vital part of
                                          I’m proud to be working for an organiza-                                               the community—and that is a
                                                                                       José was unable to express his
                                          tion that is on the forefront of consumer-                                             legacy worth celebrating.
                                                                                       feelings. His behavior affected
                                          centered, recovery-focused services.
                                                                                       our family, his social life and his
                                                                                       schoolwork. After just over a year
                                                                                       in counseling at The Providence
                                          James Pinel, director of Adult Services,
                                                                                       Center, the change we have seen in
                                          joined The Providence Center’s team in                                                 Charles E. Maynard,
                                                                                       José has been remarkable. Before,
                                          2008 as the supervisor of an                                                           founder and former
                                                                                       he was quiet and stayed by himself.
Sandra Oster                              Assertive Community
                                                                                       Now, he has lots of friends and
                                                                                                                                 president/CEO of
                                          Treatment team.                                                                        The Providence Center,
                                                                                       many play dates. He has joined a
I believe we have a moral                 He was promoted                                                                        retired in 2004.
                                                                                       baseball team and is really enjoy-
obligation to give to others in need.     to director of Adult
                                                                                       ing being with his teammates and
While committing money to causes          Services in 2009.
                                                                                       playing ball. He loves going to the
is indeed important and necessary,
                                                                                       library and has become a straight
it is the donation of one’s own
                                                                                       “A” student.
time—one’s most precious
possession—that makes all the
                                                                                       The Providence Center helped José
                                                                                       to develop self-confidence and
                                                                                       taught him how to express his
The Providence Center is an enor-
                                                                                       feelings. Thanks to The Providence
mously caring organization. We are
                                                                                       Center, our José has his life back.
all obligated to help perpetuate the
ability of this extraordinary organi-
zation to heal the people it serves.                                                   “He loves going to the
Sandra Oster and the late Richard Oster                                                library and has become a
have been generously supporting The
Providence Center since 2003.
                                                                                       straight “A” student.”
The Providence Center:                           financials
serviCe statistiCs                       Consolidating     statement of aCtivities and Changes in net assets

                                         Source of funding
People served by race
                                         Federal                               $    2,239,773   7%
White – 44%                              State of Rhode Island                      3,662,303   12%
Hispanic/Latino – 25%                    Occupancy costs (in kind)                  1,108,751   4%
Black/African American – 17%             Cities and towns                           4,014,416   13%
Other – 3%                               Fundraising and contributions                441,608   1%
Southeast Asian – 2%                     Medicaid                                  13,987,810   44%
Unspecified – 9%                         Client activities, fees and
                                           residential rental income                  761,183   2%
The Providence Center Staff              Third-party reimbursements                 2,879,459   9%
                                         PROMAIL, Etc., sales                         595,573   2%
White – 63%                              Consultation and other income              1,882,057   6%
Black/African American – 18%
Hispanic/Latino – 13%                    Total                                 $ 31,572,933     100%
Asian – 2%
American Indian or Alaskan Native – 1%   Use of funding
Two or more races – 1%
Unspecified – 2%                         Program Services:
                                         Community Support Services            $    4,955,505   16%
                                         Child and Family Services                  6,777,644   21%
                                         Adult Services                             7,232,549   23%
                                         Residential Services                       6,454,277   21%
                                         Vocational Services                          904,012   3%

                                         Supporting Services:
                                         Management and General                     4,803,591   15%
                                         Fundraising                                 292,636    1%

                                         Total                                 $ 31,420,214     100%

                                         Change in net assets                 $      152,719
 Fiscal Year 2009                                                           Adult Services

 year in review                                                             The Providence Center is one of three community mental health
                                                                            centers chosen by the Department of MHRH to participate in
                                                                            the Rhode Island Consumer System of Care Pilot Project, a new
                                                                            consumer-centered, recovery-focused model offering flexibility
                                                                            in service to clients with Medicaid.
“I joined The Providence Center’s board of
trustees in part because of the exemplary work                          >   A “Health Walk” to Roger Williams Memorial Park kicked off

that the Providence Police Department and The                               The Providence Center’s celebration of Minority Health Month
                                                                            in April. Other events included celebrating the Cambodian New
Providence Center do together at Kennedy
                                                                            Year and a health fair featuring medical screenings, exercise
Plaza. Through one-on-one, ‘real-time’ training,
                                                                            demonstrations and techniques for healthy cooking. Clients also
The Providence Center teaches police officers                               received health information booklets printed in English, Spanish
how to help people with mental illness and                                  and Cambodian during the month. The events and booklets were
substance use problems and address individuals                              made possible through a grant from the Rhode Island Depart-
                                                                            ment of Health.
who may exhibit aggressive behaviors. The
Providence Center and the Providence Police
                                                                        >   The Behavioral Health Outpatient, Women’s Day Treatment
Department have a great partnership.”                                       and Quitting Time Addictions Recovery programs were relocat-
                                                                            ed to The Providence Center’s 530 North Main Street location to
Commander Paul J. Kennedy, member of The Providence Center’s
board of trustees and deputy chief of police of the Providence Police       provide clients with rapid access to an expanded continuum of
Department, has been a member of the board since 2007.                      care.

                                                                        >   The Providence Center’s Ocean State Counseling program
                                                                            began providing clinical services at the Community College of
                                                                            Rhode Island’s Warwick, Lincoln and Providence campuses for
                                                                            the college’s students, faculty, staff and family members.
    Child and Family Services                                           Intermediate and Residential Services

>   In partnership with CCRI, Imagine Preschool opened on the       >   In order to expand substance use recovery services, Women’s Day
    Knight Campus in Warwick to provide early childhood                 Treatment, Quitting Time Addictions Recovery and the treatment
    education for children three to five years old.                     component of the Department of Corrections Re-Entry Grant
                                                                        were reorganized under Intermediate Services.
>   Children’s Intensive Services transitioned into Child and
    Adolescent Intensive Treatment Services, a new program that     >   The Providence Center was awarded a grant to assist men
    provides services to youth and families in need of intensive,       with substance use issues to successfully re-enter society when
    community-based services.                                           discharging from medium security at the Adult Correctional Institute.

>   Imagine Preschool and the Early Childhood Institute were        >   The Staying Connected program was developed to help individu-
    awarded the highest rating from BrightStars, a rating system        als sustain mental health and/or substance use recovery. Volunteer
    that supports quality in early childhood education.                 coaches work with people to keep them engaged and supported in
                                                                        treatment throughout their recovery.
>   The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    (RIDE) selected Imagine Preschool as one of seven programs
    to participate in the Rhode Island Pre-Kindergarten                 Acute Care Services
    Demonstration Project. The project, which RIDE will run
    in partnership with Rhode Island Kids Count, will be the
    first state-supported program offering high quality early       >   After-hours Emergency Services for active clients of The Providence
    childhood education for four-year-old children.                     Center moved to the Roger Williams Medical Center. Providence
                                                                        Center staff work together with emergency room staff from 4:00 p.m.
                                                                        to 8:30 a.m., seven days a week.

                                                                    >   The Providence Center began working with the pre-trial services
                                                                        team at the Public Safety Complex in Providence. Our clinicians
                                                                        evaluate people presenting with mental health or substance use
                                                                        problems and make recommendations for treatment.
                                                                    >   Karen Adams, Lori Porcaro and Laurie White were honored
    Administration                                                      for their generosity and support of the community at The
                                                                        Providence Center’s annual Circle of Stars event. The event
                                                                        was attended by more than 250 people and raised funds to
>   The Providence Center pursued grant opportunities from
                                                                        support The Providence Center’s programs and services.
    the state and federal governments, as well as corporations
    and foundations, to support programs, services and new
    partnerships. A total of more than $2.1 million was awarded
                                                                    >   Members of The Charles E. Maynard Society were welcomed
                                                                        to the Caprio family home in Narragansett, Rhode Island, by
    to support program services, including a therapeutic
                                                                        Chief Judge Frank Caprio; his wife Joyce; sons Frank T. Caprio,
    playground; homeless outreach team; equipment for
                                                                        general treasurer of Rhode Island; and David A. Caprio, Rhode
    PROMAIL, Etc., a vocational program of The Providence
                                                                        Island State Representative. The Society gathers annually to
    Center; expansion of substance use treatment; recovery
                                                                        recognize new members and learn about trends in the behavioral
    coaching and discharge planning from the Rhode Island
                                                                        health field.
    Adult Correctional Institute.

>   The Providence Center became a partner in Rapid Access
                                                                    >   The Providence Center’s Eighth Annual Golf Tournament, held
                                                                        at Ledgemont Country Club in Seekonk, Massachusetts, was one
    Rhode Island (RARI), an innovative partnership with
                                                                        of the most successful in the tournament’s history, attracting 145
    Providence Community Health Centers and Blackstone Valley
                                                                        golfers and netting over $105,000.
    Community Health Care. Funded by a grant from the Rhode
    Island Foundation, the goal of RARI is to increase access to
    primary care services through increased hours of operation,
                                                                    >   The Providence Center implemented InfoScriber, a secure,
                                                                        Web-based prescribing and medication management system
    the co-location of behavioral health and primary care and the
                                                                        that can be accessed anywhere using an Internet connection.
    expansion of on-site services.
                                                                        InfoScriber improves access to key clinical information,
                                                                        including potential drug-to-drug/food interactions and drug
>   The It’s Easy Being Green initiative was launched in response
                                                                        allergy alerts, pregnancy and lactation alerts, peer medication
    to suggestions from staff on ways to make The Providence
                                                                        dosing patterns and on-line access to clinical resources.
    Center an eco-friendly organization. Many changes have
    been implemented to influence practices that protect
    the environment.                                                    “I have been affiliated with The Providence Center since 1986 as a
                                                                        board member and since 1999 as a trustee emeritus. I am constantly
>   The Providence Center’s redesigned Web site was launched
                                                                        impressed at how hard staff members work to develop progressive,
    at www.providencecenter.org. The user friendly design
    gives visitors the opportunity to learn about programs and          innovative programs to respond to the complex needs of our clients.
    services, stay updated with news and information and make           I am proud to be associated with an organization so committed to
    donations online.
                                                                        providing exceptional service to the people it serves.”

                                                                        Robert M. Doyle, trustee emeritus of The Providence Center’s board of trustees
The Charles E. Maynard Society
                                   Governor and Mrs. Donald L. Carcieri      June Rockwell Levy Foundation, Inc.     Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Silver

                                   The Champlin Foundations                  Lifespan                                Mr. and Mrs. David Sluter

                                   Howard Chudacoff, PhD and                 The Lyons Company, LLC                  Sparrow & Company

                                    Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq.             Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP*              Sovereign Bank

                                   Citizens Bank                             Martins Maintenance, Inc.               Starkweather & Shepley Insurance

                                   The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard          Brokerage, Inc.
The Charles E. Maynard Society
                                   The CVS Caremark Charitable               Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald           Ms. Kathleen Sullivan
recognizes donors who have
made a significant investment       Trust, Inc.                              The Miriam Hospital                     Anne and Michael Szostak
in The Providence Center.          Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Chace             Mrs. Lilia G. Nash                      Telaka Foundation, Inc.

                                   Coastway Community Bank*                  New England Toyota Dealers              Joshua and Cindy Teverow
Members have named
The Providence Center as           Dr. and Mrs. Steven I. Cohen               Advertising Association, Inc.          The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower
beneficiary of a planned gift
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Delaney               Nixon Peabody LLP                        Foundation
such as a bequest, trust or
retirement plan with a value       Dr. and Mrs. Charles Denby, II, MD/       Governor and Mrs. Philip W. Noel        Verizon
of $10,000 or more or have          Bromwell Trust                           Nortek, Inc.                            Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Weiner
cumulative giving totaling
                                   Electric Boat Corporation Employees’      O. Ahlborg & Sons, Inc.                 Youths’ Friends Association, Inc.
$10,000 or more as of
May 1, 2009.                        Community Services Association           Ocean State Charities Trust

                                   The Del Prete Family Foundation           Richard** and Sandra Oster              Planned Gifts

                                   Mr. and Mrs. William P. Devereaux         Artie and Beverly Pacheco               Anonymous

Anonymous (3)*                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Doyle              The Fred M. Roddy Foundation, Inc.      Donald R. Barbeau,

Mr. David Allen and                Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ericson                 Ropes & Gray, LLP                        Coffee Express LTD

 Ms. Sheree Kaplan                 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grossman             Parker Thompson Brouillette             Howard Chudacoff, PhD and

Mr. James Berson and               Hareld Glass Co.                          Felix and Lori Porcaro*                  Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq.

 Ms. Lauren Baer                   Genoa Healthcare                          The Procaccianti Group                  Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grossman

Bank of America                    Deborah and Mark Jennings                 The Providence Journal Company          Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of RI   Hasbro Children’s Fund*                   The Rhode Island Foundation             Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald

Donald R. Barbeau,                 Lawrence Kahn/Kahn,                       RI Realty Management Corporation        Mrs. Lilia G. Nash

 Coffee Express LTD                 Litwin, Renza & Co., Ltd.                Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce*   Ms. Emily Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. James Botvin          Jayna and Dale Klatzker                   Shechtman Halperin Savage, LLP          Pamela and James Rubovits

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bready        The Forrest C. Lattner Foundation, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz           Ms. Kathleen Sullivan

Butler Hospital*                   LISC – RI Childcare Facilities Fund*      Shriners of Rhode Island
                                                                                                                     *new member
Joseph and Paula Caramadre         Mr. and Mrs. Paul Langmuir                 Charities Trust
Tribute Gifts
                                     Our sincere appreciation to             In Memory of Alfred Barbery, III         In Memory of Pete Burke
“This is the most affluent
                                     the following donors whose              Universal Ambulance Services             Ms. Suzanne Ehret
                                     generosity has helped to support
nation in the world; yet,
                                     The Providence Center’s mission.        In Memory of Edna Baxter                 In Honor of Eileen Carpenter
                                     This list reflects memorials and        Ms. Noreen Andreoli                        and Carol Major
we have millions of people
                                     honorariums received between            Ms. June Balcewicz                       Mr. Lawrence H. Bradner
                                     7/1/08 to 6/30/09 for the               Ms. Claudine Fales
who do not have health
                                     Annual Campaign only.                   Friends at C.B. Utility                  In Honor of Linda M. Cohen
                                                                             Huestis Machine Corporation              Ms. Marjorie Lederer
insurance. Where does the
                                     In Honor of Karen L. Adams              Mr. Peter Kurz and
                                     Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald             Mrs. Linda Roseen Kurz                                      .
                                                                                                                      In Memory of Daniel P Daley, II
burden to serve them fall?
                                                                             Ms. Elin McNally                         Mr. James O. Daley
                                     In Memory of Cynthia Andersen           Mr. Harry Roseen
It falls on organizations like
                                     Mr. Joseph M. Bennett                   Mr. Michael Sutila                       In Memory of Mark B. Deffle
                                                                             Ms. Barbara Tillou                       Mr. and Mrs. John J. Munko
The Providence Center and
                                     In Memory of P Michael Anderson
                                     Aerodyne Alloys, LLC                    In Memory of Nancy Bedell-Shaw           In Honor of Lisa and Rich Desbiens
the dedicated people and
                                     Mr. Eric A. Anderson, Jr.               Lady Johnet Bush-Kai                     Mr. William McAulay and
                                       and Ms. Nancy Gilbert                                                            Dr. Dianne McAulay
volunteers that make them
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Chris Burton               In Honor of Joseph Bennett
                                     Dr. and Mrs. Ted F. Burton and family   Ms. Joan C. McQuillan                    In Memory of Gerard J. Desforges
                                     Ms. Margery G. Chapman                                                           Ms. Jane A. Desforges and
                                     Dacey, Guarino & Company, LLP           In Memory of Leo Bernardino                Mr. Michael J. White
                                     Mr. and Mrs. David DiCenso              Ms. Dina A. Gagliardi
                                     Mr. Thomas Emmet and Ms. Karen Lee                                               In Memory of Joseph V. Diggins, Jr.
Of the thousands of people
                                     Ms. Meg Fidler                          In Memory of Arthur Bissonnette          Mr. Dennis Joyce
                                     Ms. Linda L. Halliday Moitoza           Ms. Susan Breault
served by The Providence
                                     Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Hartman, Jr.                                                   In Honor of Kevin Donohue
                                     Mr. and Mrs. George Hartmann            In Memory of Michael Booth               Ms. Joan Donohue
Center, there are many who
                                     Ms. Majorie Martiesian                  Ms. Cynthia A. Barry
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Terrance S. Martiesian     Ms. Anne Booth                           In Memory of Pamela Dutwin
would have had no chance
                                     Mr. Roland B. Mergener                  Mr. Robert Brothers                      Mr. and Mrs. Ed Aronson
                                     Ms. Susan M. Peckham                    Mr. and Mrs. David Contildes             Mr. and Mrs. William Boub and family
but for this organization.”          Rogers High School                      Ms. Ellen L. Davol                       Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Dutwin
                                     Nicki Sahlin, PhD                       Mr. and Mrs. William Donnelly            Ms. Gloria S. Feibish
                                     St. Albans Altar Guild                  Ms. Marion Duffy                         Mr. and Mrs. Carl Feldman
Philip W. Noel, former governor of   St. Albans Choir                        John and Barbara Gardiner                Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Fine
Rhode Island, has been generously    Mr. Peter J. Stevens                    Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. McGovern             Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fish
supporting The Providence Center     Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tso                  Ms. Alice E. Morin                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kasten
since 2006.                                                                  Del Nason                                Dr. and Mrs. Mayer A. Levitt
                                     In Memory of Vincent and                Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Ougheltree   The National Council of
                                       Teresa Baccari                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry Skorupski               Jewish Women, RI Section
                                     Mr. Vincent J. Baccari, Jr.                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Richman
                                                                             In Memory of The Honorable               RI Building Owners Association
                                     In Honor of Andrew Bainer                 Kenneth Browne                         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Robbins
                                     Mr. and Mrs. David Bainer               Ms. Karen Scott
Mr. Freda E. Saphier                   In Memory of Mildred T. Manna          In Memory of Rosemary Sorrentino
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schacter           Mr. Joel Beauchemin                    Louis V. Sorrentino, MD
Ms. Anne Shapira
Mr. Richard Silverman                  In Honor of Charles E. Maynard         In Memory of Isay Stemp
Ms. Sandra Young and family            Chester & Pauline Rutkowski            Ruth G. Stemp, MD
Ms. Linda Zell                         Ms. Judith P. Watts
                                                                              In Memory of Joseph P Stevenson
In Honor of Judith A. Ferris, LICSW,   In Memory of Vincent F. McMahon Jr.    Ms. Susan B. Montaquila
  Jacqueline M. Wallce and             Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. McMahon
  James L. Norman                                                             In Memory of John J. Sullivan, Jr.
Mr. Charles A. Feldman                 In Memory of Mary C. McNally           Mr. Joseph M. Bennett
                                       Ms. Ann E. Maykish
In Honor of Kathleen Fitzpatrick                                              In Memory of Sarkis Tarbinian
Ms. Ruth B. Whipple                    In Memory of Dorothy Marie Mitchell    Ms. Tigranoui Minassian
                                       Mr. Wallace Mitchell
In Honor of The Providence Center                                             In Memory of James Tavares
Mr. Kevin Ford                         In Honor of Sharon Morello             Ms. Jill E. Tavares
                                       Nicki Sahlin, PhD
In Honor of Patricia Ford                                                     In Honor of Joshua and Cindy Teverow
Mr. Kevin Ford                         In Memory of Richard M. Oster          Dr. Scott H. Surdut
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Steven I. Cohen           Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Wasserman
In Memory of Robert B. Fox
Ms. Bryna Hebert                       In Memory of David Penco               In Memory of Mary Thacker
                                       Anonymous                              Ms. Susan P. Marquis
In Memory of Jim J. Francisco
Ms. Liberty O’Hara                     In Memory of Antonio Pierriera         In Memory of clients who have
                                       Ms. Nicole Saunders                      passed away
In Honor of Stanley Grossman’s                                                Mr. Christopher Ofokansi
  90th Birthday                        In Memory of Emily Pickering
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Grossman          Ms. Leann Pickering                    In Memory of William Thornby
Mr. Hinda Semonoff                                                            Mr. and Mrs. James H. Thornby
                                       In Memory of Marie Presel              Ms. Madeline Jones
In Memory of David Hicks               Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph A. Presel
Anonymous                                                                     In Memory of Elizabeth Valente
Ms. Gale Underwood                     In Memory of Mary C. Rodrigues         Mr. Paul Valente
                                       Ms. Kerri-Ann DaFonseca
In Memory of Rose Aimee                                                       In Memory of Gregory Zavota
  Lambert Franz                        In Memory of Norman and Anne Small     Ms. Stephanie Costa
Ms. Alyson Franz                       Ms. Phyllis Small
                                                                              In Memory of Valerie Zimmerman
In Memory of Elna A. Latham            In Honor of Thomas F. Smith, III       Mr. Lionel Beauchemin
Ms. Deborah Rainey                     Mr. Thomas Smith, Jr.

In Memory of Kenneth Logowitz          In Memory of Louis “Gene” Sormanti
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Zindler           Ms. Leslie Sormanti-Folco
Annual and Endowment Gifts
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Felix A. Porcaro, Jr.                                                Ms. Linda T. Dewing
ANNUAL AND ENDOWMENT GIFTS                                                         Citizens Bank Foundation
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz                                                     Carl Weinberg & Co. LLP, CPA’s
Our sincere appreciation to the                                                    Eagle Strategies Corp.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. David Sluter                                                         Ms. Marguerite Chadwick
following donors who generously con-                                               Electric Boat Corp. Employees’
                                          In memory of Isabelle DeLano                                                    Howard Chudacoff, PhD
tributed to the Annual Campaign and                                                  Community Services Assoc.
                                          and Antaram Markarian                                                            and Nancy F. Chudacoff, Esq
Charles E. Maynard Fund for the                                                    Estate Planning Resources
                                        Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust                                          Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cicchitelli
Future between 7/1/08 and 6/30/09.                                                 Greater Providence Chamber
                                        Joshua and Cindy Teverow                                                          Compass Special Services, Inc.
If you have any questions or concerns                                                of Commerce
                                        Textron Financial Corporation                                                     Cox Business
regarding this list, please contact                                                Mr. Ralph A. Lord
                                                                                                                          Mr. Walter R. Craddock, Esq.
Lisa Desbiens at (401) 528-0127 or                                                 MassMutual Financial Group
                                        Founders Circle $5,000 - $9,999                                                    and Ms. Lynne Urbani
ldesbiens@provctr.org.                                                             Mazza Construction
                                        Anonymous                                                                         Mr. James O. Daley
                                                                                   Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
                                        Bank of America                                                                    In memory of Beth Robin Daley
Donors $50,000                                                                     Ms. Margaret Plunkett
                                        Beacon Health Strategies, LLC                                                     Dan’s Management
Richard** and Sandra Oster                                                           In memory of Mary Ellen Carter
                                        Mr. William Cadieux                                                               Davol, Inc.
                                                                                   R.F.P. Advisors
                                        The Chace Fund, Inc.                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John R. Deal
Donors $25,000 - $49,999                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reilly
                                        CVS Charity Classic                                                               Mr. and Mrs. William P. Devereaux, Esq.
Anonymous                                                                          Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Doyle                                                       In memory of Geraldine L. Devereaux
Mr. James Berson and Mrs. Lauren Baer                                              Security Concepts, Inc.
                                        Hasbro Children’s Fund                                                            Mr. Marc DuPuis
The CVS Caremark Charitable                                                        The John & Happy White Foundation
                                        Mr. Dallas Gulley                                                                 DuPuis Oil Co.
 Trust, Inc.                                                                       Youths’ Friends Association, Inc.
                                        Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co., Ltd.                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ericson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald
                                        Jayna and Dale Klatzker                                                           Mr. James Hackett and
  In honor of Charles E. Maynard                                                   Circle of Light $1,000 - $2,499
                                        Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP                                                          Dr. Roberta Feather, EdD, JD
Shechtman, Halperin, Savage, LLP                                                   A & H Manufacturing
                                        Ocean State Charities Trust                                                       Mr. Edward A. Fowler
                                                                                   The Alan Shawn
                                        The Rhode Island Foundation                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Friedman
Donors $10,000 - $24,999                                                             Feinstein Foundation
                                        Sovereign Bank                                                                    Gateway Healthcare
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI                                                     Amica Mutual Insurance Company
                                        Starkweather & Shepley                                                            Gilbane Building Company
Mr. and Mrs. James Botvin                                                          Mr. Mark D. Bevelander
                                          Insurance Brokerage, Inc.                                                       The Groden Center, Inc.
Coffee Express LTD                                                                 Mr. Sanford Altman and
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grossman
Del Prete Family Foundation                                                          Ms. Alice Boss Altman
                                        Circle of Stars $2,500 - $4,999                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Hall
LISC-RI Child Facilities Fund                                                      Brokers’ Service Marketing
                                        Aurora Technologies                                                               Hall Capital Management Co., Inc.
Martins Maintenance, Inc.                                                            Group II, LLC
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Burton Botvin                                                        Hareld Glass Co.
New England Toyota Dealers                                                         The Rev. and Mrs. Robert T. Brooks
                                        Bristol County Savings Charitable                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Hassenfeld
 Advertising Association, Inc.                                                     Butler Hospital
                                          Foundation                                                                      Hollis Meddings Group
Governor and Mrs. Philip W. Noel                                                   Capitol City Group, Ltd.
iCentrix Corp.                         Winkler Group Ltd.                      Ms. Donna McGrath                      Applied Microimage Corporation
IKON Office Solutions, Inc.            WPRI 12/FOX Providence                  Mr. Michael McGreal                    ARM Transportation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jennings                                                     Mr. Craig McKenna                      Mr. Richard D. Austin
Johnson & Wales University             Circle of Hope $500 - $999              Ms. Rosemary Mede and Tom Rainey       Mr. Jonathan Barnes
Ms. Elaine S. Kaplan-Ashcroft          Angell Pension Group                    MTS Medication Technologies            Ms. Cynthia Barry
Lavender & Wyatt Systems, Inc.         BankRI                                  NES Rentals                            Ms. Carol G. Barton
Lefkowitz, Garfinkel, Champi           Barbara Sokoloff Associates             Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. O’Brien        Ms. Susan Beck
  & DeRienzo, P.C.                     Coastway Community Bank                 Ocean State Oil                        Ms. Anne Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. McMahon        Mr. Vincent A. Colagiovanni             Paster & Harpootian, Ltd.              Ms. Carol A. Botelho**
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Mearns           Ms. Carole Collins                      Piccerelli Gilstein & Company, LLP     Mr. Ben Botvin
MetLife                                The Committee to Elect                  Ms. Jana M. Planka                     Mr. and Mrs. William Boub
Navigant Credit Union                   Michael Napolitano                     Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph A. Presel   Mr. Lawrence H. Bradner
New England Pest Control -             Lisa D. Desbiens, CFRE                  Mr. and Mrs. James H. Reilly           Budget Termite & Pest Control
  The Home of the Big Blue Bug         Mr. Walter Dias                         RI Building Owners Association         Lady Bush-Kai
Nixon Peabody LLP                      Dimeo Construction Company              RI Medical Society                     Ms. Jennifer Cabral
Nortek, Inc.                           Durkee, Brown, Viveiros &               Nicki Sahlin, PhD                      Mr. Paul Cagnon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paolino, Jr.        Werenfels Architects                    In honor of Charles Feldman           Mrs. Deborah A. Cameron
Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP              Essential Learning, LLC                 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Schomer          Mr. Ralph T. Campagnone
Philadelphia Insurance Companies       Mrs. Rosalie Fain                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sherwin         Carboline
Primarily Care                         Family Service of Rhode Island, Inc.    Ms. Joy Shore                          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Carlino
ProMutual Group                        Dianne M. Flaherty, LICSW               TJ Russell Supply                      Mrs. Simmy Carter
QML                                    Ms. Linn F. Freedman                    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Triangolo             Mr. Frank Casale, Jr.
Mr. Alan Roseman                       Ms. Beverly Goldfield                   Universal Ambulance Services           Mr. and Mrs. Steven Casinelli
Salvadore Auction & Appraisals, Inc.   Grace Episcopal Church                  Van Kampen Investments                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Cerce
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Silver         Guy Abelson Catering                    W.B. Mason Co., Inc.                   Omer Cermik, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Stark                Ms. Marion E. Hague                                                            Ms. Lyn Chapman
Ms. Kathleen A. Sullivan               Mr. Bob Hallett and                     Circle of Friends $100 - $499          Ms. Carol Charpentier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Szostak            Ms. Joanne Donovan                     Anonymous                              Mr. Gary K. Chobanian
TEVA Pharmaceuticals                   Jays Company                            AAA Southern New England               Ms. Lisa Churchville
The Providence Community               Mr. John R. Jordan and Dr. Mary Ruby    Aerodyne Alloys, LLC.                  Ms. Deborah P. Clarke
  Health Centers, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence I. Kahn           Ms. Carin Algava                       Dr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Clifton
United Behavioral Health               Mr. David Allen and Ms. Sheree Kaplan   Mary Allard, LICSW                     Dr. and Mrs. Steven I. Cohen
Ursillo, Teitz & Ritch, Ltd.           Ms. Mary Kralis Hoppe                   Mr. Christopher J. Almon               Mrs. Lucille J. Collard
Washington Trust Company               Mr. and Mrs. Terence G. Lewis           Ms. Mariann Almonte                    Ms. Stacie B. Collier
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. Weisman         Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard         Mr. Eric A. Anderson, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Corkery
The Westin Providence                  Ms. Mary E. McClure                     Ms. Noreen Andreoli                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corriveau
Dacey, Guarino & Company, LLP         Gatti & Asscociates and                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. William Daugherty          Xavier Associates                     Mr. William McAulay
Ms. Diane Denoncour                   Mr. Stephen M. Giannini                   and Dr. Dianne McAulay
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeSano           Mr. Franco Giarrusso                    McLaughlin & Moran, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. DeSano           Mr. Michael F. Gilson                   Ms. Joan C. McQuillan
Ms. Jane A. Desforges and             Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Goldberg        Mr. Vincent J. Mesolella
  Mr. Michael J. White                Amy S. Gottlieb, MD                     Mr. Paul Metro and Ms. Jackie Hattoy
Ms. Theresa L. D’Jamoos               Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Greenleaf        Mr. Patrick Miamen
Ms. Arlene C. Donnelly                James E. Greer, MD                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Millard Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William Donnelly         Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Grossman           Timothy Morgan, Esq.
Ms. Joan Donohue                      Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Hadsell        Mr. Paul L. Morin
Drug & Alcohol Treatment              Mr. James B. Hamann                     Mr. and Mrs. Dan Morris
 Association of RI                    Mr. John S. Harker                      Ms. Martha J. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Dutwin            Daniel S. Harrop, MD                    Mr. Raymond F. Murphy, Jr.
Ms. Irene C. Dwyer                    Ms. Bryna Hebert                        Mrs. Lilia G. Nash
Mrs. Audrey Elman and                 Hindley Manufacturing Company           Ms. Pearl Nathan
  Mr. Joseph Izzo                     Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hoder, III        Neal Advertising
Embolden Design                       Homestar Mortgage                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Odessa
Extreme Reconditioning                Horton Interpreting Service, Inc.       Ms. Elizabeth B. Oliveira
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Farmer, III      Mr. Mike Huber                          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Panzini
Ms. Gloria S. Feibish                 Dr. and Mrs. Alan Jacobson              Mr. Arthur Parker
Mr. Charles A. Feldman                Ms. Andrea B. Joseph                    Payden & Company, LLC
Ms. Jennifer A. Fellmann              Kirks Lawn Maintenance, Inc.            Mr. John Pesce
Mr. Luis Ferreira                     Mr. Peter A. Lavery                     Ms. Patricia A. Petitpas
Ms. Meg Fidler                        Law Offices of Thomas J. McAndrew       Ms. Dianne S. Piccerilli
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Fine             & Associates                          Mr. Dan Pilkington
FM Global                             Mr. Leo S. Levesque                     Mrs. Susan J. Pimental
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Fogarty, Jr.   Liberty Mutual                          Mr. Scott Pisarczyk
Mr. Michael Foisey                    Mr. James T. Lynch                      Dorothy A. Poirier, LICSW
Mr. Kevin Ford                        Mr. Adelino Machado                     Mrs. Frances M. Protano
Mr. Keith L. Fornal                   Mr. Paul M. Mahoney                     Providence After School Alliance
Ms. Rebecca Fortes                    Ms. Judy Mann                           Ms. Donna Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Frankenberg       Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Marcello, III   Scott A. Ritch, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fredericks     Mr. Steven P. Masso                     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Robbins
Ms. Dina A. Gagliardi                 Rena B. Mate, MD                        Damaris J. Rohsenow, PhD
Ronald V. Gallo, EdD                  Mr. Raymond M. Mathieu                  Mr. Harry M. Roldan
   “I joined The Providence          Mr. Harry Roseen                    Mr. Ralph L. Weaver                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Champagne
                                     Ms. Rebecca Ross                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood, Sr.     Mr. Louis L. Charron
  Center’s board of trustees
                                     Ms. Deb Ruggiero                                                         Ms. Karen Chateauneuf
  because I wanted to be a           Mrs. Chester Rutkowski              Patrons $1 - $99                     Mr. Richard Cicchitelli

part of an organization that         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan         Anonymous                            Mr. and Mrs. John E. Clarkin
                                     Mr. and Mrs. William E. Scampoli    Ms. Kiran Adhiya                     Ms. Iris Clements
        reaches out to meet
                                     Ms. Kimberly Serra                  Mr. and Mrs. John Affleck            Coastway Community
          community needs.           Mr. and Mrs. Deming Sherman         Ms. Anthonia Akinrimisi               Bank Employees
                                     Sinel, Wilfand & Vinci CPAs, Inc.   Allstate Fire Protection, Inc.       Ms. Lina Conti
                                     Mrs. Janet Skorupski                Ms. Yamilka Alvarado                 Mr. David Contildes
   We have a diverse group           Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sormanti        Ms. Elida Araujo-Picard              Mr. Jonathan Cornell

  of caring, compassionate           Ms. Leslie Sormanti-Folco           Mr. and Mrs. Ed Aronson              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Correia
                                     Louis V. Sorrentino, MD             Mr. Edward G. Avila                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Costa
    employees and trustees
                                     St. Albans Choir                    Mr. Vincent Baccari, Jr.             Ms. Stephanie Costa
     who are committed to            Mrs. Chrysanthe H. Stamoulis        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Baffoni       Mr. Mark Cousineau
                                     Manfred Steiner, MD                 Mr. Jason Bailey                     Ms. Darlene Cowan
    helping people with all
                                       and Sheila Steiner, MD            Mr. and Mrs. David Bainer            Ms. Kerri-Ann DaFonseca
 types of mental health and
                                     Ruth G. Stemp, MD                   Mrs. June Balcewicz                  Ms. Jo-Anna Dailey

      substance use issues.          Mr. Peter J. Stevens                Mr. Joel Beauchemin                  Ms. Monica Darrah
                                     Mr. Fred Stolle                     Mr. Lionel Beauchemin                Ms. Ellen L. Davol
    The impact we have on
                                     Governor Bruce Sundlun              Mr. Leo A. Beliveau, III             Ms. Elmerinda Dias
people’s lives is enormous.”         Dr. Scott H. Surdut                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bennett, IV   Mr. and Mrs. David DiCenso
                                     Ms. Frances Sydney                  Ms. Linda M. Bishop                  Mr. Scott DiChristofero
                                     Ms. Beth Tasca                      Mr. Julius Bloom                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. DiSano
                                     Ms. Jill E. Tavares                 Mr. Paul J. Bordieri, Jr.            Mrs. Erica Donnelly
     Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq.,   Ms. Michele A. Tedeschi             Ms. Susan Breault                    Mr. Charles J. Donovan
                     vice chair of
                                     Mr. and Mrs. James Thornby          Paul L. Breidbord, Esq.              Ms. Marion Duffy
          The Providence Center’s
             board of trustees and   Ms. Barbara Tillou                  Robert Brothers                      Ms. Brenda Dumas
                        partner at   Ms. Linda Troia                     Mr. John G. Budd                     Ms. Marilyn G. Eanet
       Hardy, Tabor & Chudacoff,
                                     Mr. Christopher P. Vitale           Ms. Linda L. Burke                   Ms. Elizabeth H. Edgerly
        has been a member of the
                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Volatile          Ms. Erika H. Burrows                 Ms. Suzanne Ehret
                board since 1993.
                                     Mr. and Mrs. David Warner           Mr. and Mrs. Chris Burton            Emmanuel Nursery School
                                     Mr. Herbert Sackett                 Dr. and Mrs. Ted F. Burton           Ms. Jeanne Eng
                                       and Ms. Ronnee Wasserman          Ms. Jane Byrne                       Ms. Claudine Fales
                                     Ms. Charlotte Watkins               Ms. Renee Casto                      Mr. and Mrs. Carl Feldman
                                     Ms. Judith P. Watts                 Mr. Christopher J. Cento             Mr. Raymond Fernandes
Mr. Dennis P. Fiore                  Mr. Craig T. Love                        Ms. Nancy Parrish                      St. Albans Altar Guild
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fish            Ms. Susan P. Marquis                     Pascack Builders                       Mr. Michael Sternlieb
Ms. Teresa Foley                     Helena Marshall                          Denise Patnode                         Charles Strickland
Ms. Alyson Franz                     Ms. Marjorie Martiesian                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R Peckham          Mr. Edward P. Stuart, Jr.
Ms. Lindsey Furbush                  Mr. and Mrs. Terrance S. Martiesian      Ms. Leann Pickering                    Mr. Michael Sutila
John and Barbara Gardiner            Mrs. and Mr. Marion D. Masterson-Tso     Mr. Arthur Plitt                       Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tanury
Ms. Joan Garfield                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Matook           Zoltan Pongracz and Agnes Pongracz     The National Council of
Mr. Patrick M. Gibbons               Mrs. Cheryl A. Mayer                     Ms. Pauline Proulx                       Jewish Women, RI Section
Mr. James E. Gillen, Jr.             Ms. Ann E. Maykish                       Mr. Richard G. Radican                 The Personnel People
Mr. George A. Goodspeed              Mr. Louis H. Maynard                     Ms. Deborah Rainey                     Mrs. Ghislaine D. Therien
Ms. Barbara M. Gruber                Mr. and Mrs. Romeo A. Maynard, Jr.       Ms. Adriana Ramos-Torelli              Mr. Michael Tousignant
Ms. Heather Gutshall                 Ms. Elizabeth McDonald                   Mr. Frank Ricci                        Mr. Paul Valente
Rabbi Leslie Gutterman               Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. McGovern             Mr. Myron Richardson                   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Voccio
Ms. Joyce M. Hall                    Mrs. and Mr. Elin McNally                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Richman        Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Voelz
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hartman, Jr.      Ms. Cheryl L. Melo                       Ms. Kathleen M. Roderick               Mr. Kenneth Walker
Mr. and Mrs. George Hartmann         Mr. Roland B. Mergener                   Rogers High School                     Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Toner Haskins, Jr.      Mr. Gerard Miller                        Ms. Joanne Rogers                      Mrs. Allison Welsh
Ms. Melissa J. Hawes                 Ms. Tigranoui Minassian                  Ms. Amy Jean Romero                    Mrs. Ruth B. Whipple
Ms. Ramona Hernandez                 Moms Club of Lincoln, RI                 Mrs. Linda Roseen Kurz and             Mr. David A. White
Mrs. Blanca I. Herrera Huestis       Ms. Amy Monahan                            Mr. Peter Kurz                       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilkins
Ms. Linda L. Hughes                  Ms. Susan B. Montaquila                  Mr. Robert Rossi                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Worrell
Ms. Sandra Husband-Baptista          Mr. Craig Moore                          Ms. Gail Roy                           Ms. Sara Wye
Ms. Madeline Jones                   Ms. Alice E. Morin                       Mr. Jerrold A. Salmanson               Ms. Sandra Young
Mr. Dennis Joyce                     Mrs. Lucille T. Morin                    Ms. Freda E. Saphier                   Ms. Linda Zell
Ms. Teresa A. Karn                   Ms. Gina M. Mullen                       Ms. Nicole Saunders                    Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Zindler
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kasten           Mr. and Mrs. John J. Munko               Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schacter
Ms. Muyibat T. Kazeem                Mr. Nicholas Murgo                       Mr. Robert Schiff and Ms. Janis Cote   **deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Keogh        Del Nason                                Ms. Karen Scott
Mr. Louis M. Khoury                  Ms. Chamille Numerick                    Ms. Deborah Sczuroski
Mr. Saye Kokeh                       Mr. Christopher Ofokansi                 Ms. Allison Sebastiao
Mrs. Nicole Lambert                  Mr. Oladotun Ogunwumiju                  Ms. Hinda Semonoff
Marjorie Lederer, LICSW              Ms. Liberty O’Hara                       Ms. Anne Shapira
Mr. Thomas Emmet and Ms. Karen Lee   Ms. Susan Olson                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Silverman
Mrs. Patricia M. Leo                 Mr. Olatunde Olubowale                   Ms. Phyllis Small
Dr. and Mrs. Mayer A. Levitt         Mr. Ralph Orleck                         Mr. Thomas Smith, Jr.
Lifocus, Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Ougheltree   Ms. Kimberly Sousa
Our sincere appreciation to the       Architect’s Inn                      Providence Marriott                  Johnson & Wales University
following donors who generously       Bacaro                               Providence Performing Arts Center    Jayna and Dale Klatzker
supported The Providence Center’s     Friendship Production                Second Story Graphics                Mr. Thomas Emmet and
mission. This list reflects in-kind   G Media & Associates                 Starkweather & Shepley Insurance      Ms. Karen Lee
donations received between            Mrs. Patricia M. Leo                   Brokerage, Inc.                    Ms. Eleanor Lewis
7/1/08 - 6/30/09. Please contact      The Lobster Pot                      Trinity Repertory Company            M2 Salon
Lisa Desbiens at (401) 528-0127       Mr. Alan Roseman                     The Westin Providence                Joe Marzilli’s Old Canteen
or ldesbiens@provctr.org              Sovereign Bank                       Mr. Andrew Williams                   Italian Restaurant
with any corrections.                 The Strand Hotel                                                          Massage Envy
                                      Swarovski North America, Ltd.        Patron $1 - $199                     Mr. William McAulay and
Founders Circle $5,000+               TCAA                                 Alayne White Spa                      Dr. Dianne McAulay
Neal Advertising                      Wannamoisett Country Club            Amy’s Apples and Devilish Delights   The Metz Family
                                      The White Family                     Anonymous                            Mohegan Sun
Circle of Stars $2,500 - $4,999                                            Anonymous                            Monster Mini Golf
Mr. and Mrs. James Botvin             Circle of Friends $200 - $499        Arrow Florist & Park Avenue          Museum of Art, Rhode Island
Guy Abelson Catering                  Anonymous                              Greenhouses                         School of Design
Sir Speedy - Cranston                 Anonymous                            Audubon Society of Rhode Island      New England Pest Control -
                                      Mr. Joseph Bagley                    Autocrat, Inc.                        The Home of the Big Blue Bug
Circle of Light $1,000 - $2,499       Mr. Jonathan Barnes                  Balanced Touch Massage Therapy       Newport Sailing School and Tours
The Honorable and                     Mr. Ernest Botelho                   Blithewold Mansion, Gardens          Newport Vineyards & Winery
  Mrs. Donald L. Carcieri             Chemawa Golf Course                    & Arboretum                        Mr. Richard J. O’Brien
Crimzon Rose                          Coastway Community Bank              Cafe Luna                            Ocean State Theatre Company, Inc./
Deli on the Square                    Compass Special Services, Inc.       Howard Chudacoff, PhD and             Theatre By The Sea
Lisa D. Desbiens, CFRE                Conlon Moving & Storage, Inc.          Nancy F. Chudacoff, Esq.           Payden & Company, LLC
DES Printing                          Mrs. Erica Donnelly                  CIGNA Group Insurance                Providence Business News
Ms. Kerrie Fisette                    Mr. Kevin Dubose                     Coffee Express LTD                   Ms. Malgorzata Raczkowska
Mr. Alfred Folco                      Ms. Mona Egan                        Cranston Country Club                Rhode Island Monthly
Martins Maintenance, Inc.             GSC Limousine Service                Dave’s Marketplace                   Rhode Island Philharmonic
Ms. Justine Metz                      Hyatt Regency Newport                Mr. and Mrs. Lionel F. Delaney        Orchestra & Music School
Newport National Golf Club            IKON Office Solutions, Inc.          Delta Dental of Rhode Island         Sakonnet Vineyards
Ocean State Technical Services, LLC   Ledgemont Country Club               Dr. Mel Diana                        Ms. Lynn Sexton
Pawtucket Red Sox                     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Lewinstein   Eagle Quest Golf Dome                Ms. Margaret A. Sharkey
Thomas D. Rainey                      Ms. Sheran Little                    Eleven Forty Nine Restaurant         Swansea Country Club
Ms. Donna Sormanti                    Metacomet Country Club               Festival Ballet Providence           TURFER
Triggs Memorial Golf Course           Newport Harbour Corporation          The Gamm Theatre                     Up and Down Golf Fitness
                                      Pawtucket Country Club               Gian Carlo’s Ristorante              Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery
Circle of Hope $500 - $999            Photography Associates               Green River Silver Co.               World Trophies
Agawam Hunt                           Providence Children’s Museum         Home Diagnostics                     Ms. Alberta Wright
                   Board of Trustees

                     James Botvin, Chair    Mary-Ellen Benoit
Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq., Vice Chair    Rev. Robert T. Brooks
                                            Marguerite Chadwick
                    Joel Stark, Treasurer
                                            Linda M. Cohen, Esq.
       Patricia Cawley Affleck, Secretary
                                            Walter R. Craddock, Esq.
                                            James O. Daley
                                            William P. Devereaux, Esq.
                                            Roberta Feather, EdD, JD
                                            Joyce Hall
                                            Sheree Kaplan
                                            Commander Paul J. Kennedy
                                            Karen Lee
                                            Mary E. McClure
                                            Ana P. Novais
                                            Claude-Anthony Pierre, MD
                                            Jana M. Planka
                                            Damaris J. Rohsenow, PhD
                                            Nicki Sahlin, PhD
                                            Robert C. Wood, Sr.

                                            Trustees Emeriti
                                            Lionel Delaney
                                            Linda Thimann Dewing
                                            Robert M. Doyle
                                            Karl Ericson
                                            Charles Feldman
                                            Stanley Grossman
                                            Maureen McDonald
                                            Lilia G. Nash
                                            Emily Nelson
                                            James H. Reilly
                  The Providence Center
                       faces of forty
                                      celebrating 40 years

                              Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report

                                       530 North Main Street
                                       Providence, RI 02904

                                       528 North Main Street
                                       Providence, RI 02904

                                          520 Hope Street
                                       Providence, RI 02906

                                111 Howard Avenue, Building 56
                                      Cranston, RI 02920

                                     2198 Wallum Lake Road
                                       Pascoag, RI 02859

(401) 528-0123
                       www.providencecenter.org                                            Appointments
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