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									Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

       Le novità di Windows Server
                 2008 R2
                     Panoramica delle nuove funzionalità

                             20 novembre 2009
      Andrea Mauro
      Direttore Tecnico

      Assyrus Srl

       Windows Server vision

       Windows Server OS roadmap

             2003           2005         2008       2009
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Ciclo di sviluppo del software

                          ~4 ANNI

                ~2 ANNI                       ~2 ANNI

                          RELEASE                       RELEASE
      MAJOR               UPDATE    MAJOR               UPDATE                      MAJOR
      RELEASE                       RELEASE                                         RELEASE

                                                                                    Code Name
                                                                                    “Windows 8”

      Aree di investimento tecnologico

      Filosofia di Windows Server 2008 R2

                                                                  Power       Virtualization

Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

        Versioni e caratteristiche

        Versioni e caratteristiche

        Versioni e caratteristiche

                             64 Physical processors
                             2 TB RAM
                             Unlimited Virtualization Rights          64 Physical processors
                             Hot Add/Replace Memory*                  2 TB RAM
                             Hot Add/Replace Processors*              Unlimited Virtualization Rights1
                             Failover Clustering                      Hot Add/Replace Memory*
                             Cross-File Replication (DFS-R)           Hot Add/Replace Processors*
                             Active Directory Federation Services     Failover Clustering
                             Active Directory Certificate Services    Cross-File Replication (DFS-R)
                             Unlimited RRAS, IAS Connections          Support for Intel’s MCA2
                             Unlimited RDS Gateway Connections
                             Unlimited DFS Roots                      Web (IIS) and Application Roles Only
                                                                      for Database, Customer and LOB

                              8 Physical processors
                              2 TB RAM
                              4 Virtual Machine + Host
                              Hot Add Memory*
                                                                      4 Physical processors
                              Failover Clustering
                                                                      32 GB RAM
                              Cross-File Replication (DFS-R)
                              Active Directory Federation Services
                                                                      Web (IIS) and DNS Roles Only
                              Active Directory Certificate Services
                                                                      For Internet Facing Web Servers
                              Unlimited RRAS, IAS Connections
                              Unlimited RDS Gateway
                              Unlimited DFS Roots

                                                                      1 Physical processor
                                                                      15 User Limit
                                  4 Physical processors               8 GB RAM
                                  32 GB RAM
                                  1 Virtual Machine + Host
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

        Famiglia di prodotti Windows Server

      Customer       Consumer           Small Business                Mid-Size Business
      Segment        (1 - 3 PCs)                                                                      Enterprise

                                    3-15        75 Utenti                300 Utenti
       Utenti                      Utenti
                                                                                                     500+ Utenti



      Better Together with Windows 7
      Ubiquitous remote connectivity via DirectAccess
      Combining Remote Workspace, Presentation Virtualization and Remote
          Desktop Services Gateway allows native desktop experience over
          public Win 7 computers
      BranchCache for improved branch performance
      Read-Only DFS for improved branch office security
      More efficient client power management
      Desktop and applications virtualization feeds feature
      Agile VPN
      BitLocker encryption on removable drives
      DHCP Failover

        IT challenges

            Growth                                 PC maintenance                     Malicious
                                                                                      attacks, viruses, spam,
            Customer service                       Server sprawl                      etc.
            Regulatory                             Legacy platforms                   Evolving threats
            compliance                             Deployment and                     Patch management,
            Device                                 maintenance                        VPN, etc.
            management                             Identity                           Secure access
            Varying skill sets                     management                         (employees, partners
                                                                                      and customers)
            Mobility                               Software updates
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Gestire Windows Server 2008

                                                                Server Manager

                                       Initial Configuration

               Product Installation

      Gestione dei ruoli

        Miglioramenti introdotti in Windows Server 2008 R2

                        Oltre 15 nuovi ruoli e servizi aggiunti
                              Nuove configurazioni per
                                     Scan Server,
                                Remote Desktop Services
                   Gestione via PowerShell anche su Server Core
                     Integrazione con Best Practices Analyzer
                           Miglioramento delle prestazioni

      PowerShell 2.0
       Improved Command-line shell & Scripting Language
                                      Improves productivity & control
                                      Accelerates automation of system admin
                                      Works with existing scripts
                                      Community Model

           New Features                               Integration
       Graphical PowerShell                    Active Directory Administration
       Improved Security
                                               Power Management
       New cmdlets
                                               One-to-many remote
                                               management using WS-MGMT
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

       PowerShell 2.0

       Processor power e Memory capacity

      Scalability Enhancements

      Run the largest workloads and fully utilize multi-core servers with a single
         WSS08R2 server instance
              Get standard workloads to function with fewer locks and greater
              Support more than 64 processor cores for a single OS instance
              Reduced overhead for Hyper-V, and improved storage performance
      Componentization - Improvements to Server Core
              Support more roles and broaden current role support (e.g., the addition of
     within IIS)
              PowerShell scripting in Server Core
              .NET framework on Server core, which in turn should drive app support
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Power Management

      Reduce power consumption by using only the power needed
        to drive a workload
      Core parking
            Scheduling processes on a single server for density as opposed to
            This allows “park/sleep” cores by putting them in deep C states
      Centralized control of active power policies, to enable servers
        to “throttle-down” during off hours by using DMTF-
        compliant remote management interfaces
      SANs connected to Windows Server will be able to opt-in to
        go into a lower power state when they’re not being fully
      New Logo Program with Power AQ

       Active Directory 2008 R2

       Read-Only Domain Controller -RODC
                                                          Writable DC

            Read-Only DC

                                                           Read-Only DC
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Read-Only DFSR Replica
                                                              DFSR Share

        Read-Only DFSR Replica

                                                           Read-Only DFSR Replica

      Internet Information Server 7.5

                  ASP.NET on Server Core           New IIS Manager Modules

                  Integrated PowerShell Provider   Configuration Logging & Tracing

                  Integrated FTP and WebDAV        Extended Protection & Security

      Internet Information Server 7.5
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Network Performance Enhancements
      Receive Window Auto-Tuning

      Win 7 & Server 2008R2
      More efficient use of the
                                                                            Green Win
             network.                                                       7
                                                                            Orange XP

        XP & Server 2003
       Less in-flight data,
         resulting in less

      Network Performance Enhancements
      SMB2 Protocol

      Combined control messages
            More efficient use of the network

      SMB 2 only available
            Server 2008R2 – Server 2008R2
            Server 2008R2 – Win 7
            Win 7 – Win 7

      No error correction in SMB

      Network Performance Enhancements
      The need of SMB2

      SMB1 Limitations
            Considered “chatty”
            Poor WAN performance due to limited request
            pipelining / compounding
            Arbitrary limits on number of users, open files, shares
            Protocol evolved through many releases over many years
               Difficult to extend, maintain and secure due to large number /
               variety of commands
      Motivations for SMB2
            Data access over WAN has become much more common
            LAN performance also much increased
            (1Gb is here, 10Gb coming)
            Build a solid foundation for continued innovation
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Network Performance Enhancements
      New protocols

      Native IPv6 – Preferred
      ISATAP Intrasite automatic tunneling address protocol

       Network Performance Enhancements
       What do all of these things give you?

      TCP Chimney
      TCP-A (I/OAT)
      Receive side scaling (RSS)
      Receive Window Auto-Tuning
      Compound TCP – cTCP Congestion Control
      Policy-based Quality of Service (QoS)
      Black-Hole Router detection (BHRD)
      Dead Gateway Detection

      Deployment                                              Window
                                                                    s Serve
      Requirements                                                               r 2008

      Feature                        Client      Server                   Configuration

                                                 Windows Server 2008 or
      Background sync                Windows 7                            CSC deployment
                                                 Windows Server 2008 R2

      Improved file open & close     Windows 7   Windows Server 2008 R2   File Server role

                                                 Windows Server 2008 or
      Transparent caching            Windows 7                            Group policy
                                                 Windows Server 2008 R2

                                                 Windows Server 2008 or
      Offline Files exclusion list   Windows 7                            Group policy
                                                 Windows Server 2008 R2

      BranchCache™                   Windows 7   Windows Server 2008 R2   Group policy
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

             Windows Server 2008 R2

      Clustering Goals in R2

      Improving Availability
      Failover Clustering

      Custer configuration validation
      PowerShell support
      IPSec improvements
      Increased resiliency
      Enhanced monitoring
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Mix And Match Hardware

      You can use any hardware configuration if
          1.   Each component has a Windows Server 2008 R2 logo
                 Servers, Storage, HBAs, MPIO, DSMs, etc…
          2.   It passes Validate
      It’s that simple!
               Connect your Windows Server 2008 R2 logo’d hardware
               Pass every test in Validate
                 It is now supported!
               If you make a change, just re-run Validate


      NLB Enhancements
      Full PowerShell support
               Create/destroy clusters
               Add/remove/control cluster nodes
               Add/edit/remove cluster VIPs and node DIPs
               Replacing NLB.exe as the command line tool
      NLB support for Direct Access servers
      Health Awareness
      Extended Affinity

               Windows Server 2008 R2
                               Installazione Server Core
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

      Server Core Installation

        Install Windows Server and select Server Core installation

      Novità di Server Core

         Attivabile un subset del Framework .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
               Subset of .NET 2.0
               Subset of .NET 3.0
                 Windows Communication Framework (WCF)
                 Windows Workflow Framework (WF)
               Subset of .NET 3.5
                 WF additions from 3.5
         È possibile attivare servizi come ASP.Net su IIS 7.5
         È possibile usare script PowerShell
         Supporto per nuovi ruoli/funzionalità:
               Active Directory Certificate Services
               File Server Resource Manager

      Server Core Additions

      File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
      Certificate Server
         Sottosistema WoW64 attivabile opzionalmente per
         supporto applicazioni a 32 bit
             If running all 64-bit, no need to have
             WoW64 installed
             Installed by default
             If removed from the image, reduces
             disk footprint by ~150MB
      New command line add/remove tool (dism.exe)
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

       Windows Server 2008 R2 Server
       Core Architecture
                                                                        Server, Server Roles
                                                                         (for example only)

                                                                        TS    ADFS WDS Etc…

          Server Core Server Roles and Optional Features
                      .NET    .NET          ASP.NE Cert
                       2.0    3/3.5
                                              T    Server                       Server
                                                                          With .NetFx, Shell,
                                    AD Print Media                           Tools, etc.
        DNS DHCP AD          File                     IIS     Hyper-V
                                    LDS      Server

        Server Core                                   WoW64
                                                                        GUI, Shell,
        Security, TCP/IP, File Systems, RPC,                            IE, Media,
        plus other Core Server Sub-Systems                               Mail, Etc.

              Windows Server 2008 R2

         Migrazione a Windows Server 2008 R2

         Percorsi di migrazione
                  x86 e x64 (WS08R2 è solo x64)
                  Fisico ↔ virtuale
                  Full Server ↔ Server Core
         Guide alla migrazione
                  Seguono template consistenti
Evento Assyrus – Microsoft 2009

       Soluzioni per la migrazione

                               Scenari supportati
              Categoria                             Supporto
                               WS03, WS03R2, WS08, WS08R2:
                               •x86, x64
      OS server sorgente
                               •Full Server, WS08R2 Server Core
                               •fisico, virtuale
      OS server destinazione
                               •Full Server, Server Core
                               •fisico, virtuale
      Ruoli server             AD DS, DHCP Server, DNS Server, File, Print
      Feature                  BranchCache
      Impostazioni OS          Utenti/Gruppi locali, configurazione IP
      Altro                    Dati e Share

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