Toric Contact Lenses and an Astigmatism – A Perfect Match

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        <p>Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that suffer from
having an astigmatism and they will never know it. Just because you
have an astigmatism, doesn't mean that corrective action must be taken.Â
Many of the cases are relatively mild and getting toric contact lenses
would not provide much benefit. However, there are also people that
have more severe astigmatism and taking action becomes necessary.Â
Fortunately, over the last 2 decades there have been a large number of
impressive scientific advance related to this issue. Toric contact
lenses have become one of the most popular solutions for treating this
issue. Here is a closer look at how the right contact lenses can help
treat your astigmatism.<br><br>In case you don't already know what an
astigmatism is, it is when the curve of your eye is not symmetrical or is
at the wrong angle. This will affect when light from different
distances reaches your cornea, which leads to blurred vision. Toric
contact lenses have become the most popular solution for dealing with
this type of condition, however another option know as GP contact lenses
are an available option as well.<br><br>You might be wondering what makes
toric soft contact lenses different from traditional contact lenses.Â
For the most part, they look the appear to be nearly identical,
especially if you don't know how you are looking for. In reality, these
two types of lenses are extremely different. Toric contact lenses are
weighted to ensure that it sits on your eye correctly. This added
weight is at the bottom of the lens and also ensure that the lens does
not move like regular soft contacts do. If you put your toric contact
lenses in your eye incorrectly, then your vision will likely be blurry
for a few moments before gravity takes over and your contact lenses move
into place. Additionally, it can take a few weeks before your eyes
become completely comfortable with this new type of contact lens.
 <br><br>While toric soft contact lenses have definitely become the most
preferred solution, there are still a lot of choices available in terms
of brands. While most optometrists will prefer one or two brands over
all of the rest, it is important to try out a variety of brands before
you choose which one is right for. Every brand has a unique weight and
feel. If you do not choose a comfortable pair of contact lenses, you
will quickly regret it. They can not only be uncomfortable, but can
also dry out your eye, which can cause additional damage.<br><br>While
having an astigmatism may seem like a big deal initially, it is a very
treatable condition. There are a number of options available to you,
however toric contact lenses have definitely become the most popular
solution. Contact lenses carry a number of inherent advantages, which
is why many people will choose them over wearing glasses. While there
may be several different types of contacts that can help treat an
astigmatism, toric lenses have continually proven to be the easiest and
most effective solution in the marketplace.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-

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