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					Astigmatism is a vision disorder resulting in blurred vision. It can
happen due to the change in the curvature of the eye lens or shape of the
cornea. Astigmatism can be easily treated with contact lenses although
soft lenses do not help. People with astigmatism can easily use colored
contacts. Others, too, can use nonprescription colored contacts.Many
people have taken to wearing nonprescription colored-contacts but those
with astigmatism or blurred vision often worry about how wearing colored
contacts will affect their eyes. Most feel that they do have no choice
except to use spectacles to correct their vision. Astigmatism is normally
caused due to a change in the shape of the corneal lens or the shape of
the cornea itself. As the shape of the natural lens itself is changed a
normal spherical contact lens cannot not help these people. The invention
of the aspherical lens has been a blessing for people affected with
astigmatism. This disorder can now be easily corrected using these
special lenses called Toric lenses. Severe astigmatism requires surgical
intervention. However, the usage of toric lenses has proven to be
effective in majority of the cases.These toric lenses serve the dual need
of providing power to the natural lens as well as bending the light rays
at an angle to correct the blurred vision of the individual. Individuals
with astigmatism would normally also suffer low self esteem and could
only dream of corrected vision and not worry about style and appearance.
However, the advancements in science and technology have ensured that
toric lenses are now available as colored contacts also. This means that
astigmatism correction as well as the need to look good can both be
achieved through these special toric colored contacts.It must however be
borne in mind that toric lenses do not fall in the category of non
prescription contacts because their primary use is in fixing the blurred
vision and not enhancing the personality of the user.Nonprescription
colored contacts for normal vision are in spherical shape and do not
always require an optometrist's prescription. Toric lenses have power and
are primarily meant for vision correction. Thus, while it is possible to
purchase color enhancing contacts in aspherical shapes, they must always
be prescribed or recommended by a qualified physician. Toric colored
contacts may be slightly expensive compared to ordinary toric lenses and
should by all means be purchased under medical advice.Astigmatism
correcting colored contacts are also available in the same color ranges
as nonprescription colored contacts and the popular ones are green, blue,
hazel, black, aqua, amethyst, violet and brown contact lenses.Brown
contact lenses are common in places where most people have light colored
eyes. Here people choose brown contact lenses to stand out. On the other
hand, in places where dark eyes are more common, people will opt or green
or blue contacts rather than brown contact lenses.

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