Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses - Nemesis for Astigmatism by anamaulida


									Among children and adults, astigmatism is a common vision problem. It can
affect anyone irrespective of whether the person has myopia or
presbyopia, or wears contacts or glasses. But, there is ray of hope also.
Astigmatism gets corrected easily. With the help of an exact prescription
for contacts or glasses for astigmatism will solve the problem.The reason
behind astigmatism is an uneven or oddly shaped cornea. Generally the
shape of cornea is spherical, but in case of astigmatism it is oblong or
oval. The causes behind astigmatism are a) Heredity - it is in your DNA
b) eye injury c) eye surgeries d) thinning of the cornea. Due to it, the
vision gets blurred and if left unattended, may cause headaches and
strain to eyes.Astigmats must regularly schedule eye checkups because if
not corrected it will worsen over time. Therefore, take proper care and
change the prescription for glasses or contacts as per the need. Contacts
and glasses - both are capable to correct astigmatism. Sometimes, it
becomes so severe that eye doctors don't allow usage of contacts but such
cases hardly take place.Earlier, astigmats had only three choices: 1)
wear glasses, 2) wear hard or rigid GP lenses, 3) live with it.But, today
Acuvue contact lenses, the most popular brand from the house of Johnson &
Johnson contact lenses - the giant in the contact lens industry, have
come up with two great varieties in toric lenses. Same materials are used
in these lenses like other regular lenses but the design is different.
Instead of moving inside the eye, these lenses stay in place when eyes
are moved to look around.One kind of toric lens is Acuvue Advance made
with Hydraclear technology resulting into more comfort and no dryness in
eyes. The edges of the lens are made consistently thin, with the help of
Accelerated Stabilization Design, to allow less movement of the lens when
the user blinks.The other kind is Oasys lenses. Both Hydraclear
technology and Accelerated Stabilization Design are used in this lens
also. These lenses get properly repositioned automatically by themselves
if they get move out of place. As these lenses allow five times more
oxygen to the cornea, therefore they can be worn for consecutive six
nights and seven days.Both eye examination for astigmatism and the lenses
are quite costly but the convenience and correction it provides is worth
it to many astigmats.And, now let me help you with buying part. Consider
buying your contact lenses online. You will find that buying contact
lenses online is a more affordable option than buying from your
neighbourhood optician. Online suppliers offer lower prices as they buy
contacts in bulk and they have no real estate cost. If you are in India,
visit to find out about their unbeatable prices, convenient
payment options and quick delivery across India.

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