Contacts for Astigmatism by anamaulida


									Astigmatism is one of the refractive errors of the eye in which the
vision is affected by an irregularly shaped cornea. In such condition
cornea inherits the shape of an ellipse rather than a normal spherical
shape. As a result of which the capacity of cornea to focus light
decreases. Astigmatism there is a difference in the degree of refraction
in a variety of meridians. The eye has changeable focal points in
divergent planes. The image can be properly focused on the retina in the
horizontal plane, but not in front of the retina in the vertical plane.
Based on the focus of the principal meridians and on axis of the
principal meridians, regular astigmatism and irregular astigmatism are 2
types of refractive errors. In regular condition the principal meridians
are perpendicular whereas in irregular condition these medians are not
perpendicular.Symptoms of Astigmatism are:
• Eyestrain
• Headache
• Distortion in some portions of the vision filed
• The classic symptom of astigmatism is Blurred visionKeratometer or
Ophthalmometer, Keratoscope and Videokeratoscope are the devices that are
available for testing Astigmatism. There are also many methods that can
be used to detect this refractive error.
Using contacts for Astigmatism is the best way to treat this refractive
error. Several types of contacts such as soft, hard, bifocal, disposable,
extended wear and rigid gas permeable are available that are effective
for treating astigmatism.Many people prefer contacts because these are
the best alternative to glasses. Wearing glasses has now become the
things of past. Nowadays people choose contacts because they need not to
wear glasses every time for envision. Glasses often hide the beauty of
the eyes and consequently change the look of the face. Glass frame can
suit few people's personality but not all. On the same side contacts suit
everyone's personality without making any difference to the face looks.We
know that while performing some activities such as applying make up and
wearing headgear it becomes difficult for people to manage with glasses.
Sometime these become real source of irritation as people find it
difficult to wear then every time even for performing simple tasks. Now
the time has changed and glasses are steadily replaced by contacts.
Contacts give Astigmatic person a real relief from wearing awkward
glasses. By wearing lenses you can be free from carrying Spectacle
frames. Sometime it happens that a person forgets to carry frame and in
that case it becomes difficult for him or her to see things clearly.
Contacts are ideal for curing Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), Lenticular and
corneal astigmatism.

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