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Two ranges of Acuvue toric contact lenses


									Acuvue contact lenses are top sellers among the numerous lens brands on
the market. One of the varieties of Acuvue products is Acuvue toric
contact lenses. This range is particularly designed for patients who have
astigmatism. Acuvue toric lenses offer a good solution for this special
group. As widely known, the eye of an astigmatic patient has two
different prescriptions. In this case, special lenses called toric
contacts are needed because they can offer two different powers in a
lens. Regular spherical contact lenses have only one power all around the
lens. One requirement of toric contact lenses having two powers is that
they can not rotate should patients want to get best vision correction.
One product from Acuvue for astigmatic patients is Acuvue Advance for
Astigmatism. These lenses are disposable ones that can be discarded after
a week or two. Johnson & Johnson uses special technologies which take use
of the wearer's blink with the shape of the lenses. In order to keep the
lenses stable or avoid lens rotation, the blink and the lens shape work
together to keep the lens in position. These lenses are not daily
disposable that they can be reused after adequate cleaning.

  People bothered by dry eye can choose Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.
This special lens option suits astigmatic wearers who spend a lot of time
outdoors in the wind or in a dry climate. Using Acuvue Oasys for
Astigmatism lenses, wearers can nearly be free from dry eye because these
lenses are made to be extra moist. In toric technology, this variety is
similar to the Advance design. But they differ in moisture content.
The aforementioned two varieties of Acuvue toric contact lenses really
help patients with astigmatism a lot. As a leading lens manufacturer,
Johnson & Johnson do provide comfortable lenses for all of its customers.
In general, Acuvue toric contact lenses are more expensive than regular
ones. But discounted ones are available online.      If you want to know
more about contact lenses knowledge, then feel free to visit                              Default
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