Choosing Contact Lenses for Astigmatism by anamaulida


									The condition of astigmatism can be extremely uncomfortable and
inconvenient for patients with who has it. This condition is
characterized by the malformation of the cornea, usually because the
eyeball is elongated, causing the vision to become blurry. Some time ago,
there were no contact lenses for astigmatism, however, recently with the
invention of Toric lenses, people with astigmatism are able to wear
lenses as well.In order to choose contact lenses for astigmatism, the
first thing you should do is to consult an optometrist. They would be
able to give you the right prescription for your lenses after a vision
examination and evaluation on the degree of severity of the condition in
both individual eyes. After that, you can discuss with the optometrist on
your preferences of lenses as they can come in both rigid gas permeable
or soft contact lenses. Depending on the severity of your astigmatism,
you will know the type of contact lens you can wear. An average
astigmatism allows you to use soft lenses, but it would need to be a
Toric lens. Otherwise, you can use rigid gas permeable lenses shaped to
correct the condition instead.Subsequently, you can order the contact
lenses you have decided on. You can order it straight from your
optometrist, or even order it from online retailers selling lenses. If
you decide on buying it from an outside source, you can ask your
optometrist to give you your prescription so that the retailer will be
able to check if the prescription is correct.Once you get the lenses, try
them on. If you have not had any experiences with contact lenses before,
wearing one may require an adjustment period, especially if it is a rigid
gas permeable lens. After some time of regular wear, you should return to
your optometrist for a follow-up exam to identify if the lenses are
correcting your vision as supposed to, or to make sure that your eyes are
not irritated by the lenses.

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