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Unity & Justice

      FREE                                Protecting God’s Children From Distant Lands                                                                    June 22-July 06, 2008                          Vol. V. 57

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Undocumented Seized                                                                                                                                                                 Obama on
on Buses & Trains
    mmigrants are being targeted for                                                                                         "What this says to us is that immigrants-

                                              her family. "This is the last thing I
    deportation while riding on Amtrak        expected coming home. They seemed to                                           —documented or undocumented—can
    and Greyhound. These private trans-       be approaching all of the Latinos on the                                       expect to be targeted and inspected every
port companies are collaborating with         train and asking them for papers. One                                          single time they board Amtrak or
immigration authorities to turn rides into    family even had work permits but immi-                                         Greyhound to go anywhere near a U.S.
a raid on wheels for unsuspecting immi-       gration officials told them that this was                                      border crossing. That these companies
grants.                                       not enough and they were detained also.                                        do not warn people they may end up in
     Immigrant rights activists led by        I'm a customer, I paid just like everyone                                      immigration detention through the sim-
Families for Freedom, recently joined the     else, but my family and I were treated                                         ple act of purchasing a ticket is uncon-
families who rallied in front of Amtrak       like we are less than human beings," she                                       scionable," said Maria Muentes of
and Greyhound headquarters to hold the        said. Sonia's family was detained at the                                       Families for Freedom, a network by and
                                                                                                                                                                                            arack Obama, residential nomi-
travel companies accountable for taking
their money and not warning them that
they may be interrogated, arrested and
detained by immigration officials.
                                              Amtrak station and then transported to
                                              an     Immigration       and
                                              Enforcement (ICE) facility where some
                                              members were sent home and others
                                                                                                                             for families facing and fighting deporta-
                                                                                                                                 "I have witnessed a raid on a
                                                                                                                             Greyhound bus and could see that the
                                                                                                                                                                                    B       nee for the Democratic party has
                                                                                                                                                                                            said that “immigration will not be
                                                                                                                                                                                    used as a football in his administration.”
     Sonia, who immigration officials         imprisoned in the Buffalo Federal                                              families detained were scared and                      In this issue, and every other issue, we
arrested along with her family while they     Detention Facility.                                                            unable to communicate with the ICE and                 shall highlight the Senator’s views on the
rode peacefully on an Amtrak train,              After being bonded out they experi-                                         Customs and Border Protection (CBP)                    issue of immigration.
spoke about the terror of being grilled by    enced the same terror a second time                                            officials, said Joanne Macri, Director of
immigration officials and separated from      coming home on the Greyhound bus.
                                                                                                                                                      continued on page 5           Undocumented
                                                                                                                                                                                    workers come here to

 Free Legal Consultations
                                                                                                                                                                                    work, not to drive
                                                                                                                                                                                    When I was a state senator in Illinois, I
                                                                                                                                                                                    voted to require that illegal aliens get
        he Immigrant’s Journal Legal &         The consultations can be on any legal mat-                                                                                           trained, get a license, get insurance to

                                                                                                                             In addition to the free consultations, listen-
        Educational Fund, Inc in partner-     ter such as:                                                                   ers can enjoy news, views, interviews as               protect public safety. That was my inten-
        ship with its legal advisor, Brian         immigration                                                               well as music by popular DJ Lonnie B. So,              tion. The problem we have here is not
 Figeroux of the Law Firm of Figeroux &            matrimonial (divorce)                                                     make it a date. Tune in every Saturday                 driver's licenses. Undocumented work-
 Associates offers free consulations on any        real estate                                                               from 6pm-8pm on WPAT 930 or watch and                  ers do not come here to drive. They're
 legal matter during the 2-hour radio pro-         bankruptcy                                                                listen on the internet at www.allblackra-              here to work. Instead of being distracting
 gram, ICE (Immigration & Cultural                 foreclosures                                                                                                   by what has now become a wedge issue,
 Expose). ICE is aired on WPAT 930 AM              personal injury                                                             Remember to tell a friend, another friend            let's focus on actually solving the prob-
 and www.allblackradio.comon Saturdays             criminal and civil                                                        and another friend. Don’t keep it a secret.            lem that this administration, the Bush
 from 6pm-8pm.                                     wills and estate planning                                                                                                        administration, had done nothing about
                       Inside: Get A Green Card ... see page 5                                                                                                                      Source: 2007 Democratic debate in Las
                                                                                                                                                                                    Vegas, Nevada Nov 15, 2007
     The Caribbean & Latin America feels the pinch in less remittances ... see page 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                            continued on page 6

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Celebrating 10                                                                            Bush administration steps
                                                                                          up immigration raids
years of serving
the Immigrant
                                                                                                      ithout regard to

                                                                                                                                                        continue enforce-
                                                                                                      any political                                     ment of the law,” she
                                                                                                      falloutduring                                     said. “What we try to

                                                                                          the presidential cam-                                         do is try to stay out
                                                                                          paign, the Bush adminis-                                      of the (election-year)
                                                                                          tration is vowing to carry                                    rhetoric and do our
                                                                                          out its unprecedented                                         job and do it well.”
                                                                                          crackdown on undocu-                                            In a twist of fate,
       he Immigrant’s Journal Legal &         Deportation Innoculation:

T      Educational         Fund,
       (IMJLEF) is a not-for-profit
organization, founded in 1998, dedi-
                                      Inc.    One of the programs that the Journal is
                                              especially proud of is its free citizen-
                                              ship drive. For many years, the
                                                                                          mented immigrants for
                                                                                          the remainder of 2008.
                                                                                          Over 3,500 illegal immi-
                                                                                          grants have been arrested
                                                                                                                                                        there are indications
                                                                                                                                                        that these worksite
cated to the diverse immigrant groups         IMJLEF has been offering free citizen-      in dozens of business                                         SWAT-team-style
that constitute the fabric of New York.       ship assistance to members of the           sweeps, far ahead of the                                      arrests of immi-
Our purpose is to educate and empower         public. We call it “deportation innocu-     previous year’s pace.                           President     grants, while pleas-
the immigrant communities through the         lation” because when one becomes a             Julie Myers, who heads                         George      ing to conservative
development and coordination of vari-         US citizen it is protection from depor-     the immigration agency,                            Bush       voters, may alienate
ous plans of action on important issues       tation.     Additionally, it is also        said ICE (Immigration                                         some Latino voters,
that are crucial to their growth. In sum-     protection for your children. When a        and                Customs                                    potentially driving
mary, our goals are:                          parent becomes a citizen, all children      Enforcement) will press                                       them           toward
                                              under the age of 18 gets derivative citi-   dramatic       enforcement                                    Democratic presi-
  To educate the members of the com-          zenship. Everybody makes mistakes in        operation until the Bush adminstration      dential nominee Barack Obama.
munity about the contributions that           life at some time or another. You don’t     leaves office January 20, 2009. “We will
immigrants have made to the United            want one little mistake to become a life

                                                                                          ERROR! Electronic Employment
States, economically and historically.        of sorrow.
                                                 This service is provided every Satur-

                                                                                          Verifications Systems
  To inform members of the immigrant          day from 10am to 3pm at 26 Court
community about the changes in immi-          Street (downtown Brooklyn) and Tues-
gration law, the educational system,          days and Thursdays from 3pm to 7pm                     any on Capitol Hill are eyeing
health issues, voting rights, financial
opportunities, home purchasing and
other basic information.
                                              at 1105 Nostrand Avenue. The free cit-
                                              izienship application assistance is
                                              available only to individuals who have
                                              never been arrested. Individuals who
                                                                                          M          favorably bills that create a
                                                                                                     massive electronic employ-
                                                                                          ment database. While proponents of the
                                                                                                                                      hires per year in the U.S.

                                                                                                                                      11,000: number of workers per day who
                                                                                                                                      would be flagged as ineligible for
                                                                                          Shuler-Tancredo "SAVE Act" (HR 4088)        employment if E-Verify were mandatory
  To legally assist and direct members        have been arrested must have a paid         and the Johnson "New Employee
of the community facing immigration                                                                                                   for all employers
                                              consultation with the attorney. This is     Verification Act of 2008" (HR 5515) talk
and other legal problems.                     necessary as certain offences are           tough about cracking down on illegal        25: workers per work day per congres-
                                              deportable.                                 immigrants, the truth is, their bills’
For many years, new immigrants to the                                                                                                 sional district who would be flagged as
                                                                                          nationwide       mandatory     electronic   ineligible for employment if the Shuler
United States have been misinformed,         We need your help                            employment verification system require
embezzled and denied opportunities.                                                                                                   or Johnson bill passed, making E-Verify
                                                 In addition to this great citizenship    all American workers, foreign- and
This existed as a result of the lack of                                                                                               mandatory for all employers
                                             drive, the Immigrant’s Journal Legal &       native-born alike, to seek the govern-
credible publications and organizations      Educational Fund, Inc in partnership         ment’s permission to work. If the gov-      If the Shuler or Johnson bills are passed,
geared towards new immigrants. Hence,        with Figeroux & Associates offer free        ernment database isn’t accurate,            E-Verify would have to be expanded
The Immigrant’s Journal was launched         legal consultations every Saturday on its    Americans will be denied employment         exponentially in a short time period.
to fill that void. Today, The Immigrant’s    ICE Radio program.                           and paychecks, at least temporarily,
Journal is published in English, Span-         The Immigrant’s Journal reflects on the    while they attempt to resolve the prob-     55,000: the number of employers cur-
ish and French. The Journal provides         past ten years and looks forward to ten      lem with the government agencies.           rently enrolled in E-Verify
up-to-date information on laws and reg-      more years of service to the immigrant          The proposed bills build upon the E-
ulations affecting the immigrant             community. All services provided by the      Verify program, a small pilot program       7 million: the approximate number of
communities, as well as news and             IMJLEF are funded through the gener-         that taps Social Security Administration    employers in the U.S.
human interest stories.                      ous support of the Law Firm of Figeroux      (SSA) and Department of Homeland
In March 2005, the first Annual Think        & Associates and its membership pro-         Security (DHS) databases to make deter-     13,000%: approximate increase from
Tank Conference: Protecting Immi-            gram.                                        minations about employment authoriza-       number of current users
grants was held at the Brooklyn                In effort to continue this community       tion. Here is what we know about the
Museum, where the Immigrant’s Jour-          service, we are inviting members of the      databases and what we can expect if         6,500: approximate number of employ-
nal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc            public to make a donation. Donations are     these bills are passed:                     ers per day (including weekends and hol-
Membership Program was launched.             tax deductible and any amounts are wel-
The event was a success and the Mem-                                                                                                  idays) that would have to enroll in E-
                                             comed. For more information on making        Errors in the database that E-Verify
bership Program currently boasts over                                                                                                 Verify to meet the Johnson bill require-
                                             a donation, please call 718-243-9431.        checks to determine work authorization
3000 members.                                                                                                                         ment of enrollment of all employers
                                                                                          status impact millions.                     within 3 years. 4,800 per day to meet the
                                                                                                                                      Shuler bill 4-year requirements.
                                                                                          4.1%: error rate in the SSA database
                                                                                                                                      50-60 million: number of queries per
                                 FRADULENT MARRIAGE                                       17.8 million: number of discrepancies in    year E-Verify would have to respond to if
                                      OR NOT?                                             the SSA database                            the Johnson or Shuler bill were enacted

                                   If you are scheduled for a Stokes interview            12.7 million: number of database dis-       3.6 million: number of queries E-Verify
                                               (a second interview),                      crepancies pertaining to native-born U.S.   received in 2007.
                                             HIRE AN ATTORNEY.                            citizens

                                   If you fail a Stokes interview, immigration            1 in 25: number of new hires that would
                                 authorities are likely to commence deportation           receive a tentative nonconfirmation         Source: Immigration Policy Center
                                  proceedings against you. Call 718-834-0190 to           based on error rates
                                        schedule an appointment NOW!                      55 million: approximate number of new

                                                                                                                   THE IMMIGRANT’S JOURNAL JUNE 22-JULY 06, 2008 IMJ 2

CM First Step Training:
A Minority Owned, Community Business
        M First Step Training Center Inc      Training Center is not only to                                                                24-hour private security force and mod-

C       first opened first its doors in
        2001. Although under new man-
agement the philosophy of the school
                                              teach, but to counsel and assist
                                              individuals in acquiring self-
                                              confidence in order to reach
                                                                                                                                            ern elevator service. Class sizes are small
                                                                                                                                            enough to encourage individual atten-
                                                                                                                                            tion, and teachers uses up-to-date teach-
remains the same. It embodies a quote         their full potential. That’s why                                                              ing methods and equipment to encourage
from Frederick Douglas: "We must lift as      free legal and career consulta-                                                               student participation, motivation and
we climb, each one teach one."                tions are offered to all students.                                                            curiosity.
   According to Director Clerisa              Plus, students are directed to                                                                    Going a step further, CM First Step
McKenzie, the school is more than a           agencies which will help them                                                                 Training has partnered with the Law
business opportunity. It started to meet      secure job placements.                                                                        Firm of Figeroux & Associates to offer
a need in the community, especially in          In today's hospitals and extend-                                                            free tax and legal consultations to the
the     neighborhood        of    Bedford     ed care facilities a nurse assis-                                                             businesses      in     the     Restoration
Stuyvesant. She said: “We feel that edu-      tant is an important part of a                                                                Plaza/Bedford Stuyvesant area. Brian
cational opportunities should be avail-       healthcare team that includes                                                                 Figeroux, Legal advisor for CM First
able in an atmosphere of free inquiry and     many personnel outside of nurs-                                                               Step Training believes in giving back to
intellectual stimulation to all qualified     es. Nurse assistants are needed                                                               the community.
applicants of diverse ages and back-          to provide routine care so that                                                                 He said: “At Figeroux & Associates, we
grounds. As a community of people, we         nurses can provide care that only                                                             believe in giving back to the community
should join together with a deep desire       they can perform.                                                                             which supports us. That’s why we offer
and strong determination to grow in               The nurse assistant must not                                                              pro bono consultations on tax and busi-
knowledge and maturity.”                      only be very skilled in the actual                                                            ness issues to the business community. At
   “The school offers more than an edu-       procedures being performed but                                                                a minimum, there is the free consultation
cation for students. It also serves as        must also be able to observe a patient's          This is a very important career and the     and extended recommendations depend-
guidance and a counselling resource of        condition and report that information           ceritified nursing assistant course offered   ing on the client’s economic situation.”
sorts for members of the community.           back to the nurse.                              by CM First Step Training is really lay-         For more information on the certified
Indeed, the completion of a program of           Due to other responsibilities, the nurse     ing a foundation for career that’s both       nursing assistant program or to schedule
instruction as a Nurse's Aide is the first    cannot spend large amounts of time in           personally and financially rewarding and      an appointment for a free consultation,
step in the process of life learning in the   the room with the patient so the nurse          offers job security.                          please call 718-789-7122/718-622-1800.
health care continuum,” she added.            assistant is often referred to as the nurse's       Students can learn in a comfortable         CM First Step Training Center Inc: step
    Clearly, the goal of CM First Step        "eyes and ears".                                environment. Classrooms have central          up to a brighter future!
                                                                                              air conditioning and heating. There is a

      DIVORCE                                                                   Family Law Practice Summarized

                                                                                  Contested & Uncontested Divorce                     Relocation
                                                                                  Separation & Prenuptial Agreements                  Child Support
                                                                                  Business & Degree Evaluations                       Abuse/Neglect
                                                                                  Spousal Maintenance                                 Restraining & Protective Orders

                                                                                  Custody/Visitation                                  Modification of Previous Orders &
                                                                                  Paternity                                           Awards

                                                                                                        The lawyer you hire
      CUSTODY                                                                                          does make a difference!

  Has your spouse disappeared?                                                           Matrimonial
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                                 divorce even if your
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 *Uncontested on                 spouse is                                             Divorce/Dating/Fraud                                       PERSONAL INJURY
 consent and cost.                                                                                                                                ACCIDENTS
 All five boroughs. No
                                 uncooperative or                                      Internet Dating/Fraud                                      IMMIGRATION
                                                                                       Video Surveillance                                         POLICE BRUTALITY
 property, no kids.              lives overseas.                                                                                                  CRIMINAL LAW
                                                                                                                                                  CIVIL LITIGATION

                LAW OFFICES OF FIGEROUX & ASSOCIATES                                                                                              REAL ESTATE

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                                                                                                                       THE IMMIGRANT’S JOURNAL          JUNE 22-JULY 06, 2008 IMJ 3

No Match is No                                                                                                                                          PUBLISHER & PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                                                            Laverne B. Henry

                                                                                                                                                                VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                                                                 Debra Mondezie

                                                                                                                                                                 Colin A. Moore
           ASHINGTON, DC:                                                                                  Administration should suspend

W          The Department of
           Homeland Security
.announced a "supplemental
                                                                                                           the "no-match" effort until the
                                                                                                           database achieves acceptable
                                                                                                           levels of accuracy and until
                                                                                                                                                                LEGAL ADVISOR
                                                                                                                                                                Brian Figeroux, Esq.

proposed rule" concerning the                                                                              employers and employees have                Brian Figeroux: Tel:718-243-9431
actions required of employers                                                                              efficient mechanisms to correct
who receive "no-match" letters                                                                             data errors and to obtain status
from the Social Security                                                                                   confirmation.                                         WEB DESIGNER
Administration. Rather than                                                                                   "This unchanged regulation                         Mario V. Figeroux
making changes in the sub-                                                                                 clearly leaves employers holding
stance of the previous rule,                                                                               the bag as to Congress' failures                    Volunteering at
which was enjoined by a                                                                                    to create legal avenues to fill            THE IMMIGRANT'S JOURNAL LEGAL
Federal District Court, DHS                                                                                legitimate labor needs," said                 & EDUCATIONAL FUND, INC.
reiterates its same old argu-                                                                              Campbell Walker. "Employers
ments. The rule's bottom line                                                                              will be left with a Hobson's              Internship positions available throughout the
remains unchanged: employers                                                                               choice — keep the employee                year.
may believe they have no                                                                                   while potentially being exposed
choice but to fire any employee                                                                            to employment verification                The Immigrant's Journal Legal & Educational
who cannot resolve within 90                                                                               penalties or terminate the                Fund, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the
days a social security records                                                                             employee and face possible                educational and economic empowerment of all
discrepancy.                                                                                               wrongful termination or discrim-          immigrants and immigrant organizations here
    "The      Social     Security                                                                          ination charges. Where are the            in the United States. We at the Journal recog-
Administration is charged with                                                                             rational and predictable legal            nize the enormous contribution of immigrants
administering social security                                                                              protections for employers trying          to this country economically, socially and polit-
benefits, and is not structured                                                                            to do the right thing?"                   ically. Since September 11, 2001, however,
or oriented to be an immigra-                                                                                                                        immigrants have increasingly been discriminat-
tion enforcement tool. This misguided             dictable delays in obtaining documenta-                                                            ed against and Congress has passed legisla-
attempt to fit the square peg of immigra-         tion of status or database corrections.                                                            tion curtailing the rights of immigrants here in
                                                                                                   AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08032140. The
tion enforcement into the round hole of           The SSA has emphatically and consis-                                                               the US., broadly claiming that immigrants are a
                                                                                                   American Immigration Lawyers Association
social security benefits is a guarantee of        tently stated that there are many reasons                                                          threat to ''National Security.'' We at the Journal
                                                                                                   is the national association of immigration
increased discrimination and erroneous            for a no-match record to be generated            lawyers established to promote justice, advo-     believe that these charges are unfounded,
terminations," stated Kathleen Campbell           other than a lack of work authorization.         cate for fair and reasonable immigration law      unsubstantiated and exaggerated.
Walker, President of the American                 Some of these reasons include: spelling          and policy, advance the quality of immigra-
Immigration Lawyers Association.                  errors, incomplete names, inversion of           tion and nationality law and practice, and        The Immigrant's Journal Volunteer Intern
  One predictable result of implementa-           date order, valid name changes pursuant          enhance the professional development of its       Program: was introduced to give our volun-
tion of this rule will be unwarranted fir-        to divorce or marriage, as well as cultur-       members.                                          teers the opportunity to work in an immigrant
ings due to database errors and pre-              al differences in name order. The                                                                  friendly environment while developing the nec-
                                                                                                                                                     essary skills for college or law school. They

AILA Condemns ICE's Failure                                                                                                                          assist our staff in resolving immigration and
                                                                                                                                                     other legal concerns through personal inter-

to provide Basic Medical Care
                                                                                                                                                     views, radio, email and telephone contact.
                                                                                                                                                     They also assist the public with citizenship
                                                                                                                                                     applications and in researching whether or not
           ASHINGTON, DC:                AILA

W          applauds the introduction of the
           Detainee Basic Medical Care Act
of 2008 by Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-
                                                  Since 2003, at least 83 detainees have died in detention in custody or
                                                  shortly after release. AILA urges Congress and the Administration to
                                                  undertake a broader re-examination of our current detention policies.
                                                                                                                                                     children of naturalized US citizens have
                                                                                                                                                     derived citizenship from their parents. Some of
                                                                                                                                                     our volunteers assist our legal staff by engag-
                                                                                                                                                     ing in legal research and writing letters on
CA) in the House and Senators Robert
Menendez (D-NJ), Edward M. Kennedy (D-            ICE”s detention system and their treatment of detainees should comport                             other legal issues. Volunteer interns are also
MA), Richard Durbin (D-IL), Daniel Akaka                                                                                                             assigned various other jobs in our Youth
                                                  with basic American values of decency and fairness.
(D-HI) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) in the                                                                                                            Programs.
Senate.                                           authorities adopted generalized detention        policies. The detention of individuals is an
  This bill takes an important step in address-   standards in 2000, these standards have not      extraordinary power that should only be used      Hours are flexible. Email your cover letter and
ing Immigration and Customs Enforcement's         been consistently followed or enforced.          in extraordinary circumstances. Current law       resume       or      any     questions       to
(ICE) outrageous failure to provide medical       Despite DHS's monitoring of conditions,          requires ICE to put immigrants in jail even
treatment in detention facilities which has       widespread reports of abuse persist. Recent      when they pose no danger to the community
resulted in serious harm to detainees and in      reports by the DHS Office of Inspector           or flight risk. AILA supports reforms that
some cases, even death. Since 2003, at least                                                                                                         Tel: 718-243-9431            Fax: 718-222-3153
                                                  General (OIG) and the Government                 would require the Attorney General to release
83 detainees have died in detention in cus-       Accountability Office (GAO) highlighted the      an immigrant from detention if he or she does
tody or shortly after release. The Department     Department's lack of compliance with current     not pose a danger to the safety of other per-
of Homeland Security's (DHS) current              health care standards and the obstacles that     sons or of property and is likely to appear for
process for providing outside medical care        detention facility personnel and detainees       any scheduled proceeding. To ensure that
requires that on-site medical personnel in        have encountered in obtaining approval for       detention is not used to separate American
detention centers across the country obtain       outside medical and mental health care. AILA     families needlessly, AILA urges DHS to
prior authorization from officials in             encourages DHS to work collaboratively with      expand cost-saving community-based alter-
Washington, resulting in both unreasonable
                                                                                                                                                     The visa bulletin summarizes the
                                                  Congress to issue regulations that will ensure   natives to detention programs that require        availability of immigrant numbers
delays and denials in some cases. This bill       detainees are treated humanely in all respects   immigrants to show up for their court pro-
would require DHS to issue guidelines                                                                                                                for each month based on family-
                                                  including the provision of medical care.         ceedings. Most importantly, the Department's
requiring the timely and effective delivery of       While this bill is an important first step
                                                                                                                                                     sponsored and employment pref-
                                                                                                   detention system and their treatment of
health care to detainees.                         toward ensuring that detainees receive appro-    detainees should comport with basic                erences, as well as the diversity
  Explosive growth in the numbers of non-cit-     priate medical care, AILA urges Congress                                                             immigrant category. To access
                                                                                                   American values of decency and fairness.
izens in immigration detention has resulted in    and the Administration to undertake a broad-                                                             the visa bulletin, go to
inconsistent and often poor conditions of con-    er re-examination of our current detention                                                
                                                                                                   Source: AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08051562
finement. Although federal immigration

                                                                                                                              THE IMMIGRANT’S JOURNAL            JUNE 22-JULY 06, 2008 IMJ 4

Get A Green Card... Deportation Trap
                                                                                                 continued from page 1

How Do I...Help My Fiancé(e)
Become a Permanent Resident of the US?                                                           Association      Immigrant                                    immigrants that when
                                                                                                 Defense Project. "We all                                      stopped by immigration
         United States                                                    You are a U.S.

A        (U.S.) citizen
         who decides to
marry a person who is
                                                                     citizen; and
                                                                          You and your
                                                                     fiancé(e) intend to
                                                                                                 sat stunned as they took
                                                                                                 families with children off of
                                                                                                 the bus. Passengers are
                                                                                                 not expecting a raid on a
                                                                                                                                                               officials it is your right:
                                                                                                                                                                 To ask for an attorney.
                                                                                                                                                               You can say, "I cannot
                                                                                                                                                               answer your questions
not a citizen or perma-                                              marry within 90             routine bus or train ride. I                                  without my attorney
nent resident can take                                               days      of     your       could see they did not know                                   present."
different paths to help                                              fiancé(e) entering          it was their legal right to                                     To not sign anything.
their fiancé(e) get per-                                             the U.S.; and               ask for an attorney or                                          Don't lie.
manent residence.                                                        You are both free       refuse to proceed with the                                      Do not be combative,
   One option is to marry                                            to marry; and               interrogation," Macri con-                                    be polite and clear. You
overseas. If you marry                                                    You have met           tinued.                                                       don't want to give them
overseas, you can then                                               each other in person          This shocking trend is part     Don’t let this be           an excuse to assault you
file a Form I-130,                                                   within two years            of the Department of you, your family or                      physically.
Petition     for    Alien                                            before you file this        Homeland          Security's        a loved one.                Make sure someone in
Relative, for your new                                               petition unless:            efforts to deputize every-                                    your family knows
husband or wife.                                                     1. The requirement          one in the community to                     where you are going and has all your
    Another option is if                                             to     meet      your       help them enforce immigration law.          information so they can find you if you
your fiancé(e) is already in the U.S. in         fiancé(e) in person would violate strict           "They claim that they are simply step-   are detained.
another lawful temporary status and you          and long-established customs of you or          ping up border inspections but essential-     Expect to be investigated by immigra-
want to get married in the U.S.                  your fiancé(e)'s foreign culture or social      ly they are bringing the border to you.     tion officials each and every time you
  One other option is the fiancé(e) visa if      practice; or                                    It's easy pickings for them to target       ride Amtrak or Greyhound or anytime
your fiancé(e) is overseas and you want          2. You prove that the requirement to per-       unsuspecting people on these busses and     you drive near the border.
to get married in the U.S., or he/she is in      sonally meet your fiancé(e) would result        trains but a nightmare for New York City
the U.S. and wants to depart the U.S. and        in extreme hardship to you.                     families who will face deportation as a     Editor’s note: For more information,
return to get married.                                                                           result of having taken that train or bus
                                                 Source:                                                                           contact Maria Muentes, 646-483-1333 at
                                                                                                 ride," demanded Juan Carlos Ruiz,           Families for Freedom. Also listen to
What are the basic eligibility require-                                                          Director of New York New Sanctuary
                                                 Editor’s note: The information here is solely                                      and WPAT 930
ments for a fiancé(e) petition?                                                                  Movement.
                                                 for this purpose. Please consult with an                                                    AM every Saturday from 6pm-8pm for
Only a U.S. citizen can file a fiancé(e)                                                               Families for Freedom and the
                                                 attorney before making decisions or taking                                                  the latest immigration news and updates
petition. In your petition you must prove                                                        Immigrant's      Journal      Legal    &
                                                 actions.                                                                                    as well as free legal consultations off the
that:                                                                                            Educational Fund Inc, wants to warn         air.

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                                                                                                                         THE IMMIGRANT’S JOURNAL          JUNE 22-JULY 06, 2008     IMJ 5
continued from page 1                                                                                                                                aren't getting overtime. There are a whole
Obama on                                                                                                                                             host of reasons why we have not been gen-
                                                                                                                                                     erating the kinds of jobs that we are generat-
Immigration                                                                                                                                          ing. We should not use immigration as a tac-
                                                                                                                                                     tic to divide.
Solve the driver's                                                                                                                                   Source: 2008 Democratic debate in Los
license issue with                                                                                                                                   Angeles before Super Tuesday Jan 31, 2008
immigration reform
On the driver's license issue, I don't
believe that we're going to have to deal                                                                                                             Deporting 12 million
with this if we have comprehensive                                                                                                                   people is ridiculous and
immigration reform, because people                                                                                                                   impractical
don't come here to drive. They come here
                                                                                                                                                     The American people want fairness, want
to work. If we have registered them, if they
                                                                                                                                                     justice. They recognize that the idea that
have paid a fine, if they are learning English
                                                                                                                                                     you're going to deport 12 million people is
and going to the back of the line, if we fix our
                                                                                                                                                     ridiculous, that we're not going to be devot-
legal immigration system, then we will not
                                                                                                                                                     ing all our law enforcement resources to
have this problem of undocumented workers
                                                    Barack Obama with community leaders, left, Gerry Hopkins and far right, Brian                    sending people back. But what they do also
in this country, because people will be able to
                                                    Figeroux, at an exclusive meeting where the Mighty Sparrow (second left) present-                want is some order to the process. We're not
actually go on a pathway to citizenship.
                                                    ed a cd with a song written especially for the charismatic Senator.                              going to be able to do these things in isola-
                                                                                                                                                     tion. We're not going to be able to deal with
Source: 2008 Democratic debate in Los
                                                   cy and increase the number of legal immi-        Q: How do you address high unemployment          the 12 million people who are living in the
Angeles before Super Tuesday Jan 31, 2008
                                                   grants to keep families together and meet the    & declining wages in the African-American        shadows and give them a way of getting out
                                                   demand for jobs that employers cannot fill.      community related to the flood of immigrant      of the shadows if we don't also deal with the
                                                                                                                                                     problem of this constant influx of undocu-
Immigration                raids         are
                                                      Bring People Out of the Shadows: Allow        labor?
                                                   undocumented immigrants who are in good          A: Before the latest round of immigrants         mented workers. That's why comprehensive
ineffective                                        standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go    showed up, you had huge unemployment             reform is so important. Something that we
THE PROBLEM                                        to the back of the line for the opportunity to   rates among African-American youth. So to        can do immediately that is very important is
Immigration Bureaucracy is Broken:The              become citizens.                                 suggest somehow that the problem that we're      to pass the Dream Act, which allows chil-
immigration bureaucracy is broken and over-          Work with Mexico: We need to do more to        seeing in inner-city unemployment, for           dren who through no fault of their own are
whelmed, forcing legal immigrants to wait          promote economic development in Mexico to        example, is attributable to immigrants is a      here but have essentially grown up as
years for applications.                            decrease illegal immigration.                    case of scapegoating that I do not believe in,   Americans, allow them the opportunity for
   Immigration Raids are Ineffective: Despite                                                       I do not subscribe to. There is no doubt that    higher education. I do not want two classes
a sevenfold increase in recent years, immigra-     Source: Campaign booklet, "Blueprint for         we have to get control of our borders. We        of citizens in this country. I want everybody
tion raids only netted 3,600 arrests in 2006       Change", p. 38-39 Feb 2, 2008                    can't have hundreds of thousands of people       to prosper. That's going to be a top priority.
and have placed all the burdens of a broken                                                         coming over to the US without us having any
system onto immigrant families.                                                                     idea who they are. We have to crack down on      Source: 2008 Democratic debate at
                                                   Immigrants are                                   those employers that are taking advantage of     University of Texas in Austin Feb 21, 2008
Improve Our Immigration System: We must
                                                   scapegoats for high                              the situation, hiring folks who cannot com-
                                                                                                    plain about worker conditions, who aren't
fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucra-       unemployment rates                               getting the minimum wage sometimes, or

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Remittances to Latin America and
the Caribbean slower, IDB fund
       atin American and Caribbean                                                                                                        product; in Haiti 35 percent, in Honduras

L      migrants sent some US$66.5 bil-
       lion back to their homelands in
2007, about 7 percent more than in the
                                                                                                                                          25 percent, and Jamaica and El Salvador
                                                                                                                                          18 percent.
                                                                                                                                            Regarding the recently reported drop in
previous year, according to estimates                                                                                                     remittances to Mexico (a 6 percent
presented today by the Inter-American                                                                                                     decrease in January 2008 against the
Development         Bank's     Multilateral                                                                                               same month last year) Terry said that he
Investment Fund (MIF).                                                                                                                    could not predict whether this decline
   "This is the first time since we started                                                                                               would continue or even spread to other
tracking remittances in the year 2000                                                                                                     countries, particularly in Central
that we haven't seen a double-digit                                                                                                       America.
increase," said MIF Manager Donald F.                                                                                                       "We still don't know for certain whether
Terry. "This is mostly because the                                                                                                        this is a short-term change or the begin-
region's two top recipients of workers                                                                                                    ning of a new direction," he added. "But
remittances, Mexico and Brazil, departed                                                                                                  if it were to become a trend, it will push
significantly from past trends."                                                                                                          millions into poverty."
   Remittances to Mexico were virtually                                                                                                       Most of the money sent by migrants
unchanged in 2007, rising barely 1 per-                                                                                                   goes to pay for basic expenses such as
cent to US$24 billion. Money transfers to                                                                                                 food, shelter, clothing and medicines.
Brazil dropped 4 percent to about US$              Migrant workers sent some US$66.5 billion to the region in                             About three-quarters of the remittance
7.1 billion last year.                              2007, MIF estimates. Most of the money sent by migrants                               flows to Latin America and the
  Terry attributed the slowdown in remit-                goes to pay for basic expenses such as food, shelter,                            Caribbean come from the United States.
tances to these two countries to different                                                                                                Spain and Japan are other major sources.
causes. In Mexico's case, its migrants                                  clothing and medicines.                                              The MIF, an autonomous fund admin-
appear to be less inclined to send money                                                                                                  istered by the IDB, originally started to
home, citing concerns about stricter              past 12 months) have reduced the appeal      Money transfers to countries in the        research remittances to analyze their vol-
enforcement of immigration laws and a             of sending money home for many               Andean region rose 5 percent to US$11.6    ume and their impact in Latin America
slowing economy in the United States.             Brazilian immigrants in the United           billion.                                   and the Caribbean. The fund has promot-
   In Brazil's case, increasing economic          States.                                          Remittances have become a crucial      ed competition among service providers,
opportunities at home and a strengthen-             In contrast, remittances to countries in   source of income for many developing       who have considerably cut fees for
ing local currency (the real has appreciat-       the Central American isthmus increased       countries. In Guyana, these flows repre-   money transfers to the region over the
ed 24 percent against the dollar over the         11 percent to US$12.4 billion last year.     sent 43 percent of the gross national      past few years.

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                                                                  you.                                                                       experts will
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