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                           Newsletter of The New Zealand Chefs Association Inc.
                                          “Sharing a passion for all things Culinary”

Cooks Cook in the Cooks!
RAROTONGA the youngest island in the Cook Islands
Southern group. It is physically unlike its other volcanic
neighbours where erosion and periodic submersions have
reduced mountains to gentle hills. Rarotonga’s central massif
is the eroded remains of a once mighty volcanic pyramid
whose crags now form saw tooth peaks and razorback
ridges covered with tropical jungle. These are separated by
streams running down steep valleys.

The island stands 4,500m above the ocean floor. It is 32k
in circumference. The highest peak is 658m above sea level
and the island is surrounded by a lagoon which extends
several hundred metres to the reef which then slopes steeply
to deep water.                                                                              Down at Trader Jacks
Ah, it sounds so peaceful… Well it did until we arrived! Back          if he had been there to say the least! In our case it was a few
in late September the Barton boys and girl arrived to “work”           words from Sammy and we managed to get another minute
(occupy) the island.                                                   or two’s work out of the staff!
First stop TraderJacks next stop the kitchens and the ten of           Transport… The local taxi service of Barton Ace Ventura, this
us started to work on the 2,500 pax for lunch and dinner               gained many fares over the time we were there. Including
(5,000 pax a day). The first shift started at 02:30! And the            a few trips around the island and a course was introduced
last shift got out at 23:00 hours.                                     for a meeting of like minded punters that ended in it being
We cut, chopped sliced and diced our way through 8,000                 “put” about that the course was too short so the “10th” came
kg of fresh tuna, cases and cases of scrambled eggs, 250               about very soon afterwards!
dozen baked bean tins, 3,000 tins of coconut milk 1,000                We met some interesting people, from Traders, to Fish
kg cornflakes, 1,000 trays of pcu jam, 30,000 chicken legs,             Mongers, to Cafe Entrepreneurs to Government Ministers,
taro, kumera, fresh arrowroot and more and more and more!              shady chefs and I heard that some even found time to find a
We had the beauty of staying at a Central motel, with its own          local hairdresser.
hairdressing facilities and we entertained ourselves with our own      It was the biggest event in the Cook Islands for 24 years
cooked lunches and dinner served by the takeaway company of            with teams from 22 countries all over the Pacific region
Barton Traders Inc (providers of fine foods to the elderly).            descending on Rarotonga to take part! It was both a
We wonder if you have ever complained about the ovens                  spectacle of sport in the truest form of the word to an
and bratt pans in your kitchen, well believe you me we were            exercise of the mind.
all good boy scouts and managed to cook up a storm on the              I am sure many will be saying no to taro, to “icky micky” or
minimal of equipment. The defrost button on the microwave              even chicken, bacon and beans, We all had a ball and we
was not much good in this case and so we found ourselves               can thank each other for the stories that we told, the stories
defrosting chicken and the many other food items for up to             that we created and as with all escapades, what happens on
three days. The oven was very tired by the end of the two              tour says on tour!
weeks as it was on the go morning noon and night! Cleaning
now that’s another thing, if one can use sign language then            Supplied by our Island Reporter who shall remain nameless
that’s OK. Gordon would have been screaming a few words                for fear of the real stories being told…Ed.

                    Fresh Thinking In Dairy Solutions
                                                                    Cooks Cook in the Cooks!                             Cover
                                                                    Editorial Roux                                      Page 2
                                                                    President’s Bench                                   Page 3
                                                                    Golden Sands Resort, Penang Appoints Kiwi           Page 3
Sponsorship is the Beginning                                        Inn Communicado                                     Page 4
of Relationships                                                    Blanket Bay Chef Wins Prestigious Competition       Page 4
                                                                    It’s Turkey Time !                                  Page 5
Well the end of the year is now fast looming and many will
                                                                    Northland Students Win Titles                       Page 6
have those all important marketing and sales plans at least
                                                                    A Cooks Tour - Renny Aprea goes North               Page 7
written and going through the necessary approval stage. Any
sized business needs to do this exercise to stay profitable          Toque d’Or Profile                                   Page 7
and in tune with the market place. With most markets now            Stew’dent Pot                                       Page 8
in a bounce back position the real work will begin when             New Hospitality Course Offered in Central Otago     Page 9
you try and reconnect with services and organisations that          Claire Clark Takes on Consultancy Role             Page 10
you had previously ditched during the recession period. It          New Technology to Double Shelf Live of Avocados    Page 10
certainly is a good time to reconsider what you were doing          Thomas Keller’s Retains Three Michelin Stars       Page 10
in the sponsorship arena and how you could improve and get          YawBiz                                             Page 10
better value from the relationships. Sponsorship is certainly
                                                                    Ed—u—Cake                                          Page 11
something that tends to get slashed when things go through
a tough time and is seen as an easy cross off the list of the       Regional Round Up                                  Page 13
marketing and sales plans.                                          Social Marketing Increases Hospitality Performance Page 13
                                                                    Great Potato Challenge 2009                        Page 14
Wikipedia puts sponsorship down as; “To sponsor                     Business for Profit                                 Page 14
something is to support an event, activity, person, or              Ingredients — 4— Chefs                             Page 15
organization financially or through the provision of products
                                                                    Mellor’s Training Restaurant Closes                Page 15
or services. A sponsor is the individual or group that
provides the support, similar to a benefactor.”                     Good—4—A—Laff                                      Page 16
                                                                    NZCA New Members                                   Page 16
Especially in the food and hospitality industry we see a            NZCA Contact Details                               Page 17
lot of contra deals being struck for all sorts of events from       Membership Form                                    Page 18
culinary competitions, fund raising dinners, end of year social     NZCA Sponsors and Corporate Members                Page 19
functions, sending competitors to events overseas, and so the
                                                                    Networking – Social Media in the Modern Day. Back Cover
list goes on. Yes a contra deal is very much sponsorship and
you are entitled to due recognition for it.
                                                                       The views expressed in this newsletter are
The cry is usually what do I get for the sponsorship that I           not necessarily those of the Editor or the New
give?, something that is marketable would always be good,
                                                                             Zealand Chefs Association Inc.
so we see letters of appreciation, certificates and lots of hand
shaking and as many photos as we can bombard the media
with in the hope that they in turn will publish a few at least.          “PLATE” is the Newsletter of the New Zealand Chefs
However the real test of good sponsorship is not the cash                   Association. It is published eight times a year.
up front or the contra product but rather what you as the
                                                                                         Copy Schedule:
contributor do to add value to the cause. If you have agreed
to give something then certain responsibility is yours to see
that you gain from the opportunity given. Look at any of the        Issue       Material Deadline          Issue Posted
really good long term relationships that exists, the sports world   16          3 December 2009            11 December 2009
is perhaps the best example. Those guys really know how to          17          28 January 2010            5 February 2010
maximize the dollar spend and push for Brand presences.             18          11 March 2010              19 March 2010
While being a good corporate citizen is certainly appreciated
                                                                    19          22 April 2010              30 April 2010
it is your Brand and your responsibility to develop it with your
new partner.                                                        20          03 June 2010               11 June 2010
                                                                    21          15 July 2010               23 July 2010
Terms of any relationship leading to sponsorship need to be
                                                                    22          2 Sept 2010                10 Sept 2010
worked out by all parties at the very beginning. Don’t make
it something they cannot achieve without additional costly          23          14 Oct 2010                22 Oct 2010
resources being required. Your expectations of what can be          24          25 Nov 2010                3 Dec 2010
achieved are sometimes unrealistic given the opportunity.
This is your Brand, so your responsibility. The organisation is
bringing the opportunity, you must ensure the outcomes. This
often requires more than just the commitment to support. Make
the relationship work for you and your organisation for both
to gain.

Phillip Townsend
Editor PLATE

                                                                     In 2010 the competition season will start all over again and we
                                                                     hope to have involvement with NZJHC again this year and many
                  Chef Sarginson                                     branches will again link their regional salons with these shows.
                  National President                                 Fine Food New Zealand will be a major undertaking so
                                                                     pencil in the Trans Tasman Battle in your diaries for 13-15
                                                                     June 2010 in Auckland.
What a Great Year Ahead!
                                                                     Our Training Forums and judging seminars have been
The year is over and it’s only October…. But what a great            identified for 2010 and will be available for you all to
year ahead we have got planned at the NZCA.                          participate in over the next year so these are the things that
                                                                     add value to your membership, keep up with PLATE for dates
To finish the year up we say farewell to the last of the              and the NZCA website.
competition season by sending Sam Timoko, Cameron Lawless
and Sarah Primrose to Vanuatu to compete in the Orgin                Well busy, busy, exhausted just thinking about it all so may
Culinary Arts Show. Renny is off to Fiji to assist with judging in   just pop off for a quick lie down and a cup of tea and of
their Salon and making the show run smooth. This still leads         course reading the rest of PLATE, thanks to Phillip and Carmel
me to think about the NZCA releasing a swimwear line next            for their efforts in bringing you a great read this year.
year for the wonderful South Pacific Shows.
                                                                     Anita S
To finish up the year we say farewell to the Awards Season
                                                                     “Sharing a passion for all things Culinary ”
with Taranaki’s Halamoana Hospitality Awards hosted on the
18th of October 2009 at Yarrow Stadium. What a great night
out with NZCA members scooping lots of prestigious awards
and our fantastic Executive Member Simon Houghton gaining
a Halamoana which is an Award of Excellence for winning in
categories consistently over the past three years. Thanks must       Golden Sands Resort, Penang Appoints Kiwi
go the organizing committee, many of which are members               Executive Sous Chef
and a special wee mention to the fabulous Caroline Medway-
                                                                     The newly redeveloped Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La,
Smith, I hope you went home with the right Mr Claus!
                                                                     Penang has appointed John Brock as Executive Sous Chef
To finish up the year we say thanks to the other member               to head its new beach front restaurant (formerly Sigi’s By the
based Associations for all of their hard work that they have         Sea) and also assume complete responsibility for the resort’s
put in to making our year in hospitality so bright and vibrant. I    western culinary offerings. Prior to joining Golden Sands Resort,
know how much work goes into making dinners like FEAST a             Brock, a New Zealand native was Sous Chef at Shangri-La The
success, running Salons and bring together enough sponsors           Marina’s Tides Restaurant in Cairns, Australia, where he started
dollars in a recession year to stage these events. Please to our     his career with the Shangri-La Group.
members support where you can the sponsors of our industry           Brock’s significant culinary experience includes stints in the
events with your spending dollars, it allows us all to work          United Kingdom and France. He started his European adventure
together and bring you better and brighter things in the future.     in Cambridge, United Kingdom as Chef de Partie Pastry for
                                                                     the two-Michelin star Midsummer House, followed by a stint as
So as we put 2009 to bed, as we will be busy around the
                                                                     Head Chef for the Hotel Touring in Valloire, France.
stoves all too soon, what plans do we have for 2010?
                                                                     Preceding his European work experience, Brock started his
Kia Ora Mia was launched in Wellington on the 22nd of                career as a Demi Chef De Partie at the Crowne Plaza’s Victoria
October it is an Essential Skill Training Programme designed         Street Café in Christchurch, New Zealand. There, he started
for service industry employees across New Zealand. It is             honing his culinary skills before moving on to neighbouring
an initiative of the TIA and SITA and well represented by            Australia for a new challenge as a Demi Chef De Partie at the
Hospitality Industry professionals, I believe the focus is to        Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. Within a short time, Brock gained
have your staff undertake the package of unit standards to           promotion to Chef De Partie upon his move to the Stokehouse
ensure that we have the service focus sharpened up for the           Restaurant in St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne
pending 2011 Rugby World Cup.
                                                                     Born and raised in Wanganui, located on the west coast of
WACS Congress, yes it is true I am all booked and                    New Zealand’s North Island, Brock completed his secondary
paid for and really looking forward to being the NZCA                education at the Wanganui Collegiate School before enrolling
representative in Santiago, Chile. I will furnish you all with       at the Wanganui Polytechnic where he obtained diplomas in
reports upon my return.                                              Culinary Arts and Patisserie.
Go Forward Retreat – it is likely that we will gather the            “With his extensive work experience and excellent skills
Executive in Wellington again in Feb 2010 to sort out                especially in western cuisine, John is the right person to
our focus and plans for 2010/2011, dates are yet to be               reposition our beach concept restaurant which is scheduled to
confirmed but if you have issues or ideas you want to have            open in mid December 2009 and also to infuse new ideas to
presented, by all means get these to your executive member           the overall Western menu at Golden Sands Resort,” said Bruno
in advance.                                                          Cristol, general manager of the Golden Sands Resort.

“Cookery as a Career”                                                “I am very excited to lead the Golden Sands team to launch the
                                                                     resort’s new beach restaurant, the first of its kind in Penang. I
We are currently looking at launching a starter up pack with         love cooking by the sea and I look forward to delivering fresh,
Cookery as a Career being the focus to make interested               tasty food to match the atmospheric seaside location. Plus, it is
parties aware of the opportunities that are available for            an amazing opportunity to be part of the rejuvenated banquet
people who are interested but unsure of how to proceed               operations with fabulous new function rooms,” said John Brock,
about becoming a CHEF.                                               executive sous chef.
                 Chef Timoko
                 Administration Director
A busy season ahead, international competitions, planning       Vanuatu - Pacific Australasia Cup 2009. Cameron Lawless
for 2010 already under way with the National Executive.         and Sarah Primrose head over to Vanuatu to represent NZ to
                                                                compete against Australia, Fiji & Vanuatu.
Executive Meeting
Otago/Southland – Scott is generating support in the            WACS new website – see what is happening and keep
Dunedin area, Mark Sycamore is doing demos at the               up to date with WACS www.worldchefs.org
Careers expo and talking about the NZCA. Mark thanks the
                                                                Training Forum – Looking at a national structure for
NZCA for sending both Joseph and himself to the Global
                                                                training forum, involving sponsors and product, Guests
Chefs Competition in Sydney.
                                                                Chefs, Hettanz etc... talk to your branch for more info.
Canterbury – A big push from Canterbury with their 3
                                                                New Zealand Junior Hospitality Challenge – Congratulations
training forums on Seafood, Game and Fonterra products.
                                                                to all the schools who made it to the national final of this
Wellington – Conference and fundraising ideas for 2011.         competition, as Chief Judge of this competition It was a great
                                                                day with very high quality dishes coming out across the
Taranaki – Planning regional competitions for 2010. Golf
                                                                board. The kitchen floor judging was very tight with a 3 mark
trip planned for International Day of the Chef (IDOC).
                                                                difference from lowest to highest (34-37). It obviously came
Halamoana Awards a great success.
                                                                down to the tasting judges to define the winners. I sat in and
Waikato/BOP – November function planned at Skyline.             managed both sets of judges through the deliberation process
Looking at Hamilton as a sub branch.                            in particular the tasting judges. We went back through each
Auckland – Planning for the Chefs Ball in November.             competitors dishes to ensure consistency and confirm the
                                                                medals that were awarded, there were 3 Gold’s awarded in
Northland - Good feedback from the Conference. 45 books         this class.
donated to Rarotonga.
                                                                The judging team were fantastic and the first time judges
Planning for fundraiser Waimate North Show demos and            from NSIA were fully briefed on the process prior, during and
NZCA stall.                                                     after. Thank you to all judges that helped to make this event
Global Chefs Pacific Rim Final – NZ made their mark              run smoothly and thank you for your time and expertise.
at this competition, Mark Sycamore and Joseph Clark             Judges
represented us well. Ross Howell was the winner by a small      Kitchen: Mark, Shannon, Scott & Warwick from NSIA,
margin and he now will represent the Pacific Continent in        Robert Haddock (AUT) and Nancye Pirini (DINE)
Chile January 2010.
                                                                Restaurant: Pippa, Paul, Todd & Alex from NSIA, Cherie
Fine Food NZ – Anita attended the opening event in              Freeman (MIT), Marilyn Plew (MIT), John Snowball (Spotless)
Sydney, very good turnout and a lot of interest in the Event.
Hall maps has a number of stands taken especially around        WINNER FOH              Brie Murdoch,
our NZCA stage area. May have to get another Hall to                                    Kerikeri High School – 84 marks
accommodate the bookings.                                       WINNERS COOKERY Ella Bright-Young & Karen Ishikawa,
NZ Bakers are having their AGM at Fine Foods in NZ.                             Kerikeri High School – 95 marks

Pacific Forum – Meeting in Sydney at Star City Casino,           Also a point of interest is that Samantha Davey and Lisa
Gissur Gudmunson, Glenn Austin, Rick Stevens, Patrick           Nes from Palmeston North Girls who achieved Gold in the
O’Brien, Grant Johnston, Mohammad Faruk, Anita                  Secondary Schools Challenge had a small set back in that
Sarginson, Sam Timoko and Keith Clark. Looking to work          one of the girls had an allergic reaction to her dinner the
more cohesively moving forward. Pacific Rim office is set up      night before and was in A&E in Auckland until 2am. So they
in Sydney.                                                      still achieved gold on four hours sleep.

Platinum Sponsor – Welcome to United Fisheries, a new           More from me soon!
Platinum Sponsor.                                               Sam Timoko
Proud to be a Chef – Live on the Fonterra Website. PDF’s        “Sharing a passion for all things Culinary ”
will come with the link and the National Office will email
to interested parties, Branch Secretaries. Open to students
doing Level 3 & 4.
Anita attended the launch of the Proud to be a Chef –
2 places for NZ. First time they have had every State in
Australia taking part, go online fill in an application, and
make up an original recipe with Fonterra product, if picked
they get a Master Class in Melbourne and then one is picked
for a 6 week work experience somewhere in world.
Gourmet Pacific Challenge – Looking to confirm branch
trainee representatives end of October.

It’s Turkey Time !
Compiled by Gary Miller

Turkey is the center piece and the star attraction for many a
Christmas Feast the world over. Turkeys were first introduced
to Europe by the returning Spanish Conquistador, Hernando
Cortez from his travels to South America in the early 1500’s.
It’s not really known who decided that Turkey would be the
ideal adornment to one’s Christmas table but it is certainly a
tradition that has lasted the test of time.

But no matter how many family members you have
congregate around the festive table, no matter how much
you pack for them for their return journey home, there is
always copious amounts of Turkey left over.

Your Christmas Dinner who at 12 O’clock was the ‘Star’ of
the show, with all the festive trimmings, nicely crispy and
golden brown laying on it’s back with it’s legs in the air and
half a ton of sage and onion stuffing has now become that
wearisome overstaying relative.

But there are many things you can do with these leftovers
and variety is the key when it comes to utilizing and using
up all those leftovers. And as Turkey is a mild meat it can be
used in many different applications.

  pan fry and serve with a poached egg and cranberry

  button mushrooms until soft, add flour to bind, and then
  incorporate milk, bit by bit, stirring vigorously, when
  finished incorporating the milk, add sufficient amount of        CANTER VALLEY, has a great range of
  chopped turkey, season and serve with some plain boiled
  rice.                                                           traditional Turkey products for you
                                                                            this Christmas.
  over bok-choi or mixed with egg noodles.
                                                                   Frozen and Fresh Turkey available
  instead of beef.


  of guacamole and tomato salsa.

  oriental noodles, finished with mango and mint dressing.

  bones to make a stock. Break up and place in to a pot
  with onion, carrots, celery sage and thyme, cover with         Call or email our team today for your Turkey
  water and simmer for 3 hours. Use the stock to make? You                product list and order form.
  guessed it turkey soup or turkey gravy.

To keep turkey at its best, cover tightly with glad-wrap, keep                 Merry Xmas
refrigerated and only take off what you need. Alternatively             From the Canter Valley team
remove all the remaining meat from the carcass prior to
refrigerating, and follow above instructions.

Next Issue we will give you that special Roast Turkey Recipe.           E mail canter.valley@xtra.co.nz
See Issue 16 of PLATE in December 2009.

Northland Students Win Budding                                     As the hospitality industry’s national training organisation
                                                                   (ITO), HSI leads access to training and qualifications for
Chef and Maître d’ Titles                                          the hospitality industry, including overseeing, supervising,
                                                                   assisting and reviewing all nationally recognised training
Kerikeri High School students Brie Murdoch, Ella Bright-
                                                                   for chefs, waiters, baristas, bar persons, porters, hotel
Young and Karen Ishikawa have taken home the national
                                                                   receptionists, room-attendants, house-keepers, supervisors
title in the final of the HSI Junior Hospitality Challenge.
                                                                   and managers.
The Northland Hospitality Students competed against 25
                                                                   HSI also provides support and guidance to schools,
students from throughout the country in a series of live cooking
                                                                   polytechnics and providers that teach and assess Unit
and front-of-house events at the North Shore International
                                                                   Standards through hospitality courses.
Academy (NSIA) last week. The final was the culmination of
regional events held across the country this year and was          Overall winners
hosted by HSI (Hospitality Standards Institute), along with the
NZ Chefs Association and Southern Hospitality.                     Secondary Schools Challenge – Cookery event
                                                                   Ella Bright-Young - Kerikeri High School
Ella and Karen were the winning team in the live cooking           Karen Ishikawa – Kerikeri High School
event, the vegetables.co.nz Horticulture NZ Secondary
Schools Challenge. Their winning meal featured a beetroot-         Front-of-House event
crusted lamb rack with char-grilled courgettes, rosemary and       Brie Murdoch - Kerikeri High School
red wine jus and a Mediterranean tart. They each received
                                                                   Gold medal winners
a Chef’s knife set and case, a $250 Southern Hospitality
                                                                   Joseph Galuvao & David Tevita Samuelu, Southern Cross Campus
voucher for their school and dining vouchers for their
                                                                   Ella Bright-Young & Karen Ishikawa, Kerikeri High School
teacher, Simon Hart.
                                                                   Samantha Davey & Lisa Nes, Palmerston North Girls’ High School
Brie won the Front-of-House competition by creating a
                                                                   Silver medal winners
refreshing fruity mocktail called “licence to chill” and
                                                                   Hayley Neal & Ella Flutey, Otumoetai College
producing a novelty table setting that cleverly used music as
                                                                   Georgina Tata & Rachael Neho, Wainuiomata High School
its theme. The panel of judges described her performance
                                                                   Zane Neustroski & Brendon Baucke, Southland Boys’ High School
as ‘professional and well presented’. As well as the national
                                                                   Shana Paynter & Lara Philips, Aranui High School
title, Brie took home a food and beverage kit and vouchers
                                                                   Adam Robieson & Callum McPhail, Napier Boys’ High School
for her school and teacher.
                                                                   Alexandrea Palmer & Tiana Harrod, John Paul College
While there were the overall winners, every one of the             Sharna-Lee Te Waiti & Courteney Dowdall, Queens High School
competitors in this year’s JHC final went home with medals,         David Tevita Samuelu – Southern Cross Campus
a first in the history of the event.                                Daniel Serdet – Te Awamutu College
                                                                   Emma-Jade Mechen – Heretaunga College
“This high-achieving result certainly shows how skilled            Brie Murdoch – Kerikeri High School
many of our hospitality school students are. The competition       Edward Johns – Southland Boy’s High School
provides a great environment for young hospitality talent to
grow and showcase their skills. These are the future stars         Bronze medal winners
of the hospitality business. My congratulations go to all          Jazlyn Pickens & James Leefe, Long Bay College
the participants for their hard work, enthusiasm and the           Melanie Hollis, Massey High School
outstanding standard achieved,” HSI Chief Executive Steve          Caleigh Goodley, Ruapehu College
Hanrahan said.

 Front of House Kerikeri High School student and front of house       Cookery Kerikeri High School students and winning secondary
       winner Brie Murdoch with her teacher Simon Hart.                schools challenge team Ella Bright-Young and Karen Ishikawa.
A Cooks Tour - Renny Aprea goes North
I enjoyed a visit recently which inspired me to write; as cooks,
chefs, foodies we continue sharing these experiences with others.
Here is mine.                                                            Past Winner’s

My tour to Mangawhai approx 90mins from Auckland,                        1991      Auckland Technical Institute
depending on how quick you drive, is a typical sleepy seaside            Chefs Bernhard Langer & Alan Thompson
village, a garage, 4 square, lotto shop, gallery cafe, bakery and        1992     Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
the local footy club. In the middle and totally incongruous with its     Chefs Wendy Rushworth & Darren Wells
surrounding is a Provence/Tuscan style villa.
                                                                         1993      Wellington Polytechnic
Yep I’m talking about real old world France or Italy. This is the        Chefs Sonya Paget & John Allred
home of Bennett’s Chocolates; walking into a typical central
                                                                         1994      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
courtyard, right for damn good coffee or straight ahead through
                                                                         Chefs Nathan Sanders & Stephen Boyles
an amazing oversized glass door to every kid’s dream. Fine
glass tureens filled with coloured marshmallow strips, glass              1995       Waikato Institute of Technology
trays of chocolates, gloved service staff waiting to arrange into        Chefs Lisa Woodward & Adrian Merrilees with Deidre Williams
boxes from a beautiful array. You could be in any of the French          1996      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
chocolate shops it was modelled on.                                      Chefs Darren Potaka & Athol Hurst with Michael Hyde
‘That’ smell permeates the air; Chocolate is one of those foods.         1997     Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
YES it is food and should be eaten at least “5 plus a day”.              Chefs Hamish Brown & Stacey Paulin with Georgina Murfitt
Looking through the massive glass wall to the production floor
                                                                         1998      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
of this purpose built villa/factory. On a gleaming stainless table
                                                                         Chefs Andrea Marett & Sarah Hampton with Georgina Murfitt
is a mountain of roasted almonds, waiting to be covered in
chocolate, moulds polished and waiting to be filled with the              1999        Aoraki Polytechnic
brown stuff, shiny machines pouring the brown stuff out of its           Chefs Julie King & Kirsten Hickey with Susan Salisbury
spout. Sharing my knowledge of chocolate making to the group,            2000       Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
the head “oompa lumpa” of Bennett’s chocolates glides past               Chefs Darrell Van der Slys & Johnathon Reid with Jannelle Frost
unbeknownst, behind me. Hearing my explanation he introduced
himself to us. The affable Clayton the most unchocolate person           2001      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
you will ever meet (to me anyway), offers to lead our small              Chefs Hamish Watson & Rebecca Driscoll with Justine Williams
group, into the depths of his chocolate world. It took a micro/          2002      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
nano second to accept his offer.                                         Chefs Glenn Wright & Rebecca Densem with Nathan Gudsel
Walk around a living chocolate factory!! No brainer really.              2003      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
Every part of this facility has both Clayton and Marys’ DNA on           Chefs Guy Stanaway & Melanie Ellis with Kristine Pereira
it. They have created a little piece of Europe here. In typical kiwi     2004     Wanganui Universal College of Learning
style they have built a factory, but it remains artisanal to its core.   Chefs Amy Peck & Scott Keenan with Carmel Hughes
Machines replace only the biggest production tasks, tempering
and enrobing the chocolate delights. Every other aspect is               2005     Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
hands on. Filling, shaping, rolling, packing and producing               Chefs Cameron Davies & Natalie Trethowens with Lauri Bower
remain hand done. On the open gleaming floor stands the                   2006      Southern Institute of Technology
massive cooling tunnel, where the finished morsels drift along to         Chefs Thomas Hishon & Joseph Clarke with Fina Kristen Pirie
ensure they remain cooled and set correctly, to allow handing
and storing. It looks like it should be in a steel foundry except        2007     Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
this one is polished and gleaming. Every item is touched and             Chefs Damon Griffin & Taryn Phaal with Fina McGovern
handled by people, it is after all handmade chocolate, they              2008      New Zealand Defence Force Joint Service
are made packed and despatched in quick time after all this is a         Catering School
perishable item that needs to be in people’s mouths not sitting on       Chefs Stephen Hogan & Makere Lee with Kirsty Lister
storage shelves, or transported 1000’s of km across the world.
                                                                         2009      Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
Fresh chocolate is best eaten like fresh vegetables, just ripped
                                                                         Chefs Ryan Lynch & Sara Chang with Nicole Carlson
from the earth. As a colleague of mine says chocolate must be
“eaten not stored”.                                                      2010      Who will be next year’s winner ????

Travelling can be fun as cooks, we do it every day; we eat,
drink and enjoy the company of others, with friends or new
acquaintances. Next time you drive north stop off at Mangawhai.
Look for the piece of French inspired life the Bennett’s have
created. You will not be disappointed, even if you resist the
chocolate (I doubt it) you will fall in love with the building.
                                                                             Nestlé Toque d’Or is regarded as the country’s premier student
                                                                          culinary competition. Teams competing in Nestlé Toque d’Or comprise
                                                                                two cookery students and one restaurant service student.
                                                                          The teams are required to prepare six covers of a three-course meal
                                                                             within two-and-a-half hours under the watchful gaze of a panel
                                                                                                   of industry judges.
                                                                     WACS 2010, Chile is the Place
                                                                                    My dear culinary friends of the world,

                                                                                    I am sending you this letter on behalf
                                                                                    the members of the board of the Chilean
                                                                                    Gastronomy Association, ACHIGA, and from
The Perfect Storm??                                                                 all the chefs in Chile.
My brother has an audition for Masterchef. I’m very excited.         We have worked very hard preparing the 34th WACS
Before I began studying Culinary Arts I always said I would          Congress and we are all very enthusiastic to see you all in
enter Masterchef if it ever came to New Zealand. Now that’s          Chile on January 2010 (24th – 28th).
am impossibility I am pleased I still get to live vicariously
through my brother.                                                  Together with the WACS Board, we have prepared a program
                                                                     we hope you will all like.
I’ve suggested an audition dish which I think he’s going
to go with. To be honest, while I’m happy he trusts my               And regarding our work as hosts, we have organized different
judgment, I’m also very nervous. If he doesn’t make it               social activities that we are sure you will enjoy. We will be
through will it be because he cooked what I suggested, or            sending information on where the social events are going to be
because the execution let him down. I must remember to               held, so you may begin to feel the cordial climate of Chile.
ensure he clarifies with the judges which of those things
                                                                     We have organized pre and post tours, specially for you that
sealed his fate so that I’m not living with the guilt of crushing
                                                                     are travelling from so far away, so you can see our lovely
his dream, for the rest of my life. I’m sure this is all redundant
                                                                     country. Maybe you can stop on another Latin American
anyway as he is bound to get through – he has stated that if
                                                                     country on your way back!
he gets an audition (which he has) then he will win. When
you’ve got to resign from your job and take a mortgage               And last but not least, we have listened to your suggestions,
holiday I suppose you have to be that confident, otherwise            and have organized a fantastic partners` program. You can
what’s the point?                                                    check it in our web site and find partners will really enjoy
                                                                     visiting Chile. This program is only for them.
If NZ was following the format of the original UK format,
I don’t think he’d have to quit his job, but apparently              My friends, any doubts please don`t hesitate to contact me.
contestants have to be willing to spend 2 months away from
home living with the other contestants and it’s this aspect of       From now on you will all be getting more & more information,
the show which has forced his hand. I suppose at least it            so you can really feel you deserve coming to Chile.
weeds out the uncommitted. My brother is by no means an
                                                                     Don`t forget, Chile is the place! And we are expecting you with
attention seeker and I’m not 100% sure how he’ll fit into the
                                                                     open arms and heart.
reality TV world that he is probably moving into. It’s a shame
NZ has decided to go with the Australian version; although           Kindest regards,
still predominantly a cooking competition, the ‘personality’
driven aspects take away from the skill, or lack thereof, of         Jacqueline Rodríguez E.
the cooks.                                                           General Manager
                                                                     Chilean Gastronomy Association
The Australian version is also very drawn out. They explain          ACHIGA
the rules of each challenge as though they are speaking to 5
year olds with learning difficulties. And TVNZ have a great
way of stretching a 30 minute show into an hour long one             Stressed Out Chef Threatens to Shoot Waitress
with a million ad breaks. That would be tolerable, but then          It’s easy to get stressed out at work, especially when your job
contestants/judges comments are repeated before and after            is running the kitchen of a busy restaurant.
each ad break and this makes for painful viewing. The one
thing that got me (and others I’ve spoken to) hooked on the          The trick is to stay calm and collected and not let the
UK version was that so much happened in 30 minutes and               pressure get to you. But this is clearly easier said than done.
the focus was on the cooking, not on how all the contestants
were ‘feeling’. It was a lot simpler and I think benefited from       A chef in the US State of Florida got so stressed out over too
that. In saying this, I believe the show was very successful         many mozzarella caprese salad orders that he pulled out a
in Oz as I presume it will be in NZ, so they must be doing           gun and threatened to shoot the waitress who had taken them.
something right? Its not the tag line though – The Perfect           Mark DeCraepeo slammed the gun on a counter and
Storm; what’s with that?!?                                           screamed: “I’ll put a bullet right in your forehead. I am
Now that I’ve had my rant, I’ll finish with 2 things I hope for       serious.”
in this upcoming NZ version of Masterchef 1) they leave out          Another shocked waitress called the cops to the Pizza
much of the personality bollocks that plagues the Australian         Time restaurant in Boca Raton (the town incidentally also
version and 2) my brother wins! Go Nige!                             home to Gordon Ramsay’s Cielo restaurant). They arrested
                                                                     DeCraepeo who now faces up to three years in prison.

                                                                     Ever remorseful he told police: “It was my Gordon
                                                                     Ramsay moment.”

                                                                     It’s great to see what a wonderful inspiration Ramsay has
                                                                     become to our industry. Ed !

New Hospitality Course Offered in                                            THE NEW ‘CHEF SERIES’ RECIPE CARDS
Central Otago this Summer
A new part-time summer course launched in Central Otago                 We may know where to get quality seafood
offers people of all ages and abilities the chance to get ahead          from around the world, but New Zealand
in the hospitality industry.
                                                                          chefs know the best way to prepare it...
The Certificate in Café and Bar teaches the wide range of skills
required by the hospitality industry for those who work in cafes                                 Garlic Butter Squid with
and bars.                                                                                        Rocket & Chorizo Salad                                            Shrimp & Cracke
                                                                                                                                                                   Wheat Salad

The 18-week part-time course runs from 23 November to 26
March at Otago Polytechnic’s Cromwell campus including a
six-week break over Christmas. Students attend classes on
Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am to 3pm.

The course is taught by industry professionals Trish Wilson and
Larry Naylor. Ms Wilson, an Executive Chef with more than                                                                                         Chef Series Quick & Easy Recipe

                                                                                                                                                           Joseph Clarke –
                                                                                                                                                                                 s created for Shore
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mariner by

20 years industry experience, covers catering and barista skills
                                                                                        ChefJosephies rke–
                                                                                                                                                                           Blanket Bay

while Mr Naylor, one of the foremost authorities on bartending                               Ser     Quick & Easy Recipes created
                                                                                                                                    for Shore Mariner by

and alcohol service in New Zealand, teaches bar service and                                        Cla                                    Blanket Bay

legal requirements.
                                                                      This month, new quick and easy recipes                                The first four recipe cards developed by
Ms Wilson says the Certificate in Café and Bar is aimed at             created for Shore Mariner by local award-                             Joseph Clarke, feature delicious, yet easy-
                                                                      winning chefs, will be available in seafood                           to-prepare presentations of seafoods ...
school leavers, people already in the industry who want to            departments of New World and Pak’n Save                               popularly enjoyed by Kiwis at convivial
upskill or those looking to get a headstart in the industry.          supermarkets and selected retailers up                                entertainment occasions or as a light
                                                                      and down New Zealand.                                                 summer family meal with a difference.
“It’s a great opportunity for businesses to upskill their staff. It
works both ways – the business owner may agree to pay some                 Tempura Prawn Cutlets with                   Scallops marinated in lime juice,
                                                                                                                       fennel, citrus salad & lemon butter
                                                                          homemade sweet chilli sauce
of the course fees as a staff incentive and, in return, benefits
from better skilled employees.”                                           Garlic butter Fried Squid with                              Shrimps tossed in
                                                                           rocket and chorizo salad                                  cracked wheat salad
Subjects covered in the course include:
                                                                             Shore Mariner Ltd                      +64 9 270 3311                                   shore-mariner.co.nz
  and Host Responsibility. Following successful completion,
  students can apply for a General Manager’s licence.

  preparation and service, and creating menus and staff rosters

  beverages, wine service and cocktail making

  preparing the cash register float and cashing up), meeting
  and greeting, and knowledge of the hospitality industry

Students get hands on experience at Molyneux, Otago
Polytechnic’s training restaurant which will be opened for café-
style dining during the course.

Ms Wilson says she’s looking forward to opening Molyneux in
a different format.

“Normally we use the restaurant for dinners and theme nights
but this time we’ll open it café-style which will be lovely for
the public as well as our students. People can come during
the day for a coffee and sweet treat, for lunch or to enjoy the
fabulous mountains views of the Pisa over a glass of wine and
antipasto platter.”

Successful completion of the NZQA-recognised Certificate
in Cafe & Bar earns the equivalent of 60 credits towards the
Certificate in Restaurant, Bar and Wine (Level 4) and the
National Diploma in Hospitality (Management) (Level 5). The
                                  course is endorsed by the New
                                  Zealand Bartenders Guild.

                                   Trish Wilson doing barista
                                   training with student Robert
                                   Bean from Naseby.

Claire Clark Takes on Consultancy Role in Barbados
Acclaimed pastry chef Claire Clark has put her plans to open a business in London
on hold for six months while she takes on a consultancy position at Barbados
luxury resort Sandy Lane.
                                                                                                          Single ads
She was looking at sites in London for a “pastry orientated” business centered
                                                                                                          from members
on a high street shop, with a view to opening in spring next year. However, it is
understood that difficulties in finding an appropriate site for the business have
prompted her to delay the project.
“I am only on a six-month consultancy at Sandy Lane and will be back,” Clark
said. She hinted that she would return to London in spring 2010 to resume her
search for a shop site and set up her business.
A two-time winner of the Craft Guild of Chefs’ Pastry Chef of the Year award, Clark        Are you looking for Sales & Business
spent nearly four years at Thomas Keller’s three-Michelin starred French Laundry        Development or assistance with Marketing
in Napa Valley, California. She left the iconic restaurant to return to London this         Plans in the Foodservice Market –
                                                                                          Don’t want to hire someone full time?
summer and while looking for potential sites for her business, pursued patisserie             P: Keith Clark on 027 497 4706
consultancy working with Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, the Langham hotel and             or E: keith.clark@foodforchefs.co.nz
up market event caterer Rhubarb.                                                                   for more information.

At Sandy Lane, Clark is working alongside the resort’s newly appointed executive
chef Conny Andersson. Andersson, who has 20 years’ experience in the hospitality
industry, joins the Barbados resort from hotel group Four Seasons where he worked
at global properties including Beverly Hills, Bali and the Maldives.

New Technology to Double Shelf Live of Avocados
                                                                                         Please check out the
A new food preserving technology is set to double the shelf life of avocados, create      new and improved
up to 80 new jobs and boost New Zealand’s annual exports by NZ$20 million.
                                                                                            NZCA website
Kiwi owned Fressure Foods plans to import Ultra High Pressure (UHP) processing
technology, which is used in more than 50 countries to increase the shelf life of        www.nzchefs.org.nz
locally grown avocados. Fressure Foods CEO Vern Dark says avocados usually last
around 30 days but with the new technology his company will be able to extend
this to 60 days, increasing local supply and export revenue.
Dark says Ultra High Pressure treatment is also known as cold pasteurisation and
uses pressures of up to 87,000 psi to shock and kill bacteria in food products. “The
UHP system uses no chemicals or preservatives and does not affect the texture,              FOR ALL YOUR
flavour, consistency or nutrients in the food. It has also been recognised by the U.S
Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” said Dark. The process causes no emissions           GRAPHIC DESIGN
and consumes less energy than thermal pasteurisation, he said.                                  NEEDS
Dark said the Fressure Foods processing plant will be based in Pukekohe and if            CONTACT BRENT
given the green light by the avocado industry could create up to 80 new jobs in its     graphics@slingshot.co.nz
first year. The company is in talks with industry stalwarts as it looks for additional
investment towards the $15 million dollars needed to open the factory.
“We believe this technology can have a huge influence on the New Zealand
avocado industry. Ultra high pressure treatment has driven up total consumption
of avocados in the United States and we are hoping for an equally favourable
outcome in our target markets,” he added.
The company already has plans to export to Australia, South East Asia and Japan.         Would you like to sponsor
Thomas Keller’s French Laundry Retains Three Michelin Stars                                an issue of PLATE ?
The French Laundry in California has retained three stars in the 2010 edition of the    Please contact the editor at
Michelin guide to San Francisco, the Bay Area and Wine Country for the fourth
consecutive year.                                                                          plate@nzchefs.org.nz
Thomas Keller’s iconic restaurant in Napa Valley has remained the only
establishment in the northern California guide with the top accolade of three stars.
Four restaurants have been awarded two stars including David Kinch’s Manresa in
Los Gatos in the Santa Cruz mountains; Coi in San Francisco; Cyrus in Sonoma;
and the restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley.
Now in its fourth edition, the Michelin guide to San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine
Country, which was released on the 19 October, lists 34 starred establishments
bringing the total of Michelin stars in the area to 45.
                     View from a                                                                              www.aoraki.ac.nz
                     training establishment
Launch pad for sparkling international careers                            team that won Canterbury region Restaurant of the Year Award.
                                                                          As part of that, he was personally awarded the Waiter of the Year
Aoraki Polytechnic’s Hotel School building on its achievements            Award. Mr Hilhorst was also peer-voted Maitre d’ of the Year in the
                                                                          inaugural Canterbury Hospitality Awards (CHADS).
With a reputation for delivering hotel and hospitality courses at a
qualification level that is seeing graduates welcomed and employed         The emphasis on international training excellence continues with the
by premier hotels and restaurants around the world, tutors at Aoraki      recent appointment of bakery and patisserie tutor Jill Milburn as a
Polytechnic’s Hotel School could be forgiven for thinking they had        full-time member of the hotel school team.
reached the pinnacle of achievement in hospitality training.
                                                                          Mrs Milburn spent 12 years as a tutor at the Blackpool and the Fylde
But head of Hotel School Steve Le Corre says his tutors’ and students’    College in England. She brings gold medals and awards to her new
successes and many awards earned while providing one of New               role, as well as a unique distinction, she is the holder of a Guinness
Zealand’s most sought-after series of Café and Bar, Restaurant Wine       World record – for making the world’s largest chip butty and baking
and Bar and Cookery courses simply provide a starting point, not a        the six-foot-square bread base and top for the butty that took six
finishing post.                                                            people to lift and considerably more to eat when it was delivered to
                                                                          fire service staff and people on the Blackpool promenade.
 He says the school constantly seeks to build upon its achievements
and develop ways to increase even further opportunities for               Fellow tutor Rob Coulter needs little introduction to the Timaru
its students to launch themselves into sparkling national and             community – and to royalty.
international careers.
                                                                          Mr Coulter has both co-ordinated and been maitre d’ at two civic
He points to a kitchen rebuilding plan presently under way that           Royal luncheons for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.
will offer state-of-the-art technology in purpose-designed training       He has also arranged countless functions for, and served people as
facilities, as well as the constant reassessment and addition of          varied as the Governor General, the Prime Minister and guests of the
new training programmes, as evidence of his team’s relentless             New Zealand Government.
pursuit of hospitality excellence “that will ensure that Aoraki
students are equipped with the skills to walk into top jobs               He is the programme co-ordinator for both the Certificate in
anywhere in the world”.                                                   Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Services and The City & Guilds
                                                                          International Advanced Diploma in Food and Beverage Service.
 Mr Le Corre is proud to offer courses with an internationally-           Both qualifications are designed to give students the best start toward
recognised standard.                                                      careers in hospitality both nationally and internationally.
An example was the second year cookery programme, Certificate in           Mr Coulter’s past students have won many medals and awards
Professional Cookery, which incorporates the City & Guilds Diploma        including the prestigious Toque d’Or, NZ Junior Food and Beverage
in Culinary Arts and Diploma in Patisserie.                               Service Person of the Year, second and third best overall trainee in
                                                                          New Zealand, runner-up in Senior Waiter of the Year and South
This course also features an eight-course degustation menu prepared
                                                                          Island Junior Food and Beverage Service Person of the Year.
by the students which is usually sold out months in advance to
members of the public attending the polytechnic’s own Starz               Fellow tutor Wally Katene brings to Aoraki Polytechnic 29 years’
Restaurant, a culinary destination and experience enjoyed by              experience in the hospitality industry.
hundreds of Timaru people each year.
                                                                          He started as a kitchen hand prepping veggies and worked his way
Mr Le Corre himself proves the benefits of the wide range of               up the ranks.
international experience that he is preparing his students for.
                                                                          Since coming to Timaru in the mid-1980s, Mr Katene has opened
 A native of Jersey, he completed his training with world-recognised      four restaurants and managed a couple as well. He has been
City & Guilds qualifications, and advanced training in pastry. Mr Le       working at Aoraki for six years, four of those full-time as the tutor on
Corre has worked across the world from five-star hotels in Bermuda         the Certificate in Cookery course. He also does STAR courses for
to quality restaurants in London.                                         secondary school students and traineeships for industry.
As captain of the New Zealand Culinary Team, Mr Le Corre is no            Mr Katene is happiest in the kitchen, but in the 1990s he won a
stranger to international competition and was a member of the team        New Zealand Host Responsibility award.
that won gold this year at the international Battle of the Dragon – the
Olympics of the culinary world. The event was the highlight of the        The hotel school have a new range of short courses planned for
Welsh International Culinary Championships, at Coleg Llandrillo           2010, which will include sugar pulling, casting and blowing, as well
Cymru, Rhos-on-Sea and represented a “cook-off” between top chefs         as short specialised courses in artisan bakery.
from Wales, New Zealand and Croatia.

Undoubted, though, his leadership skills are, Mr Le Corre also values
team work – and the important role his four other tutors provide by
adopting a team approach to training.

Specialist Café and Bar programme co-ordinator Adrian Hilhorst has
been tutoring at Aoraki Polytechnic for more than six years.

From an award-winning background of nine and a half years with               Wally         Steve Le         Jill          Rob           Adrian
Christchurch premier restaurant Tiffanys, Mr Hilhorst was part of a          Katene         Corre         Milburn        Coulter        Hilhorst
     www                           co nz
           HUB of the hospitality industry

                   News from the regions                           Social Marketing Increases Hospitality

                                                                   Stacey Hancock
Windy City Cooks                                                   Social Media Consultant for hospotrade.co.nz
Well we in the Windy City have got together a couple of times      ‘Knowledge is power’ and social networking is currently
in this less than fine month of October.                            one of the most effective ways to exploit this cliché. What
Our meeting was hosted by Will Hansen of 24 Carrot and             exactly are some of the benefits?
we had it in his warehouse with Apple crates as seats and
                                                                   FREE PUBLICITY
pallets as tables. He demonstrated the all new fangled pancake
                                                                   Thousands of hospitality outlets use facebook/twitter/bebo/
maker and a wonderful array of fruit and vegetables, this was
                                                                   myspace etc to publicise their business, products and events.
followed by Preston’s showing us their continental meat range
which made a great sandwich in “Bake’s” bread. What a great        A public profile enables you to have a presence outside your
meeting, well done Konrad and Glenn and it was wonderful to        normal environment and opening hours! By using various
see a great range of members attending including some of our       tools you can find friends and followers who are specific
new HETTANZ partners and Nicky Chung from United fisheries          to hospitality and they too will have relevant friends and
our newest Platinum Sponsor and of course the faithful stalwarts   followers…and so on. You can link your social network page
of the Branch too.                                                 to your website, this has been proven highly effective in
                                                                   increasing website traffic.
Our IDOC project was to farewell Kupsami Gounder who has
been a strong supporter of the Branch for the past 8 years.        FREE EVENT ADVERTISING
We wish him lots of luck for his trip to Rotorua where he is to    Posting information about your business enables your
head up the kitchen at the Novotel. Dinner was had at CHOW         friends/followers to see what you’re up to and can then
and we did have a fine time. I am certain the Waikato B.O.P.        re-post the information to their friends/followers and so on.
Branch will benefit from having Kupsami in your neck of the         You may have only posted to 50 people, but with a few
woods soon.                                                        good friends/followers, that can easily turn into 5000 very
Only one meeting left for us as the year draws to close and then   quickly. Every time one of Hospotrade’s ‘friends’ posts an
we are going off to fundraise for Chile by having a bar-b-que at   event or special, Hospotrade then re-posts it. For sale ads
the Markets, so see you all in the New Year, stay wild at heart,   and job listings on Hospotrade.co.nz are instantly messaged
Regards, Wellington Branch.                                        out across all social networking sites as soon as they are
Steve Groves of Launceston Place Wins
Masterchef: The Professionals                                      REMAIN ‘IN THE KNOW’
                                                                   Check your social network feeds for relevant stories – you
Chef Steve Groves of London restaurant Launceston Place            may just find your competitors or suppliers doing something
has been named the winner of the BBC’s Masterchef: The             interesting. Subscribe to RSS feeds, which feed industry
Professionals 2009.                                                specific topics and news from multiple web pages into
                                                                   one easy to follow place. Instead of browsing through the
Groves won the competition after a gruelling final under the
                                                                   Herald for hospitality news, simply subscribe to the RSS
watchful eyes of judges Michel Roux Jr and Gregg Wallace
                                                                   feeds pertaining to food, wine, restaurants etc.
in which he beat fellow competitors’ private chef Marianne
Lumb and agency chef Daniel Graham.                                WORD OF MOUTH
                                                                   If you’re good, they tell 10 friends. With social networking,
The judges praised Groves for his innovative style of
                                                                   if you’re good, they’ll tell ALL their friends, all at once. One
cooking. “Steve has got what it takes, he oozes talent and
                                                                   of your customers may tweet how great your steaks are,
really pushes the boundaries,” said Roux.
                                                                   and someone else may be doing a twitter keyword search
Groves said: “This is the proudest moment of my life. To           on ‘best steak in NZ’. Next thing you know, they’re on
achieve this is unbelievable.”                                     your doorstep with 3 mates for a steak meal. It sounds
                                                                   far fetched, but in reality this is what happens, it’s free
The final of Masterchef: The Professionals comprised four           promotion…can you afford to miss out?
days of challenges. These included a patisserie task hosted
by London restaurant Sketch and judged by a panel including        BUILD CONTACTS & RELATIONSHIPS
Michel Roux Snr, chef-patron of the Waterside Inn and holder       Building professional and social contacts within your
of the coveted Meilleur Ouvrier de France for patisserie.          industry, keeps information relevant and timely. On Nov
                                                                   2nd Hospotrade.co.nz launches mychatta ™. This is NZ’s
                                                                   first hospitality specific social network and is something that
                                                                   has worked well overseas. Mychatta ™ will link the entire
                                                                   industry together into one large community, from owners and
                                                                   suppliers right down to the kitchen hand.

                      Great Potato
                      Challenge 2009
                      The Challenge, which was launched
                      in 2008, has professional cooks and                        Heather Notaristefano
                      Chefs vying to cook the best potato
                      dish and the best baked potato.
                                                                 Spring is here, even if the weather doesn’t always reflect
Glenda Gourley, from Potatoes New Zealand, who                   it. Daylight saving has started. After one of the worst
coordinates the competition, said, “We were delighted with       business seasons in recent history are we beginning to
the range of potato dishes entered this year. It’s reinforced    see the light at the end of the tunnel? Are the casualties
the versatility of potatoes. Whether they are served for         ready to pick themselves up and start over?
breakfast, lunch or dinner, potatoes are the hero of many
                                                                 Valuable lessons have been learnt. Experienced
delicious meals”
                                                                 operators are starting to take on new challenges.
The Top Ten Finalists were;                                      However, we are still seeing many empty premises.
                                                                 Landlords who acted quickly to remove struggling tenants
Auckland and Northland                                           have in many cases found them impossible to replace.
Paul Jobin, Restaurant 243, Kerikeri, Northland                  Those landlords who came to the party with temporary
Steve Barton, Ellerslie Convention Centre, Greenlane, Auckland   rent measures have in many cases retained good and
Adrian Brett-Chinnery, Bracu, Bombay                             grateful long term tenants.
Antony Bates, Verve Cafe, Parnell, Auckland
Jeremy Dixon, Revive Vegeterian Cafe, Auckland                   Distinctive items of equipment which succumbed to
Orit Hume, 18 Carrot Gourmet Catering, Auckland                  liquidation sales are turning up to adorn new premises
                                                                 with optimistic new owners hoping they will bring better
Taranaki                                                         luck to them than they did to the previous owners. The
Mark Soper, Eurest Catering, New Plymouth                        recession has taught many people to be resourceful, to be
                                                                 determined and to hold on to their desire to succeed.
Raymond Morrell, Bistro 107, Petone                              For business buyers finance is still tight. Cheap little
                                                                 businesses have been the ones that have been moving
South Island
                                                                 with quick cash offers. Motivated vendors have met
Felicity Gabites, JB’s Cafe Ballantynes, Timaru
                                                                 the market realising that if they don’t get a deal on
David Spice, Visions Restaurant, Christchurch
                                                                 paper close to Labour weekend they are likely to still be
                                                                 tied to their business for Christmas and on into 2010.
                                                                 Everything tends to come to a standstill once the lawyers
                                                                 close for annual holidays so time is of the essence for
                                                                 those waiting to get a deal together this year.

                                                                 Buyers are still looking for an adequate return on their
                                                                 labour and capital input. Some business owners do not
                                                                 realize that emotional attachment and financial worth
                                                                 are not related and hold out for a price which cannot
                                                                 be justified by the market. If they hold on long enough
                                                                 they may just get the price they want if the right buyer
                                                                 willing to pay the premium comes along but they risk the
                                                                 business becoming stale and the ultimate price being
                                                                 much less than they envisaged.

                                                                 Most vendors request complete confidentiality when
 Photo Caption: Four of these finalists were invited to a cook    putting their business on the market. Their employees are
  off held at Manukau Institute of Technology. Marc Soper,       not aware they are selling and the marketing plan can
   Paul Jobin, Antony Bates and David Spice are pictured         be less effective when the major attributes of the business
                   here with their dishes.                       must be omitted from the advertising in order to prevent
                                                                 identification of the business in question. It is harder to
                                                                 sell a secret and a lot easier when the decision to move
                                                                 on has been shared with the team.

                                                                 Whether buying or selling it is important to have a clear
                                                                 vision. Be proactive. Set goals. Consult with experts
                                                                 and those you trust. And if you are holding on to your
                                                                 business make sure you have all your systems in place.
                                                                 Check that you are maintaining realistic margins. Focus
                                                                 on improving quality rather then lowering prices. Know
                                                                 your target market and focus on it. Plan to succeed.

 The Overall winner was Marc Soper and his Agria crepes.
                 Chef Dennis, President -
                 Central Branch
ABALONE - New Zealand PAUA

Abalone is a gastropod mollusk, relative to sea snails and
found in many warm seas of the world e.g. California,
Mexico, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
They feed off algae, and it is a delicacy in Korean and
Japanese society. Known as “bao you” in China and
reserved as a luxury dish for weddings, banquets and
special occasions. Young Abalone can be served raw
as Sushi, but is usually quickly cooked. Farmed Abalone
are more accessible than wild and are cleaner and more
tender as they are much younger and smaller than are
allowed, legally for wild Abalone which have been over
fished and subject to poaching.

To prepare and cook Abalone it has to be removed from
its shell. Hold the animal in left or right hand with holes
in shell against thumb with foot uppermost and detach
muscle from inside the shell gently using a small wood
spatula or your thumb until detached. To remove the gut
hold the Abalone with the foot uppermost and remove the
darker parts, gut, hanging down. If farmed the gut can
be used as they are fed on special food to replace algae
but wild animals gut may not improve the end result, but
always remove the teeth at this stage. Clean the dark
film from around the outside of the flesh and rinse off. To
prepare for cooking slice the Abalone across into thin
slices as for escallops. The foot can be quite tough and
would need to be removed at this stage; farmed Abalone
should be tender enough left on. Larger or older wild
Abalone need the foot trimmed off and lightly batted out                                             New Zealand Chefs Association
as for escallops prior to cooking.                                                                   Auckland Branch Christmas Ball
Fast sauté - pan fried process is best to retain flavour and
texture; too much heat can make the result tough. The
flavour and texture is soft buttery shellfish so light seasoning
                                                                                                                           e Gangpla
and other ingredients must be compatible. Originally
considered a luxury item commercial farming has made                                                               a lk th           nk
Abalone more readily available to both hospitality and the
general public consumer, while reducing the pressure on
wild stock through poaching.
                                                                                                                         Pre dinner drinks held
Nutritionally Abalone are good value with 100g yielding                                                                in Sir Peter Blake Center

105 Calories, 17g Protein, CHO 6.0, Fat .77, Vitamin E                                                                Walk the gangway to the
                                                                                                                      Maritime room for dinner
& B 12 plus a good source of Selenium and Magnesium.

                                                                                                                      and Christmas festivities
Lightly cooked the Abalone would provide 0 .149g of

                                                                                ly B
                                                                                                                   Sponsored wine and cash bar.
omega 3 per 100g.                                                                                                  Silent Auction  Dress: Formal

                                                                                                                            $100 per ticket.
Farmed Abalone is a growing international business and in                                                             0800NZCHEF (0800 692 433)
                                                                                                                           to book tickets or
New Zealand there is a well established Napier company                                                                   info@nzchefs.org.nz
- Abalone Exporters Limited who are producing a range
of live ‘Blue Shell Abalone‘ from 60mm of 33g up to 80m
of 80g weight (there is frozen product also) able to be                                                   un

                                                                                                               da                                   p
shipped anywhere in New Zealand or overseas with an                                                               y                         : 30
increasing number of Chefs both local and in major cities                                                             15 th
                                                                                                                            N   ovember at 6
using this product.

For further information and prices contact Richard
on 0800 255 522, 06 835 8655 or                                      FOODSERVICES
                                                                 Fresh Thinking In Dairy Solutions

                                                                                                         New Zealand National Maritime Museum
Email: Richard@abaloneexporters.co.nz                                                                Corner Quay and Hobson Streets, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland


                                          A friend is having trouble with his system. Last year he
                                          upgraded to Girlfriend 1.0 from Drinking Mates 4.2,
                                          which he’d used for years without any trouble.
      PACKS A PUNCH                       However, apparently there are conflicts between these two
                                          systems and the only solution was to try to run Girlfriend
                                          with the sound turned off.

                                          But to make matters worse, Girlfriend 1.0 is incompatible
                                          with several other applications, such as: Lads Night Out
                                          3.1, Golf 2 and Playboy 6.0.

                                          Successive versions of Girlfriend proved no better, Girlfriend
                                          3.0 had many bugs and left a virus in his system, forcing
                                          him to shut down completely for several weeks. Eventually
                                          he tried installing girlfriend 2.1 as well as Girlfriend 1.0
                                          only to discover that when these two systems detected each
                                          other they caused severe damage to all his hardware.

                                          Sensing a way out, he upgraded to Fiancé 1.0 only
                                          to discover to his dismay that this system requires
                                          rapid upgrading to Wife 1.0. However, whilst Wife
                                          1.0 uses up all available resources it does come
                                          bundled with FreeSexPlus and Cleanhouse 2000 plus
                                          GreatMealsOnTable Guaranteed for a limited period).

                                          But imagine my friend’s disappointment on discovering
                                          Wife 1.0 can be unstable and costly to maintain, any
                                          mistakes he makes are automatically stored in Wife 1.0’s
     Iconic baking brand Hansells         Hard Drive and can not be deleted - they then resurface
                                          months(or years) later.
    celebrates 75 years with a new
                                          Wife 1.0 also automatically runs Ultra STROP and
     addition to its product range,       WHINGEzip and no option on the Help menu seems to
                                          work, leaving him to try and GUESS the fault himself.
 Hansells Chef’s Strength Vanilla Paste
                                          The system footprint needs updating regularly requiring
   – a vanilla paste that really packs    Shoeshop Browser Pro for new attachments - Hairstyle
                                          Express needs to be reinstalled every week.
   a punch. The paste contains real
                                          Wife 1.0 also has a rather annoying pop-up called
 vanilla bean seeds and can be used       Mother-in-law, which can’t be turned off.
   in place of a vanilla pod or used      Recently he’s been tempted to try Mistress 2000 add-on,
                                          but there could be problems. If wife 1.0 detects the
  sparingly to replace vanilla extract    presence of Mistress 2000, it will delete all MS Money
         or essences in recipes.          files before un-installing itself.

                                          Any ideas?

     The first 20 callers to phone
             – 09 578 0786 –
       will receive a FREE jar of              NZCA New Members Sept to Oct 2009
                                              Welcome, we look forward to seeing you at branch
 Hansells Chef’s Strength Vanilla Paste            meetings and events in the near future.
                                          Kumar A Raj                    Auckland             Full
                                          Max Tairi                      Auckland             Full
                                          Miles Watson                   Overseas             Full
                                          Songyos arusombuti             Canterbury           Training
                                          Dianne Drury                   Central              Training
                                          Judy Nicholl                   Central              Training

          NEW ZEALAND                                    NZCA Branch Contact Details
          CHEFS ASSOCIATION                              Northland Branch
          “Sharing a passion for all things Culinary”    President                    Peter Nicholl
                                                         Secretary                    Paul Jobin
                                                         Postal                       PO Box 5033 Whangarei 0140
PO Box 24 057, Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ 1345              Mobile                       09 470 3756 (Peter)
www.nzchefs.org.nz                                       Mobile                       021 505 938 (Paul)
National President
Anita Sarginson                                          Auckland Branch
Mobile                         021 149 1990              President                    Renny Aprea
president@nzchefs.org.nz                                 Secretary                    Emma-Jane Taylor
                                                         Postal                       PO Box 24 057,
National Vice President                                                               Royal Oak, Auckland
Gary Miller                                              Mobile                       027 268 0046 (Renny)
                                                         Mobile                       021 995 040 (Emma-Jane)
Mobile                         027 591 8777
                                                         Waikato / Bay of Plenty Branch
Administration Director                                  President                 Carl Rayner
Sam Timoko                                               Secretary                 Stuart Taylor
Mobile                         027 210 2611              Postal                    PO Box 914, Rotorua
nationalsecretary@nzchefs.org.nz                         Mobile                    027 280 3345 (Carl)
                                                         Mobile                    027 643 5870 (Stuart)
Finance Director
Keith Clark – Life Member                                Central Branch
Mobile                         027 497 4706              President                    Roger Dennis – Life Member
tlchef@nzchefs.org.nz                                    Secretary                    Damian Peeti
                                                         Postal                       PO Box 7527, Taradale,
National Ambassador                                                                   Napier
Steve Baton – Life Member                                Mobile                       021 174 0742 (Roger)
Mobile                         027 245 6502              Mobile                       027 506 3341 (Damian)
                                                         Taranaki Branch
Communication Manager                                    President                   Marc Soper
Carmel Clark                                             Secretary                   Barbara Aldridge
Phone                          0800 NZCHEFS              Postal                      PO Box 463, New Plymouth
Phone                          0800 692 433              Mobile                      021 392 747 (Marc)
Fax                            0800 692 432              Phone                       06 968 1418 x 8102 (Barbara)
Mobile                         027 488 1025
info@nzchefs.org.nz                                      Wellington Branch
                                                         President                    Glenn Curphey
Plate Editor (NZCA Newsletter)                           Secretary                    Neville Thompson
Phillip Townsend – Life member                           Postal                       PO Box 7108, Wellington
Mobile                         027 285 4627              Mobile                       021 606 422 (Glenn)
plate@nzchefs.org.nz                                     Mobile                       021 531 927 (Neville)

     Please note that the Branch email address           Canterbury Branch
           goes to the Branch Secretary.                 President                    Andy Gibb
                                                         Secretary                    Jan Darley
                                                         Postal                       PO Box 3077, Christchurch
Branch Executive Members:                                Mobile                       027 566 9782 (Andy)
Northland         Hughie Blues        027   237   8533   Mobile                       027 252 0131 (Jan)
Auckland          Renny Aprea         027   268   0046   canterbury@nzchefs.org.nz
Waikato           Carl Rayner         027   280   3345
Central           Roger Dennis        021   174   0742   Otago / Southland Branch
Taranaki          Simon Houghton      027   555   5778   President                     Scott Richardson
Wellington        Glenn Curphey       021   606   422    Secretary                     Andrew Clark
Canterbury        Neil MacInnes       021   334   088    Postal                        PO Box 341, Alexandra
Otago / Southland Mark Sycamore       027   699   8900   Mobile                        027 387 2561 (Scott)
                                                         Mobile                        021 531 458 (Andrew)
     New Zealand Chefs Association Inc.
     Membership Application Form
                                                    Please print clearly

       Surname:                          First Name:                              Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Other

       Phone H:                          Phone B:                                 Mobile:

       Fax:                              E-mail:

       Postal Address:

                                                                    Post Code:
       Employer:                          Initial here:                                Office Use: Membership No:

                                          So we can access your information for
                                          membership benefits:

     Type of Membership: (Circle one)                          Fees include the Joining Fee and GST

                   Full   $150.00   Training $40.00 Student $30.00                     Associate $150.00
                                            Corporate $562.50
     Full Members: A person with at least five years cooking experience acceptable to the association,
     or who has completed a training programme that is recognized by the association.
     Associate Members: A person, who in the opinion of the executive (branch or national), may be of
     benefit to the aims and objectives of the association, may apply for membership.
     Training Members: Training membership shall be open to any person who is currently tertiary
     training in the Culinary Arts.
     Student Member: Student membership shall be open to any person who is currently enrolled at
     secondary school with an interest in the Culinary Arts.
     Corporate Member: Please contact the NZ Chefs Association National office for further details.

     Cheque enclosed for $                                     Date:              /      /
     Credit card number:

     Type of Card: Amex, Visa, Diners, Master Card            Expiry Date:

     Name on Card:                                   Signature:

     Proposed (Member name):                                   Signed:

     Seconded (Member name):                                   Signed:

     Each person applying for membership must be proposed and seconded by full members of this association.
     A brief CV must accompany your application

                          Please forward the completed application form and payment to:
         National Office, New Zealand Chefs Association, P.O. Box 24 057, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345
                            P: 0800 692433 F: 0800 692 433 E: info@nzchefs.org.nz

                   New Zealand Chefs Association
                           Sponsors and Corporate Members
                                             Platinum Corporate Members


           Gold Corporate Members                                                     Silver Corporate Members

                                                     P I TA L I T Y

                                               Bronze Corporate Members

                                                             Corporate Members
Corporate Members                                  Food Productions Ltd                             NZ Tamarillo Growers Associaton
                                                   G S Hall & Company Ltd                           Old Fashioned Foods Group
Accor Hospitality                                  Genoese Foods Ltd                                Otago Polytechnic
Advanced Personnel Services Ltd                    Goodman Fielder Food Services                    Pacific International Hotel Management School
Akaroa Salmon                                      Groenz Ltd                                       Pasta d’Oro Ltd
Amalgamated Food Distributors                      Hayley Media Ltd                                 Penguin Wholesalers
Aoraki Smokehouse Salmon Ltd                       Heilala Vanilla                                  Pierre’s Breadshop
Arano Juices                                       Heinz Watties                                    Quality Foods Southland Ltd
Asado Food Solutions Ltd                           Hettanz                                          Royal NZ Navy Chefs
AUT University School of Hospitality & Tourism     Hormel Foods New Zealand                         Sealord Marketing Ltd
Avacodo Oil NZ Ltd                                 Hospitality Standards Institute H S I            Shore Mariner
Barkers Fruit Processors                           Hospo Trade                                      Simplot
Bidvest New Zealand                                Humitech Holdings (NZ) Ltd                       Skellon Foods
Blazey Uniforms                                    James Gilmour & Co                               Skyline Skyrides- Rotorua
Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd                        Kaimai Cheese Company Ltd                        Southern Hospitality
Brandlines Ltd                                     Kato Pacific Marketing                            Tatua Foods (Tatua Cooperative Dairy Co Ltd)
Burns & Ferrall                                    KR Castlemanine Foods                            Teutonia
Canter Valley                                      Lincoln Hospitality                              The NZ King Salmon Company
Cerebos Gregg’s Ltd                                Manukau Institute of Technology                  Thomsons Foodservice Limited
Compass Group NZ Ltd                               Meadow Mushrooms                                 Unilever Foodsolutions
Cornell Institute of Business & Technology         Moffat Ltd                                       United Fisheries Ltd
Dawsons Catering Ltd                               Nestle Professional                              Van Dyck Fine Foods
Delmaine Fine Foods Ltd                            New Zealand Pork                                 Vegetables.co.nz
Eggs Inc                                           North Port Events Ltd                            Verkerk Ltd
Eurotec Ltd                                        North Shore International Academy                Washtech Ltd (Starline)
Florentines Patisserie                             Northland Polytechnic                            Wellington Institute of Technology
Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd                           NZ Army Catering Platoon HQ                      Wilson Hellaby Ltd Foodservice & Proccessing

       The New Zealand Chefs Association thanks it’s many corporate members & asks all members to support these corporates where ever possible.
Networking – Social Media in the
Modern Day.
-noun. A supportive system of sharing information and services
among individuals and groups having a common interest:

A few years ago I wrote an article related to this very          different to the ways of those that went before them. But?
subject and at the time concentrated on what networking          How reliable is the information that is put out there? How
was (at that time) and the do’s and don’t of networking. For     do you build up credibility without a good old fashioned
generation X and the baby boomers networking has been            face to face?
worked on a more personal face to face basis, people you         As an Association we are always looking at and reviewing
meet through the course of your work, social engagements         how we connect and communicate with our members. As a
and community groups. Taking and retaining their details,        matter of interest, if certain statistics are to be believed, 24
assisting them where you possibly can and then once you’ve       of the 25 largest print media companies around the world
established your credibility within a given group being able     are experiencing a decline in circulation – yet our little ol
to then ask for that favor that is going to assist you.          rag (and I say that with the utmost of affection) is bucking
In the past five years a revolution has taken place and the       the trend.
way and manner that people network is far removed from           Though we are looking at and open to using social media
that of my or previous generations.                              as a way to remain connected to our members and non-
Social Media – is it a fad? Or the biggest shift since the       members alike, especially our younger members. Recently
industrial revolution?                                           it was asked why there were not more younger members at
                                                                 our annual Conference – quite simply put they do not see
  2 months to go!!!!!!!!                                         that form of networking as important to them as others of
                                                                 us might. Their networking is carried out in anyone of the
                                                                 manners described above. But? We need to embrace the
  the web.                                                       potential of their networking systems and use them to full
                                                                 potential to FIND them, ENCOURAGE them and to DRAW
  13 years, the internet – 4 years, iPod - 3 years. iPod         them to events, such as Conference.
  Application downloads hit 1 Billion in 9 months.               Whilst embracing the potential of new technologies and
                                                                 media, networking I still prescribe to a good old fashioned
                                                                 face to face form of networking. A recent example of
  stories, blog posts, notes, photos etc…) are shared on         this would be when Mark Sycamore, Joseph Clarke and
  Facebook…………..DAILY!!!!!!                                      I headed of to Sydney recently, as reported in the last
                                                                 edition of Plate, I mentioned that we found a company
  the world. Behind China, India and the USA.                    called Fratelli Fresh – well we didn’t just happen upon
                                                                 this company, it was through our network of people that
  65 year olds (the baby boomers are trying to catch up)         we were pointed in the direction of this company. Ngaire
                                                                 and Marty Baker own and operate Mercato Ltd here in
  as their primary recruitment tools.                            Christchurch, specializing in fine and gourmet food items
                                                                 for which they have an amazing passion. It made logical
  usage is on mobile devices – people can update                 sense (well to us anyway) that if we wanted to find a
  anytime, anywhere. (Imagine what that means for bad            specialist gourmet food perveyor in Sydney, then why not
  customer service)                                              ask one in NZ – and as it were they did, because within
                                                                 their network Ngaire and Marty would have these very
                                                                 sorts of people/companies.
  world. – 100,000,000 vids and growing.
                                                                 Once we got this face to face information, that’s when
  bloggers post content daily.                                   technology kicked in with google and google earth and
                                                                 a good old fashioned telephone call to Fratelli in Sydney
  Mouth!!! – 25% of search results for the world’s top 20        to introduce ourselves and check to see that they indeed
  brands are linked to user-generated content. 34% of            would have the items we were in search of.
  bloggers post opinions about products & brands.
                                                                 The Best of Both World’s really – but however you look at
  products and services than how Google ranks them.              it, networking is a fundamental necessity of modern life for
                                                                 both individuals and groups, but sometimes the personal
  14% trust ads (PR)                                             touch speaks volumes; more so than YouTube, Twitter,
                                                                 MYSpace, Facebook, bebo etc…. et al.
  a short video – On their Phone. (Where they lead, we           Until next time!!
  will follow)
                                                                 Let’s be cheerful out there
Social Media, A Fad? Or a fundamental shift in the way           Gary Miller
we communicate.                                                  Vice-President
                                                                 Business and Media Development NZCA
There is no denying or escaping that the way and manner
in which today’s and future generations network is vastly        ‘Sharing a passion for all things culinary’
        Notice of Special General Meeting
            A Special General Meeting will be held at

                        TASTE - RANZ
              45 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland
                 On Tuesday 10th November 2009

(following the Auckland branch meeting which starts at 5.30pm)

 The business to be transacted is the approval for the 2008/2009
   financial year honorariums for the following positions as
     approved by the National Executive on the 15 Sep 09:
          National President, National Vice President
  National Administration Director, National Finance Director

                      No other business can be conducted.
    This was an omission from the AGM held in the Bay of Islands in August.

                                   Sam Timoko
                         National Administration Director


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