Backpack Zipper Bee by wpr1947


									                                                                           Backpack Zipper Bee
Check list:
1. foam hair roller

                       1   2
2. scissors
3. four yellow                                                             Remove the hard
   pipe cleaners                                                           plastic from the
4. craft foam                                                              inside of the hair
                                                                           roller so that
5. one grey pipe                                                           you’re just left with
                                                                           the foam part.

                      3 4 5 6
6. white styrofoam
                                                                                                                       Cut about a half an inch
7. black marker
                                                                                                                       off of the end of the foam.
8. white glue

                                                                               Use scissors to cut out two
Pinch the tip of the foam and     Now, wrap the yellow pipe cleaner            small bee wings out of craft
wrap the yellow pipe cleaner      just once around the bee’s body,             foam. Poke small holes at the
once around. This will be the     leaving the rest of pipe cleaner free.       end of each wing.

bee’s head.                                                                                                            Poke the pipe cleaner through
                                                                                                                       the holes in each wing and slide
                                                                                                                       the wings towards the body.

                                      Make a bee stinger by cutting about an inch of grey pipe
                                      cleaner, and poking it into the foam at the back end of the bee.
                                                                                                            9             Wrap a piece of yellow pipe

                                      Careful you don’t get stung!
Once the wings are in place,                                                                                              cleaner around the bee’s head.
continue wrapping the pipe
cleaner around the back end
of the bee. Cut off any extra

pipe cleaner.

                                Cut a pair of eyes out of Styrofoam            Turn the bee upside down and stick a piece of leftover pipe
                                and use your marker to add some                cleaner through the bottom of one of the bee’s stripes. Pull the
                                eyeballs. Use white glue to glue the           pipe cleaner half way through and attach it right to the zipper of
                                bee’s eyes into place.                         your backpack and twist!

Sweet! You’ve just made your own Artzzzzzzzoka
Buzzzzzzzzing Backpack Zzzzzzzzipper Bee!

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