Water Systems Unit Test Review

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					    Water Systems Unit Test Study Guide Review
1.Describe a watershed ecosystem. List all criteria that make up a
watershed for a body of water.

2. Explain three reasons why watersheds are important?

3. What type of watershed provides the best water quality?
Explain why?

4. Explain the difference between groundwater and surface water.

5. Describe the two types of freshwater systems. Include examples
and descriptions for each.

6. Describe the adaptations that organisms must have to survive in
a lentic or lotic water environment.

7. Draw a river/stream. Identify and label the following
parts:headwaters, tributaries, oxbow lake, meander, flood plains,
mouth, and delta.
8. Identify the three major kinds of wetlands. Give a detailed
description of each and list several organisms, along with their
adaptations, that allow them to live there.

9. Compare and contrast freshwater and saltwater systems.

10. Explain salinity. Explain items that can affect the salinity

11. List and explain four major saltwater systems.

12. Explain the relationship between the depth of the ocean and
temperature and pressure. How are they related?

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