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					    NEWSLETTER OF VERDE VALLEY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY                                           AUTUMN 2008

    We are happy to announce we          existing neighborhoods and building    you's in our "Angels in the Attic"
are on schedule and almost on            styles, so we must be able to adapt    department as well as many candid
budget for the completion of house       our housing when needed.               job site photo's. We still have
#10 for the Lerma Family.                   Some of the many volunteer          Saturday work and week days
    As most of our                                   groups helping to build    available, so if your group, or you
readers are aware,                                   on this years homes are:   would like to lend a hand on the
Angela and her                                       Verde Baptist, First       finishing stages of our home please
children have been                                   Southern Baptist Church,   fill out the volunteer form in this issue
awaiting a home for                                  Christ Center Wesleyan,    and contact our volunteer office at
over 3 years now.                                    Genesis Corporation,       649-6788.
The family was
selected some time
ago, but                                                                                 Angela Lerma and Her Family's
unfortunately, the                                                                            Home Nears Completion
land parcels the
affiliate owned at the
time just were not
large enough to build
this family a home. Now with smiles
on their faces and love in the hearts
for all of the many helpers, their
dream home is almost a reality! We
are praying for a holiday move in for
our family, however, as Mr. Birdsey
would say "They can move in when
it's done!"     Angela's home is our
largest and most contemporary of
new house plans made available
through Habitat. We understand each
family will be living in their homes
for 20 years to come,, so we try to      The Vineyard Church, St. Andrew           The many volunteers, and groups
accommodate as many of their key         Episcopal, Golden Hammers, The         from our local churches and
needs as possible while still building   "Sky Y" YMCA Youth leaders, Flame      businesses will be honored on
simple decent housing. The Lerma         Propane, Faith Lutheran Church,        Sunday afternoon, January 18, 2009
home will be a four bedroom, two         Haven United Methodist Church,         at our Volunteer Appreciation Awards
bath home for her family of six. And,    Christ Lutheran, Church of the Red     and Iceaddressing Cream Social.
it will also have a single car garage.   Rocks, Beyond the Storm, and NAU           So if you 'Helped build it" watch
We are bound by local CC&R's in          Campus Affiliate.                      your mail for all of the specifics
each area in which we build, as well        Other churches and businesses       regarding the afternoon of fellowship
as addressing issues of blending into    donated funds, look for their thank    with friends and co-workers.

                                                    Genesis Worldwide Crew Nailing
                                                           Down the Sub-Flooring

                                                                                                   Faith Lutheran
                                                                                               Crew Takes a Break

Christ Lutheran Memeber Nailing
in an Electric Service Box

    Golden Hammer

                                                                          Church of the Red Rocks Crew Laying
                                                                            in the Concrete for the Front Steps

                                  Bill Birdsey;
                                  Site Supervisor

                                                                                                Sky YMCA Group
                                                                                          Marking Stud Placement
Church of the Red Rocks Crew
Unloads Chain Link Fencing

                                                                               Verde Baptist Crew
                                                                     Backfilling Foundation Walls

                                                                                                First Southern Baptist
                                                                                                  Crew Mixing Mortar

        Faith Lutheran Members
        Fitting in a Cross-Brace
                                                                                      Flame Propane Crew Nailing
                                                                                            Down the Roof Panels

Volunteer Applying the
First Coat of Drywall "Mud"
                                   Christ Center, Beyond the Storm Crew
                                   Takes a Break for a Group Photo

                                        VERDE VALLEY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
                                                                P. O. BOX 2515
                                                    COTTONWOOD, AZ 86326

Home Phone:_______________Work Phone:_________________
e-Mail Address:____________________________________________
  Weekdays                       Weekends Only
  Design, Architecture        Laying Foundation Block
  Finishing Concrete          Framing
  Roofing                     Electrical
  Plumbing                    Heating & Cooling
  Insulation                  Drywall
  Painting                    Interior Trim
  Vinyl Siding                Landscaping
  Tile Work                   Other__________________
  General Office              Videography
  Phone/Recepionist           Telephoning
  Clerical; Bulk Mailing      Soliciting In-Kind Donations
  Computer; Word Processing   Title/Escrow Work
  Fundraising                 Real Estate
  Photography                 Grant Writing
  Serve on Board of Directors Director of Volunteers
  Newsletter Editor           Re-Store Volunteer
  Family Selection            Fund-Raising
  Executive Director          Webmaster/Designer
  Site Selection/Real Estate  Saturday Volunteer Refreshments
  Publicity                   Other Interests_____________
                                         need of housing, especially

  DIRECTOR'S                             through the new National
                                         Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
                                                                                    DONATE A
   CORNER                                • Increasing and strengthening
                                         U.S. Foreign Assistance on
                                                                                   CAR TO CARS
   Karen Maddy                           housing and slums,with a                  FOR HOMES!
                                         particular focus on security of
                                         tenure or whether someone can
                                         lay legal claim to their home or           HABITAT FOR
                                         land, and so many more ways!
                                         Until the U.S.invests time and
                                         energy in addressing this housing         CAR DONATION
                                         crisis, millions in the U.S. and more
                                         than a billion people overseas will         PROGRAM
                                         continue to live in unacceptable
                                                                                      Car donations can help a
                                              Locally, under a watchful eye
                                                                                        family within our local
                                         we must allow more affordable             community build a house and
                                         housing to be built. Recently I              the hope of a better life!
                                         asked a developer what he                 By donating a car to Habitat’s
                                         considered “Affordable Housing                  Cars for Homes™ car
                                         prices” his response was simply           donation program, you help
                                         "If folks can afford to buy it, it must     Verde Valley Habitat build
                                         be affordable!"                             houses in partnership with
     A home is more than just a roof         On September 30, 2008 VVHFH            families in need of decent,
over someone’s head!                     held a prospective Home Owner
                                                                                          affordable shelter.
     Simple, Decent, Affordable          Orientation. Although well
                                         attended, many families don’t even        It is quick and easy to donate
housing can be a source of dignity
and pride for our local families and     meet our “Affordable housing”                   a car, truck, boat, RV,
a source of much-needed stability        criteria. Many applicants change             motorcycle, construction
for their children and for our           jobs several times a year and move         equipment or other vehicle
communities.                             around to just keep food on their         whether running or not! Plus,
     On October 6, 2008 we               children’s plates, and are always          when you donate your car,
celebrated World Habitat Day.            searching for the cheapest rents           your vehicle donation may
Habitat Affiliates nationwide held       to make ends meet. This is not a          be eligible for tax deduction
                                         healthy environment for children
events to bring to light the need for                                                  purposes if you itemize.
                                         to grow in. Many local realty
housing in their communities as                                                     (Consult the IRS or your tax
                                         offices have added new divisions
well as globally.                                                                         adviser for details.)
                                         whom specialize in first time home
     More than 30 percent of all
                                         buyers/assisted mortgage                    Donate a car to Cars for
Americans face housing challenges.
                                         programs trying to help families
It is estimated that by the year 2030,
                                         whom are doing everything the
                                                                                   Homes™ — Habitat’s official
an additional 3 billion people, or
                                         right way, but just are unable find       car donation program NOW.
about 40 percent of Earth’s              homes they can afford.
population, will need housing. You                                                  Call 877.277.HFHI (4344)
                                              Around the world, and here in
can help locally by asking our city                                                toll-free or donate vehicles
                                         the United States, millions of
and county leaders to incorporate        people face tremendous housing
affordable housing in their general      issues. And this election year we         Go to and
city plans. By writing to the next       have a chance to do something                      click on the
President, his Senators and              about the serious housing crisis            "Cars for Homes" tab.
Representatives to do something          worldwide. we as a community
about inadequate housing is              we need to ask our leaders to just
                                                                                   Thank you to this quarter to
another way to be heard as well.         do more. I pray that our voices are        donor Joel Davis for his
Together we must urge them to            heard this election year!                     vehicle donation!
make affordable housing a priority.                                                  Specify "Verde Valley
    Our next president could help by:    Yours in Community Service,                Habitat for Humanity"
•Increasing and strengthening            Karen Lynn Maddy,                         when making your donation!
assistance to American families in       Executive Director

                 VVHFH HOLDS NEW
   On September 30, 2008 Verde Valley Habitat held a New Homeowner Orientation meeting for 2008/2009.
This meeting was held at the Verde Valley Senior Citizens Center. Application criteria,a general overview of
our Habitat housing program, and lots of other questions were both asked and answered. Board Chair, Andrea
Costello, Executive Director Karen Lynn Maddy and Members of the Family Selection Committee, were on
hand to answer questions and advise prospective families as to how they might apply for a Habitat home.
                                                              With the purchase of new lots, and a family
                                                           needed for one of our earlier built homes, many
                                                           families were on hand to make application for
                                                           one of our homes. Applications were received in-
                                                           house by October 10th and the Family Selection
                                                           committee is currently under review of those
                                                           applications received.
                                                              Although the application criteria is lengthy,
                                                           the baseline criteria to be met is: Families must
                                                           have lived in the Verde Valley for at least two
                                                           years, been at their present place of employment
                                                           for a minimum of one year, must be a first time

home buyer, live in substandard or over-
priced housing, fall between the 40-80%
median income level for Yavapai County
for the past year, debt ratio must be within
set standards, be willing to live anywhere
in the Verde Valley and complete 400-500
hours of sweat equity building their home
with Habitat partners. In return, Verde
Valley Habitat provides an interest-free
twenty year mortgage for the cost of the
construction of their home and land.

                                       Choice award as the Best
                                       Volunteer Organization in the         As a former Board Member, I was
                                       Verde Valley! We Thank the            asked to tell how much the Verde
                                       readers of the Verde Independent,      Valley Habitat for Humanity had
                                       Camp Verde Bugle and Kudo’s for      changed. In the three years of my
                                       their Vote and their Support.        association it has gone form a fairly
                                           Let’s all Help build it!             staid group to one of a great
                                           Look for our new “Help build     dynamic. The Board Members seem
                                       it!” banner at local events. Board   to be excited about what they are
                                       member Laura Gisborne and              doing, and the recently created
                                       Director Maddy created this great    ReStore has provided a wonderful
                                                                                revenue source for our home
                                       new visual imagery for our group.
                                                                             building projects. Please consider
                                       You will soon see it at home
                                                                               adding yourself to the list, and
                                       dedications, ground breaking and
                                                                               become a new Board Member.
   Verde Valley Habitat for            lots of local civic events. Thanks
                                                                                       You are needed!
Humanity receives local award. In      to Laura and Creative Printing &
September VVHFH was presented          Copy Too! in Sedona, for their         Tom Wachs; Newsletter Editor
with the 2008 Verde Valley, Readers    efforts.

                                                 by Judy Etter

                                        after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.       Since we returned from Long
                                           We sent seven teams of           Beach in August, two hurricanes
                                        skilled and unskilled workers to    have hit the Gulf Coast. Gustav did
                                        Long Beach, Mississippi to assist   not create damage on the scale of
                                        with cleanup and rebuilding         Katrina, but Hurricane Ike was as
                                        after Katrina. Initially, we        devastating as Katrina, if not more
                                        contributed many thousands of       so. Consequently, “Beyond the
                                        dollars in monetary help and        Storm” is providing at least one
                                        materials and supplies. My
                                                                            work team to help with clean-up.
                                        husband, Bill, and I moved to
                                                                            The first will be traveling to League
                                        Long Beach for nearly a year
                                                                            City, Texas (near Houston) to work
                                        and were team coordinators for
                                        groups that came from all over      with another faith-based local
                                        the country.                        organization called C.O.R.E.
   In addition to being the Volunteer      Our last “Beyond the Storm”      (Christians Organized for Relief
Coordinator for Verde Valley            team went August 23 – 30, 2008      Efforts) from December 6-13, 2008.
Habitat For Humanity, I am chair-       and accomplished quite a bit in        If you are interested in this trip,
person for “Beyond the Storm”, a        the areas of painting and tile      please call me, Judy Etter, at (928)
faith-based, disaster relief organ-     work, in an effort to help with     639-4654 or email me at
ization that was formed very shortly    the rebuilding phase.     

Ana Marie Moreno
Paints the Inside Trim

                                                                                         Ana Marie Moreno Scrapes
                              The Newly Renovated Home Sparkles                             While Carrie Lightfoot
                              With Newly Painted Siding and Trim                              Steadies the Ladder

                                    Rob Fierro Used the Same Floor
                                    Tiles for the Custom Counter Tops
                                                                                         Steve Sevec Trims the Wall
  Bill Etter Cuts the Grass                                                               Color to the Baseboards
  and Cleans Up the Yard

                         by J.D., Charlie and Jerry, the Donation Pick-up Team

    Once you have called our            up to find you have cleaned out             We have been very thankful for
Volunteer Office and have sched-        your entire garage!                     the many fine donations received
uled a prearranged pick-up or drop-        NO non-working appliances            over the past two years from
off time, please remember to:           or those over 10 years of age.          contractors, vendors and local
   Have your items clearly marked       Items must be clean and in              residents. In fiscal year 2007-2008
for “Habitat” and sitting outside of    saleable condition or they will not     the VVHFH ReStore diverted 65 tons
your home on the morning of your        be accepted.                            of good saleable materials from our
pick up. Or drop off at a pre-                                                  local landfills. However, we end up
                                          NO domestic or personal items
arranged time at our warehouse.                                                 making monthly trips to the
                                        such as Clothes and Linens.
                                                                                Cottonwood landfill, at Habitat's
   Always advise our volunteer             NO furniture with rips, tears,       cost, to dispose of items that should
office of any special needs for your    broken legs or food / pet urine
pick up; i.e. size, weight and if an                                            not have been donated and or were
                                        stains on them.                         dumped at our door under the cover
item will be fragile like glass or
mirrors.                                  NO containers of loose old screw      of night.
                                        and nails, especially when rusted.          A grant from the City of Sedona
   Place all mounting brackets or       They are not usable or saleable,        was awarded to VVHFH in August,
parts needed to install this item in    and they are dangerous to the           for our recycling efforts, which will
baggies and securely attached them      volunteers who must handle them.        be used to buy new tires for our
to the donated item.
                                           DON'T ask Verde Valley Habitat       donation truck and additional items
   Place all appliance remotes, any     to dispose of your items that should    such as dollies and packaging
user manuals for items, inside the      go to the dump or the salvage yard.     materials used daily.
item or attached to item in baggies.    We can only accept items that are           If you are changing color schemes
   Be courteous to our drivers time     useable, in good and proper             and your item doesn’t work...Great!
and truck space limitations, yours      working order and are ready to go       If you just moved in and there is no
is not the only donation being          to the sales floor. We are a small      place for your beloved items...Great!
picked up on that day. Drivers may      affiliate and do not have enough        Give us a call. But, if you wouldn't
ask to return on another day if you     volunteers to do repairs or             buy this item in a garage sale,
call in with two items and they drive   deconstruction services.                most likely we wouldn't either.

                                                   The collective number of families served by affiliates around the
                                                  world is staggering: 279,723 through fiscal year 2007. In November
                                                  2008, we will celebrate a historic milestone: The Completion of the
                                                  300,000 Habitat house! All of our affiliated partners worldwide have
                                                  played a part in making this achievement become a reality. By most
                                                  standards, Habitat for Humanity is the worlds largest home builder.

                                                                                         Mark Boarman of AAA
                                                                                    Backflow & Cross-Connection
                                                                                   Control Company has provided
                                                                                   a complimentary inspection of
Students from the Flagstaff                                                        the backflow devices installed
based NAU Affiliate, helped                                                        at House #7. If you require his
with the final work of                                                             services, please contact him at
Angela Lerma's soon-to-                                                              928.634.2330. He is a State
be-completed home. They                                                                 Certified Technician!
provided many hours of
                                                                                      Thanks for your help and
labor. It's always fun to
have young and energetic                                                                   expertise Mark!
students to help!

            Verde Valley Habitat
   Home Improvement ReStore Celebrates
       It’s Second Year in Business!
   Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity Home Improvement ReStore celebrates it’s Second Anniversary.
   On Saturday June 28th, the Home Improvement ReStore celebrated two years of offering new, and gently
used building supplies to our community. The ReStore has turned into one of our major fund-raising sources.
At our Annual budget meeting held on July 3, 2008, the Budget committee, after finalizing our the ReStore
EOY statement, announced that $45,000.00 would be transferred to our land acquisition fund, for use in
finding new home sites for 2009.
   On August 8th Executive Director Maddy effected the purchase of two new homesites in Cottonwood.
A big thank you goes out to Karen Boarman. Karen is a Board Member and a local realtor with EXIT Realty
for her quick work in locating these properties.
   Remember to check our webpage at: for additional information regarding our donation
program and our pick up schedules.
    Mark your calendars! On December 27th we wil have our end-the-year, half-price sale. All items
$99.00 or less are 50% off and all items $100.00 or more are 20% off.

                                                                          Donation Program
                                                                          Resort Asset Management -
Builders Club Donors;
May through September
                                                                          Winnelson Plumbing
                                                                          First American Title, Cottonwood
Justina Boyle
                                                                          House #10 Housewarming Fund
J.M. Keenan
                                                                          Cora & Bob Whiting
Mr & Mrs Laurence Keim
Melanie Krasnay                                                           Marianne & John Thomas
Henry & Nancy Pfefferkorn                                                 Lucreitia & Alan Spiller
Ellis & Rosemary Price                                                    Penelope & Alex Allen
Dr. & Mrs Kirk Stetson
                                            TO OUR
Rising Sun Mini Storage                   ANGELS IN THE                   PPG Gives;
Framing Studs                                ATTIC                        Retired Volunteer Foundation
Charles & Mary Bowers, (x 3)                                              J. D. Maddy; $1,000.00 donation
Rachel E. Randall                   Faith Supporters; Adopt a             for 1336 volunteer hours served
Joanne P. Ralphs                    House Program                         from June 2007-July 2008 as well
Carol Roby                          Verde Baptist Church,                 as serving on VVHFH Board of
Floor Joists                        Cottonwood; July/Aug/Sept             Directors.
Lawrence Clark                      $200.00
Mrs Russell Whitla                  Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona;      United Way Donors
Truss Fund                          $2,000.00                             Kevin Stewart
Joan Tonyan                         Christ Lutheran Church, Sedona;
Window Fund                         $500.00 for rough plumbing            Donation in Memory of:
Marite Stewart                      supplies.                             Volunteer Bob Whiting’s mother,
                                    Lutheran Church of the                by the Thunder Ridge POA,
Carpenter Club Donors               Resurrection, 2 tub/shower stall      Rimrock, AZ
Jacob & Sally Baker                 units $631.00
Ismael & Catalina Hernandez         St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church,        Tool Trail Tool Replacement Fund
R. E. Jensen                        Sedona; July/August/Sept $300.00      Jerry Harvey
Chuck Stein                                                               Charlie Stephenson
Iona Turner                         City of Sedona Employee
Thunder Ridge Homeowners            Donations                             Business Sponsor Support;
Richard & Lillian Blechschmidt      David & Rhonda Peck                   EXIT Realty – Charitable Partner

  Build a Home with Your Tax Dollars!
                                       charitable contribution of up to         Can I Qualify for the Charitable
                                       $400 to Verde Valley Habitat for         Credit if I Also Recognize Other
                                       Humanity if:                             Arizona Tax Credits?
                                                                                Yes! The charitable tax credit may
                                       *You have itemized deductions
                                                                                be recognized in addition to other
Thanks to a recently enacted           in 1996 or your baseline year,
                                                                                Arizona tax credits such as
Arizona tax law, taxpayers can get     *You anticipate having an
                                                                                conservation, energy and school
a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up   Arizona income tax liability for
                                                                                tuition and activity credits. Tax
to $400 on their Arizona income        this tax year or the next five tax
                                                                                credits can reduce your Arizona
tax return for charitable              years;
                                                                                taxes to $0.
contributions made to a qualifying     *You will itemize your deductions        When Must the Charitable Tax
charitable organization. Single        on your 2008 Arizona tax return;         Credit Contribution Be Made?
taxpayers can contribute up to         and The amount of the tax credit         The contribution must be made
$200 and married couples can           is equal to any increase over the        during the calendar tax year. For
contribute up to $400. An Arizona      contribution you gave in 1996 or         example, only contributions made
charitable tax credit contribution     your baseline year. For example,         during calendar year 2008 will be
has the effect of reducing your        if you itemized contributions of         allowed as a charitable tax credit
Arizona tax liability dollar-for-      $500 in the previous tax year, and       on the taxpayer's 2008 Arizona
dollar up to $400 that you             increase your contributions in the       income tax return. Contributions
contribute to Verde Valley Habitat     2008 tax year to $700, you would         to Verde Valley Habitat for
for Humanity.                          be eligible for a state tax credit.      Humanity will receive a formal
How Will These Funds Be Used?          What's The Difference Between            thank you letter that can serve as
The charitable purpose and             a Charitable Tax Credit and a            a donation receipt for income tax
mission of Verde Valley Habitat        Charitable Deduction?                    purposes.
for Humanity is to eliminate           A charitable tax credit is much          How Do I Make A Qualified
poverty housing and make decent        more favorable to you as a               Charitable Tax Credit
shelter a matter of conscience and     taxpayer. A charitable tax credit        Contribution to Verde Valley
action. A total of 90% of each         reduces your Arizona tax liability       Habitat for Humanity?
dollar that you contribute to Verde    dollar-for dollar (i.e., gives to your   To effectively make your 2008
Valley Habitat for Humanity will       favorite charity what you would          qualified charitable contribution
be used to help change lives by        otherwise give to the State.) A          and receive an Arizona Tax Credit,
providing housing and hope to          charitable deduction is itemized         make your charitable contribution
low-income families in the Verde       and subtracted from gross                payable to: Verde Valley Habitat
Valley. The remaining 10% will be      income to determine the amount           for Humanity.
tithed to HFHI for other world wide    of the taxpayers taxable income,
efforts.                                                                        Must a taxpayer itemize
                                       thus reducing a taxpayers tax            deductions in order to qualify
Is Verde Valley Habitat for            liability by a limited percentage.       for the credit?
Humanity a Qualifying                  Can I qualify for the Charitable         Yes! A taxpayer must itemize
Organization?                          Tax Credit if I Do Not Owe Any           deductions and deduct charitable
Yes! Verde Valley Habitat for          Taxes at the End of the Year?            contributions on the Arizona state
Humanity is a nonprofit tax            Yes! The credit reduces your             income tax return at least once in
exempt publicly supported              overall Arizona income tax               order to establish a baseline year
charitable organization, and is a      liability and is not impacted by         and amount. The credit is then
qualifying organization for the        your tax withholding's during the        figured on the amounts over and
Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.         course of the calendar tax year.         above the baseline amount.
Who Should Consider Making             If you withheld an amount greater        How does a taxpayer determine
a Qualified Charitable Tax             than your tax liability, the credit      the baseline year and amount?
Credit Contribution?                   will result in an increase in your       If a taxpayer itemized deductions
You should consider making a           state tax refund.                        and deducted charitable

                                                        10                            See next page for Donation Coupon.
continued from page 10...

contributions in 1996, that is by            the taxpayer must give $700 in              filing separate have a maximum
law the baseline year. The baseline          total contributions that includes           credit of $200.
amount is the total dollar amount            $200 to a qualifying charitable             Can a federal or state audit
of charitable contributions                  organization to receive a $200              affect a taxpayer's baseline year
deducted on Schedule A. This                 tax credit. Likewise, a taxpayer            and/or dollar amount?
amount includes the total                    could give $600 in total                    Yes! The baseline year could be
contributions deducted pursuant              contributions, including $200 to            changed or established if a
to Section 170 of the Internal               a qualifying charitable                     taxpayer's deductions are changed
Revenue Code including cash                  organization, and receive a $100            to or from itemized or to or from
amounts, property, or mileage                tax credit.                                 standard, for instance. The dollar
amounts. Therefore, if a taxpayer                                                        amount could change depending
                                             What is the maximum amount
deducted a total of $500 in                                                              on allowed or disallowed
                                             of the credit?
charitable contributions in 1996,                                                        contributions. Remember that a
                                             For tax year 2008, taxpayers filing         taxpayer is required to notify the
that is the baseline amount.                 as single and unmarried head of
If a taxpayer did not itemize                                                            state of any federal audit changes
                                             household have a maximum                    within 90 days of the audit
deductions and deduct charitable             credit amount of $200. Taxpayers
contributions in 1996, then the                                                          becoming final.
                                             that are filing as married filing
baseline year is by law the first                                                        How does a taxpayer figure the
                                             joint have a maximum credit of
taxable year after 1996 that the                                                         baseline year and amount if
                                             $400. Taxpayers filing married
taxpayer itemizes deductions and                                                         filing status changes due to
                                             filing separate have a maximum              divorce, marriage, remarriage,
deducts charitable contributions.            credit of $200.                             death of a spouse, or change
How is the credit amount                     For tax year 2008, taxpayers filing         of residency?
figured once a taxpayer has                  as single and unmarried head of             Taxpayers must establish a new
established a baseline?                      household have a maximum                    baseline year and amount
Credit dollars are allowed on the            credit amount of $200. Taxpayers            following a filing status change
amounts above the baseline dollar            that are filing as married filing           listed above. This includes a
amount. For instance, if a taxpayer          joint have a maximum credit of              married/joint filing where the
has a baseline amount of $500,               $400. Taxpayers filing married              spouses are different.

Send your donation postmarked prior to December 31, 2008 to:

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 2515
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

2008 Arizona Tax Credit Donation Coupon


Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________________, Arizona                    Zip Code __________________

Phone __________________________________e-mail address _____________________________________________________
                            (So that we may notify you directly next year, or if you wish to receive your newsletter via this mode)

    Single - $200.00 Tax Credit Donation

    Married - $400.00 Tax Credit Donation

A letter will be sent to you recognizing this donation and Thank You for helping to make dreams come true
for families here in the Verde Valley. At tax time be certain to have your tax preparation specialist file the
proper forms revised Statues Section 43-1088 when submitting your return or call the Arizona Department
of Revenue at 1-800-352-4090.

                                              Printing of this issue of The Homemaker
                                  The         has been donated by CTS Office Supply
                         Verde Valley                Douglas Meyer, Owner.
                       Habitat Board                 331 North Main Street,
                          of Directors                Cottonwood, Arizona
                     meet the second
                     Monday of each
                    month at 6:30 PM
                                at the         Please visit our updated
                      Mountain View            website. Volunteer Sue
                   Methodist Church
                   901 South 12th St.
                                              Obijiski is the webmaster,
                     in Cottonwood.            and has done a fabulous
                                              job improving and keeping
                       The public is
                 welcome to attend.
                                                   the site current!

                                                                     RETURN    Organization
                                                                     SERVICE   US POSTAGE
                                                                  REQUESTED      PERMIT
                                                                               NUMBER 78
P. O. BOX 2515


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