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									Siebel CRM

Contact Center Infrastructure                           S iebel CRM is the world’s leading solution for maximizing
                                                       the value of your customer relationships.
  CRM Integration—unifies contact center
  technology and CRM software, thereby                 Terillium understands today’s demanding business environment, lead or you fall
  delivering a complete customer-to-agent              behind. Oracle’s Siebel CRM was designed for the rapid pace of change, so you
                                                       can capitalize on the best opportunities for growth while ensuring maximum
  Multi-site—deploy centralized contact
  center technologies on a “single system”             satisfaction levels for your customers. We offer a solution that will take your
  infrastructure shared by all locations,              business processes along with our best practice solutions and leading software
  regardless of geographic location
                                                       in Customer Management and help you achieve the higher revenue and lower
  Virtual Call Routing—connect multiple
  sites and home-based workers with one                operating costs you’re wanting.
  Multimedia Capabilities—automatic call
  distributor with skills-based routing of all         Siebel CRM Highlight Section
  media types
  Pre-Integrated—eliminate information silos           Sales                           Contact Center                      Self Service & eBilling
  Remote Supervision—monitor and coach
                                                         Oracle CRM On Demand Sales    Infrastructure                        Oracle Self-Service E-Billing
                                                         Mobile and Handheld                                                 Siebel eSales
  agents from any location                                                             Technology
                                                         Sales Analytics & Reporting                                         Oracle iStore
  Web-based—thin-client user interfaces for              Siebel Collaboration            Application Development             Siebel eService
  agents, supervisors, and administrators                Quote and Order Capture         Manager                             Oracle iSupport
                                                         Integrated with Microsoft       Application Response
                                                         Exchange Server                 Measurement                       Partner Relationship
                                                         Partner and Channel             Business Rules                    Management
                                                         Management                      Oracle Fusion Middleware Siebel     Partner Analytics
Who Has Siebel on Demand                                                                 Best Practice Center                Partner Portal
 9 of the top 10 global telecommunications companies   Marketing                         Handheld                            Partner Manager
                                                         eMail Marketing                 Remote and Mobile Web Client
 20 of the top 25 global banks                           Marketing Analytics             Server Sync                       Business Intelligence
 25 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies        Web Marketing                   Task-Based UI                     Applications
                                                         Events Management               Test Automation                     Financial Analytics
 19 of the top 20 global high technology companies
                                                         Loyalty Management              Wireless                            Human Resources Analytics
 14 of the top 20 life insurance companies               Campaign/Dialogue                                                   Procurement and Spend
                                                         Management                    Customer Data Integration             Analytics
 3 of the 4 largest U.S. railroads
                                                         Marketing Resource              Universal Application Network       Supply Chain and Order
 9 of the top 10 global consumer goods companies         Management                      Universal Customer Master           Management Analytics
 18 of the top 25 global energy companies                                                Data Quality                        Sales Analytics
                                                       Contact Center                                                        Service Analytics
 10 of the top 15 global automotive companies          and Service                     Quote & Order Capture
                                                                                                                             Contact Center Analytics
                                                         Siebel Contact Center           Deal Management
                                                                                                                             Marketing Analytics
                                                         Oracle Contact Center           Dynamic Catalog
                                                                                                                             Business Indicators
                                                         Infrastructure                  Product and Pricing Analytics
                                                         Siebel Contact Center and       Dynamic Pricer                    Price Management
                                                         Service Analytics               Product and Catalog                 Oracle Advanced Pricing
                                                         Oracle CRM Call Center On       Management                          Siebel Dynamic Pricer
                                                         Demand                          Quote and Order Lifecycle           Deal Management
                                                         Siebel Field Service            Management
                                                         Siebel Help Desk                                                  Social CRM
                                                         Siebel Mobile Solutions                                             Oracle Sales Prospector
                                                                                                                             Oracle Sales Campaigns
                                                                                                                             Oracle Sales Library
Why Siebel On Demand For Your Business                                                             INTERNET                           REPORTING

   Better manage your customers and/or opportunities
   Accurate and timely forecast
   Allows you to replicate best practices across                                                   CALL CENTER
   your sales organization
   Lets you track top customers and spending history
                                                                           CUSTOMERS                                  Customer
   Ties into any existing software architecture                                                                      Information

   “Action-able” insight into the business from
   your front office applications                                                                  SALES                                 BACK OFFICE

                                                                                                   VENDORS                           MARKETING

Discover How Siebel CRM                                                                             Why Siebel
Technology Can Help You                                                                                    #1 in CRM Applications
Oracle offers a wide choice of integration and deployment                                                  Over 4.6 million CRM business
options to ensure that your company receives the                                                           users around the world
highest possible value from its technology investments—                                                    Real-time Information
regardless of your preferred technology mix or                                                             Increase Productivity by synchronizing
deployment strategy.                                                                                       with Microsoft Tools such as Word,
   Siebel Application Development Manager                                                                  Excel, Outlook and Sharepoint
   Siebel Application Response Measurement                                                                 Oracle invests considerable resources to
                                                                                                           deliver industry-leading CRM
   Siebel Business Rules
   Oracle Fusion Middleware Siebel Best Practice Center
                                                              Oracle’s CRM product lines,                  Oracle improves IT operations with the
   Siebel Handheld                                            particularly Oracle Siebel CRM,              ability to configure CRM business rules
   Siebel Remote and Mobile Web Client                        are among the leading solutions              once and deploy everywhere
                                                              in almost every aspect of CRM
   Siebel Server Sync
                                                              technology, comprehensively
   Siebel Task-Based UI                                       outpacing all other competitors.
   Siebel Test Automation                                                     – Decision Matrix:                 Siebel CRM
   Siebel Wireless                                                     Selecting a CRM Vendor
                                                                (Competitor Focus), Datamonitor                    Empowers users
                                                                                                                   Enable Responsiveness
                                                                                                                   Ensure Value
Why Terillium                                                                                                      Integrates with
   Customer Testimonies                              Proven Ability to Execute, focused on                         Oracle CRM
   Certified Advantage Partner                       repeatable implementation capability for
                                                     Mid-Market Companies
   Global Rollout Experience
                                                     Years of experience proven success,
   Recognized leader by Oracle
                                                     and focus on client satisfaction
   Deep industry experience with over
                                                     Award winning software solutions
   100 Certified Consultants specializing                                                           Contact Us
   in Oracle Products only                           Over 200 successful implementations
                                                                                                        For more information
                                                                                                    about Terillium products,
Why Oracle                                                                                          visit
Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables organizations to                     or contact Matt Lesseuer,
transform the customer experience. With solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, Siebel       Vice President of Sales at (513) 621-9500.
CRM delivers:

   Comprehensive CRM capabilities                    Role-based customer intelligence and
   Tailored industry solutions                       pre-built integration


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