Newton Laws Review Sheet by malj



                              Newton Laws Review Sheet
Put answers on a separate sheet of paper.

1. a) Draw a complete free-body diagram for an object accelerating down an incline plane.
   Find all the forces and the acceleration listed below. The angle of the incline is 20o,
   mass of the object is 2.5 kg, and µ = 0.30.

                                                                 FN = ___________

                                                                 Fg = ___________

                                                                 Fgx = ___________

                                                                 Fgy = ___________

                                                                 Ffric= ___________

                                                                 Fnet = ___________

                                                                 a    = ___________

   b) What happens to each of the forces and the acceleration of the mass, if the angle

   of the incline is increased?

2. Mrs. Cadorini is frustrated with her class, so she kicks a 2.0 kg calculator across the

floor. Find the acceleration of the calculator if the coefficient of friction between the

calculator and the floor is 0.20 and the force exerted on it is 16N to the right. Draw a

free-body diagram.

3. The famous ice skating duo, Mike and Aliza are preparing for practice when Mike gives

Aliza a push of 130 Newtons. If Aliza has a mass of 55 kg and Mike has a mass of 85 kg,

find their accelerations. Include a free-body diagram.

4. If you use a horizontal force of 30.0N to slide a 12.0 kg wooden crate across a floor at

a constant velocity, what is the coefficient of friction between the crate and the floor?

Draw a free-body diagram.
5. Alec is standing on a spring scale in an elevator to see if Mrs. Cadorini was correct

about weighing yourself in an elevator. If Alec has a mass of 75 kg, calculate what the

scale will read if: a) the elevator is at rest b) the elevator accelerates upward at 1.5 m/s2

c) the elevator accelerates downward at 1.5 m/s2. Show a free-body diagram for each


6. Jason is deciding to help his mom by taking out the trash. He pulls a garbage can with a

mass of 50 kg along a flat, concrete driveway. The coefficient of friction between the

trash can and the driveway is 0.30.

       a) What does the trash can weigh?

       b) What force is needed to keep the trash can moving at a constant velocity?

       c) What force must be applied to the trash can to accelerate it at 3.0 m/s2?

7. Paul is in his car and is waiting at a red light. All of a sudden, a senior citizen with poor

eye sight hits the back of Paul’s car. What way will Paul move with respect to his car?

What way will the senior citizen move with respect to his car? Explain using Newton’s

first law.

8. What characteristics describe an object that is in equilibrium? (List as many as you


9. What are the relationships between force, mass, and acceleration?

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