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					Emanuele Vara                                                 12 Ventnor Rd, London SE14 5QT           Workshops: Film Distribution 2.0 by Thomas Mei at Antenna Media Torino. Turin, Italy, April
26 years old                                                          2010; Development and production of art documentary films at Documentary in Europe cultu-
(born 14/11/1984)                                                             +44 07553115637          ral association, Turin, Italy, April 2010; The sound of Palermo by Leonardo Sangiorgi (Studio
                                                                                                       Azzurro) at Goethe Institut, Palermo, Italy, March 2010; Studies in synchresis. The audiovisual
                                                                                                       creation at Perugia Arti Contemporanee - Le Arti in Città art festival, Perugia, Italy, September

Résumé:                                                                                                IT & Film Skills:
Hannah Barry Gallery,, London, UK                                                  • Apple Mac OS & Microsoft Windows literate, Microsoft Office, Social Media.
Interactive Content Assistant (March 2011-Ogoing)                                                      • Final Cut Pro; Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Logic Pro, Apple Aperture, Lightroom.
• Editing and curating a digital catalogue (available as App for iPhone & iPad) for the Bold Ten-      • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere.
dencies 5 exhibition ( liaising with iPhone/iPad Apps developers; liaising         • Shooting with SLR digital cameras and HD camcorders.
with artists/galleries to gather contents; ensuring that rights are obtained for all materials used;
conducting research and writing texts relating to artists’ artworks.                                   Foreign Language Profiency:
• Filming & editing promotional videos; managing the Bold Tendencies 5 Facebook page.                  Fluent in English (passed TOEFL certification), French (passed DELF B2 certification), Spa-
                                                                                                       nish, Italian (native).
International Network for Culture and Arts UK,, London, UK
Communication Officer/Video editor/Final Cut Pro trainer (March 2011-Ongoing)                                    Filmography (as director/scriptwriter/DOP/editor) & Selected Screenings:
• Promote art events & workshops; realizing promotional materials for the web (videos, flyers);          - showreel:
managing the INCA UK Facebook page.
• Editing video & audio interactive materials for live theatre performances; Final Cut Pro trainer
                                                                                                       • White Out & Thurston Moore Live At The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn (USA, 2010, video,
during workshops (in collaboration with the European Commission & British Art Council).
                                                                                                       40 min., color). Production: Nonoproduktion.
Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center,, Newark, New Jersey, USA                            • The Tallest Camellia (Italy/Bahrain, 3 min., color). Production: Nonoproduktion & Al Riwaq
Artist in residence (July-October 2010)                                                                Art Space. The video is part of the contemporary art project Living Bahrain (on show at Venice
• Director of a documentary film (currently on post-production) on New Jersey today: a dreamy           Biennial 2012, Istanbul Biennial 2013, Art Dubai 2013).
trip across the ‘Garden State’ exploring its industrial and natural landscapes.
                                                                                                       • Junk (Italy, 2010, video, 2 min. 26 sec., color). Production: Emanuele Vara.
                                                                                                       The Sound of Palermo-Wintercase Festival 2010, Goethe Institut, Palermo, Italy, March 2010.
De Zeyp,, Brussels, Belgium
Intern - EVS program funded by the European Commission (February-August 2009)                          Curator: Leonardo Sangiorgi (Studio Azzurro).
• Filmmaker, audio & video editor, photographer.                                                       • In Bloom (Belgium/Italy, 2009, HD, 15 min., color). Production: Nonoproduktion.
                                                                                                       Visual Games exhibition at Al Riwaq Art Space, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Jan 2010. (contemporary art web magazine)                                                            Official competition at 27th Torino Film Festival, Turin, Italy, Nov 2009.
Correspondent from the 58th Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival (January 2008)               Don’t talk to the driver (please) video installation at FolkUs! Festival, London, UK, Sept 2009.
                                                                                                       • #6 Rennes (Italy, 2009, video, 2min. 26.sec., color). Production: Emanuele Vara.
Artefiera,, Bologna, Italy                                                  Perugia Arti Contemporanee-Le Arti in Città Festival, Italy, Oct 2009. Curators: @c+Lia.
Communication Officer for Art Has A Point, International Fair of Contemporary Art (Autumn
2005)                                                                                                  • Youthquake (Spain/Italy - 2008, video, 26 min., color). Production: Estudiodecine (Barcelo-
                                                                                                       na), Emanuele Vara, Salvo Cutaia.
Education:                                                                                             Official selection at Piemonte Movie Film Festival 2010, Turin, Italy, March 2010.
Estudiodecine,, Barcelona, Spain                                                 Don’t talk to the driver (please) video installation at FolkUs! Festival, Londra, UK, Sept 2009.
Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Cinema: Curso Superior de Cine Digital (2007-2008)                     Official selection at 9th Festival del Cinema di Frontiera, Marzamemi, Italy, July 2009.
                                                                                                       Official selection at 24th Torino GLBT Film Festival, Turin, Italy, April 2009.
University of Palermo, Italy. DAMS (Departement of Arts, Music and Performing Arts)
Bachelor of Arts: First Class Honours and Distinction in Musicology with marks of 110/110 Cum          References:
Laude (2003-2006)                                                                                      • Eva Di Stefano, Professor of Contemporary Art History at University of Palemo (Italy),
Degree thesis title: Harmonic houses: places of interaction between music and visual arts from         Contacts: +39 091 6560265 -
historical avant garde to art video.                                                                   • Miguel Ángel García Arjona, Film Producer and Director of Estudiodecine, Barcelona (Spain).
                                                                                                       Contacts: +34 933179687 -

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