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					Maximizing Social Media Strategies
    Presented by Jason Weaver, CEO, Shoutlet, Inc
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                                        About Shoutlet

     Shoutlet is a social media marketing platform that provides tools to help global brands,
      small businesses, and marketing agencies build, engage, and measure social media
             communication via one affordable, easy-to-use, multi-user application.                                                                                2
                                         Key Takeaways

                                Ways to track social media ROI

                     How to generate leads using social media techniques

                   How to leverage the emerging trend of “social selling” and
                             transactional-based online marketing

               How to influence your target audience to engage with others                                                                 33
                            Social Media + Tourism Industry

•93 million U.S. adults reported using the Internet for travel planning purposes in

•User generated content is used by 40% of online travel researchers to
determine whether they visit a destination

 •71% of leisure trips are planned less
 than 3 months before the trip

 •35% are planned less than one month
 before the trip

 •54% of users ranked recommendations
 from friends and family as the most
 influential when choosing a destination

 •18% site travel promotions as their
 main destination influence

                              Source1: U.S Travel Association, “Travelers’ Use of the Internet”, July 2010                                                                                             4
                                    Studying Your Audience

                   Ashley, 21                 Sean, 37                      Linda, 58

           Prefers text messaging      Downloads podcasts to        Just joined Facebook and
               over voice calls         listen while traveling     quickly getting the hang of it

              LOVES Facebook             Uses Twitter more          Likes photo-sharing sites
               and uses apps              than Facebook
                                                                     Watches how-to videos
            Uploads photos often       Still prefers e-mail over        about hobbies
                                       mobile text messages
                                Measuring Social Media ROI

        70% of companies are not adequately
         measuring social media initiatives

                                              Top 3 Biggest Obstacles To Measurement:

                                              30% Dedicated Resources (who will do it)

                                              25% Don’t know what to measure

                                              20% Believe Social Media is not about ROI

                                               Study from MarketingProfs (n=338), Conducted in June 2009.                                                                                            6
                   Traditional vs. Social Media ROI

                     Short-Term vs. Long-Term Payoff

                     Graphic Source: Pauline Ores, IBM via                                                         7
                   What Does ROI Mean to You?                                8
                              Return on Investment: Indirect Sales

                                            Awareness                  Coupons
                                           Engagement                1-800 number
                   Donation                                                                    9
                             ROI Begins with the First Step

                   Your company’s goals:

                   What are you really hoping to accomplish?

                                                          Your audience:

                                    Who are they? What do they do online?

                                       Your toolbox:

                                       Does it fit your needs?

                                                  Your metrics:

                                What makes sense for your goals?                                                            10
                   Building Relationships vs. Transactions                                             11
           Warren County Visitors & Convention Bureau: B2C Lead Generation                                                             12
                   Traditional vs. Social Media ROI


                                         Reach CEOs of small businesses                                                          13
                       The Future of ROI Tracking: Social Commerce

                   Research, Follow, Buy                                                     14
                                           Case Study: Rayovac

          Campaign details
          Blogger outreach + video +
          sign-up widget on Facebook for
          $3 coupon

          Over 8,000 e-mail addresses
          collected and over 7,000
          Facebook fans in less than 5 days                                                 15
                                      Case Study: Original Penguin

          Campaign details
          Model search contest / image widget

          Finalists shared the widget through social
          networks and blogs to encourage viewers
          to click through and vote for them. The
          widget was viewed a total of 2,216 times
          and embedded in 65 locations                                                     16
                               Social Shopping vs. Social Commerce

                   Social Shopping                                                      Social Commerce
         Interaction among customers as                                        Interaction among customers as
          part of a shopping experience                                         part of a shopping experience
 (in order to improve the shopping experience)                          (in order to improve the sales effectiveness)                                 Source: Paul Marsden, Social Shopping 101: A Practitioner’s Primer, SocialCommerceToday
                                   Ways to Obtain Leads

                   Engagement        Content distribution to evoke an intended response

                   Promotional       Contests, sweepstakes, sign-ups

                   Transactional     Coupons (online/offline), promo codes, etc.                                                                          18
                   Alarm Company: Engagement Lead Generation                                               19
                   Original Penguin: Promotional Lead Generation                                                   20
                   B2B: International Trucking Lead Generation                                                 21
                   People-Requested Advertising                                  22
                   People-Requested Advertising = Evangelist Program

                                                  • Add additional layers of influence with
                                                  evangelist program

                                                  • Reward your highest influencers                                                                              23
                                      Know Your Evangelists

                   Social CRM features pull in data points from Facebook to give you a
                          one-stop look at who’s interacting with your company

  • Review Posts

  • Respond to Comments

  • Respond to “Likes”

  • Send Birthday Greetings

  • Manage Tasks

  • Categorize Fans

  • Analyze Metrics

                                    Demo this:                                                                         24
                   Tie Into Existing Investments                                   25
                   Shoutlet – Social Media Management

                                               Our sites now garner incredible
                                               average view times [near five
                                               minutes on our video pages]
                                               and our fan and follower base
                                               has increased exponentially.
                                               Mike Turner, Cannondale

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