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					Alzheimer's disease is the commonest form of Dementia. Usually occurring
in old age, Alzheimer's is a disease that is marked by decline of various
cognitive functions like reasoning, planning and remembering. It is
basically a brain disorder that is named after Alois Alzheimer, a German
Physician. As per findings, it has been found now that Alzheimer's is a
fatal and progressive brain disease. It destroys the brain cells and
causes major memory loss, creates problems in thinking patterns and also
affects the patient's social life. In fact, it also hampers the patient's
intellectual abilities and interferes with routine life. So far, there is
no cure for the disease, but there are certain treatments for the various
symptoms it shows to make the life of those suffering, better and easier.
The key symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include: 1. Memory loss 2.
Having problems with language 3. Difficulty in performing of familiar
tasks 4. Often misplacing regular items of utility 5. Decreased or poor
judgment 6. Frequent changes in behaviour or mood 7. Having problems
during abstract thinking 8. Disorientation to place and time 9. A major
loss of initiative 10. Change in personality

  If a person is suspicious of Alzheimer's, it is pertinent to get
diagnosed. Before reaching any conclusion, the doctor will first gather
the history of the family and the ailments that ever prevailed. He will
also order you to undergo some medical tests and estimate the memory loss
via various assessments. Ruling our each possibility of having any other
ailments, he will drive at the conclusion.      In order to diagnose
positive for Alzheimer's disease, the criteria followed should be met:
a. Significant problems with memory such as difficulty faced in immediate
recall, affected short term and long term memory b. Noticeable thinking
deficits in comprehending or expressing language, poor coordination,
muscle or gate function, identification of known objects via senses and
executive functions like planning and judgments c. Severe decline so as
to intervene in relationships and work performance d. Symptoms showing
gradually and later becoming steady e. All the causes and possibilities
are ruled out      It is very important to remain patient with the person
suffering from Alzheimer's disease and understand their plight. Proper
Alzheimer's care Kansas City should be provided to them. Frustration,
while dealing with them can worsen the conditions.

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