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					The deterioration of brain cells in known as Alzheimer’s disease. It
starts as Dementia. Dementia can happen due to head injury or stress some
cases of dementia are reversible. If an elderly person suffers from
Senile dementia then it is not reversible and as it progress into
Alzheimer known as Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (SDAT).

The characteristic of Alzheimer are divided into four stages, those are
1. Pre-Dementia: the symptoms are memory loss
2. Early Dementia : the symptoms would be like difficulties in language,
executive function out of control, perception scientific term agnosia, or
execution of movement are prominent than memory problem.
3. Moderate Dementia: progressive deterioration of brain eventually
hinders independence where the patient is unable to perform most common
activities of daily living. There is loss of the long term memory which
was previously intact. In this stage the memory loss problem worsens and
the patient may fail to recognize close family.

4. Advanced Dementia: In this stage the patient is completely dependent
on the caregiver. There is loss of speech, they rarely recognize
emotions, their aggressiveness remains, they experience exhaustion, and
they are bedridden. Alzheimer Disease can ultimately cause terminal
illness like pressure ulcers or pneumonia which can cause death. It’s
seen that patient mostly die of the infection rather than the Alzheimer

The caregivers of these patients are usually their spouse or adult
children. It’s seen that the caregivers are subject to physical and
mental disorders. The major reason being that the caregiver has the
affected person at home they have deal with the affected persons
depressions. The caregiver loses out on proper sleep, deals with
anticipatory grief and is also isolated for socializing which causes a
lot of behavioral disturbance in the care giver. Here is where the
Alzheimer’s care Lenexa Kansas care center are very helpful to take care
of you affected loved one.

Alzheimer’s care Lenexa Kansas is the best place to look for help.
Alzheimer’s care Lenexa Kansas is known for their best care center for
patients suffering from Alzheimer disease. They not only help the patient
but also make it easier for the other family members to understand and
impart training on how the patient needs to be dealt with.

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