My Brother Sam is Dead Review by malj


									                               My Brother Sam is Dead Review

The main character in the novel, My Brother Sam is Dead is Tim Meeker.

   Dynamic character: a character that changes a lot.
   Static character: changes very little or not at all
   Flat character: very little about their personality is shown
   Round character: many sides of their personality are shown
   Conflict: struggle between opposing forces.
   Protagonist: central character or hero; does not have to be the good guy.
   Antagonist: the force working against the protagonist or main character; another character,
   society, a force of nature, or even a force with in the main character.
   Foreshadowing: a hint of future events
   Genre: type or category of literature (My Brother Sam is Dead is historical fiction)

    The story takes place during the Revolutionary War.
   The Meekers own a tavern in Redding, Connecticut, during 1775-1779.
   Tim’s major conflict is understanding the war and defining his own opinion about it.
   Tim is resourceful, because he finds a way to trick the cowboys and deal with father being gone.
   At Verplancks Point, Tim finds fishing interesting.
   Tim had to take on more responsibility after father was gone.
   Sam was friends with Tom Warrups and sometimes hid out at his hut.
   Mr. Beach is an elderly, loyalist preacher.
   Mr. Heron is a wealthy and shadowy local character.
   Ned is the Negro slave who was beheaded by the British.
   Tim is the narrator of My Brother Sam is Dead.
   The tone of the novel is matter-of-fact; conversational; sometimes childish.
   This novel is told from first person point-of-view. Tim Meeker is telling the story.
   The antagonist is the struggle to understand the war and form an opinion about it.
   The theme is the illusion of glory; the degeneration of values during the war; the clashing
   influence of father and brother.
   Life Meeker is not happy about having to take Tim to Verplancks Point.
   Sam is convicted of being a cattle thief.
   Colonel Benedict Arnold leads the Continentals.
   Sam joins the Patriots/Rebels/Continentals.
   Betsy Read is on the Rebel.
   Cowboys kidnap Life Meeker.
   Tim and Betsy argue a lot.
   Father and Jerry Sanford died on a prison ship.
   When father died, Sam would not come back because he found the war exciting.
   In the end, Tim is not on either side.
   The main idea is a boy deals with life at home during war and tries to decide whose side he is on.
    The mood of the story mostly tense and unfortunate

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