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					2010            Romantic Suspense
                                 A select list of titles

      On thin ice / Adair, Cherry
      A secret agent posing as a playboy tries to protect a veterinarian from a series of strange
accidents during the grueling Iditarod dogsled race.

      The scarlet thread / Anthony, Evelyn
      A British nurse and an American soldier meet, fall in love, and secretly marry during the
Second World War. Years after the events of war separate them; a chance meeting brings the
couple together to consider their lost love.

        Spotlight / Bellacera, Carole
        Devin O'Keefe, lead singer for an Irish rock group, was mentally and physically scarred
        by his youth during the "Troubles" of Northern Ireland. Although committed to peace,
Devin is pressured into marriage with IRA terrorist Caitlyn McManus, who is soon sentenced to
life imprisonment and tortured by the British for her role in a department store bombing. For the
sake of Devin's career, his manager, Ian Brinegar, persuades Devin to lie and claim that Caitlyn
died in the bombing. When Devin meets ambitious American rock journalist Fonda Blayne,
sparks fly. Though she is still mourning the death of her twin brother, a policeman shot on the
job, she jumps at an offer from Brinegar to travel with the band, photograph its U.S. tour and
produce a "pictorial" book about it. But there is trouble ahead. The laws of the Republic of
Ireland, which preclude divorce, tempt Devin into proposing to Fonda while he is still secretly

       Gone too far / Brockmann, Suzanne
        An FBI agent investigates a case involving murder, a missing child, and a terrorist plot
that that may be linked to the Navy Seal she loves.

       Size 12 is not fat / Cabot, Meg
       After the 20-something Heather's rocker boyfriend dumps her, and her mother and
manager flee with her earnings, she becomes an assistant director of an undergraduate
residence hall, in hopes of free tuition. When students start to die mysteriously while "elevator
surfing" in the building, weight-conscious, romance-obsessed Heather goes on a crazed hunt to
uncover the truth.

        The good liar / Caldwell, Laura
        Divorcée Kate Livingston leads a sedate life in the suburbs of Chicago, trying with little
enthusiasm to get back into the dating game, when a childhood friend offers to set her up with a

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dashing older man named Michael Waller. The two get married after a whirlwind courtship, but
the honeymoon is over quickly when Michael begins acting strangely secretive. What Kate
doesn't know is that Michael is part of a secret spy organization called the Trust that works
illegally to advance American interests abroad. As Kate gets more suspicious, Michael decides
to get out of espionage, agreeing to one last contract killing before he's through forever.

Glass houses / Cameron, Stella
An NYPD detective joins forces with a British photographer threatened by a bad cop, but when
the pair are accused of art theft they must flee across the country in an attempt to clear their

The bay at midnight / Chamberlain, Diane
A woman learns that the wrong man may have been convicted for her sister’s death long ago
and turns to a childhood friend for help finding the truth.

Daddy’s little girl / Clark, Mary Higgins
Investigative journalist Ellie Cavanaugh, who was seven when her sister, Andrea, 15, was
beaten to death by 20-year-old Rob Westerfield, scion of the wealthiest family in a small
Westchester town. Now he is up for parole, so Ellie, now 30, returns home to speak out against
him. When he is released, Ellie begins to write a book aimed at re-proving his guilt. Digging for
evidence, she uncovers clues that he may have committed another murder as a youth, but that
digging also enrages the Westerfields and other town members who think the man was

Tail spin / Coulter, Catherine
When a small plane carrying FBI Special Agent Jackson Jack Crowne makes a crash landing in
mountainous Parlow, his friends FBI Special Agents Dillon Savitch and Lacey Sherlock fly by
helicopter from Washington, D.C., to the scene. Jack survives the crash, aided by Rachael
Abbott, a young woman who's returning to Parlow, her childhood home, after escaping an
attempt to drown her in a Maryland lake. After Rachael reveals that she's the illegitimate
daughter of the late Maryland senator John James Abbott, whose siblings she suspects are
trying to kill her, the FBI agents agree to help. As further attempts on Rachael's life occur, the
attraction grows between her and Jack.

No bed of roses / Cowie, Vera
Beautiful, Scot-born Fiona Ferguson is owner of a high class secretarial agency and prides
herself on running a top notch company. After billionaire oil tycoon J. J. "Luke" Lucas has hired
and fired three of her best employees, she takes the job herself and soon earns the trust and
respect of Luke and Henry, his longtime cook and housekeeper. Then Fiona meets Luke's
business partner, Charlie Whitesky, becomes utterly infatuated, and soon finds concentrating
difficult whenever this handsome, half Cheyenne man is around. Eventually, she gets caught in
a love triangle between Luke and Charlie and is forced to face their sordid past, which involves
the death of Luke's wife. Cautious and reserved, Fiona also has to confront her own past and try
and determine who is truly her friend and who is out for revenge.

Illusions / Dailey, Janet
The breathtaking mountains of Aspen, Colorado, form the backdrop for this romantic thriller.

One for the money / Evanovich, Janet
Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's first assignment is tracking down a cop wanted for murder, who
also happens to be the guy she lost her virginity to in high school. First of a series.
Olivia Joules and the overactive imagination / Fielding, Helen
While on assignment for her British fashion magazine, Olivia Joules meets mysterious movie
producer Pierre Ferramo. However, Olivia comes to believe that he is really a terrorist. Or, is he
a product of her overactive imagination?

Mad River Road / Fielding, Joy
After spending a year in prison, Ralph has plans for his first night of freedom: tonight someone
will be held accountable. He is willing to go to murderous lengths to learn the address of his
former wife, the woman he blames for his fate and has sworn vengeance against.

Betrayal / Francis, Clare
While caught up in the tensions surrounding a possible buyout of the glass company he
inherited from his father, Hugh Wellesley hears news reports of the murder of his mistress,
Sylvie. Unwilling to come clean with his sickly and devoted wife, Ginny, Hugh lies to her and the
police. When he's arrested anyway, Ginny covers for him so thoroughly that the police believe
her guilty and arrest her instead. As the trial draws nearer, it becomes apparent that the only
way to save Ginny is to discover the truth behind Sylvie's death. Francis explores betrayal on
many levels here: business partner against partner, brother against brother, husband against
wife, lover against lover, even doctor against patient. The delight for the reader in this cynically
dishonest world lies in discerning that every behaviour, however altruistic on the surface, is

The perfect husband / Gardner, Lisa
Theresa Matthews never knew what hit her when she met Officer Jim Beckett. All she did know
was that someone in her life finally loved her. With no complaints, Theresa did everything Jim
asked of her. She kept a perfect home, cooked meals on time, and gave him a baby daughter
that he appeared to love. Hiding behind his cruel facade, Theresa discovered an evil man with
no soul.

Mercy / Garwood, Julie
An attorney from the Justice Department tracks down the doctor who saved his life and
discovers that she’s being stalked by someone who thinks she has dangerous information.

Sex, lies and online dating / Gibson, Rachel
Lucy Rothschild has come up with a daring way of doing research for her newest mystery novel.
Since her female serial killer meets her victims online, Lucy does the same. The men who
respond to her e-mails and meet her in the Boise Starbucks provide excellent fodder, as well as
verisimilitude. Finally Lucy only needs one more victim. Unbeknownst to her, Quinn McIntyre is
actually an undercover detective trying to stop a serial killer. One thing the victims all have in
common is that they are part of the online dating scene. As Quinn chats with Lucy, it becomes
apparent that she is lying and that she knows way too much about police procedure. Lucy
begins to fall for him, and Quinn falls for her, believing all the while that she's the killer.

A morning in Eden / Gilbert, Anna
It's 1919, and England is suffering the after effects of war and lingering Victorianism. Lorna
Kent, raised by a maiden aunt, is full of plans and dreams tempered by the restrictions of the
society in which she lives. When her beloved aunt dies, Lorna moves to a country village to live
with another relative and finds herself drawn into the tragic story of young Alice Hood, who
committed suicide after a mysterious lover left her pregnant and alone. When Lorna falls in love
with Mr. Ushart, the married schoolmaster, she feels a connection with Alice and decides she
must know the truth about who caused her tragic death.
The interpreter/ Glass, Suzanne
Dominique is a simultaneous translator, a difficult profession demanding not only language
fluency but also incredible skill in listening in one language while translating in another. Dom
works in New York, after having attended an interpreting school in Zurich, Switzerland, where
she met a young man now dying of AIDS. One day on the job, she overhears, through a
microphone still on, two participants at a pharmaceutical conference discussing another
researcher's discovery of a possible AIDS cure. Their only concern seems to be obtaining the
employment of that person and owning his information for their own financial gain. As an
interpreter, Dom is sworn to maintain the confidentiality of anything she hears. When she
becomes aware that the man of interest in her life, a physician turned researcher, is the one
who has been conducting the AIDS research she accidentally heard about, she really is in a

Woman in red / Goudge, Eileen
Seeing the drunk driver who had killed her 8 year old son walk free Alice Kessler, the
devastated mother attempted to run him down. Nine years later after being released from
prison, Alice has come home to Gray's Island in order to pick up the pieces of her life and mend
the breach between her and the 6 year old son she'd left behind. At the same time Colin
McGinty, a 9/11 widower and recovering alcoholic, has come to the island to claim his
inheritance left by his famous artist grandfather. Alice's son Jeremy is wrongly accused of rape
and Alice will do anything to save her son including convincing Colin, a one-time hot shot
lawyer, to help her prove his innocence. As Alice and Colin engage in the battle to save Jeremy,
both are drawn into a subtle love affair.

The Parisian affair / Gould, Judith
Allegra Sheridan is a struggling New York jewellery designer and certified gemologist. She
loves her job, but her business is in serious financial difficulty. When she unexpectedly receives
a lucrative offer from a reclusive billionaire to go to Paris and act as his agent at an upcoming
auction, she leaps at the chance.

Picture me dead / Graham, Heather
A detective and a forensics artist investigate deaths linked to a bizarre cult in the Everglades.

Grave sight / Harris, Charlaine
Harper Connelly has what you might call a strange job, she finds dead people. She can sense
the final location of a person who’s passed and share their vey last moment.

Princess Charming / Heller, Jane
When Elaine, Jackie, and Pat plan their yearly getaway, they are unprepared for life on the
luxury liner Princess Charming. Elaine agonizes over how her travel agent lied to her: the
quality of the single men on the ship is debatable, and she can't see out the porthole in her
minuscule cabin because a lifeboat hangs there! When Elaine overhears a plot to murder a
divorced woman onboard the ship, she suspects every man she meets of being the hit man.

Haunting Rachel / Hooper, Kay
Ten years ago Rachel Grant’s fiance, Thomas, disappeared. His body was never found. Now
there's a stranger in town, a man who could be Thomas's twin, or his ghost. His name is Adam
Delafield. He's been watching Rachel for days. He has the locket she gave Thomas before he

Dying to please / Howard, Linda
A bodyguard/butler becomes the prime suspect when her employer is murdered.
The search / Johansen, Iris
A billionaire calls on a search-and-rescue operative and her dog for help when a brilliant
scientist is kidnapped from his top-secret research facility.

Double take / Joyce, Brenda
A woman agrees to switch places with her estranged twin and discovers that her sister has
deadly enemies and secrets.

Brilliant / Kellogg, Marne Davis
Urbane, elegant and self-possessed, Kick Keswick leads a perfect life as an executive assistant
at a London auction firm, until an American industrialist and womaniser, Owen Brace takes over
the company.

Falling awake / Krentz, Jayne Ann
A dream analyst becomes intrigued by one of her subjects, who secretly works for a classified
government agency.

Always time to die / Lowell, Elizabeth
Genealogist Carly May is hired by elderly Winifred Castillo Simmons to research her Castillo
family history. Carly makes the acquaintance of Dan Duran, a man with a haunted past and a
mysterious connection to the Quintrell family.

Devil may care / McInnis, Sheri
Struggling New York actress Sally Carpenter is sure she's blown her audition when the casting
director cuts her off in the middle of her first line. So she's stunned when she gets the part. This
change in luck coincides with her chance meeting of Jack Weaver, president of television
network UBN, to whom she finds herself irresistibly drawn. As Sally's career takes off, she finds
herself falling deeply in love with Jack but is disturbed by all the fluke accidents that befall
anyone who stands in the way of her career or her relationship with Jack.

The rapids / Neggers, Carla
After arresting a dangerous fugitive, a diplomatic security agent teams up with a U.S. Marshal to
track a killer to upstate New York.

Before sunrise / Palmer, Diana
She is Anglo; he is Comanche. She is an archaeologist. He equates archaeology with grave
robbing. Despite their differences, Phoebe Margaret Keller and Jeremiah Cortez know they've
found their soul mates. That is, until Jeremiah goes away and gets married. Three years later, a
still-bitter Phoebe is a museum curator on the Cherokee reservation in Chenocetah, North
Carolina. A person claiming to be a professor claims he has found a Neanderthal in the caves
near a new development. When the man is murdered, Jeremiah, now a widower and member of
the FBI's Indian Country Crime Unit, is sent to investigate. It's obvious Phoebe and Jeremiah
are still in love, but she is no hurry to forgive him. Before long, however, Phoebe becomes a
target of the murderer, and there's no way Jeremiah is going to leave her again.

The perfect fake / Parker, Barbara
Tom Fairchild is determined to get his life back in order after spending time in prison for theft.
Now on parole, Tom, a would-be graphic artist, is working with his sister at her map shop in
Miami. When real-estate developer Stuart Barlowe wants to hire Tom to make an exact copy of
a Renaissance map, Tom sees a way of earning the money he needs to make restitution for his
role in the theft. But does Barlowe really want a duplicate, or is he asking for a forgery? Either
way, Tom agrees to being smuggled out of Florida to research the map in England and Italy. On
the journey, romance is rekindled between Tom and his former girlfriend Allison, Barlowe's
daughter. Naturally, there is much more to the map caper than meets the eye, and soon enough
Tom and Allison are in the middle of it.
The heat of the moon / Parshall, Sandra
Rachel Goddard, is a young veterinarian who, with her younger sister, Michelle, still lives in her
mother's house. The sisters' father died in a car accident when Rachel was a child, but her
mother remains reluctant to discuss any of the details and is downright hostile when Rachel
starts asking more difficult questions prompted by a repressed childhood memory that pops into
her head. Complicating matters is Rachel's new boss, the handsome vet Dr. Luke Campbell,
with whom Rachel experiences much more than puppy love. When Luke encourages Rachel to
keep probing into her childhood, her mother insists that Rachel end the relationship.

Under the boardwalk / Phillips, Carly
Ariana Costas moved to Vermont to put distance between herself and her rather unconventional
family in New Jersey. When her twin sister Zoe is kidnapped, Ariana comes back home and an
attempt is made on her life. Enter Detective Quinn Donovan, who suddenly has one sister to
find, one to protect, and a mysterious secret to uncover.

The paid companion / Quick, Amanda
Arthur Lancaster, the Earl of St. Merryn has just been dumped by his fiancee. To add to his
troubles, he is investigating the murder of his great-uncle. Now he needs someone to pretend to
be his fiancee, which he feels will help him cover more ground in his quest. Elenora Lodge is
facing genteel poverty because her fortune was stolen by her unscrupulous stepfather. When
Elenora is hired by St. Merryn as a paid companion, he gets much more than he bargained for.

Bait / Robards, Karen
A busy advertising executive reluctantly agrees when an FBI agent asks her to act as bait to
catch a serial killer who attacked her.

To trust a stranger / Robards, Karen
Former beauty queen Julie Carlson hires investigator Mac McQuarry to prove her husband is
cheating. Mac is elated; he has been looking for a reason to nail her husband for 15 years. But
when Mac witnesses a hit on Julie (her husband hired thugs to kill her), he quickly discovers
he'll do anything to keep her alive.

Hot ice / Roberts, Nora
Whitney MacAllister, yearns for a real adventure. She finds herself in the right place at the right
time when she is kidnapped by jewel thief Douglas Lord and accompanies him to Madagascar
on an exotic treasure hunt.

Northern lights / Roberts, Nora
After the death of his partner, a Baltimore cop takes a job as police chief in Lunacy, Alaska,
where he meets a bush pilot whose father disappeared 16 years ago.

Suspicion / Rogan, Barbara
Emma Roth, a writer of ghost stories, reluctantly leaves New York with her ten-year-old son,
Zack, for an old house her husband has discovered in a village on Long Island Sound. None of
them believes in ghosts and haunted houses, but almost immediately Emma, and then Zack, is
involved in manifestations of the beyond. Or, given an accident that Emma had seven years
ago, does someone from her past wish her harm? Or is it someone from her present? Or is she
losing her mind?

Nothing to fear / Rose, Karen
The director of an inner city shelter for battered women becomes caught in the middle of a
deadly scheme of revenge between security expert Ethan Buchanan and the ruthless woman
who kidnapped his godson.
Nine lives / Sala, Sharon
Bounty hunter Cat Dupree has scars from a tattooed assailant who killed her father then
slashed her throat, leaving her for dead. A graduate of the foster care system, Cat has devoted
her life to finding the murderer and finally make him pay for his crime. When her best friend who
also grew up in foster care goes missing after admitting to an affair with her boss, Cat is
convinced she was murdered and pulls out all stops to bring Mimi's killer, Mark Presley to
justice. The only problem is the cops won't act until a missing persons report is filed and cannot
fathom that an affluent businessman such as Presley might be so duplicitous. The only person
on her side is fellow bounty hunter Wilson McKay, a man whose background could not be more
different than Cat's, but the two grow an intense bond to each other.

Killer smile / Scottoline, Lisa
When she receives personal threats and an associate is murdered, young lawyer Mary
DiNunzio realises that her latest case, involving a World War II interment camp suicide, may
have deadly modern-day ties.

An invisible woman / Strieber, Anne
When Kealy Ryerson gets a call from her husband telling her to flee the country at once, she
panics and goes to him instead. When she finds that he has been murdered, she doesn’t know
where to turn or who to trust.

Crooked heart / Sumners, Cristina
Life isn't easy for Tom Holder. Middle-aged, appallingly married, and bored out of his wits, Tom
is Chief of Police in Harton, an idyllic New Jersey town where, in spite of its eccentric cast of
characters, nothing ever seems to happen. His dreary routine is brightened only by his visits to
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, where he can be sure of seeing the clever Reverend Kathryn
Koerney, with whom he is secretly and hopelessly smitten. Tom is quietly wishing for a nice,
interesting crime, if only to have something to discuss with the lady priest, who seems almost as
confused by their nonrelationship as he is. He's about to get all that and a whole lot more than
he bargained for.

Dangerous deception / Tanner, Janet
On a bright summer's day, a young girl receives an ominous warning from an old gypsy woman,
a warning that she will never be able to forget. Some years later, another young woman is
caught up, unwittingly, in Alex's sinister story. Imogen Voisey arrives at Upton Stowey House as
governess to little Janine, daughter of the dangerously attractive Bradley Palmer. Janine's
mother Alexandra died in mysterious circumstances and now Brad's second wife, Rosalie, has
also disappeared. Rumours abound concerning the role of Brad Palmer in the fate of his two
wives. Against her will and despite the powerful emotions his presence arouses in her, Imogen
is forced to confront these rumours and establish, for herself and for Janine, the truth...

China silk / Worboys, Anne
Hellen and Oliver meet during a fox hunt in rural Kent, England, and instantly fall in love, but this
rousing novel plants every conceivable obstacle in their path, and some all-but-inconceivable
ones as well. Oliver's distinguished, titled family deems Hellen not quite socially acceptable and
immediately forces Oliver to take up duties under his formidable uncle, the governor of Hong
Kong. Yet the two become engaged, and Hellen, after being raped by a jealous beau, follows on
the next boat, where, to her horror, she finds that she is pregnant. Desperate, she asks a
deceptively attentive shipboard acquaintance, George Curtain, for aid. He drugs her, violates
her and forces her to marry him, all in the belief that such a union will help him socially. Hellen
miscarries, and finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage with a brutish man. At least she is in
Hong Kong, with Oliver constantly in her thoughts.