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					        The Egbert Express
   Almost Monthly Edition of the Northeastern Michigan Chapter
                              of the
                        Studebaker Drivers Club

Volume X, Number 1                                       January, 2010

        Harvey Snitzer‟s “artsy” picture of his „50 Champion Coupe
 The Northeastern Michigan Chapter/SDC board will meet on January 16th to make
                fun and interesting plans for 2010 Chapter events.
Please submit your ideas to a Board Member, their names, phone numbers and emails
                          are on the back page of the Egbert.

                            Happy New Year!

    Hi, I am your new President, John Merle.
      When i was about 5 years old my dad bought a
    Studebaker Starliner and I have fond memories of
    our trips to Grandmother‟s house staring out that
    great big back window. To this day I love
    Studebakers and want to get others to enjoy them
    too. I bought my Hawk when I retired as a Tool &
    Die Maker after 36 yrs at General Motors.
    I hope to inspire others to love our cars as I do.
    John                                                            Joyce and John Merle

                                               Planning Ahead
May 7th, 8th, 2010                29th Annual Collector Car Swap Meet, Car Show & Car Corral
May 31-June 4, 2010               46th SDC International in Glendale, AZ.
July 16-17, 2010                  Crossroads Zone Meet in Chillicothe, OH
June 19-25, 2011                  47th SDC International Meet in Springfield, MO
July 29-Aug. 4, 2012              48th SDC International Meet in South Bend, IN
June 30-July 4, 2013              49th SDC International Meet in Colorado Springs, CO


    Minutes of the Meeting of the Northeast Michigan     the business began to grow and became more
        Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club           prominent than the service business. In 1953 Jim
       December 4, 2009 Frankenmuth Michigan             and his brothers bought into the business leaving
                                                         his dad with 51% and the boys with the rest. In
  Dinner was served at 6:30 PM after an introduction     1953 the garage burned and a new facility was
to the Bavarian Inn by Judy Zehnder Keller, owner.       built on M-46. 1959 was a landmark year for
Fifty-seven members were in attendance. President        Studebaker sales with the introduction of the new
Wally Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.   Lark and 185 cars sold. That same year Jim and
Elizabeth Monville and her family provided birthday      his wife built the house they still live in today. In
cake for all present and Happy Birthday was sung to      1960 Huntoon motors bought 12 acres and built a
Elizabeth.                                               new dealership in Alma after renting space for a
                                                         year. In 1963 the dealership Detroiter trailer-
  President Mitchell announced that this marked the      totters, 2 diesel and 49 gas. To this day once in a
ninth year of the club. He indicated that in the tenth   while Jim runs into someone who had purchased
year some special activities would be planned. He        one of them. The last Studebaker was sold to Jim‟s
said that Zone Coordinator and Newsletter Editor,        mother-in-law in 1966, they repainted the dash
Sharon Krueger had won second place in her class,        from red to black because that is what the cus-
internet newsletter. .                                   tomer wanted. In 1967 the dealership burned and
                                                         in 1976 yet another fire struck the family, when
  John Lucky gave the Treasurer‟s reports for both       Jim‟s father‟s house burned. Despite these trage-
October and November. We are rollin‟ in cash.            dies the business continued to grown with the in-
Balance on hand as of October 31, 2009 was               clusion of Plymouth, AMC and Jeep. During the re-
$3,052.16. Income from prepaid Christmas dinners,        build of the burned facility the mechanics, including
wreaths, shirts and hats and the 50/50 totaled           Jim, worked on cars outside until the garage por-
$1,388.50. Expenses for newsletter software, picnic      tion was complete. In 1997 when his brother was
supplies, Egbert Express, wreath flier, and Food Bank    diagnosed with cancer, the dealership was sold.
of Eastern Michigan totaled $254.01. Balance on          Jim commented that they always paid retail rather
hand as of November 30 was $4186.65. Income for          than wholesale for trade-ins and thus the profit
the period was $677.50 that accumulated from             margin was not as it was in other dealerships, but it
prepaid Christmas dinners, wreaths and dues for          made for return customers. A question and answer
2010. Expenses were $51.12 for the Egbert Express.       period followed.
This leaves a balance on hand as of November 30 of
$4807.03 President Mitchell thanked the Treasurer          Dave Krueger Program Chairman reported $1500
for his report.                                          net on wreath sales. Dave has met with the man-
                                                         ager of the Automotive program at Lansing Commu-
  The 50/50 drawing proceeds were $132.00. This          nity College and learned of their facilities and pro-
sum was divided with half going to the Food Bank of      grams. He feels that a tour of the facilities would be
Eastern Michigan. Two drawings for $32 each were         a worthwhile program for our club.. It was decided
awarded to Linda Costello and Mrs. Purtell. Four         the Club would tour the program in March with a
Christmas centerpieces, made by Dave Krueger, were       potluck at the Johnson‟s.
won by Bill Bauman, Carl Danielson, Pat Windecker          Dennis Berry received the Driver of the Year
and Niall Olling. Sharon and Dave Krueger received a     Award again this year for going the most miles to
large bucket of Studebaker parts and the lot was         meetings in his Studebaker. The election of offi-
auctioned to the members by Dave Pfahler.                cers was held. The ballot was announced as John
The winning bid was $27.50 by Bob Mass.                  Merle, President; Dennis Barry, Vice President,
                                                         John Lucky, Treasurer and Mike Konners, Secre-
  President Mitchell introduced Jim Huntoon, a club      tary. There were no additional nominations from
member, former Studebaker dealer and mechanic par        the floor. A unanimous ballot was cast for the slate
excellence who gave a program on his 37 years in the     as presented.
business. The dealership began in 1937 when his
father opened a garage in Wheeler, Michigan in a           In light of our good financial situation, John Lucky
building sublet from Ernie Fox. Jim‟s father went down   proposed that we increase our donation to the
to South Bend to find out how to sign up to be a         Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to $200. The
dealer, filled the paper work and became one.            motion         received     unanimous          support.
Through the war years cars were hard to get but          The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 PM.
following the war there were wait lists for them and
                                                         Kate Mass for Secretary, Mike Konners

                        The Christmas Party, Frankenmuth, December 4th

                                                                         Betty and Jim Purtell

               Conducting wreath business!

                                                           Elizabeth Monville (L) celebrated her 12th
    Officers, John Lucky, Sharon Krueger and John Merle
                                                          birthday at the NEMC party by treating us all
                                                               to cake. Hannah Sommerville was
                                                           Elizabeth‟s guest, both are 6th graders at
                                                                  Lapeer‟s Seaton Elementary.

                   New members,
           Karen and John Martin of Midland
                                                                    The Costells, Linda and Ed

                The Winners of the centerpieces, The Danielsens, Joan Huntoon and Ray Windecker

                                                 Melinda and
                                                 Don Johnston
                                                  Wayne and
                                                 Helen Darling

        Jim and Joan Huntoon with grandson, Niall Olling              Karen Douville and Dave Pfahler

             Jack Smith and Ray Windecker
    Perhaps they are discussing their years working for          Pat Windecker and LaVerne Smith also
                      Studebaker?                                   remember the Studebaker years.



    This" "Reprint” courtesy of Hemmings Muscle Machines,
           a publication from Hemmings Motor News."
            Thank you to Hemmings from the Northeastern Chapter/SDC
         and thanks to Joe Papai for arranging the permission for the reprint.




             Actress, Connie Hines, dies at age 78.                                Welcome
      Connie played the Studebaker driving Carol Post on the                to new members
     popular TV show, Mister Ed. The show featured a talking
     horse.                                                              Wilber and Marjarie
       Connie, along with her co-host, Alan Young, went on to
     do commercials for Studebaker The commercials may be                            Haupt
     viewed on youtube.
                                                                          Midland, Michigan

                                                                       Almost any car brochure you will ever
                                                                            need can be found online
                                                                                 at this address:

                                                                                     Tech Tip
                                                                                   by Malcolm Berry
                                                                        If you notice excessive play in your
                  WORDS FROM WALLY (Mitchell)                         steering wheel, this could be caused by
                                                                      several things. One of the most
                                                                      common causes is play in the bell crank
          I think the club had a good year, and I think that was      assembly. Either the bearings are worn
due in large part to the dedicated efforts of the other officers      or the pinch bolt is loose.
and members.
                                                                        How you determine this is to have
                                                                      someone move the steering wheel back
           I particularly wish to recognize the ongoing work of our   and forth while another person looks
our club news letter editor, Sharon Krueger, head publisher in        underneath the car and watches the
chief of the Egbert Express, our treasurer, the Ben Bernanke of       bell crank assembly. If it is worn , you
the club, John Lucky, and our untiring secretary, Mike Konners.       can easily see the up and down
                                                                      movement. It is a common problem
        Without their continued cooperation and inspiration
                                                                      that the bearings are worn out because
we wouldn't have been able to do all the things we have done.         putting grease in the fitting in this unit
                                                                      is commonly overlooked.
        I am Indebted to them for all their help and I am sure
                                                                        To repair this, you must remove the
that our new president, John Merle, will do a fine job of leading
                                                                      bell crank assembly and replace the
the club as we enter into our tenth year.                             bearings and bell crank shaft. These
                                                                      parts are readily available from any
               HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.!                                Studebaker parts supplier.
                                                                        The repair of this unit is listed in the
                      Dues are Due                                    Studebaker Shop Manual under Steer-
                                                                      ing Linkage.
           Mail $15 to John Lucky, 11014 Potter Rd,
                     Flushing, MI 48433                               From The Distributor, Dec/Jan2010,
                                                                      Tri-State Chapter/SDC
              Not sure if you have already paid?
            Contact John at
                    or     810-659-3529
       Dues for new members are FREE for the first year.        

           Members may post ads free of charge.                         Studebaker Drivers Club
               Send your submission to:
                             SDC dues for first time members                $19.95
                                                           Family Dues                                      $27.50
                                                           under 22 years                                   $19.95
                          For Sale                           Without Turning Wheels                       $10.00
                                                            SDC membership may be renewed for up to 5 years at
                                                             a time.                                     Turning
                                                            Wheels subscriptions available for libraries, schools,
                                                              doctor‟s offices, etc .             $19.95/year
                                                                           Inquiries and payments:
                                                                        The Studebaker Drivers Club
                                                                                 P.O. Box 1715
                                                                      Maple Grove, MN 55311-7615
                                                                             PH 763-420-7829
 1959 Silver Hawk, V-8 Automatic, 20,000 miles on                  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
                   rebuilt engine                                  Northeastern Michigan Chapter
      1954 Champion Coupe, 3-speed with overdrive,                       Restricted to SDC Members
                                                               Dues are $15/year, prorated for new members
                    63,000 actual miles
                                                                 Inquiries and payment should be made to:
     Both are solid cars that run great, and Bud says he              John Lucky, G-11014 Potter Rd,
         wouldn‟t hesitate to drive them anywhere.                           Flushing, MI 48433
                                                       PH: 810-659-3529
          Entertaining offers on either one or both.
            Cars can be seen in Rochester Hills.           Name ______________________________
           Bud Golden               248-852-0891           Spouse ____________________________
                                                           Address ____________________________
      1952 Studebaker pickup chassis. ½ ton with           City/St/Zip __________________________
        running engine and tranny. New brakes,             PH: ________________________________
       points and condenser, rotor and distributor         SDC# _______________________________
        cap, new plugs. $1000.00 or Best Offer.            Email ______________________________
               Jim Heiser, 989-743-5347.                   Studebakers Year, Model and Body
                   Cell 989-277-5751

                           For Sale
                     1937 Coupe Express
                        Classic Yellow
                   Contact Diane Schneider

                                                              Mike Konners is making mosaics out of car
                    Club Shirts and Hats:                  pictures. This is one he made of Krueger‟s „57
               Wally Mitchell: 989-652-2839                Hawk with Carl‟s „63 pickup in the background..
                     Magnetic Nametags:                    The little tiles are all car photos.
               Carl Danielsen: 810-678-3065                Mike can be reached at 248-879-9177

                                      Join SDC online at:

President                 Treasurer                                SDC National Officers
John Merle                John Lucky                     President: Mimi Halgren
4793 Sylvester Ave        11014 Potter Rd              Vice Pres: R. Dormois
Waterford, MI 48329       Flushing, MI 48433              Secretary: Nita Ketchum
248-674-4530              810-659-3529                      Treasurer: Jane Stinson                   National Board of Directors
                          Webmaster                      Crossroads: Tom Curtis
Vice President
                          Niall Olling                         Crossroads Zone Coordinator
Dennis Berry              317 Sexton St                    Sharon Krueger
3633 Brambledown Way      Breckenridge, MI 48615 989           Regional Manager, Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 734   -842-5129                            John Lucky

                          Newsletter Editor
Mike Konners              Sharon Krueger
178 E Hurst               3156 Rolling Meadow
Troy, MI 48085            Flushing, MI 48433
248-879-9177              810-659-9552

                                                                                   Flushing, MI 48433
                                                                                   3156 Rolling Meadow
                                                                                   Sharon Krueger
                                                                              The Egbert Express


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