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frequently asked questions
what is revol roadside assistance?
When you need roadside assistance, call our toll-free number and we’ll send help. 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. It’s
that simple.

what is covered under roadside assistance?
We will dispatch a service provider to you for the following services: towing, battery jump start, gas delivery (up to 2 gallons), flat tire
change, or locksmith service if you lock your keys inside your vehicle (the owner will be required to present proper identification at
the time lockout service is provided). We pay the service provider for covered expenses, up to your benefit limit of $50 per incident.
However, your benefits limit is a maximum per disablement, regardless of services performed.

what are the limitations of roadside assistance coverage?
You are covered for four (4) service calls per rolling 12-month period:
    • $50 maximum coverage per call, which includes:
    • two (2) gallons of gas
    • tow to nearest service station (within 10 miles)
    • minor repairs, such as battery jumpstart
    • flat tire change
    • lockout service (with proper ID)
    • winching and extrication (from, for example, pulling out from a ditch)

what if the service call costs more than $50?
You, the subscriber, will be given an estimate of the cost of the service at the time of the service call. If the cost is more than $50 (your
maximum benefit per call), you will be responsible for any costs that exceed $50. You will be required to provide payment at the time
of service.

what if my phone is not on the scene at the time of the service call?
Service may not be provided even if you’re covered. Be sure to always carry your revol phone with you!

do I have to call the toll free number from my revol phone?
No. You may call the toll free number from any phone on any network – even a landline phone – as long as the revol phone is at the
scene at the time of the service call.

what if I’m out of the revol network?
Call from anywhere in the Continental U.S. from any phone and our third party service will find the nearest service provider. Coverage
is not guaranteed.

am I covered if I’m in someone else’s car?
Yes, as long as the revol phone is on scene at the time of the service call, the request is honored, no matter whose car it is. One
exception is the lockout service. The owner of the car must be present with proper identification in order for the car to be unlocked.

can I be reimbursed for services if I didn’t call the toll-free number?
No. Revol Roadside Assistance is not a reimbursement program. You must call the toll-free number at the time of the incident to
receive the benefits.

how much does roadside assistance cost?
Roadside assistance is $3 per month added to your calling plan. That’s about half the price of AAA! | 1.800.REVOLHQ