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									                                                CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM
                                   City of Missoula CIP Project Request Form FY 2007-2011
1. Program Category:                                2. Project Title:                                           3. Project No.:     PR-14

  Parks & Recreation                                  580 Backhoe                                                  Was PR-4 in FY06
4. Description:                                     7. Justification of Project and Funding Sources:
   Backhoe                                              This is to replace the 1977 backhoe unit #202. The old backhoe has an excess of 5000 hours of

                                                      With the number of hours on the 1977 backhoe, there are many components wearing out on the hydraulic
5. Is this equipment prioritized in an equip-         pumps and hoses. All areas that have moving joints or parts are showing signs of wear.
ment replacement schedule?
                                                      The backhoe is used for deep digs, manholes, field renovations, and irrigation projects. The Forestry
                                                      Division uses the backhoe to dig tree wells, load logs, haul chips and snow removal. This backhoe is the
                                                      oldest of three currently in our fleet. All are necessary. This backhoe is used 500 hours per year.

6. Site Requirements:
                                                      Backhoe: $96,000

    8. Schedule of                  Prior                Spent in
   Funding Sources             Authorization           Prior Years            FY 2007           FY 2008             FY 2009            FY 2010        FY 2011
General Fund                                                                                                               96,000

           Totals                               -                       -               -                   -              96,000                 -              -
        9. Impact on Operating Budget                 First Year            Succeeding                                Supplemental Cost Data
                                                      Operations              Years
Personnel                                                                                   A. Land Cost
Supplies                                                                                    B. Construction Cost
Purchased Services                                                                          C. Contingencies (10% of B)                                          -
Fixed Charges                                                                               D. Design & Engineering (15% of B)                                   -
Additional Capital Outlay                                                                   E. Percent for Art (1% of B)                                         -
Other Costs                                                    (1,100)              (500) F. Other Costs                                                  96,000
Estimated Annual Debt Service
Total Annual City Cost - Operating Budget                      (1,100)              (500) Total Capital Costs                                             96,000
11. Descriptions of impacts on Operating Budget:
  A new backhoe would be under warranty for the first year, so there would be a savings. The future savings would be in gas costs.

     Original Date                                    Responsible                                                  Responsible
       Submitted:                                        Person:                                                   Department:

                                  Version               7/10/2011                5:26 AM                 ABC       Total Score                   20
                                                         CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM
                                                                                Project Rating
                                                              (See C.I.P. Instructions For Explanation of Criteria) Backhoe
                Qualitative Analysis              Yes    No                                                            Comments
1. Is the project necessary to meet federal,
state, or local legal requirements? This cri-
terion includes projects mandated by Court
Order to meet requirements of law or other               x
requirements. Of special concern is that the
project be accessible to the handicapped.

2. Is the project necessary to fulfill a con-
tractual requirement? This criterion includes
Federal or State grants which require local              x
participation. Indicate the Grant name and
number in the comment column.

3. Is this project urgently required? Will de-
lay result in curtailment of an essential ser-
vice? This statement should be checked
"Yes" only if an emergency is clearly indi-              x
cated; otherwise, answer "No". If "Yes",
be sure to give full justification.

4. Does the project provide for and/or im-
prove public health and/or public safety?
This criterion should be answered "No" un-
less public health and/or safety can be                  x
shown to be an urgent or critical factor.

                Quantitative Analysis            Score                                                                                                                   Total
                                                 Range                                                 Comments                                                 Weight   Score
5. Does the project result in maximum
                                                          This backhoe is used 75 - 100 days per year. Over 30 years, that would be up to 30,000 uses or
benefit to the community from the                   1                                                                                                               5            5
                                                          less than $4/use plus operating costs
investment dollar?

6. Does the project require speedy
implementation in order to assure its               1     The age and condition of this piece of equipment requires we act soon                                     4            4
maximum effectiveness?

7. Does the project conserve energy,
cultural or natural resources, or reduce            1     A newer vehicle will use less fuel, decrease pollutants                                                   3            3

8. Does the project improve or expand
upon essential City services where such             1     This equipment is necessary for the Department to deal with heavy snow falls, larger park projects        4            4
services are recognized and accepted as                   and tree plantings.
being necessary and effective?

9. Does the project specifically relate to the
                                                          Yes, Goal #4 MPP. Develop and maintain parks, rec facilities, trails and open space areas at a high
City's strategic planning priorities or other       1                                                                                                               4            4
                                                          level of quality, appropriate for the type of use and nature of the facility.

                                                                                                                                                Total Score                      20
For:       CIP\Council Committee                  MAKE:           UNIT 202 CASE BACKHOE
By:        Jack Stucky                            AGE:            1977 ( 29 YEARS)
Project:   Backhoe                                CONDITION:       TIRED
Unit #:     254                                   USAGE:          PARKS PIT LOADER

                                                  MAKE:         UNIT 254 CASE
                                                  AGE:          1989 ( 17 YEARS)
                                                  CONDITION:     SATISFACTORY
                                                  USAGE:        PARKS OPERATIONS

     Existing Vehicle or Equipment                     New Vehicle or Equipment

             Unit 202 Backhoe                                   New Backhoe

Total Hours                            UNKNOWN    Total Hours                              0
Actual hours Unknown meter changed

Total Hours (estimated)                 15,000+   Total Hours                             N\A

Operating Costs Per Hour                 $8.86    Operating Costs Per Hour                $3.19

Repair Costs Per Hour                   $37.13    Repair Costs Per Hour                  $13.51

Depreciation Costs Per Hour              $0.00    Depreciation Costs Per Hour             $5.67
Unit is fully Depreciated                         Based on a 15,000 hour use.

Total Cost Per Mile                     $45.99    Total Cost Per Hour                    $22.37

Expected Cost Savings per Hour          -$23.62   Based on <> Total Cost Per Hour

Estimated Annual Usage Rate               15      Based on Last years usage.

Estimated Expense Reduction            -$354.30

Estimated 2nd Year Expense Reduction   -$373.86   Based on Life To Date Increase Trend   0.0552

Estimated 3rd Year Expense Reduction   -$389.23   Based on Life To Date Increase Trend   0.04113

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