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					                                              Kinns Review Chps 5, 6, 7

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____    1. The perception of the receiver in communication is not important.
____    2. Paraphrasing is listening to what the sender is communicating, analyzing the words, then restating
            them to confirm that the receiver has understood the message as the sender intended it.
____    3. Physical avoidance is a defense mechanism through which a person avoids a place or a person
            because of the painful memories that are evoked.
____    4. The struggle that results from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal
            demands is called malediction.
____    5. It is acceptable to tell a patient, “I know how you feel.”
____    6. Culture shock is the state of being in unfamiliar surroundings and being away from the things that
            were present every day.
____    7. Choosing which relationships to enter greatly increases the chance that they will be healthy
____    8. To feel well and accomplish goals in life, one must develop positive attitudes and positive responses
            to the pressures of everyday life.
____    9. Patients are usually right at home in their comfort zones on the first visit to the physician’s office.
____ 10. Avoiders love the opportunity for a good fight.
____ 11. Roe v. Wade was heard by the Supreme Court in 1970.
____ 12. An inward reflective examination of one’s own feelings and thoughts is called introspection.
____ 13. CEJA is in favor of all abortions at any time and for any reason.
____ 14. Norma McCorvey was the real Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade.
____ 15. Logically, the control of gametes should be left to the man and woman who produced them.
____ 16. The physician involved in caring for the patient should be an advocate for the family as opposed to
            the patient who is being treated.
____ 17. If a person appears in the medical office with an official press badge, the medical assistant must
            make information available.
____ 18. Ghost surgery is now ethically acceptable.
____ 19. Physicians who know that they have an infectious disease should not engage in any activity that
            creates an identified risk of transmission to the patient.
____ 20. Requesting payment at the time services are rendered is unethical.
____ 21. The willful and unlawful use of force or violence on the person of another is called assault.
____ 22. The Code of Federal Regulations delineates rules and regulations published in the Federal Register
            by the various departments and agencies of the federal government.
____ 23. The science and philosophy of law is called jurisprudence.
____ 24. Much of our law is based on previous judicial and jury decisions called ordinances.
____ 25. Only the defense has the right to appeal a court decision to a higher level.
____ 26. The term medical professional liability encompasses all possible civil liability that can be incurred
            during the delivery of medical care.
____ 27. When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed, the person who died is often called the decedent.
____ 28. Healthcare professionals are required to report child abuse only when they have concrete evidence
            that abuse has taken place.
____ 29. A physician who discontinues his or her medical practice must return triplicate prescription forms to
            the DEA.
____ 30. If a donor has not indicated that he or she wishes to donate organs during his or her life, organs
            cannot be harvested after death.
____ 31. OSHA requires that handicapped individuals be able to easily enter and exit buildings and be able to
            travel from floor to floor in multistory buildings.
____ 32. The formal action of a legislative body is called an appeal.
____ 33. Things happening at the same time are happening concurrently.
____ 34. Municipal courts are those representing counties.
____ 35. Civil cases must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
____ 36. A written defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly favorable impression is
            called liable.
____ 37. In most cases, convicted felons cannot vote, hold public office, or possess a firearm.
____ 38. Lawsuits must be filed in the court that has jurisdiction over the case.
____ 39. Special damages are injuries that are not a necessary consequence of a physician’s negligent act or
____ 40. Adults who have been found by a court to be insane or incompetent can still consent to medical
            treatment in almost all cases.

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 41. Which is not likely to be one of the factors that influence the first impression we make on others?
____ 42. Which of the following is not the role of the medical assistant in communicating with patients?
____ 43. Which of the following is not one of the stages of grief?
____ 44. What is the first step to avoid prejudice when dealing with individuals?
____ 45. The principal reason for requesting feedback when communicating with patients is to determine
           whether they:
____ 46. Which aspect of our communication is most likely to convey our true feelings and beliefs?
____ 47. What is meant by the “litigious nature of today’s society”?
____ 48. The principal message that you will give an American patient if you avoid eye contact while
           communicating is that you:
____ 49. Which statement is false with regard to the interpretation of gestures and body language that you
           may encounter among the patients in a medical setting?
____ 50. The defense mechanism in which unwanted desires or impulses are excluded from the consciousness
           and left to operate in the unconscious is called:
____ 51. Something that is difficult to understand or perceive is:
____ 52. Verbal expressions or body language, such as a nod of understanding, are called:
____ 53. Even when two people are speaking at the same time, various channels of communication are used,
           such as:
____ 54. A lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern is a defense mechanism called:
____ 55. The psychologic defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality
           is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality is called:
____ 56. Sounds or factors outside the brain that interfere with the communication process are called:
____ 57. That which advances beyond the usual or proper limits is called:
____ 58. When patients cry, the medical assistant should never:
____ 59. If a patient hesitates when speaking, they might:
____ 60. When patients verbally attack someone without addressing the original complaint, they are using
         which defense mechanism?
____ 61. Personal space ranges from:
____ 62. Which of the following patients is probably in shock?
____ 63. The needs we have as humans, at the most basic level, include:
____ 64. The stage in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in which we maximize our potential is:
____ 65. Pleasers are people who are most likely looking for:
____ 66. Dreaming occurs during which stage of sleep?
____ 67. We are able to control two things in life: our attitude and our:
____ 68. Procrastination is often a symptom of the fear of:
____ 69. A person who approaches sensitive subjects in an attempt to get even or hurt another person is
           labeled a:
____ 70. A person who refuses to face a conflict either by giving in or by pretending nothing is wrong is
           labeled as a(n):
____ 71. A person who will not allow relationships to change from the way they once were is labeled as a:
____ 72. A person who attacks other parts of a partner’s life, instead of expressing the feelings about the
           object of dissatisfaction, is labeled as a:
____ 73. A standard mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an
           oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment is called a:
____ 74. If the patient asks the medical assistant what the medical assistant would do in a similar medical
           situation, the medical assistant should:
____ 75. At which time or in which instance is it not appropriate to touch the patient?
____ 76. Which word best describes issues that have a moral implication of right and wrong?
____ 77. Which of the following statements is true with regard to the revisions made to the AMA Code of
           Ethics in 2001?
____ 78. Which statement best defines the practice known as fee splitting?
____ 79. Which statement best describes the practice of physicians waiving copayments required by insurance
____ 80. The ethical responsibility of a sports medicine physician includes:
____ 81. What ethical problem is created with the use of computers and patient databases in the modern
         medical office?
____ 82. Ghost surgery is a term describing an unethical situation in which:
____ 83. An obligation that people have or perceive themselves to have is called a(n):
____ 84. The person who normally decides what is ethical on a daily basis in the medical office is the:
____ 85. With regard to medical ethics, which term deals with the fair distribution of benefits and burdens
           among individuals or groups in society having legitimate claims on those benefits?
____ 86. Which type of ethical problem is characterized by two or more courses of action with the result that,
           regardless of which course of action is taken, something of value will be lost?
           a. Ethical dilemma b. Ethical distress c. Locus of authority d. Distributive justice
____ 87. With regard to ethical distress, what stands in the way of making an ethical choice?
         a. Morals b. Ethics c. Concerns d. Barriers
____ 88. The first in the five-step process of ethical decision making is:
         a. determining the ethical approach to use b. gathering relevant information c. exploring the
         practical alternatives d. identifying the type of ethical problem
____ 89. What is the strongest argument for the use of unique identifiers for patients with HIV?
         a. To make processing insurance claims easier b. To ensure that patients receive proper care c. To
____ 90. Which of the following statements is not true regarding the human genome?
____ 91. What is the opinion of CEJA with regard to abortion?
____ 92. What is the opinion of CEJA with regard to physician-assisted suicide?
____ 93. What is the opinion of CEJA with regard to surrogate motherhood?
____ 94. Which area of ethical question involves the development of new drugs and procedures?
____ 95. Another name for somatic cell nuclear transfer is:
____ 96. With regard to capital punishment, CEJA agrees that a physician can ethically:
____ 97. In allocation of health resources, the criteria should be which of the following?
____ 98. Which of the following does CEJA not only agree is ethical but also encourages participation in?
____ 99. How many active members of the AMA serve as CEJA members?
____ 100. The document that expresses the wishes of patients in case of terminal illness or an accident after
           which patients cannot express their wishes is called a:
____ 101. The tendency of something or someone to act in a certain manner under given circumstances is
____ 102. Refraining from the act of harming or committing evil is called:
____ 103. The prime objective of the medical profession is to:
____ 104. If the medical assistant believes that the employer is participating in unethical behavior, the first
           course of action should be to:
____ 105. Which of the following are physicians required to do with regard to the opinions of CEJA?
____ 106. One who pleads the cause of another or defends a cause or proposal is a(n):
____ 107. The earliest written code of ethics was:
____ 108. Idealism means:
____ 109. When a person has wronged another person, the person in the wrong has the duty to:
____ 110. The type of ethical problem in which two or more agents think that each knows what is best for the
           patient but only one agent can prevail is called:
____ 111. Local governments create and enact:
____ 112. Criminal law governs violations of the law that are punishable as offenses against:
____ 113. Respondeat superior is a Latin term meaning:
____ 114. Considered the most serious crime, an offense to overthrow the government is classified as a(n):
____ 115. A minor crime is called a(n):
____ 116. Major crimes, such as rape, murder, and burglary, are classified as a(n):
____ 117. Medical liability cases can stem from:
____ 118. Which of the following is not a requirement for a contract to be valid and legal?
____ 119. A list of questions from one party of a lawsuit to another party in a lawsuit is called a(n):
____ 120. The pretrial disclosure of pertinent facts or documents by one or both parties in a legal action is
____ 121. Generally, a subpoena duces tecum should be filed no less than _____ days before a trial.
____ 122. The performance of an act that is wholly wrongful and unlawful is called:
____ 123. The improper performance of a lawful act is called:
____ 124. The failure to perform an act that should have been performed is called:
____ 125. Negligence must be:
____ 126. A physician who fails to obtain consent before treating a patient could be charged with:
____ 127. A set of laws designed to standardize electronic data exchange and protect health information is:
____ 128. Which of the following elements is necessary for informed consent?
____ 129. A person who represents a minor in legal situations is called a:
____ 130. The most sacred trust that patients place in the hands of physicians and their staffs is:
____ 131. Which of the following conditions does not support a minor being classified by the courts as
____ 132. Which agency regulates the Controlled Substances Act?
____ 133. The drugs in Schedule _____ are considered to have the highest potential for abuse.
____ 134. Which of the following is not true about organ donations?
____ 135. Which of these sets of regulations contains the general duty clause?
____ 136. Public medical facilities must allow persons with disabilities to easily and safely:
____ 137. Which of these might be considered grounds for revocation of a medical license?
____ 138. To withdraw protection or support or to discontinue medical care without proper notice is called:
____ 139. The person bringing a case or legal action to court is the:
____ 140. Presumed consent is also called _____ consent.
____ 141. Something that has significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand is:
____ 142. A solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath is called:
____ 143. Which of the following is not a type of civil law?
____ 144. How many cases are heard by the Supreme Court each year?
____ 145. The person who keeps order in a courtroom is the:
____ 146. Which of the following is not one of the four D’s of negligence?
____ 147. Which of the following is not a standard of care that physicians are expected to uphold?
____ 148. The benefits of HIPAA include:
____ 149. Which of the following tests are exempt from CLIA standards for medical assistants?
____ 150. Licensure for physicians cannot be obtained through:

Complete each statement.

           Fill in the blank with the best answer from the word list.

     151. The ____________________ formed in the early moments of meeting someone remain in our
           thoughts long after the first words are spoken.
152. To utter articulate sounds or be distinct in speech is to ____________________.
153. ____________________ noise includes the person’s own thoughts, prejudices, and opinions.
154. Nonconsensual touching may be considered ____________________.
155. Any biologic factor that would preclude the communicator from sending or receiving accurate
     messages, such as not feeling well or being overly tired, is called ____________________ noise.
156. Active listening is the skill of ____________________ and clarifying what the speaker has said.
157. Most people use ______________________________ during times in which they feel pressured or
     attacked in some way.
158. ____________________ is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern.
159. It is always helpful to have a ____________________ staff member to communicate with patients
     who speak another language.
160. When people almost bring what is bothering them to the surface, but never quite express it, they are
     considered a _________________________.
161. The first stage of grief is ____________________.
162. The third stage of grief is ____________________.
163. The second stage of grief is ____________________.
164. The last stage of grief is ____________________.
165. The fourth stage of grief is ____________________.

     Fill in the blank with the best answer from the word list.
     Word List
     contingent            euthanasia         incompatible
     liability             opinion            professional courtesy
     public domain         rights             routine
     sociologic            veracity

166. A physician may be subject to civil or criminal ____________________ for violation of government
167. ____________________ waiver of insurance copayments may violate the policies of some insurers.
168. Administering a lethal drug to a patient to promote death is called ____________________.
169. A physician committed to saving life and relieving suffering may sometimes find those two goals
170. The realm embracing property rights that belong to the community at large is called
171. A formal expression of judgment or advice by an expert is called a(n) ____________________.
172. Something that is ____________________ is oriented or directed toward social needs and problems.
173. ____________________ are defined as claims that a person or group makes on society.
174. The provision of care to medical colleagues or their families and staff is called
175. A devotion to or conformity with the truth is called ____________________.
176. Although attorneys often accept clients on a(n) ____________________ fee basis, it is unethical for
      a physician to do so.

      Fill in the blank with the best answer from the word list.

177. To agree to something after thoughtful consideration is called ____________________.
178. A sum imposed as punishment for an offense is called a(n) ____________________.
179. Municipal regulations are also called ____________________.
180. A(n) ____________________ is a list of legal cases to be tried.
181. Something marked by wisdom or judiciousness is said to be ____________________.
182. ____________________ is a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in
      response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official.
183. The finding or decision of a jury on a matter submitted to it in trial is called the
184. A ____________________ is something done or said that serves as an example or rule to authorize
      or justify a subsequent act of the same kind.
185. Turning to something or someone for help or protection is called ____________________.
186. The pretense of curing disease is called ____________________.
187. ____________________ are types of testimony that are not limited to parties in lawsuits.
188. A patient’s chart is considered to be ____________________ evidence.
189. ____________________ negligence exists when the patient contributes to his or her own condition.
190. Failure to perform a duty is called ____________________.
191. Consent, usually written, that states understanding of what treatment is to be undertaken and the
      risks involved with such treatment, is called ____________________ consent.
192. The Honorable John ____________________ is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
193. The only female Justice of the current Supreme Court is Ruth Bader ____________________.
194. Civil cases must be proven by a _________________________ of the evidence.
195. ____________________ is an alternative to trial that uses a third party to hear evidence and make a
196. ____________________ damages are small awards that are token compensation for invasion of a
      legal right in which no actual injury was suffered.

    197. Draw the diagram representing ethical dilemma.
    198. Draw the diagram representing ethical distress.
    199. Draw the diagram representing locus of authority.
    200. Draw the diagram representing distributive justice